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Notes for Kari Hval:

The Families of Asle Gulbrandson Lunde

Brought much wealth to her marriage.

1801 census Buscherud, Nordrehoug, Hval
Eli Knutsdatter, 56, Huusmoder, first marriage
Ingri Olsdatter, 32, Her child
Kari Olsdatter, 27, Her child
Barbro Olsdatter, 20, Her child
Knut Olsen, 17, Her child

From website
Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Father: Ole Andersen HVAL
Mother: Eli Knutsdatter SOMDALEN
Birth: 1774, Nordre Somdalen, Ådal
Death: 1842
Partnership with: Asle Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Marriage: 17/10-1802
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1806, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1808, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 11/10-1810, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ingeborg Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 1813, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole Aslesen Lunde SKATTUM Birth: 1816, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Eli Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 01/09-1817, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Peder Aslesen LUNDE Birth: 1820, Lunde, Ådal
Notes for Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Bodde hos moren på Hval, ugift i 1801.

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From: Kari Northup
To: Lorraine Haugstad
Sent: Sunday, September 01, 2002 4:27 PM
Subject: Hval family in Buscherud, Norway

Hi Lorraine,

I don't know if this family connects with yours in any way, but I'm trying to fill in some blanks on my Hvals and was wondering if you had come across any of them. I have an Ole Hval that had at least two children - Kari, and also a son. Kari married a Lunde, and her son Peder was my gg-grandfather - Kari's brother had a daughter Eli that married someone whose children went by last name Fredrickson and later by Moe - Eli's grandson was Calmer Moe who married my grandmother's sister Atlanta. (They were third cousins) After Atlanta died Calmer remarried and had two daughters - they have gotten in contact with me, which is what has me looking again at the Hvals. The Kari above also had a daughter Eli that was the mother of the Fingal Enger who was well-to-do and lived in ND - I know we have exchanged emails about him in the past. Forgot to add (although you will see it on the descendant outline) the Eli who married Frederick also had a daughter Gunhild who married Peder Lunde's son Asle. Just another connection

I will attach the descendant outline in a separate email. I know this is getting confusing. ANYWAY I looked for the Hval farm on a site that has the Norwegian 1801 census online. I was specifically looking for a Kari Olsdatter living there that was age 27 (I had my Kari's birthdate as 1774, so in 1801 she would be about 27). There were two matches for a Hval farm, both in Buscherud, Nordrehoug, which is the area the Viker and Lundefarms are in. On the first match, the first family is headed by a female named Eli Knutsdatter, age 56. She has daughters Ingri Olsdatter (32), Kari Olsdatter (27) and Barbro Olsdatter> (20) and also a son named Knut Olsen (17), all listed as being her children.
Assume her husband was named Ole Hval and that this is the right family. I did not see any others that looked even close. The website I looked on was

Let me know if you don't know how to search on it - assume you are familiar with it. I am going to assume at this point that Knut is Kari's brother that had a daughter in 1830 that he named Eli. Also that the Eli Knutsdatter above is the wife of my Ole Hval. What I need to figure out at this point is where to find records for Ole, and also to try to find records for who Knut married and if Eli was his daughter. Also would like to see if I can find out who Eli married - assume first name was Frederick, and at least one of the sons later took the last name of Moe, so maybe the Moen farm?

Any input you have would be helpful.



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From: "Lorraine Haugstad" <>
To: "Kari Northup" <>; <>
Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 4:54 PM
Subject: reply: Ole Hval

Kari, this is what I found at the LDS Library this a.m. I only searched the computers IGI, however, it stated the film on which I could look up
the data. The files were locked up, so couldn't get at the films today.

I found: The Ole Hval, died before 1801 and Eli Knutsdatter. Ole is Ole Andersen Hval. Their children:

1. Martha, Chr: 20 Feb 1763
2. Sedsel, Chr: 19 Oct 1766
3. Sedsel, Chr: 25 Oct 1767
4. Ingri, Chr: 3 Dec 1769
5. Barbro, Chr: 26 Dec 1771
6. Karen, Chr: 14 May 1775
7. Anders, Chr: 2 Nov 1777
8. Eli, Chr: 26 Dec 1779
9. Barbro, Chr: 17 Feb 1782
10. Eli, Chr: 17 Feb 1782. The last 2 children Barbro & Eli Must have been twins. Some of the earlier children must have died and they
used the name again. In some places the name said Ole Hval, and some others said Ole Andersen, with the mother being Eli Knutsdatter.
11. Knud Olsen, Chr: 25 Jan 1784.

All were born: Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway.

On the Eli Hval, born 1830 that you have with Fredrickson. I found an Eli Olsdatter married to Fredrik Christian Jorgensen. They were married 10 Jul 1846. Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway. Film: 124057. They had the children.
Jorgen, born 1846. Chr: 18 Oct 1846. Film: 124057
Ole Andreas, 1849. Chr: 18 Mar 1849. Film: 124058
Gunnild (Gunhild) 1852. Chr: 21 Mar 1852. Film: 124058.

Could not find any Gilbert Frederickson (yet, that is) Now this changes things, as Eli Olsdatter wouldn't be the daughter of Knut Olsen. But is does say she was married to Fredrik Christian Jorgensen, and had the children Jorgen, Ole Andreas, & Gunnild.

I did find a birth of an Eli Knutsdatter, Chr: 2 Jul 1746. Her parents were Knut Somdalen & Sedsel Ellingsdtr. (The wife of Ole Hval) Could
be her, as she had a daughter named Sedsel. And a son named Knut.

So, Kari, let me know if you think the above information could be
correct for Eli Olsdatter Hval.

Sincerely, Lorraine

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From: Kari Northup
To: Lorraine Haugstad
Cc: Carol Fitzpatrick ; Donna Leckenby ; Benton & Caroline Holzwarth ; James & Atlanta Sheridan
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 10:30 PM
Subject: Re: 1865 census

That is great, thanks so much. I still have to play a little with the dates, but not bad. The Lunde book has Gunhild born in 1848, and being 15 in 1865 would make it more like 1850, so maybe was 1849. Also the 1900 census had Gulbrand's birth as Aug 1860 instead of Aug 1858, but maybe he forgot or lied about his age for some reason. Still it has to be them - the names are all there. The part about the mother being named Eli Olsdatter Lunde - am thinking now that means there may have been an Ole we haven't found that was the son of Ole Anderson Eval & Eli Knutsdatter. Also the part about the younger Eli using Lunde instead of Hval for her farm name - my mom says her dad disowned her when she married Fredrik Jorgensen, so maybe she went to live on Lunde and took that name instead.

The Vegger Olsen Gravli who was at Gulbrand's christening in 1858 was probably my Else Gravli Lunde's brother Vegger, born in 1808. Else also had a grandfather with the same name, but he would have been too old. Not sure about the others.

And yes, I am sure Gulbrand (Gilbert) used Moe because the farm name was Omoen. I had been thinking that anyway when mom said he changed his name from Fredriksen to Moe - Fredriksen to me is a middle name and Moe sounded like the farm name instead. My Ole Viker did the same thing - went by Nelson on the earlier records and Wiker or Viker on the later records.

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From: Lorraine Haugstad
To: Kari Northup
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 9:08 PM
Subject: Re: 1865 census

Yes, Kari, I don't know about your theory of an Ole Andersen, as on the marriage record of Fredrik & Eli it says her father is Ole Hansen.

I have gone back and found that her mother was Barbro Olsdatter, married to Ole Hansen. Eli born May 1821 and Chr: Jul 1, 1821.

I had tried to find the marriage of Ole & Barbro by going back from 1821 and did not find it in about 5 years back, so gave up. But on the birth record of Eli Olsdatter, Film 124055, Page 27, #31 It said Ole Hansen Haukedahl. I looked at the 1801 census for Hockedahl and there was an Ole Hansen living on Hockedahl, think he was 28 years old, but a widower with a 1 yr old daughter, so started to look for a marriage of an Ole Hansen married to a Barbroe Olsdatter shortly after 1801 and found a Marriage for them of 20 Oct 1801. Film 124052. This is from the IGI on But if we could see the film at LDS to see who the parents are of the bride and the groom that would be interesting. Now there must have been children between 1801 and 1821 when Eli was born. Her dad would have been 48 years old in 1821 so that could be possible.

But this is certainly off the track for Eli being a daughter of your train of thought. All the clues lead too this other path.

What do you think. Is this paper trail a possibility. You can check for Hockedahl on the 1801 census, and the IGI on for the marriage of Ole and Barbroe.


Email to Lorraine from Kari - October 16th??
Barbro was sister of Kari Hval who married Asle Gulbrandson Lunde. Mom thought Eli was the daughter of one of Kari's brothers - looks like she was the daughter of one of Kari's sisters instead. Let me know if you are lost......

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From: Lorraine Haugstad
To: Kari Northup
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: 1865 census

Dear Kari,

I am on my way uptown to have a haircut, and then possibly go to the LDS and look up films.

However, checking the list I discovered that Jorgen, Gilbert, Ole and Gunhild's mother, Eli Hval is the daughter of Barbro Olsdatter Hval, b. 1781. This Barbro married Ole Hansen. Barbro would be the daughter of Ole Hval and Eli Knutsdatter. Mystery solved.

Don't know if I will go to LDS because I am sure this is the case. However, I could look up the birth of Eli in 1821, or the marriage of Barbro & Ole Hansen to see the fathers listed in that marriage, which was 1801, and then to see if Ole was a widower at the time of his second marriage.

What do you think of this theory!


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From: Lorraine Haugstad
To: Kari Northup
Cc: Lorraine Haugstad
Sent: Saturday, October 19, 2002 12:58 PM
Subject: Film records.

Hello Kari,

I am back from the haircut, and stopped at LDS Library.

Yes, Barbra, Christened 17 Feb 1782 dtr of Ole Hval and Eli Knutsdr. Film #124052. I was able to find the marriage of Ole Hansen Haukedalen & Barbro Olsdr Hval. Marriage 20 Oct 1801. They didn't list very much on the earlier marriage records, so I was not able to read any parents, or age of the bride and groom, but it definately did say Barbro Olsdatter Hval. page #165. I think it said Fukamand or something like that, meaning Ole Hansen was a widower.

After that I tried to look for other children of Ole and Barbro, besides Elie.

I found Gunil, Chr: 27 Nov 1802, Film 124052.
Hans, Chr: 8 Sep 1805
Anne, Chr: 27 Nov 1808
Ole, Chr: 1 Dec 1811
Anders, Chr: 12 Mar 1815
Elling, Chr: 2 Aug 1818
Elie, Chr: 1 Jul 1821

Could have been others, but didn't search anymore.

Ole must have had a dtr named Gunhild from his first marriage, as the 1801 census says Ole Hansen, had a 1 yr old dtr in 1801 census. I wonder if Ole's first wife was named Gunild being Barbro and Ole named their first dtr Gunil in 1802.

All for now.