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Notes for Abraham Bennett

The Family of Abraham Bennett & Jerusha Wanzer
25844. Abraham Bennett. Born ca 1742 at Ridgefield, CT. Abraham died at Warwick, Orange Co., NY, in 1795.
Ca 1765 Abraham married Jerusha Wanzer, daughter of Thomas Wanzer & Sarah Tilson. Born ca 1746. Jerusha died at Big Flats, Chemung Co., NY, on 10 Oct 1839.

1790 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
Abraham Bennet
3 Free white males 16 & older (Abraham, age 48, Jacob, age 18 & unknown son #1, age 16-20??)
4 Free white males under 16 yrs (Benjamin age 9-15, Abraham, age 12, Comfort, age 9 & John, age 4)
6 Free white females (Jerusha, age 40, Rhoda, age 10-20, Mary, age 6, Deborah, age 1, and 2 unknown daughters #1&2??)

1795 - Abraham died. Will probated September 14, 1795, Goshen, NY Libre B, pg 961

1800 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
Jerusha Bennett
2 males 16-25 (Abraham, age 22, & Comfort, age 19)
1 male 10-15 (John, age 14)
2 males under 10 (Daniel, age 7 & unknown son #2??)
1 female 45+ (Jerusha, age 50)
1 female 26-44 (Rhoda, age 20-30)
2 females 16-25 (Mary, age 16 & unknown daughter #2, age 16-25)
1 female 10-15 (Deborah, age 11)
2 females under 10 (Nancy, age 9 & Jerusha, age 5)
The Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, by Jessie Howell Finch, RD#1, Trumansburg, NY, US
Before the Rev War, Abraham Bennett (Sr) Sold his land in Ridgefield, Fairfield Co, CT & took his family aCross the Hudson River. By 1775 he & his son Abraham, were living in the town of Warwick, Orange Co NY after temporary temporary locations in NJ and in the part of northern Penns to which the Colony of Connecticut then laid claim. Assessment & Militia rolls of Warwick show listed together the names of Abraham & Abraham Jr. As late as 1777 Abraham Sr rece'd pay for militia service & he was probably alive in 1784 when Abraham Jr. signed a receipt using Jr after his Name.

Abraham Bennett Jr. and Jerusha Wanzer were married in 1770 in Warwick, Orange, New York. Jerusha Wanzer1 was born in 1750 in Fredricktown, , New York.2 She died on 10 Oct 1839 in Big Flats, Chemung, New York.2 The story of the early Bennetts in Chemung County, NY is that of how the widow Jerusha solved her problems. About 1800 she came to what was then Tioga County, now Chemung. As her sons became ready for their own homes, deeds indicate she set them up on farms, doubtless having a home with each one for a time. The youngest, Daniel, had his land in Howard, Steuben, NY & it was there that Jerusha in 1820 signed seemingly her last deed. This location in Howard was called Bennett's Flats. The other sons were successful farmers in Chemung & Steuben Counties. One son, Comfort Bennett, was described in the County History as athe largest land owner within the range of five counties.

The Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, by Jessie Howell Finch, RD#1, Trumansburg, NY, US
Note: Letters of Administration were issued to his wife on Sept 14 (1795) of that year; to Jerusha wanzer Bennett who by her husband's death was left with a family of twelve children, the eldest son being about 25 yrs old. Abraham Bennett Jr. and Jerusha Wanzer had the following children:

+32 i. Jacob Bennett (born on 2 Jun 1772).
+33 ii. Benjamin Bennett (born unknown).
+34 iii. Rhoda Bennett (born ROUGHLY 1774).
+35 iv. Abram Bennett (born in 1778).
+36 v. Comfort Bennett (born in 1781).
+37 vi. John Bennett (born on 4 Apr 1786).
+38 vii. Polly Bennett (born unknown).
+39 viii. Deborah Bennett (born on 9 Apr 1789).
+40 ix. Nancy Bennett (born unknown).
+41 x. Gen. Daniel N. Bennett {War of 1812} (born on 19 Sep 1793).
42 xi. Jerusha Bennett1 was born unknown in Warwick, Orange, New York. She died dead.
+43 xii. Nancy Bennett (born on 18 Sep 1829).
25. ABRAHAM5 BENNETT, JR (ABRAHAM4, JAMES3, THOMAS2, JAMES1)1 was born 1742 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT1, and died Bef. September 14, 1795 in Warwick, Orange county, NY1. He married JERUSHA WANZER1 1765 in Orange Co, NY.

Will: September 14, 1795, Goshen, NY Libre B, pg 961


sons lived and farmed in Chemung and Stueben Co, NY

Bought land: 1805, from James & Hannah Rockwell1

Could this Polly be the Polly who is buried in Round Top Cem, in Stratford, NY, and married Corneilius Brower? She died 9/10/1856 and he died 10/17/1855?

37.iv. RHODA BENNETT.38.v. JACOB BENNETT, b. June 03, 1772, New Jersey; d. December 07, 1851, Howard, Steuben County, ABRAHAM BENNETT, LLL, b. August 07, 1778, Orange Co, NY; d. March 25, 1851, Near Big Flats, Town of Corning, Stueben Co,NY.40.vii. COMFORT BENNETT, b. January 18, 1781, Warwick, Orange Co, NY; d. August 12, 1864, Horseheads, Chemung Co, NY.41.viii. JOHN BENNETT, b. April 04, 1786, Orange Co, NY; d. February 08, 1837, Big Flats, NY.42.ix. DEBORAH BENNETT, b. April 09, 1789; d. September 18, 1838. x. NANCY BENNETT1, b. August 26, 1791, Chemung Co, NY1; d. January 01, 1859, Chemung Co, NY1; m. WILLIAM ROCKWELL1, February 15, 18071.43.xi. DANIEL NILES BENNETT, b. October 27, 1793, Warwick, Orange Co., NY; d. June 08, 1875.

Ancestors of Susan Rockwell Austin
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ID: I10947
Name: Abraham BENNETT , Jr.
Sex: M
Birth: APR 1742 in Ridgefield, CT
Death: AFT. 14 JUN 1789 in Warwick, Orange Co., NY

Father: Abraham BENNETT , Sr.* b: 26 JUN 1715 in bapt. date, Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
Mother: Silence HICKOX* b: 19 SEP 1713 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT

Marriage 1 Jerusha WANZER b: 1750 in Frederickstown, NY
Married: 1765 in Orange Co., NY
Abraham Bennett 3RD b: 7 AUG 1778 in Orange Co., NY
Jacob BENNETT b: 3 JUN 1772 in New Jersey (by tradition), came from Orange Co., NY
Benjamin BENNETT
John BENNETT b: 4 APR 1786 in Orange Co., NY
Daniel N. BENNETT b: 27 OCT 1793 in Orange Co., NY, War of 1812
Jerusha BENNETT b: 17 SEP 1795
Comfort BENNETT b: 18 JAN 1781 in Warwick, Orange Co., NY

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> I sent for the will and any probate for Abraham Bennett. I asked them to check the orphan records since he left 12 children. If Jerusha was born after his will was probated I don't know if she will be in the will, but maybe in the orphan records. According to Bea Daggett's site it says he died in 1795 and left 12 children. I may change who I have for the children on my website now that I have looked at this again. By my calculations they would be (with years of birth & death):
> 1) Jacob ( born 1772, died 1851)
> 2) Unknown daughter (born 1765 -1779)- on 1800 census with widow Jerusha
> 3) Rhoda (born 1770-1774, died after 1830)
> 4) Benjamin (born 1776, died after 1825)
> 5) Abraham Jr (born 1778, died 1851)
> 6) Comfort (born 1781, died 1864)
> 7) Mary (born 1784, died 1850)
> 8) John (born 1786, died 1837)
> 9) Deborah (born 1789, died 1838)
> 10) Unknown son, (born 1790-1800) - on 1800 census with widow Jerusha
> 11) Nancy (born 1791, died 1859)
> 12) Daniel (born 1793, died 1875)
> 13) Jerusha (born 1795 after Abraham died, she died 1861)
> It is complicated by the fact that census records indicate there are 3 unknown persons in the household on the 1790 census, 1 male who was over age 16 and 2 females (age not listed for females that year). The male and one of the females may have been older parents of either Abraham or Jerusha, will have to look into that more, but I think the other female was an unknown daughter, age 6-15. She is still around on the 1800 census with widow Jerusha, and at that time she was age 16-25. There is also a new unknown male on the 1800 who is under age 10, so that is another child who was around when Abraham died. There is a female in Jerusha's household in 1800 that would be right age to be Jerusha born 1795, but there are 14 children by 1800 if I count right, which doesn't make sense, either.
> 1800 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
> Jerusha Bennett
> 21200-2121100
> 2 males 16-25 (Abraham, age 22, & Comfort, age 19)
> 1 male 10-15 (John, age 14)
> 2 males under 10 (Daniel, age 7 & unknown son #2??)
> 1 female 45+ (Jerusha, age 50)
> 1 female 26-44 (Rhoda, age 20-30)
> 2 females 16-25 (Mary, age 16 & unknown daughter #2, age 16-25)
> 1 female 10-15 (Deborah, age 11)
> 2 females under 10 (Nancy, age 9 & Jerusha, age 5)
> 11 children listed in above household. Rhoda married in 1790 so she is not there. Jacob married in 1793 and Benjamin married in 1798 so they also are not there. So that is 3 gone and with the 11 above that makes 14, which still confuses things! I wish they had names & relationships on the early census records like they do on the later ones.
> I'll have to see where Bea got her info that there were 12 children when Abraham died. Also to see if the will names them, and if there are any orphan's court records.
> Kari