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John Brees was the son of unknown parents. He was born in Holland, sometime before 1700 and probably before 1695. I do not know the name of his spouse


John (Jan) Brees & Unknown SpouseAn old Brees family chart states "John Brees emigrated from Holland, three sons" and lists the sons as John, Henry & Cornelius. A note written on the back of the chart is confusing. I THINK it says:"Jacob Aaronson, (act?) of John Brees (dict?) in Holland in 1821. He (Jacob?) says he (John?) died about 10 years before which would make his death about 1811 he was 82 years old when he died - lived in Tetat (?) 8 miles from Amsterdam at the time of his death." Dee Applebee says there are several researchers who have tried to find Tetat - no town of that name has been found as of yet. Not sure who is being referred to above - the person above who was 82 when he died in 1811 would have been born in 1729. Our John Brees who married Dorothy Riggs was born in 1713 and died in 1803, so not referring to our John or his father John. Maybe one of the branches that stayed in Holland? More research needed

The Children of John Brees:

John (Jan) BreesJohn Brees was born about 1713 in Holland. He emigrated to America in 1735. John married Dorothy Riggs in 1736 or 1737. I'm not sure if they married in New York or New Jersey. In 1737 John Brees signed a remonstrance against the conduct of the sheriff of the county of New York in regard to the election of a representative of the City & County of New York, and praying the governor to remove the sheriff from office. (Doc'y Hist. N.Y., Vol. III, page 484.), but Dorothy's family had been in America since the 1600's and were living in New Jersey. John & Dorothy settled in Bernards Township, Somerset Co., NJ. They had 9 children there, born between 1738 to 1758, and they lived there until their deaths. They attended church at the Presbyterian Meeting House in Basking Ridge, NJ, and most of their church records (baptisms, burials etc) are listed at that church, which has caused some confusion about where they lived and where their children were born. John Brees died on March 04, 1803 and Dorothy died on November 23, 1803. Both died in Bernards Township, Somerset Co., NJ and are reported to be buried in the graveyard at the Presbyterian Meeting House, Basking Ridge, NJ although no stones exist for them now. The last name of their descendants has been spelled both BREES and BREESE, but early records indicate that it was originally spelled BREES.
The Family of John Brees & Dorothy Riggs
Henry (Hendrick) BreesHenry Brees was born in Holland. He emigrated to America. His name was possibly Hendrick. An old Brees chart states that Henry "went to the lower part (of) New Jersey before the Revolution." The chart does not indicate any children for Henry, and I have no further information about him.
Cornelius BreesCornelius Brees was born in Holland. He emigrated to America, possibly before his brother John as there was Cornelius Brees who lived on Staten Island who bought land from James Alexander in 1720. An old family chart says that Cornelius had 3 sons named John, Moses & Samuel, and that they "all went to Virginia about the year 1790." I have not found them in Virginia in 1810. There is a Moses Brees who was born about 1744 in New Jersey who may be a son of this Cornelius Brees, although records indicate he went from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, and then to Ohio and Indiana..