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Notes for Jacob Bennett

The Familes of Jacob Bennett

1790 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
Abraham Bennet
3 Free white males 16 & older (Abraham, age 48, Jacob, age 18 & unknown son #1, age 16-20??)
4 Free white males under 16 yrs (Bejamin age 9-15, Abraham, age 12, Comfort, age 9 & John, age 4)
6 Free white females (Jerusha, age 40, Rhoda, age 10-20, Mary, age 6, Deborah, age 1, and 2 unknown daughters #1&2??)

abt 1793 - Jacob married Julia Benjamin
abt 1794 - son Isaac B. born
1795 - daughter Jerusha born
September 13, 1798 - son Abraham born

1800 - Jacob, age 28 - where??
1800 census Warwick, Orange Co., NY
Jerusha Bennett (Jacob's widowed mother)
2 males 16-25 (Abraham, age 22, & Comfort, age 19)
1 male 10-15 (John, age 14)
2 males under 10 (Daniel, age 7 & unknown son #2??)
1 female 45+ (Jerusha, age 50)
1 female 26-44 (Rhoda, age 20-30, or unknown daughter #1, age 26-44)
2 females 16-25 (Mary, age 16 & unknown daughter #2, age 16-25)
1 female 10-15 (Deborah, age 11)
2 females under 10 (Nancy, age 9 & unknown daughter, age 0-8?)

July 18, 1800 - son Benjamin B. born
November 2, 1802 - daughter Betsy born
1803 - daughter Maria born
1805 - daughter Asenath born

about 1807 - moved to Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY with his younger brothers Benjamin & Daniel

1810 - census Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY
Jacob Bennett
1 male 26-44 (Jacob, age 38)
1 male 16-25 (Isaac, age 16)
1 male 10-15 (Abraham, age 12)
1 male under 10 (Benjamin, age 9)
1 female over 45 (Jerusha Wanzer Bennett, age 60 or Julia's mother??)
1 female 26-44 (Julia, abt age 37)
1 female 10-15 (Jerusha, age 15)
3 females under 10 (Betsy, age 8, Mariah, age 7 & Asenath, age 5)
Living near households of Thomas & Benjamin Bennett

1811 - son John Fletcher born
1812 - daughter Adeline born
1817 - son Jeremiah born
1 unknown son born 1815-1820

The town of Howard was formed from part of Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY in 1812

1820 census Howard, Steuben Co., NY
Sheet 1
*****Mrs. Jerusha Bennett
2 females 45+ (Jerusha, age 70 & daughter??)
1 female 10-16 (granddaughter??)
*****Daniel N. Bennett
1 male 26-45 (Daniel, age 27)
1 male under 10 (Unknown son)
2 females 16-26 (Clarissa, age 22 & ??)
*****William C. Sabins (husband of Jerusha Bennett born 1795)
1 male 26-45 William, age 26-45)
1 female 16-26 (Jerusha, age 25)
1 person engaged in agriculture
Sheet 2
*****Isaac B. Bennett (son of Jacob Bennett, grandson of Jerusha)
1 male male 26-45 (Isaac, age 26)
1 male 16-25 (??)
1 male under 10 (Unknown son #1, age 0-4)
1 female 16-26 (Lydia, age 22)
2 persons engaged in agriculture
*****Jacob Bennett
1 male 45+ (Jacob, age 48)
3 males under 10 (John, age 9, Jeremiah, age 3, & unknown son #1 age 0-5)
1 female 45+ (Julia, age 47)
1 female 26-45 (???)
1 female 16-25 (Maria, age 17)
1 female 10-16 (Asenath, age 15)
1 female under 10 (Adeline, age 8)
1 person engaged in agriculture
*****Benjamin Bennett Jr. (son of Jacob Bennett, grandson of Jerusha)
1 male 16-26 (Benjamin, age 20)
1 female 16-26 (First wife Marietta?)
1 person engaged in agriculture
*****Abraham Bennett . (son of Jacob Bennett, grandson of Jerusha)
1 male 16-26 (Abraham, age 22)
1 male under 10 (Unknown Son #1, age baby)
1 female 16-26 (Emily, age 16-19)
1 person engaged in agriculture
*****Benjamin Bennett
2 males 26-45 (Benjamin, age 54)
2 males 16-26 (Abram, age 20 & Philip, age 18)
1 male 10-16 (Carius, age 14)
1 male under 10 (Edward, age 6)
1 female 45+ (Susan, age 45+)
2 females 10-16 (Emeline, age 10-16 & unknown daughter??)
1 female under 10 (Ermina, age 8)
4 persons engaged in agriculture

abt 1824 - Jacob married second Thankful Baker

1825 - son Jacob born
1827 - son Daniel born

abt 1829 - Jacob married third Charlotte Getchell

1830 census Howard, Steuben Co., NY
*****Benjamin B. Bennet (son of Jacob)
*****Daniel M. Bennet
*****Susan Bennet (widow of Benjamin Bennett Sr.)
*****William Sabins (wife Jerusha Bennett born 1795)
******Jacob Bennett
1 male 50-60 (Jacob, age 58)
1 male 15-20 (John, age 19)
2 males 10-15 (Jeremiah, age 13, unknown son #1 age 10-15)
2 males under 10 (Jacob, age 5 & Daniel, age 3)
1 female 30-40 (Charlotte, age 36)
1 female 15-20 (Adeline, age 18)
******Isaac B. Bennet (son of Jacob)
******Abraham B. Bennet (son of Jacob)

1830 son Comfort born
1833 - daughter Nancy born
1835 State Census of the Town of Howard, Steuben Co., NY
Heads of Households with census page numbers
Bennet, Abraham B. 8
Bennet, Benjamin B. 9
Bennet, Carius 9 (Cassius?-AC)
Bennet, David N. 9
Bennet, Isaac. B. 9
Bennet, Jacob 9
Bennet, Philip 9
Bennet, Susan 9
Winne, Jacob G. 18
Winne, Daniel G. 18

1835 - son Phillip born
June 18, 1836 - daughter Deborah born

1840 census Howard, Steuben Co., NY
Jacob Bennett
1 male 60-70 (Jacob, age 68)
1 male 10-15 (Comfort, age 10)
1 male 5-10 (Philip, age 5)
1 female 40-50 (Charlotte, age 46)
1 female 5-10 (Nancy, age 7)
1 female under 5 (Deborah, age 3)
J. F. Bennett (John Fletcher Bennett)
1 male 20-30 (John Fletcher, age 29)
1 female 20-30 (Anna, age 23)

1850 census Howard, Steuben Co., NY page 73
Lydia Bennet, age 52, b. CT
Lydia R. age 22, b. NY
Helen, age 18, b. NY
Julia, age 15, b. NY
Philip Bennet, age 48, farmer, b. NY
Mary, age 39, b. PA
Benjamin N., age 13, b. NY
Horace, age 9, b. NY
Ira, age 5, b. NY
Ruth Alden, age 12, b. NY
Jacob Bennet, age 78, farmer, b. NJ
Charlotte, age 56, b. NY
Nancy, age 17, b. NY
Philip, age 15, farmer, b. NY
Deborah, age 13, b. NY

1880 census for son John Fletcher Bennett lists both his parents (Jacob & Julia) as being born in NJ
57. JACOB7 BENNETT (ABRAHAM6, ABRAHAM5, JAMES4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, NICHOLAS1) was born June 3, 1772 in New Jersey, and died December 1, 1851 in Howard, Steuben County, NY. He married (1) JULIA BENJAMIN, daughter of SAMUEL BENJAMIN and PHEBE MINER. She was born Bet. 1772 - 1774. He married (2) THANKFUL BAKER, daughter of JEREMIAH BAKER and ANNA STEPHENS. She was born July 3, 1778 in Canaan Litchfield Co., CT. He married (3) CHARLOTTE GITCHELL GETCHELL. She was born November 24, 1793 in Delaware, and died April 20, 1877 in Howard, Steuben county, NY.

Some say Jacob Bennett was born in Warwick, NY and other sources say NJ. He moved to Howard, NY with his brother Daniel . Jacob operated the hotel on the corner in Howard. The Gaynor House was located on that spot in 1983.

Burial: December 1, 1851, Howard Cemetery, Howard, Steuben Co, NY
Came to: 1808, Howard, NY
Captured: By Indians (married Charlotte)
Residence: Howard, Steuben Co, NY
Verified: July 15, 1999, Visited Grave

Burial: Howard Cemetery, Howard, Steuben Co, NY
Nationality: Full Blood Mohawk Indian
Verified: July 15, 1999, Visited Grave

109. i. ISAAC B8 BENNETT, b. Abt. 1794, Barkhamp., Litchf. CT.; d. March 26, 1836.
110. ii. ABRAHAM BENNETT, b. September 13, 1798; d. May 28, 1889, Probably at Mill Village, Pa.
111. iii. BENJAMIN B BENNETT, b. July 18, 1800; d. January 3, 1865.
More About MARIA BENNETT: Residence: 1852, Silver Creek, Stephenson Co, ILL
More About BETSEY BENNETT: Residence: 1852, Silver Creel, Stephenson County, ILL
112. vi. ASENATH BENNETT, b. 1805; d. Bef. 1852.
More About ADELINE BENNETT: Residence: Florida, Michigan
114. ix. JERUSHA BENNETT, b. September 17, 1795, NJ or Medford, Mass; d. July 6, 1861, Towlesville, NY.

115. x. JEREMIAH8 BENNETT, b. 1823; d. Bef. 1851.
xi. JACOB B BENNETT, b. 1825; m. JANE CLARK, February 10, 1842, Big Flats by Jc Scofield Esq.
In the Elmira Gazette 1842 tells of Jacob B Bennett's marriage to Jane Clark.
More About JACOB B BENNETT: Residence: 1852, Howard, Steuben Co, NY
More About JANE CLARK: Native: Catlin

xii. COMFORT8 BENNETT, b. 1830; d. 1862, Ashland, Ky.
More About COMFORT BENNETT: Age: 32 Burial: Hiram, Ohio Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Civil War Residence: Howard, Steuben Co, NY
Notes for NANCY BENNETT: 4 children
More About NANCY BENNETT: Residence: 1852, Howard, Steuben Co, NY
xiv. PHILIP P BENNETT, b. 1836; m. MARIA ROSE. Notes for PHILIP P BENNETT: He was a minor in 1852 Howard.
xv. DEBORAH BENNETT, b. June 18, 1836; d. March 21, 1856, Howard, NY; m. WILLIAM B FREELOVE; d. March 21, 1856.
Notes for DEBORAH BENNETT: Deborah's grave is probably the one next to Isaac B Bennett and Lydia his wife. The stone is unreadable. May be able to read if a rubbing was done.
More About DEBORAH BENNETT: Age: 19/20 Burial: Howard Cemetery, Howard, Steuben Co, NY

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ID: I10018
Name: Jacob BENNETT
Given Name: Jacob
Surname: Bennett
Sex: M
_UID: 4B0145A3E87AF044B3372E678FB04DB68B7A
Change Date: 15 Aug 2004
Birth: 4 JUN 1772 in NJ 1 2
Death: 7 DEC 1851 in Howard, Steuben Co. , NY
Note: He is buried in the Howard Cemetery. 3
Residence: ABT 1809 Howard, Steuben Co., NY
He came from VT according to Tobert's History of Steuben Co., NY.
HOWARD - page 142

"Is an interior town of the county, located a little north-west of the centre. It was erected from Bath and Dansville, June 18, 1812. A part of Avoca was taken off in 1843, and a part of Fremont in 1854. It is bounded north by Fremont, Cohocton, and Avoca, east by Bath, south by Canisteo, and west by Hornellsville and a portion of Fremont. Its surface is mostly a rolling upland, forming a part of the dividing ridge between the Conhocton and Canisteo rivers. In the northeast part of the town are two small ponds, the waters of which unite with creeks near that section of the town formerly known as Goff's Mills. The soil of this town is a clayey loam.

Father: Abraham BENNETT b: 1742 in Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., CT
Mother: Jerusha WANZER b: 1750 in Fredrickstown, , NY

Marriage 1 Julia BENJAMIN
Married: ABT 1793
Note: Julia Benjamin was admitted in 1789 to membership in Old School Baptist Church in Warwick, NY. 2
Isaac BENNETT b: ABT 1794
Jerusha BENNETT b: 17 SEP 1795
Abram BENNETT b: 13 SEP 1798
Benjamin BENNETT b: 18 JUL 1800
Aseneth BENNETT b: ABT 1805
John W.D. Fletcher BENNETT
Jeremiah BENNETT

Marriage 2 Thankful BAKER b: 3 JUL 1778 in Canaan, Litchfield Co., CT
Married: ABT 1822 2

Marriage 3 Charlotte GETCHELL b: 24 NOV 1793 in DE
Married: ABT 1830
Note: He was captured by Indians (married Charlotte). 5 2
Comfort BENNETT b: ABT 1830
Nancy BENNETT b: ABT 1834
Philip BENNETT b: ABT 1836
Deborah BENNETT b: 18 JUN 1836

Abbrev: Bea Daggett
Title: Bea Daggett
Abbrev: Ordway and Allied Families
Title: Wilson, Robert J., comp., Ordway and Allied Families (Tonawanda, N.Y. : R.J. Wilson, c1976).J. Wilson, c1976.
Text: Includes Van Tassel and related families.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
James Ordway, b. 21 August 1621, Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, married at Newbury, Massachusetts November 25, 1648 Ann (daughter of John) Emery. James died after 1702, probably after 1711. Descendants lived in Massachusetts, New York, and elsewhere
Name: Family History Center

Call Number: FHL US/CAN Film 928291 Item 6
Abbrev: Bea Daggett
Title: Bea Daggett
Abbrev: HISTORICAL GAZETTEER: Steuben County, New York
Title: Roberts, Millard F., comp., HISTORICAL GAZETTEER: Steuben County, New York, FIRST PART
History of the Settlement of Steuben County, New York by: Guy McMasters [1853]
Abraham Johnston settled in 1806 where Richard Towle now lives, about the same time, Samuel Baker settled where J. Rice now lives, and Reuben Smith, Abraham Smith and Abel Bullard, settled on the road between Goff’s Mills and the old Turnpike, near the old State Road. Jacob, Benjamin and Daniel N. Bennett, settled in 1807, or about that time, on what is yet called Bennett’s Flatts, Job. B. Rathbun, with three of his brothers, in the Rathbun settlement, in 1808 or 1809. William Allen and David Smith, in the Pond settlement in 1810 or ‘11, and Capt. Joel Rice and Esq. Israel Baldwin in 1811 or ‘12. Major Thomas Bennett settled on the old turnpike about six miles east of Hornellsville, toward 1808. William Goff, Esq., came in in 1812.

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From: Lynn Sabin
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: Bennett Genealogy: Jerusha Bennett


A couple of weeks ago I was able to roll a genealogy expedition into a business trip – I spent two days in Bath, Steuben County, New York. While there, I found Jacob Bennett’s will abstract in the Steuben County Historian’s office. My transcribed version is given below. I believe this document answers the question of Jerusha Bennett-Sabin’s parentage. And now, if we can only eradicate the "Gerutia" misspelling that seems to proliferate in every corner of the Internet. It’s as though they are unacquainted with Jerusha’s grandmother or the Bible’s Jerusha -- wife of Uzziah, and mother of King Jotham (2 Kings 15:33) -- for whom the elder Jerusha was undoubtedly named.

I hope you find this information useful.

Lynn Sabin
Abstract of Wills and Administrations; Case No. 346, Book 5, Page 236; Steuben County Historian; Bath, New York; transcribed by Lynn Sabin

Name: Jacob Bennet
Township: Howard
Date of Will: 25 Jan 1851
Date of Death: 1 Dec 1851
Executors: Charlotte Bennet; Daniel N. Bennet; Philip Bennet
Witnesses: Alkali Bennet; Harriet M. Bennet

Wife: Charlotte Bennet

Land: Yes

Philip P. Bennet--son
Benjamin B. Bennet--son
Jacob B. Bennet--son
Comfort Bennet--son
Abraham Bennet--son
Daniel Bennet--son
John W.D.F. Bennet--son
Jeremiah Bennet--son--deceased
Isaac B. Bennet--son--deceased
Nancy Bennet--daughter
Deborah Bennett--daughter
Jerusha Bennett (Jerusha Sabin)--daughter
William Sabin--son-in-law
Betsey Gitchel (Betsey Bennet)--daughter
Mariah Winne (Mariah Bennet)--daughter
Daniel B. Winn--son-in-law
Adeline Nichols (Adeline Bennet)--daughter
William Nichols--son-in-law
Lewis Bennet--grandson--son of Jeremiah
Harvey Bennet--grandson--son of Jeremiah
Isaac B. Wells--grandson
Harris G. Wells--grandson
Jessie B. Wells--grandson
Haskel R. Wells--grandson
Helen L. Bennet--granddaughter--daughter of Isaac B.
Julia J. Bennet--granddaughter--daughter of Isaac B.
Rhoda Wells--granddaughter
Lydia M. Merril (Lydia M. Bennet)--granddaughter--daughter of Isaac B.
Otis N. Merril--husband of Lydia M.
Lydia Jane Babcock--granddaughter
Ross Babcock--husband of Lydia Jane
Eunice Farewell--granddaughter
Luke Farewell--husband of Eunice
Alkali Bennet--Niece [?]
Other: David McMaster--special guardian.
32. Jacob Bennett1 (Abraham-9, Abraham-8, James-7, Thomas-6, Hannah Wheeler-5, Thomas-4, Thomas-3, John-2, Obadiah-1) was born on 2 Jun 1772 in , , New Jersey. He died on 1 Dec 1851 in Towlesville, Howard, Steuben, New York. He was buried in Howard_Mt_Pleasant Cem, Howard, Steuben, New York. The Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, by Jessie Howell Finch, RD#1, Trumansburg, NY, US
Note: He was born in NJ (by tradition) & came from Orange Co NY to be an early settler of Howard, Steuben, NY, where He was buried. His will & the Surrogate papers with it name
16 children. by tradition the 1st 9-children were by his 1st wife, Julia Benjamin; next 2 by the second wife, Thankful Baker; last 5 by Charlotte Getchell.

Jacob Bennett and Julia Benjamin were married before 17 Sep 1795. Julia Benjamin1 was born ROUGHLY 1755. She died before 1802. Jacob Bennett and Julia Benjamin had the following children:

+45 i. Abraham Bennett 3rd (born on 7 Aug 1778).
+46 ii. Isaac Bennett (born about 1784).
+47 iii. Jerusha Bennett (born on 17 Sep 1795).
+48 iv. Benjamin B. Bennett (born in 1800).
+49 v. Maria Bennett.
+50 vi. Betsey Bennett.
+51 vii. Asenath Bennett.
+52 viii. John W. D. Fletcher .
+53 ix. Adaline Bennett.

Jacob Bennett and Thankful . Baker were married before 1822. Thankful . Baker1 (daughter of A. Baker Esq.) was born in 1813. She died on 6 Oct 1844. She was buried in Howard_Mt_Pleasant Cem, Howard, Steuben, New York.3 Prudence L. Baker Bennett w/o Jacob b. 1813 d. 06 Oct 1844 dau of A. Baker Jacob Bennett and Thankful . Baker had the following children:

+54 i. Jeremiah Bennett (born about 1823).

Jacob Bennett and Charlotte Gitchell {Mohawk Indian} were married before 1833. Charlotte Gitchell {Mohawk Indian}1 was born on 24 Nov 1793 in , Schoharie, New York.4 She appeared in the census in Jul 1860 in Howard, Steuben, New York.4 She died on 20 Apr 1877. She was buried in Howard_Mt_Pleasant Cem, Howard, Steuben, New York. She was Mohawk Indian. Note: Full blooded Mohawk Indian
Census: Jul 1860, Howard, Steuben, NY;Charlotte Bennett, no occupation; bp Schoharie Jacob Bennett and Charlotte Gitchell {Mohawk Indian} had the following children:

55 i. Comfort Bennett {Civil War}1 was born about 1830. He died in 1862 in Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky. died in the Civil War LI: Howard Steuben Co NY
+56 ii. Nancy Bennett (born about 1833).
+57 iii. Daniel Bennett.
+58 iv. Deborah Bennett (born in 1836).
+59 v. Jacob B. Bennett (born unknown).