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Notes for Gunhild Fredericksdatter Omoen Lunde

Digitalarkivet: 1865-telling for 0614 Aadalen. [29781/47]
Rettar til dataene: Digitalarkivet
Post 31 av 380/2382 totalt i databasen Distriknr Side Skoledistrikt Sogn Prestegjeld Gardsnavn Overskrift
31 1 6 øvre Aadal Næss Aadalen Ømoen 1
Personnr Husholdning Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilstand Alder Kjønn Fødested Stort kveg Geit Blandkorn Havre Poteter
209 12 1 Frederik Jørgens. Husfader Husmand med Jord Skrædder g 50 m Aadalens Prgj. 1 2 1/2 1/2 1
210 13 Eli Olsd. hans Kone g 45 k Aadalens Prgj.
211 14 Jørgen Fredriks. deres Søn Skrædder ug 20 m Aadalens Prgj.
212 15 Ole Fredriks. deres Søn ug 18 m Aadalens Prgj.
213 16 Gulbrand Fredriks. deres Søn ug 8 m Aadalens Prgj.
214 17 Gunnild Fredriksd. deres Datter ug 15 k Aadalens Prgj.
215 18 Hans Ols. Logerende Tømmerhugger ug 31 m Aadalens Prgj.

Came to America 1881 - info from Ashle Skaar, Nov 1996.

March 25, 1891 - Peder & Else Lunde sold to their son Asle Lunde for $1 the following land: The East half of the Northeast corner of Section 18 in Township 102 (Hayward). This land was part of Peder's original land in Hayward. Warranty Deed, filed at the Freeborn County Courthouse on July 20, 1914.

September 2, 1891 - Peder & Else Lunde sold to Asle Lunde for $1000 and an agreement to care in their old age. Land sold in this transaction was the East half of the Northeast corner of Section 18, the Southeast quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 7, and the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 8 in Township 102 (Hayward). This land is the original land that Peder bought in Hayward. As Asle had already bought the land in Section 18 for $1 in March 1891, I'm not sure why it is included in this second land deed. Warranty Deed, filed at the Freeborn County Courthouse on September 5, 1891.

September 2, 1891 - Contract between Peder & Else Lunde and their older son Asle & wife Gunhild and also younger son Ole & wife Ingeborg. The contract was to sell Peder's land for $2000 ($1000 each from Asle and Ole) and also included an agreement that Asle and Ole would care for Peder & Else in their old age. Peder died on September 29, 1891 in Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN. Asle died the next year from being kicked in the head by a horse. Asle's wife Gunhild died in 1896. In 1900 Else was living with Asle & Gunhild's children in the house on Peder's original land, but she was living with Ole & Ingeborg in Moscow, MN by 1905 and they cared for her until her death in 1908.

September 29, 1891 - Peder Lunde died in Hayward, Freeborn Co., MN.

November 05, 1892 - Asle Lunde died from being kicked in the head by a horse. His land was inherited by his widow Gunhild Lunde. Gunhild died 4 years later in 1896 - at the time of her death their 4 children ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old. These 4 children stayed in their home with their grandmother, Else Gravli, and spent summers, most holidays and lots of time with Ole & Ingeborg Lunde's 6 children after the death of their parents, and were referred to as "The 10 cousins". Source, Marion Lunde, told to her by Alfred Lunde.
Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN, April 1, 1896
Typhoid fever is raging in this vicinity, quite a number having died. The doctors say it is different from any they have seen and they don't seem to know how to handle it.
Freeborn County Standard, Albert Lea, MN, April 15, 1896
There is considerable sickness about here this spring. V. Rettig's little girl is very sick with pneumonia; Mrs. E.J. Norton's daughter has scarlet fever but in a very mild form.
In the Moscow items of the Standard a couple of weeks ago there was a statement that there were a good many cases of typhoid fever here and that there had been several deaths. We have been repeatedly asked who had the fever. Will the writer of that article please tell us who is sick and name the deaths from typhoid since last fall as we have heard of no cases in this town since then. It don't make so much difference, only we do not want outsiders to think that Moscow is such an unhealthy place to live.

October 22, 1896 - Gunhild died

July 10, 1922 - This document states that Gunhild Lunde died without a will on October 22, 1896, that it has been at least 5 years since her death, and that no will has been filed in that time. It verifies who the heirs were (her children) for the land and property that were Gunhild's when she died. This paper decrees that the land (originial Peder Lunde land, above) is inherited equally by all 4 of Asle & Gunhild Lunde's children - Elsie, Florence, Palma & Alfred. Filed at the Freeborn County Courthouse on August 4, 1922. Under Norwegian custom the land was to pass down to the oldest son (Alfred) who was age 5 when his mother died. Neighbors helped farm the land until Alfred was 14 and able to farm it himself.

July 24, 1922 - Elsie, Florence & Palma sold land (the original Peder Lunde land) to their brother Alfred Lunde for "$1, love and affection". Elsie & Palma were married at that time, so land was sold by Peder & Elsie Skaar and Florence Lunde of Freeborn Co., MN, and Ora & Palma Schultz of Stephenson Co., IL. Peder, Elsie & Florence appeared before a Notary in Freeborn Co., MN, and Ora & Palma appeared before a Notary in Jo Daviess Co., IL. Filed at the Freeborn County Courthouse on August 25, 1922.