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Notes for Kari Gulbrandson Lunde

The Family of Endre Gulbrandson & Marit Hansdatter Gravli

Kari & husband Lars Lunde are both Lunde descendants.

1857 State Census Township 102, Freeborn, Minnesota
Andrew Gulbranson, age 40, b. Norway, Farmer
Marit Gulbranson, age 42, b. Norway
Gulbran Gulbranson, age 17, b. Norway, Farmer
Gonor Gulbranson, male, age 14, b. Norway (listed as male but this is an error)
Hans Gulbranson, age 13, b. Norway
Veger Gulbranson, age 11, b. Norway
Karee Gulbranson, age 8, b. Norway (listed as male but this is an error)
Mary Gulbranson, age 5, b. Norway
Elsie Gulbranson, age 3, b. Norway
Ole Hanson, age 68, b. Norway, Farmer (Ole Hansen Rustand Haugerud)
Peter Lund, age 37, b. Norway, Farmer
Elsie Lund, age 37, b. Norway
Asle Lund, age 12, b. Norway

1860 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN
Andrew Gilbransen (Endre), age 47, b. Norway
Maryett (Marit), age 46, b. Norway
Gilbran (Gulbrand), age 19, b. Norway
Julia (Gunner), age 17, b. Norway
Hans, age 15, b. Norway
William (Veggar), age 14, b. Norway
Caroline (Kari), age 11, b. Norway
Mary (Maria), age 7, b. Wisconsin
Elsie L. (Else), age 5, b. Wisconsin
Edward, age 1. b. Minnesota
Living next door to Peder & Else Lunde and family

1870 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN
Peter Lund, age 51, farmer, Real estate 3000, Personal Estate 900, b. Norway
Elsie, age 49, keeping house, b. Norway
Asle, age 24, b. Norway
Ole, age12, b. MN
Endre Gulbranson, age 57, farmer, Real estate 2000, Personal Estate 1000, b. Norway
Marit, age 55, keeping house, b. Norway
Gilbert, age 28, farmer, Real estate 3000, Personal Estate 300, b. Norway
Julia, age 27, lives at home, b. Norway
Hans, age 26, farmer, Real estate 1900, Personal Estate 250, b. Norway
Viger, age 23, farmer, Real estate 1900, Personal Estate 250, b. Norway
Maria, age 17, b. Wisconsin
Elsie, age 15, b. Wisconsin
Edward, age 11, b. Minnesota
Nils Gulbranson, age 42, farm laborer, Personal Estate 300, b. Norway
Gury, age 46, keeping house, b. Norway
Carrie, age 19, b. Norway
Erick, age 15, b. Norway
Gulbrand, age 12, b. Norway
Thorwald, age 8, b. Norway
Maria, age 4, b. Norway
Ole, age 1, b. Wisconsin

1880 United States Census Hayward, Freeborn, Minnesota Page Number 56B
Lars LUND Self M Male W 43 NORWAY Farmer NORW NORW
Carry LUND Wife M Female W 30 NORWAY Keeps House NORW NORW
Magdelian LUND Dau S Female W 8 MN NORW NORW
Morman LUND Son S Male W 6 MN NORW NORW
Gulbrand LUND Son S Male W 4 MN NORW NORW
Pauline LUND Dau S Female W 2 MN NORW NORW
Henry HALGARSON Other S Male W 22 MN Farm Laborer NORW NORW

1900 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN
Lars Lunde, head, July 1836, age 63, md 31 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1865, in US 35 yrs, naturalized, Farmer
Carrie, wife, Oct 1849, age 50, md 31 yrs, 11 births, 9 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1851, in US 49 yrs
Martha, daughter, March 1885, age 15, MN/Norway/Norway
Ragnhild, daughter, Oct 1887, age 12, MN/Norway/Norway
Carl, son, March 1888, age 12, MN/Norway/Norway
Barbara, daughter, May 1890, age 10, MN/Norway/Norway
Lars, son, Oct 1892, age 7, MN/Norway/Norway

1910 census Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN
Lars Lunde, head, age 75, md 40 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1865, Farmer
Kari, wife, age 60, md 40 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1852, dressmaker at home
Martha, daughter, age 26, MN/Norway/Norway
Carl, son, age 22, MN/Norway/Norway
Barbara, daughter, age 19, MN/Norway/Norway
Arthur, son, age 17, MN/Norway/Norway

Lars died March 30, 1917



Kari died on May 10, 1941

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> Kari Northup,
> I wandered into and typed in Gulbrandson, and there in your site was my great grandfather, and may other names listed on the family tree picture I have.
> He is Edward Gulbrandson, and I think his father - Endre - was the member of my family to drop the Lunde surname. Edward's sister Kari married Lars Nielson Lunde, who was a Lunde cousin four generation removed. Edward died the year my grandfather, Edward Stanton, was born (1900).
> When my daughter was in school, one of her classmates was named Karissa Lunde, who turned out to be a granddaughter of Kari's. So my daughter and this girl are related in two ways. A friend of my other daughter, it turns out is also related somehow through Kari, but her grandfather is not being co-operative in clearing up names. I have to pursue that from some other direction.
> This family is largely from Hayward, MN, a very small farming town. There is a little cemetery there with LOTS of Gulbrandsons and Lundes there - including my grandparents. Many moved to Albert Lea, MN at some point.
> Gerri (Gulbrandson) Leonard
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> My Grandfather had a huge brown toned copy of this family tree. We took it to a printer and had copies made. I love looking at it. The thing of it is, wherever there is a new spouse, that is another family line to follow. I don't have a lot on knowledge about the family. I have tried here and there. My grandfather was pretty quiet, and when I was old enough to ask, he was that much older. We have a couple of ancient photo albums with very little information on them. They most likely came from my g-grandmother (Bertha Bensen* Gulbrandson - *not sure about the spelling). The photos all seem to have been taken here in MN.
> My mom is the real family tree buff. She is working on her family the most. They immigrated here from Mexico in 1915, so most of the old info is far away. She has done a pretty good job though. Many people from both families came up, so there are many cousins with stories and memories that give starting points. And of course the Church down there has lists and lists. She has been making notes of my dad's family though, so she will for sure check out you site.
> Gerri Leonard
Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
Name Birth Date Death Date Death County Mother's Maiden Name
Alfred Gerhard Lunde 1 Jul 1948 Freeborn
Carl K. Lunde 8 Mar 1888 21 Jun 1965 Freeborn Gulbrandson
David Carl Lunde 30 Nov 1926 14 Jul 2001 Freeborn Hanson
Florence C. Lunde 9 Mar 1886 22 Mar 1984 Freeborn Fredrickson
Hattie Virginia Lunde 1 Dec 1888 19 Oct 1974 Freeborn Rustad
Inga J. Lunde 17 Aug 1894 4 Aug 1960 Freeborn
Ingeborg Lunde 18 Jun 1948 Freeborn
Lars Lunde 30 Mar 1917 Freeborn
Margaret E. Lunde 21 Sep 1883 7 May 1982 Freeborn Vicker
Marion Genevieve Lunde 22 Jan 1900 2 Apr 2000 Freeborn Alm
Mrs. Kari Lunde 10 May 1941 Freeborn
Ole J. Lunde 8 Oct 1911 Freeborn
Olena Lunde 6 Nov 1928 Freeborn
Rudolph Engvold Lunde 7 Apr 1888 4 May 1976 Freeborn Viker