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After the Revolutionary War, Georgia wanted good people to come into the state and settle. Georgia passed a land law in 1777 called the "Head-Right Plan," giving the head of a family up to 200 acres of land for himself and 50 acres for each one of his family, counting his slaves, but no family could have more than 1,000 acres.

The royal governor of Georgia and the Council advertised in the newspaper of New Bern, North Carolina, that free land in Georgia would be given to settlers. The notice began a wave of settlers from the North Carolina counties of Onlsow, New Hanover, Duplin, Sampson, Bertie, Johnston and Edgecombe that would last for over 60 years. There are very few of the early families of Bulloch and Screven Counties that do not trace to the settlers from this area of North Carolina.

The very earliest of these families came from Duplin County as early as 1761. Luke Mizell was among those early settlers who moved from Duplin County and settled around the areas of present day Sardis and Rocky Ford.

John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson's son John Knight III, born 1748 in Surry Co., VA. The family later moved to Edgecombe County, NC. He married Rachael Frances "Fannie" Anderson 9 Jan 1774, in Cheraw Dist. Chesterfield Co., SC. Rachel Anderson was born in 1753 in Surry Co., VA.

John Knight, III died in 1821 in Wayne Co., GA. He is buried in Wayne Co., GA. Fannie died 2 Nov 1844 in Hillsborough Co., FL. (Many researchers agree that this John Knight was the son of John and Elizabeth Woodson.) John and Rachael Knight moved to Bullock County, GA about 1788 when their son William Alexander was about 10 years old.

John III Knight's family moved to Wayne Co., GA about 1803, or possibly earlier.

The reason that I believe that John and Rachael Knight moved earlier than 1803 was because they sold land on the Ogeechee River to Moore Spier, deed dated Oct. 22, 1799.

P. 49: John Knight, planter, and wife Rachael, to Moore Spier, all of Effingham Co. Deed dated Oct 22 1799 for 250 acres granted said 13 Feb. 1799, bounded on the NW by Braddock's land, SW by Ogeechee River, SE by Hodges and O'Berry land, NE by Belcher and McCall. Witness: John London JP. Deed Book - AB page 123 Effingham County, Georgia and Liberty County, Georgia, Early Record, complied by Mary Carter, 1978 (GA)F292.E3.03, LA State Archives.

Also, when John Knight sold land in Effingham County to Moore Spier on Aug 4, 1801, the deed stated that both John Knight and Moore Spier were living in Glenn County.

P. 69: Rec. 4 Aug 1801, deed dated 15 Jan 1801, between John Knight of Glenn Co. and Moore Spier of same, cons of four hundred dollars for tract of land containing 200 acres of land in Effingham Co., originally GRANTED to the aforesaid John Knight on 19 May 1789, Registered in Secretary's office in Book S.S.s. for 168, bounding SW by Belchers and vacant land on all other sides by vacant land. Signed John Knight. Wit: William Steward, Millis Spier.

In another book, Information on Some Georgia Pioneers - Maddox, GA (GAF281.L3.M3) Family Heads 1805 Georgia: Knight, John, Burke Cty. w Rachael One John RS and moved to Wayne Cty. John III Knight died in 1821/22 in Wayne Co., GA.

John Knight was apparently a good man who believed in helping his neighbors as witnessed by the following property transactions:

P. 53: Zachariah Henderson to John Knight, Bill of Sale, undated for three slaves, 60 head of cattle, two horses, four featherbeds and furniture, together with pots, pans and all other items of his furnite and household goods, given in payment of his bond (promissory note) to Knight dated 10 March 1770. No witnesses signed; however, David Hines signs affidavit Feb 18, 1794 that he saw Zachariah Henderson sign the instrument. John Knight of Effingham Co., "OUT OF HIS LOVE AND GOOD WILL" gives the above personal property to Mary Henderson by Bill of Sale dated 11 March 1793. Witnesses: David and Nancy Hines.

P. 55: John Knight of Effingham Co., to Anna, Misey, Mary and Sarah Henderson, children of Zachariah and Mary Henderson. Gift of three slaves, Saturday, Florida and Sambo, 60 head of cattle, 2 horses, feather beds, furniture, pots, pans, farming implements, dated 30 Aug 1794. said Mary, mother of said children, to be Trustee.

Rachel Fannie Knight was living in Wayne County and drew a lot in the 1820 land lottery, but failed to take it up and it reverted to the state. After John Knight died, she lived with son Samuel in Hillsborough County, Florida (The South Florida Pioneers, Jul-Oct 1978 Issue).

John's son, William Anderson Knight - born 16 Feb 1778 in Edgecombe Co., N.C., was also living in Wayne Co. at that time. William Anderson was a Representative from Wayne County, GA between 1810 - 1811. He served as a State Senator of Lowndes Co., GA between 1826-1828. He was also a pastor of Primitive Baptist Church in Lowndes Co. He died 8 Dec 1859, at home on the Old Milltown-Valdosta Lowndes Co., GA (now Lanier). He was buried 8 Dec 1859 in Burnt Church Cemetery next to Union Church in Lowndes Co. He married Sarah CONE, 1798 in Bulloch Co. Ga. Sarah CONE Born 16 Oct 1780 in Chesterfield, Cheraw Co., SC,. Died 28 Nov 1852 in Miltown, Ga.

Note: John III was Charles Knight of Washington Parish's uncle. William Anderson was his first cousin.

John III Knight and Fannie Anderson had at least the following children: William Anderson, Johnathan, Arbraham, Mary and Samuel. According to Folks Huxford, John and Fannie had eleven children.

William Anderson Knight was born in Edgecombe Co, North Carolina 16 Feb 1778. He married Sara Cone. (b. 16 Oct 1780 in Cheraw Dist., SC). She was the daughter of William Cone Sr. (born in 1745 in North Carolina where he lived on the PeeDee River - died 1815 in Ivanhoe, Bulloch Co., GA) and Keziah Barber. Sarah's father was the first Senator of Bulloch Co, GA and a Baptist pastor of the Little Ogeechee Church. Sarah died 16 Oct 1780 in Lanier Co., GA. William died 08 Dec 1859, Old Union, Lanier Co.

Folks Huxford wrote the following:

"William Anderson Knight was born in North Carolina on Feb 16, 1778, a son of John Knight RS He was one of eleven children and was an older brother of Jonathan, Abraham and Samuel Knight. Elder William Anderson Knight is the forefather of the large and influential Knight family connection in Berrien, Lanier and Cook Counties, and was in the Primitive Baptist ministry for many years prior to his death. He was born in North Carolina, Feb. 16, 1778, and was about 10 years old when his parents moved to Georgia. In 1798 he married Miss Sarah Cone, daughter of the Hon. William Cone, who rendered distinguished service to his adopted state during the Revolutionary War. The Cone family was also from North Carolina originally and had sojourned in South Carolina a short time during the war. The two families, Knights and Cones, were originally residents of Effingham County but in the creation of Bulloch out of Effingham in 1796, were placed in the new county. Mrs. Knight was born in South Carolina Oct 16, 1780.

Mr. Knight was among the very first settlers of Wayne Co, after it was created, moving there about 1803. His home was in present Brantley Co. He was named in a legislative act of 1803 as one of five commissioners to locate the public-site of the new county. It was several years before it was permanently fixed and when it was done it was located on lands owned by Mr. Knight and by William Clements, a neighbor, and the county seat was named Waynesville. Mr. Knight served as representative from Wayne County 1810-11 and again in 1813. He served as State Senator from Wayne, 1815-17 and 1819-20. He was a Justice of Peace in the 334th District, 1813-1817, and a Justice of Wayne Inferior Court 1820-24.

In the winter of 1824-25 Mr. Knight and his family with others of the family connection, moved to the southern part of what was then Irwin Co., where they located. Mr. knight settled on Lot of Land No. 516, 10th land district, near Grand Bay, on present State Highway No. 11, in what is now Lanier Co. A year after moving to his new home, his portion of Irwin Co was made into Lowndes Co. and Mr. Knight was elected the first Senator from the new County, serving 1826-28. He was a delegate from Lowndes to the 1833 State Convention and in 1839 to the state tariff convention.
In 1856, Elder Knights home was placed in Berrien Co, when it was created partly out of Lowndes. He was a leading spirit in the organization of the first Baptist Church in Irwin or Lowndes counties; it was organized Oct. 1, 1825 at Carters Meeting-house located on the west bank of the Alapaha River, and the church was named "Union" and became the 'Mother' of all Baptist Churches, both missionary and primitive, of this section. Mr. Knight and his wife became charter member moving their letters from
Kettle Creek Baptist Church in Wayne Co. He became the first church clerk, serving from 1825 until he was ordained to the Gospel Ministry by his church March 10, 1830. In the years that followed, Elder Knight became very active and zealous in the spread of the Gospel over the frontier country, organizing several new churches. He and his pastor, Elder Matthew Albritton, often went together on trips that required days, many miles from home. Elder Knight stayed busy holding special services in the homes of the settlers, visiting the sick, conducting funerals, organizing "arms" of Union Church that later became independent churches, and assisting in constituting new churches over an area 100 miles or more in extent. After the death of Elder Albritton in 1850, Elder Knight succeeded him as pastor of Union Church and served until his own death Dec 8, 1859. He became the first pastor of Wayfare Church in present Echols Co, serving 1841-54 and again 1856-58. His missionary labors precluded him from serving as pastor of many of the churches that wanted him. He assisted in the constituting of Unity Primitive Baptist Church in Lowndes Co., Feb 6, 1841, and became its first pastor, serving until his death eighteen years later.
Mrs. Knight died
Nov. 28, 1859. Her aged husband could not long survive her passing, dying 10 days later. They were buried at old Union Church. The whole section from miles around felt keenly the passing of this aged and saintly couple whose hospitality and goodness to others were known to others far and wide." In 1820, they were listed on Pg. 159 of the Wayne Co., Ga. census.
In 1830, they were listed on Pg. 084 of the Lowndes Co.,
Ga. census.
In 1840, they were listed on Pg. 228 of the Lowndes Co.,
Ga. census.
In 1850, they were listed on Pg. 413 of the Lowndes Co.,
Ga. census.

William Anderson and Sara had the following children:

Keziah b. 20 Nov 1802, Bulloch Co., Ga., m. April 1829, Isben Giddens, d. 1 Nov 1861, Old Union Cem., Lanier Co., Ga.; Levi Jefferson b. 1 Sep 1803; William Cone b. 8 Oct. 1805; John b. 7 Jul 1807; Sarah b. 10 Oct 1808 in Wayne Co., Ga., m. William P. Roberts; Elizabeth b. 23 Sep 1811 in Wayne Co., GA., m. John Carter; Jonathan b. 17 Jan 1817; Aaron A. born 13 Jul 1813 married Nancy Ann Sloan-died 1852;

Child of Aaron Knight and Nancy Ann Sloan:

George Washington KNIGHT Born 8 Sep 1845. Died 8 Feb 1913. Buried in Empire Church, Lanier Co. Ga. He married Rhonda FUTCH, 20 Sep 1865 in Berrien County, Ga. Rhonda FUTCH Born 31 Oct 1846. Died 4 Jan 1909. Buried After 4 Jan 1904 in Empire Church, Lanier Co, Ga. See photo of couple here.

Child of George Washington Knight and Rhonda Futch:

Perry Thomas KNIGHT Born Mar 1877. Died 16 Sep 1955. Buried in Old Union Church Lanier County, Ga.(Burnt Church Rd). He married Annie Lota DUGGER, 19 Jul 1903. Annie Lota DUGGER Born 16 Dec 1885. Died 15 Jan 1973. Buried in Old Union Church Lanier County, Ga.(Burnt Church Rd).

Child of Perry Thomas Knight and Annie Lota Dugger:

James Perry KNIGHT Born 16 Aug 1911. Died 1 Jun 1984 in Polk Co. Ga. He married Betty Ann RHOADS, 22 Dec 1934. Betty Ann RHOADS - 108. Born 1 Jul 1913.

Child of James Perry Knight and Betty Ann Rhoads:

John Elwin KNIGHT

John Edward Knight married Monica.

John III Knight's children continued:

Jonathan (b.1781, Cheraw Dist., SC, married Elizabeth _ born 1787, Ga., d. 1860, Clay Co., Fla. Jonathan died 1860, Clay Co., Fla.

A picture of the grave site of Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight can be seen here.

A Picture of Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight's son James Henry Knight can be seen here.

A picture of James Henry Knight's wife and daughter can be seen here.

Jonathan and Elizabeth had the following children:

William b. 1806, m. Mary ____; Mary b. 1808, m. 15 Dec 1825, Lewis Roberts; Jonathan born 1811; James H. born 1817, m. Cynthia Rowell; Thomas b. 10 Mar 1820; Sarah b. 1824, m. Lewis L. McCall; Matthew Albritton b. 1826, m. 14 Apr 1853, Mary E. Pace, d. Clay Co., Fla.; Nancy b. 1827, m. Henry L. Wester; Elizabeth H. b. 1829, m. 28 Jan 1851, Hiram Prescott.

Jonathan Knight and his wife Elizabeth Tucker s daughter Mary married Lewis Roberts. Mary and Lewis Roberts son William Parker Roberts married Isabelle Bryan. William Parker and Isabelle Roberts daughter Blanche (born May 20, 1894 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida) married George Floyd Cardell (born January 5, 1890 in Starke, Bradford County, Florida). George Floyd and Blanche Cardell s son Floyd Alwyn Cardell (born February 21, 1914 in Jacksonville, Duval County, FL) married December 16, 1935 in Chicago, Cook County, IL Adolphine  Dolly Becker (born February 5, 1914 in Chicago, Cook County, IL). George Floyd and Dolly Cardell s son Richard Bruce Cardell (born in Chicago, Cook County, IL and now living in Jacksonville, Duval County, FL) married Mary Francis. Richard Bruce Cardell contributed this information.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight's son James Henry Knight 1817-1888, married Cynthia Rowell Knight 1818-1891. They are both buried at Empire Cemetery, Mascotte, Lake County, Florida. James Henry and Cynthia Rowell Knight's son Elias Jeremiah Knight 1861-1949 married Jesse Ellen Dixon. Their daughter Amanda Cedell Knight 1901-1973, married Bart Miller 1898-1970. Amanda and Bart Miller's daughter is Aileen Miller Throop - 1919-2002, and their granddaughter is Dawn Claudia Throop. This family information was contributed by David Clay.

Abraham (b. 1789, Effingham Co, Ga. (Effingham later became Bulloch Co.) married 17 Jan 1810 Sarah H. Tucker (b. 1796, GA., d. 1884, Little Creek Baptist Church, Wayne Co., GA. Abraham died 26 May 1867, Little Creek Baptist Church, Wayne Co., GA.

Abraham served under Captain Scott's Co. Ga. Mil. WO-11542 during the War of 1812.

Abraham and Sarah had the following children:

Samuel b. 1817, m. Mary E. Hunter; Andrew J. b. 1818, m. Margaret Bennett; Thomas b. 1820, m. Susan Hunter; Mary E. born 1821, m. Malachi Harper; Abraham b. 1826, m. Harriet Raulerson; Elijah Tucker b. 1829, m. Nancy Harper; Eliza b. 1838, m. Joshua Harper; Erastus b. 1844, m. Harriet Jenkins

Abraham's son, Elijah Tucker Knight, his son James Augustus, his son Dalton Henry Knight who settled in Lakeland, Polk Co Florida in l933 having left Wayne County Ga never to return. He died in Fla in l949. This was contributed by Chris Lewis from Florida, a descendant of Abraham on her mother's side.

Abraham's son, Erastus Knight, b.1844 m. Harriet Eliza Jenkins, b. abt 1845 daughter: Sarah Ann Knight, b ? m. Reuben H. Ammons, b. 3 May 1853 daughter: Harriet "Hattie" Ammons & son: John Ammons. Sarah Ann Knight Ammons died when John was abt 5 months old and "Hattie" was abt 2 1/2 yrs. Hattie m. John Richard Franklin Hickox, b. 15 Sept. 1876 their daughter, Pearl Piccola Hickox, b. 13 Jan. 1916 married Arlie Pleasant Griffin, b. 30 April 1919. Their daughter, Angela Pearl Griffin Hatchett m. Jimmy David Hatchett. They have one daughter, Connie Denise Griffin Swanger. This information was contributed by Angela Hatchett, a descendant of Abraham Knight's son Erastus.

Samuel (b.1793, Effingham Co., GA. d 3 May 1879 Hillsborough Co., Fla) m. Mary Roberts (b.1793., SC, d 6 May 1875, FLA.)

Samuel and Mary had the following children:

Fatima b. 18 Feb 1811, m. 9 Mar 1827, Enoch Collins; Moses b. 25 Feb 1813 d. 1815; Aaron b. 26 Feb 1815, m. 30 Sep 1840, Jane Varn; Jesse b. 18 Aug 1817; Thomas b. 1 Mar 1820 d. 1828; Joel b. 24 Feb 1823 m. Virginia Mitchell b. 29 Mar 1848; Frances b. 9 May 1825. m (1) John J. Zipperer m. (2) Jacob Summerlin; Elizabeth b. 1 Mar 1827, m. 6 Feb 1842, Elhannon McCall; Mary b. 6 Mar 1829, m 10 Feb 1849, Geroge Hambleton; Martha b. 3 Oct 1832, m. 25 Dec. 1849, Dr. Samuel B. Todd

Mary married a Hunter. She later married John Stewart. Mary and John moved from Georgia to Hamilton County, Florida. Their son John married Elizabeth Sutton. Information about Mary was contributed by Marlene Casey Stewart. Marlene's husband is a descendant of Mary Knight Stewart.



John Knight and Elizabeth Woodson also had a son, Joseph Knight, born about 1748 in Virginia. He was still living in Virginia when his son William was born about 1774. Joseph Knight is listed in 1784 in Gloucester County (Head of Families - Virginia Census - R - 975.5293 VIR - Macon Library, Georgia). One of his early ancestor's, Peter Knight, owned land in Gloucester County and represented that county in the House of Burgess in 1684.

Joseph's mother Elizabeth died about 1784. Joseph's son Charles was born in 1785 in Virginia according to the 1850 Census in Washington Parish, LA. Proof of his age can be found on his War of 1812 Pension application that was filed on May 4th, 1874, in which he states that he was 88 years old.

There are no Knight's listed on the Census of 1810 for Gloucester County, Virginia. (Microfilm Reel # M252-68) The last records of Joseph in VA were property tax records in Glouster Co., VA in 1787.

One researcher, Richard Welch, lists Joseph Knight's birth as 1741 and death in 1824. He found Joseph Knight had Bounty land in Effingham County in 1788. This agrees with my research that Joseph moved to Effingham County, which later became Bulloch County, in 1788, along with his brother John Knight.

*Note: John Knight, who I believe was Joseph's brother, acquired a 1000 acres of bounty land in Effingham County on August 6, 1788. This land later became part of Bulloch County.

It appears that their was a swap of land made between John Knight, Joseph Knight and Thomas James Knight: P. 36: JOHN KNIGHT to JOSEPH KNIGHT, deed dated 1790 for 200 acres in Effingham Co. near Great Ogeechee. Witness: John London, JP. and then the following: Joseph Knight to THOMAS JAMES KNIGHT; deed dated Dec. 4, 1790 for tract of land (acreage not stated) on NW side of Williamson's Creek, survey for Mark Pridgen, lying near the Great Ogeechee River, the creek to be the line between the parties. Witness: John London, JP.

In 1792, Joseph Knight of Effingham County sold some land in Darlington District, SC that was originally granted to John Knight 21 April 1775. Joseph and John's father JOHN KNIGHT died sometime between the writing of his will on September 7, 1771 and the probate date of March 12, 1772. So the John who originally owned the land in Darlington, SC must have belonged to Joseph's brother John. John and Joseph, observing their land transactions in Georgia, apparently traded lands occasionally.

P. 41: Joseph Knight of Effingham County to George McCall of Darlington Dist., SC, planter. Deed dated 28 March 1792 for 300 acres in former Craven Co., now Darlington District SC, granted John Knight 21 April 1775, lying on south side of Pee Dee River. Witnesses: John Moore, JP; William McCall; John McCall JP.

In order to understand the reason the Knights would have acquired this land on the Pee Dee River, you must go back to the Cone family who were living in Bulloch County, Georgia along with the Knights.

John Knight's son William Anderson Knight married William Cone's daughter Sara Cone. John Knight's brother Joseph married Jerusha Cone. They apparently met the Cones while they were still living in South Carolina, because, just as the land that Joseph sold to George McCall in Darlington, SC which was located on the south side of the Pee Dee River --- William Cone was born in 1745 where he lived on the PEE DEE RIVER in North Carolina (near the border of NC and SC.) The Pee Dee River begins in North Carolina and flows into South Carolina.

William Anderson Knight married Sarah Cone in 1780 while they were both living in South Carolina. William Anderson's father, John Knight, III married Rachael Frances "Fannie" Anderson on 9 Jan 1774, in Cheraw Dist. Chesterfield Co., SC. She was also born in Surrey, VA. The land that was sold in SC by Joseph was acquired by John in 1775, the following year after marrying Fannie. Joseph apparently acquired the land from John and sold it many years later when he was living in Bulloch County, Ga. Joseph also married one of the Cones in SC, so this, along with acquiring John's land on the Pee Dee River in SC, puts both Joseph and his brother John living in the same place, on the Pee Dee River in South Carolina, prior to coming to Bulloch County. This is another confirmation that Joseph and John were indeed brothers.

NOTE: Daniel Cone, who settled at Haddam, Conn., in 1662, was the American progenitor. One of his descendants moved south and located on the PEE DEE RIVER in North Carolina. Here in 1745 was born William Cone... William Cone married Keziah Barber, moved to Georgia, and was among the pioneer settlers of Bulloch County. Taken from excerpts from Men of Mark in Georgia by Bernard Suttles, 1905.

Joseph Knight and his wife Jerusha Cone were living in Bulloch Co, GA in the late 1700's. (There are records in Bulloch Co, GA of a Jerusha Knight: Jan 1828. Inventory & appr. of estate of JERUSHA KNIGHT. Alexander Knight, adminr. by Isaac Richardson, William Lee, George Mikell - This information was found on a Cone Family web site. Gladys Meeks Vindal in the Statesboro, GA library had her name as Jerusha, but did not know her last name. The estate was also listed here. The estate was also listed in the LA State Archives, Baton Rouge, LA in a book entitled Georgia Intestate Records by Jeannette Holland Austin, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1986, page 183.

Also, all GA sources agree that Joseph was the son of a John Knight. I found two sources in Statesboro library, Gladys Meeks Vindal, (a descendent of James Monroe Knight, who was the son of Joseph Knight's son, Francis Alexander) lists John as father; and a letter from Adair, Kent, Ashby & McNatt to Clerk of Superior Court, Columbia Co., GA, seeking information about Joseph's father John. Bill Abram, who has done extensive research on the Georgia family, has John as his father.

Note: The John Knight that was found in Columbia Co, GA could not have been the correct John Knight. John Knight of Columbia Co. was John "Jackie" Knight b. Sept. 7, 1773 in SC d. Jan 9, 1861 in Jones Co., Ms. Buried in Knight Cemetery, Jones Co., MS. His wife's name was Keziah Davis b. 12-25-1778 in Appling, Columbia Co., GA d. 11-8-1859 in Jones Co., MS, buried in Knight Cemetery, Jones Co. One of their descendants was Newt Knight. You can read all about him and his renegade army in Leaf River Swamp here.

Joseph and his family probably moved to Effingham Co. which later became Bulloch Co. around the same time as Joseph's brother John (around August 6, 1788). Joseph Knight was among those listed on a petition to the Legislature of Georgia for a new county named Bullock in the year 1795.

Very few records survive from the period 1777 to 1790 in Effingham, so the story of the early settlers is not very clear.

By Act of December 14, 1793 Screven County was formed from parts of Burke and Effingham Counties.

The following is the text of the petition to the state convention asking that Bulloch County be created from Scriven (now spelled Screven) and Bryan counties (part of Effingham Co. also became Bulloch).

His Honor the Chairman And gentlemen members of the convention f the State of Georgia 1795

The Petition of the Citizens of Scriven and Bryan Counties humbly sheweth that your Petitioners are desirous of representing to your Honors. The inconveniency the Citizens of Scriven County labour under, when of necessity they are obliged to attend on public requisitions, having Ogeechee river to cross, Generally full of water and badly accommodated with flats canoes_________

As well your Petionioners pray your Honors will reflect a moment on that Act Passed the last Session of the General Assembly "Ordering the County of Bryan to extend from the Georgia coast to the lower line of Scriven County the full extent from the Georgia coast to the lower line of Scriven County the full extent of Chatham and Effingham counties, rendering it extremely inconvenient for the inhabitants of the upper part to attend on public requisitions at Hardwick a distance of at least sixty Miles.

Therefore under these circumstances (unless a General mode for the Divison of Counties should be adoped)

We petition your Honors that the county of Bryan extend no farther up Ogeechee river than Bryan's Cowpen (so called) fence with a SoW direction 'till it intersect with Liberty county line. And that the upper_____(having the aforesaid boundary) and that part of Scriven County lying on the south side of Great Ogeechee river as high up said river as Skulls Creek be a separate and distant county - And to avoid a discontent, which would otherwise consequently arise - let our public buildings be established as near as convenient to the centre Thereof.

And your Petionioners will ever pray:

Jesse Hillard........ John Futch, Senr

John Clifton........ Jacob Futch

David Johnston........ Apslom Vindon (?)

William Johnston........ Thomas Futch

Frances Daniel........ Rowan Row

William Malyard ........ Solamon Futch

Jesse Mixon ........ Alexander Finey, Senr

John Hilliard ........ William Mixson

Vinson Mixson........ Alexander Finey

William Woodcock, Senr........ Jehu Everitt

William Downs........ James Parimore

Tho Woodcock........ Thomas Parimore

David Davis........ Peter Parten

John Davies ........ John Wigins

William Woodcock, Junr........ John Cook

John Futch ........ Zachariah Gherkin

Samuel Peacock ........ James Simmons

Absalam Hagin....... John Barden

Thomas Hagin........ James Barden

Solomon Hagin........

John Hagin, Junr........ John Hill

William Wylder........ Barnet Mikell

Josiah Everitt........ James Lewis

Hennery Everitt ........ William Lewis

John Wilson........

David Wilson........ Jordan Lewis

Robert Gill........ Joseph Knight

James Gill ........ Robert Knight

Thomas Gill ........ John Martin

Lewis Cook........ John Martin

William Almonds, Senr........ John Geiger

William almonds, Junr........ Abraham Geiger

John Almonds ........ Phelix Geiger

Chrisr Salter........ Cornelius Geiger

William Wise ........ John Lastinger

Henry Wise ........ David Lastinger

Hennery Chamless........ George Lastinger

James Thomas........ David Grover

Joseph Gobert........ John Grover

Hardy Deloatch, Senr ........ Solomon Grover

Hardy deloatch, Junr........ Abraham Stafford

John Deloatgch ........ John Huffman

Ephram Deloatch ....... John Shuffield

Austin Shuffield

Adam Smith....... John Wright

Joel Lauracy ........ William Wright

James Mikell........ James Bennet

William Mikell........ Robt Parten

George Mikell........ Thomas Thompson

Thomas Mikell ....... John Thompson

Jno Mikell ....... Richard Harvey

____Mikell ........ Charles Blanton

John Everitt ....... George McCall

William Cone ....... ___Stewart

Isreal Harris....... Edward Mikell

Thos Knight ........ Joshua Everitt

Abraham Bird ....... Arthur Kerby

John Hagin ....... Robert Scott

John Deloatch ...... David Goodman

William Kerby ....... John Lane

Aaron Cone ....... Alexander Lane, Junr

John Rawls ........ Alexander Lane, Senr

NOTE: The foregoing copy of the Petition to form a new county was obtained from the Hargrett Library of the University of Georgia by Smith C. Banks. The Petition was transcribed by Evelyn Mabry. Several words are illegible. A few names may have been lost. Pages of the original Petition, now tattered, were sewn together in a scroll like manner. The Spirit of a People compiled by the Statesboro Herald Publishing Company.

The Georgia Legislature took lands from both Bryan and Screven Counties Feb. 8, 1796, for the purpose of creating "Bullock" County. Although the legislative act created "Bullock"; it should have been spelled "Bulloch" after the man it was named for, Patriot Archibald Bulloch, the first president of Georgia when Georgia was a sovereign state during the Revolutionary War. He was also one of Georgia's delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia from 1775 through 1776. He died in 1777 while holding the title of first governor of Georgia. Georgia Historical Society

Among those listed on the petition of 1795 was a Thomas Knight. Joseph Knight had a son named Thomas. I believe that the older Thomas who was on the 1795 petition was the son of John Knight and the younger Thomas was the son of Joseph because John Knight left Bulloch County around 1803, perhaps a little earlier, and Joseph Knight and the younger Thomas remained in Bulloch County all of their lives. The younger Thomas would have been a very young child when John Knight moved away, so it is unlikely that he would have been John's son.

Furthermore, it is confirmed by the following land acquisition that John and the older Thomas Knight acquired their land at the same time, next to each other.

Bulloch Co., GA Records, Deed Book AAAA and Record Book 5, 819-1840 (page numbers are to original records, not this book) Deed Book AAAA p. 434, Thomas N. Morel, esq. of Savannah, to Mr. John Rawls, Oct. 4, 1821, for 350 dollars that parecil of land originally granted to John Morel, esq, then in Effingham Co., now in Bulloch, 1000 ACRES GRANTED AUG. 6, 1788, bounded at the time of grand n.w. by Morel and Bowen's land, NE by land reserved for JOHN AND THOMAS KNIGHT and on every other side by vacant land and came to Thomas N. Morel, esq, as an heir of John Morel, esq. deceased. Wit: Job T. Bolls, George L. Cope, Rec: Oct 23, 1821.

The above land transaction confirms that John Knight moved to Effingham County, later Bulloch County on Aug. 6, 1788. I believe that Joseph Knight came at the very same time.

The older Thomas Knight is listed on the 1820 Census of Bullock Co. with 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45 & up. This Thomas is not listed on the 1830 census in Bulloch County, so he apparently moved from the area sometime after the 1820 census and before the 1830 census. The following land sale seems to confirm that Thomas sold his land and left the area in 1823:

THOMAS KNIGHT, planter, to Allen Denmark, Planter, Dec. 29, 1823, for 100 dollars, 250 acres in the 8th District of Early Col, known as Lot #231. Wit James Denmark, Richard A. Lane, A. Rawls. Rec: Jan. 24, 1823 (sounds like he drew a lottery.)

There was also a Robert Knight listed on the petition. He signed his name next to Joseph Knight. He was probably an older son of Joseph. Records show that he acquired a 100 acre platt of land, Warrent deed dated Nov. 24, 1800. Robert's land borders Joseph Knight's on two sides. Robert is not listed on the 1820 census records, so I believe that he moved away from the area. Land records confirm that he did sell his 100 acre platt next to Josephs before 1826 (probably quite sometime before this, because the estate of John Rawls was settled in 1826, and part of his estate consisted of the 100 acres that was previously owned by ROBERT KNIGHT:

Morgan Brown of Washington Co., Allen Rawls and James Rawls, execs. of the will of John Rawls, to peter Cone, highest bidder at public outcry, for $1,650, land on the Ogeechee River as follows: 100 acres original granted to Oliver Bowen...a tract of 500 acres originally granted to John Knight; 100 acres originally granted to Robert Knight... Wit' Alexander Knight, Abraham Richardson, JP. Rec: 22 Sept. 1826.

This would also confirm that John Knight lived next to Joseph and Robert Knight, because the land sold above apparently joined. This convinces me further that Joseph and John came to Bulloch County (previously part of Effingham) around the same time, 1788, and were probably related (I believe brothers.)

Apparently Peter Cone was not interested in keeping the land because a few days later he resold it:

Feb. 18, 1825: Peter Cone to Allen Rawls and James Rawls, $1,650 for the following lands on the Ogeechee River: 100 acres original granted to Oliver Bowen: 200 acres originally granted to John Knight (this was probably the land that Joseph's brother John owned), 100 acres originally granted to ROBERT KNIGHT...Rec: Alexander Knight (probably Robert's brother), A. Richardson, JP. Rec. Oct. 7, 1826.

In 1773, the Creek Indians signed a treaty giving up the coastal islands between the mouth of the Ogeechee River and the mouth of the Altamaha River in return for debts they owed to traders. This treaty opened up for settlement a large area which included present day Bulloch County. This pine land was considered poor and was not settled as rapidly as other sections of the state. However, settlers did come. Hardy pioneers from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina came into these lands, settling in what later became Screven and Bulloch County. The land along the Ogeechee River was good oak and hickory land. This was taken up and settled first. Behind this was the piney woods which was settled slowly. The first settlers were stockmen. Spirit of a People.

Joseph Knight lived near the Ogeechee River in Bulloch County, GA. Joseph lived on some of the best land, near the Ogeechee River, and he had white hickory, oak, iron wood, and maple trees. His nearest neighbor was John Rawls. John Rawls was a Justice of the Inferior Court of Bulloch County


Joseph Knight and Jerusha Cone had the following children: William, Robert, Charles, Joseph, Thomas, and Frances Alexander.

1. William (born abt 1774 in Lunenburg County, Virginia) William Knight served as a witness to an indenture in 1799 in Bulloch Co, GA in 1799 (Indenture - A John Lee, planter and Elizabeth, his wife, and Burrel Whittington, planter, both of Bulloch Co, Georgia, $60 for 200 acres bounded by James Mikell's Land. Witness: William Cone, Jr., William Knight, William Cone, J.P. Source: Bulloch Co. Georgia - Genealogical Source Material by Alvaretta Kenan Register pg. 49, May 17, 1799 R. July 18, 1801.) I do not know if the William who witnessed the land indenture was Joseph's son William or Joseph's nephew William Anderson. Joseph was married to Jerusha Cone and William Anderson was married to Sarah Cone.

2. Robert (unconfirmed, but VERY likely) He married Mary _____. There is a Warrant dated Nov 24, 1800 for 100 acres of land in Bullock County for Robert Knight located next to Joseph Knight. Robert also signed a petition in 1795 to form a new county. He signed his name next to Joseph Knight's.

1806, ROBERT and MARY KNIGHT were deeded land in Bulloch County.

There are land sales records dated 1807 and 1809 for Robert Knight. He apparently won the land lottery: Oct 28, 1807. On March 19, 1808: Robert Knight, Bulloch Co. sold to Evan James, Bulloch Co. 202 ac. in Baldwin Co. in 13th district, No. 55, which tract was drawn by Robert Knight of Bulloch Co. signed by Robert and wife Mary.

The last land sale that I found for Robert was in 1809. I believe that Robert left Bulloch County Georgia around the same time as Charles, around 1809-1810.

It is believed that Robert moved to Baldwin County, Georgia, and died before 1820.

The following was contributed by Mike Elliot, a descendant of Robert Knight's son Henry.

Orphans of Robert Knight of Marshall District, Baldwin County, Georgia drew lot #189. District 4 in 1820 Georgia Land Lottery. This land was in Walton County, Georgia.

On 24 December 1831, Henry, Moses and Aaron, all of legal age, orphans of Robert Knight and all of Walton County, Georgia sold lot #189, they being 3 of 5 orphans. Sold to George Willingham of Walton County, ?(Deed Book J, Pg. 239)?. The total acreage of this land was 250-each child receiving 50 Acres so this was probably 150 acres sold at this time.

On 24 December 1831, Henry Knight of Walton County, Georgia sold his interest to lot #189 to George Willingham. ?(Book K, Pg. 56)?.

On 4 Jan 1833, George Willingham, guardian of Mary Ann Knight, Orphan of Robert Knight, sold her share of 50 acres to Richard Shipp. ?(Book K, pg. 74-75, Walton County)?.

On 8 May 1839, deed recorded in ?(Book M, Pg. 321)?, John F. Knight sold to George Willingham of Forsyth County, his interest in Lot #189, District 4, drawn by orphans of Robert Knight.

3. Joseph S. Knight, Jr. (son of Joseph and Jerusha) Joseph was born abt 1786 and died about 1871. He was listed as 86 years old on the 1870 Census in Bulloch Co., GA) He married Lurene (also Syrene) "Renney" Brown July 11, 1853, pg 185 Book 19 A and C Marriages. The marriage was performed by Peter Cone. This was his second marriage.

Joseph and his 1st wife Nancy -, died in 1852, appear to have had only one child, a son named Joseph.

The 1840 Census in Bulloch County lists Joseph Knight, Briarpatch, Bulloch Co., with 1 male between 50-60; 1 male between 15 and 20 (this is proabably his son Joseph) and 1 female betwen 50 and 60 (Nancy).

The 1850 census in Bulloch County lists Joseph Knight, 63 farmer $500 GA and wife Nancy, 63. Census:254R/272/280 p.31.

The 1850 Census lists Joseph and Nancy's son, Joseph as 30 years old, 6th Subdiv. p. 253, w. Martha, 26; son William, 4; son Edward, 3; son James, 2. Martha was 36 years old in the 1860 census.

Joseph and Nancy's son, Joseph Knight is listed in the 1860 Census as forty years old (born about 1820 in Bulloch County, GA.) His occupation was Farmer. This Joseph married Martha M. Hagins on Dec. 3, 1844. The marriage was performed by Peter Cone.

Joseph and Martha Hagins had the following children: William, Edmund, James, Thomas, John, Martha, Allen, and George.

1. George Randolph Knight, b. Sept. 19, 1865, Bulloch Co., Ga. d. November 05, 1920, Savannah, Ga. m. (1) Elizabeth Tooke Knight; m. (3) Harriette McIntgyre Grayson.

2. William T. Knight, b. Georgia

3. Edmund Knight, b. 1847, Georgia

4. Thomas J. Knight, b. October 21, 1850, GA; d. February 03, 1911, Bulloch Co., GA, buried Lanes Church Cemetery; m. (1) Frances Mikell; m. (2) Mary R. Hagan, November 18, 1874, Bulloch Co., GA.

The 1870 Census lists him as farm laborer, Born in GA.

The 1880 Census lists Thomas as 29 years old, occupation farming, wife Mary R. Knight age 30 born in Georgia, a son Lee H. Knight age 4, and a son Haywood Knight age 2. Next door was living Ben and Jane Cone and their children: Silva, Ben, Sarah, July, Turner and Nancy.

Thomas Joseph Knight had four sons and one daughter. One son was named Ernest Clyde Knight(1887-1966) who married Adelia Martha "Mattie" DeLoach (1889-1978). Ernest Knight worked for the Central of Ga R.R. until 1957. One of his sons that was born to him was Harold Fredric Knight (1918-1989) who married Alice Mathis ( 1920-1994).

5. Martha F. Knight, b. 1857, GA.

The 1870 census lists her as a seamstress.

6. John S. Knight, b. 1854, Bulloch Co., GA; m. Julia S. Knight.

John S. Knight was born in 1855 or 1856, depending on when the census was taken. In 1920, he was living in Waycross and listed as a survivor ofhs brother George in the obit. The 1920 census gives their address as #39 Tebeau St., Waycross.

7. Allen A. Knight, b. 1859, Bulloch Co., GA: d. December 12, 1937, Glynn Co. Certificate #31907; m. Susie E. Knight.

1920 Brunswick - Glynn C. Census: Allen survived his brother George (obit). sheet 17, line 69, address: 708 I St. Brunswick, GA; children: Abbot C., 31; Ruby, 28, dtr in law and Clinton, Jr., grandson 9 monts. At time of death, living at 827 Union St. Brunswick, GA. He was 79. Death certificate states he was married, but doesn't give wife's name. Retired from the railroad. It says that he was born in Stillson, Georgia. The information was provided by A. G. Knight. Buried in Palmetto Cemetery, Brunswick. Died of myocarditis (heart). The 1870 census/farm labor.

8. James Knight.

In the 1860 Census, Joseph and Martha Hagins' children were William age 14, Edmund age 13, James age 12, Thomas age 9, John age 6, Martha age 5, and Allen age 1. In the 1870 census, William and Edmund are not listed. Another child was born to them, George age 7.

Joseph, Jr. (Charles Knight's brother) was 76 in the 1860 census. He was a farmer. His wife Cyrene Brown was 31. Their children were Charles age 6 (born abt 1854), Rebecca age 5 (born abt 1855), Jerusha age 3 (born abt 1857), and Elizabeth age 2 (born abt 1858).

Joseph, Jr. and Nancy___'s son Joseph Knight and his wife Martha Hagin are living in Millray PO in 1860, Bulloch County. Joseph, 40, farmer, Real Estate $1,300; w. Martha, 36 housekeeper; son William, 14; Edmund, 13; James, 12; Thomas, 9; John, 4; Martha, 5; and Allen, 1.

In the 1870 Census Bulloch Co. p. 207B: Joseph Knight 49, b. GA, Farmer, Real Estate $600. w. martha, 46, b. GA, Housekeeper, Illiterate; son Thomas, 19, b. GA, farm labor; son John, 16, b. GA, farm labor; dtr Martha, 13, b. GA seamstress; son allen, 11, B. GA, farm labor; son George R. 7, b. GA; son Horace, 1, b. GA

Four doors away was his father Joseph, now 86 years old. His wife "Renney" was 41. Jerusha was 13, Elizabeth 11, and their new son Alexander age 7 (born abt 1863). Their children Charles and Rebecca were not listed. They probably died.

The 1880 census of Brier Patch, Bulloch County, shows Serrena Knight as head of household, 55 years old, occupation farming, daughter Elizabeth age 21 at home, son Alexander age 19 work in farm, and also lists Peggy Sloan living with them, age 100, black, born in North Carolina, occupation at home, father's birthplace North Carolina, mother's birthplace North Carolina. Serrena's husband Joseph, Jr. died in 1871. Peggy Sloan, age 100, black, is living with the family. She was probably a slave prior to the Civil War and was made a part of the family after slavery ended. She obviously meant a lot to the family.

Joseph's will was probated Dec 3, 1871. He left his estate to Surenea whom he married in 1853, daughter Jurusha, Surena, Eliz. Martha, son Alexander Stephen Knight. There was no mention of his son Joseph by his first marriage to Nancy, perhaps because his son Joseph had his own estate and his other children were still minors.

Charles Knight's brother, Joseph, Jr., is believed to be buried in a cemetery in Bulloch County located where Lane Road runs into old River Road. Take a left turn. The old cemetery is on the right side of the road adjacent to the first house; on the right side of the house. There are no visible signs of any graves. The person who once owned the property cleared the grave site and threw away the old wooden grave markers. A house was built on the property, and the grave site is part of their yard. This information was obtained from Horace E. Knight of Bulloch County, Georgia, descendent of Charles Knights brother, Frances Alexander. Horace said that he tried to buy the grave yard from the person who cleared the gravesite, so that he could save the graves, but they would not sell it to him. He kept one of the old wooden markers and put it in the church grave yard that his family is buried in. We saw the old marker. It is at the Lanes Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Stilson, Ga., Bulloch County.

4. Charles - All Georgia researchers agree that Joseph Knight had a son named Charles, but they knew nothing about him. Property records and marriage records are vital information for tracing ancestors; and because Charles left Bulloch County, Georgia as a young man, without owning land and before he was married, he left few clues to trace him. Charles was born in 1785 in Virginia, left Bulloch County about 1810, moved to Washington Parish, LA, and married Susannah Williams 17 Jan 1822, in Washington Parish. Susannah's mother Penelope Richardson and her father William Williams were also from Bulloch County, Georgia.

5. Francis Alexander (Alex) (born about. 1787 which at the time was called Effingham Co., Ga. -married in 1822 - died in 1852 in Bulloch Co., GA.) married Sarah "Salety" Lowther (b. 1799 - d. 1859). She was the daughter of John Lowther and Mary Hagin.

P. 403 (Common School Fund), giving parents and children, with dates of birth: ALEXANDER KNIGHT AND SANDY: James M. Aug. 31, 1823; Thomas, Nov. 22, 1824; Charles, March 29, 1825 or 26; Green H., May 9, 1830; Alexander, April 22, 1832; Alfred, Feb. 22, 1834; Catherine, Feb. 5, 1838 or 39.

P. 379: Received of CHARLES KNIGHT, my guardian, $1,755.24, being my part of the estate of my father ALEXANDER KNIGHT, except my portions of the lands. Signed: ALFRED KNGIHT.

Alex and Sarah's children were: James Monroe, Thomas, Charles, Green H., Alexander, Alfred, and Salety Catherine.

The 1850 Census in Bulloch County lists Alexander Knight, 63 or 65 - 6th Subdiv. p. 253 K523 for soundex; w. Sarah, 51; son Thomas 24 or 29; son George 17; son Alexander 17 (not legible); unable to read this entry; dtr Rebecca, 12.

In the 1860 Census, Bulloch County, Frances Alexander's son Alfred is listed as 26, Farmer, Millray PO, Real Estate $4,260, w. America, 18; listed as a Lodger is Alfred's brother Charles Knight, 34, Farmer, personal property $6,280.

P. 360: Nov. 24, 1852. Commissioners return. At the division of the Negro property belonging to the estate of ALEXANDER KNIGHT, deceased, the following heirs drew numbers, to wit: Green H. Knight, James M. Knight, Alexander Knight, Alfred Knight, Thomas Knight, Charles Knight, S.C. Knight, Seleta Knight. Signed as Commissioners: R.A. Lane, Allen Rawls, Haskel Simmons, *JOSEPH KNIGHT, JR., John Lee. (Joseph, Jr. was the brother of Alexander and the son of Joseph Knight, father of Charles Knight of Washington Parish.)

James Monroe (b. 31 Aug 1823, Bulloch Co., GA, married Jane Butler 20 May 1853, in Wilkinson Co., GA. Died August 11, 1892 in Wilkinson Co., GA, Red Level Cemetery.

Thomas (born Nov. 22, 1824 - died Feb. 7, 1871) married Rebecca Wilson 10 Jul 1851. The marriage was performed by William Williams. Rebecca was born Nov. 1, 1829. She died March 3, 1880. Thomas and Rebecca are buried in Knight Cemetery.

The 1860 census in Bulloch County lists Thomas Knight, 35, farmer b. GA p. 847, Real Estate $1000; w. Sarah (middle name Rebecca). She is listed as a widow on the 1880 census. She died March 3, 1880. son Andrew, 5; son James, 3; dtr Sarah, 1. Two doors down: Edward, 29. No other information about him. (Thomas Knight's brother Alfred Knight and his wife America Wilson Knight had a son named Edward.)

Their children were John A., Andrew Jackson buried in Knight Cemetery, James H. buried in Knight Cemetery, Sarah U (Or V), William R. buried in Knight Cemetery, Frances Ophlia buried in Lanes Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, T. F. buried in Knight Cemetery, and Horace E. is buried in Lanes Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.

Thomas and Rebecca's son Horace E. Knight was born Sept 29, 1868. He died Dec. 18, 1924. He married Susie G. Knight (born May 20, 1884 - died Feb. 4, 1976). They are both buried in Lanes Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Stilson, Ga. (Bulloch County).

*Lane's Primitive Baptist Church began in 1805 near the Ogeechee River on land donated by Richard Lane. In the 1880s, when the population shifted away from the river, services were discontinued. In 1884 a committee from Upper Black Creek Church helped reorganize Lane's Church. W. J. Strickland donated the land near Stilson for the new church. Spirit of the People.

The 1870 census shows Thomas as age 45, Rebecca age 40, John A. age 17, Andrew J. age 15, James H. age 13, Sarah V.(orU) age 11, William R. age 9, Frances O. age 4, and Horace E. age 1. (T. F. was born in 1870, probably after the Census was taken.) Thomas' occupation was Farmer.

Thomas was only 45 or 46 years old when he died. After his death, his brother Charles married Thomas' wife Sarah Rebecca. Charles is buried in the same cemetery as Thomas and Rebecca, 3 sons and a grandson.

The 1880 Bulloch Co. Census 499/269/269 p. 71 shows Sarah "Rebecca" is married to Thomas' brother Charles Knight after Thomas' death. She married him April 21, 1875 in Bulloch County, Georgia. Rebecca died March 3, 1880, and in the 1880 Census, Charles is married and living with Rebecca and her children. Charles died Feb. 18, 1887.

Knight, Charles 54, Rheumatism; wife Sarah R. (Rebecca) 52; Andrew J. 25; James H. 22; Sarah L. 21; William R 19; Frances O 14; Horris E. 11; Thomas F 9.

They are buried in Knight Cemetery. The cemetery is located right off Old River Road near Leefield, GA (Bulloch Co.), on Shearouse Landing (Shearouse Landing use to be called Knights Landing). It is located in a field next to a country road, fenced in, with a field on three sides. There are only eight graves in the cemetery: Alexander's son, Thomas; Rebecca; Thomas' brother, Charles; three of Thomas and Rebecca's sons: James H., T. F., William R., and Andrew Jackson. Another grave is for Forest Knight. Forest Knight was born May 29, 1872, after Thomas died. On the 1910 Census in Briar Patch, Bulloch County, GA, there is a Forest Knight age 37, Ed Knight age 38, and Claude Knight age 48 living with mother "Amersea" Knight age 69. Her name was probably America. America Wilson married Charles and Thomas' brother Alfred. Her son Forest is probably the one buried in the cemetery along with Thomas and Rebecca Wilson Knight and their children and Thomas' brother Charles Knight.

Thomas Knight's marker reads: (This was the son of Charles Knight's brother, Alex.)

Our Father

Thomas Knight

Nov 22, 1824

Feb. 7, 1871

Gone but

not forgotten

Thomas Knight's wife Rebecca's marker reads:

Our Mother

Rebecca Knight

Nov. 1, 1829

Mar. 3, 1880

Mother thou hast from

us found

To the regions far above

We to thou direct this stone

Consecrated by our love.

Thomas' brother, Charles' marker reads: (This was the son of Charles Knight's brother, Alex.)

Our Uncle Charles Knight

Nov. 15, 1826

Feb. 18, 1887

May he find joy in

the life everlasting.

Thomas and Rebecca's son James' marker reads:

Our Brother

J.H. Knight

April 30, 1857

May 5, 1891

Another son of Thomas and Rebecca's marker reads:

Our Brother

T.F. Knight

June 30, 1870

Oct 17, 1902

Thomas and Rebecca's son William's marker reads:

Our Brother

W.R. Knight

Jan 10, 1861

July 3, 1906

Thomas and Rebecca's son Andrew Jackson's marker reads:

A.J. Knight

August 15, 1854

June 28, 1909

Forest Knight's marker reads:

Forest Knight

May 29, 1872

March 25, 1915

NOTE: Information about this cemetery was obtained from Horace E. Knight of Brooklet, GA (Bulloch County) a descendant of Thomas Knight (son of Frances Alexander) through his son Horace E.

Frances Alexander's children continued:

Charles born November 15, 1826, died February 18, 1887, buried in Knight Cemetery along with his brother Thomas. After the death of his brother in 1871, Charles married Thomas' wife Sarah Rebecca on April 21, 1875.

Green H. born 9 May 1830, married America Cone.

William Alexander born 20 Apr 1832, married Margaret R. (Mikell) Rawls 7 April 1858. He died in 1867 in Bulloch County, Georgia.

Alford born 22 Feb 1834, married 13 or 15 Jan 1860, America Wilson (pg. 56 Book 19 A and C Marriages 1857-67, 1867-68). Alford died in 1870 in Bulloch County, Georgia.

The 1860 Census 847/471/474 p. 51, in Bullock County lists his birth year as 1834; farmer, Value of real estate $4,260; personal $8,270, Millray P.O., Census taken July 14, 1860. Alford Knight 26, farmer, wife America, 18; Charles, 34 farmer. Census has Charles, 34, (Charles is the son of Francis Alexander and the brother of Alford. Charles married his brother Thomas' wife Rebecca Wilson). Charles had personal property $6,280; farmer.

Salety Catherine born 5 Feb 1838, married 13 Dec 1856, James W. Moore. The ceremony was performed by Peter Cone, pg 227, Book 19, A and C marriages 1857-67 - 1867-68.

Joseph and Jerusha Knight's children continued:

6. Thomas Knight (born in 1790 in Effingham, now Bulloch Co., GA - died in 1853 in Bulloch Co., GA) He married married (2) Frances Mikell 25 Sep 1817 Ref. Bk. 2-A. p.13; 1850 Census P 253 Fm 258 - Bulloch Co., GA. The marriage was performed by John Everett, J.P.

In the 1850 Bulloch Co. Census 253R/251/258/ p. 29: Knight, Thomas, 60, Farmer $3,000, born GA; w. Frances, 50; Edward 17; Sophany 15; Frances 12.

James Cones family lived next door to Thomas and Frances in the 1850 Census.

P. 365: 16 March 1851. Inventory and appraisement of the estate of THOMAS KNIGHT, SR.

P. 365: 15 Dec. 1853. Certification of appraisal and valuation of the goods, chatetels of THOMAS KNIGHT, SR., deceased. Signed A. Rawls, CHARLES KNIGHT (son of Frances Alexander Knight - buried in the old Knight Cemetery on Shearouse Landing Road) R.A. Lane, A.J. Wilson, Augustus Lanier, JP.

Thomas' brother Joseph Knight and an E. Knight were the administrators:

15 Dec 1853. A list of sale of estate of THOMAS KNIGHT, SR. Signed: JOSEPH KNIGHT AND E. KNIGHT, Admrs. (E. Knight was probably Thomas' son Edward Knight.) In the 1860 Census Edward, 29 years old, is living 2 doors down from his first cousin, Francis Alexander Knight's son, Thomas Knight and his wife Rebecca and their children.

Thomas Knight and Frances Mikell's children were William (born Jan. 27, 1824), Margaret (born Oct. 30, 1825), Allen (born Jan 11, 1829 or 30); Thomas Edward (born March 30, 1831); Sophany P. (Born Feb 5, 1833 or 35) married Peter C. Shuffield 24 Oct 1855; and Frances (born Dec. 26, 1839).

The 1880 census lists Thomas Knight and his wife Francis Mikell's son Thomas Edward as 49 years old, occupation farmer, wife America Knight, 39 years old and keeping house, a son Charles age 18 at school, a son Claudius age 16 at school, a daughter Florence 14 years old at school, a son Horris age 7, a daughter Velarer age 3, a daughter Aarelia age 2, and also living with them was America's mother Mary Wilson age 72.

Thomas Knight bought land next to his brother Frances Alexander on April 29, 1829. This had to be the Thomas Knight, brother to Frances Alexander, and not Frances Alexander's son Thomas because Frances Alexander Knight's son Thomas was not born until Nov. 22, 1824.

Record Book 5, p. 6: James Rawls to THOMAS KNIGHT "from pure motives," a parcel of land granted and sold to KNIGHT on April 6, 1829, beginning at a pine tree at the corner of Peter Cone's property, when the dividing line was run between ALEXANDER and THOMAS KNIGHT, in the ede of that little brance on the lower or south side, thence to a stake corner in the field on the dividing line that runs to the swamp. Wit: ALEXANDER KNIGHT, A. Rawls, Rec. April 29, 1829.

*NOTE: Information about the children of Frances Alexander and Thomas was found on the Common School Fund list: Records in Office of Probate Judge, Bullock Co., Ga. representing bills submitted by individual teachers to the County Commissioners or Treasurer, and listing "scholars" whom they taught. The state paid three months tuition for "poor" students. This does not mean that Alex and Thomas Knight's children were covered. The teachers would list "all" of their students. It was later decided which students were covered.

Thomas and Frances- daughter, Frances Knight (born 25 Dec 1839 died 28 June 1896, buried in Lee Cemetery, Bulloch Co., GA) married James Madison Lee 7 March 1872. The marriage was performed by J.R. Miller (pg. 44 Book 19 a and C marriages 1857-67-1867-68). Frances and James' son Thomas Franklin Lee (born 30 Jan 1873 died 22 April 1932, b. Lee Cemetery), Daughter Lela Lee (b Sept 13, 1877 - d July 10, 1882, buried Lee Cemetery) and a son Rufus Lee (born March 15, 1875 - died August 4, 1878, buried Lee Cemetery).

By the 1820 Census of Bulloch Co., GA, only Alex (Francis Alexander), Joseph, and Thomas are still living in Bulloch Co., GA. Charles, Robert and William Knight are not listed on the 1820 Census in Bulloch Co.

It is not known when Charles' father Joseph died. He died prior to a copy of an agreement dated Jan. 31, 1823, Bulloch Co., Ga. between Alexander Knight and Thomas Knight of same County, "heirs of Joseph Knight...our father." Their mother Jerusha Knight's estate was administered by Alexander Knight in 1828.

ALEXANDER KNIGHT and THOMAS KNIGHT, for 150 dollars, binds Alexander Knight as administrator of the estate of JERUSHA KNIGHT. Rec Jan. 18, 1828.

P. 313: 26 Jan. 1828 Inventory and apprisement of estate of JERUSHA KNIGHT. Alexander Knight, admir. by Issac Richerdson, William Lee and George MIKELL.


William (Choctaw Bill) Williams and Penelope Richardson also lived in Bulloch Co., GA. There were many Williams in Bulloch County. Many of them remained there all of their lives. I have not been able to determine which Williams was the father of William Williams. A James Williams was granted land in Effingham County which became Bullock County in 1796. He would have lived near the Knights and Richardsons. He was born in 1757 in North Carolina, the son of David Williams. He married in 1777 to Elizabeth Callaway, born in 1759 in North Carolina. He served in the Revolutionary War in both North Carolina and Georgia and was in the Battle of Kettle Creek. He died in 1817 in Bulloch County. A Frederick Williams also lived in Bulloch County. He was born in 1751 in North Carolina, the son of James Williams and Mary Wallace Williams. He was a private in the Georgia Militia. He died in 1821 in Bulloch County. It is not known if he married. It is very unlikely that either brothers Seth or Samuel Williams was the father of "Choctaw Bill". Seth married Elizabeth Godfrey in 1790, and Samuel married Delilah Nevill in 1784. Neither men would have been old enough to have a granddaughter Susannah Williams, wife of Charles Knight. These accounts of the Williams' families were taken from records of the DAR and published in Spirit of a People.

In late 1790, John Crawford and Philip Mathews, Burke Circuit preachers, met with John Hodges, his sons, and, most likely, members of the neighboring Mizell and Williams families to create a Methodist Society that would shortly become Union Church, Bulloch County's oldest Methodist Church. It was started in the home of Joshua Hodges, Sr. which was located on the western side of the Ogeechee River in what would later become Bulloch County. However, many of the Williams families in Bulloch County remained Baptist.

Griffin Mizell of Bulloch County maried Susannah Carter in 1797. She was the daughter of Matthew Carter. Griffin was the son of William Mizell.

William Mizell, Jr. of Bulloch Cty. married Polly Love in 1802.

Benjamin Richardson of Bulloch County married Nancy Hendrix in 1802. They moved to Washington Parish, Louisiana. He was the son of Benjamin Richardson and Sarah Mizell Richardson. He was the brother of Penelope. Information on Some Georgia Pioneers - Maddox.

Benjamin, John (married Fannie Richardson 5-10-1800 in Bulloch Co., GA) and Widow Richardson are listed on the 1820 Census in Washington Parish, LA.

The soil in Georgia was very poor and Georgia weather was either flood or drought, and it was either too hot or too cold. There were very freightening thunderstorms. Living was a struggle in the Georgia backcountry. Many of the westward-bound pioneers were eager to sell their property at any price. Spirit of a People.

Among those who left Bulloch County were "Choctaw Bill" Williams who traveled from Georgia to Louisiana trading with the Choctaw Indians in Washington Parish, LA, his family settled around Covington; Charles Knight (Charles was unmarried, a brother is believed to have moved to Miss., so he might have also traveled with him) settling in Pine, the Mizells (John and David Mizell are listed on the 1820 Census in Washington Parish, LA) and the Richardsons (Widow Richardson, Benjamin and John are listed on the 1820 Census in Washington Parish. They all moved to the Florida Parishes around 1810, however, it is unclear if they came at the same time. Penelope (b. 1775 GA. d. 1841) and William Williams (d. abt 1825) are buried in the Richardson Cemetery.

Baptist was the dominant religion in Bulloch County, Georgia. It is evident by the lives of Charles and Susan Knight and their family, that Charles brought his deeply rooted Baptist beliefs of Bulloch County with him to Washington Parish, LA. The first Baptist church in the state of Louisiana was established near Franklinton, LA in 1812 on the Bogue Chitto River.

Charles died April 1, 1877. Charles and Susannah Knight are buried in the Enon Baptist Church Cemetery in Enon, LA. Many of the Knight family are buried in Enon Baptist Church. Knight's are still attending this old country church, and the Baptist religion is still prevalent among the Knight family.

It is believed that Charles Knight of Washington Parish had five brothers. One of the brothers is believed to have moved to Mississippi. (144485-Washington Parish Library-Franklinton,LA-Family History of the William Penn Knight Family). The brother who lived in Mississippi was probably either William or Richard. Joseph, Alex and Thomas remained in Bullock County for the rest of their lives.


The following history of the Cone Family was taken from excerpts from Men of Mark in Georgia by Bernard Suttles, 1905, Contributed by Nell Campbell:

The Cone Family

For one hundred and thirty years the Cone family has been contributing in each generation splendid citizens and soldiers to the service of Georgia and Florida. Previous works of history and biography have dealt with this family in a very meager way, as will appear from the record.

William Cone, the Elder.

Daniel Cone, who settled at Haddam, Conn., in 1662, was the American progenitor. One of his descendants moved south and located on the Pee Dee River in North Carolina. Here in 1745 was born William Cone, the Revolutionary soldier, who is generally believed to have been a son of William, though this is not altogether certain, as his father's name may have been Aaron. Previous to the Revolution, William Cone married Keziah Barber, moved to Georgia, and was among the pioneer settlers of Bulloch County. He was an ardent patriot and during the Revolution saw service in McLean's regiment and under Gen. Francis Marion. This Capt. William Cone was a terror to the Tories, as several incidents will show. When the notorious Tory, McGirth, and his followers were terrorizing that part of the State, it was learned that one Cargill harbored the Tories and gave them information about the Whigs. Cargill was advised that it meant death if he was again found in company with McGirth. not long after, when William Cone was hunting deer on the Ogeechee he saw them together in the woods. He shot Cargill, but McGirth escaped, and the next day when they went to bury the dead man it was found that the wolves had almost devoured his body.

At another time the Tories fell on an unsuspecting settlement, stole the settlers' horses, and carried away everything possible. Headed by Captain Cone, the settlers pursued them down into what is now Tatnall County. Finding after a shower of rain that they were close on their heels, they sent forward one of their number to reconnoiter. The approach of this man became known to the Tories through one of the stolen horses, and one of their number, starting out to learn the cause of their confusion, was shot dead by the scout, who was concealed behind a log. This was the signal for an attack, and the patriots rushed forward, drove the Tories into the Ohoopee River and recovered their stolen goods. It is said that this raid broke the power of the Tories in that community.

At the close of the Revolution, Captain Cone returned to the pursuits of peace near Ivanhoe, and in 1796 was foreman of the first grand jury raised in Bulloch county. He died in 1815, about seventy years of age. It is a tradition in the Cone family that three brothers of Capt. William Cone fell in battle during the Revolutionary War, William being the sole survivor of the four brothers. He reared three sons and nine daughters. Of his sons, Aaron Cone was the only one who remained in Bulloch County, and he was the father of six sons and six daughters.


Peter Cone

Gen. Peter Cone was the eldest child of Aaron Cone and grandson of Capt. William Cone. His father, Aaron Cone, was born October 31, 1766, before the family left North Carolina. In 1788 he married Susan Marlow, and Peter Cone was born at Ivanhoe, Bulloch County on August 6, 1790. His father was a wealthy man, owned large landed estates with many slaves, and carried on extensive planting operations. he was much esteemed in Bulloch county, a member of the Baptist church, and died at Ivanhoe, Bulloch county on June 6, 1835, being then nearly sixty-nine years old. When the War of 1812 began, inheriting the family trait, Peter Cone enlisted, became a captain, and was stationed at Fort Sunbury. In 1818 he served under General Andrew Jackson in this Florida campaign. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Peter Cone was the senior major-general of the militia of the State of Georgia. Early in the thirties he became a member of the General Assembly and remained in that body continuously for thirty years. It is said that this is the longest continuous service by one man in the history of Georgia. he was a most influential man in his section of Georgia, and absolutely dominated Bulloch County for thirty years. A notable character in his day, he was held in much esteem by the public men of that time and lived until the year 1866. He never married.

William Cone, the Younger

When the break-up occurred in the family of Capt. William Cone, the elder, after the Revolutionary War, Aaron remained in Bulloch County. Joseph moved to Thomas County, and William, junior, moved to Camden County. William, Jr. was a very notable man. He represent Camden county for twenty three years in the Georgia legislature. He was born in 1777, and when the War of 1812 broke out was a man of thirty-five, in the prime of life. He inherited the reckless courage of the Cone family and became a captain in that war. It is related that in his infancy a body of Tories and British came to his father's house seeking the elder Cone, cut open a feather bed upon which the baby was resting, and poured baby and feathers out together, and the little fellow was nearly suffocated before he was rescued. His military career in fighting the British, Indians and Spaniards was even more notable than that of his father. In the War of 1812 he served under General Newnan on the St. Mary's and St. John's Rivers. He was a participant in a campaign against the Alachua Indians, engaging in a hand-to-hand fight with an Indian at Alligator, killing his antagonist with clubbed musket after he had exhausted his ammunition. Returning form this expedition, they had to live on horse meat for quite a time. He took part in the defeat of the British naval expedition on St Mary's river, and in the operations against St. Augustine so incurred the hostility of the Spanish that they offered a reward of ten thousand dollars for his head. One of the brilliant exploits of that war was his defeat of the British on the St. Mary's in 1815. Twenty-three barges loaded with British soldiers ascended the river for the purpose of burning Major Clarke's mill. The enemy intended to land at a place called Camp Pinckney and march to Clarke's mill on the Spanish creed some three miles distant. Captain Cone with twenty-eight men was concealed in the palmettoes which lined the river banks, and his men being expert riflemen, opened fire on the barges. The bargers replied with cannon and small-arms fire, which was ineffective. For several miles Captain Cone's men took advantage of every turn of the river and and at every shot brought down a man. Finally the British unable longer to stand the fire, retraced their course to St. Mary's. Upon their arrival at St. Mary's they reported one hundred and eighty men killed and as many wounded. Some time after the war Captain William Cone settled in Florida and as late as 1842 represented Columbia county in the Florida State Senate. He died at Benton, Columbia County, Fla., on August 24, 1857, and was buried at Prospect church cemetery in Hamilton county. He was eighty years old at the time of his death. He had married Sarah Haddock, in Camden county, Ga., about 1815.

William Burrows Cone

Judge Wm. B. Cone was a grandson of the fiery old Tory-hating captain, through the son who moved to Southwest Georgia [Joseph]. His mother was a Wadsworth. The family settled in Dooly county in 1832, and the father dying soon after, the lad became the mainstay of his mother, who had the children to rear. In 1835, then just a man, he married Elizabeth Mobley and settled down to farming. In a few years he became one of the leading men of this county, which he represented in the legislature in 1847 and 1850, and there met his kinsmen, Judge Francis Cone and General Peter Cone. Returning home from the general Assembly, he was elected Judge of the Inferior Court of Dooly county, which position he held continuously until the close of the Civil war. After the War he lived in retirement at his handsome country home until his death in 1877, leaving the reputation of an horrible, capable man a a pure patriot.

The Later Generations

William Cone, the younger, left a family of sons who made a remarkable military record. His oldest son, B.N. Cone was captain of a company during the Indian wars in Florida, a daring and reckless officer. Another son, Capt. William H.[William Haddock] Cone, served as captain during the Seminole war in 1857 and made the most important campaign and capture of Indians during that war. later he served as captain of a cavalry company in the Confederate army. Another son, Peter Cone [Simon Peter], was lieutenant in the Indian war and served as first lieutenant in the Confederate army. The fourth son, J.B. Cone [James Barnard Cone], was considered the most powerful man physically in the State of Florida. He served in the Indian war of 1857 and was lieutenant of cavalry in the Confederate army. The fifth and youngest son, C.F. Cone [Charles F.], served as lieutenant in the Indian war of 1857 and was captain of a cavalry company in the Confederate army. D.N. Cone [Daniel Newsome], a son of Capt. B.N. Cone and a grandson of Capt. William Cone, served the entire four years as a member of the Confederate army, and his son, Hutch I. Cone, entered the United States navy and has shown such brilliant qualities that he has risen by rapid steps to be chief of the Bureau of Engineering, with the rank of rear-admiral. F. P. Cone, now a member of the Florida State senate, is another grandson of William Cone, Jr. T. J. Cone, now a prominent citizen of Florida, is a descendant of the old Revolutionary captain through the son who moved to Southwest Georgia, being grandson of Judge Wm B. Cone.

Going back to Georgia, we find that Gen. Peter Cone had a brother James. Col. J. S. Cone [Joseph Smith Cone], son of James and nephew of Peter, entered the Confederate army in 1861 as a lieutenant, later promoted to captain, and for distinguished bravery in the battle of Chickamauga was, on the recommendation of Gen. John C. Breckinridge, promoted to major. At John's Island, Colonel Cone was the leader of the assault; he commanded the fort at Secessionville in the fall of 1864, and in the battle of Honey Hill was badly wounded an promoted to lieutenant-colonel. His name appears on the Chickmauga monument, and Camp 1227, United Confederate Veterans, bears his name. from 1870 to 1875, Colonel Cone, following in the footsteps of this distinguished uncle, served his district in the State senate of Georgia. Depressed by the death of his devoted wife and business losses, he with drew from public life, and has since lived a retired life in Bulloch county. His old regiment, the Forty-seventh Georgia, bore the brunt of many a hard struggle. When sent to the relief of Vicksburg, it mustered 1,100 men. Later on, when sent to Charleston, Colonel Cone, then in command reported 150 muskets.

The record above given shows that this family has been represented numerously in all the struggles of our country from the Revolutionary War down, and that in times of peace it has had many strong members of the various legislative bodies. The family record is indeed a remarkable one and worthy of preservation in our annals for the great qualities shown--bravery, patriotism, good business capacity, sound legislative judgment, and unfailing loyalty to country. --Men of Mark in Georgia by Bernard Suttles, 1905.

William Cone came to North Carolina to South Carolina and then to Georgia. He was born about 1745 and died in 1822. The latter part of the war he fought Tories in this section of Ga. He lived in what is now Bulloch County and died in Ivanhoe. Hs grave is east of Joe Cone's field in a thickly wooded section between the Old River Road and the Ogeechee River. It is identified by a marker erected by the DAR. He was married to Kesiah Barber. Story of Bulloch County Pub. by Bulloch Co. Historical Society, 1973.

The Civil War in Bulloch County was generally a time of fear and hiding for civilians. Yankee soldiers coming through the area killed live stock, stole their food, and destroyed what they could not carry off. Of the 750 white men of Bulloch County at the time, 600 entered the miliary service of the Confederate States of America. It is doubtful that any county paid a higher price to the Confederacy. The U.S. Census of 1870, four years after the war ended, show less than 10 percent of the population of Bulloch County was made up of white men between the ages of 22 and 40. T.Y. Aiken from Bulloch County was in the 47th Regiment of the Georgia Infantry. He won the honor of being the ugliest soldier in the Confederacy from a soldier in the 60th Regiment. The commanding officer was the final judge. Spirit of a People.

Ivonhoe in Bulloch County, Georgia no longer exists. All that is left is an old abandoned house and some fields. It was located at 32- 17; N 81 28 39; W, Elevation 94 feet; GA-119 CONN. near GA-119, Ivanhoe, Bulloch County, Georgia. A right turn onto GA-119, a few feet ahead, will take you to the bridge that separates Bulloch and Effingham Co.

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