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Notes for Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde

The Family of Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde & Anne Andersdatter Putten

Emigrated to the USA in 1862

1865 State census Newburg Twp, Fillmore Co., Minnesota (lists only names and sex)
Gilbert Gilbertson -male -
Ann -female
Gilbert -male
Andrew -male
Ole -male
Ellin -male
Caroline -female
Ann -female
Elizabeth -female - is this Isabel/Ingeborg?

1870 census Preble, Fillmore Co., Minnesota
Gilbert Gilbertson, age 55, farmer, b. Norway
Ann, age 48, keeping house, b. Norway
Andrew, age 18, b. Norway
Ole, age 16, b. Norway
Ellen, female, age 15, b. Norway (error, should be Elling, male, age 9)
Isabel, age 13, b. Norway (error, should be age 6 if it is Ingeborg. )
Ann, age 12, b. Norway
Mary, age 7, b. Minnesota (Is this Ingeborg or another daughter who died young???)
Matilda, age 3, b. Minnesota

1875 Minnesota Census, Preble, Fillmore, Minn.
#128......................Age.............Born.......Father b.. ...Mother b.
Gilbert Gilbertson.....54 male......Norway...Norway.......Norway
Anna A...................51 female...Norway...Norway.......Norway
Andrew...................23 male......Norway...Norway.......Norway
Elling......................14 male.......Norway...Norway......Norway
Ingebor...................11 female...Minn........Norway......Norway
T.C..........................7 female....Minn........Norway......Norway (this is Matilda/Tillie)
Where is Mary, age 12?? Did she die? Is she the same person as Isabel?? Where is Ann, age 17? She married about 1876)

June 6, 1878 - Gilbert died
Uncertified Certificate of Death Record State of Minnesota County of Houston
Gulbrand G. Lunde, male, occupation Farmer
Died June 6, 1878 in Black Hammer, Houston Co., MN of Consumption. Married, age 57 at time of death, came from Norway to MN in May 1862
Father - Gulbrand, born Norway
Mother - Kari, born Norway
Death record A, page 28, section 35 Filed Jan 2, 1879

1880 census Black Hammer, Houston Co., Minnesota
Ole Gilbertson, age 35, head, farmer, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anne, age 24, wife, keeping house, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anne A., age 58, mother, Norway/Norway/Norway
Tilla C., age 12, sister, at school, Minnesota/Norway/Norway

1885 State Census - Preble, Fillmore, Minn.
E.C. Erickson -35 male white -born Norway (Note: all below mentioned list fathers/mothers born Norway)
Annie Erickson - 27 female white born Norway
Annie Gilbertson - 63 female white -born Norway (Note: wife's mother)
Thomas Knutson - 18 male white - born Norway
Christopher Erickson - 8 male white - born Minn.
Regina Erickson - 3 male white - born Minn. (Note: is this Cornelius?)
Herman Erickson - 1 male white born Minn.

1900 census Twp 156 R. 76, McHenry Co., North Dakota
Ole Gilbertson, head, Oct 1854, age 45, md 20 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1860, in US 40 yrs
A. K., wife, Oct 1855, age 44, md 20 yrs, 8 births, 6 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1864, in US 36 yrs
C.. G., son, Jan 1882, age 18, Iowa/Norway/Norway
A. G., daughter, Oct 1883, age 16, Minnesota/Norway/Norway
Clarence, son, Feb 1886, age 14, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Effie, daughter, Dec 1888, age 11, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Raymond, son, Aug 1891, age 8, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
Sherman, son, May 1895, age 5, North Dakota/Norway/Norway
A., mother, Sept 1836, age 76, widowed, 1 birth, 1 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1860, in US 40 yrs

1910 census Towner, McHenry Co., ND
Andrew Gilbertson, age 58, single, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1858, naturalized, Banker
Annie, mother, age 87, widowed, md 60 yrs, 10 births, 5 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway
Tilley Housker, sister, age 41, widowed, md 17 yrs, 2 births, 2 surviving, MN/Norway/Norway, House Keeper
Silley, niece, age 17, MN/MN/MN
Alford, nephew, age 9, MN/MN/MN

1914 - Anne died

From: Vivian Gullickson White []
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 5:52 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Re: Putten

Hi Kari, Dave;

It's nice to hear from you Kari. It's been a long time since we have exchanged emails. I too was in Norway in May, but went to Voss where some of my family came from. I remember the bus going down the highway and driving past Sperillen Lake and wishing I could get off. I looked at every farm and wondered if this was a farm where the Lunde's, Putten's etc. may have lived. I guess that will have to be done on another trip. We had a great time in Voss though. The mayor had invited all the descendants of the Voss immigrants to come home and take part in the May 17 celebrations and to take part in the 100 year celebration of Norway's independence from Sweden. We were in the parade and so many other things. It was a very exciting time.

Dave, the information you have on Anne Andersdatter Putten is basically what I have. The information I have is what my great grandmother Ellen Matilda Lunde recalled and then what Kari has shared. The rest came from the Lunde book, Norwegian online censuses, and from There is a wealth of information on that site. Anne married Gulbrand Gulbrandson Lunde and they eventually made their way to the US. Gulbrand died in Houston County, Minnesota 06 Jun 1878. Anne and Gulbrand had 10 children. Their seventh child Elling was my great great grandfather and he married Malinda Larson Hauske whose roots are from Rennesøy, Stavanger. Elling died 06 Apr 1907 in Rochester, Minnesota of a brain tumor. He was being treated at the Mayo Clinic. He is buried in Towner, North Dakota. He and Malinda had 7 children. Their fifth child, Ellen Mathilda (Mattie) is my great grandmother and she married Andrew Gullickson whose roots are from Vossestrand, Hordaland, Norway.

I'd love to hear of your trip to Buskerud and if you got to meet any of the family. Kari is correct when she says there are alot of Lunde's around. I think one of my family travelled with Kari's in a covered wagon from Filmore to North Dakota. I'll have to look it up as I can't remember who it was off hand. I think their first name was Kari though. I guess it runs in the family :-)

I also met with a gentleman, quite by chance while in Norway who is indirectly involved with one branch of the Lunde family. It was quite funny when he heard I was also related to them. He is involved with tracing the Eidsvollmen who where instrumental in bringing about the Norwegian constitution. One of the men was a Wulfsberg and one of his descendants married a Lunde, by the name of Gulbrand Oscar Johan Lunde. His father was Sigurd Lunde and Sigurds father was Gulbrand Oscar Lunde, married to Bartholine Furstenberg Tillisch.

Now, Gubrand Oscar Johan Lunde is rather infamous for working very closely with Quisling, the Nazi Propaganda minister during the war. He and his wife died in rather mysterious circumstances and here is what I have on him here...
Foreign News
"Lille Goebbels"

To Gulbrand Lunde, Propaganda Minister and second in command of Vidkun Quisling's Government in Norway, Joseph Goebbels was a man to be admired. In mannerisms, gestures and work, the small, blue-eyed Norwegian tried to emulate his Nazi friend. First of the Quisling Cabinet to get a uniform, he copied his so closely from Goebbels' that in photographs it was hard to tell Lunde from Goebbels. Norwegians nicknamed Lunde "lille Goebbels," and knew him as a vain, ambitious, foolish man who had been an outstanding research chemist when he joined the Quisling Party in 1933.

Last week Norwegians heard their Propaganda Minister no longer. The last to see him were the villagers of Vage, a tiny hamlet on the Norwegian coast. In the dark of a Sunday evening, Lunde, with his wife and a district party leader, arrived in Vage to take the little ferryboat that went across the fjord to Andalsnes. The chauffeur drove the limousine out on the slip, got out and strolled aboard the ferry. An instant later, slip and ferry parted. The car teetered, plunged into the icy water.

On the crest of a gigantic air bubble bobbed the head of the party leader. Lunde and his wife stayed down. The Norwegian skipper of the ferry dived into the fjord, came up gasping, dived again. But it was not until 7 o'clock the next morning that the bodies were hauled up with the car.

In their homes Norwegians heard of the Propaganda Minister's death from the German-controlled Oslo radio. Their grim jest: the ferryboat skipper had "made those dives to be sure the car doors were locked."

Time Magazine Article
Nov 9, 1942


Oct. 28, 1940
Thumbing his Nazi primer last week, Major Vidkin Quisling, Führer by grace of Hitler in Norway, sought a totalitarian catchword. Freedom was out; so was the attractive proposition, guns v. butter, because Norway had neither. Then he found it: Lebensraum. But where? Turning his globe, Führer Quisling saw a large expanse of territory upon which no dictator had planted his flag-the South Pole.

He called in his new Propaganda Minister Gudbrand Lunde and a Goebbels campaign in miniature began. The Antarctic was and would always be Norwegian, proclaimed Stooge Lunde, because for centuries Norwegian whalers had visited there. Norwegians had led the way to the South Pole. The U. S. was a rich plutocrat trying to jump Norway's claim.

A Professor of Polar Geography was installed at Oslo University to acquaint Norwegians with their new colony.

To peace-loving Norwegians the Quisling noise went unheeded because for perhaps the first time their interest was turning to guns which could be turned against Quisling and his protectors. Nazi police who hung their bayonet and pistol belts with their overcoats in cafés lost them, and Nazi soldiers mysteriously murdered at night were always found minus rifle, side arms and ammunition. Stockholm's Dagens Nyketer reported from Oslo that Nazi arms were disappearing so rapidly that it was necessary to place special guards around supply dumps and ships.

A Government decree was issued prohibiting possession not only of firearms but even knives. While Quisling was out to get Lebensraum, many Norwegians were out to get Quisling.

Time Magazine Article
Oct 28, 1940

Born in 1901, dr. philos., Director of the Conserve Industry´s laboratory in Stavanger. Minister of Culture and Propaganda leader in NS from the 25th September 1940 until a car accident killed him and his wife on the 25th October 1942.
Lunde was a clever and popular politician, and one of the main characters in "Nasjonal Samling".

Minister of Culture and Propaganda Dr. GULBRAND LUNDE was born in Fana outside Bergen in 1901. He started his studies in 1919, studied chemistry at Technische Hochschule in Zürich and at the university in Freiburg, and received his doctor´s degree 1925. In 1927 he worked at the department of chemistry at the university in Oslo and was appointed director of the Canning Industry´s Laboratory in Stavanger.'
Dr. Lunde wrote a number of scientific treaties. He was most famous for his scientific work in fields of bio chemistry and vitamins, and his work was very important to the development of the Norwegian canning industry. Dr. Lunde was one of the oldest and most active members of Nasjonal Samling. From 1934 he was an elected member of the town council of Stavanger and was also a minister in Quisling´s first government April 1940.
Gulbrand Lunde and his wife died in a car accident 25th of October 1942 when his car plunged into the water at a ferry dockside. Some suspected sabotage but it seems their death was simply a tragic accident.
This is part of an email which I sent to Eirik re: Gulbrand Lunde...
There is also a website about Gulbrand and Maria. There are over 100 photos on this page and photos 9 and 10 I am most curious about. When you bring up the page, they do not show on the thumbnails. If you click on bilde008.jpg which is a picture of Gulbrand's mother Inga and then use the forward arrows, it brings up 2 pictures of children. I'm sure the second one says firstborn. I think #9 is their children but I cannot find the word ministerparet or ministerparent in my Haugen's dictionary. Perhaps you might help out here?

I had told you that Gulbrand was from Aadalen but I think that was misleading. His ancestors were from Aadalen but he was not, as of course, you know he was born in Fana. His father was from Bergen. His paternal grandparents were Gulbrand Oscar Lunde and Barholine Euphemia Furstenberg Tillisch of Vik.

Gulbrand Lunde (the minister) had two brothers Lars and Sigurd and a sister Margrethe. I have no further information on them right now but will keep looking.

The website for the pictures is:

I want to thank you again for the map book you gave me. I use it often.
I'm also sending a couple of pictures to you. I know that they aren't that great, but you treasure what you have.

Look forward to hearing back from you.


Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE

Father: Gudbrand Endresen LUNDE
Mother: Kari Amundsdatter Lindaasen HØGHAUG
Birth: 6 MAY 1821, Guttebraaten, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Baptism: 3 JUN 1821, Viker Kirke, Ådal, Buskerud
Death: 6 JUN 1878, USA

Partnership with: Anne Andersdatter PUTTEN

Child: Inger Maria Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 28 AUG 1844, Lundeeie, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Kari Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 26 MAY 1847, Aaset, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 25 SEP 1849, Aaseteie, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Anders Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 4 OCT 1851, Engereie, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Ole Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 18 OCT 1854, Lundeeie, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Anne Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 8 APR 1858, Grøterud, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Elling Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 14 JUL 1860, Engereie, Ådal, Buskerud

Ancestors of Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Descendents of Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE

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For further information email:

From: Vivian Gullickson White []
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 12:07 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Ole and Gilbert

A copy of an email from Dennis Spande.

Martin Ulvestad collected data on Norwegians in the U.S. and Canada in the 1890s-1900s. He published two large volumes in 1907 and 1913. The original was printed in Norwegian using Gothic script. A new edition appeared later, again in Norwegian but with the script we use today. The first volume is partially geographic, and notes the earliest settlers in the area, it also lists office holders, war veterns, etc., and covers churches, newspapers, etc. The second volume is a biographical dictionary with notation of if and where they are found in volume one.

Ulvestad, Martin. Nordmaende i Amerika, deres Historic og Rekord, vol 2.
Minneapolis, 1913, page 642:

"Gulbrandsen, +Gulbrand, emigrated from the Lunde farm, Aadelen, Ringerike, 1861; farmer near Riceford, Wis. [sic]. His son, Ole Gilbertson, pioneer-farmer near Towner, N.Dak., from 1884; also a business man; one of the organizers of McHenry Co., N.Dak., 1885; County commissioner 1885-1891; County cashier for four years; member of State legislature 1899-1900. Another son Andrew Gilbertson, banker in Towner, N. Dak."
-[my translation]

The cross after Gulbrand's name signifies he was deceased before publication. Ringerike was an area in Buskerud; the early settlers often gave their birth place this way. The Riceford, Wis., should have said Riceford, Minn. On census reports the children most often gave 1862 as the year of immigration. It could have been either year. The information most ikely was provided by Ole.


From: Vivian Gullickson White []
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 12:14 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: The Mary Mystery

Here goes.......

In a message dated 29.1.07 9:19:56 AM, writes:

<< Hi Dennis:

Further comments:

1. There was no Mary Gilbertson/Lunde; Mary on 1870 census was most likely Ingeborg.

I've attached a copy of the 1870 Census for you with Mary, what do you think?

Gilbert 50 - Gulbrand Lunde
Ann 48 - Ann Putten
Andrew 18 - Ok for Andrew
Ole 16 - OK for Ole
Ellen 10 - must be error by census taker and this is Elling, my great-great grandfather
Isabel 13 - I figured this must be Ingebor as she was born 1857
Mary 7 -
Matilda 3 - must be Tillie/Tilda


Vivian >>


(W.M.?) Braden had a limited time to count people in Fillmore County. He spoke English, but he had to gather information from people who spoke Norwegian, German, Swedish, etc. He would knock on a door and whoever was home would provide the information ---could be a child, a hired man, or if no one was home, he asked a neighbor. I think they were paid by the number of people they counted. Inger Marie was never with the family even though she was not married until about 1876. She could have been the 7 year old Mary in 1870 and the age was
wrong. Several other ages were wrong as well. Isabel was listed as 13 in 1870, but in 1875 she was 11 years old when the census was taken by Henry Ellingson who spoke Norwegian.

In 1870 the next family counted after Gilbert Gilbertson was Christian and Betsy Iverson. He was Christian Iverson (Hauske) born 13 Feb 1828 on Rennesøy, came to U.S. 1853, single. She was Berthe Karine Aslagsdtr. Hauske, born 20 May 1828 on Finnøy, came to U.S. 1855, single. He was a half brother of your Lars Larson Hauske, she was a sister of Rasmus A. Houske who married Kari G. Lunde. In 1870 Christian was 40, Betsy 35, both born in Norway. Listed below them are Samuel 19, Mary 16, Christopher 15, and Christian 15 --all born in Norway ---I have no idea who they were as they are only mentioned on that census report and they could not have been children of the family! Next are listed three children born in Minnesota who were their children: Andrew 12, Edward 11, and Daniel 9. Missing are Syvert (Daniel's twin brother), and Ellen, 2 yrs.

The 1860 census for Fillmore Co. is much worse.

I finally located the Gilbertson family in 1865 --they were listed in Newburg Township, which may not necessarily mean they lived there as the census taker may have strayed over the border. The 1865 Minn. census only lists names and sex. It reads Gilbert Gilbertson -male, Ann -female, Gilbert -male, Andrew -male, Ole -male, Ellin -male, Caroline -female, Ann -female, Elizabeth -female.

Caroline was Kari, and Elizabeth was Ingebor-Isabel. Ellin was of course Elling. The census was taken in June and Kirsti was not born until December.

Ingeborg-Isabel Lunde was married to Jørgen M. Vatsvog b. Sept 1868 in Nerstrand parish, Rogaland, to U.S. 1886, and married 2nd ca. 1898 Louisa _?_ in McHenry Co., N.Dakota. If there were children in the first marriage, I have not found them.