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Notes for Hannah M. Brees Rorick

The Family of Elias Brees & Deborah Bennett

1820 BREES ELIAS Tioga County NY 300 Elmira Federal Population Schedule NY 1820 Federal Census Index NY320143739
1 older male (Elias, age 45)
2 younger males (Bennett, age 14, John, age 11)
2 young males (Lewis, age 6, Solomon, age 1)
1 older female (Deborah, age 31)
2 young females (Phoebe, age 13, Hannah, age 3)

1830 BREES ELIAS Tioga County NY 231 Elmira Federal Population Schedule NY 1830 Federal Census Index NY558208681
2 males under 5 (Darius, age 5, Jacob, age 3)
2 males 5-10 (Daniel, age 8, Solomon, age 10)
1 males 10-15 (Lewis, age 15)
2 males 20-30 (Abram, age 24, John, age 21)
1 male 50-60 (Elias, age 55)
1 female under 5 (Nancy, age 1)
1 female 10-15 (Hannah, age 13)
1 female 30-40 (Deborah, age 40)

1840 census Seneca, Lenawee Co., MI Estell Rorick

1850 census Dover, Lenawee, Co., MI
Household #131
Estell Rorick, age 41, farmer, $2500 real estate, b. NJ
Hannah, age 31, b. NY
Cosper, age 15, b. MI
Deborah A., age 10, b. MI
Lavina, age ?, b. MI
Melisa, age 4, b. MI
Bradley H. Palmer, age 24, laborer, b. NY

1860 census Seneca, Lenawee Co., MI
Household 1911/1966
Estell Roric, age 57, farmer, $2500 real estate, b. NJ
Hannah, age 42, b. NY
Cosper, age 22, b. MI
Leona, age 17, b. MI
Melisa, age 13, b. MI
Peter W. Roric, age 10, b. NY
Philander Willcox, age 19, b. NY

1870 census Seneca, Lenawee Co., MI
Household #89/86
Ertell Rorick, age 61, farmer, b. NJ
Hannah, age 51, b. NY
Household #90/87
Cosper Rorick, age 32, farmer, b. MI
Alice, age 28, b. OH
Herbert, age 6, b. MI
Horton, age 3, b. MI
Susan A., age 23, dress maker, b. NJ
Mary McChere, age 26, house work, b. OH
Will Baker, age 23, works on farm, b. OH
Edward Eddy, age 26, works on farm. b. NY
Joseph Meade, age 23, cheese maker, b. England
George Meade, age 16, cheese maker, b. NY

1880 United States Census Seneca, Lenawee, Michigan Page Number 455C
Estel RORICK Self M Male W 71 NJ Farmer NJ NJ
Hannah RORICK Wife M Female W 61 NY House Keeper NY NY
Lozetta RORICK Niece M Female W 34 MI NJ NJ

The foregoing quotation from the address of John C. Rorick in 1880 will give the present generation some idea of the hardships endured by the 8 sons and 6 daughters of Jacob and his wife, Elizabeth, on their farm in New Jersey in their younger days. It may have been because of these hardships that 3 of the sons, William, Estell, and Cosper, decided to brave the hardships of going west in the 1830s to Lenawee County, Michigan to carve out of the primeval forest homes and farms of their own. As most of the Roricks who will attend the family reunion on July 28, 1940 are descendants of these three men, who married three Breese sisters of Horseheads, N.Y., I will give a brief record of these three men.

William was born March 30, 1805. He went to Horseheads, N.Y. in 1828 where he married Phebe Ann Breese, May 22, 1829. They started with a two-horse team in December 1836 and drove through Canada, crossing the Detroit River on the ice and stopping in Fairfield. He worked Hart. Russell's farm one year and then came to Seneca and, by pieces, bought the old homestead and clearing it all himself. They have five children: Elias B. of Morenci, John C. of Wauseon, Jacob M. of Seneca, Dr. Estell H. of Fayette, and Lusetta of Morenci. All were living at the time of John C.'s address in July 1880. William died January 15, 1898. None of his children are now living.

Estell Rorick, my grandfather, was born September 21, 1809. He was married to Hannah Breese (sister of Phebe Ann) at Horseheads, N.Y., February 7, 1836. In May 1837, they in company with Elias Breese, Hannah's father, and his family came to Michigan. Estell had one team of horses and Elias Breese, two teams. They drove to Fairfield and turned out on the banks of Sand Creek about a mile and a half north of Hart Russell's. Estell bought the land in Section 7, south and east of Canandaigua, known as the Wanzer Breese farm, cut the first tree July 3, 1837. He put up a log house and moved into it July 20 and lived in it until January 1st without windows, chinking or chimney.
He later sold this farm and purchased another, north of Canandaigua in Rome township, where he lived for a few years, and then he purchased and moved to the farm, later owned by my father, Cosper Rorick, and now owned by his grandson, Curtis Rorick. Estell Rorick died in 1880, leaving four children: Cosper Rorick, my father, Deb. Ann Spear, Lovina Rorick Bennett, and Melissa Rorick Porter. My father, the above Cosper Rorick, was born October 8, 1838 and died April 23, 1910. On June 30, 1861, he married Alice M.Horton, who was born March 26, 1842 and who died May 18, 1891. None of Estell Rorick's children are now living, but some of his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren are expected to be present at the Reunion on July 28, 1940.

A third son of Jacob and Elizabeth Rorick, who was born in new Jersey, September 11, 1817, and later moved to Michigan, was Cosper Rorick, a younger brother of William and Estell, who was always known to me as Uncle "Cop." He was married to Nancy Breese, a sister to Phebe and Hannah, at Horseheads, N.Y. and then came to Michigan in 1840, where he drove a team for Allen and Daniles at Medina for some time. He afterwards worked for Smith in the distillery at Canandaigua. He and his wife settled on the old farm just north of Seneca, which was owned by his sons, Mark and Leroy, in 1880, and which I understand is now owned by Mark's son, John P. of Adrian, Michigan. Cosper Rorick died December 28, 1874, and I well remember of attending the funeral in a cutter with Mother and Father. The snow was very deep and drifted high. Cosper and Nancy left two sons, Mark and Leroy, who married two Porter sisters, Mary and Harriet, who were also sisters of Sylvester K. Porter, known to me as "Uncle Vet." He married my father's sister, Melissa Rorick, known to me as "Aunt Litt."