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Notes for Anne Nilsdatter Viker Christianson:

The Family of John Christianson & Anne Nilsdatter Viker

!Birth: film #124056 page 309 #70, Anne was born to Nils Hansen and Kari Thorsdatter. Her brothers and sisters were Kari, Thor, Hans,Gjertrude, Nub, Ole, Gunhild Maria, Ole. Another brother Ole died in 1834 a few months before the last Ole was born. Anne was born 11 April 1826.

!Baptism: Film 124056, Page 309, Line 70. Baptism 7 May 1826.
!Confirmation: Film # 124057, 7 Aug 1842. Line #10. Age 16 1/2. Confirmation also found on film 278221, Page 133, Line #17.
!Marriage: Film #278221, Line #9. Viker Kirke, Aadalen, Buskerud, Norway. Married 18 Oct 1847 to John Christianson, Sor Aurdal, Norway. Also found on file 124057, 18 Oct 1847. John age 29, Anne age 22.
!Death: 22 July 1906, Nielsville, MN. Hubbard Twshp, Polk County.

1865 census Skalet, Søndre Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
1952 33 1 Hans Ols. Husfader Husmand med Jord g 42 m Søndre Aurdal 3 3 1 1 1
1953 34 Guri Arnesd. hans Kone g 34 k Søndre Aurdal
1954 1 Ole Hans. deres Søn ug 9 m Søndre Aurdal
1955 2 Anthon Hans. deres Søn ug 7 m Søndre Aurdal
1956 3 Martin Hans. deres Søn ug 5 m Søndre Aurdal
1957 4 Olia Hansd. deres Datter ug 2 k Søndre Aurdal
1958 5 1 Eivind Arnes. Inderst Dagarbeider ug 27 m Søndre Aurdal
1959 6 Ole Arnes. Inderst Dagarbeider ug 22 m Søndre Aurdal
2673 29 1 John Kristians. Husfader Forpagter g 50 m Søndre Aurdal 1 6 4 1 1/2 1 2 1/2
2674 30 Anne Nielsd. hans Kone g 40 k Vigers Prgj. (Ringeriget)
2675 31 Kristian Johns. deres Søn ug 17 m Søndre Aurdal
2676 32 Niels Johns. deres Søn ug 15 m Søndre Aurdal
2677 33 Ole Johns. deres Søn ug 12 m Søndre Aurdal
2678 34 Johan Johns. deres Søn ug 9 m Søndre Aurdal
2679 1 Karen Johnsd. deres Datter ug 6 k Søndre Aurdal
2680 2 Gunhild Johnsd. deres Datter ug 3 k Søndre Aurdal

Anne emigrated to the USA in the year of 1884 along with her husband John Christianson and also a daughter, Gunhild Maria, who married Anton Larson Aamold in Minnesota in abt 1890. The parents of Nils Hanson were Hans Olsen who was born 1744 in Sor Aurdal, Valdres, Norway and Kari Olsdatter whose parents were Ola Simenson Skaratn and Joren Nilsdatter also of Sor Aurdal, Valdres, Norway.

1900 census Hubbard, Polk Co., MN
Nels J. Skalet, head, Sept 1851, age 48, md 26 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway, imm 1872, in US 28 yrs, farmer
Berte, wife, Sept 1853, age 46, md 26 yrs, 10 births, 7 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway
Clara Amalia, daughter, March 1880, age 20, MN/Norway/Norway, servant
Oscar Ingeval, son, Sept 1882, age 17, MN/Norway/Norway, farm labor
Inga Torina, daughter, March 1884, age 16, MN/Norway/Norway, servant
John, son, Feb 1887, age 13, MN/Norway/Norway, farm labor
Nenini Bertine, daughter, Dec 1893, age 6, MN/Norway/Norway
Anna, daughter, Feb 1896, age 4, MN/Norway/Norway
John Christianson, head, Feb 1816, age 84, md 50 yrs, Norway/Norway/Norway
Anne, wife, April 1826, age 74, md 50 yrs, 6 births, 6 surviving, Norway/Norway/Norway

John died in 1905, Anne died in 1906

From Lorraine Haugstad:

On Emigration Paper of Joe Christianson, states he was born in Norway 1816, emigrated to the U S, Philadelphia, May 1884. (Also em. at that time were his wife, Anne Nilsdtr Viker Christianson, daughter Gunhild Maria, daughter Karen Torine and her husband, John Adolph Pederson and their twin daughters, Inger and Anne, who were less then 2 yrs old at the time. John Christianson's Dad drowned in Norway when John was 12 yrs old. Joe went to work for Rasmus Piltingsrud to supplement income for the family. He was born at Syndre Aurdal, Valdres. He lived in a valley called Baindalen (bone valley) thus named because when the Black Death swept the country in 1347, people died so suddenly there was no time for burial. John Christianson died 3 Nov 1905 on the farm he homesteaded, later purchased by Peder and Inga Paulson. This farm is still owned by descendants of Peder and Inga Paulson in the year of 1993. The farm was owned by Christian Johnson Skalet prior to Peder and Inga's ownership.

Valdres Bydeboks Dl576.S56I73,Dl576.V2 V3 V.1,DL576.V2 V3 V2, DL576.V2 V3 V.5
pt.1,DL576 .V2 V3 V.5 pt2, DL576 V2.V3 V.6, DL576 V.2 V35

Brenda (Mrs. Keith Skalet) writes on the emigration paper of Joe Christianson, born in Norway 1816, emigrated to USA, Philadelphia, May 1884.

Film #353090 Page 90 on the ship Angelo to Hilsboro #2962 John Kristianson
age 62, 2963 Anne-Kone age 52.,2964 Gunhild dtr age 13. Date Mai 1884.

1873- Nils, Berthe and Christian Em.
1873- 22 Dec Marriage of Berthe Iversdatter Klubberud and Nils Johnson Skalet
1886-Ole and Olava with Johan and Twins Em.
1884-John Adolph & Karen with twins Inger & Anne Em.
1884-John Christianson and Anne Nilsdatter Viker emigrated to America.

Joe Christianson homesteaded on the present Inga Paulson farm, later owned by Christian Skalet, then by Peder Paulson. Joe Christianson died on this place, Anne died at her daughter's place, Karen Kunkel. Both are buried in the St. Petri Cemetery. Anne was daughter of Nils Hanson Viker. Nels Skalet was a cousin to Ole Viker who is Cora Paulsrud's dad.