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Notes for Philena "Linnie" Brees Allen

The Family of Squire Whitaker Brees & Ellen M. Rutan

Lived at Grey Eagle, MN 9 years, then moved 1890 to Spokane, WA. Also lived at Cheney, WA. 8 Children.

1870 Seneca Twp., Lenawee Co., MI
Household #71/68
Squire Breese, male, age 34, b. NY
Ellen M., female, age 26, b. NY
Linnie, female, age 8, b. NY
Sylvester, male, age 6, b. OH
Inman, male, age 3, b. NY
Mary J., female, age 4 months, b. OH

1875 State census Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota
S.W. Breese, age 40, NY/NY/NY
Helen M, age 32, NY/NY/NY
Linnie E. Breese, age 13, NY/NY/NY
S. L. Breese, age 11, OH/NY/NY
I. M., male, age 7, NY/NY/NY
Mary J., age 5, OH/NY/NY
Luther, age 3, OH/NY/NY
Kitie A., age 1, MI/NY/NY

1880 United States Census Orange, Douglas, Minnesota ilm 1254618
Squire W. BREESE M Male 45 NY Farmer
Ellen M. BREESE M Female 37 NY
Linnie E. BREESE S Female 18 NY
Sylvester S. BREESE S Male 16 OH
Inman M. BREESE S Male 12 NY
Mary BREESE S Female 10 OH
Luther BREESE S Male 8 OH
Kittie A. BREESE S Female 6 MI

1885 - ?? Can't find them on the 1885 Minnesota state census. Son Sylvester born June 1887 listed Gorle, Minn as his birthplace when he filled out his WWI draft registration. Can't find any town named Gorle in Minn.

Married January 1881

1900 census Stevens Precinct, Spokane Co., WA page 116A & 119A & B
James E. Allen, head, Jan 1859, age 41, md 19 yrs, MN/IN/IA, farm laborer
Linnie E., wife, Jan 1862, age 38, md 19 yrs, 7 births, 7 surviving, NY/NY/NY
Florence E., daughter, Jan 1882, age 18, MN/MN/NY
Frances A., daughter, Nov 1884, age 15, MN/MN/NY
Sylvester E., son, June 1887, age 12, MN/MN/NY
Mildred E., daughter, Dec 1891, age 8, WA/MN/NY
Georgia E., daughter, June 1897, age 2, WA/MN/NY
William O., son, April 1900, age 1 month, WA/MN/NY

1910 census Graves, Spokane Co., WA
James E. Allen, head, Jan 1859, age 51, md 28 yrs, MN/IN/IA, farmer
Linna E., wife, Jan 1862, age 38, md 28 yrs, 8 births, 8 surviving, NY/NY/NY
Edward S., son, age 22 , MN/MN/NY, farm laborer
Mildred D, daughter, age 17, WA/MN/NY
Georgia E., daughter, age 12, WA/MN/NY
William O., son, age 9, WA/MN/NY
Leland, son, age 6, WA/MN/NY

1920 census West Cheney, Spokane Co., WA January 27, 1920
James E. Allen, head, age 61, MN/IN/IA, farmer
Linnie E., wife, age 57, NY/NY/NY
Edward, son, age33, , MN/MN/NY, farm labor, home farm
William., son, age 19, WA/MN/NY, farm labor, home farm
Leland, son, age 16, WA/MN/NY
Frank Edgemon, son in law, age 27, WA/TN/TN
Mildred, daughter, age 27, WA/MN/NY
Dorothy, granddaughter, age 3, WA/WA/WA
Lois O., granddaughter, age 10 months, WA/WA/WA

1930 census Graves, Spokane Co., WA
James E. Allen, head, age 71, age at first marriage - 22, MN/IN/IA, Janitor, high school
Linnie E., wife, age 68, age at first marriage - 18, NY/NY/NY
S. E., son, age 42, single, MN/MN/NY, mechanic, general
William O., son, age 30, married, age at first marriage - 29, WA/MN/NY, mechanic, general
Nadine, daughter in law, age 19, married, age at first marriage - 18, WA/NE/OR
Leland O., head, age 26, married, age at first marriage - 23, WA/MN/NY, bus driver, school bus
Lillian M., wife, age 24, married, age at first marriage - 21, WA/US/US
Phyllis Mae, daughter, age 4 months, WA/WA/WA

Washington Death Index, 1940-1996
about James E Allen
Name: James E Allen
Date of Death: 10 Feb 1943
Place of Death: Spokane
Age: 84
Estimated birth year: abt 1859
Gender: Male
Certificate: 74