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Notes for Elsie Lunde

The Family of Asle P. Lunde & Gunhild Fredericksdatter

1900 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN page 5B
Else Lunde, head, Jan 1821, age 79, widowed, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated 1851, in US 49 years
Else C., granddaughter, Jan 1884, age 16, MN/Norway/Norway
Florence, granddaughter, Mar 1886, age 14, MN/Norway/Norway, At School
Palma, granddaughter, Oct 1888, age 11, MN/Norway/Norway, At School
Alfred, grandson, May 1891, age 9, MN/Norway/Norway, At School

1910 census, Hayward Twp., Freeborn Co., MN page 7A
Else Lunde, head, age 26, MN/Norway/Norway, Housekeeper at Home
Palma, sister, age 20, MN/Norway/Norway, Teacher Public School
Alfred, brother, age 18, MN/Norway/Norway, Laborer Home Farm

1920 census Riceland Twp., Freeborn Co., MN page 2B
Peter J. Skaar, head, age 37, MN/Norway/Norway, Farmer
Elsie, wife, age 36, MN/Norway/Norway
Ashle Gjert, son, age 2, MN/MN/MN

Elsie died on April 06, 1925. Info from Atlanta Brees Dye - Cornelia Brees told her that Elsie was getting ready for the twin's birthday and had an appendicitis attack. Her appendix ruptured and she died.

1930 census Riceland, Freeborn Co., MN
Peter J. Skaar, head, age 48, widowed, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Ashle, son, age 13
Solveig, daughter, age 10
Elsie, daughter, age 8
Margaret, daughter, age 8
Florence Lunde, servant, age 44, single, MN/Norway/Norway, Housekeeper, farm