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The Family of Daniel Thorn & Mary Wandel

Posted by José Rivera Nieves <> on Mon, 06 Sep 1999, in response to Thorn - Orange Co, NY, posted by Kari Northup on Sun, 05 Sep 1999

In the "Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen 1767-1885" compiled by Charles C. Coleman (1933), available in the Newburgh Free Library, there are reference to a Daniel, Mary, Richard, William, Sarah Ann and Thomas Thorn(e). One of the references concerns a marriage between Daniel Thorn and Mary Johnes on January 24, 1795 NOTE - this is not "our" Daniel Thorn. Baptism records of children for this family indicate wife's maiden name was Johnes or Jones, and that they stayed in Orange Co, New York.

In the will of John Vandel in September 1797 he names his daughter Mary, "wife of Daniel Thorne, New Cornwall" and also makes his son-in-law Jacob Burbenk an executor. Children named in the will indicate this is the John Vandel/Wandell family that was from Staten Island, New York. His wife was Letitia Aletta Swan, children John, Peter Smith, Mary, Charity, Nancy & Thomas.

1800 census New Cornwall, Orange Co., NY
Daniel Thorn
1 male 26-44 (Daniel, age 30-34)
1 male under 10 (John, age 4)
1 female 26-44 (Mary, prob age 26-36)
2 females under 10 (Unknown Daughter #1, age 6 to 10. Letisha, age 1 )

Will of Langford Thorn (Daniel's father)
Will written June 10, 1807. Proven August 1, 1807.

In the name of God Amen I Langford Thorn of Cornwall in the County of Orange in the State of New York Yeoman being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be almighty God for the same. Do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it and my body to the grave to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my Executors hoping for a blessed immortality through the merits of my dear redeemer and as to the worldly estate wherewith God has blessed me, I give & bequeath in manner following. First having already provided for my son Daniel Thorn I give him five pounds - Item I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Thorn a certain bond I have against my said son Daniel Thorn on which due about five hundred dollars. ............. Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my said son-in-Law John Eastmond and Benjamin Armitage of N. York Merc. Executors of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made - In Witness of whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven. Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Langford Thorn to be his last will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses to the same the word (hundred) over the word (thousand) erased being first ? and also the word (forever) and the words (of New York)
Oliver Hyde
Drake Fowler
Timothy Witmore
Langford Thorne

Early Marriages
N.W. Presbyterian Church
The following is a list of early marriages at NW. Presbyterian Church. The list is provided by Glenn Marshall, Historian for the Town of New Windsor, Orange Co., NY and is provided here by him for the research benefit of our readers.

Thorn, Daniel Schultz, Debby 10/08/1807 - who is this??

In 1810, there are 3 possible Daniel Thorns with sons under age 10 (Lawrence was born in 1809, so would be about 1 year old). I think the one in Orange County is the correct one:

1810 Newburgh, Orange Co., NY
Daniel Thorn
1 male 26 to 44 (Daniel, age 40-44, born 1765 to 1784)
1 male 16 to under 26 (laborer? relative? born 1784 to 1794)
1 male 10 to under 16 (John, age 15)
1 male under 10 (Lawrence, age 1)
1 female 16 to 25 (unknown daughter #1, age 16 to 25 OR Letisha, age 11?)
Mary should be age 36 to 46 - where is she??)

On July 3, 1816, Elisha Woodsworth sells land in Benton, Ontario, New York to Daniel Thorn of the town of Cornwall, County of Orange, New York. On July 26, 1816, Jacob Burbenk of Staten Island, Richmond, New York "only surviving executor of the last will of John Vandel, formerly of the city of New York" loaned money to Daniel Thorn "late of Cornwall, but now of Benton in the county of Ontario, yeoman, and Mary his wife". Long document, but if I'm reading it right it had been determined that Mary's share of her late father's estate was determined to be $592, and that it was supposed to be "placed out at interest for her benefit during her natural life". Apparently the loan of the money to Daniel was at Mary's request, and he was supposed to repay later so it could be invested as the will stated. Daniel & Mary put land they owned in Benton up for collateral for this loan, assume it was the land they bought earlier that month but not sure.

1818 - Daniel Thorn bought land in Ontario Co., New York from John Eastmond.

June 23, 1818
An indenture made the twenty third day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen between Daniel Thorne of the town of Benton County of Ontario State of New York of the first part & John Eastmond of the City and County of New York of the second part. Whereby the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars Mortgages unto the said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns forever all that certain tract or parcel of land situate in township No. Eight in the first Range of townships in the County of Ontario and State of New York and is part of No. six and bounded as follows viz beginning at a point on the south line of said lot at the centre of the preemption road and running south eighty eight degrees east one hundred and ninety rods to the south east corner of said lot, thence two degrees east, forty three rods, thence north eighty eight degrees, west one hundred and eighty two rods thence south twelve degrees west forty four rods to the place of beginning and containing fifty acres.

1820 - Benton, Ontario (later Yates) Co., NY
Daniel Thorn household
1 male 45+ (Daniel, age 50-54)
1 male 10 to under 16 (Lawrence, age 11)
1 male under 10 (Robert, age 2)
1 female 45+ Mary, age 46 to 56
1 female 16 to under 26 (Letisha, age 21)
Tax records Benton, Ontario Co., New York
Bush Alanson
Bush Lodowick
Bush Peter P
Bush Rynard

Bush Bernard
Bush Cornelius T
Bush Lodowick
Bush Peter L
Bush Peter P
Bush Rynard
Thorn Daniel

Bush Barney
Bush John L
Bush Lodowick
Bush Peter L
Bush Raynard
Thorn Daniel
1821 Early Tax Rolls Town of Benton, Ontario County NY
Names of Possessors Remarks by Assessors Description of Real Estate Amount of Real Estate Amount of personal Estate Total, Real and Personal Estate Tax to be paid thereon
Bush Bernard 160 160 .49
Bush Cornelius T the Lee farm 200 2400 2400 7.36
Bush Lodowick 398 3980 3980 12.24
Bush Peter L 100 900 900 2.76
Bush Peter P 100 1100 1100 3.37
Bush Rynard 230 2300 80 2380 7.30
Thorn Daniel 50 500 500 1.??
Wood Daniel 120 120 .37

Letters to Edward Eastmond from his father John Eastmond:

To Edward Eastmond, Benton, Ontario Co., NY
From John Eastmond, 1 York, 27th Oct. 1821
Rec'd 7th Nov.
Ans. 12

New York 27th October 1821
My dear Son,
I received yours of the 15th inst. last Sunday and am pleased to find that yourself & relatives are all well, accept your Aunt Debby I beg to recommend to her to take 30 drops of Balsam Capur every evening on going to bed for two or three weeks as I feel persuaded it will produce an alteration for the better on her lungs; & if it should do them no good it will do no harm and may benefit her health otherwise and suppose you will be able to get it in Geneva at the Apothecary's.
I have done nothing as to the land in Hector & from what you say I shall not inquire further about it.
Henry met with an opportunity of going out to Mobile as clerk to the house of Smiley & Cleveland merchants there, at a salary of $400 & expenses of his passage out. He saileld from here on Sunday morning the 14th inst. - the weather has been very fine ever since & I hope by this time he is nearly at his journey's end as an average passage is about three weeks. I parted with him with much reluctance, but the impossibility of getting a place for him here which he could get wages and his own anxious desire to leave New York induced me to let him go. I am now almost alone having only Martha & Mary at home. I think I have informed you that Benj. & Langford board at Mr. Whitings in the Bowery & come home only on Saturdays. I miss Henry very much, as you may remember he was very talkative and generally on subjects that were honourable to youth.
Phebe joins me in love to you & all your relatives. Mr. Taylor and the young ladies thank you warmly for your rememberance of them. I have not mentioned to Violetta your particular respect to her as yet but merely told the girls that you had done one of them that favour. I leave them to decide which it was. I approve your choice, she is a charming girl & is improving herself much in those qualities which render women truly desirable.
I enclose you ten dollars, and my draft on your uncle Daniel Thorn for $10 more which is on account of Interest he owes me & which he probably will be able to pay you in small amounts during the winter.
Mrs. Williams & her son Richard have been to my house a few days & they beg to be remembered to you & Mr. Williams in a letter I received two days since enquires particularly after you.
Dear Son I remain Your affectionate Father,
John Eastmond
P.S. Flour has risen here to $9 a bbl (bushel?) wheat 15/ - but I do not think it will keep up too long - perhaps not two months. N.B. Your last letter is vey full of uncorrected errors.
Names of Possessors Remarks by Assessors Description of Real Estate Amount of Real Estate Amount of Personal Estate Total, Real and Personal Estate Tax to be paid thereon
Bush Lodowick H & Saw Mill 98a 1372 1372 3.75
Do (ditto) Do 98 784 784 2.14
Do Do 70a 700 700 1.91
Bush Barney 47a 329 329 .89
Do Do 100 1000 1000 2.73
Bush Peter L 100a 1000 1000 2.73
Bush John L 100a 900 900 2.46
Bush Raynard 230 2300 141 2441 6.66
Thorn Daniel 50 550 550 1.50

1823 - Yates County was formed from part of Ontario County, New York
Yates County NY - Mortgages Transmitted from Ontario County 1788-1823
Barbenk Jacob // Daniel Thorne // 269
Eastmond John // Daniel Thorn // 377
Thorn Daniel // Elisha Woodworth // 3 // 369

To Edward Eastmond, Milo, Ontario Co., NY
From John Eastmond, New York, 14th Jany 1823
Milo 25
Answd 3 Feby.
If Edward is gone to ? Mr. Wood will please forward this to him by mail

New York 14th Jany 1823
Dear Edward
I recd yours of 30th Dec on the 8th inst. - and am glad to find that yourself and relatives are all well except Debby. You may take anything of your Aunt Polly in payment of the interest due, provided she is not too extravagant in her charges. A Bed & bedding you will want hereafter, or likewise a colt & heifer, should you go on a place for yourself, but it appears to me that $20 for a heifer is twice as much as it is worth - I can buy good young cows & a calf by their side at the Bulls Head for $22 a.
I wish you to go to Skancateles & stay there 3 or 4 weeks or longer if you like it, to see how you would like the milling business & to find out if there is a prospect of doing any thing for yourself with the Mill there, beyond a bare living. Mr. L. owns or did own only 1/2 of the Mill & he wishes me to buy the other half. Now I would have nothing to do with it unless it suits you to follow the business, in case you may find it the answer, - I would rather sell my half & have done with it. If the Mill & farm will not afford you an income of about $150 beyond your expenses it is not worth having nor ? because the interest of the money it will cost, would support, you in the country without any work at all, but I cannot think of your eating the bread of idleness even if I could afford to let you, and I think you do not wish it. Before I can determine anything about it I must hear from you after you have been at Skancateles 2 or 3 weeks. If then I should be disposed to buy the other half of the mill, I will write to you the nature of the terms on which you may take it. And I wish you to see Mr. Litherland as soon as you conveniently can. I shall write to him on the subject to-morrow.
We are all in good health. I am going to send Benj. & Martha, Langford & Mary to Mr. Berault's School for a quarter's dancing.
My love to Debby & Daniel & all friends & believe me ever to remain
Your affectionate father
John Eastmond
I have not heard from Henry since 14th Oct. He was then well.

Another excerpt from a John Eastmond letter to his son that mentions Langford's son Daniel Thorn(e):

To Edward Eastmond, Milo, near Penyan, Yates Co., NY From John Eastmond, New York, 19th March 1824

Have you seen Danl Thorne lately and are you likely to get anything from him? You must push him and get what you can from him that is useful to you though you may allow too much for it. I got nothing but ingratitude in return for favours from almost every person that I have ever assisted. If Daniel does not pay the balance of interest due this spring I am determined to sue him on his bond & I wish you to tell him so. You may do it in writing if you please.

1830 - Benton, Yates Co., NY
Daniel Thorn household
1 male 60 and under 70 (Daniel,age 60-69)
1 male 20 and under 30 (Lawrence, age 21)
1 female 60 & under 70 (Mary, age 60-69)
1 female 15 & under 20 (daughter? age 15-19)

1835 state census

Also found an interesting paragraph in "Historical Gazetteer, Steuben County, New York" by Millard F. Roberts (1891) - dates are ???? I am including the short paragraph before to try to establish that it was between 1820 and ?

Rice Moulton came here when a lad of fifteen years in 1820. His sister, Mrs. Ashael Tyler, was ten years old when they came. For many years after they became residents of this town their large farm barn (built by Blood) was used for quarterly and other meetings. They came from Saratoga.
Daniel Thorn, or "Old Thorn," as he was commonly called, lived many years on the farm west of Moulton's. He was a noted hunter and trapper in his day and many were the dollars he earned as bounty money for the wolves he scalped, sometimes getting as high as twenty dollars apiece for them. He afterwards became noted as an "anti-renter", and would neither pay for the farm at the office or leave it. The sheriff was sent to oust the old fellow, with a number of men to assist; they found him barricaded in his house, with provisions and ammunition, prepared for a siege. He told them to come on if they wanted to, that he "was not brought up in the woods to be scared by owls," and that the first one who attempted to poke his head through the door would get a bullet through his cranium. The sheriff and his posse were not of the blooded kind, and concluded that the safest way was to let Old Thorn alone. The office compromised with him soon after, and he went west.

Do you think this is why we "lose" our Daniel in Yates between 1835 and 1840? If he had John in 1796 he was probably born about 1776 - so he would be about 60 in 1835 and could be called "Old Thorn".

Note from Kari - Rice Moulton is listed on the 1850 census of Cohocton, Steuben Co., NY:
Rice Moulton, age 45, farmer, b. NY
Ann, age 39, b. NY
Mary E, age 13, b. NY
Richard, age 11, b. NY
Alonzo Fields, age 19, b. NY
Two households away on same page is David Thorn:
David Thorn, age 42, farmer, b. NY
Betsey, age 28, b. NY
Mary, age 8, b. NY
Jane, age 7, b. NY
Frances, age 4, b. NY
David Perkins, age 50, b. NY
Who is David Thorn???

Letter from John Eastmond to Abram Thorne (addressee) (Note from K - is this Lawrence???)
Benton, Yates Co. Bellona Post Office St. New York
Middletown 25th Nov. 1837
Dear Sir
Yesterday it was 12 mos. since I wrote to you in reply to you & your sister's letter respecting the affairs of your late father, and gave you a statement of my claim on the estate up to 1st June 1836 for $330.50. Since that period I have not heard from you. Another year and a half's interest is now due, say $15.75, which makes the total now due $204.75 and this added to the principal makes $354.75 - high time that this amount was paid and I am in the want of it. If I do not hear from you soon I shall be under the necessity of legal steps to recover the money; at the same ??? the necessity of putting you to expense. In order to avoid - it would be advisable for you to try and borrow the money or give a new mortgage for the amount. Pray let me hear from you by mail.

Wife Mary listed as head of household in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY in 1840, living with daughter age 25 to 30 and near son John.

1840 - State: New York
County: Chemung Roll: M704_268
Township: Elmira Page: 279
Image: 184
Thorn, Mary
1 female 70 to 80 (Mary, age 70 to 76)
1 female 20 to 30 (Daughter, age 25 to 29)

1850 age 35 to 39
There is an Emma Thorne, age 41, in Ontario Co., NY, living in the household of Moses Yeamans, age 77