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Kevin J. Norman’s (very) draft Genealogical page.


Last edited on Sunday, 08 October 2017

from Loughborough, Leicestershire in the UK.



All of the below listed documents are personal notes “in progress”, put up to allow comment and sharing from interested researchers. If overly personal or unwelcome comments have crept in over years of hysterical gossiping with elderly relatives and you wish them removed, please email me!





History of our house in Ashby Road, Loughborough.



Baughan, Bangham, or Boffin, originally of Long Compton.

Developing study documents relating to my 3XGreat Uncle Daniel Baughan (1828-1863), who was transported to Western Australia from Armscot in Tredington in Worcestershire in 1851 on the ship “Minden” as convict 717 and died at Ellendale in Western Australia.


Summary of Daniel Baughan’s story, which was initially printed in 1994 in Western Australia in the WAGS “Convict” magazine. Partially updated.


Summary of his family, life and crime in Worcestershire.


Summary of his trial at Worcester and imprisonment at Millbank, and on the Greenwich hulk “Justitia”.


Summary of his transportation on the convict transport Minden in 1851 to Fremantle and Western Australia.


·       Maps analysing the route of the convict transport Minden from various reports.

·       Complete alphabetical list of all Crew, Pensioners and Convicts.

·       Detailed List of the 302 Convicts and their  Offences

·       Detailed List of the 302 Convicts and their  Descriptions

·       Detailed List of the 51 Crew members

·       Detailed List of the 115  “pensioner guards” and their families

·       Detailed List of the 55 persons on the Surgeon’s Sick-list

·       Diary of a “pensioner” guard on board – John Gorman.

·       Simple map showing UK distribution of places of Conviction of Minden Convicts.


Summary of his life in Western Australia in Gingin, Chittering, Geraldton, Sand Springs, Kockatea Springs and his death at Ellendale station.


Summary of his family and descendants - Pollard, Jecks, MacGregor – in Western Australia.


The Convict’s Grandfather Daniel Baughan of ARMSCOT in Tredington Parish in Worcestershire – kept the Common Field  “Fieldsman” accounts of 1822/23/24


Flikr copies of some Baughan family photographs and certificates (including one of the Convict)


Facebook discussion group on the Baughan family name


Gypsy Families Booth and Hodgkins.

Summary notes on the family of my 5th great grandparents, Joshua Booth (1781-1855), a “chair bottom weaver” born in Long Marston in Warwickshire and his wife Margaret Hodgkins (1786-1861), born in Rushton and baptised in Newton in the Willows, Northamptonshire. They married in Loughborough, and raised children in Clifton on Dunsmore, Sharnford and Hinckley. They ended by settling in Leicester where Margaret married twice more as Harris and Ensor.


Gypsy and Romany family - Smith



Draft notes on the Romany Smith descendants of Thomas Smith, “Vagrant of North Marston” in the 1740s.

·       Jasper – born 1759 North Marston, Bucks., migrated around Banbury, died 1838 Ratley, Warks.

·       Absalom – born 1768 North Marston, Bucks., migrated into Leics.

·       Salavin0/Vino/Fido – bapt 1761 Cropredy, Oxon.


Jasper’s twelve documented children are studied in the following DRAFT notes:

·       Comfort Smith Davis – bn 1775 Byfield, Northants. Dd 1870 Newent, Glos.

·       Lucretia Smith – bn 1778 Shenington, Warks. Dd Tysoe 1856 Warks.

·       Hercules Smith – bn 1779 Bletchington Oxon. Dd 1871 Tadmarton Oxon

·       Jasper Smith – bn 1781 Long Buckby, Northants.

·       Honour Smith Taylor – bn 1784, Shutford Oxon.

·       Wisdom Smith – bn 1796 Wappenham, Northants. Dd 1851 Hook Norton, Oxon.

·       Japeth Smith – bn 1778 Horley, Oxon. Dd 1870 Horley Oxon.

·       Arnold Smith – bn 1789 Horley Oxon. Dd 1858 Horley Oxon.

·       Harriet Smith Nichols – bn 1791 Mickleton Glos. Dd 1872 Wigginton Oxon.

·       Anselow Smith – bn 1792 Epwell Oxon. Dd 1875 Upper Tysoe.

·       Mary Anne Smith Hanks – bn 1793 Hook Norton Oxon.

·       Thomas Smith – bn 1794 Tysoe Warks. Dd 1880 Headington Quarry, Oxon.

o   Thomas’ daughter in law Saiberini Sabrina Smith Bagley and her “interesting” family!

·       Keziah Smith Nichols – bn 1796 Epwell Oxon. Dd 1886 Tysoe Warks.


Smith index of Tysoe.



Sorted Flikr copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates