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Notes for Hannah Rockwell Hopper

The Family of Cornelius Hopper & Hannah Rockwell

Dec 17, 1778 - son Matthew born. Died in 1779.
July 24, 1781 - daughter Hannah born
abt 1782 - daughter Olive born
Sept 1, 1784 - daughter Esther born
August 24, 1787 - daughter Mary born

1790 Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Cornelius Hopper
1 male over 16 (Cornelius, age 34)
6 females (Hannah, age 30 & daughters Hannah, age 9, Olive, age 8, Esther, age 5, Mary, age 3. Also 1 other female - who??)

April 30, 1792 - son Rockwell born
Sept 29, 1794 - daughter Amy born
March 11, 1797 - daughter Margaret born
Feb 1, 1799 - son Ira born
1795-1800 - Unknown Daughter born

1800 census Newtown, Tioga Co., NY
Cornelius Hopper - 20010-32110
1 male age 26-45 (Cornelius, age 44)
1 males under 10 (Rockwell, age 8 & Ira, age 1))
1 female age 26-45 (Hannah, age 40)
1 female 16-25 (Hannah, age 19)
2 females 10-15 (Esther, age 15, Mary, age 13)
3 females under 10 (Amy, age 6, Margaret, age 3, and Unknown Daughter, age 0-5)
Is Olive, age 18, already married?

June 6, 1801 - daughter Elizabeth born
Oct 2, 1804 - daughter Fanny born
1800-1810 - Unknown Son born

1810 census Elmira, Tioga Co., NY
Cornelius Hopper 11101-22101
1 male over 45 (Cornelius, age 54)
1 male 16-25 (Rockwell, age 18)
1 male 10-15 (Ira, age 11)
1 male under 10 (Son, age 0-9)
1 female over 45 (Hannah, age 50)
1 female 16-25 (Amy, age 16)
2 females 10-15 (Margaret, age 13 & Unknown daughter, age 10-15)
2 females under 10 (Elizabeth, age 9 & Fanny, age 6)

February 21, 1814 - Cornelius Hopper died in Belfast, Allegany Co., NY

1820 census Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY
Abraham Minnier
1 male over 45 (??)
1 male 26-45 (Abraham, age 38)
2 males 10-16 (Samuel, age 15 & Son Two, age 10?)
2 males under 10 (Son Three, age 5-9 & son Four, age 0-4)
1 female over 45 (Hannah Rockwell Hopper, age 60?)
1 female 26-45 (Hannah Hopper Minier, age 39)
1 female 10-16 (Daughter One or Two, age 10-16)
2 persons engaged in agriculture

1830 census

April 07, 1839 - Hannah Rockwell Hopper died in Milburn, Tioga Co., NY

Kling families of Miami Co., IN, & Lancaster Co., PA and Mead families of CT, NY, OH, and MO
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ID: I1064
Name: Hannah Rockwell
Surname: Rockwell
Given Name: Hannah
Sex: F
Birth: 6 Oct 1760 in Ridgefield,Fairfield,CT
Death: 7 Apr 1839
LDS Baptism: 21 Jul 1994 Temple: CHICA
Endowment: 12 Jul 1996 Temple: CHICA
_UID: A579B5CAE5F4D24B859C908F93AD4DF05012
Sealing Child: 23 Oct 1996 Temple: CHICA
! see father's notes; IGI 1996; Mr. Shannon Rathbun, Eaton Rapids, MI, correspondence 20 Feb 2000;
CORRECTION, to the book: The Descendants of John Rockwell II (1588-1662) and Wilmet Cade
(1587-1662), by WR Nichols, 1996, v 3, p 20, list her as marrying Judah Mead, but it is in ERROR as it
was her sister Mehitable, and the children listed are Judah & Mehitable Mead's, see her notes;
Married: 25 Dec 1777, Warwick, Orange, NY, Cornelius Hooper;
11 Children: Olive, Matthew, Hannah, Esther, Mary, Rockwell, Amy, Margaret, Ira, Elizabeth, Fanny;
Change Date: 3 Dec 2005 at 13:12:49

Father: Jonathan Rockwell b: 10 Jan 1738 in Ridgefield,Fairfield,CT
Mother: Hannah Bennett b: ABT 1746 in Ridgefield,Fairfield,CT
Marriage 1 Cornelius Hooper b: 30 Oct 1744 in Tappan,Rockland,NY
Married: 25 Dec 1777 in Warwick,Orange,NY
Sealing Spouse: 20 Sep 1995 in CHICA
51. HANNAH7 ROCKWELL (HANNAH6 BENNETT, EPHRAIM5, JAMES4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, NICHOLAS1) was born October 6, 1760. She married CORNELIUS HOPPER December 25, 1777 in Orange Co, NY, son of MATTHEW HOPPER and ELSIE COOPER. He was born February 8, 1756 in Tappen, Orange Co, NY, and died February 14, 1814 in Allegany Co, NY.

i. MATTHEW8 HOPPER, b. 1778; d. 1779.
ii. HANNAH HOPPER, b. July 24, 1781, Orange Co., NY; d. December 14, 1842; m. ABRAHAM MINIER, 1803, Prob Wellsburg Church; d. June 26, 1827.
Burial: Sing Sing Ceme.

Burial: Sing Sing Ceme.

103. iii. OLIVE HOPPER, b. July 25, 1782, Orange Co., NY; d. 1842, Millsport, NY.
iv. ESTHER HOPPER, b. September 1, 1784, Orange Co., NY; d. April 6, 1865; m. ELISHA MOORE.
v. MARY HOPPER, b. August 24, 1787; d. March 16, 1854; m. OWENS.
vi. ANNA HOPPER, b. November 6, 1789.
vii. ROCKWELL HOPPER, b. May 1, 1792, Wellsburg, Tioga Co, NY; m. ELIZABETH COMFORT.
viii. AMY HOPPER, b. September 29, 1794, Tioga Co, NY; m. ELIAS STEVENS, December 25, 1816, NY.
ix. MARGARET HOPPER, b. March 11, 1797; m. SANFORD.
x. IRA HOPPER, b. February 1, 1799.
xi. ELIZABETH HOPPER, b. June 6, 1801, Tioga Co, NY; d. 1887; m. WILLIAM T CHURCHILL.
xii. SALLY HOPPER, b. October 2, 1804, Wellsburg, Tioga Co, NY; m. SPENCER.
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Name: Cornielus HOPPER 1 2
Sex: M
Birth: 8 FEB 1756 in Clarkston, Rockland County, New York 1 2
Marriage 1 Hannah ROCKWELL b: 6 OCT 1760 in Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Married: ABT 1777 1
Olive HOPPER b: 25 JUL 1778 in Litchfield, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Matthew HOPPER b: 17 DEC 1778 in Chemung County, New York
Hannah HOPPER b: 24 JUL 1781 in Chemung County, New York
Esther HOPPER b: 1 SEP 1784 in Chemung County, New York
Mary HOPPER b: 24 AUG 1787 in Chemung County, New York
Rockwell HOPPER b: 30 APR 1792 in Elmira, Chemug County, New York
Amy HOPPER b: 29 SEP 1794 in Angelica, Allegheny County, New York
Margaret HOPPER b: 11 MAR 1797 in Chemung County, New York
Ira HOPPER b: 1 FEB 1799 in Chemung County, New York
Elizabeth HOPPER b: 6 JUN 1801 in Chemung County, New York
Fanny HOPPER b: 2 OCT 1804 in Chemung County, New York

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ID: I513728496
Name: Cornelius HOPPER
Given Name: Cornelius
Surname: Hopper
Sex: M
Birth: 8 Feb 1756 in Clarkstown, Rockland, New York
Death: 21 Feb 1814 in Belfast, Allegany, New York
Note: REFN: jnag108277

Father: Mattheus HOPPER b: Abt. 1720 in New York, New York, New York
Mother: Aeltje KUYPER b: 8 Sep 1722 in Tappan, Rockland, New York
Marriage 1 Hannah ROCKWELL b: 6 Oct 1760 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut
Married: 25 Dec 1777 in Warwick, Orange, New York
Olive HOPPER b: 25 Jul 1778 in Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut
Matthew HOPPER b: 17 Dec 1778 in Chemung County, New York
Hannah HOPPER b: 24 Jul 1781 in Chemung County, New York
Esther HOPPER b: 1 Sep 1784 in Chemung County, New York
Mary HOPPER b: 24 Aug 1787 in Chemung County, New York
Rockwell HOPPER b: 30 Apr 1792 in Elmira, Chemung, New York
Amy HOPPER b: 29 Sep 1794 in Angelica, Allegany, New York
Margret HOPPER b: 11 Mar 1797 in Chemung County, New York
Ira HOPPER b: 1 Feb 1799 in Chemung County, New York
Elizabeth HOPPER b: 6 Jun 1801 in Chemung County, New York
Fanny HOPPER b: 2 Oct 1804 in Chemung County, New York
Baptist Church Records for Wellsburg NY in Chemung County 1789 to 1833
1791 October the 13
Thadius Bennitt Unez Bennitt Nancy Bennitt Margaret Bennitt Received by the witness of Elder James Fin that he baptised them upon profession of their faith in Christ

1791 Decem’r 3 Met pursuant 1st.. Apointed Brother Justice Bennitt To Labour with Ebinezer Green On account of his refusing to join In the Constitution of the Church 2ly appointed Elizabeth Townsand to labour with Green Bently for the same cause

January 7th 1792
The Church the[n] met in fellowship 1st Received Ebinez Green By Letter of of [sic] Dismission of the Baptist Church at Warwick 2nd Cornelius & Hannah Hopper put themselves under the watch & care of the Church

February the 4 1792
The Church met in fellowship & having had no answer from Brother Bently again apointed three Brothers Viz: William Buck & Thomas Keeny & Joh hillman To Labour with him

March the 3 1792
Met pursuant 1=the brothers that was appointed To Visit Brother Green Bently Inform the Church They found him wishing to retract his wrong 2= Received A request from the Church at New town Desireing Elder Goff should preach with them Some part of the time to which the Church Granted he Should preach there the Last sabath in Every month as Long as should be convenient

May th 5 1792 the Church then met acording to ajournment 1st Two more bretheren Vizit him for joining Vain Company 2ly Elder Goff & Gamaliel Townsand to Labour with Cornelius Hopper for geting Drunk 3ly: Gamaliel townsand & Thadius Bennett was was [sic] appointed to Labour with Abraham S Bovier for join[in]g Vain Company for raffling & Drinking 4ly: & on May the 2dth John Van Camp was Excluded From the Church felowship for Vain Dancing & refusing to hear the church

June the 2 1792

July the 7 1792
the Church then met in felowship & Excluded Abraham S Bovier from the felowship of the church 1ly: for gambling & Drinkin[g] & for leaving his father Contrary to his order which was made to apear by proof 2ly Justice Bennitt took up by confesion his Conduct to the satisfaction of the Church 3ly And Green Bently Remained as he was 4ly Elder Goff informed the Church that he had baptised two Viz: James Steward & Mary Finch members at the apple Orchard & received to the fellowship of the Church 5ly Abraham Bennitt annis Goff was baptised upon the profession of their faith in Christ & received to the fellowship of the Church
Meting Opened by prayr 1ly: Considered the case of Abra’m S Bovier but could be no returns from him By the Bretheren apointed to visit him for he had Left the place 2ly: Brother Cornelius hopper as apeared he had confesed his fault to the satisfaction of the Church 3ly & Elder Goff to visit the Bretheren at apple orchard and Brother John Goff & Joseph Silsby to Labour with brother Justice Benitt & Elder Goff & Thomas Keeny to labour with Green Bently Justice Bennitt acount for Wine 7/&4d in behalf of which he hath Received one Bushel of Wheat of brother Hilman

October the 6 1792
the Church then met & adopted sertain Rulles which will be is Enserted in page –— 2ly: Hannah Hopper was Received in full Communion by a letter of Dismission from pit town Church 3ly: Elder Goff & Thomas Keeny was appointed to labour with Ebenezar Green for Neglecting Church meetings 4ly: Thadius Bennitt & John Seely to Labour with David Moss for neglecting Church meetings a letter Received from Abraham S Bovier & another Apointed unto him

January the 5 1793
the Church being met together Considered the Case of David Moss & found that there had been labour Taken with him acording to gospel requirement & he Still refusing to hear the Church that they withdrew the hand of fellowship from him for taking Elles out of the Basket of Elder Goff & Thomas Keeny 2ly: Abraham Benitt Thomas Keeny Thadius Benitt Apointed to labour with Cornelius hoper for Drinking Too hard

The 2
the Church being met 1ly: David Moss appeared & confessed his faults & on the Sabath Did publickly confess to the satisfaction of the Church & likewise Cornelius hopper did publickly confess his faults to the Satisfaction of the Church 2ly: Joseph silsby & Lidia silsby was received by letters of Dismission from the Warwick Church 3ly appoint Thomas Keeney Quarister
March the 2 the Church being met in fellowship 1ly Sister Bently laid a matter of Difficuty [sic] before the Church Against Justice bennit for saying he paid the rent of a sertain place that he had of her husband three times & the Church looked upon the accusation Laid against him 2ly: Elizabeth Meed was received by letter of Dismission from Warwick Church
the 6
the Church then met in Union 1ly apointed Sister Hillman And mercy Keeny to Labour with Green Bently he having been laboured with Before as the Gospel Doth Direct & If not reclaimed Apointed to with Draw the hand of fellowship From him forthwith this Instant
the 2
the Church being met 1ly A mater of Dificulty brought forward by John Goff against Diana Bently for Declaring fellowship with Justice Bennitt & then saying she never Did Meeting Adjourned till June 7
June 7 The Church being met 1ly Sister Bently Co[n]fessed to the satisfaction of the Church 2ly Brethern was apointed to Labour with Cornelius For Drinking too hard. 3ly.. sisters appointed To Labour with sister nancy Bennitt for Disor[der]ly Co[n]duct & neglecting the Church
July 6
the Church being met & the brethern apointed To labour with Cornelius hopper made returns To the Church that they had no freedom with him 2ly the church With Drew the hand of Fellowship from him

the 1
the Church being met 1ly hannah hopper Received by letter of Dismission from Middletown Church 2ly Sister mary stephenses case was Considered by her request for leavin[g] the Church Under Bond and it appeared that she had taken All matters out of the way 3ly the Church Apointed to send her a letter of freedom 4ly Bought a table cloth for flax paid by Thomas Keeny 2-lb-& ½ Thadius Bennitt 2 lb & ½ John Hillman 2 lb & ½ Joseph Silsby 2lb Deborah Silsby 2 lb Margaret Bennitt 2lb
the 7
the the [sic] Church being met 1ly..apointed sister horton should Have a letter of dismission from this Church when joined to Another of the same faith January the 23: 1795 = The Church at Chemung request to the Church at sanrutson Sendeth greeting bretheren we find ourselves bound to give Thanks to God for your faith in Christ & zeal for the honour of the cause of the great redeemer bretheren pray for Us That we as a branch of that living vine throug[h] grace May bring forth fruit to the praise of the glory of his grace bretheren we inform you that Nathaniel Hendrix of your Church personly appeared before this Church to answer the complaint of Anis Bennitt as a Burden against him for his Conduct to her 1ly.. when They were alone in laying hands on such parts as is not Fit to mention & like wise for the same Conduct to mary Rumefield Publick by which asertion he Utterly Denied Before the Church & Declared he had never Laid his Hands on no woman since he was a maried man in such A manner Save his own wife as to the first act there was No proof for they were alon[e] But the 2: Brother Gamaliel Townsand & his wife both Declared they had Seen him
Serve Mary Rummefield in the manner as it was aledged Against him Sister Rachel townsen likewise Declared that he Had laid his hands on her at a husking at John Rickeys husking Having an opportunity of Catching her alone or a piece from the Company & that he strove to keep her from calling out help Which she was oblidged to Do because of the Violence of his hands Which was known to brother townsen & Thadius Bennitt Both of them being at the husking & likewise another burden was Brought against him for giving oath between Doctor Holbrook & Green Bently wherein he did atest that he heared His wife say that the Doctor had given her Daughter musk & had more to give her which he give in Under oath & it was Made to apear at the time when he Said that sister Bently had said it she did not but said that if Her Daughter must have musk the Doctor should give it Himself But never had any which Declared by sister Bently & Sister Elizabeth townsand & Anis Bennitt
the 3
the church being met—1ly Justice Bennitt & his Wife give Satisfaction to the Church for their Neglect of meeting 2ly..Received by letter of Dismision from the pitstown church Cornelius hopper 3ly Abraham S Bovier restored to membership 4ly..Received by letter of Dismision From the warwick Church Patience Vancamp
the 4
the Church being met – 1ly appointed Brother Rockwell Hopper & townsand for to labour with brother Garlinghouse for neglect of meeting—2ly..a letter of recommendation to be given Brother Keeny

the 5
the Church being met –1ly- appointed that sister Hiott should have a letter of dismission from this Church when joined to another of the same faith & order –2ly-Returns by the bretheren from New bedford that they Were Cordially received assisted them in the Constitution of a Church –3ly-=- Green bently received upon confesion of his past conduct on a certificate of his being Baptised by Elder David Jayne Upon the profesion of His faith in Christ

26 Received upon the profesion of their faith in Christ & Baptised Jonathan Thomas Rachel Townsen Mary Townsen Mary Ripenbark Mercy Rickey & Olive Hopper