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The First Knights...

A census taken 16 Feb 1623/24 (The Complete Books of Emigrants, 1607-1776) shows Richard Knight among the living at Flourdieu Hundred Plantation. Richard Knight is also listed as having died in Virginia between April 1623, and February 16, 1623/4, at the Plantation over against James Cittie.

John Knight is listed as having died in Virginia between April 1623, and February 16, 1623/4, at Elizabeth Cittie.

Modecay Knight is found on the 1623/24 Census as living in Hog Island as a servant of Capt. Ralph Hamor. (1609 - ...but the hogges were transposted to Hog Ile, where also we built a blocke house with a garrison, to give us notice of any shipping,...") His age and date of arrival are unknown. He arrived in Virginia as a passenger on the ship "William & John" from the Port of London.

Benjamin Knight, aged 28, servant to Captain William Epps, arrived on the ship "Bona Nova" from the Port of London, in 1620, listed in the Muster of Capt., William Epps, inhabitants of the Eastern Shore, over the Bay, VA, 1624 (Ref. 30). He is found living at the Eastern Shore Feb. 16, 1623. Benjamin Knight is the only Knight found living among the list of 1,033 Early Pioneers of 1624. He is listed as living at Eastern Shore, VA, sndx no. K523.

It has not been proven that Charles Knight was a direct descendent of Benjamin Knight.

Peter Knight appears on land grants in several counties of the early Virginia colony beginning in 1638. He patented 150 acres of land in Basse s Choice plantation in 1640, and 255 acres in 1643. Peter sold the tract to John Bland, an eminent London Merchant.

Peter Knight was a Jamestown merchant and a member of the House of Burgesses in 1657-58, assembled March 13th, representing Northumberland; 1659-60, assembled March 13th, representing Gloucester; and 1684, assembled April 16th, representing Northumberland; and 1685, session begun November 2, 1685, representing Northumberland.

In 1619, the House of Burgesses became the first legislature in America. This group and the governor met together to create laws for the colony. Usually, the most prominent people were elected to serve in this office.

In 1774, Lord Dunmore dissolved the House of Burgesses, but delegates met together secretly. They established the First Continental Congress. In 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Richmond. Virginia s George Washington was chosen as head of the Continental Army. The following year Virginia adopted its first constitution.

Peter Knight was also a Captain in the Indian Wars. Matthew Bradford, who immigrated to Virginia in 1652, was listed as a servant to Peter Knight of Gloucester County.

(Bradford Family History published by the American Genealogical Institute in 1978 by Heritage Press). Debora Come was headright of Peter Knight, Northumberland Co., in 1654 (Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666, by George Cabell Greer, Clerk, Virginia State Land Office, 1912).

Peter (b. 1587) married Genevieve Basse (born 9 Oct 1624, about 10 minutes after her twin sister Anne London, in Middlesex, England). Genevieve was the daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Basse. Peter and Genevieve married 11 June 1640. Peter and Genevieve had the following children: Leonard, Joseph, Edward, John, William, Guy and Peter.

Peter Knight s son, William was the father of John Knight (b. 1680/90-d. 18 Feb 1762, probate date) at Sussex County, Virginia and married Elizabeth Jordan.

Nathaniel Basse

Genevieve Basse, Peter Knight s wife, was the eighth of twelve children. Her parents were Nathaniel Bass (b. baptised 29 Dec 1589, at the Church of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, London, Middlesex, England) and Mary Jordan. Nathaniel Basse married Mary Jordan 21 May 1613, in London, Middlesex, England. "Nathaniell Basse and Mary Jordan was married ye 21 day of May in ye year of our blessed Lord and Saviour 1613." (Family Bible Records)

Nathaniel s parents were Humphrey Bass (b. about. 1565 in England  d. 04 June 1616, London, Middlesex, England) and Mary Buschier (b. 1568 in Roanne [Rouen], Loire, France  d. 22 Jul 1616, London, England). Mary was the daughter of Dominick and Genevieve Bouchier. She married Humphrey Bass about 1585/86, probably in the Parish of St. Catherine Coleman in London, England.

Nathaniel died 03 July 1654, in London, Middlesex, England. His wife Mary died in childbirth with their twelfth son, 17 Jan 1630. Nathaniel and Mary had the following children:

l. Humphrey (b. 15 July 1615  d. 22 Mar 1622, at the Good Friday Indian Massacre at Basse s Choice).


2. Samuel (b. 15 July 1615)

3. John (b. 7 Sep 1616, in London, Middlesex, England  m. 14 Aug 1638 (Keziah) Elizabeth, dau. of Great Petter, King of the Nansemond Indians ch. Nathaniel, Keziah, Elizabeth, Jordan, Samuel, William, Richard, John d. 2 Apr. 1699, Norfolk-Nansemond Co., VA.). John was rescued by friendly Nansemond Indians during the 1622 Indian Massacre.

4. William (b. 25 Dec 1618, in London, Middlesex, England  m. 20 Sep 1641 Sarah Batton  d. Norfolk, VA).

5. Anthony (b. 13 Mar 1620, London, Middlesex, England  was in Westmoreland Co., Va. 1654, sponsored by Giles Bren).

6. Edward (b. 8 May 1622, in London, Middlesex, England, m. about 1644 to Mary Tucker, Norfolk-Nansemond Co., VA, Mary was a Nansemond Indian  d. about 1696 Chowan Co., NC  Edward traded with Showanee Indians in Carolinas). "Edward Basse, sonne of Nathll and Mary Basse yt unregenerated by ye Spirit of God, took in marriage one virtuos Indian maydn by the Christian name of Mary Tucker and went to live amongst the Showanocs in Carolina in 1644 AD. "He went to Carolina in later years in persute of trade and not in 1644. Dyed in 1696 AD. (Family Bible Records)

7. Anne (b. 9 Oct 1624  married Thomas Burwell, Jr.). "Anne Basse ye daughter of Nathll and Mary his wife was born in ye yr of Xt. 1624, ye 9 day of 8ber.


8. Genevieve (b. 9 Oct 1624, 10 minutes after Anne London, Middlesex, England  m. 11 Jun 1640, Peter Knight). "Geneveve Basse ye daughter of Nathaniell Basse and Mary his wife was bornd on ye 9 day of 8ber in ye year of our blessed Lord God 1624, about ten minutes after Anne was born. "Blessed be God for His tender Mercies. Amen" (Family Bible Records)

9. Richard (b. 27 Aug 1625 London, Middlesex, England).

10. Gregory (b. 10 Dec 1628 London, Middlesex, England  Came to Virginia 1642, sponsored by Wm. Prior)


11. George (b. 11 Dec. 1628, several hours after Gregory, London, Middlesex, England  d. 1681 Norfolk  Nansemond, VA).

12. Son (b. 17 Jan 1629/30  stillborn (Mother Mary Jordan Basse dies).

It is believed that Nathaniel Basse brought his children back to London after the 1622 Indian Massacre; however, Nathaniel continued making trips to the colonies.

The first English settlement in the area known by the Indians as Warrosquoyacke (Isle of Wight Co., Virginia) was made by Captain Christoper Lawne, Sir Richard Worsley, Knight & Baronet, and their associates NATHANIEL BASSE, Gentleman, John Hobson, Gentleman, Anthony Olevan, Richard Wiseman, Robert Newland, Robert Gyner and William Willis.

They arrived at Jamestown with one hundred settlers on 27 April 1619 in a ship commanded by Captain Evans. They immediately settled on the south side of the Warrosquoake River (James River) and established the plantation "Warrosquoake", to be known as "Lawne's Creek". When their patent was confirmed it was to become known as the "County of Isle of Wight".

NATHANIEL BASSE and others undertook to establish another plantation in the same neighborhood, to the east, known as "Basse's Choice" situated on the Warrosquoake River (James River) and Pagan Creek. His patent was received 21 Nov 1621 for 300 acres plus 100 acres of marshland. The houses on Captain Basse's plantation were being built when at midday on Good Friday, 22 Mar 1622, the Indians attacked the settlers killing 347 of the 1240 English inhabitants in the 80 settlements on the north and south sides of the river (James). 26 at Isle of Wight were among those killed. The settlers made a valiant defense of themselves with guns, axes, spades and brickbats. It is thought that Nathaniel and his wife, Mary, were in England at the time, and some of the children were at "Basse's Choice" with a nurse. The story is told that five-year old JOHN was one of the children that escaped and was rescued by some friendly Nansemond Indians! His older brother Humphrey died that day. A 1622 passenger list for the ship "Furtherance," from London, arrived in Virginia, lists Nathaniell Basse, age 35. Many ships at that time considered passengers as cargo and did not list their names. Some ships listed the names of the men on board but did not list women and children.

A census taken 16 Feb 1623/24 shows a total of 53 persons living at "Worwicke-Squeak," and "Basse's Choice". Nathaniel Basse and Samuell Basse were among those listed. Capt. Nathaniel Basse, Samuel Basse and William Basse are also found living among the list of 1,033 Early Pioneers of 1624. They are listed as living at Basse Choise, sndx no. B200.

Nathaniel was appointed to the House of Burgesses at the first Legislative Assembly representing Warrosquoake (Isle of Wight) for 1623/24. He was again a member of the House of Burgesses in Oct 1629 and 1631, appointed to Harvey's Council 1631/32 and a member of the Great Council 1631/32. On 6 Mar 1631/32 Nathaniel was commissioned to "trade between 34 and 40 N Latitude, England, Nova Scotia and West Indies to invite inhabitants hither". (If they were tired of cold and damp!) Nathaniel was also commissioned to trade to the Dutch Plantation and Canada. He was given power of Justice of Peace. (Virginia Council & General Court Records 1626-1634)

Basse's Choice originally called for 300 acres but its acreage was closer to 400. Mr. Peter Knight married to Nathaniel's daughter Genevieve, patented 150 acres of the same in 1640 and 255 acres in 1643. Peter Knight sold the tract to John Bland, an eminent London Merchant.

Nathaniel Basse was buried 3 July 1654 in the Church of St. Alphage, Cripplegate, London. Mary, his wife, had died 17 Jan 1630, with the birth of a stillborn son. After Nathaniel's death in 1654, the General Assembly of Virginia in 1659/60 ordered Mr. Wm. Drummond as agent of the Co-heirs of Nathaniel Basse to pay to Theodorick Bland of Westover, 2500 lbs tobacco in settlement of a suit affecting the land.

Pp. 545-552, (March, 1659-60---11th of Commonwealth) WHEREAS Mr. Theodorick Bland petitioned...for damages in a case...against Mr.William Dromond who was attornie of the Coheires of Basse,...


The Next Generation of Knight s

Peter Knight s Grandson


John Knight (b. 1690  d. 1762) was the son of William Knight and grandson of Peter Knight. He was born in Sussex County. John Knight married Elizabeth Jordan (1693-?), daughter of James Jordan (1665-?) and Elizabeth Ratcliffe (1668-1695). James Jordan s father and mother were Thomas Jordan and Margrett Brasseur, who were persecuted for their Quaker beliefs.

John Knight and Elizabeth Jordan had the following children: William, John married Elizabeth Woodson, Jordan married Judith Woodson, Joel, Peter, Richard, Edward and Mary.

The earliest original land office record was Patent Bk. 4, James/Surry Co. 1695-1732, "John Knight, 300 acres, James City Co, 15 Jan 1657, pg. 167, on orth side of James River & southeast of Chickhominy River". This is recorded in Cavaliers & Pioneers Vol. III. John gave "to son William & his heirs, one moiety of the tract of land I now live upon laid off adjoining Lees' branch." Gave "to son Jordan & to his heirs the other moiety of my tract of land to be laid off on that part whereon the house now stands & that he pay or cause to be paid, to each of my sons, John, Joel, Edward, Peter, & Richard 50 shillings of VA after my death." The remainder of his estate was divided among all the siblings & one grandson John. William & Jordan apptd extrs.

1740 Census in Virginia Surrey Co., Albermarle dist 107 (Albemarle formed from Goochland in 1744, Goochland from Henrico 1728- Henrico was the original county)  Elizabeth, John, Richard, William and Peter.

Elizabeth Jordan's Family

Elizabeth Jordan was the daughter of James Jordan (1665-?) and Elizabeth Ratcliffe (1668-1695). Three of their children were John, James, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Jordan (1693-?) married John Knight.

James Jordan was the son of Thomas Jordan and Margrett Brasseur. Margarett was the daughter of Richard and Florence Brasseur, immigrants from Avignon, who came to Maryland from France. It is believed that Richard gave the land on which the Capitol was built. He patented 1,200 acres in Nansemond County on April 12, 1652.

Their children were Thomas, John, James, Robert, Richard (who married Rebecca Ratcliffe), Joseph, Benjamin, Matthew, Samuel, and Joshua.

Thomas and Margrett Jordan were persecuted for their Quaker beliefs. The following is a tribute (as it was written) by his family after his death:

Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck in Nansemond County in Virginia was Born in ye year 1634 and in ye year 1660 hee Received ye truth and [abode] faithfull in it: and in Constant unity with ye faithfull friends there of: and stood in opposition Against all wrong and [Deceitful] spirits: having suffered ye spoiling of his goods: ye Imprisonment of his Body for ye truth sake: and Continued in ye truth unto the End of his days: is ye [Belief] of us his Dear wife and Children above Ritten. Hee Departed this Life ye Eight day of ye tenth month on ye sixth day of ye weeke about ye second hour in ye afternoone and was Buryed ye twelfe day of ye said month on ye third day of ye weeke in ye year 1699.

Thomas Jordan was the son of Thomas Jordan and Lucy Corker. Thomas was born in England in 1600. He died in 1644. He came to America on the ship Diana in 1623. In 1624-5 he headed the list of the governor's men at James City. He settled in the present Isle of Wight County and in 1635, received a grant of 900 acres. He was a Commissioner of Wariscoyack and a Burgess in the Virginia Assembly in 1604. He married Lucy Corker and moved to Nansemond County by 1637. Their children were Thomas; a daughter who married Thomas Davis; and a son (probably) Richard, who married Elizabeth Reynolds.

Samuel Jordan was the father of Thomas Jordan. He was born in England. He arrived in American in 1610 after a 14-month journey. The new governor, Lord D La Ware and John Rolfe were also on the ship. They were ship wrecked on an island in the Bermudas and spent nine months of hard labor building a new vessel before sailing on to Jamestown. Jordan, one of the most educated on the ship, was chosen to keep a journal of the proceedings, published in London under the title A Disscovery of Bermudas. The Jamestown settlers were about to return to England when Jordans ship brought a reinforcement of men and supplies and saved the Jamestown settlement. Samuel was granted 450 acres of land in his own right and 250 acres more for transporting his five servants. His estate was known as Jordan's Journey and was located on the James River, just south of the mouth of the Appomattox. He was a Member of the first Assembly at Jamestown in 1619 and was listed as a gentleman planter at Charles City. He was a member of the committee to review the first four books into which the Great Charter of Virginia was divided. He survived the Indian ambush of 1622. The governor, Francis Wyatt wrote to the Council in London, in April of 1622, that "he thoughtit fitt to hold a few outlying places including the Jamestown." Samuel, a widower with three sons (Samuel, Robert and Thomas) still in England, married Cecily (or Sisley) (Bailey?). She was 24 years old when she arrived in Virginia on the Swann in 1610/11. They had three daughters before he died in 1623. "As I Have Been Told" (as revised April, 1998) Archives, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

John Knight s Son, John

John II Knight was born about 1710 in Virginia. John II married Elizabeth Woodson, in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Elizabeth Woodson was born in 1713 in Henrico County, Virginia. John II died in Lunenburg County, Virginia sometime between writing his will 7 Sept 1771 and the probate date of 12 March 1772. Elizabeth died in Lunenburg County, Virginia after 1784.

Elizabeth Woodson was the daughter of Robert Woodson, Jr. and Rachel Watkins. Robert was first married to Sarah Lewis. Sarah died before 1710. In that year Robert Woodson (Jr.) requested to be "liberated" from his Henrico County Quaker community in order to marry Rachel Watkins, who was not of that Quaker community. He requested to be received back into his earlier community of Friends in 1723, perhaps after her death.

John Knight served as a witness to an indenture between Samuel Gregory of Charles City County and William Knight of Goochland County in 1727. In this transaction, Gregory sold Knight 130 acres in Goochland County for 20 pds  land formerly owned, in part, by Joseph Woodson. Joseph had a sister Elizabeth Woodson, who married John Knight about two years later. In June 1742, William and John Knight sold the same 130 acres for 50 pds.

In February of that year, John had received a patent to 383 acres of land in Brunswick (now Lunenburg) County. John and Elizabeth had been married for 14 years when they moved to these newly settled lands. During the next years his name appears on the tithe lists. However, within six more years, John was buying land in North Carolina, owning finally about 1,000 acres. He lived there for a time, but eventually moved back to Lunenburg County.

June 24, 1748/49 John Earl Granville of Bedford Co., VA deeds 640 acres of land to John Knight, Planter of Granville Co., NC. Deed proved Granville Co., NC August 1749.

(Note the following correction Of John Earl's name was made by an anonymous contributor and confirmed at the following website: ) The "reference John, Earl Granville as being of "Bedford Co, VA." This is not correct. Bedford is the reference to his seat in England. The earliest of the NC grants generally reference him as: "Right Honorable John Earl Granville Viscount Carteret and Baron Carteret in the county of Bedford in the Kingdom of Great Britain."

Granville Co., NC Deed Bk. A 311 Dec 4 1750 Thomas Christian & w Mercy to John Knight of Lunenburg Co., VA 100 acres in Granville Co., NC for 15 Va. money. He purchased another 900 acres adjoining the 300 on both sides of Grassey Creek, Granville Co., NC.

Feb 25, 1762 - John Knight deeded Jonathan Knight, William Knight & Memican Hunt 900 acres of his land in Granville Co., NC. All four men were residents of Lunenburg Co. VA at the time. Each man received 300 acres but paid different amounts for it. Jonathan s southern line is noted as being shared with land of Charles Knight. These deeds were registered in May Court 1762 in Granville Co., NC.

Note: Edgecombe County, NC, was formed in 1741 from Bertie Co, NC. Granville Co, NC, was formed in 1746 from Edgecombe. (This information regarding the formation of the different counties was contributed by an anonymous person and confirmed by Thank you for these two corrections.

There are grants of land in the Virginia State Registry beginning in 1638, for more than 25,000 acres, in Norfolk, Wight, James, & Gloucester counties for the Knight family.

John s will, covering six pages, lists what his eleven children have already received and what he feels is due them. The children were Jonathan (born in Goochland County, Virginia, married his cousin Judith Woodson, daughter of Joseph Woodson (1715-?) and Elizabeth Mattox), John, Peter (married Coleman Mason. Peter s daughter, Nancy married Coleman Knight, son of Charles Knight; witness to consent Richard Mays and Peter Robertson Dec 14, 1787. His daughter Molly married James Barnes: Witness to consent Coleman Knight, Isaac Holmes and George Bagley Jan 28, 1788), William, Joseph married Jerusha Cone,Rachel married William Dudley 8-12-1784, Charles married Mary Smith (Their son, Coleman married Charles' brother Peter s daughter Nancy), Woodson, Elizabeth married Thomas Sturdivant 27 Dec 1784 by Rev. John Meglamore, Judith (b. ca 1739 m before 1776 in Amelia Co., VA to George Bagley (b. 1739-d 1795 in Nottoway Co., VA), Mary (Polly) married Joseph Lea, and his granddaughter, Lucy Cook.


John Knight s Last Will and Testament (W.B. 2/384-6)

In the name of God Amen, I JOHN KNIGHT of Lunenburg County being very sick & weak of Body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that give it, and my Body I recommend to the earth, to be __ in decent Christian burrial at the descretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mightly power of God, and as touching my worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life-
I give and demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

Item its my will and desire that my whole Estate should be kept together undivided or seperated untill all my lawfull Debts are paid by means of croppng or otherways to be managed by my Executors, hereafter, named and after that is fully accomplished its my further desire that the Estate should be still kept together, and managed as aforesaid until the sum of two hundred pounds can be raised and layed out in the purchase of a tract of land, for my son, Joseph and then to be divided in the form and manner hereafter mentioned.

Item I lend to my wife Elizabeth during her natural life all that tract of land whereon I now live, except one hundred and fifty acres, hereafter bequeathed to my son Peter, also five Negroes, viz: Jack, Delcy, Agg, Isaac and Nutty, with all my Household furniture, stock etc and after her decease its my further will and desire the Negroes should be disposed of as follows.

Item, I bequeath unto my son William, after the decease of his mother, one Negroe man, Jack, to him and his heirs forever,

Item, I bequeath unto my son Joseph, after the decease of his mother, one Negroe man, Isaac, also a Negroe man Peter, to be delivered him at the dividing the Estate,

Item I bequeath unto my daughter, Rachel, after the decease of her mother a Negro girl, Nutty, also two young negroes, Lewis & Milla.

Item I bequeath unto my son, Peter, one moiety (a moiety is a half) of two Negroes, Agg and Delcy to be equally divided, between him and his Brother John, after the decease of their mothers, also one hundred and fifty acres of land more or less, joining the tract whereon I now live to be divided by a branch running from near Sheltons Bridge, in a straight line to Minors land, all the land to the North of that branch is what, I bequeath to him & his heirs forever.

Item, I bequeath to my son, John, one moriety of two Negroes above mentioned after the decease of his mother.

Item I bequeath to my son Jonathan one Negroe girl named Fanny, to him and his heirs forever.

Item I bequeath to my son Charles, three Negroes, Jane, Ceasar and Betta, to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I bequeath to my Daughter Elisabeth, a Negroe woman named ____ and her child,

Item I bequeath to my daughter Judith Bagley one negroe girl named Beck,

Item I bequeath to my Daughter Mary Lea , two negro girls Phillies and Tabby, during her natural life, and if she should die without issue to return to the surviving part of my children to be equally divided between them, its my further will and desire if she should have an heir or heirs that the negroes should decend to them as she directs.

Item I bequeath to my son Woodson, two Negroes, Tom and Cloe, also that tract of land before demised to his mother during her life, to him and his heirs forever being the same I now live on, with all my stock of every kind and household furniture except three Beds, which I desire may be given to Charles, Joseph and Rachel at the discresion of my beloved wife, Elisabeth.

Item I bequeath to my daughters daughter Lucy Cook, one negro girl named Tamer,

its my will and desire that if any my children, should die before the dividing the Estate, that his or her proportion should be equally divided between, the surviving parties. I also desire that every person within mentioned, should take in possession their proportion of Estate as is by this will divised provided it doth not consist in negroes upwards of ten years of age, on that part alotted for the immediate use of my wife Elisabeth. I do hereby constitute and appoint, Joseph, Charles, and Peter Knight Executors to this my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, seventh day of September one thousand seven hundred and seventy one.
John Knight, Sen (seal)

Miller Woodson
Francis X AMOS
Thomas Jeffress

At court held for Lunenburg County the 12th day of March, 1772. This last will and Testament of John Knight, Sen. was exhibitted in court by the Executors, therein named and was proved by the oaths of two of the Witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of the said, Executors, who mand (typo? made) oath according to law, certificate is grated (typo? granted) them for obtaining a probate of the said Will in due form, they giving security, whereupon they gave Bond and Security according to law.

Wm Tayler CLC

Recorded: Will Book 2, pages 382-387
A copy Teste:
(signature of)
Grace T. Marshall, Clerk
Lunenburg County Circuit Court

Elizabeth Woodson's Family

Elizabeth Woodson married John Knight. Elizabeth's father was Robert Woodson, Jr. and Rachel Watkins. Robert married first Sarah Lewis. Sarah was the daughter of John Lewis and Isobela___. Sarah was the granddaughter of John Lewis, an immigrant from Wales. She was the mother of Stephen, Joseph, Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Agnes. Sarah died in 1710.
Robert requested to be "liberated" from his Henrico County Quaker community in 1710 to marry Rachel Watkins (Elizabeth's mother), who was not of that Quaker community. In 1773, he requested to be received back into his earlier community of Friends, probably after her death. Two of his children probably died prior to his death. His 1729 will name only eight of his ten children.

Sarah's brother Joseph Woodson married Elizabeth Mattox, the daughter of Quaker immigrant, John Mattox and Margaret Kent. Her sister Sarah Woodson married Joseph Parsons.

In the next generation, Joseph Woodson (son of Joseph Woodson and Elizabeth Mattox) married his cousin, Elizabeth Parsons (daughter of Sarah Woodson and Joseph Parsons): his aunt becoming his mother-in-law.

The daughter of this marriage, Judith Woodson, married Jonathan Knight, the grandson of Robert Woodson JR s second marriage: Judith was his great-granddaughter, whereas her husband was his grandson. Their daughter was Judith Woodson Knight who married William Amis.

Elizabeth's grandfather was Robert Woodson who married Elizabeth Ferris in the 1650's. She was the daughter of immigrant Richard Ferris of Curles plantation. Robert was a wealthy planter on a large estate. His name only appeared on court records as witness to documents, and his only public service was as a Surveyor of Highways in Henrico County in 1685. He was given the title of Colonel.
Elizabeth's great grandfather, John Woodson (1586-1633) married Sarah Winston. They arrived in Jamestown in 1619 on the ship George. John was a surgeon for the company of English soldiers protecting the new colony. The new governor, Sir George Yeardley and about one hundred young Englishmen who would become settlers arrived on the same ship. John and Sarah lived on land owned by the governor, Flowerdew Hundred (named for his wife Temperance Flowerdew). It was located thirty miles above Jamestown on the south side of the Jamestown on the south side of the James River. As I Have Been Told (as revised April, 1998) Archives, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

Charles Knight, son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson was born in Goochland County, VA. He died in 1819 in Goochland County. He married Mary Smith. He lived in Granville Co., NC around 1750. He later returned to Virginia. Charles and Mary's children: Coleman, Charles, Jr., Mary, Nancy Ann, and Misaniah (Marriages of Amelia County, Virginia 1735-1815: 17 November 1784. Anderson, Worsham and Misaniah Knight, dau. of Charles Knight, who consents. Wit. to consent, Coleman Knight and John Tabb. Sur. John Tabb. p. A-1.)

Some people, including myself, have mistaken John and Elizabeth Knight s son Charles as the father of Charles Knight of Washington Parish. Charles had a son Charles, Jr., however, documented records on this family prove that Charles, Jr. was not Charles of Washington Parish. They were first cousins. Charles, Sr. was Charles Knight of Washington Parish s uncle.

The information below for Charles, Jr. and Charles C. Knight was contributed by Stephaun, a descendent of Martha Adella Knight, sister of Charles C. Knight.

Charles, Jr. married, first, his first cousin, Nancy Smith, daughter of Mary's brother, Owen Smith (according to Owen's will). According to VA land records, Charles was married to Martha E. W. in the 1820s. Her last name isn't given, but my uncle was told years ago by a woman in TN that her name was Martha W. Davis. I haven't been able to find proof of that. I can't find record of my ancestor's wife. She was dead by the time he moved to MS, but his children's names are Martha Adella (my 2nd great-grandmother), Charles C. Knight, Harriet Virginia, Elizabeth C. and Charlotte E. (not proven). VA records show Charles, Jr.'s application to open an Ordinary or tavern in his home. In addition to his plantation, my ancestor owned a tavern in Washington, MS.

Charles C. Knight, son of Charles, Jr. appears in the 1850 Perry County census. He originally married Amanda M. Brown October 22, 1846, in Winnsboro, Franklin Parish, Louisiana. She must have died, because in 1848, he married Anna Marie McLemore and they had Mary Knight b. c. 1850 in Perry County, Mississippi; Catherine Elizabeth Knight b. March 21, 1852, in Perry County, Mississippi and George W. Knight b. June 10, 1856, in Smith Co., Mississippi (this is according to He had moved to Smith Co. by 1853, because he's mentioned in his father's will as living in Smith Co. He was born in 1821 in VA, and according to the 1850 census was a teacher. The dates of birth for Charles Knight, Jr. s children are: Charles C. Knight b. 1821 VA; Martha Adella Knight b. 1824 VA; Elizabeth C. Knight b. 1827 VA; Harriet Virginia Knight b. 1829 (VA?); and (possibly) Charlotte E. Knight. Charles had 4 daughters in the 1840 census.

Descendants of Charles C. Knight

1 Charles C. Knight b: 1821 in Virginia, USA d: WFT Est. 1859-1912 in Smith County, Mississippi, USA
. +Amanda M. Brown
*2nd Wife of Charles C. Knight:
. +Anna Marie McLemore b: 1835 in Perry County, Mississippi, USA d: April 02, 1908 in Waynesboro, Mississippi, USA
2 Mary Knight b: 1849 in Perry County, Mississippi, USA d: WFT Est. 1851-1944
2 Catherine Elizabeth Knight b: March 21, 1852 in Perry County, Mississippi, USA d: April 01, 1926
2 George W. Knight b: June 10, 1856 in Smith County, Mississippi, USA d: Bet. 1910  1920
. +Margaret V.
. 3 William E. Knight
. 3 Byrda M. Knight
. +John Smith
. 3 Mabel L. Knight
. 3 George Dewey Knight
. 3 Minnie V. Knight
. 3 Rubie D. Knight
. 3 George W. Knight, Jr.

Charles son, Coleman married his cousin, Nancy Knight. Nancy was the Daughter of Peter Knight (son of John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson) and Coleman Mason. Nancy Knight's grandparents were John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson, Mary Knight (b. 25 June 1770 in Virginia-died 27 August 1832 in Lauderdale Co., AL) married Thomas Graves Coffee (b. 04 Sept 1769 in Prince Edward Co., VA  d. 05 August 1846 in Lauderdale Co., AL) Marriage Bonds in Amelia County (William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 16, No. 2. (Oct. 1907), pp. 81-95. MARRIAGE BOND IN AMELIA COUNTY. (Continued from Volume XV. page 264). p. 84 July 10, 1787, Coffee, Thos & Mary Knight (d. of Chas.) In the vertical files of TN State Lib. and Archives is a copy of a letter dated Jun 18, 1925 from 503 E. Tuscaloosa St., Florence, AL, and signed by Miss Ada V. Coffee. In it she writes that the children of Thomas and Mary Knight Coffee were Richard Smith, Jack, Joshua, Elizabeth, Polly Knight, Caroline, Prudence and Misaniah.

Charles, Peter and Coleman Knight were living in Amelia Co, VA in 1787. They are listed on the property tax rolls. Charles and Peter are listed as paying taxes for themselves. Coleman is listed as paying taxes charged to Charles Knight.

Summary of Virginia Knights

Richard, John and Modecay Knight came to Jamestown aboard ships from the port of London. Their age and date of arrival are unknown. They are listed as dead in the 1623/1624 Census. Benjamin Knight, aged 28, servant to Captain William Epps, arrived on the ship "Bona Nova" in 1620. Benjamin is the only Knight found living among the list of 1,033 Early Pioneers of 1624. He is listed as living at Eastern Shore, Virginia. It has not been proven that Charles Knight was a direct descendent of these men.

Peter Knight appears on land grants in several counties of the early Virginia colonies beginning in 1638. He married Genevieve Basse 11 June 1640.

John Knight was the grandson of Peter Knight. He was born in Sussex County, Virginia in 1690. He married Elizabeth Jordan. He died in Virginia in 1762.

John Knight s son John II was born about 1710 in Lunenburg, VA. He married Elizabeth Woodson. Their children were Jonathan, John, Peter, William, Joseph, Rachel, Charles, Woodson, Elizabeth, Judith, and Mary (Polly). He also had a granddaughter, Lucy Cook.

The family moved to North Carolina about 1750. John and Elizabeth later moved back to Lunenburg, Virginia, but some of their children remained in North Carolina. Their sons Joseph, Charles and Peter are listed as Executors of their father John s will, probate date 12 March 1772 in Lunenburg, Virginia. John probably chose these children as executors because they were his children who were living in Virginia at the time.

John s will stipulated that his Estate was to be kept together until his bills were paid and "still kept together, and managed as aforesaid until the sum of two hundred pounds can be raised and layed out in the purchase of a tract of land, for my son, Joseph." His son Peter was to get 150 acres joining the property that John and Elizabeth lived on, and after Elizabeth s death, Woodson would receive the remainder of that tract of land. Charles lived in Amelia County, Virginia. John II died some time between the writing of his will 7 Sept 1771 and the probate date 12 March 1772.

John s son, Joseph Knight, born about 1748 in Virginia, was still living in Virginia when his son William was born about 1774 in Virginia. Joseph Knight is listed in 1784 in Gloucester County (Head of Families  Virginia Census  R  975.5293 VIR  Macon Library, Georgia). One of his early ancestor s, Peter Knight, owned land in Gloucester County and represented that county in the House of Burgess in 1684. Joseph s mother Elizabeth died about 1784. Joseph s son Charles was born in 1785 in Virginia. The last record that I found for Joseph Knight in Glouster County was when he paid personal property taxes in 1787.

Note: John II was Charles Knight of Washington Parish s grandfather. Joseph Knight was Charles father.



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