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Charles Sumner Knapp Family

Photo's compliments of Jane Yasui.

Chandler Baker Knapp, son of Charles Sumner Knapp, husband of Almeda Isabell Nichols. They married March 6, 1872 and had 8 children.

Arvilla Maria Knapp Wolcott Keyes - Arvilla married William Benajah Wolcott  in Feb. 21, 1830, had two children Harrison William and Mary Elizabeth, he died 1832. She them married Jared Bradley Keyes, Dec. 21, 1833, they had 6 children.

Safronia Clock Knapp Wolcott - Safronia married Henry Wilcox Wolcott in Nov. 3, 1852 and they had 5 children.

Chandler Baker Knapp's children: Myron Nichols (Dick), Royal Oliver, Effie Elnora, Shirley Blanche Knapp.

Chandler B. (Dickie) Knapp, son of Myron Nichols (Dick) Knapp.




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