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Index of Obituaries for Olive Branch Cemetery

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Texas Historical Commission (1988)
This part of Anderson County was settled in the 1850s. Many of the early
settlers were from the vicinity of Brushy Creek, SC, and it is believed
that is why the streams in this area and the community were named Brushy
Creek. A smaller creek near this site became known as Olive Branch.

In 1858, as the community began to grow, a small one-room building was
erected to serve as a church and school. The cemetery was established on
land adjacent to the building. Although the land was not officially deeded
as a graveyard until 1858, there are marked burials from as early as 1856.

The oldest documented grave is that of Joseph H. Waddell, who died in 1856
at age 6. Also interred here are many early pioneers and a number of veterans,
including James Eastland (1827-1911), who served in the Mexican War and the
Civil War, and later represented Anderson County in the Texas legislature.
Daniel Henderson, who deeded the land for the church, school, and cemetery,
is also buried here.

This cemetery is a visible reminder of the early settlers of Brushy Creek. The Olive
Branch cemetery association, organized in 1978, maintains this historic graveyard.


*Berry, John Michael

*Birdwell, Ed

*Cely, Samuel Jack "Sam"

*Elrod, Miss Abbie

*Elrod, Elvin "Tony"

*Evans, William Joseph

*Gandy, Tristin Brock

*Goldman, Bobby Ray

*Herrington, Bessie Iola

*Herrington, Paul Glen

*Lade, Walter Herbert

*Lucas, Jimmy Ray

*Powell, Ethel Mae Hunt "DeeDee"

*Quick, Chester Arthur

*Quick, John Lewis

*Terrell, Edna E.

*Tippen, Fred

*Thornton, Carrie Shirey

*Thornton, Emmeree

*Thornton, R.R.

*Weaver, Frankie (Jenson)

*Welborn, Elbert Martin

*Whitehurst, Harry W.