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Old Masonic Lodge

Old Masonic Lodge - Pine, Louisiana
Organized in 1899 - Chartered February 13, 1900

This old building was located on Jim Stewart Road, about a mile down the road on the left in the woods. Preacher Jim Stewart lived over the next hill. The building was used for a Masonic Lodge, with meetings taking place on the second floor. A school house and the Missionary Baptist Church also met on the first floor in this old building. The land was sold and the building torn down in the 1950's.

Missionary Baptist Church moved to Highway 62 and donated the land for the current Masonic Lodge which was built in 1950, next door to the church on Highway 62 North off Highway 10 next to Jim Stewart Road. Ray Knight remembers going to the current Masonic Lodge when he was a small child when the building was under construction. Ray remembers his father George Knight, a carpenter and mason, helping lay the wooden floor on the second story of the building.

Preacher Stewart was the Missionary Baptist Church's preacher for over 50 years until around 1990. He was over 90 years old when he died.

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