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Notes for Rubie Brees

The Family of Solomon Brees & Sarah Jane Thorn

1875 state census Havana, Steele Co., Minnesota
Solomon Brees, age 36, NY/NY/NY
Sarah, age 33, NY/NY/NY
Arthur, age 8, MN/NY/NY
Zelotus, age 5, MN/NY/NY
Harry, age 2, MN/NY/NY
Rubbie, age 0, MN/NY/NY

1880 census Orange, Douglas Co., MN
Household #47\50
Solomon E. Breese, Farmer, age 41, NY\NY\NY
Sarah J., wife, age 38, NY\NY\NY
Arthur, son, age 13, MN\NY\NY
Zelotus, son, age 10, MN\NY\NY
Harry J., son, age 8, MN\NY\NY
Ruby M., daughter, age 5, MN\NY\NY
Rufus W., son, age 3, NY\NY\NY
Living next door to Solomon's brother Squire Breese and family.

1885 state census Orange, Douglas Co., Minnesota
S. E. Brees, age 46, b. NY
Sarah J., age 43, b. NY
Arthur, age 18, b. MN
Yelotus, age 15, b. MN
Harry , age 12, b. MN
Rubie, age 10, b. MN
Rufus W., age 8, b. NY
Claude, age 3, b. MN

1895 state census Orange, Douglas Co., Minnesota
Solomon Brees, age 56, b. NY, in state 28 yrs, 5 months; in district 17 yrs, 2 months, Farmer
Sarrah, age 53, b. NY
Arthur, age 28, b. MN, in state 28 yrs, 5 months; in district 17 yrs, 2 months, Farmer
Zelotus, age 26, b. MN, in state 26 yrs, 11 months; in district 17 yrs, 2 months, Farmer
Ruby, age 22, b. MN
Ruphus, age 18, b. NY
Claud, age 14, b. MN
Clide, age 9, b. MN
Percy, age 7, b. MN

1900 census Orange Twp., Douglas Co., MN Page 2B & 3 A
Household #41
Solomen Brees, head, May 1839, age 61, married 35 years, NY\NY\NY, farmer
Sarah J., wife, Feb 1842, age 58, married 35 years, 9 births, 8 surviving, NY\NY\NY
Arthur P., Jan 1867, age 33, MN\NY\NY, farmer
Zelotus F., son, July 1869, age 32, MN\NY\NY, farmer
Rufus W., son, May 1877, age 23, NY\NY\NY, farmer
Claude L., son, May 1882, age 18, MN\NY\NY, at school
Clyde E., son, May 1886, age 14, MN\NY\NY, at school
Percy E., son, July 1888, age 11, MN\NY\NY, at school
Household #42
Charles Cannon, head, Nov 1875, age 24, md 4 yrs, MN/OH/OH, day laborer
Ruby M., wife, Sept 1875, age 24, md 4 yrs, 2 births, 2 surviving, MN\NY\NY
Fern, April 1877, daughter, age 3, MN/MN/MN
Floyd, son, Oct 1879, age 4 months, MN/MN/MN
Household #43
Harry Brees, head, Aug 1872, age 27, md 6 yrs, MN/NY/NY, farm laborer
Jeffry, wife, Nov 1873, age 26, md 6 yrs, 2 births, 1 surviving, MN/Scotland/MN
Myrtle,daughter, Sept 1895, daughter, age 4 , MN/MN/MN

1901-1904 - Charles Cannon & Rubie were divorced, in Alexandria, Minnesota

June 26, 1905
State Census, Alexandria, Douglas, Minnesota
6th Avenue
Rubie Cannon, age 30, MN/NY/PA
Fern, age 8, MN/MN/MN
Floyd, age 6, MN/MN/MN

September 10, 1905 - Rubie married second Elbert Arnold in Alexandria, Douglas, Minnesota

1910 census 3rd Ward Alexandria, Douglas Co., MN
Elbert Arnold, head, age 31, 1st marriage, md 4 yrs, MN/Unknown/MN, Laborer, creamery
Ruby, wife, age 35, 2nd marriage, md 4 yrs, 3 births, 3 surviving, MN/NY/PA
Fern C., stepdaughter, age 13, MN/MN/MN
Floyd, stepson, age 10, MN/MN/MN
Roy E, son, age 2 months, MN/MN/MN
Marvin Carpenter, boarder, age 16, MN/OH/MN, laborer, creamery

March 03, 1910 - son Roy Arnold born in Minnesota
Sept 25, 1913 - daughter Dorothy Arnold born in Minnesota

abt 1914 - Elbert Edward Arnold & Rubie separated(?), and she went to Seattle.

October 17, 1914 - Elbert died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

1917 - Rubie moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, CA

1920 census Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA - p11B
525 W. 43rd St.. Household #270\313
Rubie M. Arnold, Head, age 45, widowed, MN\NY\PA
Fern A. Gilmur, Daughter, age 22, ?marital status, MN\MN\MN
Altheda R. Gilmur, Granddaughter, age 2-11\12, CA\WA\MN
Floyd S. Cannon, Son, age 20, MN\MN\MN, Occupation Chaffeur at Garage
Roy E. Arnold, Son, age 9, MN\MN\MN
Dorothy C. Arnold, Daughter, age 7, MN\MN\MN
Fayette Thorn, Uncle, age 80, widowed, PA\PA\PA

Obit Solomon Brees, who died on April 08, 1921 Grey Eagle, Todd County paper
Death of Solomon E. Brees
Solomon E. Brees, a respected citizen of the community, and, since 1902 a resident of Birchdale Township, passed away at his farm home on last Friday morning. Mr. Brees had suffered for a number of years from asthma and while in failing health for some time was nevertheless able to be about and visit with his friends in the village until recently.
Solomon E. Brees was born near Horse Heads, Chemung Co., N.Y., on May 4, 1839, his death occuring at 11 o'clock p.m. Friday. He was united in marriage at Erie, Penn., on Oct. 5, 1865 to Sarah J. Thorne who survives him. To this union there were nine children born being Arthur P. Brees, who has made his residence in the family home; Zelotus F. Brees of Libby, Mont.; Harry J. Brees, now residing at Osakis, Minn.; Mrs. Ruby M. Arnold of Los Angeles, Cal.; Claude L. and Clyde E. Brees of Grey Eagle,; Percy Brees of Choteau, Mont.; and a son Roy, who died at the age of 8 months and 27 days. Mr. and Mrs. Brees moved from N.Y. to Owatonna in the Spring of 1866 and during the year 1876 they returned to New York, and in 1878 settled in Douglas County, Minnesota, where they resided for some 23 years coming to Todd County and locating at their present home in 1902. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. A. Downing, pastor of the United Brethren Church of Grey Eagle. Interment was made at English Grove, Minnesota. The deceased during his long residence in Minnesota gained a wide acquaintance, and was one of those men who helped to develop the State and his beautiful rural home was the result of many days of labor and brought comfort to the members of his family and was shared by a devoted companion. The Gazette joins in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones.
We wish to thank our many friends who so kindly assisted us during our late bereavement. Mrs. Sarah J. Brees and family.

1930 census Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA ed 19-479, page 14, sheet 14A
525 West 43rd Street
Household #38
Jack F. O'Brien, head, age 34, age at first marriage - 26, NY/NY/Maine, Officer, Police Dept.
Fern A., wife,, age 32, age at first marriage - 24, MN/MN/MN
Altheda R., daughter, age 12, CA/NY/MN
Eleanor S., daughter, age 7, CA/NY/MN
Household #39
Rubie Arnold, head, age 55, widowed, MN/NY/PA, Domestic House Servant, Private families
Roy E., son, age 20, MN\MN\MN, Life Guard, Swimming Pool
Dorothy C., daughter, age 17, MN\MN\MN California Death index

Percy spelled her name RUBIE.

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From: Lynne Darnell
To: Kari Northup
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Subject: Re: Rubie Brees

Hi Kari: My mom's middle name is after her... and it is spelled Rubie... so I think that is correct for sure. I will look for documents signed by her... I am not sure when I will have time to do that, but I will keep it in mind.

Yes, the photo is Great Grandma Rubie... my Grandma Fern had the same picture (of her mom) at her house when I was growing up...
I have boxes of photos that I need to go through and scan... Time is the crunch factor for me... but I will try to do some every week, and if they have any names etc. I will send them to you.

Thanks for all your hard work! Lynne

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From: Lynne Darnell
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Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 6:05 PM
Subject: Dottie Arnold background....

You are right... here is the scoop:
Great Grandma Ruby married Charles Cannon. Had Fern and Floyd.
Divorced. Married E.E. Arnold and had Roy and Dorothy.

Fern had my mother out of wedlock - father was my grandpa, Charles Gilmur, Jr. - he later married and had 3 more kids - Uncle Chuck, Uncle Jim and Auntie Dora. They all live up here (in Seattle) where Grandma Fern and her family lived at the turn of the century- until her pregnancy was discovered... the Gilmur's paid Ruby $1,000.00 (a ton of $$$ in 1917) to leave Seattle with her pregnant daughter and go away - they went to LA where Ruby had friends, and my mom was born down there in January of 1918.

Once in LA, Fern married a guy named Jack O'Brien and had a daughter named Eleanor Lavelle (now Baker) who was about 5 years younger than my mom. They divorced and she married Alfred J. Smith, a great guy, who raised the girls as his own. They never had any kids of their own.

That's probably more than you really want to know but... it's back ground... I'll let you know if I learn any thing else that may be relevant to you.

Bye for now. Lynne

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From: Lynne Darnell
To: Kari Northup
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 2:22 PM
Subject: Re: Hi Kari

Kari: I really enjoyed the web page. It looks great. I e-mailed my Aunt Dottie to find out Rubie's correct name spelling... Ruby was Aunt Dottie's grandma. Dottie is Dorothy the youngest daughter of one of Percy's sister... for some reason her name escapes me at the moment... but I will let you know. Aunt Dottie lives in Grant's Pass OR and will be 90 this year. She still works as a secretary for the Forest Service and is an inspiration to all of us.

I just got a scanner and will start scanning photos and will send you relevant ones as I come across them...

Sounds like your life is busy and never dull! Thanks for keeping in touch too.


From: Lynne Darnell
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2006 9:22 PM
To: Kari Northup
Subject: Re: Rubie Brees Cannon Arnold

Hi Kari... I finally e-mailed my cousins in Oregon to see what they can share about Elbert Edward Arnold. I am almost certain that he is Aunt Dottie and Uncle Roy's dad... I remember that name being mentioned through the years.

Here is what else I know...

Charles Cannon and Rubie Breese (My great grand parents) had two kids born in 1898 (Fern) and 1900 (Floyd). They were divorced in 1910 in Alexandria MN... He went to Seattle where his brother Stan Cannon lived. Rubie married Elbert Arnold in MN. and had Roy in 1910 and Dottie (9/25/13 - not 1903 like one record said). Then they parted and Rubie went to Seattle in about 1914. She was not widowed that I know of... though she certainly could have been if Mr. Arnold died while they were married... but I never heard anything to that effect ... We will have to see what Julie tells us... (Dottie's daughter)... if she knows. I wouldn't be surprised if they were divorced and Rubie just told people she was widowed... rather than open up a can of worms as to why she was twice divorced... since divorce was not a common thing at that time.

When Rubie left MN, she went to Seattle because she was very close to Stan's wife, Olive... and she wanted the two older kids to be near their dad. While they were living there, her oldest daughter, Fern (my grandmother) got involved with the boy up the block, Charles Gilmur, and got pregnant with my mother. When his parents found out, they were furious because an arranged marriage was already in the works for him. Charlie and Fern thought if he and Fern had a baby they would let him marry her instead of the other woman, Dora... as he really loved Fern. WRONG.... Great grandfather Gilmur, also named Charles, paid Rubie almost $1,000.00 - a ton of money in 1917, and told her to take her pregnant kid and other children and get out of town.... She took the money and went to LA where she had friends and other family (cousins from somewhere - but I am not sure who) and she moved into a big house at 525 W. 43rd St. in LA... Fern had her baby in that house ... Altheda Rubie Gilmur...(aka Slate, my mom). The address in the records of 535 44th is wrong... Rubie never lived anywhere but W. 43rd. Fern had my mom when she was 19 and even though the records said Fern Gilmur, she wasn't really married to Charles Gilmur... though she took his name on the birth certificate and it was my Mom's birth name. My mom was born on 1-15-18. Fern turned 20 that same April.
Rubie never married again and lived in that house for the rest of her life, where she finished raising Fern, Floyd, Roy and Dottie. (Dottie and my mom were only 5 years apart).

Fern moved out when she was about 22 to marry Jack O'Brien. They had one daughter, Eleanor Lavelle O' Brien, who was born about January 4th or 5th, 1923. They lived next door. He was a policeman. He was also abusive... and they divorced about 1930 and she remarried - another policeman (a friend of Jack's) named Alfred J. Smith from Walla Walla, WA. I don't know what year that was... but they were married a long time. They had no kids during their 30+ year marriage... but Smitty, as he was called, was a dad to both Ellie, and Altheda and a host of cousins and various other kids with no parents. He and Jack and Fern all remained friends.

That's about all for now... It's supposed to rain here too... we haven't had too much... nor much snow either... maybe next weekend for that...

Hope you and your family are doing well. Love Lynne