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Descendants of Edward WITHERS (1788-1870 Berkshire) & Jemima TUBB (1803 Baydon,Wilts-1882)

Version 2.10.2015, 0.2 mgb, c42 A4 size pages

Compiled by     KIT WITHERS

email kit.withers"att"  (I write "att" for @ to foil spammers.)
101 Allington Road, Karori, Wellington 6012, New Zealand  phone +64 4 476 9554 
I have ID 5252 here.

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WHAT'S NEW? 13.2.2016 I've added hyperlinks to help navigage. Let me know if u want more. 2.10.15 I've decided to display some photos instead of just giving them as links. . Jan 2015 new info on 5 Edward WITHERS 1845 Newbury, Berks-1921 Wanganui thanks to Maureen & Colin VELVIN cmvelvin"att" . 17.8.11 Thanks to cuz Jo CLEMENTS for an update on 53 Thomas Newton WITHERS. . 5.5.2011 I ditched the Q ID system & deleted 7 of the generation no's. . I've removed the children of Ida & Col. Wm MALONE as they are already up at . On 22.8.2005 I visited the old cemetery in Wanganui & sought out the graves of our ancestors 5 Edward WITHERS 1845-1921, his 1st wife Agnes 1840-1886 & his 2nd wife Gertrude 1836-1906. There is a stone for Gertrude but none acknowledging Edward & Agnes. I'd like to see this remedied with small plaques in the middle of their graves. -2006: No support for this idea from family so I have paid for these myself. CONTENTS page (A4 size)

1. The family of Edward WITHERS (1788 Lambourn-1870 Newbury)
 and Jemima TUBB (1803 Baydon,Wilts-1882 Newbury,Berkshire) 2
2. Aramoho cemetery records, Wanganui
a. Abbreviations used 
b. Dates 
c. Numbering systems used
d. Sources                                                  
e. Index of place names -where they appear
f. Index of family names -where they first appear 
g. Some web links
2. Family members on email

PRIVACY ISSUES The primary purpose of these family trees is to preserve the history of the families and to enable contact between members. So I include living members and a method of contact if I can. If for any reason you would like your contact details excluded please let me know.

1. The family of Edward WITHERS (1788 Lambourn,Berkshire-1870 Newbury.)
 & Jemima TUBB (1803 Baydon,Wilts-1882 Newbury)


0 Edward WITHERS (1788 Lambourn-1870 Newbury)
 m2 1844 Jemima TUBB (1803 Baydon,Wiltshire-1882 Newbury)     2
5 Edward WITHERS (1845 Newbury-1921 Wanganui)
 m1 Agnes Mary NEWTON (1840 Pangbourne,Berks-1886 Wanganui) 
 to NZ 1884 on the RUAPEHU                                    3

52 Edward Stroude WITHERS (1871 Donnington-1922 Auckland)
m Lisa WHITSON (1872 Auckland-1936 Auckland)                 7

521 Captain Trevor WITHERS 1901 Auckland-1981 Suva, Fiji      9
523 Maurice S WITHERS (1906-1942 Tripoli)
m Dweena FOOTE     17525
525 Wynn WITHERS (1914-1982 Auckland)
m Laurette RUSSELL  
5251 Russell WITHERS 1942 Auckland                           23
5252 Kit WITHERS 1943 Auckland                               25 me
5253 Peter WITHERS 1946 Auckland m Judy                      28
54 Ida WITHERS (1875 Donnington-1946) m Lt.-Col. Bill MALONE
541 Denis MALONE (1906 New Plymouth-1983) m Anita WOLFERMANN    malone.html
543 Mollie MALONE (1910 New Plymouth-1979) m Richard YOUNG   

[5 Edward WITHERS (1845-1921 Wanganui)] m2 Gertrude MCEWEN   
57 Roy S WITHERS (1897 Wanganui-1970) m1 Rosamond RATHBONE
571 Ted WITHERS (1925 Wanganui-1995) m Elspeth SIMPSON       32
572 Shah WITHERS (1927 Wanganui -1992) m Janet ROBERTSON
5721 Margaret Anne WITHERS 1958 Wanganui m John BARNETT
5722 Nigel WITHERS 1959 Wanganui m Anne MATHEWS 1958 Sydney
5723 Diana WITHERS 1962 Wanganui m Robert HENNIN 1960 Dunedin

573 Ida WITHERS (1929 Wanganui) m Jock Morgan VEITCH         35
574 Robert James WITHERS (1932 Wanganui) m Jacqueline BOUBEE 36
[57 Roy S WITHERS 1897 Wanganui-1970] m2 Bruce Helen VEITCH  


0 0-Edward WITHERS bp 29.11.1788 Lambourn, Berks d 14.1.1870 Newbury
 bp 29.11.1788 Lambourn, Berks d 14.1.1870 Newbury ex RA. 

Farmer at Bayley Hill Farm, Baydon. He married twice: see m1 and m2 below. Death cert. "gentleman, of Mount Villa, Newtown Rd, Newbury" Will made 6.11.1862 at Newbury & proved in London 25.2?.1870 left his estate to his 2nd wife Jemima & their son Edward. Re his family bible, see 5. He inscribed the Foxe's Book of Martyrs (2nd edition c1730, now held by Manu 52511) "Edward Withers, Hillgreen, 1857". Hillgreen is a hamlet 2m SE of Leckhamstead on B4494. Its manor has gone now & only 9 homes remained in 1994. See pink photo of Hillgreen House. For more info write Mrs SUTTON, the parish clerk, Leckhamstead, Newbury. See also - I don't see WITHERS or STROUD there.]
Here is a photo of him in his latter days. He has ID 3842 81 in WITHERS OF BERKSHIRE AND HAMPSHIRE 1666-present, .1 mgb at a branch of WITHERS OF BISHOPS CANNINGS, WILTSHIRE: 1550-present, .1 mgb at
See these sites for his ancestors, and the first site for his children.
Edward WITHERS (23.7.1845 Hill Green,Newbury,Berkshire-11.9.1921 Wanganui).

For Edward WITHERS' other family trees in England, descending from
John DYSNER (b 14xx) who held the Free Chapel of Winterbourne Monckton,
 Dorset of the Abbott of Glastonbury, Somerset,
Nicholas SLOPER (d between 1530 and 1538) of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire
William WITHERS paid subsidy 1550 at Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire,
John NASH of Devizes (d 1502)
Stephen KING (b c1603 Bishops Cannings-1664 All Cannings, Wiltshire)
Thomas QUELCH (-1733 East Garston,Berkshire) and Ann CLARK (b 16xx) of Newbury,

m1 30.11.1812 Uffington sp-Sarah THATCHER (27.3.1794 Uffington-30.6.1823 
  Baydon) 4 children. The 3 surviving children moved to AUSTRALIA. For this
branch see



m2 17.10.1844 Baydon sp-Jemima TUBB bp 14.8.1803 Baydon, Wiltshire
d 18.11.1882 bur 24 Nov 1882 aged 79 at Newbury, St John the Evangelist.
Jemima WITHERS nee TUBB 1803 Baydon, Wiltshire-18.11.1882 Newbury, Berkshire. ex RA

1871 census, 2 Mont Felks??, Newbury Berks: Jemima WITHERS head wid 69? 1824 Retired Farmer's wife? b Wilts, Baydon Lucille TANCREEN?? Serv U 12? Domestic Servant b Stroude?? (county), Cocsmsa?? Next door is her brother? [?7 in tubb.html above]: Schedule 57, 1 Mont Felks??, Newbury Berks: James TUBB Head M 65? 1806? Retired Farmer b Wilts, Barrick Bassett Caroline TUBB wife M 65 1806 b Hants, Bullington Jane COOK Relation? U 69 b Wilts, Marlborough Next door again is the father of Jemima's daughter in law Agnes Mary NEWTON: 1871 census, Belle Vue Villa??, Newbury Berks: [My NEWTON ID] Thomas NEWTON head wid? 67 Agricultural Value?? b Oxon, South Stoke [0] Robert NEWTON Son U 24 1847 No occupation b Berks, Pangbourne [6] George D NEWTON Son U 30? 1841 No occupation b Berks, Woodspeen [7] Elizabeth LENT? stewardship?? W 34? Domestic Servant b Berks, Denshworth? 1881 census a widow living with her son (ID 5) Edward and his family at Earlstok Villa, London Rd, Batheaston, Somerset:
For more details see

Jemima has ID 2 in our TUBB family at 

5 1-Edward WITHERS (b 23.7.1845 Hill Green, Newbury, Berkshire d 11.9.1921
Wanganui) Buried 13.9.1921 at the old Wanganui cemetery at Heads Rd & Guyton 
St, Wanganui in plot LS 10 (43 feet from aisle) with son Jason & his 2nd wife
(assuming that RS 10 and LS 10) are the same site. 
  Death Certificate: Edward WITHERS miller, d 11.9.1921 at Wanganui Hospital 
from "343 [Victoria? missing name] Avenue,
Wanganui of chronic endocarditis 5 yrs & corchiac? syncope 5 minutes; son of
Edward WITHERS farmer and Jemima nee TUBB; buried 13.9.1921 at Wanganui
Cemetery by AO WILLIAMS Church of England; born in Newbury,England; 37 years
in NZ [so to NZ 1883/84]; m1 at Newbury, England aged 23 to Agnes Mary
NEWTON; m2 at Wanganui aged 52 to Gertrude Annie MCEWEN; leaves no widow, M
issue aged 49,47,23,3 and F issue aged 45 & 1; J MARTIN undertaker Wanganui).
  1861 Newbury Rd, Leckhampstead, Berkshire:                  My ID
Edward WITHERS Head M 72 1789 Lambourne, Berks Farmer of 93 acres employing 
  4 men 2 boys                                                38428 1
Jemima WITHERS Wife M 57 1804 Baydon, Wiltshire
Edward WITHERS Son  U 15 1845 Leckhampstead, Berks            38428 15
Mary PAGE   Servant U 18 1842 Fawley, Berks    House servant
  1872-79 living with family by m1 at Donnington, Berkshire -see 1881 census.
Edward WITHERS 1845-1921, c1870 ex RA.

Edward WITHERS 1845-1921, photo c1875. ex RA.

Edward WITHERS 1845-1921 c1913 with son Jason, ID 58. ex Ted or Shah.

  In 1880 he & his mother owned the Cross House in Eastbury near Lambourn, 
Berks built by his grandfather Jason WITHERS in 1789 (ID 38428 at 
withersberks.html); his address was Bailbrook Lodge, London Road, Bath & 
his profession miller. 
 Until the 1960s Bailbrook Lodge was a "Lunatick Asylum"; it is now a 
conference centre - see for a 
photo. I think he gave this as his address as he just living close by.
This 1840 ad for it, is courtesy of Daniel BROWN danielbrown001"att" 2003. Here is its text.
 There is quite a lot of information about Bailbroke House in the
Somerset County Records Office (including some beautiful coloured
plans showing rather grim looking rooms for the inmates) - DB.
 In the 1881 census he was living with his wife and 6 children and mother 
just E of Bailbrook Lodge at Earlstoke Villa; his birthplace is listed as
Hill Green, Berkshire. (Hillgreen is a parish near Leckhampstead in district of
Newbury subdistrict Speen). For details of 1871 & 1881 entry see below his m1. 
Daniel BROWN danielbrown001"att" 2003 notes that Earlstoke Villa is still there at 172 London Rd, now in flats, & has sent this 1880 map showing it. Bailbrook House is just off the map to the left. Below about a mile? is Batheaston Flour Mill.
In 2014 Bailbrook House is a hotel in Bath: see,%20Bath.htm
Here is a photo of Earlstoke Villa taken by Daniel Dec. 2003;
and a front view;
and a photo of the door; all thanks to DB.
 (For the history of Batheaston see the book by DOBBIE, B.M. Willmott & 
S. Catherine AN ENGLISH RURAL COMMUNITY Batheaston with Bath University, 1969.)

 Bath's Principal Archivist Colin JOHNSTON Colin_Johnston"att" 2003:
I have checked local directories which show Edward WITHERS was only in
Batheaston for a short time. Directories were published every other
year. He does not appear in the 1880 directory, when Earlstoke Villa
was occupied by George CLARK, gentleman, and Batheaston Mill by
Matthew COOMBES, corn-merchant & miller. In 1882 Edward WITHERS,
miller, is listed at Earlstoke Villa, with COOMBES still at Batheaston
Mill. In 1884 Edward is shown at Craven House, Newbridge Road, Bath,
and descibed as a miller. Edward is not listed in 1886 [as he came to NZ 1884 
with his 1st wife Agnes nee NEWTON & their 6 children on the ship 
"the RUAPEHU".] COOMBES is still shown at Batheaston
Mill, so if it was there that Edward worked briefly in 1881-82 he was
an employee and not the owner. I know of no surviving records of
Batheaston Mill, and am sorry not to be able to suggest any other
source which might give information on Edward's place of employment.
 DB: The Mill burnt down in 1907, it has now been converted into a Hotel/ 
restaurant but bears little resemplance to the original. is a link to the Hotel's website. The old 
photo shows how the mill used to look. Earlstoke Villa is one of the houses to 
the left of it up the hill.

 3.10.2014 I got an email from Emma M-O in Wanganui:  "A couple of weeks ago we were in the Red Cross 
bookshop in Wanganui and when browsing through the old books I found one that 
took my eye for some reason.  Upon opening it I had to laugh because a young 
boy had written in the book back in 1905.
  The names written in the book are 'Edith [51 b 1870] & Thomas WITHERS 
[53 b 1874], Craven House' and 'Edward WITHERS [52 b 1871]'.
  Being the curious women we are we came home and googled the names and it 
brought us to your genealogy page.
  The book is called 'Historical and Miscellaneous Questions, For the Use of 
Young People' by Richmal MANGNALL.  It is in excellent condition considering 
its age - it was published in 1853!
  We wanted to contact you because we thought you might like the book back ..."
Here is the frontispiece of the book.

Here are the signatures of Edith [51], Thomas [53], Edward [52] & Edward added in pencil much later - in 1905. The 2nd Edward was [521] Edward Trevor Stroude WITHERS b 18.9.1901.

 The family may have also lived in Reading.
 He came to NZ 1884 with his 1st wife Agnes nee NEWTON & their 6 children on 
the ship "the RUAPEHU".
 From the Comber Index - In 1884 the RUAPEHU made two voyages to New Zealand:
27.2.1884    Arrived Auckland
8.3.1884      Arrived Wellington
13.3.1884    Arrived Port Charmers
25.3.1884    Arrived Lyttelton
 Departed from Plymouth 31.05.1884
 (confirmed by
  off "Immigrant Ships to NZ" at )
14.7.1884    Arrived Wellington
21.7.1884    Arrived Lyttelton       
 Departed from London 25.09.1884 - arrived when??
** I have not been able to find them on the PASSENGER LISTS at 
   the National Archives, Wellington. Nor at the site of dapw"att"
 nor at
However the Auckland Public Library site states
 "In the Auckland Research Centre you will find:
  Passenger lists from newspapers indexed for 1840-1899. Almost complete."
 Can someone have a look? 
I shall contact them on Library_Webeditor"att"

Auckland Passenger Vessels 1838-1885
  gives the 2 visits by the RUAPEHU:

Vessel: 	RUAPEHU
Captain's name: 	W. C. CRUTCHLEY
Port of departure: 	London via Plymouth and Teneriffe via Hobart
Date of arrival: 	27 February 1884
Port of arrival: 	Auckland
Vessel type: 	Steamship
Tonnage: 	4162
Notes: 	2 NZL IMM, NZShCo, 17, 10 January 1884
Source: 	New Zealand Herald, 28 February 1884

Vessel:  	RUAPEHU
Captain's name: 	H. E. GREENSTREET
Port of departure: 	London via Capetown, Hobart, Dunedin and Wellington
Date of arrival: 	10 December 1885
Port of arrival: 	Auckland
Vessel type: 	Steamship
Tonnage: 	2655
Source: 	New Zealand Herald, 11 December 1885
  As noted in 1884 they came to NZ with their 6 children on the ship RUAPEHU 
arriving Auckland 27.2.1884.  
This postcard of the RUAPEHU c 1886 held by the National Library, is from The RUAPEHU 4,200 tons was one of the first 3 steamers built for the NZ Shipping Company. Launched in 1884 she had accommodation for 61 first class passengers, 40 second class, and 205 migrants. She was sold in 1899 to make way for faster vessels.
  I emailed Library_Family_History"att" 2003 for more info.
She replied:
Our databases 'Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1886'  and 'Auckland
Passenger Vessels 1838-1885' is compiled almost entirely from newspaper
shipping announcements.  The newspapers noted as the source will list the
passenger list of each ship.  
 You will find the 'Southern Cross' and 'New Zealand Herald' on microfilm at
the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington.

  Wise's NZPO directories: 1891-7 Nixon Place, Wanganui; 
  1901-4 flour-miller at Upper Tutaenui Rd, Marton: going N from Marton turn R
onto Somersal Lane (before Jefferson's Rd) & L immediately to
Fitzherbert's farm, Somersal, & mill location -no longer there. The
mill was started 1864 by farmer William GALPIN & sons Charles & William. 
Maureen VELVIN, a researcher for the Marton Historical Society, 
cmvelvin"att" has very kindly sent me some photos of the 
HENDERSON Mill (see below) & articles, including a copy of p15-16 of ??: 
 'The Tutaenui Flour Mill.'
The GALPINs called it Sedgecombe Mill. In 1878 it was sold with 220 acres
on the S side of Jeffersons Line, to Arthur FITZHERBERT who renamed it 
Somersal Mill. In the 1890s it was referred to by the local as FITZHERBERT's
Mill. 'Trouble in the Mill.
About 1900 the FITZHERBERTs put in a mill manager by the name of WITHERS -
& it was at this time that there was "Trouble at Mill" & finance became
something of a problem for the mill & for Mr WITHERS.
  April 10 (diary of Agnes GALPIN??): Went to WITHERS (Fitzherbert's Mill) 
to get cheque for wheat but did not get it. 
  Customer Oswald JEFFERSON: '9 Oct 1901 - Frank sold wheat to WITHERS at
Fitzherbert's Mill for 3/1 per bushel.' And 10 days later - 'Alf [son of 
Charles GALPIN or bro of Oswald??] & I carted 100 bushels wheat to WITHERS
Mill & 5 bags of wheat to grind for ourselves.' 6 days later on Oct 25,
they picked it up. 'Brought flour from Fitzherbert's Mill' Oswald noted,
'2 bags flour & 1 bag wheat meal out of 5 bags wheat.' It was a pretty poor
result...' Soon Tutaenui farmers began to go right past their own mill 
& take their cartloads of grain to Hendersons Mill in Marton...
 'Mill Closed. The crunch came for th emill at Tutaenui in April 1902 when
the JEFFERSONs failed to be paid for wheat they had previously sold to
Mr WITHERS. "Went to WITHERS to get cheque for wheat but did not get it", wrote
Oswald JEFFERSON on April 10. 5 days later .. the mill was closed. .. failed
to re-open, WITHERS departed the district ... & the small building with its
waterwheel was abandoned. It soon fell into disrepair & was eventually
pulled down.
 Now all that remains of the once busy Tutaenu Mill is the mill race, a half-
buried Mill stone - & scattered heaps of old bricks beside the Tutaenui Stream.
This is the Henderson Brothers Mill on Tutaenui Stream, corner of Wellington Rd & Kensington Rd, painted by Colin VELVIN c1997. Pulled down c1954-60. He has painted many historical buildings in Marton, including St Johns Chapel, Tutu Totara, Porewa, Marton where C of E Bishop Octs HADFIELD is buried. After the Waiou massacre, HADFIELD got TE RAUPARAHA off the hook. Maureen & Colin can be contacted by writing to 8 Dunallin Av, Marton 4710 or calling 06 237 6104.
This one by Colin is of Tutaenui Hall. 
  1908 flourmiller 225 Victoria Ave.,Wanganui; (this site opposite the 
St John PO became the Red Pepper Inn and in 2000 is a gas station; 
this is contradicted below.) 
  1912-20 settler 229 Victoria Ave. The mill was in Taupo Quay,
& later was Smith's Carrier yard opposite the old railway station. It had a
long roofline. It is now the site of K-mart.  Most wheat he milled was grown
up river by Maori. Later the Maori established 2 small mills at Tokorima &
Pipiriki. The Wanganui Herald of 12.9.1921(?) p5 col.1 notes that after
retiring from the flour industry he was on the clerical staff of the Borough 
Council, that he had played Poobah in The Mikado, & was a layreader at Christ 
Church. Ted 571 had receipt for 3 pounds for a burial site dated 22.12.1906 
bought by Gertrude. The Rangitikei Advocate of 12.9.1921 notes that he was 
well-known in Rangitikei. They are both buried at the old cemetery at Heads Rd
& Guyton St, Wanganui. He is in plot Row (LS) 10 (43 feet from aisle) LOOK 
FOR ROW 10 - Row numbers are marked in aisle/grass corridor)
with his 2nd wife Gertrude.
 - see there for the grave inscription & a photo: it does not acknowledge
that he was buried there. In Nov 2005 I had erected a stone on their grave.
Here is the gravestone I had erected. It reads: Edward Stroude WITHERS 1845 Hill Green,Newbury,Berkshire-1921.
Also there not acknowledged is their son Jason 58
buried 26.6.1919 (46 feet from aisle - the same as Gertrude). (The graves on
either side are BABMBER & MCCORMACK.)
  Edward left property in England: England & Wales, National Probate Calendar 
(Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966: 
Edward Stroud WITHERS Death 29 Nov 1922, New Zealand  Probate Date: 26 Jul 1929
Registry: London
 WITHERS, Edward Stroud of Auckland, New Zealand died 29 November 1922 
Administration with Will (limited) London 26 July  to Ida Katharine Jemima 
MALONE [his daughter ID 54]widow attorney of Elizabeth WITHERS widow £102/10s.
- Info thanks to Jean.

m1 30.3.1869 St Johns,Newbury,Berks. sp-Agnes Mary NEWTON b1840 Pangbourne, 
Berkshire d 1.11.1886 Wanganui buried 3.11.1886 Wanganui old cemetery in 
plot Row 26 (32 feet from aisle) with Edith A 51 (30 feet from aisle). 
I had a stone erected on her unmarked grave Nov. 2005. LOOK FOR ROW 26!
Her grave is part of the lawn in this photo taken 2005.
 Here is the gravestone I had erected. It reads:
Agnes Mary WITHERS nee NEWTON b1840 Pangbourne,Berks d 1886.  

Also buried there is "stillborn of Mr WITHERS buried 28.10.1896" (22 feet from 
aisle - sextant's notes). Perhaps this should read 1886 when Agnes died: 
perhaps this birth killed Agnes. The sextant may be reached on ph 03 343 9412. 
His office is beside the crematorium in the Aramoho Cemetery
aramohocemetery"att" 2005: 37 Paterson St, Wanganui. 

  1871 census, Donnington Mill, Shaw-cum-Donnington, Berks: ID
Edward WITHERS     Head M 25 1846 Leckhampstead, Berks  Miller employing 6 men
Agnes Mary WITHERS Wife M 27 1844 Pangbourn, Berks
Edith Agnes WITHERS Daur   1 1870 Donnington , Berks        51
Ann SMITH       Servant U 19 1852 Wootten Bassett, Hants  General servant dom
Maria WICKS     Servant U 16 1855 Vernham, Hants          Nursemaid 
  1881 census, Earlstok Villa London Rd, Batheaston, Somerset: ID
Edward WITHERS   Head M 35 1846 Hill Green, Berks  Miller employing 2 men 1 boy
Agnes M WITHERS  Wife M 37 1844 Kingbourne [trans. error], Berks
Edith A WITHERS  Daur U 11 1870 Donnington, Berks  Scholar     51
Edward S WITHERS Son     9 1872 Donnington, Berks  Scholar     52
Thomas M WITHERS Son     7 1874 Donnington, Berks  Scholar     53
Ida KJ WITHERS   Daur    6 1875 Donnington, Berks  Scholar     54
John T WITHERS   Son     3 1878 Donnington, Berks  Scholar     56
Jemina WITHERS Mother W 77 1804 Bayden, [ie Baydon] Wiltshire      
Hannah M WILLIAMS Serv U 17 1864 Redwye, Wiltshire  Domestic Servant    

Death certificate: Agnes Mary WITHERS d 1.11.1886 Wanganui of phthisu 2 years,
medical attendant P CONNOLLY last saw her 31.10.1886; daughter of Thomas NEWTON
agricultural valuator and Emma nee DEANE; buried 3.11.1886 at Wanganui Cemetery
by GL TUDOR Church of England; born in Oxfordshire,England; 2 years in NZ;
married in Berkshire,England at age 25 to Edward WITHERS; living issue: M aged
15,14,8 and F aged 11; undertaker NJ WILD Wanganui.
 In the 1881 census her age is 37, that is bc1844.
 Our Oz cousin RWP ASHLEY may have a photo of her in Newbury.
#She has ID 24 on our NEWTON tree at
  After she died the family bible of Edward's father (ID 0 here) recording the 
births of his 4 sons, and an envelope with a Penny Red Stamp postmarked Ventnor
(Isle of Wight) to "Mr Edward Withers, Hillgreen, Leckhamstead, nr Newbury", 
passed to her sister Harriett & down to a greatgrandson who destroyed the 
bible after mailing its Book of Revelations to the widow of 525. 
  The reverse of the envelope read "Edward Withers was born Wednes. morng 23rd 
of July 1845 at 8 oclock in the morng." Later was added "2 foot 10 1/2 inches
when 2 years one month old."
51  2-Edith Agnes WITHERS (17.1.1870 Donnington, Berks.) Died at 14; buried 
17.9.1885 in Wanganui old cemetery in plot RN 26 (32 feet from aisle) with her
mother & sister Edith 51 in an unmarked grave.  
 1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b Donnington,Berks.
Here is a photo of her aged about 5 taken by E.T. BROOKS at Newbury edith_withers.jpg

52 2-Edward Stroude WITHERS (11.11.1871 Donnington,Berks-29.11.1922 Auckland)
Buried 30.11.1922 at Purewa Cemetery, Block F, Row 46, plot 103: the top of the
... MCGINLEY 100, GIBBS/ATKINS 101, BUCKLAND 102, WITHERS 103 unmarked,
HALL 104 unmarked, CARTER 105, ... Get map from office: Row 46 is in F just
where the roads around E island rejoin to the SW. See their website.
  In 2013 we put a plaque on his grave, reading
Sacred to the memory of Edward Stroude WITHERS 1871-1922 and his wife Elizabeth
nee WHITSON 1872-1936, loved parents of Trevor, Harry, Maurice, John and Wynn.
 B cert courtesy of J & M OSBORN: Edward Stroud WITHERS b 11.11.1871 
Donnington, subdistrict Speen, reg district Newbury, Berks; father Edward 
WITHERS miller master, mother & informant Agnes Mary WITHERS formerly NEWTON 
of Donnington, regd 14.12.1871. 
Here is a photo of his b cert. courtesy of J & M OSBORN.
  1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b 1872 Donnington,
  Death certificate: Edward Stroude WITHERS deeds searcher died 29.11.1922 
at Queen St,Auckland from 5 Takutai St,Parnell of myocardial degeneration 
c3 months & heart failure 2 hours,seen same day by medical attendant RJ INGLIS;
son of Edward WITHERS flourmiller and Agnes Mary nee NEWTON; buried 30.11.1922 
at Purewa by P JAMES Anglican; born 11.11.1871 Bath,England; 38 years in NZ 
[so to NZ 1884]; married in Auckland aged 29 to Elizabeth nee WHITSON now 50; 
leaves issue M aged 21 18 16 12 8; JN WINKS? undertaker Auckland. Attended 
school for young gentlemen in Bath. Came to NZ 1883-4 with his parents. 
Deed searcher and lawyer. He frequently visited the Maori Land Court in Thames,
receiving greenstone, clubs, spears and sacks of kumara as payment. He spoke 
Maori fluently & knew Princess TE PUEA. A good artist. Had a token collection.
Lived with his family at 5 Takutai St, Parnell (1902-12 Domain Drive,
Parnell; 1917 44 Gladstone Rd, Parnell.) Office at 154 Queen St. 1917-22.
1922 at 2 (21?) Takutai St, Parnell. Marriage in Weekly News Supplement
14.12.1900 p9. See wedding photo below. For a photo marked `Ted' taken in 
Newbury aged c8 probably of him see ted.jpg (From the
collection of Denis MALONE.) 
  A notebook to his wife-to-be before they married:
RULES. For the use & observance of Peggy WHITSON during her sojourn in the 
wilds of Papakura. To be well shaken before taken.
1. That Peggy shall read over these rules every morning before rising, & shall
conscientiously follow them during each & every day.
2. That any infringement of these rules shall be promptly reported to 
3. The compiler of these rules is the Headquarters.
4. That during the whole of the period of her enforced absence she shall not on
any occasion think of any person of the male persuasion with the exception of
(a) The Compiler (b) Charlie MCKINNEY (c) her respective brothers.
5. That she must think of Charlie MCKINNEY in a platonic manner.
6. That should she feel inclined to think of Dog or any other obnoxious
animal, she shall at once take a cold bath, wear sack-cloth & heap ashes on her
7. That should any dance take place at Papakura, she is not to dance more than
ONE dance with the same Johny & is not to go outside.
8. That should she break Rule 7, the Compiler will have that Johny's gore.
9. That she is to keep a reserved seat & some cream prunes in the Lollie Stall
on the 23rd inst.
10. That should the strain of keeping these rules prove too much for her mental
powers, as a last resource she may think of the Bibulous one.
11. That the Compiler is very tired & is going to bed.

m 1900 Hobson Bridge, (Newmarket), Auckland sp-Elizabeth `Lisa' WHITSON 
b 27.8.1872 Auckland d 26.4.1936 Auckland at 21 Takutai St, Parnell, Auckland.
Crem. 27.4.1936 Ashes werre in Niche H11 Waikumete Cem., now moved.
Here is their wedding photo.

A hand-coloured photo of Lisa a few years before her death - now held by me.

"A fairytale" was written for her 1883, probably by Rev MCKINNEY, vicar at Mahurangi. In the Great Depression she gave her wedding ring to John to sell for food. Their home was always full of visitors. 1935 at 21 Takutai St, Parnell, Auckland. The home is still there in 1999 with a great view of Hobson Bay where her 5 sons used to spear flounder on the mudflats. In the early morning the brothers would climb over the fence to swim in Parnell Baths, then with a tidal entry for the water. Dad told how one morning a shark got into the pool!
** She has ID 3493 at our WHITSON tree (Scotland 1780-1850) at
  Obituaries. 30?.4.1936 NZ Herald: WITHERS on April 26 at her residence,
21-23 Takutai St off St Stephens Ave, Parnell. Lisa, widow of the late Edward
Stroude WITHERS & dearly loved mother of Trevor, Harry, Maurice, John & Wynn 
WITHERS. A short service will be held today (Monday) in St Mary's Cathedral
Parnell at 11am, following which the funeral will leave the Cathedral for the
Crematorium at Waikumete.
  28.4.1936 Auckland Star: WITHERS on 26.4.1936 at her residence,
21-23 Takutai St off St Stephens Ave, Parnell. Lisa, widow of the late Edward
Stroude WITHERS & dearly loved mother of Trevor, Harry, Maurice, John & Wynn 
WITHERS. Cremated yesterday (Monday) at Waikumete. [This is at 4128 Great North
Rd, Glen Eden 0602; ph 09-818 5615. The main gates are on Great North Rd.
Her ashes were in Columbarium niche wall, old row H, Plot 11. Funeral Director 
W M MORRISON.   But this no longer exists. They are now in the Ash Vault
down the path from the Chapel of Faith. There is a plaque on the ground but no
names- 19.11.2013 on 09 818 5615. See the maps at]
  30.4.1936 Auckland Star: Mrs Lisa WITHERS. The death occurred in Auckland of
Mrs Lisa WITHERS who had for many years been widely known in Auckland for her
kindly & generous nature. She had for some weeks been convalescing from a 
serious illness, her death following a sudden & unexpected relapse. Mrs WITHERS
was the widow of the late Mr Edward Stroude WITHERS who died in 1922, & is
survived by 5 sons, Messrs Trevor, Harry, Maurice, John & Wynn, all of whom
reside in Auckland. The funeral was preceded by a service in St Mary's 
Cathedral Parnell, which was attended by a very large congregation.
  In 2014 I found 2 items written by Wynn when his mother died. The 1st was in
a small wallet of Trevor & had contained a flower sent to Trevor "Gathered from
Grannie Withers' Garden by her hands on the day of her death, and sent to you
from her own dear hand. Wynn 26.4.36". The 2nd appears to be Dad's notes for a
eulogy: 'Mother would want me to (1) "Fight always for that which is right".
Love & stand by my brothers. Be a man. Always help others as she did. Have the
courage of my convictions. To always see the funniest & best side of everything. To look for what is best in people - not the worst. Be courageous when disappointed & brave in the face of danger. Think & consider before I act, but never falter or hesitate. Be able to face ruin with a smile. Live up her standards of life & practise all that she taught me & be all that she hoped I would be.'
Here is a scan of them.

Earlier versions of the WHITSON tree (with photos) are available on interloan
from NZ public libraries:
 Kit WITHERS, "The family of Thomas WHITSON & Agnes HOGG" 1978 (2 editions),
 Kit WITHERS, "The Australian descendants of Robert WHITSON", 1989 
 Ian R JOHNSTONE, "The family of George JOHNSTONE and Agnes WATTS" 1989.

521 3-[Captain] (Edward) Trevor (Stroude) WITHERS b 18.9.1901 Auckland
d 5.5.1981 Defence Club, Suva, Fiji. 
His will of 11.1.1980 is at 521 at
Trevor planted the 2 huge poplars at 5 Takutai St, Parnell, Auckland. 
He attended Auckland Grammar & did university studies. 
  1923-35 he is listed as a searcher of titles for WITHERS & WITHERS 
(a partnership with his father) at 154 Queen St then 27 Shortland St, Auckland,
mostly dealing with Maori land claims. He represented his father after his 
father's death at a big hui near Taupo after winning a case involving a lot of 
land for a tribe there.  (Tuwharetoa??) He knew Governor General JELLICOE and 
once rushed up to him in a procession asking "Have you seen Margot? 
(BLOOMFIELD)" recalls his cousin Gordon MURRAY. Joined RNZAF; his
1939 attestation sheet lists: calling - organiser & company director, last
employed by NZ Freedom Association, 4 years in cadets, 3 years in
Territorials 1st Auckland Regiment; in 1942 at Rukuhia as equipment
officer"; 1943 took sick leave from No 1 ACV, Otahuhu to Huka Lodge, Taupo;
1943 promoted from Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader in the Royal NZ
Airforce in WW2; in 1944 living at 23 Takatai St (in Wise's PO Directory?);
1945 sheet lists his civil occupation as share broker. 1946 release sheet
from Hobsonville gives station: NNEP, RNZAF Trade: EI, civil occupation:
company director; total service 6 years 191 days; home address: 7 Summer St,
Devonport; overseas service: nil. War Medal, NZ War Services Medal.  1946
Medical Board sheet lists his proposed future address as c/ Harold GATTY,
Pan Am, Suva as from 20.4.1946. In 1947 he moved to Fiji and leased a boat,
the ADI BETTY, and trawled for tuna from Nalauwaki village in Waya Island in
the Yasawas.  A number of locals worked for him including Jone NORMAN (whose
grandson Trevor WITHERS 2 was named after him 
- see family Y2 at
and Savenaca RATUMEALE. About 1947 he sent these 2 & 2 others to the US. 
They brought back 4 fishing boats. (This was a joint
venture with aviator Harold GATTY who later started Fiji Airways.) They had a
total of 8 boats. An Englishman, Captain WRIGHT of the Fijian Army, joined
them. (These details came in 2000 from Mosese NACAKE (b1933) 
- see family NL3
He founded a tuna business, the South Seas Marine Products, based at the Bay
of Islands, Suva with aviator Harold GATTY. 
  However this venture failed and GATTY went on to found Fiji Airways, 
giving Trevor a free pass on it which Qantas (later Air Pacific)
still honoured when they took it over.  Fiji Times 1.9.1976: "There were
only 2 such tickets issued & they were in pure gold sheets 3" by 4" with
hinges...The wording goes something like this: `Captain Trevor Withers, his
wives (in plural), his pets under proper care, shall travel gratis with Fiji
Airways all routes.'... in semi-retirement he operates from one of the outer
island resorts Plantation Village in Malolo Lailai. ... Capt Withers caught
the flying bug from none other than the Trans-Pacific champion Captain
Charles KINGSFORD-SMITH.  `I learned to fly beside Smithy after we met in NZ
during his 1st Tasman Flight...'... He met Mr GATTY in Auckland when the
veteran of round-the-world flight was negotiating for Pan Am to have landing
rights in Auckland. `Harold GATTY was a navigator of a class of his own. He
was the hero of the book "Around the World in Eight Days" - he was a true
Tasmanian - he refused American President ROOSEVELT's offer for an American
citizenship.'... Capt. WITHERS before coming to Fiji with Mr GATTY, had
formed a company in NZ called Great Pacific Airways. It later became
National Air Corporation... He bought the 1st TURAGA LEVU (his 1st cruise
boat) a 42 footer used by Civil Aviation at Laucala Bay as a crash boat.
Thus the Blue Lagoon Cruises was born. It was Fiji's 1st..." 
 1950/51: MY TURAGA LEVU (the name of his boat), Box 5, Lautoka where he had an
apartment.  His agent in Suva was Bob PARKES at the Defence Club.  He built a
4 bedroom home at Yalobi on land of 
Timoci SAYABA (family WL2)
 looked after by Savenaca ULUIBAU (son of Ratu Sir George CAKOBAU, Vuni Valu, Tui Kabu, Governor General) and his wife.
Here are some photos of Trevor's bure.
 After it was destroyed by Hurricane BEBE in 1972 he retired to Dick SMITH's
Musket Cove, Plantation Island in 1972. 
An early photos of Trevor on Waya, & the TURAGA LEVU.
This photo of Trevor & 5 other men "riding" 6 tiger sharks was taken c1960. It reads on the back `To Helen & Margaret, Here is a photo of your Uncle Trevor (in the middle) with some big and very dangerous Tiger Sharks, & with his fishing buddys. The big shark in the middle is over 17 feet long. We dragged them into shallow water & then rode them like horses. It was great fun. Much love. Uncle T.'
 19.12.1956 The (NZ) Weekly News p8 'Man from Auckland is HIGH CHIEF OF TROPIC
ISLES. Just off the western end of Fiji there is a chain of islands so small 
that they are only specks on a map of the Pacific. They are called the Yasawas,
& the Fijians who live there are rarely seen by outsiders.  Only 1 white man, 
in fact is allowed to visit the islands - a NZr Trevor S WITHERS, who runs a 
weekly yacht there & takes a few passengers along, by permission of the Yasawa 
king. Capt WITHERS has a unique relationship with the Yasawan people. He is 
their honorary 'High Chief', entitled to all their ancient honours....
 We sailed with Capt WITHERS the other week. It was the kind of trip that
people dream of, when they dream of the South Seas. The islands were incredibly
beautiful, the people were enchanting, & time counted for nothing. But the real
charm of the journey was the bond between the white chief & his adopted people.
  Their friendship began in 1946 when [he] agreed to chart the reef-strewn area
& see if tuna fish fleets could operate in its waters.... He was warned that
the Y'n people were sullen & that some might even still be cannibals. (As a
matter of fact we met one old man renowned for eating a white sailor named 
PHILLIPS 78 years ago [1878] when he was 12. He only ate the fingers but he 
told us that they were a real delicacy when cooked in coconut cream - far 
better than chicken.)
  In any case Capt WITHERS found that the Y'ns had refined their idea of a
good meal. They were not sullen but they were very shy. He established a base
camp on one of the islands & hired Yasawa boys to work on his tuna clippers.
He held a 'medical parade' for them every day, & soon people came from all over
the Y's for 1st aid. In 3 years he came to know them well.
  The project ended in 1949, & [he] told the old king that he was closing the
camp & pulling right out. The king said he could not just pack up & go. He
sent a msg to his people & they came in canoes from all over the islands to say
goodbye. The ceremonies lasted 3 days & nights, & everybody was close to tears
in the end.  The king conferred on [him] the title of 'turanga levu', or high
chief. 'When u come back you will receive all the courtesies normally given a
visiting high chief according to strict Fijian custom. Also tomorrow we are 
going to start building u a big house. Every day it will be swept & the grass
will be cut, so that your home in the Y's will always be ready.'
  [He] spent 18 months closing down the project in Suva & was about to return
to his home town Auckland. Suddenly he hit on the idea of running a passenger
cruise to the Y's. He bought a motor yacht, hired a crew & announced his 
cruise. Not 1 person showed up. For more that a year he stubbornly made regular
trips to the Y's, carrying only his crew & some mail.  His 1st trip he planned
to last 5 days, but there were so many welcome-home ceremonies that it took him
17 days to make the circuit. He told the king that this sort of thing could not
go on every week - the Y's had more important things to do, & besides, it was
no way to run a cruise.  At last the king agreed to omit every ceremony except
the 1st one -'U r Turanga Levu, & we would violate our custom if we did not
give u the traditional welcome each time u visit the Y's. I will always expect
u to call on me 1st.'
  Consequently when we sailed with [him] from Lautoka ... he sailed 1st to 
Yalombi, the senior royal village. He instructed us on our duties in the
ceremony, which is one of the most sacred in Fijian life.
  When we came ashore, the king & men of the vlg were waiting in the main hut.
Outside [he] made the ceremonial request for permission to enter. The answer
came back in a low rumble from the men inside. We walked in between 2 rows of
seated warriors, all in ceremonial dress, with their eyes blackened. There
were about 30 men altogether. The hut was quite dark & eery.
  We shook hand with the king, a handsome old man with a head that might have
been made of polished mahogany, & gave him the respectful greeting 
'Bula, riki'. Then we sat cross-legged in front & the ceremony began.
  It was a stunning ritual. It has a primitive grandeur as the warriors danced
& shouted their ancient chants, chants so old that many of their words are no
longer in the Fijian language. There was a tension in the hut as presents were
exchanged between the king & Capt WITHERS & the ceremonial drink of yangona
(kava) was mixed.  In an intensely dramatic moment, the king's cup bearer came
forward in a rigid dance to the insistent beating of a drum, his eyes glazed,
& poured each of us a drink in a coconut shell. We all toasted the king & drank
in turn. Every action followed by a stylized pattern.
  Finally the tension broke, the ceremony ended, & we walked about the hut
talking with the men. The king gave [him] the freedom of the Y's. The doors 
of his domain were now open, & we walked around the vlg, which was full of 
cheerful chn & women.          
  In the days that followed we went ashore in many small vlgs. [He] always 
brought his present of yanggona root, as dictated by custom, & he was always 
received by the local chief.  He was always greeted with affection .. anchor,
kids would flock down to the beach to wave. The chn were enormously 
attractive, with quick smales & warm nature." ... William K ZINSSER, 
NY Herald Tribune.
  Photo: The outlying village of Mataylevu in the Yasawas, is built under the
shade of spreading breadfruit trees.

 24.4.1957 The Honolulu Advertiser: 'How to win a South Sea Island. [photo of
Trevor] The Pacific Area Travel Assocn is sponsoring a "Win a Pacific Island"
contest. Ava Ava (after Ava GARDNER) is the renamed island of Yawalu on the 
fringe of the Yasawa group [where] Capt BLIGH sailed after being cast adrift
by the mutineers of the BOUNTY. Cutthroats & pirates once lay in wait in other 
Fiji waters. 100 years ago the Fijis were known as the Cannibal Isles...
In Hawaii today is the man I've dubbed the Great White Father of the Yasawas,
Trevor WITHERS... All you have to do to win is complete a line in a limerick.
Winner will inherit a lifetime tax free lease on the island; a real little 
house & outrigger canoe. Capt WITHERS will haul you out there ... 
  We both held a torrid dislike for the late Zane GREY, the frontier novelist
& deep sea fisherman... [TW], a NZ fishing champ, was one of those outraged &
once took the pleasure of telling off the great Zane GREY...'
  In 1976 he retired & moved from his flat in Lautoka to Dicks Place on 
Malolo Lailai Island near Lautoka. By 1979 he had moved to the Defence Club, 

  1.9.1976 Air Pacific Supplement. "2 men with one obsession in common. The 
only person living in Fiji today who knows the inside story of how Air 
Pacific came into being is 'Fiji's father' of outer island tourist cruises, 
Captain Trevor WITHERS...' Sam BERWICK. For Photo & material see March 1981 

  30.12.1978 Fiji Sun. Queen's honours list. "CAPT. EDWARD TREVOR STROUDE 
WITHERS, MBE, 77, [photo] is one of the pioneers in opening up the outer 
islands as a tourist resort. He has made an invaluable contribution to the 
tourist industry in the country & in getting the Fijian people involved with
the industry.  Capt. WITHERS is now retired & lives at Malololailai in the
Yasawas.  He 1st came to Fiji shortly before the outbreak of WW2 to negotiate
with govt the establishment of a daily air service around Viti Levu & Levuka
using small flying boats & amphibious aircraft. Negot'ns were abandoned in 1939
owing to the then rapidly deteriorating international situation, the prelude to
WW2. Until the outbreak of the War, he had operated a specialized land agency
practice in Auckland, & was also Managing Director of the General Trust &
Investment Corpn. [He] had enlisted in the Royal NZ Airforce in 1939 & was
demobilised in 1946 in the rank of Squadron Leader. He then flew to FIji with
the late Mr Harold GATTY to establish South Seas Marine Products Ltd, a Fiji 
company formed as a vehicle with which to organize & operate a large operation 
in the country. Upon its winding up in 1950 [he founded &] operated the now 
world-famous Blue Lagoon Cruises which run 3 day trips to the Yasawas.
  Forced by a serious coral infection to retire from active management of Blue
Lagoon Cruises, he retired to Yaqlobi, Waya, Yasawas where the villagers built
him a magnificent bure-type home... demolished by Hurricane BEBE in 1972. 
Capt. WITHERS has since moved to Malolailai."

  The Pacific Island Monthly Nov. 1966 p121-125 "The man who put the Yasawas on
the map" has photos of Trevor and his luxurious bure in Yalobi.
Here's an article from the Pacific Island Monthly p51 AugusT 1967 "Fiji's Captain Withers is off to sea again" with a photo "Captain Withers' new TURAGA LEVU shows off her paces in Lautoka in July."
  14.6.1980 Fiji Beach Press p 20-21. "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BLUE LAGOON!
by Emelita WENDT." Photos: 1) A big moment during the 30th anniversary cruise
for Capt Trevor WITHERS, who was called on to cut the special cake. He got a
helping hand from Blue Lagoon crewman Ame NAULUTEGU. 2) After the traditional
welcome for the Governor General Sir George CAKABAU, Yasawa-i-rara villagers
gathered once more on the beach to say goodbye to their visitors from the
MARIEANDA. 3) Eroni ROKUA, matanu vanua (or spokesman) for the GG, accepts the
sacred tabua (whales tooth) from the Yasawa chiefs during special welcome
ceremonies at the start of the cruise. 4) At Yalobi village on Waya Island,
villagers presented gifts of food & mats for their honoured guests. Yalbi was
1st place of call for the MARIEANDA. 5) Blue Lagoon's anniversary cruise boat
MARIEANDA anchored off Yasawa-i-rara last Sat. pm to allow the GG & his party
to go ashore & be welcomed by the villagers. 6) The GG Ratu Sir George CAKABAU
& Capt Trev' W' sharing a quiet moment on deck during the 30th anniv'y cruise.
7) A cocktail party preceded the special Anniv'y Dinnear aboard the MARIEANDA.
Pictured are Adi Lady Lelea CAKOBAU, wife of the GG, Mrs Anna DIXON, & Mrs Pam
WILSON, wife of the Blue Lag's chair David WILSON. 8) Delightful children from
the Ratu Naivalu Memorial school at Yalobi gathered on the vlg green for the 
special welcome ceremony. 9) Men from Naviti Island entertaining aboard the
MARIEANDA during the Anniv'y Dinner. 10) Ratu Vuki BELO, the Tui Naviti, & a
member of the Great Council of Chiefs, was an anniv'y guest. 11) Blue Lag's 
chair David WILSON. He annouced a special payment of $15,000 for the Yasawa
people to mark the company's 30th anniv'y.      "A CRUISE TO REMEMBER.
  The satisfaction showed plainly on the gnarled faces of the elderly chiefs
as Blue Lag'n [ship] MARIEANDA, festive flags flying, slipped thru the
beautiful Yasawa islands last weekend. This was no ordinary cruise. But then
celebrating a 30th anniv'y isnt an everyday event.  And BL wanted to make it a
party to remember - for the village elders whose islands have helped the
company provide 1000s of overseas people with one of Fiji's best visitor
experiences. So to share in the company's success & to forge stronger links
between the Yasawa people & BL, came a rare & dignified gathering of Y chiefs
& their wives, some to see for the 1st time other islands & vlgs of the Group.
  Adding special significance to the occasion was the presence of their 'Momo
Levu', High Chief, the GG Ratu Sir GC, who is also Paramount Chief of Fiji. He
and Adi Lady Lelea CAKOBAU were main guests. ... the 'Cavu i kelekele', the
Fijian ceremony of welcome .. enveloped the tall white-haired ex-RNZAF pilot
who set out on a launch 30 yrs before on the very 1st Y cruise run -CTW (73), 
now retired & living in Suva... 'I could never have made it without the support
of the Y people. They kept urging me on, particularly when in those early days
there were no fare-paying passengers in sight .. "tabu soro" was the saying,
"never give up" .. & I didnt.'
 ... When war broke out [Ratu Sir George] recruited some of the men from the
area for the Solomons Campaign. The dance leader, brandishing his club in 
salute, was one of them... Remember the legend of the young lovers who sought
refuge in a secret cave on Sawa-i-lau [N of Waya - google it for photos!] 
where the woman hid in a submerged grotto until they could escape? Or the story
of the enormous eagle who carried off & killed a woman who was fishing near 
the Vanua Levu coast. The woman's fiance & his cousin followed it & eventually 
found it sleeping in its lair on the Saw-i-lau - & killed it.
  Anniversary cruise guests visited the famous cave on Saw-i-lau where
inscriptions, which have long puzzled archaeologists, are found on its walls.
'It was a very long time ago' the old Ratu from Tamasua & rightful owner of the
cave, croaked in his dialect, nodding with pleasure as some dived into the 
clear chilly depths of the pool. 'Now nobody knows what [the inscriptions] 

  March 1981, 'Fiji' volume 4 number 2, p8 Ministry of Information, Suva:
Photo of Captain WITHERS [CW] with (dog) Ringo waiting on the airstrip 1976.
         "The Man With The Golde Ticket, by Sam BERWICK.
He saw the potential in outer island cruises for tourist. - More than 30 years 
ago he bought a 42 footer crash boat, thus the Blu Lagoon Cruises was born.
  Fiji's 'father' of outer island tourist cruises and one of 2 persons who knew
the inside story of how Air Pacific came into being, had died in Suva at .. 79.
He was Captain Trevor WITHERS, KCMC, as he was known to his close friends (I
will explain his title later in this story), was one of only 2 persons who had
a complimentary air ticket to fly by Air Pacific at any time & to anywhere the
airline lands.  The tickets are in pure gold sheets 7.5cm by 10 cm with hinges.
The one given to CW is under safe custody with one of his banks.
  He told me in 1977 that the wording of his ticket, 'Goes something like this:
Captain Trevor WITHERS, with his wives (in plural), his pets under proper care,
shall travel gratis with Fiji Airways all routes'.  The gift was a token of
friendship given to him by Mr Harold GATTY whose brainchild Air Pacific is.
... Born in NZ .. CW came to Fiji with Mr GATTY more than 35 years ago. In
Partnership with Mr GATTY they formed & operated the South Seas Marine 
Products, a tuna fishing company based at the Bay of Islands, Suba.
  CW who up to 3 years ago when he came to Suva for a retired life at the
Defence Club, ... was still active in fishing the deep blue waters of Fiji
marline coast  & operated from one of the outer island resorts, Plantation
Village on Malolailai... [In 1976] we drove up to the captain's bungalow on a 
hill overlooking the then newly built island resort that was to be called 'The
Last Resort'. This was being built by resort developer veteran Mr Dick SMITH.
  During our tour of the island & meeting some old friends like Fred CARTER
who for many years was manager of Cathay Hotel at Lautoka, Peggy BARRINGTON,
widow of Frank B'N, who was manager of Nadi Hotel during the 50s & 60s, & the
then manager of Plantation Vlg Resort, Fred VAN WILLES, I noticed that altho'
CW was a Kiwi, he carried the air of an English country Squire.
  Now seated under the canopy of the bungalow, CW with his light grey jungle
suit & silk scarf knotted tightly round his neck & sipping a glass of dry
martini, spoke very quietly about the past & his association with Harold GATTY.
'Harold was more than just a friend to me. It is probably because we had 1
obsession in common - flying & operating air transport', CW said.
  CW was a Squadron-Leader in the RNZAF during WW2. Before the war he had a
unique legal practice in NZ which he inherited from his father. The practice
involved court work for Maori lands handled by a special Court which had its
own Chief Justice & judges.  CW caught the flying 'bug' from none other than
the Trans-Pacific hero Captain Charles KINGSFORD-SMITH. 'I learned to fly
beside Smithy after we met in NZ..'" End of page. I dont have page 9.

  I had a 40 page booklet written by Trevor c1980, 'Your Blue Lagoon Cruise!
The story of how it started way back in 1950 & how its grown since then.'
Designed as a give away for passengers. 
Here is p2 of that booklet.
 Mentioned are 'the old Tui Waya, Ratu Jone
NAIVALU' p4, 1896-1956, who told Trevor via mime to get Epeli VOLI from Namara,
Waya Lailai, as he spoke English, Bauan and Wayan. Epeli was 17 & had piloted
the BULI. 
This was Tui Waya 2, with ID 1 at (a) of Y1 of See there for his family tree.
 p13 mentions the Lapida people whose
pottery shards from c2000BC are found in Fiji. Trevor's booklet mentions as 
crew, the mate, Veniasi, the engineer Kitione, Peni 15, & the chef Babu Ram. 
1st passengers were Colonel Stanley WOLFE & wife Elsie of Washington DC. 
A different wife is given at -
'... The 37th Infantry Division arrived in the Fiji Islands in June 1942...'
p29: '... 3 months passed - on 12 cruises of 4 days each, [only] 27 paying
passengers... Faced with bankruptcy... he sold his car, his few shares in
Australian companies, ... [for] 7000P. Then to his friend Grant MCCONACHY,
former bush-pilot & founder of Canadian Pacific Airway, .. he outlined a ..
plan... He then approached all of the airlines then flying the Pacific, 
including Pan Am & BCPA [&] CPA. To the heads of each he said in effect "If
you will help me publicize & sell my new Blue Lagoon Cruise.. I'll .. travel to
North America to deliver lectures & slide-shows about Fiji .. all major west
coast.. cities.. invite all leading west coast travel agents.. This will be a
joint venture..' [With] 60 .. transparencies withers flew to North America on
his make or break mission. He gave 2 .. parties in Hawaii & then flew on to
Vancouver. In .. 5 weeks he gave 31 cocktail parties & slide shows.. Kitione
& the crew had .. kept TURAGA LEVU spotless..' p32 Don SIMPSON, copra planter
from Savusavu lent him 2000P at 5%. p33-34 he sells the 42' TURAGA LEVU for the
56' VITI 2. p35 In 1966 the people of Waya built him a magnificient bure &
guest home in Yalobi - destroyed in 1972 by Hurrican Bebe. p36 The takeover by
Capt Claude MILLAR & his 112' Fairmile LA RITA. Auckland's best boat builder
Jim YOUNG made him a boat. p37 In 1970 the ROMANDA, the 125' LYCIANDA bought by
Blue Lagoon, & 2 more in 1972 & 1976. In 1976 MILLAR had owned another 
Fairmile motor-vessel, the COLVILLE, formerly a sub chaser, whaler & 
lighthouse supply ship. It was refitted as the SAYANDRA.
  p39 'The Company pays .. fees to the Fijians of the Yasawas - such payments
in 1978 exceding $31,000 apart from dividends paid upon a substantial parcel
of .. stock .. presented by the Company.' (Were these held by the Tuis?)
Sale of shells and artifacts bring the Yasawas c$20,000 pa... When Capt MILLAR
retired to NZ 1978, a new company, Marine Management Ltd, bought a controlling
interest in Blue Lagoon Ltd with chair David WILSON & Genl Manager Andrew
DRYSDALE. In 1979 the company was awarded a contract for LYSIANDA as a 
'floating hotel' for .. filming .. BLUE LAGOON in the Yasawas, 21 years after
Capt WITHERS had watched the earlier filming of the story with Jean SIMMONS
as its star. p40 Trevor is awarded an MBE, & became a director of Blue Lagoon 
Cruises Ltd. 

  I understood that Trevor was the 1st European to learn the Yasawa dialect.
But andrew.pawley"att" wrote me 29.9.2014 "Two weeks ago I went to 
the posthumous launch of a book by the late Aubrey Parke, which contains 
information about the origins of the clans in all the Yasawa Is. and  NW Viti 
Levu, collected when he was a young DO in the 1950s. He wrote this up for his 
PhD thesis, completed in 2007 when he was 81 and died soon after. ...
The best Standard Fijian-English dictionary is still Arthur Capell's 1941 A New Fijian Dictionary, though it is out of date ... 
It's not quite true to say that your uncle Trevor was the first European to 
learn Wayan.  Sir Trevor's command of Wayan was limited to some words and a 
few phrases. He used to speak humbug Wayan to impress passengers on his boat, 
in cahoots with Dawai and other crew, who knew his routine. One of his 
favourite humbug expressions was qwataqwata bogibogi, manumanu qwaqwa, 
literally 'early in the morning, strong animal', shouted as a captain's 
command. The first European to become fluent in Wayan was probably me, though 
of course I can't be certain of that.  Waya may have had its beachcombers."
Andy's Wayan dictionary of 1400 pages is nearly ready to publish.

 Robert BROWN wrote me 15.12.2009: "I am one of the two partners to whom Trevor
sold his Game Fishing business, and the MV TURAGA LEVU, in 1976 at Lautoka.
My partner at the time, Jonathan WILLIS, died at sea in the early '80s, and the
business was sold... Trevor was a fantastic chap, and Jon and I spent many 
hours with him listening to some of his outrageous adventures in the Pacific. 
I always felt that his "Captain's logs" would have made the basis of a great 
docu-novel, or even a movie script. I admired him greatly." 

After Trevor died Dick SMITH showed my parents Trevor's tabuas (whales' teeth).
(His will made no mention of him or Dick SMITH.)
A street in Lautoka is named after him, Captain Withers Street. See Weekly
News 28.6.1971 p4. He loved trout fishing & deep sea fishing. His MBE was
announced in column 1, page 1 of the Fiji Sun for 30.12.1978. 
Here is a cutting headed 13 PEOPLE HONOURED, with a photo of CAPT. WITHERS. This same pdf also has a photo of Trevor from the Fiji Times for 25.5.1968 with a black marlin: 'This 201lb black marlin, king of the deep seas game fish, ended a 15 year quest for the species in the Yasawas by Capt TS WITHERS. Although a baby of the family, it gave him a scrap of over 2 hours last week as he fished from his launch TURAGA LEVU 15 m W of Yaqeta. It was taken on a 50lb line with a 50lb Tasma rod & 6/0 Penn reel with a lure of Capt WITHERS' own design.'
His letter on p4 of the Pacific Islands Monthly for May 1979 has a photo of him and explains his apellation KCMC: Kindly Call Me Captain! At that point he had moved from Dick's Place on Malolo Lailai Island to the Defence Club.

  5.5.1981: His death was front page of the Fiji Times
"CAPTAIN WITHERS IS DEAD ...He started Blue Lagoon Cruises ...
today is a multi-million dollar business. ... He mixed a stockbroking
business in NZ before WW2 with aviation ... Part of the cruise's earnings
were plunged into helping Fijian villagers in the Yasawas. He sold control
of the business in the 1960s to another NZer Mr Claude MILLAR who steadily
expanded it. Today run as a public company in local hands it runs 4 large
steel cruises to the islands. Capt WITHERS was a director of the company..."
 Fiji Times for p3 6.5.1981: 
"CAPTAIN WITHERS IS DEAD ... a New Zealander, had a varied career as a 
stockbroker, pilot and cruise operator. He mixed a stockbroking business in NZ
before WW2 with aviation and was associated with the Oz airman Sir Charles
KINGSFORD-SMITH, in what was an unsuccessful attempt to float an airline meant
to cover NZ.  He served with the RNZAF during the war, reaching the rank of 
squadron-leader.  [He] arrived in Fiji in the 2nd half of the 1940s to join 
with another airman, Harold GATTY, in attempts to start a tuna-fishing venture
which failed because of poor catches.  Mr GATTY turned back to aviation & 
started Fiji Airways, now Air Pacific, while Captn WITHERS bought a former Govt
launch & turned it into a cruiser with which he began what became his
internatiolly known cruises thru the Yasawas out of Lautoka. He opened the 
almost inaccessible Yasawas to tourism for the 1st time & made the cruise
one of the early attractions which helped tourism become established as one of 
Fiji's major industries.  Part of the cruise's earnings were plunged into 
helping the Fijian villagers in the Yasawas. [He] sold control of the business
in the 1960s to another NZr Mr Claude MILLAR, who steadily expanded it.  Today,
run as a public company in local hands, it runs 4 large steel cruises to the
islands. [He] was a director of the company. His death occurred at the Defence
Club, where he had been living in retirement for several years. [He] was 
unmarried. His only surviving close relative is a bro' [Wynn] who lives in NZ.

  Fiji Press 9.5.1981: Cruise pioneer dies - ... Blue Lagoon Cruises with a
staff of 3 took the 1st overseas visitors thru the Yasawa Islands in 1950 in
Capt Withers 2nd hand Govt launch Turaga Levu. Now with almost 120 staff & a
fleet of 5 modern cruise vessels carrying 13,500 passengers a year, it is
one of Fiji's most successful tourism enterprises ... Capt WITHERS was
awarded an MBE in the Queen's 1979 New Year honours..." See also Motoring
Today - June 1989 p45, Pacific Way - March 1992 p18. Founded Blue Lagoon
Cruises to the Yasawas, off Lautoka, Fiji. Member of the Defence Club in
Suva. When I stayed with him at the club in 1964 he introduced me to Sir
Ratu MARU - now Prime Minister of Fiji, & Sir Edward CAKOBAU - brother to
the late Queen Salote of Tonga. A great raconteur. Had an apartment in
Lautoka & a bure on .. Island, Yasawas. His eulogy at Suva Cathedral was by
the Governor General, Ratu Sir George CAKABAU who has a tabua (whales teeth)
necklace entrusted him by Trevor from the old TUI WAYA (High Chief of Waya
Island, Yasawas).  
Here is the text of that speech.
 His ashes were scattered in the sea in the Yasawas. For a
photo with Gov. General on Blue Lagoon see p14 Travelling Times Vol 2 No 4
Feb 1981. 
In 1991 Mum and Helen DUDER were invited by Blue Lagoon Cruises on a 4 day cruise on the Yasawa Princess. Here is an article on this with photo of them & Capt. FABIANO from the Fiji Times Tues. 16.7.1991.
Here is a photo of them from an article crew.
 which ends:
... Helen met David WILSON, BLC chairman in Auckland: "We got 
talking and he suggested a trip to the Yasawa Islands & I thought it was a 
wonderful idea. I then told him about my aunt & later we received a telegram
from Merle MURRAY, the sales & reservations manager of the BL." This includes
a history of the BL & the growth of the fleet under Capt Claude MILLAR. 

Other articles mentioning Trevor and the Blue Lagoon include "Mutiny
in mind" Evening Post 14.3.2000 p D1 with colour photo of a current Blue
Lagoon ship in the Yasawas, p99 of Travel (2000) - Auckland.

Manu WITHERS has his photo album for 1924-25 with a shot of Dad at about 6. 
He also has a later album of Trevor's in Fiji including a shot of a manta ray. gives
19th January 1923. - From: Trevor S. Withers, Auckland. - Subject: 
Ngahungahu Block. Registration of Memorial of ownership.   ORDER DETAILS »
	1923 	1923 	Department of Maori Affairs.
This is a letter he wrote to the Maori Affairs department in 1923. 
I am sending Helen DUDER this photo that Trevor sent to his grandfather Edward WITHERS (1845 Hill Green,Newbury-1921 Wanganui) c1915. On the back it says `Wishing Grandad a very Happy New Year from Trevor, Harry, Maurice and Jack.' John looks about 6 so this was c1915.

522 3-Harry Stroude WITHERS b 1904 Auckland buried 29/1/1965 Aramoho, Wanganui.
Auckland Grammar. See newspaper photo 27.10.1927 as captain of the Parnell 
Swimming Club and ex-captain of the Tauranga Swimming Club with brother 
Maurrie. Prominent radio personality in NZ & Sydney after WW2. His programme 
in Sydney "Wake up to WITHERS" was very popular. Founding member of the NZ 
Magicians Society formed 1920?: once when sawing a woman in half the coffin 
was made of hardwood - took forever! (see Auckland SB May 1970 p120, Auckland
Public Library and photos 27.9.1933 in The NZ Home Journal and the Waipa Post
for 21.9.1933.) One woman he sawed in half was celebrity performer Freda STARK.
In 1935 manufacturer's agent at 20 Fort St, Auckland. 1939-40 he had a well 
known radio program on Radio 2UE, the oldest radio station in Sydney. 
Here is a letter he wrote to a 19 year old fan Brenda KEEP in Canberra, thanks to her daughter, Jackie ANDERSON;
and the signed photo he included with it
  About 1946 he had a grand piano in his apartment in Oriental Bay, Wellington.
  1946: publicity officer for United Artists recording studio, 55 Courtenay 
Place, Wellington. 
  A skilled photographer. As Public Relations Officer for Rotorua about 1950 
he thrilled me by flying in a helicopter over our holiday home at Holden's 
Bay, Rotorua. Manu has his book when GM for "Round the World in 80 days" 
- they brought us home cooked huhu grubs from the Auckland gala premiere at 
the Peter Pan Cabaret. 

Manu has one of his publicity folders with many photos.  (I think this
is one with invites to Govt House etc 1937, ..., 1941 Sydney ...
Radio 2UE & 2GB ... Victor E LOWE using the alias Daly? ... 1948 NAC,
United Artists, letter from Mary PICKFORD, at 55 Courtenay Place
Wellington in 1950 ... Harry & Oscar, cuttings mentioning him from
Auckland Star 26.5.52, Wanganui paper, Napier paper, NZ Listener
9.5.52 [does not mention him], "Wake up to Withers" New Plymouth,
photo of him in Wellington Jose Ferrer's .."  script for Movie
Magasine 13.8.52,... Goldies.)

Manu has his autograph album with signatures of celebrities including LIBERACE,
Take It From Here radio personality Dick BENTLY, various premiers and mayors
including those for Adelaide, Hobart, Wanganui, Napier, Christchurch,
signatories to various banknotes, Admirals MUIRHEAD and BYRD, Lt Colonel
NICKERSON of the US Marine Corps, Victor LOWE, Guide RANGI, film-stars and
actors Bob HOPE, Jackie COOPER, Vivienne LEIGH, Sir Lawrence OLIVIER,
Dame Sybil THORNDIKE, aviator Harold GATTY, prime ministers Peter FRASER (NZ
1945) and Lord ATTLEE (UK), governor general? Lord and Lady Louis MOUNTBATTEN,
 Lord NUFFIELD, US comedian George FORMBY, NZ painter Peter MCINTYRE, the 1950
British Lions Rugby team, violinist Yehudi MENUHIN, the governor of New York,
the President of Eire, the English singer Gracie FIELDS,
a page with 11 Victoria Crosses, Burl IVES,
a British Military Issue 5 shilling note with an Italian note, 
a cartoon by MINHINNICK, a Japanese occupation of Malay note for 1 shilling,
 etc. Southland Daily News 18.7.1949:"Dorothy's book of autographs is not for
sale. 5 years ago Mr Harry S WITHERS ... travelled? Australia with Jack DAVEY
in support of 1st Victory Loan .." Buried 29/1/1965 Public Lawn Extension II,
Row 2 p98 at Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui, 'caretaker' - ancestry NZ cem 

523 3-Maurice Stroude WITHERS (1906/1908 Auckland-22.7.1942 Tripoli, Libya;
killed WW2 fighting ROMMEL's army; buried El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt, Plot
28, Row D, Grave 2) His death is noted on the War Memorial at Auckland
Grammar. See newspaper photo 27.10.1927 as treasurer of the Parnell Swimming
Club and polo captain with brother Harry. Storekeeper for Auckland Harbour
Board. His cousin Gordon MURRAY (see WHITSON tree) had to sample the spuds
for Dalgety's. When Morrie saw him coming they'd start throwing spuds at
each other. One hit a wharfie and made it rather unsafe for Gordon to
return! 5 years with Territorials Artillery. Enlisted 1940. In 1941 he was
Staff Sergeant at Papakura then acting RSM at Ngaruawahia then overseas with
24th NZ Battalion; Battery Driver; 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal, NZ
War Service Medal. Called "Maurry with the kauri-gum hair" by cousin GM as
his hair was always brushed immaculately. 
letters.txt includes his letter to Wynn on John's death.

Letter dated 18.12.1944 from NZ Military Forces Base Records, Box 3044, Wellington to "Squadron Leader TS WITHERS (Trevor), RNZAF Station, Wigram Aerodrome, Christchurch. Dear Sir, In reply to your letter of Dec 9, I advise that your bro' 26436 Corporal John Stroude WITHERS, who was killed in action on 26.11.1941, was buried originally at Bir Sidi Rezegh, but recently his remains were moved to the Military Cemetery, Acroma, Cyrenaica, where his grave is No. 20 in Plot 6, Row B... 26437 Corporal Maurice Stroude WITHERS, killed in action on 22.7.1942, is now buried in the Military Cemetery, El Alamein, Egypt, in grave 2, Plot 28, Row D. ... Director." On the back in Dad's handwriting is 'Wynn, c/ General Assurance Corpn Ltd, M/C Building, Queen St, Akld C1'. I am sending this to Matt DUDER.

m Auckland sp-"Dweena" Edwina Helen FOOTE Died 28.3.1998 in Auckland aged
90 at Lady Ascot Rest Home, AscotRd, Remuera. Formerly a teacher, she lived
from 1943 to 1996 at 2 Merivale Road, Epsom, Auckland. 2 children.

5231 4-Helen Stroude WITHERS (22.4.1941 Auckland) Violinist for Junior
Symphony Orchestra at highschool, for National Orchestra c1959, lead
violinist for Sinfonia (now the Auckland String Players) c1963, Canterbury
University Orchestra, Teachers College Orchestra & Christchurch Orchestra
while taking speech therapy course, lead violinist in Rotorua Orchestra
while working as speech therapist there 1 year. 2 years working holiday in
England as governess to Count & Countess Kinsky in London. Rejoined
Sinfonia. Speech therapist at Mt Roskill Intermediate. Toured NZ with
English comedian Bruce Forsythe of "The Generation Game", NZ Radio Orchestra
to 1982. As the violinist & cofounder c1977 of the Savoy Trio she has played
to & met celebrities such as Kiri Te Kanawa, Sammy Davis Jr, & Governor
General Beattie. (NZ Herald 4.11.82 S3 p2.) Guest artist for TV shows "12
Bar Rhythm & Blues" 1981 & "Stars on Sundays" 1982. She switched careers
from speech therapist to manage Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World. She is an
expert on sharks & travels a lot. In 1993 she went to Antarctica. In 1997
she left Kelly Tarlton's to develop an animated cartoon series "Wiggly Fin"
using underwater characters she created herself as puppets, taking a promo
film to the Cannes Film Festival. Until 1998 they lived at 4 Atherton Rd,
Epsom, Auckland. 
Photo please!!

m 12.5.71 Auckland sp-Ross DUDER (5.7.1940 Buck.,England) B Ag Sc, Dip Ag Sc, 
MNZIAS, MNZSFM, CPAg. An agronomist. He worked for Arthur Yates,
the seed & garden company. He is now an independent agricultural consultant.
He is on the NZ Council of Farm Management (1999). A keen yachter he has
half share in a Townsend 26 keeler. 2 children.
*1998-:  Mission Bay, Auckland. ph 09 528 6378
	122 Garden Road, Piha, N of Auckland,  ph 09 812 8854
2009 Helen 025 270 4679  helen.duder"att", 
Ross 025 324 897 rduder"att" still?

52311 5-Matthew DUDER (3.9.1972 Auckland) Matthew did a BSc in Conservation 
Management - in '92 he took Marine Biology. Studied at Whitianga Polytech. In 
a band. 2003-4 playing football for Lichenstein. Met the Grand Duke .5.2004 & 
gave him a tip on helping small businesses! 2005 back in Auckland.
 2008 matthew.duder"att" 

m c2004 Auckland? sp-Jennifer
2014: tel 09-521 2837, 9 Melanesia Rd Kohimarama Auckland 1071.

52311 1  6-Maxwell DUDER (.2.2006 Auckland)

52312  5-Jonathan Nelson DUDER (20.8.1974 Auckland) Johny did a B Comm 
in marketing at Dunedin, and is living in Auckland. 

m 21.2.2004 Auckland sp-Mary-Lou 

52312 1  6-Dixie DUDER (18 or 23.2.2003 Auckland)
52312 2  6-Rubie DUDER (28.11.2004 Auckland)  
52312 3  6-Bruno DUDER ( .6.2006 Auckland)  

5232 4-Margaret Stroude WITHERS (30.8.1943 Auckland) Violinist in National
Youth Orchestra, Junior Symphony Orchestra, leader 1963 of Hamilton Civic
Orchestra. She was a senior teacher at Henderson High, N of Auckland.
Here is a photo of Margaret.
* 1992-2011: 37 Beach Valley Rd, Piha, Auckland 0772, NZ tel. 09 812 8806
 2015 Bbeehive"att"

m 5.10.1963 Auckland sp-Peter John BYERS d 8.10.2011 Auckland.           
Peter comes from a well known Piha family. As a young man he buildt surfboards,
& grew tomatoes. Later he built houses & developed family property. He built 
their large 1st home in Valley Rd, Piha to a highly original design & luxury 
apartments overlooking Lion Rock, one of which they moved into. For photos of 
him, his mother, grandmother and great grandfather see "Piha in images"? by
Sandra CONEY (1997). His mother was a LA TROBE, related to the Governor? of
Port Philip, Melbourne. Obituary: one of the original long board riders of Piha
1958; first manufacturer of the Malibu board in New Zealand; member of the Piha
Surf Club; past boat captain and sweep of Piha Boat Crew; he also rode surf 
boats. 2.8.2014 Weekend Herald pA13 "Missing link bout for Hillary Trail"
tells of Margaret & Peter's brother Bruce selling the family land for $3m to 
Auckland City to complete the western walkway. Bruce & Peter inherited it from 
their mother in 1994. 'Owned by descendants of a pioneer family since the 
1860s, the land reaches to the sea ... will give public access from the Tasman
lookout in Piha south to the ... Blow Hole...' It gives a photo of the land.

52321 5-Maurice John BYERS (25.10.1964 Auckland) He and Stuart had a
partnership in Valley Road, Piha "Nostalgic Design" making kauri furniture.
He manages the workshop for the construction company Roadstern in Henderson.

m 29.10.1994 at Piha,Auckland sp-Margaret REID (Wales) 
2011: 66 Rayner Rd Piha Auckland 0772 tel 09-812 8869
52321 1  6-Isabelle BYERS (.10.96 Auckland)

52322  5-Andrew James BYERS (29.9.1966 Auckland) Builder.
df  sp-Louise
52322 1  6-Austin BYERS (.3.2002 Henderson, Auckland)

52323  5-Stuart Peter BYERS (10.3.1969 Auckland) Landscaper and builder.
Building his own home 2001.  2011 bluepool"att"

m 19.2.1994 at Piha,Auckland sp-Bernice Carol O'BRIAN (28.5.1970 Auckland)
She grew up in Nigeria & Kenya where her father was a gamekeeper, later
awarded an OBE for services to wildlife.
* 1995: 46 Beach Valley Rd, Piha, Auckland tel. 09 812 8142

52323 1  6-Piper Yvonne BYERS (8.7.2001 National Women's Hospital,Auckland)

52324  5-Warren Donald BYERS (3.3.1971 Auckland) In 1996 he worked at 
Carnarvon, N of Perth. Builder and plasterer.

524 3-John Stroude WITHERS b 16.2.1910 Auckland; killed 26.11.1941 in WW2 at 
Sidi Rezagh, (a few miles from Tobruk), Western Desert; buried in Plot 6 B20 
at Knightsbridge, 15m W of Tobruk - a town on Libyan coast c 60m W of Egypt).

For a photo of his grave see
His death is noted on the War Memorial at Auckland Grammar. 
  Harbour Board, warehouse manager for EA Broker Ltd, 24 Lorne St. 
A stationary travellor for Collins. 6 years in Territorials as 4th Battery 
Artillery Bombadier. Enlisted 8.7.1940 no. 26436 in 24th Battalion NZ 
Infantry; Papakura Camp then Egypt; infantry instructor, Sergeant, 1939-45 
Star, Africa Star, War Medal, NZ War Service Medal.
  Obituary 5/5b v37 p73 & 92 Port p72 in Auckland Public Library. The 
Commonwealth War Graves Commission publication "Knightsbridge War Cemetery,
Acroma -Register Libya Index No. LIB.1" gives cemetery details and notes:
"The defence against ROMMEL's drive across Cyrenaica towards Suez consisted
of a number of irregularly spaced strong points or "boxes" linked by deep
minefields. Those nearest the enemy were held by infantry, while those
further back served as reserve static positions and as bases from which the
armour could operate. The chief "box", known as Knightsbridge, was round a
junction of tracks about 12 miles west of Tobruk and 10 miles south of
Acroma, commanding all the tracks by which supplies came up to the front.
The 8th Army's advance fuelling stations and airfields were at Acroma, El
Adem, Sidi Rezegh and Gambut, while Gazala aerodrome, taken from the
Italians early in the campaign, by Feb. 1941 housed 2 British squadrons ...
Fierce actions were fought at all these places ..." A copy on request. On
18.12.1941 Maurie wrote to Wynn about John's death: " .. John's Battalion
have been in the thick of it since the show started here & throughout the
whole works John behaved exactly as you would expect him to although the
whole battalion was being bashed more than I like to think. His sense of
humour never failed him & he kept the whole section cheerful & in good
spirits even during the most hectic periods besides doing a grand job of
work during the actual scrapping. In the CSM's words `It is easy enough to
be cheery & bright when everything is going OK & you are warm & wellfed, but
it takes a damn sound bloke to raise a grin when you are cold & wet &
dog-tired & your pals are being shot to Hell all over the bloody desert.' It
was always when the tension was greatest that John would make some damn-
fool remark that would make the boys forget for a moment how tired they were
& cheer them on. His section, evidently thought the world of him & he knew
his job like nobody's business. John stopped his packet in Sidi Rezegh,
which is only a few miles away from Tobruk. The desert there is practically
all rock with a few inches of soil on top so it is almost impossible to dig
in there. On the night of the 25th Nov. John's section had taken up a
position in advance of the Bn. & were bombing a waddi up which Jerry was
bringing his reinforcements. The Hun was also occupying a position on John's
left flank where he had a machine gun post & a sniper. When dawn broke on
the 26th it was seen that Jerry had broken through on the right flank also &
had got between John's section & his Bn. so they were completely surrounded.
At this stage their mortar was put out of action & there were only Sgt
THOMPSON, John, another Cpl. & 3 men left, so as the position was obviously
untenable they had a conference to decide whether to try & fight their way
back or surrender, & they unanimously decided to fight. Here John insisted
on lighting his pipe as he had been unable to smoke all night, & when he was
ready they made their dash. They had gone about 25 yds when the Hun machine
gun post & the sniper opened up from about 80 yds away, & the only ones who
eventually got through were Sgt THOMPSON & 1 private. John was right along
side of Tommy when he went down with a bullet through the head so at least
we have the consolation of knowing that death was instantaneous. Later in
the day the position was retaken & John was found just where he had fallen.
... He was buried where he had put up such a great scrap by Padre Watson of
the 24th Bn. who was a great pal of his. .. I have applied to take his place
in the 24th & as school is now over I think I have a good show. ... I hope
to God you will be able to stay in NZ now the Japs are in & look after
things on the Home Front for us. The firm of Withers Bros has enough reps
overseas. .. Don't let it get you too far down old Son. He would be the
first to tell you to get that chin up.  God bless, Maurie." A photo of him
with Hector MACQUARRIE is in the latter's book "Round the world in a baby
letters.txt includes 3 of his letters from the Middle East Forces in WW2 to Trevor in 1941.

A copy of "Oliver Twist" now in possession of 5252 1 Adrianna) has written on 
it "John S Withers, 170 Manchester St, Christchurch".

525 3-Wyvern "Wynn" Stroude WITHERS (24.6.1914 Auckland-31.12.1982 Auckland)
  Death certificate: Wyvern Stroud WITHERS, Insurance broker (Ex serviceman),
of 18 Cathedral Place,Parnell, age 68,b 24.6.1914 Auckland; died 31.12.1982
at 18 Cathedral Place,Parnell; son of Edward Stroud WITHERS lawyer and
Elizabeth nee WHITSON; married in Auckland at age 26 to Alice Laurette
RUSSELL now aged 64, with M issue aged 41 39 & 36, cremated 4.1.1983 at
Purewa; cause of death bronchial adenocarcinoma left lung 1 year, medical
attendant DL RICHWHITE, funeral director LG RESNICK) 
  Manu sent me a pdf of the cert. 7.10.10.
Here is a poor quality photo of him as a baby.
His father died when Wynn was 9. He attended Kings Prep. School. 
Here is a photo of him aged about 9 with the family's dog sitting on the front porch.

Having won the science prize at Kings College, he had to leave school in the depression & look for work. Competing against a line of other boys that stretched halfway round the block he got a job as an errand boy for the General Assurance Company in Queen St. Served in WW2 at Wellington, living with his wife in 1941 near the Bolton St Cemetery. About 1946 they built their home at 18 Cathedral Place, Parnell opposite Laurette's parents at 19. The section is about 1.25 acres and slopes down below the house crossing a stream to the backyards of houses on Brighton Road. The stream mouth, Mataharehare (meaning brandishing - referring to the brandishing of taiaha when 2 warlike tribes approach), at the base of Ayr Street is of historic significance: it was the site of an early Maori settlement with direct access to the top of Mt Eden. The mouths of that stream and Cox's Creek in Ponsonby together with the top of Mt Eden formed 2 straight lines which mark the boundaries of Captain HOBSON's purchase of Auckland on 29.7.1841 from the Ngati Whatua at Orakei. (p50 of [3] in "e." gives the S boundary as a line drawn through the Maunga Wau, midway between the Manukau & Waitemata, in all about 3000 acres.) The remaining boundary was the seashore. For more info see [1-3] under Auckland in "e." above. By the 1950's Dad was Assistant General Manager for the General Assurance Company, & set up as an independent insurance broker from their offices. We had many happy holidays at our bach at 6 Holdens Bay Rd, Holdens Bay, Rotorua - now subdivided with the old willow tree at the back cut down. Dad was for many years a vestryman at old St Mary's Anglican Cathedral in Parnell Rd. He was Peoples Warden there & later at Holy Trinity Cathedral from 1953. When he developed lung cancer they refused his resignation to honour him.
Here is his obituary from p3 of the Cathedral News for Jan. 1983 by Dean RYMER.

His ashes were in an urn under the sanctuary of St Mary's, near a stained glass
window on the right, the Wynn Withers memorial window, dedicated 10.3.1985 in 
memory of him; designed by Beverly Shore BENNETT -
  "St Peter standing on a rock with his fishing net over his shoulder & a fish,
symbol for Christ, in his hand. An angel at the top holding a scroll with Simon
Peter on it, above all are the crossed keys of the saintl The lower panel shows
the healing of the beggar at the gate called Beautiful." See Cathedral 
Newsletters of 13.2.1983, 17.6.1984 & 10.3.1985: "... we dedicate a
stained glass window in memory of our revered late Churchwarden, Mr Wynn
Withers. A memorial in glass in St Mary's ... is a worthy tribute to Wynn,
as his life & example in this parish brought to us on many occasions
something of the presence & grace of God. One looked at Wynn & admired his
simple faith, his calmness & his strong will which was determined to see
right things done in the Cathedral. Just as he was an effective instrument
for God's working ..."  Dad's & Mum's ashes are now in the Columbarium 
Remembrance Garden outside St Mary's consecrated 1.11.2009.

Dad had a great sense of humour & loved telling jokes & shaggy dog stories. 
He loved singing: Gilbert & Sullivan & Ilkla Moor Bar Tat were among his 
  Manu now has his photo album with him at School Camp in 1928
at Narrow Neck in lemon squeezers, in Kings First 11 & First 15 1929,
in army uniform "Weekend camp 1934", shots of Mum in 1935 at Takapuna & Milford
Beach, a Rotorua WW2 camp 1936, Dad in Wellington with friends at their
boarding house "Bagan Hall" - now the site of the James Cook Centra Hotel.
Also in the album is a shot of "Mater & Aunt Dora" c1878.
Here is a photo of Bishop Gowing, Dad & Brother OLDHAM c1975 after the dedication in Holy Trinity Cathedral of a stained glass window - NZ Herald.
Here is a photo of him - he is the front pallbearer - at Bishop Gowing's funeral from the NZ Herald 6.6.1981. And one of Mum and Dad and me on the couch at their home in 1982,
and a photo of him at Oriental Bay c1982.
The following poem was written by his granddaughter Erica.

My Grandfather was a man,        who always cared for others.
He cared for all his family,     and my father and his brothers.
My Grandfather left us memories, we will forever share.
My Grandfather was a great man,  a wonderful man who cared.

 Auckland Star & NZ Herald 3.1.1983: WITHERS, Wyvern Stroud (Wynn) - 
On 31.12.1982 at his home, 18 Cathedral Place, Parnell, greatly loved husband 
of Laurette & loved father of Russell, Christopher & Peter, father-in-law of 
Frances & Judith & loving grandfather of Manu, Henry, Sarah, Rose, Sheba & 
Erica, aged 68. The entire funeral service will be held at Holy Trinity 
Cathedral, Parnell at 11am tomorrow (Tuesday). Watney Sibuns.

m 12.11.1940 St Mark's,Remuera,Auckland sp-Alice Laurette RUSSELL b 6.2.1918 
Auckland d 19.4.2010 Auckland Hospital. Attended St Cuthbert's College. 
  On 24.7.1931 at 13 she was awarded the Royal Life Saving Society certificate.
  She achieved Honours in Trinity College piano exams. Hairdresser in various 
places before her marriage including & Wellington, Invercargill, Christchurch.
  16.2.1932 NZ Womens Weekly p22: 2 of our young things celebrated their 21st
birthdays last week. Pretty little Laurette RUSSELL who came up from 
Christchurch for a short holiday, had her party on Monday at her parents' flat.
Among her old friends who gathered to wish her well were Dorothy THORBURN, 
Beris SCHRAMM, Win MCMANEMIN, Ngaire WOODS, Peggy TRAYES [1st cousin] & Dorothy
LAWRENCE. Laurette returned to Chch last Friday.

  13.11.1940 NZ Herald: EVENING WEDDING, WITHERS-RUSSELL, Bride's French lace
gown, Attendants wear organdie. The marriage of Miss Laurette RUSSELL, only 
daughter of Mr & Mrs Rex RUSSELL of Marino Gardens, Mt Eden, & Mr Wynn Stroude
WITHERS of Wellington, youngest son of the late Mr & Mrs ES WITHES of Parnell,
took place last evening at St Mark's Church, Remuera. Archdeacon P HOUGHTON
officiated & Mr A PASCOE was the organist. The bride, who was given away by her
father, wore a beautiful gown of ivory French stiffened lace over taffeta with
full-topped sleeves tapering at the wrists, & a heart-shaped neckline. The 
flowing skirt was fashioned to form a long train, over which fell the veil of
ivory tulle. This was worn over the bride's face as she entered the church & 
was caught to the head with a cluster of 3 white Christata orchids & sprays of
lily-of-the-valley. A shower bouquet of white orchids, carnations, roses &
lily-of-the-valley was carried. In attendance as bridesmaids were Miss Wynn 
MCMANEMIN & Miss Berris SCHRAMM, who wore frocks of pale blue self-patterned
organdie over delphinium blue taffeta. Circlets of small pink sweetheart roses
were worn on their heads, & bouquets of pale blue delphiniums & pink carnations
& roses were carried. The bridegroom was attended by Flying-Officer Trevor
WITHERS, Royal NZ Air Force, Hobsonville, as best man & by Private John WITHERS
4th Reinforcements, 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force, as groomsman. A sherry party
was afterward held at the Station Hotel where Mrs RUSSELL received her guests
wearing a frock of mist blue lace & coatee, & a blue floral toque. She carried
a bouquet of deep pink roses & green orchids. Mrs M COLLINS, aunt of the
bridegroom, was in a navy pebble crepe frock & hat with a shoulder spray of
autumn-tinted roses. PHOTO: Wedding at St Marks Church, Remuera: Mr & Mrs WS
WITHERS leaving the church after their wedding last evening.

  14.11.1940 NZ Womens Weekly p14: Attractive Laurette RUSSELL has been 
spending the past few weeks dashing form 1 party to another, & with each of her
many friends deciding that they simply must give a party for her, you can just 
imagine how much spare time she has had. 1 of the 1st parties for her in the 
pre-wedding rush was that given by Wynn MCMANEMIN at her home in Omahu Rd, 
Remuera. The party took the form of a handkerchief afternoon, & Laurette was 
looking very lovely in a grey dress worn with a fur cape & hat to match. 
Another party was given for her by Beris SCHRAMM at Berisville Flats on Wed. 
evening last week. THis time Laurette chose a frock of blue & white floral lace
& looked really lovely. The guests included Joan FORVES, Wynn MCMANEMIN & Nesta
STAPLES. Last Monday week also found this popular lass partying again & this 
time it was Nesta STAPLES who hostessed. "Something really different" was the 
keynote of this party & the guests had a thoroughly exciting time having their 
fortunes told. A luncheon party was given for her last THursday & she was 
presented with everything for the well-dressed bathroom. Laurette wore a fur 
coat over a grey frock for the occasion & among those who came to offer their 
good wishes & gifts were Joyce NATHAN, Naida CARSIE, Wynn MCMANEMIN, Estelle 
  And the great day arrived: Tues evening found Laurette looking lovelier than 
any one person has a right to as she walked up the aisle of St Marks Church, 
Remuera in her frock of cobwebby French lace that swirled its ivory stiffness 
over a slip of matching taffeta. The bodice of the frock was heart-shaped & the
skirt fell into a long train. The bride carried a bouquet of roses, carnations 
& lily-of-the-valley. Her 2 bridesmaids were Wynn MCMANEMIN & Beris SCHRAMM who
wore unusal frocks of striped organdie in delphinium-blue with floral lace 
tucks in the front of the bodices. The bride's mother Mrs Rex RUSSELL received 
the guests in a frock of mist-blue lace at the Station Hotel where a cocktail 
party was held. Laurette's husband Wynn WITHERS hails from Wellington & the 
newly-weds plan to make their home in that city.

  For another wedding photo, see Weekly News 20.11.1940. Marriage cert:
 Wyvern Stroude WITHERS 26 Insurance Clerk bachelor b Auckland Present 
residence Auckland, Usual residence Wellington, son of Edward Stroude WITHERS
solicitor & Lisa WITHERS nee WHITSON;
 Alice Laurette RUSSELL 22 spinster b Auckland Residence Auckland, dr of 
Reginald Frank RUSSELL accountant & Vera Bessie RUSSELL nee HALL;
 Minister Percy HOUGHTON; Witnesses Trevor S WITHERS, Hobsonville Air Base,
Auckland Flying Officer RNZAF & John S WITHERS, Papakura Military Camp, Private
 In 1944 they lived at 1411 Great North Road, Auckland. This is the address in 
my Plunket Society Baby Record.
 ELECTORAL ROLL 1944 Auckland city 51631:
Laurette WITHERS wife of WS WITHERS State Tenant 1411 Great North Rd.
Here is a photo of her with Dad holding a pipe perhaps on their honeymoon.

Another of Mum and Dad in love.

Here is a poor quality photo of her with Wynn in uniform and Russell as a baby in 1942.
Here is a photo of her and her children at her 79th birthday, 1997 at Peter and Judy's in Waiheke: 5251 Russell, 5253 Peter, Laurette,5252 Kit

1945-2010: 18 Cathedral Place, Parnell, Auckland, NZ. 24.11.1976 Auckland Star University Exams results: French 34.200 Cop (Cert. of Proficiency) AL WITHERS. A photo of her with friends appears on p11 of the Middleburg Life paper for July 1994 on a visit to a school-friend in Virginia.
This photo of Mum was taken Feb 2011 by Alison WHEELER, the last photo taken of her before she died, and one of my favourites!
Laurette has ID 1411 in "The family tree of RUSSELL of Bristol (1840-present)" in OUR RUSSELL TREE at See there for more photos.
For her will of 23.3.2010, see 5411 at
  On 19.6.2011 a memorial seat for Wynn & Laurette was dedicated & blessed by
Rev. Sarah STEVENS. It was paid for by sons Kit and Peter. At the same time
pages for them with photos were put into a book for viewing on the left of the
crossing before the choir.
For the text on Dad, see dadmemorialpage.txt
 For the text on see Mum, mummemorialpage.txt  

5251 4-Russell John Stroude WITHERS (7.4.1942 Wellington) Dip. Arch.
(Auckland University) When he was c5 NZ schools shut down for 3 months because
of a polio epidemic. In 1984 he was a community architect. (1971-9 Stanish & 
Withers Architects. 1979-83 Archangels-Architect Collective.) His practice 
carried out a mixture of private architectural commissions. He did periodic
lecturing, tutoring & public speaking, consultancy & research work for Local
Bodies & central government, ran skills training programmes for the public
& professional sectors, community advocacy work & sundry writings. He has
lectured at Auckland University in the School of Architecture, the Town
Planning Department, the Elam School of Fine Arts, the Management Studies
Dept., Sydney University, Leeds Polytechnic, Carrington Tech., Victoria
University, etc. Of his 24 publications between 1976 and 1984 his titles
include "Architectural Values", "Professional priorities", "Community
housing alternatives", "Co-counselling a a comparative psycho-therapy",
"Helping skills", "Community architecture in NZ", "Basic facilitation for
cooperative groups", "Community & self-help architecture", "Personal & group
skills", "Community technology" & "Intentional communities". Nov'r 1977 Art
NZ p11.  Cofounder of the Environmental Resource Centre providing
environmental information & skills. For examples of his community
architecture see Auckland Star 6.4.1990, North Shore Times Advertiser
16.4.1990 & 30.7.1992 p53, Auckland City Harbour News 19.4.1990 p4-5. Design
awards include 1984 AHI Environmental Design Award (for Mangere Centre Park
Sports Complex), 1989 Timber Design Society Award (for Fishing Boat Family
Restaurant), 1992 Waitakere City Council Residential Design Award.
Consultant facilitator: has facilitated over 90 training workshops &
courses; co-author of "Basic Facilitation Skills Handbook for Cooperative
Groups"; founding partner of The Main Street Company providing facilitation
to business associations & local authorities on setting up and managing
economic revitalisation projects. Counsellor/therapist: since 1980 offering
family & business relationship counselling; co-counsellor teacher; produced
training video on use of drawing therapy with children for Auckland College
of Education; teaches and drafting book on Interactive Drawing Therapy;
producing "A user's guide to comparative psychotherapies" for the NZ
Parent-to-Parent organisation. He runs Colour Therapy courses around the
country. Tel 09 376 4789.
Here is a photo of Peter, Russell & Kit c1956, the year Russell started at Kings College. Russell is wearing school uniform.

m1 Auckland sp-Pamela STREET Descends from Mutiny of the Bounty stock & from
Joseph STREET who arrived New Plymouthj 7.11.1841: see p240 of "The
establishment of the New Plymouth Settlement 1841-3" by J RUTHERFORD & WH

52511  5-Manu Stroude WITHERS (27.5.1971 Auckland) BE (Auckland University) 
Has toured Japan & Australia rowing. Worked in London 2000 to August 2001
when he returned to NZ via overland in Africa etc. 1993: President of 
Association of Engineers. 1996 Traffic engineer for Auckland Regional Council: 
see Auckland paper article 9.10.1996. 1997-2005: working in London.
 1993: 72 Shakespeare Rd, Milford, Auckland
 1999 visited US, Central America, Nepal, India, ...
 2014 83 Palmerston Rd, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626.
 2016 manu"att"
  WORK Structural Engineering Consultancy NZ | Stroude Ltd

m 17.4.2004 Auckland sp-Kelly Anne WYNN b 27/10/73. Parents Beryil (nee GRAHAM)
and Mark WYNN. 

52511 1  6-Taylor Wynn WITHERS (b 6.2.2006 Auckland) a girl
52511 2  6-Camryn WITHERS (b c16.9.2008 Auckland) a girl

52512 5-Henry Kahu WITHERS (19.7.1973 Auckland) BE (Auckland University)
Has toured Japan & Australia? rowing. Was in Under 21 Rugby team? In 1997 lived
in London with Manu. 1999 visited US, Central America, ... In 2000 began a
career with BNZ in Wellington. 
* 2001: Wellington, Wholesale derivatives for BNZ
* 2003: Castor Bay, Auckland
* 2014 mobile 021 646 745 Commercial Royal Banking

[5251 4-Russell John Stroude WITHERS (7.4.1942)]:
df   sp-Heather SPENCE (Auckland)
*  1999: 22 John St, Ponsonby, Auckland tel. 09 376 3996 or 021 766 399
All SPENCEs in NZ descend from James and William SPENCE.

52513  5-Hazel Mary SPENCE (7.12.1979 Auckland)
 In 1999 at dance-school in Melbourne, Australia. 2010 in London.
m sp-Ben 2015:  Walton on Thames, Surrey hazelmaryspence"att" 

52513 1  6-Holly SPENCE c2011
52513 2  6-William SPENCE c2013

This shot of Holly, Kit, Hazel & William was taken 2015.JPG [5251 4-Russell John Stroude WITHERS (7.4.1942)]: m2 1981 Auckland sp-Frances Patricia DARRAGH (14.2.1953) BA Hons, NHP, HbT, MNZAC, MNZCHP, MNZHS, MNZIHb. Counsellor & natural health practicioner. Author of homeopathic books eg "Healing your child" (1989,1999). For a photo of her with her cousin Louise DARRAGH see Sunday Star 4.6.1989. *1980-2014: 57 Lincoln St, Ponsonby, Auckland. 2014-present: 7 Kelvin Crescent, Te Atatu Peninsula 0610, NOT ph 09 8344287, russell"att" , russellwithers7"att" Russell's work site is
See the Herald Homes supplement for 6.9.2014 for the sale of their home in Lincoln St, that was auctioned. They are moving to 12? Kelvin Crescent, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland 0610. On the beach, the last house by the reserve.
Here's a photo of Russell, Fran in that article.
And another showing the interiror in that article.

52514  5-Sarah Jane WITHERS (31.7.1981 Auckland) 2004: MSc in Biology, 
Auckland University.
  2005: Administration Assistant at the Bioinformatics Institute, Auckland
University. This info & photo is from their website 
2007. 2007 in UK.
 2011 withers.sarah"att"
studying for PhD in Biological Sciences, focussing on genetic and behavioural 
variation of the North Island rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris granti).
  See 'Austral Ark - The State of Wildlife in Australia and New Zealand' 
- eds: A Stow, N Maclean and G Holwell- Cambridge University Press 2015.
Sarah's contribution is Chapter 9 (p405-421), titled "Isolation, Invasion and 
Innovation - Forces of change in the conservation of New Zealand birds".

2005 photo from the website.

m 5.3.2010 sp-Daniel Gus FARROW

52514 1 6-Ava Jane FARROW b 14.5.2013 Auckland
52514 2 6-Benny FARROW 

52515  5-Kelly Patrick WITHERS (9.10.1984 Auckland)
A photo of him "Bubblegum bliss" appears on p3 of the Auckland City Harbour 
News for 11.10.1996. 2008: kpwithers"att"

5252 4-Christopher `Kit' Maurice Stroude WITHERS (20.10.1943 Auckland)
I have been blessed by parents who sacrificed a lot in order to send their
children to Kings College. The 1st class education I was given there was my
springboard to my education successes together with a propensity for hard work.
In 1961 I came 5th in NZ in the Scholarship exams, winning a Junior Scholarship
(photo in the NZ Herald Dec.? 1961) to Auckland University. There I did a BSc 
in Pure & Applied Maths, & in 1965 a MSc (1st Class Honours) in mathematics, 
winning the Gillies Scholarship, the CSR Scholarship, the postgraduate Senior 
Scholarship in Maths & other awards such as Fellowships to Harvard & U of 
Chicago, a scholarship to Cambridge, (all declined) & a Fulbright Scholarship.
  At U of A I was active in the Tramping Club, the International Club & the
Maori Club. While there I put out Auckland's 1st Directory of Social Services 
  While completing my MSc at U of A, I was offered a job by the director of the
Applied Math's Division of the DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial 
Research) at Victoria University, Wellington. I worked there in 1966 until 
September when I left for Stanford University where I did a Ph D in statistics 
1966-70. For a brief account of my participation in the Civil Rights movement 
at that time see 
My Medal (the first for my club) speech to the Gracefield Toastmasters Club.
  Under the terms of my Fulbright Scholarship I was entitled to work in the US
for a year after my PhD. So in 1971 I worked as Senior Statistician at 
University of California Medical Center before returning to the DSIR, with my
wife Mona whom I married at Stanford Dec. 1970. In 1973 we appeared on TV on 
the Brian EDWARDS show. Sheba has a copy. 

How I got put in a Chicago jail in the 1968 Democratic convention.

How I got put in a Mexican jail c1969.

  In 1992 I was awarded the DSIR Director's Award. That year Nightline rang 
video clips for 2 nights of me and my dog SKIP who had gone AWOL. In 1992 the 
DSIR was split up into crown research institutes: I worked for Industrial 
Research Ltd., Gracefield Road, Lower Hutt until I retired in 2010. 
I am still actively writing papers, & have published more papers than any 
other mathematician in NZ history. 
  This culminated on 4.5.2012 when I was awarded a Doctor of Science by the
University of Auckland, the only one given out in 2012, the highest degree that
the university awards, & the so far the only one granted in maths. The "thesis"
was entitled "Some papers in mathematical statistics", & was based on 76 
publications. Copies are held by U of A's library & the library of the
Callaghan Institute (formerly IRL), Lower Hutt.
As of 12.7.2014, I have 194 published papers in maths & stats journals that I know of. For a list of them see
 At IRL I held the post of President (1999) of Toastmasters, as well as other 
positions. (I think I was the first from our club to win a Gold Medal.) I also
sang in Graham Gainsford's barbershop quartet.
  I love tramping, singing, playing guitar & harmonica. See my photo in the 
Dominion Easter 1973 with baby Rosie playing the guitar at The Folk Festival 
at Victoria University. I have been a member of a number of choirs, including 
St Mary's Cathedral as a boy, the Orpheus Choir in Lower Hutt, Homophones in 
Wellington, in 2014 in the Wellington Community choir, & now in 2016 I sing in 
the Karori group Sing for your life, and in a similar group in Aro Street. 
On 13.9.2014 we sang in Civic Square for the All Blacks. 
Another highlight was singing the Messiah at Sydney Opera House. 
Here is a photo of me climbing the Rudolph Glacier above De La Beche Hut on the Tasman Glacier in 1990 - I'm down on lower left climbing an icecliff above a crevasse,
and another hiking with my dog Skip (b1989) in 1991 at Otaki Forks
I've made numerous submissions to Parliament, for example on the nuclear-free legislation 25.6.1986 where I confronted Prime Minister Robert MULDOON. On 28.4.2015 I presented this submission on the trade deal with Korea to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee.
 After visiting the Phillipines during the tyrant Marcos's last days, I wrote 
articles for Manila papers, I began a radio program in 1985 on Radio Access 
"Phillipine Solidarity" with my then partner Erice FAIRBROTHER. 
Here is a photo of us in 1966 at a friend Prue's deb ball in Masterton - Prime Minister HOLYOAKE in attendance, and another about 1987 on the way to a family wedding.
Later we began another radio program, "Kanak Solidarity" supporting 
the Kanak struggle for independence from France in New Caledonia. 
here is a poem NIGHTMARE & invitation to journalists I wrote in 1986 to meet Kanak leader Susanna Ounei.
  I believe the world's most pressing problem is to reduce CO2, which has
taken us into a great period of extinction of species, with our uncontrolled
ravaging of the world's resources. We can point the finger at the empire
building of the great powers, their emasculating the UN with their veto rights
at the Security Council, & at the multi-nationals who have no morals & buy off 
so many politicians. But it is up to the individual to rise above self-interest
& labour for what is right. Religions will always kill in the name of God,
& the arms manufacturers will always benefit from war - see
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
Here is a letter published in the Sunday Star Times c1.9.14 on NZ's links to the industrial military complex.
Here is a review I wrote for the Listener 8.9.14 on a book on the UK arms trade.
I am a committed environmental list. I was President of Action for the Environment 1971-74 fighting to save Wellington's green skyline, against get-rich-quick developers, and have planted thousands of native trees across the road in Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park, where I love to do track maintenance with my dog. I have created a forest of pungas, nikau, etc in my back yard. The tuis, morepork & occasionally kaka visit me. At Auckland Uni I became friends with Tevita HELU, who later named his son after me, Kit Withers HELU/AISEA. I 1st visited Tonga in 1971 returning to NZ from the US, & started building friendships there. From the 2nd hand bookstalls at Victoria Uni I collected tons of books which the NZ Airforce flew to Tonga for Atenisi University, started by Tevita's uncle Prof. Futa HELU, & also to USP in Suva. In 1980 I became the NZ representative for Atenisi. Later I sponsored Tevita's brother Langitoto HELU & Taniela VAO from Atenisi to study at Victoria University. Langitoto now holds the title of HELU. During my visits to Tonga I have collected a number of family trees starting with the HELU tree at the SCHAAF tree at the Royal Family & some noble families of Tonga at & other Tongan families at
 The 1st Pacific Island City Councillor, Tala CLEVERLEY, helped me
find housing for Langitoto when he came to Wellington. In 1980 I was a 
volunteer teacher at the Wellington homework centre she helped start. See photo
of me in the Dominion 14.7.1980.
  Erice & I sponsored 2 Cambodian refugee families c1987. My involvement with 
the Cambodian community in Wellington has brought him much pleasure. 
I have put up some of these Cambodian families in New Zealand at
  In 1964 my uncle Captain Trevor WITHERS, took me out of NZ for my 1st time,
to travel with him on the Teraga Levu, his Blue Lagoon boat, up the Yasawa
Islands, Fiji. It was a magical experience of a different world. Now in 2014
I've just returned from my 7th visit to Waya in the Yasawas, basing myself in 
the home of my uncle's namesake or "aca", Trevor Withers DAWAII, whose dad was
a friend of my uncle. His dad named a daughter Lisa Peggy ofter Trevor's mother
- my grandmother, and one of his granddaughter's also holds that name.
It was poignant for me to see one of Trevor's boats with the name Peggy
near his home on Waya 2 weeks ago. Trevor also has a son c6 named Christopher
after me. I've taken my daughters & 2 eldest grandkids to Waya, but fear the
strong link with Waya may be broken when I die. I urge my grandkids to go to
Yalobi village, Waya, & rekindle it.  
I have put on the web some of the families of Waya Island, Yasawas, Fiji at
  I have had the privilege of visiting many countries, often during the course
of visits to model climate change. These include 
 Australia, New Caledonia (Kanaky), Samoa, Tahiti, USA, Mexico, Canada,
Iceland, England, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Germany,
Switzerland, Holland, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, India,
Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Guatemala, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic,
Nepal, Myanmar, Peru, Venezuela, Turkey. '03: Korea,Hongkong,China. 
One of me 1998 just back from Turkey. Here is a 2002 work photo.
One of me in Jeju island off S Korea 2003. 
One of Buddy & me in Bot Gardens, Wellington 2008. 

29.8.2012 Thats me looking left with sunnies & orange shirt, just to the left of the plinth for Richard SEDDON outside Parliament at the rally for Gay Marriage in  
* Since 1980: 101 Allington Rd, Karori, Wellington 6012, NZ 
 2014: tel. 04 476 9554 email: kit.withers"att"

m 23.1.1971 Stanford Chapel, Palo Alto, California 1970  sp-Mona Annette 
WILLIAMS (26.7.1943 British Guiana) BA in Communications (Stanford) div. c1978.

5252 1 5-Adrianna Rose WITHERS (12.5.1973 Wellington) 
m1 14.1.1996 at Wellington Bot. Gardens hot house sp-Joshuahn JACKSTONBURG 
(17.12.1969 Ashford, Kent, England) Div.
m2 6.1.2004 at the Chateau, Mt Ruapehu, NZ sp-Ewan GEBBIE. 5 children.

52522 5-Sheba Williams WITHERS (Wellington 25.9.1974) 
* 2005: Some photos from her Josephine BAKER cabaret show 11.2.2005 are at
  In 2005 she took a contract singing with part of her band in Shanghai. 
Here are some links to her life there:
 You can hear her sing if you google youtube then enter shebawilliams
One of these at the Wellington Botanic Gardens 2007 is at
or simply google Sheba WILLIAMS - & her songs at myspace will start playing.
        Her song Philistines there concerns colonialism in Aotearoa. 
Some recent songs are at
 Her new website,
2015, is 

5253 4-Peter Stroude WITHERS (7.7.1946 Auckland) Worked for Air New
Zealand to 1997. Previously with Motor Traders. See photo in 1978? AIR NZ
magasine "Fast fingered Pete". They have a home on the beach at Waiheke.
Enjoys fishing in his boat & commuting to his friends in Los Angeles!
Here is Air NZ CEO Jim MCCREA awarding Peter a silver salver for 25 years with Air NZ, Judy standing by.

L to R: Kit, Prime Minister Helen CLARK, & Peter - 8.8.2005 at the unveiling in
Parliament's Grand Hall of the plaque commemorating the death of Dad's uncle, 
Col. Wm MALONE after he led the Wellington Battalion in the taking of Chunuk 
Bair at Gallipoli, 8.8.1915.  

m 23.1.1969 Rotorua sp-Judith Marcia Gieles KENNEY b 6.2.1939 Judy was the 
top Karitane nurse for her year. She managed an old people's home on Waiheke 
Island until Peter's retirement from Air NZ. 
  c1985-1998/6: 2 The Esplanade, Blackpool, Waiheke Island,Auckland. 
  1998/7-2000: 6 Wanaka St, Parkdale, Wanganui
  2000-2003: Rakaupiko Rd, RD 1, Patea (last house on L before farm at end).
 2008: 107 London Rd, Wanganui
 2011: 2/15B WaitangiRd, Onehunga, Auckland 1060 tel 06 347 9588
  email petersw"att"

52531  5-Erica Kate Stroude WITHERS (26.4.1970 Auckland) Manager of a 
private nursing home and several dogs!
1993: 13 Rehia Road, Massey, Auckland
*2005: ph 09 832 2579, 61 Simpson Rd, Swanson, Auckland.  Work 09 828 3741 
 johnanderica"att" 2005

m1 (df)  sp-Sean BATT
52531 1  6-Stanley James BATT (1.11.1998 Waitakere Hospital,Auckland)
Here Stanley held by Kit at Laurette's, Xmas Day 1998.

52531 2  6-Heidi Louise BATT (5.15 am 7.3.2001 Waitakere Hospital?,Auckland)

[52531  5-Erica Kate Stroude WITHERS (26.4.1970 Auckland)]
m2 2003 (df)  sp-John WARWICK

52531 3  6-Abigail WARWICK (14.11.2004 Waitakere Hospital,Auckland)
Abigail in 2005.

52531 4  6-Jonathan Jack WARWICK (3am 3.3.2005 Waitakere Hospital,Auckland)
WARWICK Jonathan Jack arrived Thursday 3 March 2005 at 3am weighing 6lbs 4oz. 
John, Erica, Stanley, Heidi and Abigail happily welcome ...
- NZ Herald Friday, March 11 2005.
Jack in 2005.

53 2-Thomas Newton WITHERS b 2.5.1873 Donnington, Newbury [1881 census] or
Newbury [d. cert.] Drowned 5.10.1921 at Mangakino River Camp, Shannon. Buried 
8.10.1921 at grave 38, block 18, Shannon 'age 44' - ancestry NZ cem. records.
 1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b Donnington,Berks.
 Death certificate: Thomas Newton WITHERS laborer died 5.10.1921 at Mangakino 
River Camp, Shannon by drowning at Mangakino River Camp (verdict of coroner); 
son of Edward WITHERS flourmiller and Agnes Mary nee NEWTON; 
buried 8.10.1921 at Shannon by J C ABBOTT Anglican; born in Newbury,England; 
37 years in NZ [so to NZ 1883-4]; married
in Wellington aged 41 to Charlotte Jane BAIN; no widow [so she had died
earlier]; no issue; Alf FRASER coroner of Forctone(Foxton?). Station hand for 
B COLEMAN at Greta Peak, Motonau, S Island. On 8.1.1902 he volunteered from
Addington, Christchurch as Private 5716 in 8th Contingent of NZ Military
Forces in the South African (Boer) War. This was a S Island Battalion. He
was "formerly in Royal Horse Artillery China". Listed as a gunner for 5 yrs 
6 months. Completed service 4.7.1902 with the 2nd Boer War Medal, with
Clasps S Africa 1902 Transvaal & Cape Colony - sent to his father Edward; 
he listed his address as 5 Kent Terrace, Wellington. His discharge paper signed
by Major General NUSS?, Commandant of the NZ Forces, lists him of good 
character. (There was also a Private T WITHERS 5.1.1901 Died Of Disease - 
South Africa - Boer War 5th Contingent
Presumably this is Grenadier T WITHERS listed in Roll of Honour
for the South African War at )

Those who served in New Zealand units can be checked at the New Zealand website This gives him as
WITHERS	Thomas Newton 8th Contingent, South Island Regiment - Battalion
 Regimental staff, Rank: Regimental-Quartermaster-Sergeant
 Occupation: station-hand Next of Kin: WITHERS Mr Edward, brother [52 above] at
  Manukau Road Parnell Auckland 
County/City: Christchurch 5716.

  Jo CLEMENTS emailed me 17.8.11 his record in 4 sheets from National Archives,
London via stored at
Page 1/4: Army Form B 265.
Attestation of Royal Regt of Artillery (Royal Garrison Artillery)
Thomas Newton WITHERS No. 2691, b Newbury, Berks Age 24 y 11 mo. Seaman stoker.
Has resided outside his father's house for 3 years. Single. Agrees to serve 7
years in army then 5 in Army Reserve. Signed at Gravesend 24.2.1900
Page 2/4: Description on enlistment.
  5'10", 161 lb, chest 37-39", 
complexion fresh, eyes grey, hair lt brown, C of E, Dagger piercing right 
forearm. Skull & crossbones & butterfly on leftr. Fit for army.
Page 3/4: Joined at Dover 26.2.00.
 Depot East'n D'n RGA attested fn 24.2.00.
30 battn/depot Posted gunner 28.4.00. Adjt 1 depot East'n d'n RGA.
25 battn/depot Posted gunner 15.9.00.
side Pro of RCM - awaiting trial 10.1.01 16 days. 
Tried & imprisoned & fined 1P 17.1.01 28 days.
To Duty Gunner 14.2.01 14 days. Imprisoned by CO 25.3.01.
To Duty Gunner 8.6.01. 1 dep posted Gunner 29.6.01.  
Imprisoned by CO 4.6.01 14 days.
To Duty Gunner 18.6.01. 
Discharged at Woolwich as incorrigible worthless 20.8.01. 1 yr 178 days. 
Pension Nil.
Page 4/4: Military history sheet.
Home     24.2.00-4.9.00 203 days
Hongkong 15.9.00-17.8.01 337 days
Home     18.8.01-20.8.01 3 days. Total 1 yr 178 days.
  Certificates of education: 3rd class 2.5.00, 2nd class 2.7.00.
  Next of kin: Father Edward WITHERS, Wanganui, NZ.
Character "Very Bad"
Intended residence: c/o Mr FRANCIS, 25 Bondburgh St, Rengent Park NW [London]

For 40,000 names of men who served in the 2nd BOER WAR + a few personel records
of some veterans who served in the Crimea,  India etc.: kevinasplin"att"
The WITHERS there are
WITHERS, Albert Thomas    23590, Sergeant Cook    56th Coy., 15th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Charles    28037, Trooper    6th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Ernest Shaftsbury    32488, Corporal    109th Coy., 3rd Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, F.R.    33297, Corporal    110th Coy., 2nd Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Frederick Ernest    42412, Trooper*    34th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, George Edward    29385, Trooper    38th Coy., 10th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Henry John    36311, Trooper    41st Coy., 4th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Herbert    8183, Private    31st Coy., 9th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Leonard    32087, Private    39th Coy., 10th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Richard Mansergh    3953, Private    24th Coy., 8th Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Thomas    26840, Trooper    4th Coy., 1st Bn. I.Y.
WITHERS, Walter William    43533, Trooper*    34th Bn. I.Y.
 Where are Thomas Newton WITHERS 
& Paki WITHERS of ?
 Also no WHITSON are recorded. I guess they all served in the 1st Boer War.
One can subscribe to BOER-WAR-D-request"att"
 - see also

m c1914 in Wellington aged 41 to sp-Charlotte Jane BAIN (d by 1921) No issue.

54 2-Ida Katharine Jemima WITHERS (18.3.1875 Donnington,Berks.-1946 London)
  1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b Donnington,Berks. 
Known as Aunty Trot to her niece Ida LOUGH.
1914?: 57 Upland Rd, Wellington; 
1915: c/National Bank of NZ, 17 Moorgate St, London;

m 11.9.1905 at Christchurch Cathedral by Bishop GRIMES sp-Lt-Colonel William
George MALONE (24.1.1859 Rushey Greene,Kent-killed by a Turkish sniper at
ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, the Dardanelles, Turkey in WW1 8.8.1915) 
She was his 2nd wife. 
For his biography & their children Denis, Barney & Mollie & and descendants, and for his first wife & their children, see 3 on THE MALONE FAMILY TREE at

55  2-Beatrice Emma WITHERS (5.11.1876-3.2.1878)
1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston,Somerset, b Donnington,Berks. 
Buried 8.2.1878 at 15m at St Mary the Virgin, Shaw cum Donnington, Berks.

56 2-John "Jack" Tubb WITHERS (24.4.1878 Donnington,Berks.) 
1881 census: Earlstok Villa,London Rd,Batheaston, Somerset, b Donnington,Berks.
 He changed his name to John Talbot WITHERS.
 Mrs AL WITHERS [525] gave his book of cartoons & paintings "In Lighter Vein" 
dated 1909 to Henry WITHERS [52512]. 
 According to his daur's bio below he was a decorator living at Duvauchelle on 
Banks Peninsula.

m sp-Elizabeth ROBINS

561 3-Ida Mary WITHERS (1.5.1903 Wellington-1985) "Honeypot". A well known
tapestry worker, she did tapestries for the Catholic Cathedral in Christchurch,
where she lived.  Visited 28.6.1970 by 56321 Lisa Gregory aged 6.

The Dictionary of NZ Biography at
has a photo of her but prefer I do not quote from it.

m  sp-John LOUGH of Christchurch

[5  1-Edward WITHERS (23.7.1845 Newbury-11.9.1921 Wanganui)]:

m2  sp-Gertrude Annie MCEWEN (Scotland?-1916) She is buried 1.4.1916 at the old
cemetery at Heads Rd & Guyton St, Wanganui in plot RS 10 (46 feet from aisle)
with her husband and son Jason ID 58. 
The stone reads: Sacred to the memory of
Anne Stantiford MCKENZIE late of Auckland who died 22.12.1906 aged 70
"I know whom I have believed". Also of Gertrude Annie WITHERS, daughter of the
above & wife of Edward WITHERS d 30.3.1916 aged 53" - transcription 927.
Here is a photo of the gravestone taken 2005.
Also buried there but not acknowledged until Nov 2005, is her husband Edward. 

57  2- WITHERS still born child of Mr WITHERS
buried 28.10.1896 in Wanganui old cemetery in plot RN 26 (32 feet from aisle).

57 2-Roy Stuart WITHERS b 11.9.1897 Wanganui
d 13.8.1970 Wanganui at 71, cremated 14/8/1970 Aramoho Cemetery; ashes 
scattered; 'solicitor of Beechcroft, Gt North Rd'.  Wanganui Collegiate 
- see his listing. For part of the time when his parents lived in
Marton, he boarded in Wanganui with a Scottish lady behind where St John's
Hill Post Office was. He wanted to do engineering but his father insisted he
do law. He had to sell his lathe & engineering tools to pay for his brother
Jason's funeral. Public Service exam 1913. Called up "Order to Parade"
19.12.1918 6am at Wanganui. Matriculated from University of NZ noted in the
Rangitikei Advocate of 21.1.1920. Ll. B. 1920. Discharge on transfer to
reserve 1923. Solicitor. A "rabid" fisherman. Responsible for Latin being
removed from NZ law entrance exams. A prominent Wanganui figure. In 1925-27
he lived at 5 Oakland Av, St Johns Hill. In the Depression they moved in
with the RATHBONEs (his in-laws). In 1940-55 they lived at Great N Rd [Ted].
He built "Beechcroft" (now Virginia Lodge Rest Home, 134? Great North Rd) in 
1936 with 25 acres: look for Wanganui's highest Norfolk Island Pine!
They lived there until he died in 1970 [Janet]. He was the first person in
NZ to transmit by radio. Roy made a valve & transmitted the first radio
waves in NZ sending music from a music-box from his workshop at Victoria 
Avenue, Wanganui, where a big motel now stands.
  His son Shah 572 had the radio-set he used. Roy did a lot of Maori work &
had many clients up the river. They'd bring down kitbags of lemons & oranges
for Roy's family. As a child Ted went up the river with his father to Hui &
tangi at Hiruharama (Jerusalem). A waka at the Wanganui Museum: The Maori
got cheesed off that HATRICKS were charging so much to carry stuff on their
riverboats. So they started taking their produce to Wanganui in this waka.
But they got into financial trouble & Roy & others acting for the creditors
seized the waka at night - [Ted.] Cremated 14/8/1970 at Aramoho Cemetery, 
Wanganui - ashes were never collected by the family and some after, the 
Funeral Directers sold their business enquiries were made and it was discovered
that the ashes had been disposed of.

m1  sp-Rosamond Malvina RATHBONE b 1898 Kaipara d at 63 28.2.1961 
crem & bur Wanganui; of Great N Rd, M.  She was known locally as
the Racing Grandmother for her love of vintage cars. Her red ash-frame
1950s Singer 9 convertible Sports car -now owned by son Bob, is in storage
in Wanganui. Reputed to be first NZ woman to have a motorbike licence. She
wrote a book (unpublished) about her tour around the S Island by
Motorbike. Painted watercolour of Wanganui River with grandson Peter -
Andrew (below) has it. Illustrator of the book "New Stories of Old
Whanganui" by Flora SPURDLE - 2nd edition 1959 (HP WILLEMSEN, Wanganui)
connected to William SWAINSON, who came to NZ c 1830, farmer, artist (her
son Ted has some of his paintings as does his wife Elspeth, a
granddaughter (?) of SWAINSON). Botanist, Fellow of Royal Society, author 
of book on conchology - shells). May be related to Basil RATHBONE the actor.
Cremated 1/3/1961 at Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui - ashes scattered.

571 3-Edward "Ted" Sydney WITHERS (25.9.1925 Wanganui -c1.12.1995
Taumarunui) Ted was born at 5 Oakland Avenue. At age 3 or so when the slump
hit, Roy's family moved in with his wife's parents at Number 3. They lived
there until he was about 4 when Roy bought Beechcroft - named by an earlier
owner. It is on Great North Rd opposite & past Friends School, & is now
subdivided & surrounded. Head N on road to New Plymouth 2m from PO up St
Johns Hill past Virginia Lake the road swings L, then a long straight, & on
Left. Attended Wanganui Collegiate. He moved to Taumarunui 1951 as a survey
cadet under Arthur SANDEL, one of the first surveyers resident in the
central N Island. T. Borough Councillor, President of T Aero Club. Keen
aviator from 1960. Commercial Pilots licence. Steward with Motorsport
Association of NZ: raced cars & motorbikes.  Surveyor. In charge of Search &
Rescue, he knows the countryside better than anyone else.  President of
Intellectually Handicapped Children Society. Painted watercolours. Has a
collections of home movies since the 1940's eg going up Wanganui River. See
"NZ's Who's Who". They lived at 23 Hikurangi Terrace, Box 51, Taumarunui.

m 28.5.1949 [where?] sp-Elspeth Mary McCallum SIMPSON d 8.7.2011 Pukekohe. 
Daughter of Daniel SIMPSON who had Ongo Farm, Hunterville & was Wanganui 
Hospital Board Chairman. His grandfather bought Rangitikiland which was broken 
up into Soldier Rehab. Farms in 1918. After Ted died she and Andrew's family 
moved to Palmerston North.
* 1997: 17 Montrose Place, Palmerston North ph 06 358 8514

5711  4-Peter Roy Douglas WITHERS (30.11.1951 Wanganui) New Plymouth Boys
High. MA Hons in Pol Science (Canterbury) Formerly at 139 Orangi Kaupapa Rd,
Northland, Wellington. Formerly NZ Trade Commissioner to Turkey then Greece
and then to the Americas living in Los Angeles. Later resigned this position
and began a "green NZ" company and began lecturing at UCLA. In 1993 Regional
Manager for Americas Suite 1530, Tishmen Building, 15th Floor 10960
Wiltshire Bld, Los Angeles, California 90024 work 310-477.1873 secretary 310
479 8139 or 213-477 1899 home ph/fax 310 472 5366,1257 Tigertail Road,
Brentwood (A magnificent home, spreading over about 6 levels down a hillside
to the swimming pool, with floor to ceiling angled glass windows & beautiful
furnishings from Turkey & Greece.)
2011: Auckland.  *2000: email pwithers"att"
Owen Glenn management school at Auckland University. 

m  sp-Jennifer Naomi PEMBERTON (1952 Auckland) Studied at Auckland
University? Did a PhD in psychology from UCLA? Practising as a psychologist
in Los Angeles.

57111  5-Hamish Kim WITHERS (26.2.1972 Christchurch) Rathkeale College, BA 
 in Pol.Sci., MA in Engineering & Art History. Since c1998 teaching English in 

57112  5-Calem Peter Edward WITHERS (1973 Christchurch) Rathkeale College, 
Masterton; member of Alpha Romeo Club; doing BA in Social Policy.
* 1994: 39 Todman St,Brooklyn, Wellington
* 2003: calem"att" BOUNCED
 Aka Aka Rd Puni Pukekohe 0-9-238 4637

m sp-Heather L

57112 1  6-Lachland WITHERS bc1999
57112 2  6-Vincent WITHERS bc1999

57113  5-Aaron Hayden James WITHERS (27.4.1977 Wellington) 1991 at school 
at Tunbridge Wells, England. 2003 a doctor at Wellington Hospital.

57114  5-Shannon Christian Daniel WITHERS (11.10.1979 Washington DC) Enjoys 
Tai Kwan Do. 2003 with parents.

5712  4-Andrew Edward WITHERS (20.11.1961 Wanganui) New Plymouth Boys High. 
Diesel mechanic & contractor.
  1992: 7 Ngatai St, Taumarunui, with his company AEW Machinery.
  2003: Palmerston North & Bunnythorpe; running the Bitumix Plant for WORKS.
  2011: Waikato.

m 1983 Taumarunui sp-Lufi SILA (Samoa) She was Chief dietician, Taumarunui
Hospital. In 1997 she runs the Palmerston North museum cafe.
 1997: 17 Montrose Place, Palmerston North ph 06 358 8514

57121  5-Sonia Elspeth WITHERS (1990 Taumarunui)
57122  5-Alastair WITHERS (1992 Taumarunui)

5713 4-Timothy Swainson WITHERS (1.1.1964 Taumarunui-21.6.1991 Budapest)
New Plymouth Boys High. BA (Victoria University) in linguistics, 1986-7
Health Department Advisory Officer. Language teacher. Spoke Polish, Russian,
Italian & Hungarian. Taught at various language institutes in Europe. He was
killed on a pedestrian crossing.

572 3-Frederick Roy "Shah" WITHERS (16.7.1927 Wanganui - cremated 19/2/1992
Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui) 
Bachelor of Engineering (Victoria) Founded the engineering company FR WITHERS.
For 1959-62 he was at the Air Station, Civil Aeronautical Administration,
Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Deputy Chairman of Wanganui Harbour Board. He
invented a process for recycling paper as pellets for burning. Started
a vinyard at Papaiti. He and his family lived at The Grennan, Papaiti
on the corner of Waireka & Papaiti Roads, Upper Aramoho, on N bank of
Wanganui River. This wonderful old house belonged to Janet's 
father who did the Maori carvings around the fireplace. One room is a
museum of his collection. 
It has 2 cannons from the Land Wars, & a flagpole overlooking the
Wanganui River. This was later the home of the family of their
daughter Margaret Anne until it was sold in 1999. Shah was a great
amateur radio enthusiast; his call sign was 2BBG. In this capacity he
did a lot of work for Search and Rescue. Shah spent his last 2 weeks
before he died in a caravan at the familycamping area at Nuhumaru, 18m
N of Wanganui where Roy's family had camped since the 1920s.
John DAISH of UNICEF recalls his visits to Wellington in a 3 wheeled Morgan 
car with no reverse!

m Wanganui? sp-Janet Frances ROBERTSON (31.3.1930 at Papaiti, Wanganui) 
Daughter of Archibald Campbell ROBERTSON and Roi nee RICHARDS. Janet's father
was the 1st child baptised in Upokonaro Church, Wanganui. She trained as a 
nurse in New Plymouth then did Maternity training in Wanganui. She then spent
2 years in England private nursing and seeing Europe. Returning to NZ she 
worked at the Maternity Annexe, Wanganui Hospital. From 1980 to 1995 she was 
matron of Kowhaianui Rest Home and Hospital, Virginia Road, St Johns Hill, 
  Her grandfather built The Grennan, Papaiti, Wanganui where she and Shah and
their children lived. Her grandfather was a collector of European art. The
collection was augmented by Janet's father with curios, mainly from Africa
and the Pacific. The property was known as Waireka Estate & featured in the 
Shell guide for NZ c1985. For photos of the museum enter by famous NZ 
photographer Brian BRAKE, enter Waireka Estate at
Who is the young man behind the rail talking to the visitors?   Janet's 
father was a sculptor of note and had an extensive collection of birds and 
animals that he did the taxidermy. He had an interest in entomology and 
  1998: 2 Camelia Av, Aramoho, Wanganui.
  2000: President of Wanganui Floral Art Society, 60 Virginia Rd, Wanganui. 
  2011 jwithers"att"  2014 Tauranga  
From L to R this photo c1998: Kit 5252, Peter 5253, Judy 5253w, Steph 5722, Libby 5722, Janet 572w, Margaret-Anne 5721 WITHERS.

5721 4-Margaret Anne Robertson WITHERS (2.12.1958 Wanganui) She trained
as a nurse in Christchurch then took up rowing, winning the National Double
Scull Champs with Stephanie FOSTER c1985 in Dunedin? She worked for 3 years
with the drug company Merckshaft & Dorne as a rep. then as a supervisor. She
then had a family, did catering at Papaiti, became Chairman of the Board of
Trustees of Churton School where their children attended. She then became
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Area Association (covering Taranaki,
Manawatu and Wanganui). She joined the NZ Training Company in Palmerston
North. c1999 she joined the Ministry of Education, Wanganui as the policy
analyst and liason officer to the Minister of Education From c1992 to 1999
they lived at The Grennan. 2008 working in Lower Hutt.
* 2000: email margaretanne.barnett"att" 

m 20.12.1980 Upokonaro Church, Wanganui sp-(Arnold) John Gilmore BARNETT
(24.3.1955/56 Hereford, England) 1999 Manager of conferences and events at 
Massey University. Runner. Toastmasters. 2008 working in the Treehouse in the
Botanic Gardens, Wellington as WWF's fundraiser, saving dolphins and 
supporting the campaigns to halt global warming. 
 2009 Self-employed contract fundraising contractor.
 1999-2000: 62 Rennie Ave., Milson, Palmerston North ph 06 355 0933
 2008-9:14 Eastview Grove, Normandale, Lower Hutt 5010
Phone 586 1718 Mobile 021 063 1590 Email john"att" 
Kit and John 2008 at John's work.

57211  5-Peter Robertson BARNETT (29.1.1986 Wanganui) Theatre sports,
hockey and tennis. 2008 to Toronto University for 6 months for some 4th year 
law papers before he returned to Otago University, with 6 weeks of 
volunteering on a remote island in the Phillipines.
 2015: Peter graduated LLm from Harvard University and is now with a law 
firm in London dealing in Foreign affairs like border disputes.  His job 
at present is in Greece. nzguy"att"

57212  5-Elizabeth "Libby" Robertson BARNETT (29.7.1987 Wanganui) Netball
and cricket. 2008 doing a BSc at Otago University.

57213  5-Stephanie Mary Robertson BARNETT (20.1.1991 Wanganui) Gymnastics.
2009 doing BBusStud Massey University P.N.

5722 4-Nigel Robertson WITHERS (17.12.1959 Wanganui) Wanganui Collegiate.
He did an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, then worked in Darwin in an
engineering workshop, then as a receptionist in Diamond Hotel there, then as
senior auditor, second in command of the hotel. Then trained as a croupier
at the hotel. He became partner in a pest control firm (obtaining the
necessary qualifications). 2009 Franchise holder for workplace confectionary 
& snacks distributor, Stacks of Snacks.

m 9.1.1993 Goffs Harbour, NSW sp-Anne MATHEWS (27.5.1958 Sydney) She worked
for Social Welfare in Sydney and now works with computers at the university
in Darwin.  In years to 2009 worked for Carlton Breweries. 
*2000: 5 Varney Crescent, Jingili, Darwin, Northern Territory 0810 Australia.
 tel 0061 8898 51178. 

5722 1  5-Kathleen "Katie" Mathews WITHERS (29.8.1993 Darwin)
5722 2  5-Jacqueline "Jaqui" Mathews WITHERS (16.5.1996 Darwin)

5723  4-Diana Robertson WITHERS (13.5.1962 Wanganui) She obtained her ATCL
(Associate of Trinity College, London) in speech and drama. In 1985 she
worked at Databank, Wellington, then Bible College at Whakatane. 1986 worked
at Evening Post & Miramar Christian Centre, Wellington.
  B.A. English, creative writing & Drama Massey University.

m .2.1987 sp-Robert William HENNIN (1960 Dunedin) Marketing Director for
VISA International, major sponsors for the Sydney Olympics. They lived in
Wellington, then in Auckland (in 1992 at 23 Saspara Place, Beachhaven). 
Currently they are in Sydney but move to Singapore 30.6.2000 where he will be
responsible for 13 countries for VISA. 
Years to 2009 Working for American Express. 
*2000: 41 Rocklea Cr, Sylvania Heights, NSW 224 ph 0061 29522 6974

57231  5-James Shah HENNIN (2.11.1988 Wellington)
 2015: James graduated from Springfield University in Boston MA in economics 
and is now assistant Manager of a Gymnastics Academy. (He is a Gymnast and 
won a scholarship to USA.)  james_hennin"att"

57232  5-Rachael Jane HENNIN (20.7.1991 Auckland)

5724  4-Rosamond Robertson WITHERS (30.4.1965 Wanganui) She obtained an MD
and Dip. Obstetrics with distinction from Otago University, Dunedin then
studied psychiatry for 1 year and did her GP training. Lecturing in
Christchurch and locum work in 1999.

m .11.1991 sp-John BRIDGMAN (3.11.1966 Auckland) He obtained a Masters in
Dentistry, his MD and ChB from Otago. House surgeon. Oral surgeon.
In 2000 they lived in PalmerstonNorth. They went to England in 2001 for 2 years
where John worked at St. Mary's Hospital, East Grinstead. He also spent several
months at a Maxilo-Facial Hospital in Freiburg, Germany.  He is now in practice
in Tauranga as a Maxilo-Facial Surgeon

57241  5-Frances Ann BRIDGMAN (10.10.1997 Christchurch)
57242  5-Catherine Rosamond BRIDGMAN (13.1.2000 Palmerston North)
57243  5-Rebecca Roimata BRIDGMAN (13.3.2001 Palmerston North)
57244  5-Sophie Emma BRIDGMAN (1.11.2006 Tauranga) 

573  3-Ida Gretchen WITHERS (9.11.1929 Wanganui) Moved to London.
m  sp-Jock Morgan VEITCH separated. d 5.4.2009 France.
*2000 France. (Janet has his address.)
5731  4-Harriet VEITCH 

5732  4-Sarah VEITCH (10.8.1957)
*1994:  Sydney

5733  4-Emma VEITCH (3.8.1959 at home, Beauty Point-17.8.2001 Katoomba
* 1994-2000: 7 Camelia Grove, Gymea, Sydney, NSW 2227

57331  5-Rosamund TURKINGTON (29/9/1987 Darlinghurst Hospital)

2003: - Dad and I live in the Blue Mountains since 1995 at 
21 Ada Rd Blackheath 2785 NSW, Australia.

574  3-Robert James WITHERS (5.4.1932 Wanganui) Wanganui Collegiate.
* BP 1064, Papeete, Tahiti; he was manager of AIR NZ there. Then manager for
for Avis Rental Cars.
m  sp-Jacqueline BOUBEE

5741 4-Roy WITHERS B.Eng. (1985 Auckland). 1986 French military service.
1987: doing MSc in Environmental Studies, Social Sciences Dept, Waikato
University, Hamilton. His thesis took him to S America. Author of
`Perceptions and responses to hurricanes in French Polynesia', Proceedings
of the .. 13th NZ Geography Conference 1985. In 1993 Ted told me that Roy
may be at language school in AK. He & his Indian wife were in Singapore
where she taught linguistics.

m ? 

5742  4-Michelle WITHERS

m  sp-Graham AG MCMILLAN He trained pacers at his father's studfarm. In 1986 at
Hampton Crescent, Matamata. Then to Te Kawhata.
*1994-2003: 153 Herbert Rd, Rotongaro, RD 2, Huntly ph 07 826 6718

57421  5-Jason MCMILLAN (NZ)

[57  2-Roy Stewart WITHERS (1897-13.8.1970) above]:
m2   sp-Bruce Helen VEITCH b 1901 d 30.10.1974, W, at 27 Parsons St. 
Cremated 1/11/1974 at Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui - ashes scattered.

58  2-Jason W WITHERS b1904 bur 26.6.1919 Wanganui with parents. A very good 
swimmer. Died of pneumonia after competing in the annual Wanganui River bridge 
to bridge race. 

2. ARAMOHO CEMETERY RECORDS, WANGANUI for WITHERS my ID no. at Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui - Joseph Henry WITHERS buried 27/12/1927 Blk B 1 22 Stillborn of Mrs AJ T buried 13/121935 Blk G 16 Harry Stroude WITHERS buried 29/1/1965 PLE II 2 98 522 Violet Emily Annie WITHERS buried 6/2/1973 Blk B 1 22 May WITHERS cremated 17/6/1952 ashes scattered Rosamond Malvina WITHERS cremated 1/3/1961 ashes scattered m1 of 57 Roy Stuart WITHERS cremated 14/8/1970 ashes scattered 57 Bruce Helen WITHERS cremated 1/11/1974 ashes scattered m2 of 57 Frederick Roy WITHERS cremated19/2/1992 ashes taken by Dempsey & Forrest 572 received 26.8.05 from Gary GLEESON - Manager,Aramoho Cemetery & Crematorium, Wanganui Phone 06 3439412 Fax 06 3439413 WAS aramohocemetery"att"


b born, bp (or chr.) baptised, bur buried, d died, m married
sp- spouse (usually used in front of the name of the spouse marrying into the

I use the English convention with month after day. So 3.4.1770 is 3rd April,
not March 4.


Everyone gets an ID number and a generation number.
These make it easy to search up for parents, grandparents & sibs, 
& down for sibs & children.

The number at the start of the line indicates the order of descent from
the initial couple who have ID 0, in this case

0 0-Mary WITHERS daughter of Thomas WITHERS & Elizabeth COLLETT.
m 12.9.1713 Chichester,Chester/Delaware, PA.  sp-William Parson HUGHES/HEWES 

Their children are 1 1-..., 2 1-, ...
So their ID numbers are 1, 2, ... and their generation numbers are 1.

Similarly the children of say ID 52 are 521 3-..., 522 3-..., 523 3-,...
and so on. For ease of reading, a space is inserted after the 5th digit.

So the number before their name, for example 2- ,
is their generation number, counting that of the initial person as 0.

So if u want the parents of person ID 496 3-xx, search upwards for 49 or 2-
or 49 2- Warning: the number of blanks between 49 and 2- may vary.

These are mainly from family members and my research.


* ENGLAND - to update!

-BERKSHIRE 0 1788 Lambourn-1870 Newbury, 5 1845 Newbury, 5 m1 b1840
 Pangbourne,  52 1871 Donnington
-EAST ANGLIA (East Anglia is the regional name given to the lump of land
 sticking out into the sea between the Wash and the Thames.  It includes the 
 counties of Norfolk and Suffolk plus some of Essex and Cambridgeshire.-DW) 
  5431 4 c1992-,
-SOMERSET In 1881 5, mother & family Earlstok Villa, London Rd, Batheaston One can logon to this site & check links.

-WILTSHIRE 0 m2 1803 Baydon

* FIJI 521 Lautoka & Yasawa Islands, d 1981 Suva
* GERMANY 541 m 1936 in Heidelberg
* ITALY 542 k 1943 Monte Comino, buried at Casino
* LEBANON 523 d 1942 Tripoli; buried in EGYPT
* LIBYA 524 bur 1941 at Knightsbridge, 15m W of Tobruk on coast 60m W of Egypt


Auckland [1] A field guide to Auckland : exploring the region's natural and
 historic heritage / Ewen Cameron, Bruce Hayward, Graeme Murdoch. 
 Publisher: Auckland, N.Z. : Godwit, 1997. Description: Book
 280 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps ; 22 cm. ISBN: 1869620143 (pbk.) :
 [2] The lively capital, Auckland 1840-1865 / Una Platts. 
 Publisher: [Christchurch, N.Z.] : Avon Fine Prints, 1971. Description: Book
 271 p. : ill. (some col.), maps, ports. ; 29 cm.
 [3] "Understanding the treaty" by Nelson BLAKE p50
  3842 2628 42(1-2) c1964,
  3842 8126 742 1978,52 1872-36,521 1901-46,522 1904-70,
  523 1908-1998,523(1-2) 1941-93-,5231(1-2) 1972-present,
  5232(1-4) 1964-present,524 1910-c39,525 1914-present,
  52511942-present,5251(1-5) 1971-present,52521943-65,
  52531 946-present,52531  1970-present,5711-m 1952,
  5723 1992-present,5741 1985,
Christchurch 38428126742 ,53 1902,541 ,54 1905,56? 1905,
  5711(1-2) 1972-3,
Dunedin 52312 1992,
Hamilton 52522 1993,5742 1993,
Henderson, N of Auckland 5232
[Hunterville 57-m c1949,
[Kaipara 57 c1900,
Kerikeri in Bay of Islands near Russell, N of Auckland 561-1983,
Lower Hutt 52521992-present,3842812674(2,4) c1980-present,
 Newton-331 1900,
Marton 5 1901-4. For a history see
 "They called it Marton" , by Paul Melodie (1979) GPH Print, Broadway, 
 Palmerston North; 10 Hunia St. (This does not mention WITHERS.)
Masterton 5711(1-2) c1984,
Matamata 5742 1986-,
Motonau, S Island (near ChCh?) 53 1902
New Plymouth, Taranaki on W coast of N Island 56 1911,56(1-3) 
  1906-10,571(1-3) c1965-79,
Palmerston North 5252-m c1984-present,56 WW1 memorial,5712
Piha N of Auckland 5232
Rotorua 522 c1950,
Stratford  SW of New Plymouth 56-m 1890-1914,
Taumarunui 571 1951-present,5712 -1993,5712(1-2) 1990-1993,
  5713 1964,
Wanganui 5 1883-1921,57 1897-1970,571 1925-c1950,5711
  1951,5712 1961,572 1927-present,5721 -present,5721
  1986-present,572(2-3) ,573 1929,574 1932,58 1904-22,

Wellington 522 c1942,525 1941,52521971-present,
  5252-1 1973-91,-2 1973-present,53 1902,56 c1914,
  5711c1980,5711-1 c1980-1993,-2 c1980-present, -3 c1980-c1990,
  5723 1985-6,57231 1988, Newton-33 1899,
Whitianga 52311 1992,

* TURKEY 54 sp k 1915 ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, the Dardanelles


Those in [] are not related. Maiden names are indented.

ASHTON 5631 c1963 
BARNETT 56311 c1985, m 1980 5721
 BOUBEE m c1984 574
BRIDGMAN m 1991 5724 
BYERS 5232
[CAKOBAU, Ratu Sir George, Governor General of Fiji] 521
 DARRAGH 5251            
 DICKINSON 52521 1969 Ashford,England
DUDER 5231
 FOOTE 523
HENNIN m 1987 5723 
 KENNEY m c1969 5253
LOUGH 561 
LYONS 5434 c1973
 MATHEWS m 1993 5722 
 MCEWEN 5 m2 m c1897 Wanganui
MCMILLAN m c1990 5742 
 PEMBERTON m c1972 5711
 RATHBONE 57 m1 c1924
 ROBERTSON m c1958 Wanganui 572
 ROBINS 56 c1900
 SILA m 1983 5712 
 SIMPSON m 1949 571
TURKINGTON m c1987 5733 
VEITCH m c1954 573 
 VEITCH m c1960 57 
YOUNG 543 m c1937 



I need to try 
So far only tried for Trevor. See result under his name above.

Since 2009 bmd registers can be searched (from 1841-1960 for b's) at or
Certs can be ordered online costing $26. contains wills, military & other records

  NZ census info has been destroyed: see

 Pre-1839 Foreigners in New Zealand are at

  1881 and 1893 Electoral Rolls are on CD. 1881 does not cover females.
Judy BERNTSEN  can do look ups.

 For passenger lists (currently 1855-88 or 1871-1915?) go to
Select NZ.

 For info in NZ by location, try

The following is the contents with A4 page numbers on 11.11.2003 of

*1850-52 The NZ Journal, Volumes 10-12                           2
*23.10.1855 John WITHERS and 3 children arrived Nelson           3
*1859-1920 NZ BIRTHS                                             3
*1860-2001 Wellington cemeteries                                 3
*1872-1971 excerpts of WITHERS in Wise's Post Office Directories 5
*1881 Christchurch                                               9
*1882 WITHERS in "Return of the freeholders of NZ" p70          10
*1883-1970 Turnbull Biographies Index                           10
*1886 Nelson                                                    11
*1889 Wadestown,Wellington                                      12
*1890, 1902, 1944 North Island Electoral Rolls, Volume 1        12
*1900-1917 NZ BIRTHS of NZGenSoc (Welington) microfiche         13
*1914-61 Lands Registry                                         14
*1972 Electoral Maori Rolls                                     15
*2003 White Pages                                               16
*Undated                                                        19

NOTE. The family of Major Edward WITHERS (1804 Marylebone,London - New Zealand)
son of Ralph WITHERS (c1779 Wiltshire), is available at

** Some NZ newspapers 1840-1915 are at

# You can subscribe to NEW-ZEALAND-D-request"att" 

  Robert WITHERS 22 c1827 & Helenea/Ellen WITHERS 25 c1824 to Adelaide 1849 
on the EMILY.
  DD WITHERS 1847 to New Orleans.


38422 628421 Anne & Mick HUTTON annehutton"att" 2011 
 - Anne is 612(10) 421 at 
5231  Helen and Ross DUDER 2009 helen.duder"att" 
                            2003 rduder"att"
52311 Matthew DUDER  2008 matthew.duder"att" 	
52323 Stuart BYERS   2011 bluepool"att"
52511 Manu WITHERS   2010 stroudeltd"att"
52512 Henry WITHERS  
52513 Hazel SPENCE 	hazelspence"att"
52514 Sarah WITHERS withers.s"att" 2007 withers.sarah"att"
52515 Kelly WITHERS 2008: kpwithers"att"
5252 Kit WITHERS 		2008 kitw"att"
52521 Adrianna WITHERS 	2008 adrianna"att"
52522 Sheba Williams WITHERS 2008: shebawilliams"att"
5253 Peter WITHERS            2008 petersw"att"
52531 Erica WITHERS & John WARWICK johnanderica"att" 2005
5432 Anita YOUNG ? 
5434 Clare LYONS clare"att" 2004
5711 Peter and Jenny WITHERS  pwithers"att" BOUNCED
572 Janet WITHERS 2008 jwithers"att"
5721 Margaret Anne & John BARNETT 2008 all"att"
5742 Michelle WITHERS         waiting permission  

For others see withersberks.html, withers.html, withersoz.html, ... 
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