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Notes for Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde (b. 1711)

The Families of Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde (1711)

Gulbrand and younger brother Endre had an agreement to pay their sister Randi her share of the inheritance and operate the farm as a partnership - this they did successfully and bought more land at Gravli. For 14 years Gulbrand and his family lived at Rustan, a nearby farm, but moved back to the Lunde farm in 1763 having settled a disagreement with Endre. The farm was debt-free and prosperous in 1773.

He got Lunde from his father.
Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE

Father: Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Birth: 1711, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Baptism: 31 OCT 1711, Viker Kirke, Ådal, Buskerud
Death: AFT ER 1763, Ådal, Buskerud

Partnership with: Rønnaug Iversdatter FLASKERUD
Marriage: 18 OCT 1733, Viker Kirke, Ådal, Buskerud

Child: Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1735, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Marte Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 1737, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Rønnov Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 1738, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Partnership with: Gjertrud NILSDATTER
Marriage: 14 JUN 1739

Child: Rønnov Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 1740, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Nils Gudbrandsen Lunde BJONVIKEN Birth: 1742, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Marit Gudbrandsdatter LUNDE Birth: 1745, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Endre Gudbrandsen Aaset LUNDE Birth: 1751, Rustand, Ådal, Buskerud
Child: Anders Gudbrandsen LUNDE Birth: 1755, Lunde, Ådal, Buskerud

Notes for Gudbrand Gudbrandsen LUNDE
Faddere ved Gudbrands dåp: Gulbrand Lunde , Nils Næs, Jon Lindaas, Marte

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