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Updated on 17 February 2014

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In the photo is Gilbert Rosel Belnap (1831-1919) his two wives on his left is Adeline H. Knight, and to his right is 2nd wife Henrietta McBride, seated on the left is his sister-in-law Rizpah Jane Knight Gilbert (wife of Andrew Smith Gibbons) and seated on the right is matriarchal leader of this line of Knight’s in Utah, Martha McBride Knight Smith Kimball. Martha McBride married Vinson Knight in Perrysburgh, Cattaraugus, New York on the 6th of July 1826, Vinson was made full Bishop of the church on the 4th of May 1839 and died at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois on the 31st of July 1842. The couple had 7 children, four of which survived to adulthood. After the death of Vinson, Martha married Joseph Smith, most say it was a marriage of convenience, so she along with her children could travel with one of the wagon trains that were heading west (no unmarried women allowed), after Smiths death she married another leader of the church, Heber Chase Kimball, one child was born to this marriage but died at birth. Martha lived most of her life in Utah with relatives, she died at the ripe old age of 96, on 20th of November 1901.

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