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Notes for John Brees, husband of Mary Ann Truesdell

The Family of John Brees II & Hannah Gildersleeve

Horseheads was in Tioga Co, now Chemung Co, NY.

1810 census Elmira, Tioga Co., NY page 77
John Breese
1 younger male ( John, age 19)
1 older male (John, age 62)
1 female (Hannah, age 50)

John remained with his parents until their deaths and then came in possession of the family farm by paying off the other heirs.

January 14, 1817 - John Brees married Mary Ann Truesdell

February 16, 1820 - daughter Caroline born

1820 census Elmira, Tioga Co., NY page 300
John Brees household
2 males, 2 females, probably John & Hannah Breese & their son John & his wife Mary Ann Truesdell Brees

March 24, 1829 - John Brees (husband of Hannah Gildersleeve) died

1830 census Elmira, Tioga Co., NY
John Brees
1 male age 40-49 (John, age 40)
2 males age 5-9 (LeMoyne, age 8 & Josiah, age 6)
1 male age 0-4 (John, age baby)
1 female age 30-39 (Mary Ann, age 34)
1 female age 10-15 (Caroline, age 10)
2 females age 0-4 (Sarah, age 4 & Esther, age 2)

1840 census Elmira, Chemung Co., NY
John Brees
1 male 40-49 (John, age 49)
2 males age 15-19 (LeMoyne, age 18 & Josiah, age 16)
1 male age 10-14 (John, age 10)
1 male age 0-4 (Horace, age 3)
1 female age 40-49 (Mary Ann, age 44)
1 female age 20-29 (Caroline, age 20)
2 females age 10-14 (Sarah, age 14 & Esther, age 12)
2 females age 5-9 (Hannah, age 8 & Catherine, age 6)
2 females age 0-4 (Angeline, age 4 & Mary, age baby)

January 15, 1844 - Hannah Gildersleeve Brees died

1850 Elmira, Chemung Co, NY
Household #1142/1220
John Breese, age 59, Farmer, b. NY
Mary, age 54, b. NY
Esther, age 22, b. NY
John, age 20, b. NY
Hannah, age 18, b. NY
Catherine, age 16, b. NY
Angeline, age 14, b. NY
Horace, age 13, b. NY
Mary, age 10, b. NY
Josiah, age 26, b. NY
Susan, age 21, b. NY

1860 census Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
John Breese, age 70, farmer, b. NY
Mary A., age 62, b. NY
Horace, age 23, farmer, b. NY
Angeline, age 25, b. NY
Hannah, age 28, Milliner, b. NY
Catherine, age 26, Milliner, b. NY
Mary, age 20, b. NY

1870 census Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
Household #551/553
John Breese, age 79, Retired farmer, b. NY
Mary A., age 73, Keeping house, b. NY
Angeline, age 30, b. NY
Harris J., age 28, Works on Farm, b. NY
Josephine Parks, age 14, Domestic Servant, b. NY

Mary Ann died in 1874

1880 United States Census Horseheads, Chemung, New York Page Number 491A
John BREESE Self W Male W 89 NY Farmer NY NY
Angeline BREESE Dau S Female W 42 NY Keeping House NY NY
Horace BREESE Son S Male W 40 NY Farmer NY NY

John died in 1882
Chemung County, New York Will Testators
Name of Testator: Place of Residence: County #, Vol #, Page # Year
BREES, JOHN J. HORSEHEADS 8-17-140 1899-1902
BREES, MILES M. HORSEHEADS 8-11-408 1881-1883
BREESE, IRA L. HORSEHEADS 8-18-403 1902-1905
BREESE, JOHN HORSEHEADS 8-11-324 1881-1883
BREESE, ROBERT B. HORSEHEADS 8-13-16 1886-1890
THORNE, JOHN HORSEHEADS 8-7-469 1868-1873

History of Tioga, Chemung, Tomkins & Schyler Counties in New York, published in 1879
Among the very earliest settlers or the first ones of this town may be mentioned the Brees family. They are of Dutch origin, their ancestors having come From Holland previous to the Revolution and settled in New Jersey. John, Sr., the father of the subject of this sketch, was
born in New Jersey, and married Hannah Guildersleeve, a native of the same place, by whom ten children were born. Two of these, Sarah and John, were bom in Horseheads. Mr. Brees settled in the Chemung Valley, within a few miles of the present village of Horseheads, in June, 1787, and in 1789 on the farm, which now includes a portion of the village of Horseheads, where he spent his remaining days. He died March 24, 1829, and his wife died Jan. 15, 1844.

The subject of this sketch was born April 29, 1791, upon the farm at Horseheads. He remained with his parents till their death, and then came in possession of the "Old Home" by paying off the heirs. He was married to Miss Mary Ann Truesdale, a native of Orange Co.,
N. Y., Jan. 14, 1817; Miss Truesdale was born Aug. 12, 1797. By this happy alliance eleven children were born, namely: Caroline, Lamoyne, Josiah, Sarah, Esther, John, Hannah, Catherine, Angeline, Horace J., and Mary, all of whom are now living in this State and in Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Brees celebrated their golden wedding Jan. 14, 1867, at which were present ten children, nineteen grandchildren, one brother, one sister, and a host of friends who were young men and women when this aged couple were married, all of whom brought valuable gifts, kind wishes, and pleasant words. They continued to live together until March 3, 1874, when Mrs. Brees died. She was a kind
and affectionate wife, and a devoted mother. For more than forty years she was a worthy member of the Baptist Church at Horseheads. Mr. Breea has been a member also for many years, and by word and deed has done his part in building up good schools and churches. In politics a Democrat. He never held any official position, preferring the quiet of home to any official honors. His occupation has always been that of farming. He is now hale and hearty, a man of more than eighty-seven summers, and whose mind is as good as ever. Fine portraits of himself and wife may be seen above.