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Edward Matyear

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Decedents of Samuel & Sarah


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        Richard STONE was baptized in St. Nicolas, Sidmouth. He married Mary Baker 12 Jul 1764 in Sidmouth Church. She was born 5 Nov 1729 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She was possibly the daughter of Robert Baker and Christian, as yet unapproved.  Both Richard and Mary signed on their marriage certificate.  Richard also signed as a witness to his presumed brother and sister-in-law's marriages:  1)Ann Baker, spinster and Elias Halstaff  married 1767; 2) John Baker, mariner and Mary Churchill, married 1769.  witnesses to Richard and Mary's wedding: Deborah Cowley (married 1768 to Vicar Arthur Saunder) and Alice Kingman. Marriage was by banns.

They had 3 children:  
+ 1    M  Joseph  STONE, baptized 23 Apr 1765.  
+ 2  F  Mary STONE, baptized 11 Aug 1768, possibly died 18 Sep 1832.  
1 Joseph STONE (Richard sup>1) was baptized 23 Apr 1765 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. He married 1) Florence Robins 30 Oct 1788 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She was baptized 1 Nov 1769 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. Florence died, and was buried 26 Nov 1802 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.  She was the daughter of Miner Thomas Robins and Sarah Drake whose marriage was by license with the consent of parents.  Witnesses to STONE/ROBINS wedding: John Robins, probably Tom's father, and Catherine Perry. Sarah Drake was under 21 when she married.  

Joseph  married 2)  Diana SHAWE 9 Apr 1825 in England. Diana buried 24 August 1842, aged 65 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.

Joseph died and buried  26 June 1843 at Sidmouth, Devon, England , aged 76.

Florence Robins was married by License.  She was under 21 as she had to get her parent's permission.  Witnesses were William Robbins and SarahFlorence died at age 78 and was buried 26 November 1866 at Sidmouth

Family History says Joseph STONE  was a wealthy ship owner  and belong to the State church.  His 7 ships and a flour mill were destroyed in a storm.  He then went to a "special" prison King's Bench for a short time.  Later he regained his wealth before he died.

Pigot's 1830 Directory.  Under the heading "Hotels, Inns and
Public Houses"  is a list of the hotels, etc and the men who ran
them.  It looks like Joseph Stone was listed in High Street, Sidmouth,
and his hotel was called "The Anchor".  There was a Public House (ie
a pub where beer was sold) called "The Ship" run by John Baker or Barker. Richard STONE, was at the York Hotel, the Beach, 1818-1841

Joseph STONE's partnership as a miller and corn dealer was dissolved 17 August 1815
Joseph and Florence  had 7 children:  



.Joseph Baker STONE, christened 5 Jan 1791 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. 

He witnessed his sister Florence's wedding in 1825 and his brother Robert's wedding in 1815.
+ 12  M Robert STONE, christened 5 Jan 1791.  
13 M George STONE, christened 11 Mar 1792 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.  
+ 14  F  Florence STONE, christened 3 Mar 1793, died 17 or 18 Jan 1866.  
+ 15 F Sarah STONE, christened 20 Jul 1795, died 2 Mar 1853.  
16 M John Robins STONE, christened 18 Apr 1798 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.  
Source: I have the birth record.
+ 17  M Richard STONE, christened 27 Oct 1799, died 13 Jan 1892.
12 Robert STONE (Joseph2Richard1) was christened 5 Jan 1791 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. He married Elizabeth White 12 Dec 1815 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She was baptized in Sidmouth, Devon, England. Elizabeth buried 11 Sep 1824 in Sidmouth, Devon, England, aged 32.

He was a miller 
Source: I have the birth record.
Robert and Elizabeth  had 4 children:  
121  M Robert STONE, baptized in Sidmouth Church, 12 Dec 1816. He married Jane Elizabeth POCOCK 15 May 1854, St. Luke Chelsea. She was from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, the daughter of John POCOCK, a salesman.  Probably moved to Chelsea. He was an Ostler/Cab Driver, died 1881, aged 65. She died 1881, aged 62.

They had at least 1 son Joseph Baker Stone baptized 14 February 1855 at his family home 7 Caversham Street, Chelsea.

Joseph Baker Stone married Eliza and had two children: Sydney R and Elizabeth F, born Chelsea.
123 F Elizabeth STONE, baptized 12 Dec 1819 in Sidmouth Church.  
124   F

Florence STONE, christened 1 May 1822 in Sidmouth Church.  

+125 M Joseph Stone christened 9 May 1824 Sidmouth Church
1 F Florence STONE (Joseph2, Richard1) was christened 3 Mar 1793 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She married George Henry Matyear 9 Feb 1825 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. He was baptized 1798 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England. He was the son of George Matyear and unk.

Licensed  marriage - Witnesses Richard, Sarah, Mary Ann, Joseph Baker STONE, E Evans.

One source: birth record.  

George Henry leased land at the junction of the Goldhawk Road and Chiswick High Road and in 1851 he farmed 38 acres (of which he owned 25 acres) and employed 22 men and 12 women. He died in 1857.
Florence and George had 1 child:  
141 F

Florence A Matyear, baptized 3 Feb 1826 in Chiswick, Middlesex, England.  

 In San Antonio, Texas with Location 2 residence 404 Ruiz, San Antonio, Texas 1893. 7 other MATYEAR names there.

Mrs. Emily Matyear (widow Henry) 698 N. Flores, San Antonio, Texas 1891

Charles, carpenter, 404 Run San Antonio 1894

Emily widow,  404 Run San Antonio 1894

Henry, carpenter 404 Run San Antonio 1894

The Maclure Survey of Fulham, which was made in 1853 to facilitate assessment for rates, shows that the three surviving Matyear brothers, William Robert (1801-1862 and George Henry (1798-1854) each occupied land in Fulham for market gardening. In 1851, William occupied over 74 acres (mostly leased) for market gardening, located mostly west of Fulham Palace Road around Crabtree and including, at one time, a lease on land at Craven Cottage. At the same time Robert had about 80 acres, with his house and farm buildings on Fulham Road near the High street and many other piece of land scattered across the old manor, on which he employed 41 men, 8 women and 1 boy. George Henry then lived in Kensington and occupied a total of 38 acres, 26 of which were in Fulham.

Among the other market gardeners of Fulham were the BAGLEY family. These were related to the MATYEARS by marriage and occupied a similar area of land as did the MATYERAS. The two families together cultivated over a quarter of the land available for horticulture in Fulham.




Sarah STONE (1.Joseph2, ..Richard1) was christened 20 Jul 1795 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She married Samuel Swithin PHILLIPS 3 February 1831 in St. Marylebone, North London, England. Witnesses were Ann Silk, Elizabeth Stone and Joseph Baker Stone. He was baptized 8 Dec 1795 perhaps in Turnham Green, Middlesex, England. He was the son of unknown PHILLIPS.  Sarah came to the United states with her first son Simon/Samuel on the Joshua Bates ship 9 October 1832.  Her son at the time was 10 months old.

The family lived in the Black Rock area of Buffalo, New York. This shows the Buffalo Wards from 1855-1890



  Samuel's Naturalization


  Samuel's Death Certificate

Samuel died 10 Dec 1882 in Building H, Buffalo, New York, at the age of 87. The 1880 Buffalo census image indicates: 1. Samuel was a patient and living at Buffalo General Hospital. 2. He is listed as senile decay, probably a form of alzheimer's.   Sarah died of dropsy 2 Mar 1853 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York.  She was buried in the North Street Cemetery in Buffalo. These bodies were later transferred to  a spot which is now the Masten Avenue Armory. They were then  possibly transferred to Forest Lawn, but Forest lawn says no. They were on 3*5 cards which were done in 1901 and there was a Sarah Phillips, wife of Samuel S. Phillips, died 2 Mar 1852, age 56y.
According to family history, Samuel was a cab driver in England and learned brick laying that he also did in the US. His father had 4-5 brothers, one named Robert, who were prosperous, but Samuel's father was poor. He came alone to the US in 1831, and Sarah, and their son Samuel came in October 1832 on the Joseph Bates ship to Buffalo from Pimlico. Sarah had joined the Methodists when she was 16-18 years old (1813-1815).

17 Richard STONE (1.Joseph2, ..Richard1) was christened 27 Oct 1799 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. He married Mary Ann White 16 Jan 1823 in Colyton, Devon. She was baptized about 1798 in Otterton.  

Mary was buried 10 Sep 1865 in Sidmouth Church.  Richard died 13 Jan 1892.  

 They had 9 children:  
. F Elizabeth CARNELL, baptized about 1822, not a child of this family, but a servant (from 1851 census.)
171 F Mary Ann Baker STONE, baptized 28 May 1824 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth.  
172 M William Robins Stone, baptized 19 Jan 1826 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth.  
173 F  Louisa STONE, baptized 31 Jan 1828 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth , a school teacher at Sidmouth.
174 M Henry STONE, baptized 23 Feb 1831 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth, died in childhood 5 Oct 1842 in Sidmouth Church, at the age of 11.  
175 M Richard STONE, baptized 7 Sep 1832 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth.  
176 F Maria Baker STONE, baptized 27 Apr 1835 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth.  
F Lucy Ann JUDD, baptized about 1844 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth, not a member of this family, rather she was Richard's Great Niece (see 1851 census).
F Elizabeth JUDD, baptized about 1845 in Marsh Chapel, Independent, Sidmouth, not a member of this family, rather she was Richard's Great Niece (see 1851 census).
.2 Mary STONE (..Richard1) was baptized 11 Aug 1768 in Sidmouth, Devon, England. She married William Nicholls 25 Aug 1791 in St. Nicolas, Sidmouth.  

William died 11 Apr 1837 in Sidmouth, Devon, England.  Mary died 18 Sep 1832 in Sidmouth, Devon, England, at the age of 64.  

They had 10 children:  
.21 William Nicholls, baptized 25 Feb 1792 in St. Nicolas, Sidmouth. He married Rebecca Fawckner. She was baptized 9 Apr 1816 in Plymouth, England.   
.22 F Mary Baker Nicholls, baptized 27 Aug 1794 in Sidmouth, Devon. She married James Pearce 13 Dec 1824 in Sidmouth, Devon.   
.23 F Elizabeth Nicholls, baptized 27 Nov 1796 in Sidmouth, Devon. She married Moses Brown or Diffey 1 Jun 1824 in Sidmouth, Devon.   
.24 F Jane Nicholls, baptized 18 Nov 1798 in Sidmouth, Devon, died in childhood 9 May 1809 in Sidmouth, Devon, ENG, at the age of 10.  
.25 F Eleanor Nicholls, baptized 10 Jul 1801.  
.26 F Richard Nicholls, baptized 26 Jul 1802.  
.27 F Caroline Nicholls, baptized 17 Jun 1804 in Sidmouth, Devon. She married Stephen Hayman 1 Jan 1838 in Sidmouth, Devon.   
.28 F Louisa Nicholls, baptized 7 Sep 1806.  
.29 M Philip Nicholls, baptized 25 Dec 1807, died in infancy 12 Sep 1808.  
.2A F Sarah Baker Nicholls, baptized 16 Jul 1809, died 10 Sep 1832, at the age of 23.  

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Compiled by Karen Miller