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James Stevens McLAREN

Laura May HADFIELD 1,2,21

  • Born: 7 Jan 1888, Awaroa, Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand 1,2,21
  • Marriage: James Stevens McLAREN on 26 Aug 1908 in Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand 1,2
  • Died: 5 Oct 1982 at age 94 1,2,21
  • Buried: 4 Nov 1982, Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand 1,2

bullet  General Notes:

"Notes on Awarua written my Laura Hadfield.
Mr Perrot, Mr Winter,Colin & Mrs Campbell, Bill Winter and Les Cracknell(Bebbie Winter. Miss Dykes, teacher and Miss Drummond at Campbell's, MrW. Smith) Alec Anslowe and Earnest. Mr Croucher & Herbie. Alec Winter. Cracknellsand Cunliffes. Harry Hadfield and family (School inspector a Mr Ladleyand Mr Harkness (Sheamus) Lady Barkley and Wairoa Waverley. CharlesEdward Pinafore Burford, owners of Lady Barkley and Richells of Wairoa. Hadfields of the Venture which they built themselves and the larger scowOrakei. Sawmillers were Thompson & Hunter & Sigley. Little River, and Wharagigi, and Black and Sigley & Newlands Awarua.Hunter & Thompson in about the middle of 1908 moved to Wharagigi andBlack's started at Newlands, Awarua. About that time, Campbells leftAwarua for Nelson. Baigents started a sawmill about then at Big River.Fred carted logs to the wharf at sawpit by barges till he ran the Venturepart time. Clarks at Wharagigi. Maoris and other yacht owners visiting and bringing stores and Maorisholding church services in our dining room. Mr Parks holiday picnics,fishing and 1/2 day school holiday being taken by teacher for a picnic.Collecting apples at Thompson's old orchard with our father in familyboat or visiting at Totaranuui with the Pratts. Visits of our oldfriend Mr Croucher from Riwaka, always an event. Occasional visits from relations, Ida Gree and later the McNabb and McLeans and Cedermans from Riwaka. Most of the Riwaka families who could afford them had yachts in which they visited us occasionally. Usually bringing stores and exchanging them for produce. The well known cherry orchards were an attraction and also peach and apricot and melons. There were pig hunting trips and deep sea fishing in which the youngerones were not allowed to join in, it was considered unsafe. There were some accidents. One boy put the garden fork through his foot, another broke his leg.One little girl fell into the(Gilbertson's) open fire and was badly burnt. Another aged 11 fell out of a tree and was ill for several days seriously.Gilbertsons were early settlers in Awarua and left an old orchard which were well worth visiting.Mr Gilstrum was for a time at Big River. Darcy Hadfield 4th son of W.W. Hadfield was born 2nd Dec. 1889, at Awarua- World Champion Sculler at Awarua and died at Auckland aged 72. Dog Joe and the s..... drowning of Mr Bang. Death of Eva and Viola Sigley at Thompsons old orchard house. Blackhouse. Stanley and John Black, Les Cracknell & Syd & Arthur & Harry. Ivy andOlive and Harold returning visits of us with the children and the closeof the mills. Welby at Big river also, Mr Perrot dying and Dad and the decay of Awarua until the aso... visit it.? Black fish washing ...... in part of house. Bill Samuels from the boats arrived there with his wife and worked at mills. Fred leaving when Jessie died and Bill took over about that time. Walter Scholes and Our Bill buying his place.A Bert McKay having shop at Little River mill. 15 at school in early days. Boys built road and blown up with gunpowder. Welby and Fred married and built houses there and then Welby lived in the homestead and then went to Takaka. Bill left then Evered Rogers Hadfield son born 1898 and was drowned on 20 Nov. 1919 after returning from Egypt and World War 1. Harry Hadfield provided the first school grounds and William Welby Hadfield the building itself. School removed later to Big River, as there were 2 families there then and only 2 children at Big River and 1at Newlands about 1/2 mile away and 2 pupils at Meadowbank part of the time. The drowning of Mr Bang. Mrs Winter dying and the going of the Winters. Fish for sale, scnapper point. Pet, Koyote, Lorna Doon, Minstrell Nipper ... (Eva and Evy, Bert) catching Bullock. Boys leaving for the war.

There were 15 at the local school at one time "all Hadfields". Boats owned (Coyotte, the Speck and Venture, Lorna Doon also Minstrel and Oraki all built by Hadfields. Several graves of Hadfields are at Awarua in private cemetery. Reunion held at Awarua in 1958.

The following is from the pages of Laura May Hadfieldus autograph book

To a sheltered spot add a little moonlight, take for granted two people,press two strong ones, a soft hand. Lift lightly two ounces of attraction, one of Romance, add a largemeasure of folly, stir in a floating ruffle, and one or two whispers.Dissolve half a dozen glances in a well of silence. Dust in a small quantity of hesitation, one ounce of resistance and two ounces of yielding. Place the kisses on a flushed cheek or two lips, flavour witha slight scream and set aside to cool. This will succeed in any climate if the directions are carefully followed. (Try it).

When I asked her to wed Go to Father she said Now she knew that I knew What a life he had led So she knew that I knew What she meant when she said " Go to Father"W. Hayward, Springburn.

Some go to church to wink and nod, some go there to seek a lover. But few and very few go there to worship God. R. McKay.

What ! Write in a book where gentlemen look, And Ladies spy? Not I ! Not I !B.R.N.F. 19-2-16

When your'e married and at the tub, Think of me between each rub. Although the suds are boiling hot, Lather away and For-get-me-not. Ivy Paul.

I wish you health, I wish you wealth, I wish you great in store. I wish you heaven after death. I cannot wish you more. Florence Miller, Selwyn St. Timaru

April 20 1916 What write in your book, Where gentlemen look for entries to spy Oh no, Not I, I'm too shy,Goodbye.Jessie B.Craig Morvein. I'm in the garden of your heart. Plant one sweet for-get-me-not.

When climbing the hill of success, May you never meet a Friend. B.R.N.F. 19.2.16

Think of me on the river, Think of me on the lake. As sure as it comes your wedding day, Please send me a piece of cake. P.H.

A ship without a mast,A mast without a sail. The coldest thing in the winter time is a shirt without a tail. C.J.H.

Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you. F. Weeks. 29.10.16

Little drop of water, little drops of milk Makes a milkman's daughter walk a round in silk. F. Thompson Queen St. off Washington Valley side Nelson

Be careful, when walking through a field,as potatoes have eyes, wheat has ears and the beanstalk.A.W.B.

Flowers may wither, Flowers may die, If others forget you, Never shallI. Ivy Weeks, Victoria St. Chch.

May Nineteen Sixteen bring to you Her richest treasure: Health, Happiness and Friendships true; Success attend whate'er you do; And prosperous seasons be your due in plenteous measure. Frances H. Chambers. Jan.1916 "View Lea"

(a cartoon drawing of rear view of woman in hat in a pew with all her buttons undone on her dress at rear). "We have left undone those things which we ought to have done".

Heres to those that wish you well,Those who don't can go to H... M.J.W. 2/9/18

I've turned these pages oe'r and oe'r, To see what others wrote before And in this lonely little spot, I simply write For-get-me-not. Annie O'Connor, Chch.

Girls faults are many. Boys have only two. Everything they say and everything they do.L. Evans. Southburn

Some go to church to take a walk, some go there to laugh and talk Some go there to meet a friend, some go there their time to spend. Some go there to meet a lover, Some go there a fault to cover. Some go there for speculation, some go there for observation Some go there to wink and nod, A few, go there to worship God. J. Brown.

Cupid is a Marksman poor, Despite his love and kisses. For while he always hits the mark, He's always making "Mrs". ALG

Little drops of water, little daubs of paint. Makes a girls complexion, Look like what it ain't. Alice Mitchell, Mountain View, Methven.

It warms me it charms me to write in your book It heats me, it beats me to know what to put,
But I wish you well and happy. May J. Douglas

Here's to those that I love, Here's to those that love me Here's to those that love those that I love' Here's to those that love those that love me. Irene Taylor, N.C. Valley, Dunedin

A Good advise for all, To Gentlemen (music signs)To Ladies(musicsigns)"Ladies" on turned corner under is : "Curiosity killed the cat" N.E. Oakley, Rakaia, Canterbury, N.Z.

I wish I had someone to love me, Someone to call me their own Someone to come and live with me, For I'm tired of living alone. A. Briden, Methven.

New Zealand is a free country, free without a doubt. If you fail to get your Dinner, Well your free to go without. Fred Hayward, Springburn. 2/10/18

When the shades of night are falling And your mind from care set free. When of others you are thinking, will you sometimes think of me.

True friends are like diamonds, Rich and rare, False friends are like autumn leaves, Found everywhere. George D. Carrington St.Leonards, Dunedin.

Tis but a little word, And very sweet to hear, In English tis "For-get-me-not" In French tis "Souvenir". Mrs W. Hayward, Springburn.

God made the little niggers, He made them in a night. He made them in a hurry, And forgot to paint them white. Norah Joyce. Hornby, Ch.ch.


Laura married James Stevens McLAREN, son of James Stevens McLAREN and Unknown, on 26 Aug 1908 in Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand 1.,2 (James Stevens McLAREN was born in 1886 1,2 and was buried on 3 May 1965 in Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand 1,2.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

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