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Jockey Jim was staying with his son William Plummer Knight when he became very sick and decided that he wanted to go home. Plummer tried to get him to stay with him, but Jockey Jim said that if he didn't take him home, he would go on his own. It was a very cold day when Plummer put his father in the back of a wagon and brought him back to his own home. He died shortly afterward. Memories of Alvin Knight

James "Jockey Jim" Knight was the son of Charles "Charley" Knight and Susannah "Susie" Williams.

James Knight died March 16, 1915 of heart disease. He was 86 years old. J. S. Pierce was the coroner. He was buried in the Enon Cemetery the following day, March 17, 1915.

The death certificate has James father Charles Knight born in Georgia. Charles was only about 3 years old when his family moved to Bulloch County, Georgia from Virginia, around 1788. Charles remained in Georgia until he was about 25 years old at which time he moved to Washington Parish, LA.

James Knight s son William Plummer gave the information that is on the death certificate.