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Ellis Island Ship List - Z

Follow the links to see a list of the ships that the Ellis Island Knapp's arrived on. Follow the links find information about these ships.


Built by Netherlands Shipbuilding Company, Rotterdam, Holland, 1882. 3,063 gross tons; 326 (bp) feet long; 39 feet wide. Compound engine, single screw.  Service speed 10 knots.  450 passengers (50 first class, 400 third class).

Built for Holland - America Line, Dutch flag, in 1882 and named Zaandam. Rotterdam-New York service. Sold to Austro-Americana Line, Austrian flag, in 1899 and renamed Styria. Trieste-New York service. Sold to Luckenbach Line, American flag, in 1903 and renamed Julia Luckenbach. Bulk carrier service. Sunk following a collision in Chesapeake Bay in 1913. 


Built by Workman, Clark & Co., Belfast, Ireland, 1909. 4,568 gross tons; 378 (bp) feet long; 50 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw.  Service speed 14 knots.  Two masts and one funnel.

Built for Unifruitco Steamship Company, British flag, in 1909 and named Zacapa. New York-Cuba-Jamaica service. United States in 1950. 


Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank, Scotland, 1901. 11,905 gross tons; 580 (bp) feet long; 60 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 15 knots.  1,162 passengers (342 first class, 194 second class, 626 third class).

Built for International Navigation Company, British flag, in 1915 and renamed Northland. Chartered by Red Star Line, British flag, in 1920 and renamed Zeeland. Antwerp-New York service. Sold to Atlantic Transport Line, British flag, in 1927 and renamed Minnesota. London-New York service. Scrapped in Scotland in 1930.


Built by Schichau Shipyard, Danzig, Germany, 1902. 8,043 gross tons; 442 (bp) feet long; 55 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 13.5 knots.  1,901 passengers (104 first class, 97 second class, 1,700 third class).Two masts and two funnels.

Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1903 and named Zieten. Hamburg-Bremen to New York service. Seized by Portugese Government, in 1916 and renamed Tungue. Torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in the Mediterranean on October 27, 1917.


Built by Neafie & Levy, Wilmington, Delware, 1901. 1,713 gross tons; 266 (bp) feet long; 37 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw.  Service speed 10 knots.  Home port in 1906 was Wilmington, Delware. US registry 28146.

Built for Atlantic Gulf and West Indies Co., American flag, in 1901 and named Zulia. West Indies to New York service. Red D Line. Wrecked at Ponce in 1932.