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Note for Iver Nilsen Viker

The Families of Nils Hansen Rustand Viker

!Birth: Film #124056 (1819-1837). Born 10 May 1837, Sponsors: Gjertrud Olsdr Wiger, Guri Elsrud, Olaug Elsrud, Ole Olsen Strande, Inger Gulbrandsdr Ringerud.
!Baptism: Film #124056, on 24 Jun 1837.
!Confirmation: Film: 278221, Page 153, #13. 1854.
!Marriage: 12 Feb 1862 to Guro Paulsdtr of Numedal, Norway at Highland Prairie, Norway Township, Fillmore County, MN.
!Death: 3 Sep 1863 at Little Norway Township, Fillmore County, MN. Fought in the Civil War and was in Andersonville Prison while in the War.
!Cause of Death: Iver died of consumption and chronic diarrhrea contracted while in the service of the United States.
!Burial: Highland Prairie Cemetery at Peterson, MN., Fillmore County.

On IGI Batch C424055, 1819-1837-Film #12456.

Iver was married and had one child. (Son ?). There is a listing on the 1865 census of an Iver Nilsen, wife Siri, and one son by the name of Nels. Could be this Iver. Needs more research. In a History book written by O.S. Johnson's about emigrants from Ringerike there is mention of Iver Nelsen Viker. This article is written in the Gothic script and very difficult to read. (Needs to be translated.)

Audrey Overland of Highland Prairie Church of Peterson found the grave marker and will send picture. Found record of marriage and also birth of son named Nels Peter Iversen. Viker is on the marker. Audrey also mentioned that Iver was born in Ringerike and Guri was born in Numedal.
According to "Utvandringshistorie fra Ringerikabygdene" (History of Emigration from the Ringerike Settlements), Ole's cousin, Iver Viker, participated in the Civil War. Iver was Nils Viker's youngest son. The story tells us: "Iver Nilsen Viker got married, and when the Civil War broke out, he let himself be recruited as a soldier. He was sent down to the battlefield, where he participated in several battles. In the end, he was caught by the Rebels and taken to the infamous Andersonville prison, where along with 14,000 young men from the North by terrible, cruel, and inhuman treatment, he was tortured in such a way that he died immediately after returning home. He left behind one child."
VIKER, Iver O.
Residence: Freeborn County, Minnesota. From Aadalen, Norway. Civil War: Private. Died in the war. Sources: (ULVESTAD p339)