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Family Memories of William Lavern Knight

Lavern Knight is the son of Early Knight, grandson of William Plummer Knight and the great-grandson of James "Jockey Jim" Knight.

My dad Early Knight and mother Evie Lang Knight attended school in the old Pine Lodge, mother through the 4th grade and Dad all the way through the 8th. Daddy and Uncle George and their mother drove a fast pacing horse from their home. School was only in winter months when the school children were not needed for farm work.

Granddaddy Plummer Knight homesteaded his place what is now called Byrd Road in Sheridan. At one time Granddaddy Plummer had around 4,000 sheep. What they called  sheep stomp where they gathered for salt and a little feed in winter was what is called the Terrace, the north part of Bogalusa. In the spring, they drove the sheep to grandpa s place for shearing wool with hand clippers. Grandpa had a long shed with troughs. He laid the sheep down and gave them a haircut. They nailed the wool, put it on a wagon, and carried it to Covington. They sold it and bought needed supplies such as food, etc. They made the trip again in the fall, driving cattle to sell and picking up supplies. They always made two trips a year. They spent one night on the way going and coming. Dad (Early) said this was the trip around the world for them.

Prentiss Knight, son of George Knight and grandson of Plummer Knight, use to over-see the cemetery needs. My oldest brother Leon went around taking up money to build the present fence around the Baughman Cemetery. He is not buried there but said he wanted to see the fence built.

Note: Mr. Lavern Knight is unable to attend very many of the Knight family Reunions because of his health. He is 83 years old. We are grateful that he has shared his family memories with us. We are also thankful for all of the family members who, over the years, have donated their time and money to take care of the Baughman Cemetery. Many of the Knight family are buried there.