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Notes for Kari Gilbertson Housker

The Family of Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde & Anne Andersdatter Putten

Immigrated 1862

1865 State census Newburg Twp, Fillmore Co., Minnesota (lists only names and sex)
Gilbert Gilbertson -male
Ann -female
Gilbert -male
Andrew -male
Ole -male
Ellin -male
Caroline -female
Ann -female
Elizabeth -female

1867 - married Rasmus Housker

1870 census Preble, Fillmore Co., MN June 21, 1870
R. Housky, age 32, farmer, b. Norway
Caroline, age 22, keeping house, b. Norway
Albert, age 2, b. Minnesota
Gustave, age 6 months, b. Minnesota

1880 census Preble Twp., Fillmore Co., MN
Census taken June 16, 1880
Household #101/107
Rasmus Houske, age 39, Farmer, Norway/Norway/Norway
Caroline, wife, age 31, Keeping House, Norway/Norway/Norway
Albert, son, age 12, At School, MN/Norway/Norway
Gustav, son, age 10, At school, MN/Norway/Norway
Edward. son, age 7, MN/Norway/Norway
Anton, son, age 7, MN/Norway/Norway
Ole, son, age 6, MN/Norway/Norway
Ingeborg, age 2, MN/Norway/Norway
Rebecca, 5 months, born Jan, MN/Norway/Norway
Household #102/108
Aslak Houske, age 53, Farmer, Norway/Norway/Norway
Elen, wife, age 37, Keeping house, Norway/Norway/Norway
Emelia, daughter, age 8, MN/Norway/Norway
Rasmus, son, age 4, MN/Norway/Norway
Oliver, son, age 1, MN/Norway/Norway

1900 census Preble Twp., Fillmore Co., MN
Census taken June 25 & 26, 1900
Household #128
Rasmus Housker, Head, Oct 1838, age 61, married 30 years, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated in 1855, Alien
Carrie, wife, May 1847, age 53, Married 30 years, 14 births, 11 surviving children, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated 1862
Ole, son, Oct 1874, age 25, MN/Norway/Norway
Rebecca, daughter, Jan 1880, age 20, MN/Norway/Norway
Carl, son, July 1882, age 17, MN/Norway/Norway
Tilford, son, March 1884, age 16, MN/Norway/Norway
Ida, daughter, July 1887, age 12, MN/Norway/Norway
Oscar, son, Oct 1889, age 10, MN/Norway/Norway
Alice, daughter, May 1891, age 9, MN/Norway/Norway
Inga, daughter, Dec 1894, age 5, MN/Norway/Norway
Household #129
Isaac Housker, Oct 1825, age 74, married 31 years, Norway/Norway/Norway
Carrie, wife, Nov 1841, age 58, married 31 years, 5 births, 3 surviving children, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anton, son, Jan 1874, age 26, MN/Norway/Norway
Oliver, son, Sep 1878, age 21, MN/Norway/Norway
Carl, son, Jun 1881, age 18, MN/Norway/Norway

Note from Kari - on same page in household # 121 is Hans Wiger (Viker), age 79, born June 1820, widowed, living with his son Nils & wife Ingeborg. Hans is brother to my g-grandfather Ole Nilson Viker. Ole & his family actually lived in Fillmore Co., MN for awhile - they had settled in Brown (later Watonwan) Co. in 1856 but were scared off in 1862 by rumors of a coming Indian massacre (which actually happened several months later) and they left their land and fled to Fillmore Co. because they had relatives there. They lived there 10 years from 1862 to 1872 and they are on the 1865 state census in Holt Twp., Fillmore Co., MN. Ole's daughter Ingeborg later married Ole Pederson Lunde - who is the one who has Lunde connections to Kari Gulbrandson Lunde Housker.

1910 census Spring Grove, Houston Co., MN
Household #199
Rasmus Housker, Head, age 72, married 53 years, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated in 1861, Farmer, own farm
Kari, wife, age 63, Married 53 years, 14 births, 11 surviving children, Norway/Norway/Norway, immigrated 1862
Alice, daughter, age 18, MN/Norway/Norway, Clerk, dry goods
Inga, daughter, age 15, MN/Norway/Norway
Gustav, son, age 35, MN/Norway/Norway, laborer, odd jobs
Ole, son, age 32, MN/Norway/Norway, laborer, odd jobs
Oscar, son, age 23, MN/Norway/Norway, laborer, odd jobs
All above children have single as marital status

June 24, 1918 - Rasmus died

1920 census Preble, Fillmore Co., MN
Anton Housker, head, age 46, MN/Norway/Norway
Lena, wife, age 43, MN/Norway/Norway
Constance, daughter, age 12, MN/MN/MN
Clifford, son, age 10, MN/MN/MN
Amonie, daughter, age 8, MN/MN/MN
Arther, son, age 6, MN/MN/MN
Harry, son, age 6 months, MN/MN/MN
Carrina, mother, age 78, widowed, imm 1866, Norway/Norway/Norway

April 08, 1929 - Kari died