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This web site is dedicated to Mrs. Lucy McNeese Crowe (Aug. 14, 1905 - Aug. 28, 1998).  She is responsible for starting the Knight Family Reunions that began in 1964.  She was the wife of Price Crowe (Dec. 27, 1904 - Dec. 1983), the daughter of Louisa Knight McNeese and Will McNeese, and the granddaughter of William Plummer Knight and Melissa Corkern Knight. 

The first Knight Family Reunion took place at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa.  Family members attending the first several meetings signed their names on a piece of paper that was passed around. We no longer have a record of the people who attended the first few gatherings.  We started signing our guest book in 1974, and it is always on display every year at the family reunion.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Crowe and all the other family members who were wise enough to see the importance of keeping the Knight family in touch with each other.  These yearly events help us to keep our ancestor's memories alive while every year making new memories for future generations.

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Knight Family Reunion - 2008

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