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The Family of James W. and Cannanizer Hines Knight

I came across some information about an old, neglected cemetery near Pine, Louisiana shortly after I began researching the Knight Family of Washington Parish, Louisiana. It only included directions to the cemetery and a list of the graves of J. W. Knight "Father", Mrs. J. W. Knight "Mother", and three more women and infant twins.

My goal at that time was to gather information about William Plummer Knight's family, but, I couldn't stop thinking about that old neglected cemetery and the family buried there who had long been forgotten; and I kept getting drawn back to that family.

James W. Knight was William Plummer Knight's first cousin. He was the son of Charles and Susannah Knight's oldest son William and his wife Martha Nobles. If you are related to this family and you live near Pine, Louisiana, please stop by the cemetery and visit James and Cannanizer and their children. Perhaps you could leave a flower on their graves. Tell them that we have not forgotten them.

James W. Knight married Cannanizer Hines about 1879/1880. She was the daughter of Enoch "Henry" Hines and Susan Ann Carnege. They lived near Pine, Louisiana, about three miles north of Hwy. 10, on Hwy 62. Go about 1/3 mile past Pope Road, toward Pine. Their property is on the same side as Pope Road.

The family cemetery is also on this property. James Knight, his wife Cannanizer, 3 of their daughters Mary Jane, Delia and Lizzie and the infant twins of Lizzie are buried in this unnamed cemetery. To see a picture of the cemetery, click here.

James and Cannanizer are listed on the 1880 Census in Washington Parish, Ward 5: They had just recently been married and had no children at this time.

James Knight Relation: Self Maritial Status Married Gender Male Race: White Age: 21 Birthplace: Louisiana Occupation: Farmer Father's Birthplace: Louisiana Mother's birthplace: Mississippi

Caninizer Knight Relation: Wife Maritial Status: Married Gender: Female Race: White Age: 17 Birthplace: Mississippi Occupation: Keeping House Father's Birthplace: Mississippi Mother's Birthplace: Mississippi

James W. Knight's mother and siblings were living two doors down from them. James' father William Knight had passed away the previous year in 1779.

Martha Knight Self Widow Female White Age 45 Birthplace: MS Occupation: Farmer Father's BP: MS Mother's BP: MS

George Knight Son Male Age: 17 Birthplace: Occu: At Home Father's BP: LA Mother's BP: MS

Monroe Knight Son Age: 15 Birthplace: LA Occu: At Home

Marion Knight Male Age: 13 Birthplace: LA Occu: At Home

Jane A. Knight Dau Age: 11 Birthplace: LA Occu: At School

Charles Knight Son Age: 9 Birthplace: LA Occu: --

Angiline Knight Dau Age: 3 Birthplace: LA Occu: --

Elizabeth Pounds Relation: Other Female Race: White Age: 25 Birthplace: LA Occu: School Teacher Father's Birthplace: MS Mother's BP: MS

Amanda Nobles Relation: Sister (of Martha) Age: 40 Birthplace: MS Occu: Housekeeper Father's BP: MS Mother's BP: MS

Canannizer Hines' mother's maiden name was Carnegie. The Carnegie's were from Duplin County, NC. The family originally spelled their name Kornegay. They later changed their name to Carnegie. Zachariah Kornegay was born in 1810 in Duplin County, NC. He was the son of Abraham Kornegay and Anna Turnage. He married Cannanizer Conerly, born 1813 in Duplin County, NC. She was the daughter of John Conerly and Susannah Newton.

Zachariah Kornegay and Cannanizer Conerly had the following children:

Abram Carnegie was born in 1836 in NC, death place and time are unknown.

Susan Ann Carnegie was born Nov 20, 1842 in Marion, MS. She died Jan 1, 1913, in Washington Parish, LA. Susan Ann Carnegie married Henry Hines. Their daughter Cannanizer Hines married James W. Knight.

Luke Ward Carnegie was born in 1844, in Marion County, MS. He died in 1892,in Marion, MS.

Elvira O. Carnegie was born 6-21-1846. She died Feb 6, 1890. Elvira married William Washington Rester. Elvira and William Washington Rester's daughter Susan Elvira Rester,born Aug 6, 1876, in LA, married James Abner Knight. James Abner Knight was the son of James "Jockey Jim" Knight's son John Wesley Knight.

Vestor Carnegie born 1863 with no date or place of death.

Zachariah died after 1870 in Marion, MS. Cannanizer died in 1889 in Varnado, La.

Abraham Kornegay was born 11-23-1801, in Duplin County, NC the son of Jacob Kornegay and Mary Ward. He married Anna Turnage of unknown parents. They had seven children: Mary, Nancy, Zachariah, Henry, Ward, Martha and Louey.

Abraham and Anna both died in Duplin County, NC with dates unknown.

Jacob Kornegay was born in 1735 in Craven, Duplin County, NC to George Kornegay and Mary Fisher. He married Mary Ward 7-19-1777 in Duplin County, NC. Her parents were unknown. They had thirteen children: Elizabeth, John, Martin, Anne, George, Rockealena, Rebecca, Luke, Bryan, Henry, Abraham, Penelope, and Mary.

Jacob died in 1796 in Duplin County, NC. Mary died in 1796 with place unknown.

George Kornegay, Sr. was born in 1696, the son of John George Kornegay and unknown mother with parents unknown. He married Mary Fisher whose parents were unknown in NC. They had ten children: George, Jacob, William, John, David, Joseph, Abraham, Mary, Daniel and Elijah.

George died Nov 22, 1773, and Mary died in 1750 in NC.

John George Kornegay was born 1680 in Heidelberg, Germany. His parents are unknown. He married Unknown Kornegay in Germany whose parents are unknown. Both died in 1711. They had four children: George Kornegay, Sr. was born in 1696 and died in 1773 in NC. His three siblings all died Sep 22, 1711 in NC.

All three children along with their parents died in an Indian raid on their settlement. Only George Sr. survived. They had come to the new world due to the unrest that was caused by Kings in England. They had to change religions to stay alive.

Information about the Cornegie family was contributed by Samuel Felton Knight, Jr. and William Paul Knight, descendants of Cannanizer Hines Knight's Aunt Elvira O. Carnegie and James W. Knight's Uncle James "Jockey Jim" Knight.

Cannanizer Hines Knight's mother, Susan Ann Carnegie, was born 11-20-1841. She died 1-1-1913. Susan Ann married Enoch "Henry" Hines, born 8-4-1837. He died 8-8-1907. They are both buried in Hines Cemetery, located North of Stateline in Ward 7, on Enoch Hines Road.

Cannanizer's parent's lived just a few doors down from her and James.

1880 Census, 5th Ward, Washington Parish

Enoch H. Hines Self Married Male White Age 42 BP: MS Occup: Farmer Father's BP: NC Mother's BP: NC

Susan Ann Hines Wife Married Female White Age 35 BP: AL Occup: Keeping House Father's BP: NC Mother's BP: NC

Susan Hines Dau Age 16 Born: LA Occup: At Home Father's BP: LA Mother's BP: AL

Rebecca Hines Dau Age 14 Born: LA Occup: At Home

Mary Hines Dau Age 11 Born: LA Occup: At Home

William Hines Son Age 11 Born: LA Occup: At Home

Elvira Hines Dau Age 9 Born: LA

Lucy Hines Dau Age 6 Born: LA

Frances Hines Dau Age 2 Born: LA

Enoch "Henry" Hines was the son of Enoch Hines, born in 1803 and died in 1881, and Susannah Guy, born in 1807 and died in 1873. Both are buried in Hines Cemetery.

Enoch Hines was the son of Felix Hines and Mary Carr.

Note: Some researchers have Cannanizer Hines Knight's mother as Susan Ann Carnegie, but the person giving the information for Cannanizer's death certificate gave her mother's name as "Shirley" Carnegie. I believe Shirley is incorrect because the 1880 census lists her name as Susan Ann.

Susan Ann Carnegie and Henry Hines children:

Cannanizer Hines married James W. Knight.

ELVIE (ELVIRA) HINES, b. 5-11-1871, d. 9-23-1954, w/o James R. McCain, b. 11-30-1880, d. 3-17-1960, s/o Edward & Ann Turnage McCain. Elvira and James are buried in Hines Cemetery.

William Henry (Buddy) HINES, b. 6-18-1868, d. 9-8-1960, h/o (1) Missouri Sumrall, (2) Cordelia Crain, b. 10-3-1875, d. 11-6-1896, d/o Elias B. and Alice Adams Crain. William Henry Hines and Cordelia Crain's son Walter W. Hines, b. 6-1-1895, d. 8-23-1942, w/o (1) Dixie Ard, (2)Annie Drummond. Walter W. Hines and Annie Drummond's son, Jewell L. (Leverne), b. 7-22-1942, d. 5-1-1969, h/o Rose Mary Cooster. Another son, Walter Hines, Jr., b. 5-10-1932, d. 7-6-1994, MSGT U.S. Air Force, Korea and Vietnam, h/o Phyllis Buba. William Henry Hines' family are buried in Hines Cemetery.

James W. Knight and Cannanizer Hines had six children and one grandchild whom they raised:

Dr. William Henry Knight

Martha Irene Knight Dees

Mary Jane Knight

Delia Knight Jenkins

Lizzie Knight Seals

Lillie Rebecca Knight Oxford

Delia Mary Jane Jenkins Crain, Granddaughter

James W. Knight was a small man. He wore rim glasses and a panama hat. He was a very good man who would always help anybody in need. There were many Knights named William and James during the 1800's so they were all given nicknames. James W. Knight was called "Billy Goat Jim" because he owned brush goats (woods goats). One time during the great depression, Plummer Knight's son Earlie Knight needed to borrow money because his wife was very sick and needed to go to the hospital. Most of the banks had gone under, and he was unable to get a loan. No one would loan him the money. Earlie Knight asked James "Billy Goat Jim" Knight if he would loan him the money and use his land for collateral. "Billy Goat Jim" told Earlie that he would go to the bank in Tylertown the next morning and get him the money he needed and would not accept any collateral for the loan. Earlie was able to get his wife the medical help she needed, and he repaid the loan.

Billy Goat Jim's son, Dr. William Henry Knight, was a Southern Baptist preacher. He was the first Secretary of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. After his father's death, he moved back to Pine and built a big white house on the property that he had bought from his father. William Henry Knight was living in Alexandria, Louisiana when he died. Memories of William Lavern Knight, son of Earlie Knight.

There is an old cemetery that has been totally neglected. The infants' gravestone is almost completely unreadable. It and others have fallen over. The Cemetery is located about 3 miles north of Hwy. 10 (Hwy 10 is also called Franklinton Hwy.) on Hwy 62. Go past Pope Road toward Pine about 1/3 mile. There is no sign or any other indication that it is there. The cemetery is on the same side as Pope Road; look for a small, overgrown drive. Monroe Knight Road is a few feet ahead on the opposite side of the street. The cemetery was just called the family cemetery. The small cemetery is a few feet off the road and is enclosed by an old style chain link fence. You cannot see the cemetery from the highway. It is located in a wooded area.

James Knight was born Dec. 29, 1856 and died of heart trouble on Sept. 27, 1935 at his home near Pine. He is buried in the family cemetery on their property next to his wife Cannanizer Hines Their double grave marker reads,

"Father" J. W. Knight B. Dec. 29, 1856 - D. Sept. 27, 1935

He was Beloved by God and Man.

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of his death:

10-03-1935 James W. Knight, 78 years of age, and a resident of Pine, died last Friday. He married 55 years ago to Cannanizer Hines. Six children were born, 3 surviving: Dr. W. H. Knight, Mrs. J. W. Oxford, and Mrs. John Dees; 6 grandchildren, 1 of whom they raised, Mrs. W. L. Crain; 4 brothers, George, Monroe, C.C., and M.T. Knight; 1 sister, Mrs. IL Pope; 1 half brother, W. P. Knight.(William Penn) Interment was in the family cemetery.

A copy of his death certificate can be found by clicking here.

James' wife Cannanizer was born Jan. 20, 1862. She died of Salmonella poisoning on Dec. 15, 1940. Her side of the grave marker reads,

"Mother" Mrs. J. W. Knight - B. Jan. 20, 1862 - D. Dec. 15, 1940.

A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of her death:

12-19-1940 Mrs. J. W. Knight of Pine died Sunday at age 79 years. She is the mother of Rev. William Henry Knight and Mrs. John Dees, and grandmother of Mrs. Latimore Crain.

Cannanicer H. Knight died 12/15/40. Her death certificate can be found on Vol. 40, certificate # 17340 at the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge, LA.

James W. Knight homesteaded his property in 1890 from United States, 167.88 acres, Book 40, page 313; recorded in Franklinton Courthouse.

James W. Knight purchased 40.12 acres for $137.50 from his brother Charlie C. Knight in 1906, Book 10, page 487; recorded in Franklinton Courthouse.

James and Cannanizer had five daughters and one son. At the time of Cannanizer's death in 1940, only two of their children were still living: Irene Knight Dees from Baton Rouge and their son William Henry Knight. William Henry Knight was living in Ft. Worth Texas in 1930 as a teacher at the Baptist Seminary according to census ecords, he was living in Atlanta when he bought his parents property in 1933, and he was living in Fulton County, Georgia when his father died in 1935; however, he apparently moved back to Pine, Louisiana after his father's death; probably to take care of his mother. He and Aletha were living in Pine when Aletha's father died in 1939 and they were still living in Pine when his mother Cannanizer died in 1940. Sometime after that, he and his wife probably moved back to Fort Worth Texas. William Henry Knight died in Fort Worth, Texas on December 13, 1951. He was buried near Pineville, Louisiana. His wife died in Alexandria on July 12, 1960. She was buried in Pineville, Louisiana, Rapides Parish. Their son Sid Knight died June 17, 1956 in Rapides Parish. He was only 43 years old. James and Cannanizer's daughters Mary Jane, Delia Jenkins, Lizzie Seals and Lillie Rebecca Oxford had already died.

There were only six grandchildren living. James and Cannanizer's son William Henry Knight had a son Sid who was living in Atlanta, Georgia, and their daughter Emma Lou; James and Cannanizer's granddaughter whom they raised, Delia Mary Jane Jenkins Crain lived in Washington Parish; the two daughters of Lillie Rebecca Knight Oxford, Mary Lea and Mattie Lou; and their daughter Irene Knight who married John Dees who were living in Baton Rouge had a son Stanley H Dees.

James and Cannanizer Knight's daughter Mary Jane was born Jan. 10, 1884. She died April 11, 1907. She is also buried in the old family cemetery where they lived. She was only 23 years old when she died. I don't believe that she ever married. Her very large grave marker has fallen over, but is not broken.

Mary Jane Knight's grave marker reads:

Mary Jane Dau. of J.W. & C. Knight b. Jan. 10, 1884 d. April 11, 1907.

A precious one from us has
gone. A voice we loved is still-
A place is vacant in our
home which never can be

Delia C. (born Feb. 20, 1886) married Dan Jenkins March 23, 1908. Delia died nine months and nineteen days after their marriage on Jan. 11, 1909. She is buried in the family cemetery.

Delia and Dan Jenkins had one child according to church records. Minutes, Louisiana Baptist Association, State Line Association 1903-1918 Microfilm: Washington Parish, Louisiana: Jenkins, Delia C. Wife of Daniel Jenkins Daughter of: J. W. Knight Born: February 20, 1886 Died: January 11, 1909 Survived by: Husband and Babe - Delia died one day after her daughter was born, apparently from complications from child birth. Her parents, James and Cannanizer, raised Delia's daughter.

James and Cannanizer named their granddaughter Delia Mary Jane (apparently after Delia, her mother, and James and Cannanizer's first daughter that died, Mary Jane).

James and Cannanizer Knight's granddaughter, Delia Mary Jane Jenkins, married Latimore Crain.

Wilbur Latimore Crain and his wife Delia Mary Jane Jenkins are buried in Crain's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery; Location: From Hwy. 438 take Crain's Creek Road beside Crain's Creek Baptist Church, near Stateline.

Delia J. Crain, b. 1-10-1909, d. 1-31-1969, Eastern Star, w/o Wilber L. Crain

Wilbur L. Crain, b. 7-19-1906, d. 10-14-1984, Mason, H/o Delia J. Crain

Delia and Latimore Crain had one son, William Lavon Crain. This information was obtained from William Lavon Crain's daughter, Cheryl Ann Crain Hebert.

Latimore Crain's parents are also buried in Crain's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery:

Ida R. Whittington Crain, b. 10-1-1881, d. 7-1-1965, w/o John J. Crain

John J. Crain, b. 1-17-1875, d. 11-9-1959, h/o Ida R. Whittington

The following information is from John J. Crain's family Bible:

John J. Crain born Jan. 17, A D 1875 married Ida R. Whittington - born Oct. 1st. A D 1881; married February 6, 1903. They had the following children:

Cynthia Este1le Crain was born Nov. 28th, A D 1903.

Wilbur Latimore Crain was born July 19th, A D 1906. Family Bible

James and Cannanizer Knight's daughter, Delia Knight Jenkins' grave marker reads:

In Memoriam Woodmen Circle Delia C. Jenkins - B. Feb. 20, 1886 - D. Jan. 11, 1909.

Oh weep not for me dear husband
As by my grave you stand.
Rejoice that I am gone
To join the happy band.

On January 4, 1930, James W. Knight gave his granddaughter whom they had raised, Delia Mary Jane Jenkins Crain, a portion of the property that he had homesteaded in 1890. This was the portion that her deceased mother would have inherited from James and Cannanizer. The property was valued at $300.00 Book 55, page 479, Franklinton Courthouse.

That same day, January 4, 1930, Delia Mary Jane Jenkins Crain declared to the court that she had received settlement in full for all amounts and money due her by her tutor, J. W. Knight by reason of said tutorship and she releases him from all liability arising from the tutorship. Book 55, page 480, Franklinton Courthouse.

On the 22nd day of November, 1933, James W. Knight bought his property back from his grandaughter Delia Jenkins Crain for $350.00. Book 61, page 581.

That same day, November 22, 1933, James W. Knight sold all of his property to his son William Henry Knight for $2,500.00 with the stipulation that James and Cannanizer could live on the property for the rest of their lives. Recorded in Book 61, page 582, Franklinton Courthouse.

James W. Knight died on the 27th day of November, 1935.

James W. Knight's assets included $1,840.00 left owed from the sell of his property; savings account No. 4588 in Washington Bank & Trust Company of $302.50; Certificate of deposit No. 11,570, Tylertown Bank, Tylertown, Mississippi of $400.00; Note signed by J. W. Oxford dated January 1, 1932, due 12 months for $340.00 on which has been paid the sum of $235.02 and interest paid to January 1, 1935, leaving a balance of $104.98; note signed by Esco Carnegie dated January 11, 1928 due $14.00; note signed by Cleve Thomas and D. J. Schilling for $50.00, dated March 10, 1934, less a payment of $25.00; Note signed by B. K. Knight (Benjamin Kenzie son of George Knight; B. K. was James W. Knight's first cousin) dated January 11, 1925 for $10.00; 1 horse valued at $25.00; 4 head of cattle valued at $50.00 and 1 share of stock of Pan American Life Insurance Company valued at $20.00. Total Value: $2,793.48.

Another daughter, Lizzie Seals, was born Oct. 7, 1880. She married Henry Seals Dec. 29, 1909. She died July 11, 1912; nine days after her infant twins were born and died 7/2/1912. She probably died from complications from child birth. She and the twins are buried in the family cemetery. Her large grave marker reads:

Woodmen Circle


Lizzie Seals

Born Oct 7, 1880 - Died July 11, 1912

Tis hard to break the tender cord when
Love has bound the heart
Tis hard so hard to speak the words
We must forever part.

Lizzie's twins are buried next to her. Minutes, Louisiana Baptist Association, State Line Association 1903-1918 Microfilm: Washington Parish, Louisiana State Line 1912: Seal, Lizzie Born: October 06, 1880 Daughter of: J. W. Knight. Wife of: Henry Seal. (Lizzie apparently had no other children.)

Another daughter Martha Irene married John E. Dees. John was the son of the Hon. Bailey Dees. John was living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when his father Bailey B. Dees died 6-2-1932. John and Irene Knight Dees' family were still living in Baton Rouge when her father James W. Knight died in 1935.

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of their marriage:

06-24-1915 John E. Dees and Irene Knight married on 6-23. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Knight. Mr. Dees is the son of the Hon. Bailey Dees.

J. E. Dees is listed on the Official Program, Washington Parish Fair, October 14, 15 and 16, 1915 under SCHOOL DEPARTMENT - Prof. J. E. Dees. Also listed is J. W. Knight of Fifth Ward as one of the Directors.

According to his World War I Draft Registration Card dated June 5, 1917, John Ellzey Dees, age 28, was born June 21, 1888, in Sunny Hill, Louisiana. He was a farmer. His mailing address was Rt. 2, Franklinton, LA. He listed only a wife as a dependant. He was medium height, stout, with blue eyes and brown hair. He had all of his limbs. Precinct: Sheridan, Washington Parish, LA.

The 1920 Census, dated January 19, 1920, Washington Parish, Ward 5, 2nd Percent, lists John Ellzey Dees, age 31, farmer, owned his farm. His wife Martha Irene, age 25. No children were listed. They were living next door to Henry Seals, age 32 and his wife Lea, age 27. Henry s wife, and Martha Irene s sister Lizzie, died in 1912, and Henry remarried. Henry had two sons, Herbert, age 5 and Thomas Joseph, age 2 5/12. Monroe Knight, age 57, lived next door to Henry Seals.

The 1930 Census, dated April 10, 1930, City of Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, District 12, Ward 2, lists John E. Dees, age 41, living with his wife Irene K, age 35 and their son Stanley H. Dees, age 5. Their home was valued at 3500. John was employed as a house painter. Two female boarders were also living with the family. Nellie Warner, age 18, a stenographer for Pack House Co., and Anita Loupe, age 22, a stenographer for the Highway Dept. John E. Dees did not serve in the Military.

John and Martha Irene s son Stanley was born February 2, 1925. He died June 4, 1990, according to the Social Security death Index.

Stanly Dees enlisted in the army August 19, 1943 in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He was a private. His enlistment term was for the duration of the war or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. His education at that time included 3 years of high school. He was single without dependents. U. S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946.

Stanley H. Dees, born February 2, 1925, died June 4, 1990. He was a U. S. Army Veteran, Private. His service start date was August 19, 1943 and service end date was September 13, 1945. He is buried in the Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, 1520 Harry Wurzbach Road San Antonio, Texas 78209, Section 16, site 2503. U. S. Veterans Gravesites, ca. 1775-2006.

John E. Dees father, Bailey Dees, was first married to George and Martha Knight's daughter, Margana. Margana died when she was only 18 years old. Bailey and Margana had one child, Eugene, who died in an automobile accident a few months before his father Bailey died. Eugene was buried in Amite, LA. Bailey married second Margaret Morgan. George Knight was the uncle of James W. Knight.

The following 1880 census of Bailey Dees and his second wife Margaret Morgan:

Bailey B. Dees
Age 25
Birthplace LA
Occupation Farmer
Head of household
Home in 1880: Edward Dykes, Washington Parish, LA
Spouse's name: Magaret Dees
Father's birthplace: Mississippi
Mother's birthplace: LA

Name: Margaret Dees
Age 19
Estimated birth year: 1861
Birthplace: LA
Occupation Keeping House
Relationship to head of household: wife
Home in 1880 Edward Dykes, Washington Parish, LA
Spouse's name: Bailey B. Dees
Father's birthplace: LA
Mother's name: Aniease Morgan
Mother's birthplace: LA

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the death of John Dees' father:

06-02-1932 Mr. Bailey B. Dees died at Mt. Hermon Monday. He was born near Isabel on 5-12-1855 and married twice, first to Dora Knight and had 1 child, Eugene, who died in Amite a few months ago; second he married Margaret Morgan about 2 years after his first wife's death and had 9 children, 8 living; Mrs. C.T. Owen and Mrs. Annie Peese of Jacksonville, Tx., Mrs. Jack Lunde of Los Angeles, Ca., Mrs. Grady Dammage and Mrs. Dells McNeil of Flagstaff, Ariz., Mrs. J.C. Jones of Jackson, Miss., and Mrs. W.S. Craft of Mt. Hermon 2 sons, John of Baton Rouge, and Frank E. Dees of Col., 3 brothers and 3 sisters, John, Jesse, George Dees, and Mrs. William Schilling and Mrs. Joe Dyson, all of Amite, and Mrs. J.H. Warner of Jackson, Miss.

Another Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the death of John Dee's half brother, Eugene W. Dees:

02-11-1932 Eugene W. Dees (Dora Knight and Bailey B. Dees son) died Sunday in Jackson, Miss., and the body was brought back to Amite for burial in the Amite cemetery. He was born and reared in Washington Parish.

An article submitted by Carol/Jerry Nelson in 2000 to the Washington Parish GenWeb about the death of Eugene Dees:

Obituary published in The Hammond Vindicator: 2/12/1932

p. 1, col. 1: Eugene W. Dees, 54, died Feb. 7th in Jackson, MS. Resident of Amite; a native of Washington parish; veteran of the Spanish-American War. Survived by wife, Mrs. Ruby Dees; one daughter, Mrs. Dwight D. Morgan of Amite; his father, Bailey Dees; two brothers, John E. Dees of Baton Rouge and Frank E. Dees of Greely, Colo.; six sisters, Mrs. T. C. Owens of Jacksonville, FL, Mrs. Grady Granmage of Flagstaff, AZ, Mrs. A. P. McNeal of Los Angeles, CA, Mrs. J. C. Jones of Kilmichael, MS, Mrs. Daisy Lunde of Los Angeles, CA and Mrs. W. S. Craft of Mt. Herman, LA.

Eugene W. Dees is buried in Amite City Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

James and Cannanizer's son Dr. (Rev.) William Henry Knight married Aletha Breland Oct. 4, 1908.

They had a son, Sid William Knight, born September 5, 1912.

Their daughter Emma Lou was 8 years old on the 1930 Census in Ft. Worth, Texas.

William Henry Knight was living in Tarrant County, Texas, Justice Precinct 1, during the 1920 Federal Census, dated January 20, 1920. He was 32 years old. He was a teacher at the Seminary. His wife Letha was 29. Their son Sid was 7 years old. They were all born in Louisiana. William Henry Knight was the paster of the First Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the eary 1920's. The following article dated Wednesday, August 1, 1923, tells of his visit to preach at a revival at the First Baptist Church in Bogalusa.

Baton Rouge State Times

Wednesday August 1, 1923

Church Societies

First Baptist Church Notes

The paster, Dr. W.H. Knight, is spending this week with the First Baptist church of Bogalusa, La. where they are having a spirited revival meeting. Dr. Knight is preaching.

Forty-eight visits in the interest of the church, were made by the W.M.S. Tuesday.

The B .Y. P. U's will meet with the City Union at Emmamuel church Friday evening, 8 o'clock.

Prayer service Wednesday evening. The average attendance at these meeting in July was 112.

When the 1927 telephone directory in Baton Rouge was published, William Henry Knight is still listed as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Baton Rouge.

First Baptist-Convention cor 5th, Rev W H Knight pastor

By 1930, the family was again living in Texas, according to the 1930 Census dated April 16, 1930, Ft. Worth, Texas, William H. Knight,age 42 was a teacher at the Baptist Seminary. He and both his parents were born in Louisiana. He was listed as a veteran. His home was valued at 15,000. His wife Aletha B., age 39, and his son Sid W., age 17, and daughter Emma Lou, age 8 were also listed. All were born in Louisiana.

By 1933 the family was living in Atlanta, Georgia. Their son Sid married Laura King of Atlanta in 1935. William Henry and Aletha Knight were living in Pine, Louisiana by 1939. They apparently moved back to Fort Worth, Texas sometime after that. William Henry Knight died in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1951. He and his wife Aletha are buried in Pineville, Louisiana. Their son Sid is also buried in Pineville, where he was living at his death in 1956.

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the marriage of William Henry and Aletha's son Sid William Knight to Laura King of Atlanta, Georgia:

1-03-1935 Sid William Knight, son of Rev. W.H. Knight married on December 19th in Harrison, Ga., to Laura King of Atlanta, GA., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Calvin King.

John Calvin King was born about 1872. He married Zimmie Beulah Hart. Zimmie Beulah Hart was born about 1879. They had the following children: Eunice Mae King, Elizabeth "Lizzie" and Rachel Laura King. Zimmie died about 1967.

The following Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the death of Aletha's father:

1-26-1939 Daniel Leroy Breland, pioneer resident of Pine, died Wednesday, at age 80 years. Survivors are 3 sons, E. Y. of Franklinton, Delos of Baton Rouge, and Rufus Breland of Houston; 2 daughters, Mrs. William Henry Knight of Pine and Mrs. Ida Orr of Bogalusa; 1 sister, Mrs. H.D. Crain of Bogalusa, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. Burial was in the Nobles cemetery.

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the death of William Henry Knight:

Dr. William Henry Knight, 62, died 12-13-1951 in Fort Worth TX, formerly of Pine, buried near Pineville, LA, husband of Aletha Breland Knight.

A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of the death of William Henry Knight's wife:

KNIGHT, Mrs. William H., 68 years; 07-12-1960; Of Alexandria; Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery. Wife of William Henry Knight. (Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery is near Pineville, LA.)

William Henry and Aletha Knight's son Sid William Knight died June 17, 1956 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. He was only 43 years old.

Pineville, Louisiana is in Rapides Parish. Sid Williams father and mother are buried in Pineville. Sid Williams is probably buried in Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery.

Sid William Knight and his wife Laura had one child; a daughter Jo Carol Knight who married Walter Elmer Brooks on June 10, 1956, in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Jo and Walter's children are Karen Lee Brooks who married Danny Pappell on September 9, 1977 in Marietta, Cobb Co., Georgia, 2nd Kristopher Corder; Beverly Louise Brooks who married Jim Andrew Paulis on April 22, 1981 in Marietta, Cobb Co., Georgia, their child Jonathan Andrew Paulis; Walter Calvin Brooks married Tamara Adkinson; Jody Carol Brooks and Samuel Bronson (Sam) Brooks. The information about Jo Carol Knight's family was found at One McCormick Family and Belflower Family.

James and Cannanizer Knight's daughter Lillie Rebecca Knight was born April 16, 1882 at the family home near Pine, Louisiana. She married Jerry Williams "Buck" Oxford May 20, 1908. To see a copy of their marriage license, click here.

Lillie R. Knight Oxford died Sept. 1939 in Baton Rouge, (East Baton Rouge Parish) Louisiana. She is buried in Crowley, Acadia Parish, Louisiana.

Lillie Knight's husband Jerry Oxford was born Nov. 23, 1880 in Hico, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. He died April 18, 1969 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He was buried in Crowley, Acadia Parish, Louisiana. He lived for another 30 years after his wife Lillie Knight Oxford died.

Jerry W. Oxford was educated in the public schools of Lincoln Parish and also taught school there during 1900 and 1901. He then went back to school in Natchitoches, Louisiana to continue his education, graduating in January, 1905. Soon after graduation, Jerry Oxford began teaching in Natchitoches. He was assistant principal of Marksville High School from 1906-1908; principal of the grammar school at Pine, Washington Parish, Louisiana during the spring of 1908. He met Lillie Knight and married her May 20, 1908. Click here to see a picture of the old school in Pine where he taught. They left Pine, and he became the principal of the grammar school at Tioga, Rapides Parish from 1908-1909. He was the principal of the high school at Columbia, Caldwell Parish from 1910-1911; principal of the school at Estherwood, Acadia Parish; and assistant principal Crowley High School from 1912-1913. He was elected to the office of superintendent of the Acadia Parish schools, by unanimous vote of the people, for a term of 4 years, starting July 1, 1913. He attended summer school at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in the summers of 1906, 1908, 1910 and 1912; he was also connected with the work of the senior class of the state university during 2 summers. He also did post-graduate duty in 1909 at the state normal school at Natchitoches.

Prof. Oxford was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He belonged to the fraternal order, a Woodman of the World, and in politics, he was a democrat.

Jerry Oxford was the son of Reuben G. and Louisa (Harvey) Oxford. His father Reuben Oxford was born in Claiborne (now Lincoln) Parish, and his mother Louisa Harvey was born in Winn Parish, Louisiana. Reuben was a farmer.

Reuben G. Oxford's father came from Georgia to Claiborne Parish prior to 1854. He was a farmer. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted in a Louisiana regiment under the command of General Joseph E. Johnston's division. He died at the battle of Jonesboro, Georgia.

Jerry W. Oxford was distantly related to the family of Jefferson Davis, President of the Southern Confederacy. Mr. Harvey, the father of Jerry Oxford's mother Louisa, was a native of Mississippi. He married a Miss Davis who was kin to President Davis, before coming to Winn Parish. Mr. Harvey served for a few months in the Confederate army, returned to Winn Parish an invalid and died at the age of 40.

Information about Jerry Oxford can be found in the following publication: Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 341-342. Edited by Alcee Fortier, Lit.D. Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.

Lillie and Jerry Oxford had 4 children:

Eula Mae (born 1912 - died Dec. 1915);

Lillie and Jerry Oxford's first child Eula Mae died the week of Christmas, 1915. A Washington Parish newspaper article tells of her death:

12-30-1915 - The scalding death of Mr. Oxford and Lillie Knight Oxford's little girl was this week.

Mary Lea was born in Crowley, Louisiana on March 4, 1916. She married Joseph Buie Underwood in 1939. They had four children: Wyatt, Judy, William, and Charles; seven grandchildren: Grant, Kyle, Shauna, Donnie, Mark, Larissa and Ali; and seven great-grandchildren.

Mary Lea's daughter Judith Eileen Underwood married Donald Ray Webb. Their children are Donald Ray, Mark Stephen and Larissa Meryl.

Mary Lea had a life time of learning. Taught by her mother prior to attending school, she entered school at the third-grade level. She attended high school in Baton Rouge. She graduated from LSU in 1936, completed her MS Degree in 1937, and attended the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas where she met and married Joseph B. Underwood in 1939. She received a second master's degree in Religious Education in 1940. She and her husband were missionaries in Brazil for ten years. She moved to Richmond, VA in 1961, where she pursued graduate studies in Special Education. She worked for over 20 years in Richmond Public Schools, working with special education students and teaching older youth at Richmond's Juvenile Detention Home until she retired in 1982. She died January 9, 2005, in Virginia. This information was contributed by her daughter-in-law Linda Underwood. You can read more about Mary Lea Oxford Underwood by clicking here.

Emmie Sue (born Sept 21, 1918 - died Sept 26, 1918);

Mattie Lou (twin of Emmie Sue) was born September 21, 1918. She married Ira Hampton Peak. Ira H. Peak was a Baptist Minister. He was born August 30, 1911. He died April 11, 1973 in an automobile accident in Ketchikan, Ketchikan Gateway Co., Alaska. He was buried April, 1973, in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

Mattie Lou and Ira H. Peak's children are Ira Hampton, Rebecca Lou and James Pryor.

Mattie Lou and Ira H. Peak's son Ira Hampton Peak, Jr. married Ashli Cartwright. They have one child Sydney Michelle Peak.

Rebecca Lou Peak married John W. Walker. They have three children: Brandon, Barret, and Sybil Ann Walker.

James Pryor Peak's son Aaron remembers his grandma (Mattie Lou) telling him so many stories of her rich heritage in southern Louisiana. She was an incredible and loving grandmother.

Mattie Lou Oxford Peak died July 22, 2000 in Dallas, Texas.

Much of the information about the families of Mary Lea, Mattie Lou and Emmie Sue and the death and burial information about Lillie and Jerry Oxford was found at James Franklin Oxford's Family Web Site.