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Notes for John Brees

The Family of John Brees & Dorothy Riggs

Emigrated 1735 to US from ?

1737- signed a remonstrance against the conduct of the sheriff of the county of New York in regard to the election of a representative of the City & County of New York, and praying the governor to remove the sheriff from office. (Doc'y Hist. N.Y., Vol. III, page 484.)

John married Dorothy Riggs and made his home and died in Barnard Township, Somerset County, NJ. He was buried in the graveyard at the Presbyterian Meeting House, Basking Ridge, NJ.

Email about chart tracing John Breese and his brothers Henry & Cornelius back to Holland:

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Hi, Kari

I thought the chart was very interesting too, but I don't know much about it's history. I was given the chart sometime in the early 1980's, from Bessie Breese, born in 1897. She died in 1984, so it may have been about 1982-3. The chart was found among her father's things at his death. Bessie's gr-gr-grandparents were Henry Breese and Ruth Pierson, also, of Horseheads. Then through their son, Henry Breese, who migrated to Washington Co. PA. The chart is on yellowed paper and has become very fragile to the touch. The paper had been folded for a long time and is in four pieces. A couple years ago, I heard from several people having the same chart, but their's did not seem to be quite as old, as if copied at a later date.. The interesting part is, while we were all descendants of John and Dorothy (Riggs) Breese, we were of different branches.

Did you notice the mention of the town/village of Tetat, 8 miles from Amsterdam. There was an intense search going on by researchers, trying to find if Tetat ever hadn't been discovered, the last time I heard about it. Any ideas? Wish I could be more helpful, but that's about all I know about it.

Family History of Lori Breese Krout
Entries: 609 Updated: Sat Aug 30 08:21:01 2003 Contact: Lori Krout
ID: I33
Name: John BREES
Surname: BREES
Given Name: John
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1713
Death: 4 Mar 1803
Burial: Basking Ridge, Somerset, NJ
Reference Number: 128
_UID: 803E84A21ACCD61192120000B4C558C4EAA6
!BURIED: Said to be buried with wife in Basking Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard, however, no stones mark their graves. It is only assumed, as they attended church and appear in many records of the BR Presb. Church. Change Date: 19 Sep 2002 at 21:56:23

Marriage 1 Dorothy RIGGS b: ABT 1713 in Newark, Essex, NJ
Married: ABT 1737
John BREES II b: 8 Nov 1738
Mary BREES b: ABT 1740
Azariah BREES b: ABT 1743
Esther BREES b: ABT 1747
Anna BREES b: ABT 1750
Henry BREES b: 29 Aug 1753
Stephen Carpenter BREES b: 1755
Samuel BREES b: 17 Apr 1758

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Follows is my best effort. I hope it makes sense:

As I said in my previous email, we have no information on John Brees who died March 4, 1803 or Dorothy Riggs who died November 23, 1803. It is possible they are both buried in our graveyard. Of the 800 plus stones, we can only identify about 450. Many are illegible or have deteriorated beyond repair.
Following is all that we have on the names you show as their children, From the dates, it looks like they could be their children:
There was a John Breese who was a Revolutionary War Veteran and pew holder for the periods 1763-1777 and 1783-1786.
There is no info on Hannah Gildersleeve.
No info on Mary or May Breese.
There is a Benjamin Hinds who was a Rev.War Vet. and pew holder 1763-1777.
Nothing on Ralph Dayton.
Our trustee records show a Azarizh Breese who was a pew holder for the periods 1783-1786, 1787-1792, and 1795-1802.
Nothing on Susan Gildersleeve. But we do have a Silas Gildersleeve Brees who was Baptised July 14 1805, and was a pew holder in the period 1817-1832. His parents are shown ad John Brees b. 1778, d. Jan 17, 1861 and Elizabeth (Betsey) Raynor, b. 1780, d. August 18, 1820.
I found Esther Hanville married to James Hanville. This must be Esther Brees. I will attach more info on these two.
Nothing on Anna Brees, Noah Hammond.
I show a Henry Brees who was a pew holder for the periods 1783-1786, 1787-1792, and 1795-1802.
Nothing on Sarah Brees.
I found a Stephen Brees who is shown as a carpenter in the 1818 survey. I will attach more on him.
I found no Samuel Brees, Hannah Pierson, or Catherine.
I have input every name I could find in all our paper records into Family Tree Maker. The attachments are reports from this program.
I hope this helps some. Our records do not show relationships so your info helps me to tie some of these Brees's together.

Church records from which the names recorded in Family Tree Maker have been obtained:
Book Years covered No. of years Pastor

1763 Trustee book 1763 - 1825 Trustee records of pew holders
1795 Session book 1795 - 1818 23 years Robert Finley (Available at BRPC website)
1818 Session book 1818 - 1842 24 years William Brownlee, John VanDervoort, John Anderson, Oscar Harris
1842 Session book 1842 - 1891 49 years Oscar Harris, John Rankin,
1891 Session book 1891 - 1911 20 years John Rankin, Edgar Mason, John Reeve
1895 Register 1895 - 1923 28 years (overlaps 1891 and 1911 Session minutes)
Edgar Mason, John Reeve, Lauren Bennett
1911 Session book 1911 - 1947 36 years Lauren Bennett, Merion Kaydk,
1923 Register 1923 - 1947 24 years Lauren Bennett (23-44), Merion Kaydk (44-46)

Other source records:
-Dr. Brownlee's 1818 survey of all residents in Basking Ridge in 1818
-Nettie Allen's card file of 317 epitaphs from tombstones in church yard, transcribed about 1955
-See separate file of 830 Burials in Old Church Yard from records compiled by Nettie Allen. Computer file dated May 30, 2000. Nettie's typed record dated 1955.