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Notes for Elling Gulbrandson Lunde

The Family of Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Lunde & Anne Andersdatter Putten

1865 State census Newburg Twp, Fillmore Co., Minnesota (lists only names and sex)
Gilbert Gilbertson -male
Ann -female
Gilbert -male
Andrew -male
Ole -male
Ellin -male
Caroline -female
Ann -female
Elizabeth -female

1870 census Preble, Fillmore Co., Minnesota
Gilbert Gilbertson, age 55, farmer, b. Norway
Ann, age 48, keeping house, b. Norway
Andrew, age 18, b. Norway
Ole, age 16, b. Norway
Ellen, female, age 15, b. Norway (error, should be Elling, male, age 9)
Isabel, age 13, b. Norway (error, should be age 6 if it is Ingeborg. )
Ann, age 12, b. Norway
Mary, age 7, b. Minnesota (Is this Ingeborg or another daughter who died young???)
Matilda, age 3, b. Minnesota

1875 Minnesota Census, Preble, Fillmore, Minn.
#128......................Age.............Born.......Father b.. ...Mother b.
Gilbert Gilbertson.....54 male......Norway...Norway.......Norway
Anna A...................51 female...Norway...Norway.......Norway
Andrew...................23 male......Norway...Norway.......Norway
Elling......................14 male.......Norway...Norway......Norway
Ingebor...................11 female...Minn........Norway......Norway
T.C..........................7 female....Minn........Norway......Norway (this is Matilda/Tillie)
Where is Mary, age 12?? Did she die? Is she the same person as Isabel??


1900 census Township 155, McHenry Co., North Dakota
Elling Lunde, head, July 1860, age 39, md 19 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway
Malinda, wife, Nov 1850, age40, md 19 yrs, 8 births, 7 surviving, MN/Norway/Norway
Gulbrand, son, Sept 1881, age 18, MN/NorwayMN
Mary Ann, daughter, Feb 1885, age 15, MN/NorwayMN
Ludvig, son, Oct 1887, age 12, ND/NorwayMN
Ellen M, daughter, Aug 1890, age 9, ND/NorwayMN
Richard, son, Aug 1893, age 6, ND/NorwayMN
Ida, daughter, May 1896, age 4, ND/NorwayMN
Andrew W., son, Mar 1899, age 1, ND/NorwayMN

April 6, 1907 - Elling died




From Vivian Gullickson:

This was written by Helen (Gullickson) Hall, my great aunt. Her mother was Ellen Mathilda Lunde.


Elling Gilbertson Lunde was born in Lunde, Norway in 1860. Ath the age of one year he came wth his parents to their homestead in Fillmore County, Rushford, Minnesota, U.S.A. In 1880 he married Malinda Larson Houske, born at Rushford in 1859. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Lunde settle on land in the Red River Valley, where the town of Nielsville, Minnesota now stands. Later they moved to North Dakota, living first at Buffalo Lodge Lake, and then moving to a homestead 16 miles from Towner, N.D. on the Mouse River. Mr. Lunde was well established at Towner; he had built an eight-roomed house and had livestock of all kinds. Many Russians were buying and settling on land in that area. These people were in need of horses so Mr. Lunde, an excellent horseman, bought and broke horses to drive, and sold them to these new settlers.

Between 1881 and 1901 Elling and Malinda Lunde had nine children. Gilbert Elling (1881 - 1949); Leonard lived only 12 days; Marie Ann born 1884 and now the only survivor of the family, she is in a home in Red Deer; Ludvig (Lewie 1887 - 1918); Ellen Mathilda (Mrs. A. Gullickson 1890 - 1970); Ida (Mrs. Coltan 1896 - 1965); Andrew (1899 - 1964); Carl Lawrence (1901 - 1903)

In 1904 Mr. Lunde heard that there were homesteads available in Alberta, Canada, so he and his eldest son, Gilbert, came to Alberta and they both filed on land four miles northeast of Barons (S. W. 1/4 25 and S. E. 25-12-23-4). They also filed on land for several of their neighbours. In the spring of 1905 Mr. Lunde and Gilbert shipped two boxcars of settler' effects to Claresholm. They also brought enough lumber to build a two-roomed house. The homesteads were 25 miles straight east of Claresholm on the Star Line Raod. On arrival, they built a house and dug a well before sending for the family. That same year Mr. Lunde bought three quarters of land from the Hudson's Bay Company at three dollars an acre. (W 1/2 and S.E. 1/4 of 26). Most of the breaking on this land was done with oxen and a walking plow, sometimes two oxen and one horse or vice versa. Mr. Lunde had a forge so he did his own blacksmithing as there were lots of plow shears to sharpen. Mr. Lunde became ill in 1906 and eventually went to St. Paul, Minnesota for treatment; he died April, 1907, and is buried at Towner, North Dakota.

Ludvig (Lewie) farmed the land for his mother until 1912. He did not like farming, so returned to the U.S. A. and worked in a bank. He went into the U.S. Army and while training he contracted pneumonia and died in a training camp in 1918. He is buried at Barons. Andrew Gullickson, Mrs. Lunde's son-in-law, bought the Lunde homestead and rented her other land which he farmed until 1942. Mrs. Lunde lived in a small house across the raod with her two younger children, Ida and Andrew. In 1915 she bough a house in Barons from Earl Grant and resided there until her death in 1946 at the age of 87. Ida Coltran had two sons; George lives on Vancouver Island, and Harold lives in the United States. Andrew never married; he passed away in 1964, and is buried in the soldier' cemetery in Edmonton. Andrew loved music and played the violin at the dances in the '20's. Old-timers still remember this gifted musician.

Well, that's it for tonight. The next installment perhaps tomorrow. I'm having great fun looking over yours and Kari's gedcom files.

Thanks for the pictures.


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Husband's Name
Andrew GILBERTSON (AFN:1CQL-M11) Pedigree

Born: 4 Oct 1851 Place: Lunde, Aadalen, , Norway
Died: 22 Jan 1929 Place: Towner, , N.d.
Married: Feb 1912 Place: Eureka, , Ca



Wife's Name
Alice A. NESS (AFN:1CQL-M27) Pedigree

Born: 25 Jul 1887 Place: Peterson, , Mn
Died: 23 Feb 1954 Place: Fargo, , N.d.
Married: Feb 1912 Place: Eureka, , Ca

Father: Andrew A. NESS (AFN:1CQL-L1T) Family
Mother: Ingeborg K. LARSON (AFN:1CQL-L22)