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Knapwurst Farm 1985, Dehrenberg, Germany
Photo by Karen Vance

Knapwurst Farm


The above photo was taken at the Knapwurst ancestral farm in the village of Dehrenberg. Dehrenberg is located about 5 km southwest of the Pied Piper town of Hameln and about 43 km southwest of Hannover, Germany and near GrossBerkel and Aerzen. The dark gray three-story home on the right of the picture was built 1848/1849, after the Knapwursts sold to Johann Conrad Wilhelm Wessel.

The taller building to the rear is probably part of the next farm. The lighter stone building to the left is part of the outbuilding complex and could have been part of the original farm. There were several other unconnected fields in the same village which were purchased by the family over the years.

The oldest proof of Knapwursts on the farm is in the year 1585, when Hermann Knapwurst is mentioned in the administration records in Aerzen.

Family Group:

Parents: Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig KNAPWURST, born 16 June, 1805, son of Johann Christoph KNAPWURST and Engel Eleonore REHRMANN
Married - on 17 July, 1831 to Hanne Justine Charlotte LÜCKE, born 4 July, 1809, daughter of Christian L. LÜCKE and Wilhelmine WITTROCK
1. Heinrich Friedrich Christian KNAPWURST, born 7 February, 1832 in Dehrenberg
2. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm KNAPWURST, born 17 November, 1833 in Dehrenberg   Marriage Certificate
3. Hanne Wilhelmine Eleonore KNAPWURST, born 27 February, 1836 in Dehrenberg, died 15, June, 1837
4. Hanne Caroline Wilhelmine KNAPWURST, born 29 May, 1839 in Dehrenberg, died after 1880, probably in Wisconsin
5. Wilhelmine Friederike Amalie KNAPWURST, born 19 May, 1842 in Dehrenberg
6. Caroline Wilhelmine Amalie, born (or died?) 29 January 1846 in Dehrenberg, (died before family left Germany in October, 1847).
7. Charles G.William [Wilhelm] Knapwurst, born August 11, 1849 in Centerville Twp, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.


In 1847, Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Knapwurst sold the farm and emigrated to the United States with his wife, Hanne Justine Charlotte Lücke, and their children, Heinrich Friedrich Christian, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, Hanne Wilhelmine Eleonore, Hanne Caroline Wilhelmine and Wilhelmine Friederike Amalie. They sailed from Bremen, Germany on the Bark Caroline.

They arrived in New York October 21, 1847 with 8 boxes of luggage, having sailed from the port of Bremen. The ship manifest lists Friedrich Knapwurst, 42, Male, Hannehen Knapwurst, 38, female, and their children, Heinrich, 16, male, Friedrich, 13, male, Hannehen, female, 10, and Fridericke, 5, female.

Three weeks later the family was living in Sheboygan County when, Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig KNAPWURST (listed as Frederick KNABWORST on the deed) purchased 640 acres of land from Herman Kemper for $800.

The deed is found at Vol B, Page 247, Manitowot County Courthouse, dated 11 November 1847, between Herman Kemper of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Territory and Frederick Knabworst (Knapwurst) of Sheboygan County Wisconsin Territory, for the sum of $800 the following parcels of land: the SW 1/4 of Section 5, Township 17 N of Range 23 East containing 160 acres; also the SE 1/4 of Section 6, Township 17 North of Range 23 East, containing 160 acres; also the NW 1/4 of Section 8, Township 17 North of Range 23 East, containing 160 acres; also the NE 1/4 of Section 7 in Township 17 North of Range 23 East containing 160 acres, all of said land being situated in the Territory of Wisconsin in the District of Land subject to sale at Green Bay.

This land was located near the town of Centerville (now Cleveland) Wisconsin. Photos of the property and buildings may be viewed . Images Im002456 through IM002466