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The family of Mary Molly McNeese and her husband Dennis Isaac Knight, son of James "Jockey Jim" Knight and Nancy Blackwell.

This is left to right: Jerry (son), Ira, Hester and Hester s father Henry Crockett at their home on Sunset Drive in Bogalusa, for their 25th wedding anniversary. Photo was taken by the man that owned Star Studio.

This is Hester s mother and father : Henry and Bernice Crokett.

This is from Ira and Hester s anniversary party. One of the girls third from the far right side is Marcitta Thomas (daughter of Cleve and Evie Thomas) and some of Hester s family.

Note: These pictures were contributed by Jennifer Mizell, great-granddaughter of Ira Knight.

The first Knight to come to Washington Parish was Charles Knight around 1810. He grew up in Bulloch County, Georgia and was born in Virginia. One of Charles Knight's sons was James "Jockey Jim" Knight. Dennis Knight was the son of Jockey Jim.

Dennis Isaac Knight (born June 8, 1876-died Jan. 25, 1937) buried in McNeese Cemetery.

One of Dennis Knight and Mary Molly McNeese's children was Ira J Knight. Ira was married to Hester Crockett. They had a son named Harold "Jerry" Knight.