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Notes for Henry Brees

The Family of John Brees & Dorothy Riggs

Revolutionary War Veteran: New Jersey Line. He was a soldier volunteer at Baskenridge in Somerset Co. NJ where he was born. Was in Capt. Henry Luce's company, 2nd Battalion, Basking Ridge, NJ line; also in Capt. Stilwell's company, 4th regiment, Hunterdon Company; also in state troops. He was also in Sullivan's campaign under Col. Israel Shreeve.

1785 - moved to Morristown, NJ
Went to Breesport, NY in 1789. (Not listed on pension record)
1809 - moved to Genoa, in Cayuga Co, NY
1817 - Moved to Tioga City, NY
Applied for pension Sept 4, 1832 in Tioga City, NY at age 78. He was a resident of Elmira, NY at that time.

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Note: George Fricke is the historian of the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Follows is my best effort. I hope it makes sense:

As I said in my previous email, we have no information on John Brees who died March 4, 1803 or Dorothy Riggs who died November 23, 1803. It is possible they are both buried in our graveyard. Of the 800 plus stones, we can only identify about 450. Many are illegible or have deteriorated beyond repair.
Following is all that we have on the names you show as their children, From the dates, it looks like they could be their children:
There was a John Breese who was a Revolutionary War Veteran and pew holder for the periods 1763-1777 and 1783-1786.
There is no info on Hannah Gildersleeve.
No info on Mary or May Breese.
There is a Benjamin Hinds who was a Rev.War Vet. and pew holder 1763-1777.
Nothing on Ralph Dayton.
Our trustee records show a Azarizh Breese who was a pew holder for the periods 1783-1786, 1787-1792, and 1795-1802.
Nothing on Susan Gildersleeve. But we do have a Silas Gildersleeve Brees who was Baptised July 14 1805, and was a pew holder in the period 1817-1832. His parents are shown ad John Brees b. 1778, d. Jan 17, 1861 and Elizabeth (Betsey) Raynor, b. 1780, d. August 18, 1820.
I found Esther Hanville married to James Hanville. This must be Esther Brees. I will attach more info on these two.
Nothing on Anna Brees, Noah Hammond.
I show a Henry Brees who was a pew holder for the periods 1783-1786, 1787-1792, and 1795-1802.
Nothing on Sarah Brees.
I found a Stephen Brees who is shown as a carpenter in the 1818 survey. I will attach more on him.
I found no Samuel Brees, Hannah Pierson, or Catherine.
I have input every name I could find in all our paper records into Family Tree Maker. The attachments are reports from this program.
I hope this helps some. Our records do not show relationships so your info helps me to tie some of these Brees's together.

Information regarding Henry’s service is documented in his testimony given will while applying for a pension. He appeared in the court at Elmira, Tioga County, New York (now called Chemung County) on September 4, 1832 at 78 years of age. Henry applied for a pension established by the 1832 revolutionary war pension act. I have copies of the actual documents generated during this process and have summarized his testimony below:

At Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey he entered as a volunteer in a Company of Militia commanded by Caption Platt Bailey, in which Lt. William Cummings was Ensign and Peter Van Deventer orderly sergeant, for term of one year in the fall of 1775.

He continued in like service from 1776 until September 1778 under Captions Kilpatrick, Parker and Moffatt of the New York militia. He was with detachments of his said Company, which was "much employed in pursuit of deserters". He entered Wagon service in September 1778 under Wagon Master General Mifflin - Henry Southard in command.

"I furnished himself with a wagon and four horses and was engaged in this for 16 months until February or March 1780" He further stated that his wagon service was under Jonathan Pennington and the John P. Brees of Elmira, Tioga County, New York can testify on service (Henry’s son, John Pierson Brees).

Afterwards he served "in militia service 1780-1781-1783." "I was under frequent calls for short periods but so often renewed as to make in almost constant services. He could not state the names of his captains as the as the militia were generally called out in portions from various companies and organized under different officers after arriving at the place of rendezvous. Generally he was under command of Major William Davidson in the regiment commanded by Col. William Frelinghuysen. In the various services he was engaged for more than three years, exclusive of his 16 month in the wagon service. He was not engaged in any battles. He was paid 160.00 dollars (arrears of $120; semi annual payment of $40)

His daughter, Susan Young, 56 years old, of Conhocton, Steuben County, New York applied for pension June 4, 1852. She states her father died July 3, 1835: her mother Ruth died March 27, 1833. They were married in 1774. Susannah was not granted any rights to her father’s pension.

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Hi to some of the BREESE Researchers I can find listed online -
I am doing research on Jeremiah Breese of Moravia, NY. My mother and I just finished a second two week "road Trip" up to Chemung and Cayuga Counties, NY doing research on Jeremiah's children. We have a sneaking suspicion that Harriet Breese (b. 1812/15) married to William G. Spencer (1811 - 1 Feb 1870) is a child of Jeremiah and I am in the process of trying to prove this since there is SO LITTLE information on Jeremiah's family. I do have the death certificate of Mary Wood VINCENT that states he father is Wm G. Spencer and mother is Harriet Breese. Any one have further info???
I was able to take photographs of Jeremiah and Nancy's gravesites at the Baker's Cemetery on Town Line between Moravia and Venice. Unfortunately this cemetery is in need of some care! There are rose bushes encroaching on Jeremiah's area of the cemetery. Since I was on the road I did not have a shovel at the time to try and clean it up. Anyway I figured some of you would appreciate these digital photographs of the grave stones. Let me know if you need further information.
If you want any other photographs I have: Baker's Cem.: Phebe, wife of Wm Buchanan Died Dec 15, 1873; Catharine, Samuel, JB; Lucy L., Wife of Lyman C. Brees Died July 5, 1882 and their Children- Ida May, Ettiel, Lyman L. At Barbour's Corner I have: Henry Brees, Ruth Pierson, Hosea and Sara Ann
Hope this helps someone and I am willing to share.
Chris Underwood from Northern Virginia at

Jeremiah BREESE
Birth: 25 Feb 1786 in Basking Ridge, Somerset, New Jersey
Death: 29 Apr 1847 in Moravia, Cayuga County, NY
Buried: Baker's Cemetery near Moravia, Cayuga Co., NY
Father: Henry BREESE ( 29 Aug 1752 - 3 Jun 1835 )
Mother: Ruth PIERSON ( 9 Dec 1754 - 3 Jun 1835 )
Birth: 29 Aug 1752 in Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Death: 3 Jun 1835 in Horseheads, Chemung Co., New York
Burial: Barbour's Corner Cemetery in Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
Father: John BREESE ( 1713 - 4 MAR 1803 )
Mother: Dorothy RIGGS ( 1713 in NJ - 23 NOV 1803 )
Spouse: Ruth PIERSON
Marriage: 7 Jan 1774 in Baskingridge, Somerset Co., NJ
Birth: 9 Dec 1754 in Baskingridge, Somerset Co., NJ
Death: 28 Mar 1833 in Breeseport, Chemung Co., NY
Burial: At Barbour's Corner in Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY
Father: Willis PIERSON
Birth: 1725 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ
Death: 1810 in Duck Creek (Caldwell, Noble Co), OH
Married: ABT 1753 in Barnardsville, Somerset Co, NJ
Mother: Mary RIGGS ( Abt 1713 )