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Ancestors and Descendants of Americo "Mattie" NICOLINE

I have been researching our Nicoline and Grippa families for many years without much success. Much of what I do know has come from Mother, Pauline Betty Nicoline, and sisters Ruth and Patricia. Many of the records for the John Nicoline descendants came from cousin Tina Hursh, who is the great-granddaughter of John Nicoline. If anybody can add to or correct any the information that I have, I would be very appreciative.

Michele Nicoline and his wife Marie Antonetta, traveling separately, arrived in the U.S. in the 1880s, but they did not leave many clues about their early years, or their families in Italy. The 1900 census records note that Michele has been in the US for 20 years, while Maria Antonetta has only been here for 16 years. This census also notes that Maria has had 6 children, with only two still living. In all my research so far, I have only identified three children, Maria, Mattie (Americo), and John. Michele’s Naturalization papers, filed in Lima, Ohio, state that he came to the United States in November 1881. He apparently considered changing their last name at one period, as on both his Declaration of intent to become a citizen, filed in Greene County, Wisconsin and his final papers filed in Lima, note name as Michael Nichols. But when it came to signing his final papers, he used Michele Nicolini.
From Michele's death certificate, information given by son John, it is noted that he came from San Martino, Italy. But looking into the Italian records, I have found that there are at least 137 villages by the name of San Martino. I have searched through some of these records, especially the San Martino's in the vicinity of Naples, without any results so far. I have also searched all the ship’s passenger records for ships leaving Italy and docking in New York for the period of 1879 through 1885, without any luck. It is possible that he sailed into another port, sailed from another country, or I just missed it someplace. Although Aunt Ruth (Nicoline) Frank (1910- )stated in a letter that Michele was “old country’ and would not think of changing the spelling of Nicoline, his signature in the Naturalization papers would seem to indicate that the original spelling was most likely Nicolini.
Marie Antonetta is noted to have been in the US for 16 years, as listed on the 1900 census records, indicating that she had migrated about 4 years after Michele, but also noted that they had been married for 24 years. I have a copy of the ship SS Gergovia’s passenger list, wherein it contains the name of Antonetta Grippa (age 36) and Lucia Grippa (age 3). This ship arrived in New York on the 14th day of June 1886, after sailing from the port of Naples. From Antonetta’s death certificate, information also given by son John, Naples is listed as place of birth, and her father’s name is John Grippa. Spelling of her last name is also in question as to weather it ends with an e or an a. Mother, Pauline Betty Nicoline (1916-1990), and Aunt Ruth, were both sure that their Grandmother pronounced it as “Grip”, spelled with e ending and an accent mark over it. Other records seem to indicate that her name ends with an a. I have found both spellings in Italian records, so am not sure at this time as to the correct one.
As we all know, Genealogy is about people, both living and dead. If anybody objects to the content of their personal data in these pages, please contact me and I will remove it at the earliest opportunity.
I will continue to look for these families in the Italian records whenever I get the opportunity, but would like to hear from anybody that could add to or make any necessary corrections to these families. Please click on the link below to view the Nicoline family records, or to go to my Klopshinske family website.

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