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Notes for Sarah "Sally" Rockwell Bennett

The Family of Jonathan Rockwell & Hannah Bennett

1790 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
Jonathan Rockwell 1-2-3
1 male over 16 (Jonathan, age 52)
2 males under 16 (Jonathan, age 13 & William, age 9)
3 females (Hannah, age 50, Mehitable, age 7 & Sally, age 4)

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ID: I0537
Name: Sally Sarah ROCKWELL
Sex: F
Birth: 4 MAY 1786 in Orange Co, NY
Reference Number: 537
From FTM CD #515 Ct
FOF by Lines
**Benjamin Bap. Apr 4, 1697 M. at Stratford, Jan 28, 1724/25, Hannah Curtis, born Aug 24, 1705, dau of Jonathan.
Pg 114 Benjamin (of "Shipwright" family
Thaddeus b. July 4, 1725 (oops) Bap. Nov 20, 1725
Mary BAP. Jan 1727/27 m. David Beardsley
Hannah b. Feb 1728/29 Died Young
Benjamin BAP. Aug 1731
*James Bap. Apr 1734
*Hannah Bap. Feb 1736/37
Sarah Bap. Apr 1741 Died Young
*Eunice Bap. Apr 1745
Sarah Bap. Sep 1747 m. Solomon Plant
Ann ca 1750
*James, Hannah and Eunice are all said to have died before 1771. There is no will for Benjamin and the only reason for the assumption that they had died, as far as I can tell, is that in August of 1771, distribution was made of the estate of Jonathan Curtis, grandfather of these children, and Hannah, James and Eunice are not named. Thaddeus, Benjamin, Mary-wife of David Beardly, Sarah-wife of Solomon Plant and Ann Bennett, children of Hannah Bennet "dec'd. dau of the dec'd." are named. HOWEVER--what if Hannah and perhaps James and/or Eunice had left the area. The Will itself is not quoted, so we don't know who was named. Administration was given in November of 1770 to his son Timothy. So, we don't know exactly when he (Jonathan) died either. We do know that "Hannah Rockwell" was a member of the Baptist Church in Warwick, Orange County, NY by 1768, in one account of the church history--1769 in another account. In any case, close to three years before the distributions were made and, presumably, signed for.
IF this Hannah is a candidate to be the Hannah Bennett who married Jonathan(3) Rockwell, and IF the birthdate of May, 1786, given by Mr Close for Sarah/Sally is correct, THEN Hannah would have been about 49 years old when Sarah was born. Possible, but it would be pushing the envelope. (Aeltje Bogard Cooper, accoding to old records, was born in 1661 and had her last child in 1708, at the age of about 47.................)
It is not possible with the facts available to be sure that Sarah/Sally was BORN and not just Baptized in 1786. If she were older, then a better case could be made for this Hannah as her mother, Jonathan' wife.
Found on Joyce Tice's Tri-County Site: Wellsburg Bap Church
Mar 19
Received upon the profesion of their fath in Christ & baptised Jonathen Rockwell Ezra Mead & sarah Rockwell (There is only one Sarah/Sally Rockwell known to us. She would have been only 11 years old, if the dates are accurate.)
October the 13 day 1798
..and heard a Complaint againts Rachal and Mary townsend and Sarah Rockwell By Mary Bentley (Probably the wife of Benjamin, son of Greene Sr.) for Vain Dansing and jesting which was Took up by publick confestion by Mary townsend and Sarah Rockwell .....
(So she would have been 12 when nailed for '...vain dansing and jesting...')
November the first
...Rec’d an allegation against Sarah Rockwell by her ---?---(Most Likely her MOTHER) Hannah Rockwell for Vain Dancing and sinful Mirth laid it over til our next Meeting.....
(So now she's about 14 and a half and STILL hasn't learned her lesson!)
December the 6th
Rec’d Sister Sarah Rockwell on her public co[n]fesing her Rong.
(OK, she's going to shape up.)
May the 2
then proseeded to buisness 1ly Returns made from sister Sarah Rockwell by the Brethren above mentioned and there report was that she refused to sign the covenant and give no reason why 2ly Voted that Brother Benjamin Bently shold site her to attend our next meeting and give her reasons why she wold not sign it.........
(She's 15 and back in trouble again.)
July the 4th
and the Labour that Brother Bently was appointed to perform with sister Meed and sister Sarah Rockwell was not Done and Brother Thadeus Bennitt was appointed to perform it.........
(She's not the only one in trouble.)
August the first
3ly Return made from Sarah Rockwell by brother Thadius Bennitt that he found her Very Indifferent and not in a gospel frame of spirit and he being appointed by the athority of the Church to cite to meeting and she utterly refused for which we are under necessity to with draw the rite hand of felowship from her ..................
(Last entry found regarding Sarah (sally) Rockwell. So at about age 15 years, she is allowed to refuse to comply with the rules of the church in which her parents are so involved? Or, could it be that there is an error in the date. (SEE BELOW-this BD may be correct). Perhaps it is the date she was first baptized at another church. Mr. Close says she was born in Orange County, NY.
It is not known for sure, but does not appear that Jonathan (3) Rockwell went with the Bentleys and Bennetts to Pennsylvania and then to Chemung in NY--or if he took his family directly from Orange County to Chemung County.
Wellsburg Bap Church
1806 May 17 ....also Rec’d upon the profession of her faith in Christ and Baptised Sally Bennitt.....
1830 Census Big Flats Twp. Chemung Co NY
5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 etc up to 100+
John Bennett 0 1 2 0 1 0 1----- 0 1 2 1 0 0 1 Both John and his Wife (Presumably Sarah/Sally Rockwell Atwood) were in the 40-50 range
Born ca 1780 to 1790
Mr Close says they had nine children, but he does not name them.
BENNETT, WANZER & ROCKWELL of Big Flats, Chemung County
Hello Everyone,
I am researching Abraham BENNETT & his wife Jerusha WANZER. They had a son by the name of John BENNETT who married Sally ROCKWELL.
I show that Jerusha WANZER BENNETT bought land from James & Hannah ROCKWELL in 1805, so I know that they were in Chemung County in 1805, but I don't know how much before this.
Hello Everyone,
Does anyone have any information on Elias Bennett who was born on 12 July 1827 in Chemung County? I have him as a son of John Bennett & his wife Sally Rockwell.
Carol Ann Vian Bennett
IF this info is correct THEN the son Benjamin named in the 1728 WILL of Benjamin Atwood could not be the first husband of Sarah/Sally Rockwell.
Members of the Old School Baptist Church Warwick, NY 1765-1830
Atwood Henry 1788
Atwood Joseph 1800-1810
Atwood Joseph 1810-1820
Bennit Abraham 1788
Bennett Jeansha (Jerusha?!) 1790-1800
Bennet Jerusha 1810-1820
{Jerusha, wife/widow of Abraham was probably in Chemung Co. with her son Comfort Bennett by at least 1805 when James and his wife Hannah (Handy?) Rockwell, sold land at Chemung to Jerusha and her son Comfort.}
Rockwell Hannah 1769 and 1788
Rockwell Jonathan 1772 and 1788

John Bennett died on February 8, 1837 in Big Flats,Chemung Co, NY. He left a will that named his wife and children, and he also left some money to Milla Atwood, who was Sally's daughter from her first marriage.
1830 census Big Flats, Tioga Co., NY
John Bennett
1 male 40-50 (John, age 44)
1 male 20-30 (Comfort, age 21)
2 males 10-15 (Thomas, age 15 & unknown son?)
1 male 5-10 (Josiah, age 10)
1 female 40-50 (Sally, age 44)
1 female 15-20 (Jerusha, age 19 OR Deborah, age 10-20)
1 female 5-10 (Hannah, age 7)
abt 1830 - son Miles born
July 12, 1830 - son Elias S. born
Sally would have been about 44 when her last child was born. Sounds about right.

Father: Jonathan ROCKWELL III b: 10 JAN 1738 in Ridgefield, CT
Mother: Hannah BENNETT b: ABT 1740 in Poss. Ridgefield, CT

Marriage 1 Benjamin ATWOOD
Milla ATWOOD b: in poss Chemung Co. NY

Marriage 2 John BENNETT b: BET 1780 AND 1790 in Prob NY
Married: ABT 1806 in NY