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My Simmons Line

First Generation

Most of the information I have proven for William Simmons started from a copy of DAR application from Suzanne Simmons Stotham.

William was a Revolutionary Soldier and served in a Virginia line.  He received  bounty land in Georgia for service in Wilkes Co., Georgia in 1781.

William Simmons was born in Virginia in 1745.  He married Mary King in 1768, and upon her death married her sister Anne in 1793.  It is suspected that he moved from North Carolina to Georgia sometime between 1785 and 1793.

William married Anne King in 1793 in Monticello, Jasper, Georgia per DAR Application.

It is also suspected that at least one brother, George and/or James, accompanied him to Georgia.  These brother (s) continued to and settled in Sumter Co., Alabama. 

It is known that he died in Jasper Co., Georgia in 1828.  Anne is believed to have preceded him in death.

Second Generation

 William had at least one child by Mary, John King Simmons born in 1771. (Census records indicate that he was born in 1784)

John moved with his father to Georgia and married in 1800 in Jasper Co., Georgia.  John was in Jasper Co., Georgia as late as 1823 and in Monroe Co in 1830.   John's descendant, William Pinckney Simmons resided in Crawford Co., Georgia in 1830 and in Houston Co., Georgia in 1840 and as late at 1865.

He had at least two children with Anne, William Burrell Simmons and Allen G Simmons. 

William Burrell was born in 1785 in North Carolina.  He married in 1815 in Jasper Co., Georgia to Dority Henderson and lived there until 1825/26.  In 1827 he lived in Crawford Co., Georgia.  Around 1836 he moved to  Macon Co., Georgia and by 1843 he was in Dale Co., Alabama.  He died in 1853 in Coffee Co., Alabama.  His children were Elisha Henry born in 1817, Emily Frances in 1819, James Allen in 1821, Martha Brown in 1823, John Burrell in 1825, and William Warren in 1827.

Allen G was born in 1795 in Habersham, Jasper, or Franklin Co., Georgia.  He married in 1817 in Crawford Co., Georgia to Nancy Germany.  He married again in 1820 in Crawford Co., Georgia to Mary Cleveland.  He had several children between 1822 and 1842, David Wright born in 1822, William Cleveland in 1824, James Marion in 1828, Georgia Ann in 1830, Melissa Caroline in 1833, John in 1836, Thomas Jefferson in 1837, Absalom Carter in 1840, and Edna B. in 1842.   All were born in Crawford Co., Georgia.  Allen was a member of the Mt Carmel Primitive Baptist Church and lived in Crawford Co., Georgia for the remainder of his life (1859).

Third Generation

David Wright married E A ? Abt 1850.  His known child is Mary J. born abt 1852.

William Cleveland married in 1846 in Crawford Co., Georgia to Penelope Matthews. There children were James Allen born in 1847, David Cromwell in 1849, Mary Emma in 1851, John Matthews in 1853, William Cleveland in 1855, Julia Elizabeth in 1857, Laura Elen in 1858, Edna Sophronia in 1860, Thomas Augustus in 1862, Amanda Josephine in 1863, and Frances Penelope in 1866.  In 1836 he married Mary Alice Brazeale.  There children were Ella Jane born in 1869, Albert Clayton in 1871, and Charles Eugene in 1875.  He moved with his children and settled in Butler Co., Alabama.  He died in 1914 in Manningham, Butler Co., Alabama.

James Marion married in 1850 in Upton or Crawford Co., Georgia to Frances Hollis.  There children were Edgar Gassoway (attorney) born in 1852, Walter C (attorney)  in 1854, Arthur Hollis in 1856*, R.S. in 1859, Allen in 1861, Minnie D in 1863, and Alice E in 1867. He was a farmer.  James Marion moved with his family after 1870 to Americus, Sumter Co., Georgia.  He lived there until his death (1885).

Georgia Ann married John B Maynard.  She died in 1915 in Manningham, Butler Co., Alabama.

Melissa Carolina married Joseph H Long in 1851.  There known children were Samuel born in 1853 and Robert A born in 1856.

Nothing is known about John.

Thomas Jefferson married Penelope Hollis in 1857 in Crawford Co., Georgia.  There known children were Irene L. born in 1858 and Allen G. born in 1861.  He married Lucille C. Peck in 1869.  He married Nannie R Renfro in 1889.  Over the course of his life he was a lawyer, CSA colonel, State Senator, President of the State Senate, and Judge on the Supreme Court of Georgia. He moved to Macon, Bibb Co., Georgia as early as 1867.  He remained there until his death (1905).  It is know that he had at least three children who survived him in death.

Absalom Carter married around 1863 in Georgia to Sarah ?.  There children were James born in 1864, Harriett in 1866, Mary in 1869, Leola in 1871, Ida in 1875, and William in 1877.  He moved to Dooly Co., Georgia as early as 1880.  He was a physician.  He died in Drayton, Dooly Co., Georgia (1881).

Edna B was enumerated with David W Simmons in 1860 in Crawford Co., Georgia.  Nothing elso known.