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Notes for Anna Cornelia Lunde (She disliked the name Anna and did not use it if she could avoid it.)

The Family of Ole Pederson Lunde & Ingeborg Olsdatter Viker

Born in a farmhouse outside Hayward, MN. Corner of farm given to Hayward for a creamery, now gone. She (1892) and Alanta Nickolina (1895) born while family lived on this farm. About 1897, Ole moved his family to the Moscow farm. Source: Atlanta Dye

1900 census Moscow Township, Freeborn Co., MN
Household #15/16
Ole P. Lunde, head, May 1858, age 42, MN/Norway/Norway
Ingeborg, wife, Sept 1855, age 45, IA/Norway/Norway
Peder, son, April 1882, age 18, MN/MN/IA
Margarett, daughter, Sept 1883, age 16, MN/MN/IA
Rudolph, son, April 1888, age 12, MN/MN/IA
Viola, daughter, July 1889, age 10, MN/MN/IA
Cornelia, daughter, March 1892, age 8, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, July 1895, age 4, MN/MN/IA

1905 state census Moscow Township, Freeborn Co., MN
Ole P. Lunde, head, age 47, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Ingeborg, wife, age 49, IA/Norway/Norway
Peder, son, age 23, MN/MN/IA, carpenter
Margit, daughter, age 21, MN/MN/IA, dressmaker
Rudolf, son, age 17, MN/MN/IA, farm labor
Viola, son, age 14, MN/MN/IA
Cornelie, daughter, age 13, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, age 9, MN/MN/IA
Else, mother, age 84, Norway/Norway/Norway

1910 census Moscow Twp., Freeborn Co., MN
Household #67/68
Ole Lunde, head, age 51, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer, md 26 yrs
Ingeborg, wife, age 54, IA/Norway/Norway, md 26 yrs, 6 children, 6 surviving
Peder O., son, age 28, MN/MN/IA, carpenter
Margaret E., daughter, age 26, MN/MN/IA, dressmaker
Rudolph S., son, age 22, MN/MN/IA, farm labor
Violie C., son, age 19, MN/MN/IA. teacher
Cornelia, daughter, age 18, MN/MN/IA
Atlanta, daughter, age 14, MN/MN/IA
Household #68/69
Carl O. Viker, head, age 50, MN/Norway/Norway, farmer
Ole N., father, age 80, widowed, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm. 1850, Na

1920 - should be in Teton or Choteau County, Montana on homestead with husband Percy Brees, son Elwood (1) and pregnant with Phyllis, born July 1920. Haven't found them on the census yet. Birth certificate of daughter Phyllis, born July 20, lists her post office as Breeston, MT. (The Breeston Post office was their house on the homestead). As the postmasters took the census records, maybe that is why they are not included on the census records that year.

1930 census Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT, page 107
Percy Brees, head, age 44, age at first marriage: 28, MN/NY/PA, laborer, smelter
Cornelia, wife, age 38, age at first marriage: 24, MN/MN/WI
Elwood, son, age 11, MN/MN/MN
Phyllis, daughter, age 9, MT/MN/MN
John, son, age 8, MT/MN/MN
Atlanta, daughter, age 5, MT/MN/MN
Virginia, daughter, age 1, MT/MN/MN

Died Nov. 2, 1980 in Denver, CO. Buried in Highland cemetery, Great Falls, MT.

I put Anna Cornelia Lunde as an AKA because she didn't care for the name Anna Lunde, and only used the Anna if it was required on some legal document. She was annoyed because Social Security insisted on Anna C. Lunde, but she didn't like it, and I see no reason for all the family records to list her as Anna when it sounds like some other person. Source: Atlanta Dye

New Highland cemetery, Cascade Co., MT

Percy Elwood Brees 1951
Anna Cornelia Brees1980