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Notes for Maren Aslesdatter Lunde Strommen:

The Families of Asle Gulbrandson Lunde

Maren's great granddaugher Sigrid married a Holte who at that time was the owner the Lunde farm. Ashle Skaar visited them and talked with them in the 1970's. At that time they had one daughter, age 13.

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Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Father: Ole Andersen HVAL
Mother: Eli Knutsdatter SOMDALEN
Birth: 1774, Nordre Somdalen, Ådal
Death: 1842
Partnership with: Asle Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Marriage: 17/10-1802
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1804, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren ASLESDATTER Birth: 1806, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole ASLESEN Birth: 1808, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Maren Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 11/10-1810, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ingeborg Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 1813, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Ole Aslesen Lunde SKATTUM Birth: 1816, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Eli Aslesdatter LUNDE Birth: 01/09-1817, Lunde, Ådal
Child: Peder Aslesen LUNDE Birth: 1820, Lunde, Ådal
Notes for Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Bodde hos moren på Hval, ugift i 1801.

Maren Aslesdatter LUNDE
Father: Asle Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Mother: Kari Olsdatter HVAL
Birth: 11/10-1810, Lunde, Ådal
Death: 24/02-1882
Partnership with: Gudbrand Andersen STRØMMEN
Marriage: 08/08-1842
Child: Asle Gudbrandsen STRØMMEN Birth: 09/11-1845, Sør Aurdal
Child: Karen Gudbrandsdatter STRØMMEN Birth: 07/08-1847, Sør Aurdal
Child: Kari Gudbrandsdatter STRØMMEN Birth: 09/02-1850, Sør Aurdal
Child: Anne Marie Gudbrandsdatter STRØMMEN Birth: 28/01-1854, Sør Aurdal