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Mary Ann  Polly Bennett s Descendants

Mary Ann Bennett's ancestry can be traced back to John Bennett of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England circa 1508.

Mary Ann Jenkins Knight

Mary Anne Jenkins was the daughter of Mary Ann  Polly Bennett and Abner Jenkins, Sr. Mary Ann was born about 1829 and died before 1854. Mary Anne Jenkins married William Knight, son of Charles and Susannah Knight. William Knight was born Feb. 24, 1823 and died Nov. 7, 1879. He is buried in the Nobles Cemetery in Pine, La.

William and Mary Ann had three children:

1. Susan Knight - (b. Feb. 16, 1847-d. March 15, 1908) married Robert McKay Duncan in 1860.

2. Mary Anne (Polly) Knight - (born May 30, 1849 - died Feb. 20, 1923) married John Walton Duncan.

3. William Penn  Billy Knight - (born Feb. 28, 1851- died Feb. 17, 1940) buried in Ellis Cemetery. William Penn married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth E. Fisher who was the daughter of Benjamin Toney Fisher and his first wife Mary Magee. Elizabeth E. Fisher died and William Penn Knight married the second time to Elizabeth Irene Brooks (born 8-24-1861-died 1-10-1937).

Mary Jenkins Knight

Mary Jenkins died before 1880. She was the granddaughter of Mary Ann Bennett and Abner Jenkins, Sr. She was the daughter of Abner Jenkins, Jr. and Jane Simmons. She married John Wesley Knight, son of James  Jockey Jim Knight and his wife Nancy Blackwell.

John Wesley and Mary had the following children:

1. Nancy Jane Knight born Nov. 14, 1873--died 1956 in St Tammany parish La.

2. James Abner Knight born April 21, 1875--died Dec 15,1951 at Varnado, La.

3. William Plummer Knight born Sept 12, 1877--died Mar 23, 1948 in Louisiana.

4. George Wesley Knight born 1878 and died 1887 in Louisiana.

Mary Ann  Polly Bennett s Ancestors

Mary Ann Bennett was born Apr 8, 1787 in Wilkes County, Georgia and died before 1870. She was the daughter of Thomas T. Bennett and Mary Ann Hardy. She married Abner Ernst Jenkins, Sr., born about 1790 and died in 1877.

They had nine children:

1. Latisha Christian Jenkins born 1809 in Ga.--died 1893 in La. She was adopted.

2. William Thomas Jenkins born 1814 and died 1883 in St. Tammany parish, La.

3. Richard Tyner Jenkins born 1817 and died 1887 in St. Tammany parish, La.

4. Nancy Moose Jenkins born 1819 and died 1903 in St. Tammany parish, La.

5. Abner Ernest Jenkins Jr. born Sep 16, 1821--died Apr 1899 in Louisiana.

6. Aristides Bennett Jenkins born 1823-- died 1906 in St Tammany parish, La.

7. Daniel Percy Jenkins born 1827 and died 1863 in St. Tammany parish, La.

8. Mary Ann Jenkins born 1829 and died before 1854 in Louisiana.

9. James Terrill Jenkins born 1830 in St. Tammany parish, La--died in 1862 in Va.

Thomas T. Bennett

Thomas T Bennett was born Jul 1, 1755 in Westmoreland, Va. He was the son of Thomas Bennett and Mary Ann Oldham. He married Mary Ann Hardy of unknown parents Dec 25, 1782 in Middlesex Co, VA.

Thomas T. Bennett and Mary Ann Hardy had six children:

1. Nancy Bennett born 1780 in Middlesex Co, Va--death unknown and place unknown.

2. Reuben Bennett born Nov 29, 1782 in Va--died unknown place in 1839.

3. Elizabeth Bennett born Oct 10, 1784 Middlesex, VA--died Sep 30, 1851 in Tangipahoa parish La.

4. Aritsides Bennett born 1785 in Va. and died May 22, 1870 in La.

5. Mary Ann Bennett born Apr 8, 1787 in Va. and died before 1860 in St Tammany parish, La. *

6. Melissa Bennett born 1788 in Middlesex, Va. died in 1816 there.

No record of the deaths of Thomas T. Bennett or Mary Ann Hardy.

Thomas Bennett, Jr.

Thomas Bennett, Jr. was born 31 July 1725 at Westmoreland, VA. He died 17 Jun 1789 at VA at the age of 63. He was the son of Thomas, Sr. and Elizabeth Borum. He married Mary Ann OLDHAM on 25 Dec 1742. Mary Ann was the daughter of James OLDHAM and Junifred (--?--). Mary Ann Oldham was born at N. Faraham Parish.

Thomas Bennett, Jr. and Mary Ann Oldham had at least two children:

1. Richard Bennett married Catherine Lawson, born 1756  died 10 Feb 1829 at Alexander County, NC.

2. Thomas T Bennett, born Jul 1, 1755 in Westmoreland, Va. married Mary Ann Hardy of unknown parents Dec 25, 1782 in Middlesex Co, VA.

Thomas Bennett, Sr.

Thomas Bennett was the son of Robert Bennett and mother unknown. He was born on 30 May 1685 at Northumberland County, VA. He died on 3 Jan 1763 at Westmoreland County, VA, at age 77. He married Elizabeth BORUM, born in 1699. She was the daughter of Samuel BORUM, circa 1713 at Westmoreland Co, VA.

Thomas Bennett, Sr. and Elizabeth Borum had at least one child:

Thomas Bennett, Jr.  married Mary Ann Oldham on 25 Dec 1742.

Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett was the son of John Bennett and Mary Sawyer. He was born in 1656 in VA. He married (Unknown) before 1685.

Robert Bennett was the father of at least one child:

Thomas Bennett, born 30 May 1685, died 3 Jan 1763. He married Elizabeth Borum.

John Bennett

John Bennett, son of Thomas Bennett and Agnes Beard , was born on 10 Jul 1624 at Wiviliscombe, Somerset, England and died after 1670 in King & Queen Co., VA. He was the first of this line to migrate to America per the Hedrick Genealogy, page 262, which also notes that John married Mary Sawyer, (born circa 1628 at King & Queen Co., VA) died circa 1655. The Hedrick genealogy notes on page 263 that John emigrated to America and settled in King and Queen County, VA, near the border of Glouchester County.

Child of John Bennett and Mary Sawyer was:

Robert Bennett, born in 1656 in VA.

Thomas Bennett

Thomas Bennett, son of Thomas Bennett and Anstie Tomson, was christened on 5 Nov 1603 at Wiveliscombe, Somerset. He married Agnes Beard. Agnes BEARD was born circa 1604 at Wivelscombe, Somerset. Boddie's 17th Cen Isle of Wight book, page 271 notes that Thomas married Agnes Beard on 17 Jul 1623 at Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

Children of Thomas Bennett and Agnes Beard:

1. John Bennett
, b. about July 10, 1624, Wivelescombe, England; d. after 1670, King & Queen Co., Va.

2. Richard, christened 21 Jan 1625-26, buried 21 Jan 1625/26;

3. Phillip christened 4 Mar 1626-27. Ancestry of Bernard Arnold Bennett

Thomas Bennett

Thomas Bennett was the son of Robert Bennett and Elizabeth Edney. He was christened on 2 Apr 1570 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England - Marr: 11 Aug 1599 - Milverton, Somersetshire, England Died -). Thomas Bennett married Anstie Tomson (aka) Spicer, about 1600 in Milverton, England.  She was born in 1579 in Wivelescombe, England.

1. Robert Bennett Christened: 1 Feb 1601/1602 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: 1648 - , , Virginia

2. Thomas Bennett Christened: 5 Nov 1603 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: 1623 - Agnes Beard Died: -

3. Elizabeth Bennett christened: 4 Aug 1605 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: -

4. William Bennett Christened: 21 Mar 1606/1607 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Married: 1641 - Dorothy Scott Died: -

5. Philip Bennett christened: 22 May 1611 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: - , , Virginia

6. Johane Bennett Christened: 7 Jul 1614 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: -

7. Governor Richard Bennett Christened: 6 Aug 1609 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Married: 1638 - Mary Ann Utie Died: 12 Apr 1675 - , Nansemond, Virginia

NOTE - RICHARD BENNETT - was elected Governor of the VIRGINIA GENERAL ASSEMBLEY 30 March 1652 and was re-elected three successive terms. He was then sent as Commissioner to England by the House of Burgesses. Returning to Virginia in 1658 he was re-elected to the Counsel each year until his death. From 1662 he was Major General of the Virginia Forces. His descendents include General ROBERT E. LEE. source - Willey, Core, Bennett and Other Ancestors by Leroy Ellis Willie & Ted D. Jones

In England, King Charles-I and his Army was defeated at Marston Moor in 1644. The population of the Virginia Colony in 1648 was estimated to be about 15,000 English and 300 Negroes. The trial and beheading of King Charles-I was in 1649, and Virginia remained loyal to the crown. Articles of surrender in 1652 to the Commonwealth of England was agreed to by the House of Burgesses. The same year, Richard Bennett was elected Governor by the General Assembly replacing William Berkeley. Oliver Cromwell ignored Virginia and self-government went serenely on in '53, and Westmoreland County was created out of Northumberland County.

In 1652, William Clayborne and Richard Bennett (a Puritan from Nansemond County, Virginia) were appointed Parliamentary Commissioners over both Virginia and Maryland by the new Commonwealth of England Following the execution of Charles I in 1649, Maryland, not surprisingly, remained steadfastly Royalist, but for once she and Virginia were on the same side of the fence, as Virginia, too, continued to favor the monarchy (a considerable number of Royalists having removed to that Colony during the Civil War). Clayborne moved swiftly, and on the 5th of April 1652, a petition was signed by residents of the Isle of Kent 5th April 1652: promising to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England, without King or House of Lords.

From the Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Papers

CCCLXVIII. Robert Bennett. A Letter To Edward Bennett

June 9, 1623
Papers of Lord Sackville, No. 6212
Document at Knole Park, Kent

From Bennetes Wellcome this 9th of June, 1623

Loving Brother

Yours Out of the John and Frances I received with letters from Edwarde haresse and Robert Bennet out of Spain, the 27th of Maye the shippe arrived heare in saftie God be Thancked, and out of her I received some 19 Buttes of exclent good wynes, 750 jarse of oylle, 16 Barelles of Resones of the Sonne, and 18 Barelles of Ryesse, tooe halfe hoghedes of Allmondes, 3 halfe hoghedes of wheate and one which was staved at seae, 18 hog-hedes of Olives and some 5 ferkenes of butter and one Chesse. Also I received 1 chest and tooe barelles of Candells, with 3 packes of Linen Cloth marked in your marke and tooe dryfattes of Mr. Kinge's. All these goodes came safe and well condisioned to my handes and the beste that i received since I came in to the lande, and I macke noe question but to macke you by God's helpe good profet one them, and your retorne


From the text printed in the American Historical Review, XXVII, pp. 505-508.

On November 21, 1621, Edward Bennett, a rich merchant of London, was granted a patent for a plantation upon the condition of settling two hundred emigrants. Associated with him in that patent were his brother, Robert Bennett, and his nephew, Richard Bennett, Thomas Ayres, Thomas Wiseman and Richard Wiseman; and in February, 1622, the "Sea Flower" arrived with one hundred and twenty settlers, under command of Captain Ralph Hamor, one of the Council. Among them were Rev. William Bennett and George Harrison, kinsmen of Edward Bennett. Their place of settlement was called Warrosquoyacke, or sometimes "Edward Bennett's Plantation," and was located at the place on James River known as the "Rocks," the estate of the late Dr. John W. Lawson, who for many years represented this county in the General Assembly of the State, the Second Congressional District in Congress, and this county in the late Constitutional Convention.

On the day the patent last mentioned was granted, Arthur Swaine, Captain Nathaniel Basse and others, undertook to establish another plantation in the same neighborhood. Captain Basse came over in person and his plantation was known as "Basse's Choice," and was situated on Warrosquoyacke (now Pagan) River. The houses of Captain Basse's Plantation were building when a great calamity happened to the infant colony. At midday on Good Friday, March 22, 1622, there were twelve hundred and forty inhabitants in the State of Virginia. Of these, three hundred and forty-seven, in a few hours, were killed by the Indians in the eighty settlements on the north and south sides of the James River, of which number fifty-three were residents of this county.

The census of 1623-24 (February) showed as then living at "Worwicke-Squeak" and "Basse's Choice" fifty-three persons, "twenty-six having died since April last." Among those who had died were Mr. Robert Bennett, the brother of Edward Bennett, the rich London merchant, and first minister, Mr. William Bennett, doubtless one of the same family.

Thomas Bennett was an immigrant from England. He is claimed in 1635 as a head right by Richard Bennett who later became the governor of the Virginia Colony in the 1650's. The 1624 muster roll of the Virginia Colony identifies two Thomas Bennett's one with wife Mary and the other with wife Margery. One of these was the mother of Thomas' son Richard Bennett. Thomas Bennett resided near Lawne's Creek on the South side of the James River in 1624. He was a member of the House of Burgesses representing Mulberry Island in 1632.

The second wife of Thomas Bennett was Alice Pierce, widow of Thomas Pierce. Thomas Pierce was the Sergeant at Arms of the first legislative assembly of Virginia which met on 07/30/1619. He had arrived on the "William and Thomas" which sailed for Virginia in August of 1618. This ship was a "magazine ship", containing supplies for the colony. He apparently traveled with his wife Alice and daughter Elizabeth. Thomas appears to have been a relative of Lt. William Pierce, of the Seaventure (1609), who served under Yeardly, Captain of the Governor's Company of soldiers. Later William Pierce was Lt. Governor in 1629 and a member of the Virginia Council in 1631. His daughter Jane Pierce was the third wife of John Rolfe. Thomas Pierce established the next plantation south of Martin's Hundred along the upper side of the James River. On 03/22/1621/2 the Indians attacked throughout the colony. Thomas Pierce , his wife, child, two other men and a French boy were officially reported as killed at this plantation. Edward Pierce, "Merchantaylor of London" and Ann, his sister, petitioned for administration of his estate on 10/02/1622. However, Alice and her daughter apparently survived the attack, and it is thought they were two of the twenty captives that were ransomed from the Indians. The only other of these twenty who have been identified are Mrs. Boyce and Jane Dickenson, both widows of men slain at Martin's Hundred. These captives were held for 10 months. The colonists, unable to recapture these women by pursuit, destroyed all of the Indian cornfields in retaliation, reducing the Indians and their captives to starvation. Chanco, the Indian convert, who had given the alarm to Jamestown in advance of the Indian attack, negotiated the release of the captives, in return for promises that the Indian fields would not be destroyed and for beads given in trade.

By 10/10/1624 Alice had married Thomas Bennett. She was a witness against John Proctor for cruelty to a serving maid named Elizabeth Abbott, on 10/04/1624. Alice's daughter Elizabeth Pierce names her father-in-law Thomas Bennett in a power of attorney filed in 1624. Seventeenth Century, Isle of Wight County, Virginia; by John Bennett Boddie, Chicago Law Printing Company, Chicago.

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Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett Born: 1533 - of, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: 10 Jul 1558 - Milverton, Somerset, England Died: - Father: John Bennett Mother: Margery Other Spouses:

Wife Elizabeth Edney Born: ABT 1537 - of, Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England Died: - Father: John Edney (Ednye) Mother: Other Spouses:


1. Johan Bennett Born: 1558 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: 8 Jan 1559 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England

2. Margery BennettChristened: 25 Mar 1560 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: - John Soule Died:

3. John Bennett Christened: 22 Apr 1561 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: 29 May 1561 - Wivelscombe, Somerset Co, Eng

4. Elizabeth Bennett Christened: 31 May 1562 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Died: 12 Jul 1637 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England

5. Agnes Bennett Christened: 1 Aug 1563 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Died: 2 Aug 1598 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England

6. Dorothy Bennett Chr.: 29 Aug 1564 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Died: AFT 1603 -

7. John Bennett Christened: 25 Mar 1566 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Died: - 17 Oct 1601, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England

8. Johan Bennett Christened: 1 Mar 1566/1567 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: - ABT 8 Jul 1568

9. Eleanor Bennett Christened: 5 Mar 1567/1568 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Marr: 1594 - Richard Harris Burial: 8 Jul 1568, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

10.Thomas Bennett Christened: 2 Apr 1570 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: 1599 - Anstie Tomson (aka) Spicer Burial: 26 Sep 1616, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

11. Robert Bennett Christened: 27 Apr 1571 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: 1623, , , Virginia

12. William Bennett Christened: 15 Jun 1572 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Marr: 1603 - Alice Story Died: 16 Jul 1642 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
13. Richard Bennett Christened: 9 Oct 1573 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: - Judith Died: 28 Aug 1626 - , , Virginia

14. Johan Bennett Christened: 8 Jan 1574 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: 12 Jan 1574, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England.

15. Christopher Bennett Christened: 6 May 1576 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng Died: AFT 1603.

16. Edward Bennett Christened: 2 Feb 1577, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng DEATH: BEF 20 Sep 1664, (Isle of Wight), VA

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John Bennett

John Bennett Born: 1508 - of, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: - Died: 3 Dec 1564 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England: Wife Margery Born: 1511 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Died: -


1. Robert Bennett Born: 1533 - of, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: 1558 - Elizabeth Edney Died:

2. John Bennett,Jr. Born: ABT 1542 - Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England Marr: - Johan Died: 2 May 1608 -