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Blackwell Family

Honorable Joseph Blackwell

Hon. Joseph Blackwell, and his two younger brothers, Robert and Samuel, immigrated to the colonies from England in the early 17th century. They were men of high standing and education, being graduates of Oxford. The Blackwell's of Virginia have ever been prominent in affairs of Church and State. A marble tablet in the Court Room of the Northumberland County Court House is dedicated to the memory of a number of distinguished Blackwells of Virginia.

Joseph, the progenitor of the Virginia family, was of the "The Poplars," Northumberland County. He came to the colony of Virginia about 1630, sent over as King's Surveyor. He played an important part in the early history of the country. He was a staunch Royalist and a firm and liberal supporter of the established Church. He also owned "Walnut Lodge, Northumberland County, Virginia, and it is here that many of the family are buried. The original seal, with the Blackwell arms, was in possession of one of his descendants, Edgar Blackwell, of Northumberland County in the early 1900 s. Joseph s wife's name is not known. It is unclear if Samuel Blackwell was their son or grandson. They possibly had a son Joseph.

Honorable Samuel Blackwell

Hon. Samuel Blackwell (son of Joseph Blackwell) of "Walnut Lodge" Northumberland Co. Va., b.1680-9-23; d.1732-8-05; was a prominent influential citizen in affairs of Church and State; a Vestryman and Justice; m.1710 Margery (Downing) Hudnall, widow of Jos. Hudnal and dau. of Hon.William Downing, of Northumberland Co. Va., and had the following issue, and perhaps others.

Children: William, Joseph, Eliza, Hannah, and Samuel.

1. Col. William Blackwell, (son of Hon. Samuel Blackwell, grandson of Hon. Joseph Blackwell) b.1713, of Fauquier Co., Va.; took an active and prominent part in affair of Church and State; ... He m.1734 Elizabeth Crump, b.Oct.19,1717; d.1801; made will June 19, 1790; ... She was sister of the noted Crump brothers, George, Samuel, William, John, Joseph; and dau of John Crump.

William and Elizabeth Blackwell had the following children: John, Samuel, William, Susannah, Elizabeth, Nancy, Sarah, Hannah, Lucy, Thomas, Joseph, and Daughter (name unknown.)

John Blackwell b.1735, of Fauquier Co. Va. m1. his cousin Ann Blackwell, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Steptoe) Blackwell, and had six children; m2.1777 Judith Churchill b.1743 and had 4 or more children.

John Blackwell and his first wife, Ann Blackwell had one child: Steptoe Blackwell b.1766.

By his second wife he had four known children: Armistead Blackwell; Judith Blackwell; Polly Blackwell; George Blackwell.

Samuel Blackwell b.1736, m. 12-27-1788 Mary Bragg.

William Blackwell b.1738, Capt. of Fauquier Co., d.1782. m.4-6-1778 the widow Celia Fotte, who married after his death a Dr. Graham. Issue one dau. Elizabeth b.1781, m.Alexander Scott of Georgetown, D.C.

Susannah Blackwell b.1734, m.1756 Col. John Green of Culpepper Co. >They are buried at Arlington National Cem. According to Blackwell Researcher 1994 Q4p3, Bob Wooldredge of Barkley Shores, #8 Barkley Circle , Cadiz Kentucky 42211; is a descendant.

Elizabeth Blackwell b.1741, m.March 16 1764 Capt. William Edmunds of .Fauqueir Co. Issue eleven children.

Nancy Blackwell b. 1743 (Dau. of Col. William Blackwell, granddaughter of Capt. Samuel Blackwell, ggranddaughter of Honorable Joseph Blackwell) married 3-3-1766 her first cousin James Blackwell of Northumberland, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Steptoe) Blackwell. Nancy Blackwell, a descendant of Nancy and James Blackwell, married James "Jockey Jim" Knight of Washington Parish, LA.

Sarah Blackwell, m. John Roberts.

Hannah Blackwell b.1747 m.9-17-1799 Thomas Simpson.

Lucy Blackwell b.1750, m1. Col.Wm.Green of Fauquier Co. son of Robert and Pattie (Ball) Green.

Capt. Thomas Blackwell b.1742 (Col. William Blackwell, Hon. Samuel Blackwell, Hon. Joseph Blackwell) b.1742 of Va and Ky. d.1831 age 78. ... m.1781 Judith Grant of Faquier Co. Issue: Grant Blackwell; Thomas Blackwell b.1797 m.18278 Mary Ann Williams dau of Josiah Williams 7 ch.; Sophia b.1785; Judy b.1791; Betsy b.1799.

Col. Joseph Blackwell(Col. William Blackwell, Hon. Samuel Blackwell, Hon. Joseph Blackwell) of "Elk Run" Fauquier Co.b.1755, d.1823-9-8. He served with distinction in the Revolution. ... He received 4,000 acres of land April 14, 1783 for his services, and 1,333 acres of land August 11, 1806; also for his services. He received by his father's will 7,000 acres.

Col. Joseph Blackwell married Aug.14, 1787 Ann Grayson Gibson dau. of Col. Nathan and Susana (Harrison) Gibson, she d.1800.

Joseph married secondly 1801-10-25 Mary Waddy Brent b.1782 dau. of Capt.William and Hannah (Neale) Brent of "Dumfries" Prince William Co.Va.

He had six children by his first wife and four by his second wife.

Susan Gibson, b1789, m.1805 George Pannill, of Orange Co. Va.

Ann Grayson b.1791, m.1821 William Hughes of Fluvanna Co., Va.

William Taylor Blackwell, b1793, d.1843; moved in 1811 from Va. to Ky, and later to Indiana where he served as a state legislator from Crawford County., and then to Adams County Ill.; child died in infancy; child died in infancy.

Elizabeth, b1798, d1838, m1821 Rev.John Hale of the Methodist Conference, in Va, and had issue; Sally Innis, b1804, m.1841 as his second wife Maj. Charles Sterne.

Mary Waddy Brent b.1806 d.<1840, m1832 Major Charles Sterne of Carrollton, Mo.2ch.; Alexander Christopher Blackwell b.1813; Joseph Addison Blackwell b.1816 m.Mary Harrison of Howard Co., Mo.

Daughter m. Mr. Taylor of Kentucky.

2. Col. Joseph Blackwell(Hon. Samuel Blackwell, Hon. Joseph Blackwell) b.July 9, 1715 in Northumberland Co. Va.d.1787-5-30 in Fauquier Co. Va. He was educated at Oxford; returned to the Colonies and took prominent and active part in affairs of both Church and State as a Burgess for Prince William Co. 1748,49,52,53,54,55 and as 1st High Sheriff of Fauqueir Co. 1759,etc. and Justice 1769-87 and was a staunch and loyal churchman.

Joseph Blackwell married Lucy Steptoe b.1720 died after 1787 dau. of John and Elizabeth ___ (Eustace) Steptoe of Lancaster C. Va.

Issue nine children (p58,59, & 60)

Elizabeth Blackwell b.1742 m.1760 Col.Charles Chilton of "Herford" Prince William Co. Va.

Capt. Samuel Blackwell(Joseph, Samuel, Joseph) of Northumberland Co. Va., b.1745 in Fauquier Co. Va.; d.1783 in Northumberbland Co. va. (the second born of Col. Joseph and Lucy Steptoe Blackwell); he was a graduate of Oxford, was educated for the Ministry, but at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War he entered the Army, and served with distinction as Capt.; he received 4,000 acres for his services; he was ever a staunch and liberal suporter of the Episcopal Church; he married 1773 Elizabeth Tyler b.1755 d.1828, a cousin of President Tyler. Their son Samuel Blackwell b. 1774 of Alabama m. Sarah Dent, a cousin of Mrs. U.S.Grant.

Ann Blackwell b.1747 d.<1800, m.1764 Col. Martin of "Paradise" Fauquier Co.

Lucy Blackwell b.1749 m. 1773 Sept.24 William Stanton son of Thomas and Diana (Field) and had issue four children: Henry, Elizabeth, Joseph B., and Sarah.

Lettitia Blackwell b.1750 Oct.3 married Capt. John Chilton of "Rock Spring" Prince William Co

Joseph Blackwell b.1752

George Steptoe Blackwell b.1753 m. and had issue

Gen. John Blackwell b.22 Mar 1755, d.1883 (will 2-10-1822 Prob.6-23-1823) Served with distinction in the Revolutionary War, entered the service as Lieut., was promoted to Captain Sept. 15,1777, and thus served until Jan.1, 1781; in the 3rd Va. Reg., commanded by Col Thomas Marshall, of "Oak Hill"; He was High Sheriff of Fauquier Co. from 1783 to 1785; and County Lieut.; in 1794 he was made Gen. of Va. Militia; he received ?166 1/2 acres of land, May 16, 1783 for his services as Capt.

Gen. John Blackwell married 1st 1779Agatha Ann Eustace b.1765, d. after 1795, dau. of Isaac and Agatha (Conway) Eustace of Stafford Co. Va. and had six children(p.59,60) m. 2nd Judith Lee Pierce-Peachy, the widow of Pierce and Peachy, and dau. of Kendall and Betty (Heale) Parker. Had issue two children (p.60); m.3rd Nancy Blackwell (His 1st cousin according to Blackwell Genealogy, Commander E. M. Blackwell, 1948) Who are her parents?

Judith Blackwell b.1759; d.1857; m.5-23-1775 Capt. Thomas Keith, son of Rev. James and Mary Isham (Randolph) Keith.

3. Eliza Blackwell (daughter of Hon. Samuel Blackwell, grand-daughter of Hon. Joseph Blackwell), b.1-9-1717.

4. Hannah Blackwell(daughter of Hon. Samuel Blackwell, grand-daughter of Hon. Joseph Blackwell), b.3-30-1720.

5. Capt. Samuel Blackwell, the son of Honorable Samuel Blackwell and the grandson of Honorable Joseph Blackwell of Northumberland County, Virginia was born January 19, 1710/11; died October 17, 1762. He was a prominent influential citizen in affairs of both Church and State; a Vestryman and a Burgess: May 6 1742, Sept. 4, 1744, and Feb. 20, 1745; and of the Assembly from 1742 to 1747. He made his will October 16, 1761. He married Elizabeth Steptoe, born 1713. Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Eustace) Steptoe and the granddaughter of Sir Anthony Steptoe, born 1653 in Middlesex, England; married Lucy Stephen in England; died 1709 at Lancaster County, Virginia.

Samuel and Elizabeth had seven children: Samuel, John, William, Joseph, Elizabeth, James, and Ann.

Samuel Blackwell b. 11-20-1731, m.Sarah dau. John Wyatt.

John Blackwell b.2-18-1732 m. Hannah 175-. and had a son John b.3-24-176-.

William Blackwell b.8-16-1736 m. Ann.

Joseph Blackwell b.2-20-1738.

Elizabeth Blackwell b. 3-25-1741; d1831; married Feb.14,1761 Armistead Churchill, of Va. and Ky., son of Armistead and Hannah (Harrison) Churchill, of "Bushby Park."

Ann Blackwell , b.2-2-1743, m. her cousin John Blackwell of Fauquier Co., Va., son of Col. William and Elizabeth (Crump) Blackwell.

Captain James Blackwell the son of Captain Samuel Blackwell and Elizabeth Steptoe was born at "Walnut Lodge" Mar. 28, 1743. He married his first cousin Nancy Ann Blackwell March 8, 1766. She was the daughter of William Blackwell and Elizabeth Crum. James served in the Revolutionary War for American Independence as lieutenant in the Fauquier County, Virginia Militia. In 1785 he moved to Jefferson County, Kentucky where he was said to have received a land grant for having served in the defense of the colonies during the War for Independence. The family came with James' brother-in-law, Armistead Churchill, husband of his sister, Elizabeth Blackwell. It is said that it is from Armistead Churchill that the racetrack, Churchill Downs, is named as this was his property.

James served as a magistrate in Shelby County, Kentucky which was formed from a portion of Jefferson County in 1792, and later became Henry County in 1798. James was referred to on official documents as "Captain James Blackwell and his wife Nancy." Nancy is said to have died sometime after 1810 in Henry County, and James died after 1818 in Henry County. James and Ann had the following children: William, Robert, Steptoe, Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Susannah, Thornton, and Nancy.

William Blackwell born 1767 in Fauquier, Va--died in St Tammny parish, La

Robert Blackwell born 1770 in Fauquier, Va--death date unknown.

Steptoe Blackwell born 1771 in Fauquier, Va--died Oct 4, 1836 in NOLA

Sarah Blackwell born 1775 in Fauquier, Va--died 1850 in Henry co, Ky

James Blackwell, Jr.born 1776 fauquier, Va--death date unknown.

Elizabeth Blackwell born 1780 Fauquier, Va--died 1840 in Henry Co, Ky

Susannah Blackwell born 1784 Fauquier, Va--died Jun 17, 1852 Campbell, Ky

Nancy Blackwell born 1790 Jefferson Co, Ky--died 1866 in Henry Co, Ky

Thorton Blackwell born 1785 Fauquier, Va--died Jun 15, 1855 in Washington Parish, LA

Thornton Blackwell born in 1785 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, was the son of James Blackwell and Nancy Blackwell. He married Permelia  Amelia Godman April 23, 1810 in Harrison County, Kentucky. Permelia was born in 1791 in South Carol, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Dorcus Godman.

Thornton served in the War of 1812 in the defense of Louisiana and the United States against the British while still living in Kentucky. After his death, Permelia applied for a widow s pension for his military service, but the federal government did not recognize his service, and she was denied. The government did not feel there was sufficient proof that he had served. Permelia applied for the pension after the Civil War ended, so it could have been a bias towards Southerners making applications.

Thornton s brother, Steptoe Blackwell received a land grant on the Pushpatap Creek in Washington Parish, Louisiana, about 1825 or prior. After Steptoe s death, Thornton acquired the land, and he and his family settled on the land sometime between 1828 and 1833.

Thornton died June 15, 1855 in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Permelia died April 26, 1877 in Pike County, (now Walthall County) Mississippi and is buried in Pittman Cemetery in Walthall County, Mississippi. Thornton was buried on the old home place which is now the Kennedy Farm in Washington Parish, Louisiana. His grave marker was removed to the home of one of his descendants, Mr. Jewell Blackwell in Walthall Co., Miss. for several years as Thornton's burial spot had become a ploughed field. After Mr. Jewell Blackwell died, his widow gave the gravestone to Mrs. Rhoda Herring of Tylertown, Mississippi who kindly sought to preserve the gravestone for the family.

Thornton and Permelia Blackwell had ten (10) children: James, America, Nancy, William, Cordella, Steptoe, Evangiline, Samuel A., Louisa, and Cynthia.

America Blackwell born Nov 13, 1813 in Henry Co,Ky--died Sep 7, 1851

Nancy Jane Blackwell born 1816 in Henry Co, Ky--died in 1907 Walthall, Ms.

William Blackwell born 1818 in Henry, Ky--death date unknown.

Cordella Blackwell born 1820 in Harrison Co, Ky--death date unknown.

Steptoe Blackwell born 1823 in Shelby Co, Ky--death date unknown.

Evanline Blackwell born 1825 in Henry Co, Ky--death date unknown

Samuel A. Blackwell born Sep 11,1826 in Henry Co, Ky--died Sep 11, 1910 in Miss.

He was burried in the Magnolia Cemetary Pike Co, Mississippi

Louisa Blackwell born Apr17, 1828 Henry Co, KY--died Feb 9, 1912 Pittman, Ms.

Cynthia Blackwell born in 1833 Washington parish, La--died Dec 1, 1866.

James Blackwell Sr. born Jan 8,1811 died May 23 1891 in Washington Parish, LA

James Blackwell Sr. born Jan 8, 1811, was son of Thornton Blackwell and Permelia Godman married Emily Crain (daughter of Dennis Crain and Nancy Wheeler) in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana. James died May 23, 1891, and Emily died May 8, 1882. Both are buried in the Blackwell Cemetery in St. Tammany Parish. James and Emily had nine children: Nancy, John, Jesse, Steptoe, Elizabeth, Cordelia, Martin, Emeline, and James. John Blackwell born Jan 8, 32 in Washington parish, La--death date known

Jesse Blackwell born 1862 in Washington parish, La.--died Jan 15, 1862

Steptoe Blackwell born in Washington, La 1842--died St Tammany Parish, La.

Elizabeth Blackwell born 1849 in Washington, La--died 1915 St. Tammany Parish, La

Cordelia Blackwell born Apr19, 1846 Washington, La-died 1915 St TammanyParish, La.

Martin Blackwell born Feb 27, 1850 Washington, LA--died Aug 7, 1937 St Tammany Parish, La

Emeline Blackwell born 1854 Washington, La--died 1940 St Tammany Parish, La

James Blackwell Jr. born Mar 27, 1859--died Nov12, 27 in St Tammany Parish, La

Nancy Blackwell born Nov 1, 1832 in Washington Parish, La--died 10-25-1896, buried in Enon Baptist Church Cemetery, Enon, LA.

Nancy Blackwell, the daughter of James Blackwell and Emily Crain, was born in Washington Parish. LA. Nov 1, 1832. She married James "Jockey Jim" Knight in 1851. He was the son of Charles and Susannah Knight.

Nancy and James  Jockey Jim Knight had ten children: John Wesley, Calvin, William Plummer, Charles Kenzie, James, Dennis, Robert Willis, Emma, Della, and George.

Much of the above information was from excerpts from the book: Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, by Stella Pickett Hardy, published in 1911; from family material gathered by Mrs. Doris Ratliff Blackwell of Shreveport in the 1980's; from records accumulated by Michael E. Shotwell, P.O. Box 8471 Jackson, Mississippi 39284; family history contributed by Samuel Felton Knight, Jr. and William Paul Knight, descendants of James  Jockey Jim Knight and Nancy Blackwell s son John Wesley Knight; and the Blackwell Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1979 pages 6-10; editor - John D. Blackwell.