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Kevin Norman’s Draft Genealogy Page

Friday, October 26, 2012


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All of the below listed documents are personal notes “in progress”, put up to allow comment and sharing from interested researchers. If overly personal comments have crept in over years of gossiping with elderly relatives and you wish them removed, please email me!



House History

History of 125 Ashby Road, Loughborough. Mounteney, Quail, Elsom families

Panoramio/Google earth related sites and pictures:

Panoramio site - pictures and persons related to De Aston School, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire War memorial.

Panoramio site – pictures and persons related to Ibstock Village War Memorial.

Panoramio site – historical pictures taken by Kevin Norman on various holiday trips.

Panoramio site – genealogical pictures plotted on world map relating to Kevin Norman’s family.

Loughborough History

Scanned images from ARP Warden Mr J.E.Commons’ notebooks 1940-1941 made whilst watching Wright & Sons Factory, Packe Street, Loughborough. Original volumes are the property of Ms. K Sykes.

Ancestors – on line at Ancestry “World Connect”


February 2010 World Connect Family database of Kevin Norman’s paternal ancestors.

February 2010 World Connect Family database of Kevin Norman’s maternal ancestors.


The Bailey family of Bristol, Newark, Stafford, and Derby.


USA Mormon Emigrations of the , the Baldwin Family of Stratford & Birmingham.


Our Convict’s Grandfather Daniel Baughan of ARMSCOT in Tredington Parish – keeping Common Field  “Fieldsman” account of 1822/23/24


Western Australian Convict Daniel Baughan:


·        SHORTENED summary of Baughan story.

·        life and crime in Tredington, Worcestershire, England

·        imprisonment in Millbank and the Hulk “Justitia

·        transportation on the Convict ship “Minden” – construction, route, conditions etc.

·        life in Western Australia in Gingin, Chittering, Geranldton, Sand Springs and Kockatea

·        Family and descendants – Pollard, Jecks, MacGregor – in Western Australia.


The Convict ship “Minden “ and it’s voyage from London to Western Australia 1851

·        Maps of the sailing route of the MindenLondon to Western Australia

·        Complete alphabetical list of all Crew, Pensioners and Convicts.

o   Detailed List of the 302 Convicts and their  Offences

o   Detailed List of the 302 Convicts and their  Descriptions

o   Detailed List of the 51 Crew members

o   Detailed List of the 115  “pensioner guards” and their families

o   Detailed List of the 55 persons on the Surgeon’s Sicklist

·        Diary of a “pensioner” guard on board – John Gorman.

·        Map showing UK distribution of places of Conviction of Minden Convicts.


Berry Family of Honington, Darlingscott Hill in Tredington Parish, Worcestershire – now in Warwickshire.

·        Edwin Berry’s fragmentary Account book of Darlingscott Hill in 1866: complete page images, with a transcription and analysis.

·        John Henry Berry’s full Account book of Darlingscott Hill 1896: complete page images, with a transcription (analysis coming!)

·        John Henry Berry’s full Account book of Darlingscott Hill 1898: complete page images, (transcription and analysis coming!)

·        PowerPoint photographs : Berry Barlow family of Darlingscott and Berry Family of Worcester

·        Draft full notes on the family History


File on ELMES OF LACOCK WILTS and BEECHEY OF BOURTON ON THE HILL & BLOCKLEY. Although not directly related to the Author, they are Ancestors of an Aunt who married into the Berry Family.



Notes on family of Joshua Booth. Born Marston, resident of Leicester.

Recent additional information from Debbie Olsen in the USA who is interested in the Marville/Marvin family


The Cottrill Family of Droitwich and Worcester


August 2006 Draft notes on the Daw family of Snettisham and Ringstead in Norfolk.


Draft notes on the Dyer family of Tredington and Darlingscott. HUGE file – trying to shrink it!


Notes on George Fearn and descendants. Born 1811 Hinckley, lived Leicester and died Derby


22/10/06 New updated working document on Fudger Family of Warndon, Trotshill, Worcester. Each page covers one person (presently about 80) and the whole document is 2MB in size. It is being expanded with the addition of Census, Parish  Register and free BMD site material from the document below.


22/10/06 New Excel spreadsheet trying to sort out Fudgers of Worcester from different sources, and to bring them coherently together. Eventually all the material in this document will end up in the above document – it is only partially there at present. It presently has extracts from Worcester Census 1841 to 1871, extracts from the NBI, and Fudger IGI for Worcester parishes of St Andrew, All Saints, St Helen, St Clement, St Martin and the Free BMD site. It also has all these sources sorted alphabetically by in a central FUDGER name index.


Draft notes on the Gill family of Blockley.


USA Mormon Emigrations of the: Handy Family of Ilmington/Alveston/Idaho



Draft documents about Handy family of Ilmington before 1798

Draft documents about Handy family of Ilmington after 1798


In 1952, John Bird of Ilmington wrote a Biography of Sam Bennet, the “Ilmington Fiddler”. This scanned copy belongs to Nettie Edwards. It refers briefly to the Cotswold Shepherd, and to Poet handy.


The Cotswold Shepherd - Walter Walton Handy

·        “Shepherd Handy” photographs and text.

·        ZIPPED MP3 (4.7MG) file of Shepherd Handy’s Broadcasts to the British Empire at Christmas 1934 and 1939. 


William “Poet”  Handy of Ilmington

·        1851 “The destructive Hailstorm”

·        1851 “The lamentable death of James Farley”

·        1852 “The murder of Giovanni Kalabergo”

·        1874 “A Demonstration march song”


John Purser of Lower Hutt, New Zealand wrote a monograph “Our Ilmington” about life in Ilmington in the 1890s. Extracts are available.



The Hartwell Family of Chipping Campden and Walsall.


Draft notes on Harrison family of Droitwich Liberties

Ilmington Index

Ilmington Village Sources from my copied notes and wholesale Internet pinching : (I will remove on request if the owner of the original information contacts me.)


·        DRAFT Name Index for Ilmington using all the sources below. 1588 – present  (9,400 entries to date)


·        1588 onwards - complete IGI and NBI listings for the village.

·        1639 Kineton Hundred Overseers Account  + bapt info  (Warwick University original transcript)

·        Hearth Taxes1666 & 1670 with some baptismal information added where appropriate. Warwick Record Office.

·        1676 Dissenters list with some baptismal information where appropriate. Warwick Record Office.

·        1841 Census – adapted from  Hunimex Free Census transcriptions

·        1851 Census  – based on Mormon Worcs, Devon and Norfolk listings with additions by Author.

·        1891 Census – adapted from Hunimex Free Census transcriptions.

·        Monumental Inscriptions – adapted from Hunimex BMSGH website. The code numbers refer to entries in the Microfiche sold by the BMSGH linked through the document.



1871 Census of Upper Llanwrthwl in Brecknockshire. A Word document analysing the Enumerator’s route and a Memory Map Overlay file  ( *.mmo Ordinance Survey Edition) route file showing the precise locations of the farmsteads, along with their census numbering.



Draft Norman Family notes – George and Sarah Norman of Worcester. (possibly originally from Salwarpe)

Draft Norman Family notes – Alfred Norman of Worcester

Draft Norman Family notes – Alfred George Norman and descendants

Draft Norman Family notes – other descendants of George and Sarah


WW1 Fatality – Herbert “Bert” Norman, 2nd Ox & Bucks, killed Cuinchy, 25 August 1915 in a mine explosion.


Bristol and Worcester


Basic notes on Skaisbrook Scaresbrook Scaisbrook family of Tredington


Draft notes on the Romany Smith descendants of Thomas Smith, Vagrant of North Marston in the 1740s. His son, Jasper, settled around Banbury and the following children were born in a great nomadic swathe around Banbury in the 1770s-1800s.


These newly edited documents have a structure as follows. The title page shows how each person is descended from Thomas Smith. One further indentation to the right is another generation of descent.


Traditional narrative document Thomas and Jasper Smith of North Marston (Origin of family)

NEWLY EDITED Anslow Smith and descendants (focusing on Tysoe.)

NEWLY EDITED Thomas Smith and descendants (focusing on Headington Quarry.)

NEWLY EDITED Keziah Smith and descendants (Mrs. Keziah Nichols of Hook Norton – USA links)

NEWLY EDITED Lucretia Smith and descendants (family focusing on Tysoe and Ilmington)

NEWLY EDITED Arnold Smith and descendants (family focus Horley &  USA links)

Traditional narrative document Comfort Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Separate account of Lucretia’s daughter Treezy’s family (author’s ancestors)

Traditional narrative document Jasper Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Hercules Smith and descendants (Banbury, Tadmarton & Sth Newington)

Traditional narrative document Honour Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Wisdom Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Japeth Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Harriett Smith and descendants

Traditional narrative document Mary Ann Smith and descendants


NEWLY EDITED Absalom Smith of North Marston, bn 1758 (focus Melton Mowbray & Leics.)


Interesting standalone stories

·        WW1 Fatality – Charles Smith, 5th Ox and Bucks, killed Bellewarde Farm, 3rd Ypres, 25 Sept 1915 pdf

·        Murder of Lucy Smith by her husband Charles Smith, 1887, in a tent on Brasenose Common – subsequent hanging at Oxford Prison.pdf


Smiths of Tysoe Village Index

NEW Name Index for ALL Smiths of Tysoe, from census 1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 and IGI Baptism/Marriage files. Some burials transcribed by John and Rita Lumsden. Entries are arranged by pedigree relationships. Those beginning with “?” are not obviously related to Thomas Smith of Long Marston, those in red are shown in descent from him, and related to the author. Follow each person’s entry in date order.


Beginning of a collection of short sections – readable length with a good story.  Sheep stealing in 1847. Murder of Kalabergo, Hercules and the stray horses, Hercules and the stolen fiddle, an early train fatality, a one family crime wave.

Tredington  Parish Index

Alphabetical Name index for Tredington Parish


These sources have been included in the above Index:

  • Tredington Parliamentary returns of property in 17th century (HWRO BA 263b 54)    
  • 1851 Census return                                                                                                          
  • 1851 Tredington Rate book                                                                                             
  • Random PR transcripts by the Author                                                                            
  • IGI Tredington 1754-1838 and 1877-1895                                                                      
  • NBI Tredington Burials                                                                                                    
  • Vital Records      
  • 1878 Tredington Enclosure
  • 1847 Tredington Enclosure
    1847 Darlingscott Tithe return (Part)                                                                               


These sources have not yet been included in the above Index and awaiting upload:  Darlingscott Enclosure                                                                                                   1841 Census return  1891 Census return                                                                                                           




My webpage of teaching material for Beaumont Leys School in Leicester.


My webpage about the History of De Aston School, Market Rasen, in Lincolnshire.


My friend Jeff Jones’ webpage (please visit it – his counter is pathetically low !)

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