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Notes for Gunhild Maria "Mary" Viker

The Families of Nils Hansen Rustand Viker

!Birth: Film 124053, Page 503, #44.
!Baptism: Film: 124053, Page 503, #44 on May 18, 1832.
!Confirmation: Film: 278221, Page 192, #38 30 Aug 1846 at age 15.
!Marriage: Film #124058, page 319, #21. 27 Apr 1852.
!Emigrated: Film: 124058 on Apr 27, 1852 to America #94. Listed o n the same
page #93 is Elling Knudsen Haugen from the same place as Gunhild.
Elling was born born Oct 19, 1826 on film 124056. Father: Knud Olsen Mother: Jorand Andersdtr.

From the church records: Film 12453, page 503, Line 44. Gunnild (not Gunhild) Maria, born 29 Feb 1832, Baptized 18 May 1832, Wiger. Parents: Niels Hansen
and Kari Thorsdatter Wiger. Sponsors: Guri Ellingsdatter Wiger, Berte Maira Nubsdatter Strande, Mari Gulbrandsdatter Elsrud, Anders Thorsen Wiger and Jens Nilsen Wiger.

Married and emigrated 1852

1860 census should be WI

Moved to Mower Co., MN in 1862

1870 census Racine, Mower Co., MN (Post office Hamilton, Fillmore Co., MN) June 10, 1870 page 17
Garick (?) Knuson, age 64, farmer, b. Norway
Sarah, age 54, keeping house, b. Norway
Knutson, age 21, b. Norway
Elling Knuson, age 46, farmer, b. Norway
Mary, age 39, keeping house, b. Norway
Knutson, age 17, works on farm, b. Norway
Caroline, age 16, b. Wisconsin
Jane, age 14, b. Wisconsin
Nelson, age 11, b. Wisconsin
Anna, age 8, b. Minnesota
Hanson, age 3, b. Minnesota
Ole, age 3 months, born in March, b. Minnesota

Moved to Lyon Co., MN in spring of 1880

1880 United States Census Eidsvold, Lyon, Minnesota Page Number 485B
Elling KNUDTSON Self M Male W 55 NOR Farmer NOR NOR
Maria KNUDTSON Wife M Female W 51 NOR Keeping House NOR NOR
Knudt KNUDTSON Son Male W 25 WI Farm Laborer NOR NOR
Niels KNUDTSON Son Male W 20 WI Farm Laborer NOR NOR
Christine KNUDTSON Dau Female W 19 WI NOR NOR
Hans KNUDTSON Son S Male W 11 MN At Home NOR NOR
Ole KNUDTSON Son S Male W 9 MN At Home NOR NOR
Anton KNUDTSON Son S Male W 6 MN At Home NOR NOR

Elling died 1890

1900 census Eidsvold, Lyon Co., MN
Nels Haugen, head, Nov 1859, age 40, md 13 yrs, WI/Norway/Norway, farmer
Anbjon, wife, May 1867, age 33, md 13 yrs, 5 births, 5 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm unknown
Maria, daughter, Dec 1889, age 10, MN/WI/Norway
Herman, son, Sept 1890, age 9, MN/WI/Norway
Elise, daughter, Jan 1893, age 7, MN/WI/Norway
Thomas, son, Nov 1894, age 5, MN/WI/Norway
Nels, son, May 1896, age 4, MN/WI/Norway
Mrs. Marie Haugen, Feb 1830, age 70, widowed, md 40 yrs, 9 births, 7 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1842, in US 57 yrs, farmer

Maria died 1918

!Mrs. Mary Haugen died at her home in Eidsvold Township, Lyon County , last Saturday. She was 88 years of age and is survived by six children, forty grandchildren, and forty-one great grandchildren. She was born in Norway Feb. 14, 1830. (Note: church records of Norway, list her birth as Feb 29, 1832.)lgh. Her maiden name was Mary Viker and she was married to Elling Haugen and with him came to America about 1850. (record show they emigrated in 1852.) They settl ed in Wisconsin where they lived for some time and then moved to Mower county, Minnesota where they lived until the spring of 1880, when they came to Lyon County and bought a relinquishment of a quarter section in Eidsvold Township, where the family home has been since. Elling Haugen died in 1890. Mrs. Haugen was a typical pioneer woman and worked alike in the field and the home. She was a woman of strong character and managed the affairs of her household with economy and thrift. Her life in the early days was that of a pioneer woman of the time, one of difficulties, poverty and hardships. But she was one of those who could stand the acid test of that trying period and she lived to enjoy be tter days and to see her children comfortably situated. She was a good God-fearing soul and made for herself many friends during the years of her sojourn here. She was a good mother and her children loved her and two generations of grandchildren were fond of her. She was of that sturdy type with which practical, common sense counts so much. Mrs. Haugen has spent her declining years with her son, Hans, and his wife and that couple have done all that they could to make the sunset of her life comfortable. The following children survive her: Knute, Mrs. P. Peterson, Mrs . Jos. Alleckson, Hans, Ole and Anton. The funeral was held from the Norwegian Lutheran church last Tuesday afternoon.

From obit of son Knut: !Mr. (Knut) Haugen was born at Beloit WI, February 9, 1853. A short time later he moved with his parents to Mower County, Minnesota, where he spent his early days. Later he lived in Lyon County; then returned t o Mower County about 1890. He made his home there until 1899 when he moved to Kanabec County. He married in Mower County, 56 years ag o to Mary Olson. They farmed in Knife Lake Township, until they move d into the village of Mora a number of years ago.

From obit of daughter Caroline: !Mrs. Caroline Peterson, a resident of eastern Mower County for 84 years passed away at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. William Hardecopf at near Elkton MN, on Monday morning, April 15,, 1945 at the age of 91 years, 5 months and two days. !A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elling Haugen, she was born at Beloit Wisconsin, November 13, 1854. In the year of 1862, at the age of 7 years, she came by covered wagon with her parents and family to Racine Township in this county. For 84 years, she had her home continuesly in the Grand Meadow area. (On June 27, 1869 she was confirmed in the Bear Creek confirmation class by Rev. Lautzsteen.)

From obit of son Nels: !Nels E. Haugen was born in the state of Wisconsin on Nov. 19, 1856 and removed with his parents to Mower County, MN., in 1859. The family came to Lyon county in 1881 and since that time Mr. Haugen has resided here continuously.

From obit of son Hans: !Hans E. Haugen was born at Grand Meadow on July 4, 1867, the son of Elling and Marie Haugen. He came to this community in 1880 and lived first in Eidsvold township.

From obit of son Ole: !Ole Haugen was born in Grand Meadow MN, Feb 28, 1870 to parents Marie and Elling Haugen. !He came to the Minneota community with his family in a covered wagon when he was about nine years old and grew up here, farming and running a threshing rig after he reached manhood.

From obit of son Anton: !Anton Haugen passed away February 6, 1958 after two weeks illness a t the Lutheran hospital, Bemiji, MN., at the age of 85 years, 4 month s and 8 days. Anton was born 29 Sep 1872 at Racin MN., to Mary and Elling Haugen. !He came to Minneota MN with his parents in 1880 and settled on a far m in Eidsvold township. He remained in this vicinity for about 35 ye ars. In 1912 he came to Pine River, where he has since resided with the exception of the last few months when he stayed with his daughter, Mrs. Henry Strickson at Walker.