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Notes for Ingeborg Palmesdatter Semmen

1801 census Buscherud, Nordrehoug, Lunde farm, Norway - Asle Gulbrandsen (36), Maren Nilsdatter (26), Nils Aslesen (4), Gulbrand Aslesen (3), Ingbor Aslesdatter (1). Listed as "Bonde og Gaardebeboer" of Lunde farm, first family listed of farm. First marriage for both Asle & Maren. Living with Asle's parents, Gulbrand Gulbrandsen (66) & Ingbor Palmesdatter (62).

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From: "Per Kristian Semmen" <>
To: "Northup Kari" <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 7:15 AM
Subject: Desc of Palme Cristensen Skinnes Semmen english is not very good, but still...

My name is Per Kristian Semmen, living in Kongsberg, Norway.
Palme C S Semmen is my 4. greatgreatgrandfather.(Your ID:I01047)
He had two daughters (Ingeborg, wich you know about) and Eli Palmesdatter Semmen born 1739 in Aadal, Buskerud, Norway, bapthist 20.06.1739 and died 1799. Eli P Semmen is my 3.greatgreatgrandmother !

I do not know if I should ask this, but I do...
When I download GedCom all the living persons get the name "Living". Is it possible to get at GedCom whit all your desc. of Ingeborg
Palmesdatter Semmen ? I would be wery greatful if you can help me.

If there is something I can do for you, please ask me, and I will do my best.

Best regards
Per Kristian Semmen

For further information email:
Ingeborg Palmesdatter SEMMEN
Father: Palme Christensen Skinnes SEMMEN
Mother: Gunhild Aslesdatter SLEVIKA
Birth: 1736, Semmen, Ådal
Death: 1816
Partnership with: Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Marriage: 04/10-1757
Child: Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1758, Rustand, Ådal
Child: Palme Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1760, Rustand, Ådal
Child: Knut Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1762, Rustand, Ådal
Child: Asle Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1765, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1768, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Kristen Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1772, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Nils Gudbrandsen Lunde HAMRE Birth: 1774, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Iver Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1778, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Elling Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1781, Lunde, Ådal