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Pearce - Ulferts and Related Families

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Picture of the town of Paradise nestled in the Cache Valley of Utah
Today's Date: 12/15/17
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Main Paternal


Main Maternal


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On the "Biography" pages I have made links of things that I felt people might want more information on. You can follow or not follow at your discretion. I hope this turns out to be a service and not a nuisance.


The picture of Paradise is courtesy of the web site, Paradise, Cache, Utah

On some of the contents pages I have used a pic from JOD'S Old Fashioned Clipart. I removed the link because the site is no longer there, and there was no redirect url.

Many thanks to for the great selection of Web Site Tools, plus all the Tips and Tutorials.


Most of the date and place information listed is from such sources as,, Family, Census, Vital, and Historical records, Message Boards, E-mails, etc.
The stories are hearsay, told to me by family, or my own memories. Where I have been able to find records of verification I have added that.
I have added a Contributors List to recognize those who have shared the fruits of their labors with me.


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