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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to thank Pasemata TAUNISALA (PT below), 11 at 8.2 below, elder sister of (VE'EHALA 17), for sharing her profound knowledge of these families with me March 2009. 2009: home +676 29062, Box 437, Nuku'alofa , TT. She lives on Taufa'ahau Rd opposite the Free Wesley church at Pea.

WHAT'S NEW? fortunecity has been taken over by dotster & is now a pay site. So if you read, please change it to 13.10.09 thanks to Siasini, wife of 11124 1 Vikitolino PETELO, for some corrections & updates. PRIVACY If you wish your name to be removed or added, just let me know. ABBREVIATIONS = married, =df de facto or parented out of marriage, =3 3rd marriage or defacto, aka also known as, m male, f female, d died, dy died young, c about, s single sr sister, br brother, dr daughter, mr mother, fr father, Jr Junior, MP Member of Parliament TITLES & SURNAMES are in capitals with titles in brackets. For example ('AHOME'E) a very old title that preceded TK & TH, TK = (TUI KANUKUPOLO), TH = (TUI HA'ATAKALAUA), TT = (TUI TONGA), (TUIPELEHAKE), (ULULKALALA), (VE'EHALA) Each noble has a faikava nickname. That for (VE'EHALA) is Manukei'ika 'I Moana.

THE NUMBER SYSTEM * For each descendancy chart, I give the leading ancestor the ID number 0. His children are numbered 1, 2, 3, ... The children of say 2, are inserted after 2 and 2's partner, and numbered 21, 22, 23, ... This process is repeated. * Also, I add the generation number in front of each name counting 0 as generation 0. So starting 0 0-(name, his children (generation 1) have IDs 1 1-(name), 2 1-(name), ... The children of person ID 2 will be 21 2-(name), 22 2-(name), ... This allows for quick searching for a person's siblings by searching on their generation number (eg 3-) above and below. So to find the parents of someone with prefix "3-", just look for "2-" preceding them.

CONTENTS A4-size page number 1. The (TUI TONGA) dynasty 2 2. The (TUI HA'ATAKALAUA) dynasty 6 3. The (TU'I KANUKUPOLO) dynasty 8 4. The TUPOU dynasty 11 5. Notes on the ('AHOME'E) line - to do 6. Notes on the (TU'IPELEHAKE) line 13 7. The (ULULKALALA) family 8. The (VE'EHALA) family 8.1 (VE'EHALA) early generations 14 8.2 (VE'EHALA) later generations 17 9. The (MA'ATU) family 22 10. The (LAVAKA) family 24 11. The (VAEA) family 26 12. SOME EMAILS - to finish 13. REFERENCES 27 14. NOTES 15. IC Campbell's, Island kingdom 28 16. TO DO

1. The (TUI TONGA) dynasty The list of (TUI TONGA), (TT), is available in many places. This version is mostly from [R1] Some is from typed info (from the palace?) I received decades ago. This includes dates & wives. (TT FEFINE) is a title given to an older sister of the TT. (TAMAHA)is the son of a (TT FEFINE) by a TH or a (TUI LAKEPA). There were only 3. TT 1. 'Aho'eitu c900-950 AD. In Tonga Polynesian mythology Ahoeitu is a son of the god TANGALOA and a mortal woman, 'Ilaheva. Resided first in Popua and then other places of the Hahake district, like Toloa near Fuaamotu. Other lists precede him with 'Etumatapu'a c874 "1st known king of Tonga". TANGALOA c845 AD also occurrs in Samoan, & Aitutaki/Fijian genealogies. TT 1-10 had their capital at Poloa. Where was this? Early Tongans migrated from Uvea in the Wallis Islands, 180 km NE of Futuna. Niue was a colony of Uvea. TT 2. Lolofakangalo c925 AD TT 3. Fanga'one'one c950 TT 4. Lihau c975 TT 5. Kofutu c1000 TT 6. Kaloa c1025 TT 7. Ma'uhau c1050 -lived in Lavengatonga TT 8. 'Apuanea c1075 TT 9. 'Afulunga c1100 TT 10. Momo c1125 AD. He invaded Samoa. The Tui Tonga Empire or Tongan Empire was a powerful Oceanian empire centered in Tonga on the island of Tongatapu at the capital of Mu'a. Royal court in Heketa near Niutoua, a village in Tongatapu near the Ha'amonga 'a Maui. = Nua, the daughter of Lo'au, the TUI HA'AMEA, Tongatapu. HAAMEA may be Samoa. She also had a son to Ngongo Kilitoto - see [R4]. TT 11. Tu'itatui c1100-1150 AD. He extended the royal court, built the HA'AMONGA 'A MAUI, a 12 ton stone trilithon in Heketa. He established with Loau the FALEFA (House of 4), as a kind of crown ministers. Falefa is a small village on the Samoan island of Upolu. His cunning stepbrother Fasiapule became a governor. TT 12. Tala'atama c1173. Oldest son of TT 11. He shifted the royal residence to Lapaha. No chn. TT 13. Tu'itonga nui ko e Tamatou - said to have been a block of wood, standing in as child of Talatama and father of Talaiha'apepe to keep the dynasty pure TT 14. Talaiha'apepe c1175 brother of (TT 12) Talatama, son of (TT 11). Supposed grandson through the woodblock. My list reverses TT13 & TT14. TT 15. Talakaifaiki c1202-1250 brother of TT13. He moved the capital to Mua. Start of the decline of the Tongan maritime empire. Defeated in Samoa by Tuna & Fata, who assumed the title MALIETOA (Brave warrier), starting the MALIETOA dynasty. The last MALIETOA was Tanumafili II b 1939. TT 16. Talafapite c1225 TT 17. Tu'itonga Ma'akitoe c1251 TT 18. Tu'itonga Puipui c1277 TT 19. Havea [Makaue?] I c1303 - assassinated by a Fijian TT 20. Tatafu'eikimeimu'a c1329 TT 21. Lomiaetupua c1355 TT 22. Havea II c1381 - assassinated with an arrow by Tuluvota, a Fijian TT 23. Takalaua c1407 - assassinated by Tamasia and Malofafa from Uvea (Ouvea, New Caledonia) & Futuna while taking his bath in the Tolopona stream at Alakifonua; a harsh ruler, start of political upheavals. =Va'elavemata TT 24. Kau'ulufonua I Fekai c1431-70. Son of (TT23) & brother to (TH 1) Mo'ungatonga, 0 at 2. He pursued his father's murderers from Tongatapu to Eua, Haapai, Vava'u, Niuafo'ou, then Niue, Fiji, Samoa, finally arresting them at their home island of either Uvea or Futuna. Back home in Mua he killed them in a savage way (kicking out their teeth and then letting them chew kava), giving him the nickname fekai, the wild. He won his revenge, but lost a serious war against the Futunans, and was driven out from Uvea too. Meanwhile he either gave his younger brother Moungamotua fargoing privileges to act as a viceroy in his place, or (more likely) the latter seized the power and started a new dynasty, the TUI HA'ATAKALAUA. Some of his wives & chn are given in [R7] KRAMER. TT 25. Vakafuhu c1457 - kept away from Tonga by the TUI HAATAKALAUA, lived in Samoa. [Son of TT 24?] TT 26. Puipuifatu c1483 - lived in Samoa, tried in vain to invade Vava'u. [Son of TT 25?] TT 27. Kau'ulufonua II c1509 - lived in Samoa. [Son of TT 26?] TT 28. Tapu'osi c1535 (a Fijian name.) He was allowed to return to Mua, as the TT line was now so weakened as to be of no threat to the TUI HAATAKALAUA. From now on the TUI TONGA functioned as a kind of high priest, taking care of all religious obligations (an honour and a burden), giving him a very elevated status, but no worldly power. But no TUI TONGA was ever murdered again. [Son of TT 27?] TT 29. 'Uluaki-mata I c1561. He was TU'I TONGA c1580, one of the mightiest, although more spiritual than political. Also known as Telea, builder of the greatest langi, the Tongan burial structures for kings on Tongatapu. = Mata'ukipa. Their d'r Sinaitakalailangileka (TTF, TUI TONGA FEFINE) married the Fijian Tapu'osi, changing the international orientation of Tonga from Samoa to Fiji. [How is Tapu'osi related to his namesake TT 28?] TT 30. Fatafehi c1587-1600 = Kaloafutonga dr of (TH 6) Mo'unga 'o Tonga, a custom which would last for generations, forming a permanent alliance between the two houses. (My list gives Fatafehi as a female and Kaloafutonga as son of TT29 & his wife Mata'ukipa. Which is right?) TT 31. Kau'ulufonua III c1627 -son of TT 30. Met by Abel TASMAN 21.1.1643. = Takala TT 32. 'Uluakimata II c1645 =1 Toa, =2 'Uno'una, =3 Longo. TT 33. Tu'ipulotu (I) ilangi Tuofefafa 1665 son of TT 32. From now on the TT's principal wife (moheofo) became the daughter of the TK (TUI KANOKUPOLU) instead of the TH (TUI HAATAKALAUA), showing which dynasty of the latter two was now the most important. = Manuna dr of (TK 4) Mataeleha'amea. TT 34. Fakana'ana'a c1686 =Tongateivai, dr of (TK 4) Mataeleha'amea & Humi. TT 35. Tu'ipolutu (II) ilangi Tuoteau c1716, son of TT 34. =1 Laumanukilupe, =2 Tu'ilokamana, =3 'Anaukihesina, =4 Tangaloa, =5 Tupouta'anea, =6 Fakatoumafi, =7 Lapulou, =8 Hafuni. TT 36. Pau/Paulaho c1746. (Illeg. - not the son of a moheofo.) He tried to establish his son Fuanunuiava as his successor during a grand ceremony in 1777, witnessed by Captain COOK. He was defeated and deposed in a civil war. d 1784. John LEDYARD, the American traveller, describes COOK's encounter with Paulaho: see p 50-56 of The report condemns COOK's treatment of Paulaho, saying only a weak man will use the extremes of his powers, as did COOK when imprisoning Paulaho for a time. But Paulaho's diplomacy achieved a conciliation . In his PhD thesis (2007) at Heneli T NIUMEITOLU notes that Paulaho gave COOK as a gift a feathered head-dress, PALA TAVAKE that is worn only by the highest chiefs. "Made of tail feathers of the tropic bird and /or red parakeet feathers, they formed an overarching crescent from ear to ear that stood out some eighteen inches." - Adrienne L. KAEPPLER. From the Stone Age to the Space Age in 200 Years. (Nuku'alofa: Tongan National Museum, 1999), 47-9. The name PALA TAVAKE is noted in BEAGLEHOLE, Volume III, Part One, 117. An engraving of Paulaho wearing it appears in COOK's account of his 3rd voyage. This is said to be the PALA TAVAKE for which (HELU 1) got his title. TT 37. Ma'ulupekotofa c1776 older brother of TT 36 Pau. He should have been TT before Paulaho. He tried to reduce the burden of religious taboos grown on the TUI TONGA and to increase its political influence. He reigned only a short time. TT 38. 0 0-Fu'anunu'i'ava c1776 son of (TT 36) Pau. He took power from his uncle c1795, but continued his policy. He joined ('ULUKALALA 1?) Finau in the civil war of 1799. d 1810 = Tupouveiongo f #She has ID 13111 121 at 8.1 (VE'EHALA). See there for issue. She was a dr of Mumui (TUI KANUKUPOLO 13) & Tule'ifanakava f. She was principal wife to the TUI TONGA). By custom, the 1st dr of the (TUI KANUKUPOLO) became the principal wife of the (TUI TONGA). But she was ill so Tupouveiongo became the principal wife. 1 1-TT 39. (Fatafehi) Laufilitonga c1780-98. Son of TT 38. The last TT. Too young to become TUI TONGA when his father died. He lost the final battle in 1826 against Taufaahau, (later KING George TUPOU 1, NOT 11111 1 at 2. below) at Velata, Ha'apai. TUPOU 1 was the heir apparent to TU'I KANOKUPOLU on Lifuka island, Ha'apai. Laufilitonga was "mockingly installed as TUI TONGA in 1827 as a king with neither political nor spiritual power; d 1865 after which the title was abolished." The title lapsed. His descendents are now represented by the noble title of KALANIUVALU. c23 children by many women - source of chn Palace archives or Pasemata? = Luseane Halaevalu Mata'aho sr of Siaosi TUPOU 1. #She has ID 2 at 4. 11 2-Manumataongo by Latuniua dr of Tuita 12 2-Kaaniuvalue f twin dr of Halaevalu Mata-aho, sr of KING George TUPOU 1, who has ID 1 at 4. above 13 2-Lavinia Veiongo f twin dr of Halaevalu Mata-aho. gives 1(3?) 2-Lavinia Mahanga - Compare 13 above 1(3?)1 3-'Asipeli Kupu 1(3?)11 4-QUEEN Lavinia Veiongo (CHECK she is not 13 above.) #She is 22 at 4. = KING George (TUPOU 2) #He is 11111 1 at 3. See there for issue. 14 2-Fatafehi Fangaafa by Siulolovao dr of Sisitoutai 141 3-Tuita Ulukivaiola 1411 4-Lisita Ate f = 'Ungatangitau m #He has ID 1(20)11 below. See there for issue. 15 2-Tuipulotu Pau'u by Siulolovao dr of Sisitoutai 16 2-Panuve Manumapuhila by Siulolovao dr of Sisitoutai 17 2-Hepisepa Tuifangatukia dr of Kelesi Latu dr of Tu'ihalafatai 171 3-'Anaseini f = Matekihonga #He has ID 1111 at "6. The (ULULKALALA) line". See there for issue. 18 2-Kafaikamoana f dr by Popuamoleva f 19 2-Fatafehi f dr by Popuamoleva f 1(10) 2-Nanasi f dr by Popuamoleva f 1(11) 2-Latuholeva by Manu 1(11)1 3-Tuputupu'opulotu 1(11)11 4-Fane Tupou Vava'u f = Sunia Mafile'o m #He is 311 at 3. See there for issue, including Mele Siuilikutapu/Sinilikatapu f (d Mua), mother of (TUNGI) who m'd TUPOU 3. 1(12) 2-Mahetuputau by Sovaki dr of Talanoa son of Mumui (TK 13, TH 17?) 1(13) 2-Tupouti'a 1(14) 2-Laumanukilupe by Fala'oetau 1(15) 2-Alo by Taka 1(16) 2-Fakau'a Ki'manuka by Fusi dr of Falekaono 1(17) 2-Salesi Tu'ipolotu m by Mafikakau dr of Fakafanua 1(18) 2-Kalilea by Vika Mafi 1(19) 2-Toa by Va'e 1(20) 2-Fe'aomoemanu by Taleveikula dr of Kavakimotu ex Hamuka, Tongatapu 1(20)1 3-Mel Singu m 1(20)11 4-'Ungatangitau m = Lisita Ate f #She has ID 1411 above. 1(20)111 5-Simoa f = Feleti VI (VE'EHALA 16) #He has ID 13111 11111 11111 11 at 8.1 & ID 111 at 8.2. See those places for issue. 1(21) 2-Filisomu'u by Va'e 1(22) 2-Tupoutuli kihakautapu by Mo'unga'ulufeholoi 1(23) 2-Tupou Manako foufau by Mo'unga'ulufeholoi 1(24?) 2-Tupoumoheofo 1(24?)1 3-Vaohoi 1(24?)11 4-Heuifanga 1(24?)111 5-QUEEN Mata'aho 1(24?)1111 1 6-KING George IV 2-Lataimaumi m 3-Hakevaiha'akili f See also References include 8. "Great Families of Polynesia," Journal of Pacific History; "Tongan Society," Edward Gifford; "Tongan Society at the Time of Captain Cook's Visits," Queen Salote, Bott and Tavi 9. History of Tonga; 'Okusitino MAHINA.

2. The (TU'I HA'ATAKALAUA) dynasty This dynasty began in the 15th century by taking over the power from the TU'I TONGA line. Much of this info is from This gives as references, I.C. CAMPBELL; Classical Tongan kingship; 1989 E. BOTT; Tonga society at the time of Captain Cook's visit; 1982 Some dates & wives I have added from an old list from the palace. 0 0-(TU'I HA'ATAKALAUA 1) Mo'ungatonga c1433 son of (TT 23) Takalaua. Younger brother to (TT 24) Kau'ulufonua I c 1470, who remained in his residence on the high grounds of Olotele in Mu'a, while he had to stay on the lowlaying lands of Fonuamotu, reclaimed from the lagoon. These two areas were separated by the Fonuamoa (dry land) road. As such his followers became known as the Kauhalalalo (low road people) while the chiefs associated with the TU'I TONGA line became known as Kauhala'uta (inland road people). = To'hu'ia Limapo f b Samoa, dr of Ama m high chief of Safata, Upolu, Samoa & his wife Soli'ai f (dr of TU'I Manua) 1 1-(TH 2) Tanekinga'otonga/Tanekitonga c1459 11 2-(TH 3) Va'ematoka c1485 111 3-(TH 4) Siulangapo c1511 1111 4-(TH 5) Vakalahimohe'uli c1537-50. He (or his father) allowed the TU'I TONGA to come back from exile in Samoa 11111 5-(TH 6) Mo'unga 'o Tonga c1563. He had several sons appointed as governors. One of them, Ngata (TK 1), was appointed to the Hihifo district and started the TU'I KANOKUPOLU line. His daughter Kaloafutonga married Fatafehi, (TU'I TONGA 30), starting a blood relationship between the two dynasties. Presumably he was named after (TH 1) Mo'ungatonga above. 11111 1 6-(TH 7) Fotofili c1595 He met Abel TASMAN in 1643. 11111 11 7-(TH 8) Vaea c1631 The TK had now grown into a serious rival. He fought a civil war against (TK 4) Mataeleha'amea. His daughter was the last one to marry a TT, (TT 32) 'Uluakimata II . 11111 111 8-(TH 11) Kafoamotalau c1659 - a son of Vaea, showing quick successions, troubles, and a decline with the TH line; contemporary with (TT 34) Fakana'ana'a. 11111 1111 9-(TH 12) Tu'ionukulave c1678 11111 11111 10-(TH 13) Silivakaifanga c1694 11111 11 7-(TH 9) Moeakiola c1655 son of Vaea - contemporary with (TT 33) Tu'ipulotu I, who preferred a TU'I KANOKUPOLU princess as wife 11111 12 7-(TH 10) Tatafu c1656 The 1st TH not to be a son of his predecessor. (TH 14) Fuatakifolaha c1710 son of Tongatangataulupekifolaha, who was not a TH; grandson (through his mother) of (TK 4) Mataeleha'amea; troubles and quick successions had still not ceased. (?TH 15) Tupoulahi c1771 he gave up his title as TK 7 because of old age. It is doubted whether he was formally installed as TH. (TH 16) Maealiuaki c1731 Previously (TK 8). He was offered the TH title as an old age gift. It is not sure whether he really accepted or considered himself as retired. Met in that state with Captain COOK in 1777; died shortly after. With him went the last real TH. (TH 17?) Mumui (TK 13) He may or may not have been the TH, depending on whether his older brother Maealiuaki was not TH or was. HANSEN (Palace archives reference [R3] at 11. below) gives 37 chn of him on p13 XII, repeated on p27-8. I think they include Atumebeito & Taukitongatabu m both by Laaina. Mumui is also mentioned on p 115 132 137. See also 0-Mumui at 3. for 1 line of descent from him. (TH 18) Toafunaki Mentioned c1790 as the TH by the missionaries, but seems never to have been officially installed. Died young in 1797 and his reburial in 1799 was an opportunity for the assassination of the TK Tuku'aho. ...................................................... 0 0-(TH 19??) Mulikiha'amea Son of (TH 16) & Lupemeitakui, dr of (TUNGI, TUI HA'ATEIHO) Mana'ia. He was also TK for a while. Some believe that he came after (TH 16) Maealiuaki, others see him instead of (TH 18) Toafunaki. By this time the title had become defunct. = Ikatonga f dr of Mohelanei Fina'amafi 1 1-Fatukimotulalo m = Kaunanga f 11 2-(TUNGI) Halatuituia m = Anaseini Tupouveihola f 111 3-Tuku'aho of the lakalaka fame - meaning? = Mele Siuilikutapu f (d Mua) #She is 3111 at 3. 1111 4-(TUNGI, TK) Viliami Mailefihi (1.11.1887-20.7.1941) Under his name on one of Pasemata's genealogies, is written TH, TK, Falefisi, Ha'a Havea, Kauhalaha'uta (clan of TT), Ha'angata Motu'a (subclan of TH & TK), Fokololo 'ae au, Tamaha, Ha'a Ngata Tupu, Ha'a Ma'afu, Ha'a Talafele Vuna Tu'i Vava'u, Ha'a Havea, Tui Nayau (Paramount chief of Lau, Ratu Mara, was the last holder of this title) (Vuanirewa). - Is this a list of the titles of ancestors of his? = QUEEN Salote Mafile'o (TUPOU 3) (13.3.1900-16.12.1965) #She is 11111 at 4. See there for issue. What is the descent to (TUNGI TU'ITONGA), father of Sione TUPOU, father of Vili FAKATAHA, father of Tonga who married Manitisa HELU, 11145 152 at helu.html? 2 1-Ngata (TUI KANUKUPOLO 1) m Younger son. [SEE p7] Sent by his father with his Samoan relatives to the western district of Tongatapu called Hihifo. (The ancient capital of Tonga was Mu'a in Hahake, E Tongatapu.) From Hihifo, Ngata started this new dynasty, which overtook the TU'I HA'atakalaua as the administrative power of Tonga (or Hau). =1 Hifo-talangameivei f dr of ('AHOME'E) 21 2-Vakalepu m (AHI'O/AHIU) the only son. (The title is held in 2009 b Rev Dr AHIU.) [2 1-Ngata (TUI KANUKUPOLO 1) m] [SEE p7] =2 Kaufo'ou f dr of ('AHOME'E) (& sister of Hifotalangameivei, Ngata's 1st wife above). Start of (HA'ANGATA MOTU'A) clan. 22 2-Atamata'ila m

3. The (TU'I KANUKUPOLO) dynasty Some info here is from In Tonga, the TK is a title held by the chief of the House of TUPOU, currently the Royal House of Tonga. Kanokupolu is the name of a village in the Hihifo district, which probably was Ngata's residence when he was still a governor under his father (TH 6) Mo'unga 'o Tongao. TK 1. Ngata c1590-1600 Started off as governor of Hihifo on behalf of his father, (TH 6) Mo'unga 'o Tongao. His mother was Tohu'ia from Samoa. TK 2. Atamata'ila c1638 son of TK 1 & Kaufo'ou. He expanded kinships into central Tongatapu. TK 3. Mataeletu'apiko c1663 son of TK 2. The first one to be called TK; by now the line was strong enough that he could marry an eldest sister or daughter of the Tu'i Tonga. = Papa TK 4. Mataeleha'amea c1650-86 son of TK 3 & Papa. He fought a war with (TH 8) Vaea. This stablished the TK dynasty as the more powerful one. The TT quickly reacted, and both (TT 33) Tu'ipulotu I and (TT 34) Fakana'ana'a married daughters of his, Halaevalu and Tongotea respectively. Tongotea in this way became the first moheofo, the royal concubine, from which the TK got (one of) its alternative names: Ha'amoheofo. His dr Manuna married (TT 33). His dr Tongateivai by Humi married (TT 34). TK 5. Vuna c1688 son of (TK 3) & Papa, brother of (TK 4). He tried to establish his own dynasty on Vava'u, but was thwarted by his nephew Tuituiohu son of TK4, who wanted to do the same. TK 6. Ma'afu'otu'itonga c1710 son of (TK 4) Mataeleha'amea & Kaloafutonga. His brother Tuituiohu started his own dynasty in Vava'u, the HA'A NGATATUPU, and was the father of ('ULUKA-LALA I) Fi-nau. TK 7. Tupoulahi c1771 - son of Ma'afu'otu'itonga. He may have given up his title as TK for the title (TH 15). TK 8. Maealiuaki c1731 - brother of Tupoulahi; retired in his old age. He may have become TH 16. He died shortly after Captain James COOK's visit of 1777. TK 9. Tu'ihalafatai c1748 son of (TK 7) Tupoulahi. He appeared to exercise the powers of the TK when met by Captain COOK in 1777 (who called him Fi-nau), but seems never to have been officially installed. Renounced the honour and retired to Fiji in 1782. TK 10. Tupoulahisi'i/Tupoulahi'ivuia c1775 son of TK 9 & 'Uheina, dr of (FUIMAONO). Like his father, he seems never to have been officially installed. His name appears on succession lists as TK from 1782 to 1789. TK 11. Mulikiha'amea c1763 son of (TK 8) Maealiuaki. He was only TK for a few years when driven out by his niece. He may have then become TH. Killed in the battle of Te'ekiu 1799. TK 12. Tupoumoheofo c1750 daughter of Tupoulahi, principal wife & widow of (TT 36) Paulaho. It is not known how she, a woman, was able to seize such a title exclusively in the realm of men. Her cousin Tuku'aho, later (TK 14), son of (TK 13) Mumui, was very angry when he heard about it, he came back from his residence on 'Eua and cursed in her face: pali fie ule (vagina wanting to be penis). She did not enjoy the job for long, he defeated her the same year, probably 1793. TK 13. Mumui c1734 son of (TK 6) & Kavakipopua, younger half-brother of (TK 10) Tupoulahi and (TK 8) Maealiuaki, father of (TK 4) Tuku'aho. He took over the TK title after Tupoumoheofo was forced out. He was already an old man and died in 1797. TK 1793-97. For his 37 chn, see note at (TH 17?) of 2. See also 0-Mumui in this section for 2 lines of descent from him. TK 14. Tuku'aho c1757 son of (TK 13) & Lepolo. Reigned as TK 1797-99. But he had enemies in his own family after his fight against (TK 12) Tupoumoheofo, and his cruelty lost him friends. He was assassinated April 1799 by 2 brothers, ULUKALALA (was this U 2, who befriended Captain COOK and later captured "PORT AU PRINCE" in 1806 killing the crew except for William MARINER?) & Tupouniua. The latter's son Paumolevuka (2 islands in Fiji), had a son Lotaki whose son Vili TUITAKAU had a daughter Talolo who had children by Sione Mateaki HELU born abt 1891, who has ID 11145 18 at . This conspiracy started the long Tongan civil war in which William MARINER (writer) was for years an observer and unwilling participant. #He has ID 3 below - this may change to 1. TK 15. Ma'afu'olimuloa son of Mailemotomoto, son of Hafoka, son of (TK 3) Mataeletu'upiko. He was pushed by the Ha'a Havea (a chiefly branch of the TK dynasty), and bestowed with the title 1799 - and murdered the same night by the Ha'a Ngata (another, senior chiefly branch), who had supported Tuku'aho. Another account says he resigned. TK 16. Tupouma-lohi c1760 son of (TK 13) Mumui & Pe'e. Appointed 1800 after a long interregnum in 1808, when finally the quarreling chiefs put their differences aside to forestall the ambitions of (TK 17) Tupouto'a. But Tupouma-lohi was weak, not able to withstand the quarreling chiefs, resigned a year later, and went to Ha'apai. He remained with his title on the official list, until his death in 1812. TK 17. Tupouto'a c1777 son of 'Ulukilupetea & (TK 14) Tuku'aho, but associated with his assassins. Reigned 1812-20 as TK but was not officially recognised; but then also not officially denounced; the chiefs of Tongatapu were too involved fighting each other to bother about a usurper without any serious rank. One of the most powerful chiefs, Takai, accepted him in 1813. But that was only one, and when Tupouto'a died in 1820 neither the Ha'a Ngata nor the Ha'a Havea had acknowledged him as TK. TK 18. Siaosi Tupou Aleamotu'a c1782 son of (TK 13) Mumui & Kaufusi, brother of (TK 14) Tuku'aho. Reigned 1826-45 as an old man when appointed, and not interested in war and politics. Probably the only reason that the quarreling chiefs took him and terminated the interregnum was to forestall Ta-ufa'a-hau (later TK 19)'s claim on the title. Likewise the last TT was installed at the same time. Aleamotu'a became Christian. He died 1845. TK 19. Ta-ufa'a-hau (KING George TUPOU I) son of (TK 17) Tupouto'a. He had wanted the title much earlier, but like his father, was considered by the high chiefs of too low rank to be a serious contender. But by 1845 he had conquered whole Tonga and he could take the TK title or any title if he wanted. And since he had proclaimed himself since 1831 to be KING George TUPOU I, it did not really matter anymore. He did take the title, only for the form. Although the title of the TK lives on as one of the most important titles in the current dynasty of TUPOU, it is no longer an entity on itself, and the numbering of the following holders is only pro forma. #He has ID 1 at 4. See there for issue. TK 20. KING Siaosi/George 2 ( TUPOU 2) #He is 1111 at 4. See there for issue TK 21. QUEEN Salote (TUPOU 3) - This looks wrong as her husband (TUNGI) was TK. TK 22. KING Ta-ufa'a-hau (TUPOU 4) TK 23. KING Siaosi/George 3(TUPOU 5) ............................................... 0 0-Mumui (TK 13) m HANSEN (Palace archives reference [R3] at 11. below) gives 37 chn of him on p13 XII, repeated on p27-8. I think they include Atumebeito & Taukitongatabu m, both by Laaina. Mumui is also mentioned on p 115 132 137. Here is 1 line. = Tule'ifanakava f #She has ID 13111 12 at 7. 1 1-Ulakai m = La'aina f 11 2-(TU'I HA'ANGANA, FUIMAONO) m 111 3-Hilitatu'ifua f = Tupouniua, son of Fehia & (ULUKALALA 2) Feletoa, who befriended Captain COOK and later captured "PORT AU PRINCE" in 1806 killing the crew except for William MARINER - see his book - whom he adopted. Tupouniua has ID 1113 at 7. See there for issue, including Fifita Vavau f. 2 1-Tupouveiongo f Principal wife of (TUI TONGA). #She has ID 13111 121 at 7. See there for her other husbands. By custom, the 1st dr of the (TUI KANUKUPOLO) became the principal wife of the (TUI TONGA). But she was ill, so Tupouveiongo became the principal wife =1 (TUI TONGA 38) Fuanunuiava #He is 0 at "1. The (TUI TONGA) dynasty" above. See there for son 1 1-Laufilitonga & his issue. [0 0-Mumui (TK 13) m] = Lepolo Fieotakahale f. Was she the principal wife? 3 1-(TK 14) Tuku'aho c1757 m = Mataele f 31 2-Ulakai m = Tupou Koloholu f 311 3-Sunia Mafile'o m = Fane Tupou Vava'u f #She is 1(11)11 at 1. 3111 4-Mele Siuilikutapu/Sinilikatapu f (d Mua) = Tuku'aho m #He is 111 at 4. See there for issue.

4. The TUPOU dynasty 0 0-(TK 17) Tupouto'a m = Hoamofale'one - mentioned on p44 of HANSEN. 1 1-(TK 19) Taufa'ahau, (KING Siaosi/George TUPOU 1) 1797-1893. He consolidated all of Tonga under him. "The Grand Old Man of the Pacific". He reigned 1845-1893. He abolished the powers of many of the chiefs of Tonga and granted "noble" entitlements to the several chiefs loyal to him. Tonga now has 33 noble titles with hereditary estates. All other chiefs were stripped of their powers and rights to the land although we still give respect to their descendents in honor of those long-ago chiefs. Succeded by his greatgrandson KING George (TK 20, TUPOU 2), 11111 1 at 3. Many of his descendants come from a faded photocopy - source unrecalled. [[CHECK that i need to insert these: =1 Salote Lupepau'u dr of Manamalohi m & Haleovalu Moheofo f (dr of ULUKALALA 2.) She was taken as a concubine by TT 39. But George (later TUPOU 1), ran away with her, starting a civil war. 11 2-Vuna Takitakimalohi m died young 12 2-Tu'akitau m died young at Haapai, bur at Uiha ]] =1 Finau Kaunanga 11 2-Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu = (TU'IPELEHAKE) Filiaipulotu 111 3-(TU'IPELEHAKE) Siaosi Fatafehi Toutai = 'Elisivia Fusipala Tauki'onetuku f #She is 122 below. 1111 4-KING George 2 (TUPOU 2) =1 Lavinia Veiongo #She is 22 at 4. & 13 at 1. 1 child 11111 5-QUEEN Salote Mafile'o (TK 21, TUPOU 3) (13.3.1900-16.12.1965) Adrienne KAEPPLER & Betsy WOOD translated the poetry of QUEEN Salote. =(TUNGI, TK) Viliami Mailefihi (1.11.1887-20.7.1941) #He is 1111 at 3. 11111 1 6-KING Taufa'ahau (TUPOU 4, TK 22, TUNGI) b 4.7.1918 dc2005 = Halaevalu Mata'aho (29.5.1926) 11111 11 7-KING Siaosi/George TUPOU 5) 11111 12 7-Fatafehi 'Aivahamama'o Tuku'aho, 2nd son. On 27.9.1979 the title (MA'ATU 12). See 9. for this title. [1111 4-KING George 2 (TUPOU 2)] =2 'Anaseini TAKIPO f dr of Ula (not CAKOBAU - Pasemata) Afu m Ha'amango b Vavau & Tae Manusa f, 11911 at helu/helu.html [1111 4-KING George 2 (TUPOU 2)] 11112 5-Salote Mafile'o Pilolevua f by ? 11113 5-Fatafehi Onelua by Puene? Anaseine Taleipo 11114 5-Elisiva Fusipala 11115 5-Vilai Etuate by Tubou Mahiofo 11116 5-Tuivanuavou by Takopau 11117 5-Vuna by Va 11112 5-(KAU'ULUFONUA) Matekitonga m = Sela sr of 'Amelia, grandmother of the late QUEEN 11112 1 6-Tupou Maluhola f = Viliami Tavao HELU #He is 11145 14 at helu/helu.html [111 3-(TU'IPELEHAKE) Siaosi Fatafehi Toutai] = Fefeta Vava'u 1112 4-Sioli Niua m by Tama aefefine Uiha 1113 4-Siaosi Matekitonga m by Finau of 'o Lavaha Fane... [1 1-(TK 19) Taufa'ahau, (KING Siaosi/George TUPOU I) 1797-1893] =2 Kalolaine Fusimatalili f 12 2-Tevita 'Unga Motangitau m 1st PM of Tonga = [Hilitatu'ifua f OR?] Fifita Vavau f, 1112 at 7. 121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi aka Wellington NGU m =1 tama fefine Lapaha 1211 4-Hopoate 12111 5-Lausii 12122 5-Vaisima [121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi] =2 Kalo 1212 4-Finau Halaevalu [121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi] =3 Aoupa 1213 4-Kalisitiane Tutoe [121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi] =4 Tangak..e 1214 4-Siaosi Maeakafa m [121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi] =5 fefine Kolomotu'a 1215 4-Asipeli Ula [121 3-Uelingatoni Ngu Tupoumalohi] =6 Tafolosa 1216 4-Ana Tupou 122 3-'Elisivia Fusipala Tauki'onetuku f She also has ID 1121 at 7. BUT SHE IS GIVEN A DIFFERENT WIFE & MOTHER as 11111 at 3. = (TU'IPELEHAKE) Fatafehi Toutai/Tuitai #He is 111 above. See there for issue including KING George TUPOU 2. 123 3-Nalesoni Laifone m - Was he older than 122? 1231 4-Siaosi Fine (Kamoto) by Liu... 1232 4-Tuitui by ofe 'o (AHOMEE) 1233 4-Vika Veiongo by Sefenite? 1234 4-'Uo by Tulakava 124 3-Salote Halaevalu-kalasini 125 3-Kato'one by Teisa rau? 13 2-Sosaia Sipu Vungakoto by Fusipongi 131 3-Taipo f (b Samoa - CL) illeg. = David Jaffe SOLOMON b Auckland, Jewish merchant in Levuka and mayor of Levuka for several years. - CL He had businesses in Samoa & Fiji c1900. Their chn moved to NZ. -PT 1311 4-Teuila SOLOMON f She & Lola lived at Mt Albert & taught Pasemata English etiquette. 1312 4-Lola SOLOMON f 1313 4-Frank SOLOMON b 30.5.1906 Pagopago d 21.12.1991 Auckland Frank & his half brother David SOLOMON, child of a Fijian mother, both became All Blacks in NZ, two of the earliest Islander All Blacks. They played in the 1930s. - CL. For more, google "frank solomon. all black" 1314 4-Judy SOLOMON 14 2-Isileli Tupou by Pasibole 141 3-Tupoumoheofo by Lavinia Veloso? 142 3-Sione Tupou Matealona m by Veisinia Moalafeliu? 143 3-Viliami Lausii m by Nanise 144 3-Lepolo 2 1-Luseane Halaevalu Mata'aho f (sr of TUPOU 1, ID 1 above) = (TT 39) (Fatafehi) Laufilitonga b c1780-98 21 2-Kaaniuvalue f twin 22 2-Lavinia Veiongo f twin. Great-granddaughter of last TT (HOW?) = KING Siaosi/George (TUPOU 2, TK 20) #He is 1111 at 4. See there for issue. #He is 11111 1 at 3.

5. Notes on the ('AHOME'E) - This is a very old title that preceded TK & TH TO DO.

6. Notes on the (TUIPELEHAKE) line 0 0-(TU'IPELEHAKE) Filaipulotu m = Salote Mafile'o Pilolevua f dr of TUPOU 1 m & Finau Kaunanga f 1 1-(TU'IPELEHAKE) Fatafehi Toutai m = 'Elisivia Fusipala Tauki'onetuku #She has ID 11111 at "2. The (TUI KANUKUPOLO) dynasty". 11 2-KING George TUPOU 2 #He has ID 1111 at 4. See there for wives & issue. 12 2-(KAU'ULUFONUA) Matekitonga f 121 3-Tupou Maluhola f = Viliami Tavao HELU #He has ID 11145 14 at helu/helu.html See there for issue.

7. The ('ULULKALALA) line (Pasemata will send me a copy of her book on this family.) 0 0-TK4 = Talaumote'enga dr of Luai? noble of VAVAU 1 1-Tuituiohu = Tufuifuipeka dr of Tuilakepa 11 2-(ULUKALALA 1) Maifanga/(Finau) m = 'Ulukilupetea granddau'r of Malupo, a noble to K? in Ha'apai? 111 3-(ULUKALALA 2) Feletoa/(Finau). He befriended Captain COOK and later captured "PORT AU PRINCE" in 1806 killing the crew except for William MARINER - see his book - whom he adopted. Is this the ULUKALALA who with his bro' Tupouniua, assassinated (TUI KANUKUPOLO 14) Tukuaho in 1700s? Campbell 2015 Island Kingdom 3rd edition p30: Ata desecrated the bones of U1. U2 was contemptuous of the gods. When U2 died his son Moengangongo declared the abolition of the office of Tu'i Tonga. =1 Fatafehi Ongo'alupe [111 3-(ULUKALALA 2) Feletoa] =2 Fehi'a f sister of (MA'ATU) m (noble of Niuatoputapu), father of (FUIMAONO) from Kolo b Samoa who married Numia f (of Manono Island, W Samoa) & had dr Mele Tamale, 1st wife of Lemeki (HELU 2), 11145 at helu/helu.html #Fehi'a has ID 31 at 9. 1111 4-(ULUKALALA 3) Tuapasi = Veiongo, 2211 at 9., dr of (MA'ATU 5). 11111 5-Matekihonga = 'Anaseini #She has ID 171 at "1. The (TUI TONGA) dynasty". 11111 1 6-(ULULKALALA 4) Misini m =1 Tapukilea 11111 11 7-(ULULKALALA 5) U'a Ha'amea m =1 Tuna No chn. =2 (df) Salote FONUA 11111 111 8-Eva =Leilua VI (VE'EHALA 17) 16.3.1925 Nuku'alofa -.11.1986 n He has ID 13111 11111 11111 111 at 8.1 & ID 2111 at 8.2 below. See there for issue. 11111 1 6-(ULULKALALA 4) Misini m =2 =3 (df) Tupouaha'u =4 Mele fusiaki f 1112 4-Fifita Vavau f BUT she is also down as 13111 12181 with different parents at 7., 1112 at 3., & as 1111 at 3. A namesake? is 11134 at 7. = Tevita 'Unga Moatangitau 1st PM of Tonga, son of KING George 1. #He has ID 12 at 4. See there for issue. 11121 5-'Elisivia Fusipala Tauki'onetuku 111211 6-KING George (TUPOU 2) 111211 1 7-QUEEN Salote (TUPOU 3) 1113 4-Tupouniua m Killed by (TK 1). = Hilitatu'ifua f #She is 111 at 3. 11131 5-Tupoutoutai m 11132 5-Lasike m (Is he the Lasike referred to in [R2] of 4??) 11133 5-Faka'iloatonga 11134 5-Fifita Vavau f = Tevita 'Unga Moatangitau m #He has ID 11 at 4. above. See there for issue. BUT THAT GIVES HIM A DIFFERENT WIFE & MOTHER - CHECK 1114 4-Haleovalu Moheofo f =Manamalohi m 11141 5-Salote Lupepau'u f 1st? wife of TUPOU 1, who has ID 1 at 4.

8. The (VE'EHALA) line This section is courtesy of Pasemata TAUNISALA 2009: home +676 29062, cell 53898, Box 437, Nuku'alofa, TT. She has ID 11111 at 8.2. The book of the (VE'EHALA) family history was borrowed. Could anyone knowing its whereabouts please email me or contact Pasemata. 8.1 (VE'EHALA) early generations 0-(TUI HA'ATAKALAUA 6) Mo'ungatonga #He is TH 6 at 2. above. = To'hu'ia f b Samoa dr of Ama m high chief of Safata, Upolu, Samoa & his wife Soli'ai f (dr of TU'I Manua) 1 1-(TUI KANUKUPOLO 1) Ngata m #He is TK 1 at 3. above. 2016: Rudi MACK informs me that Motu'apuaka translated by Feleti Vi (Ve'ehala 16)-The Tu'i Kanokupolu Ngata, c1959 - Records of the Tonga Traditions Committee Palace Office, Nuku'alofa, is held by Turnbull Library, Wellington, as part of the papers of Tupou Posesi Fanua. Probably all in Tongan. Can anyone help him get an English translation? He is researching TASMAN's meeting with Ngata. "Ngata dwelt in a house eight fathoms long built for him facing the sea near Pangai and called Tangi'atulanga" - (Motu'apuaka 18). Access requires permission from Dr Niel Gunson, Research School of Pacific Studies, ANU, GPO Box 4, Canberra ACT 2601. niel.gunson"att" =1 Hifo-talangameivei f dr of ('AHOME'E) 11 2-Vakalepu m (AHI'O/AHIU) the only son. (The title is held in 2009 b Rev Dr AHIU.) [1 1-Ngata (TUI KANUKUPOLO 1) m] =2 Kaufo'ou f dr of ('AHOME'E) (& sister of Hifotalangameivei, Ngata's 1st wife above). Start of (HA'ANGATA MOTU'A) clan. 12 2-Atamata'ila m [CHECK how this flows in to the (TUI KANUKUPOLO) line.] 13 2-Leilua (VE'EHALA 1) = Tangikina f dr of (NUKU) a noble of Kolonga. 131 3-Tafauku'imoana (VE'EHALA 2) (His mother was Ha'ahau f, dr of Kaulave of Utulau, according to [R2] of 4. below.) = Nauhalakili f dr of Kamoto. 1311 4-Teuhe'aloi (VE'EHALA 3) 13111 5-Mo'ingalangi (VE'EHALA 4) = Tofetofe, dr of Tui FUFU [R2] 13111 1 6-Hokoniumui (VE'EHALA 5) = Ve'asi dr of Uhiua f 13111 11 7-Hokoila (VE'EHALA 6) [CHECK HIS POSITION IN TREE] 13111 111 8-Tamavuto (VE'EHALA 7) 13111 1111 9-Tuitavakefanga (VE'EHALA 8) = Bunamaibunotu f b Fiji dr of Tuitakau, Paramount chief of Vanua Levu, Fiji 13111 11111 10-Tuitakau (VE'EHALA 9) 13111 11111 1 11-Tu'ulakomouna (VE'EHALA 10) 13111 11111 11 12-Halakumahia (VE'EHALA 11) = Nukunuku f dr of Ma'afu Kala'au b Kala'au village, TT 13111 11111 111 13-Punoumohihifo (VE'EHALA 12) 1st (VE'EHALA E'EHALA) to convert to Christianity. =Tukitukilelei f b Eua. TRY CHURCH RECORDS 13111 11111 1111 14-Pa'ula (VE'EHALA 13) #HE HAS ID 0 AT 8.2 BELOW. = Kasamita UISISE f 13111 11111 11111 15-Uikilifi Fusi (VE'EHALA 15) Why did he take the title AFTER his younger brother?? Methodist minister at Ata Island. He took his canoe to tell KING TUPOU 1 about the "blackbirders" kidnapping & enslaving the men on Ata, taking them to work in the copper mines in Chile. The KING ordered them to move to Eua to escape the slavers. In WW2 some Tongans met a US soldier descended from one of these Tongan victims. [Later other Tongans met a descendant of another victim with the name HELU, at the time a millionaire in Mexico. -KW] Ata is 85m S of TT. This was an island lush with crops & sea food. In 1966 6 boys stole one of the KING's canoes & tried to sail it to Oz. They landed at Ata, now uninhabited. Years later they were rescued by an Oz boat visiting the island, lobster fishing. A documentary on their story was made by Peter WARNER of Melbourne, whose father owned Oz's Channel 9. Pasemata saw it in 1966 at a History Conference in Melbourne. CAN ANYONE SUPPLY MORE DETAILS? #HE HAS ID 2 at 8.2 below. =Makelesi f 13111 11111 11111 1 16-Falepau f = Pita VI m 13111 11111 11111 11 17-Feleti VI (VE'EHALA 16) #HE HAS ID 211 at 8.2 below. 13111 11111 11111 111 18-Leilua VI (VE'EHALA 17) 16.3.1925 Nuku'alofa -.11.1986 Nuku'alofa #HE HAS ID 2111 at 8.2 below. = Eva dr of (ULAKALA 5) U'a Ha'amea. Eva has ID 17111 1 at 2.0 13111 11111 11111 1112 19-Toluhama 31.3.1962 Auckland (VE'EHALA 18) The current title holder. #HE HAS ID 21112 at 8.2 below. See there for issue. 13111 11111 11115 15-Finaulahi m (VE'EHALA 14) (#He has ID 5 at 8.2 below. See there for issue.) = Siokapesi f 13111 2 6-Polu mo Afamuli m = Lave-kihe-tokelau f dr of Ngaluha'atafu Compare the name with Ngalu Atuvahu d c1726 at 0 of 9. The (MA'ATU) family. 13111 21 7-Siuta-uinoa-i-hakau m = Selakava f granddr of (HELU 1)

#She is 1114 of the HELU family at See their for issue, including 11145 5-Lemeki (HELU 2) b c1830.

[13111 1 6-Hokoila (VE'EHALA 2) [CHECK his position]

13111 12 7-Tule'ifanakava f = (TK 13) Mumui 
 #He has ID 0 at 3. See there for issue.

13111 121 8-Tupouveiongo f Principal wife of (TUI TONGA).
 By custom, the 1st dr of the (TUI KANUKUPOLO) became the principal wife of
the (TUI TONGA). But she was ill, so Tupouveiongo became the principal wife

=1 (TUI TONGA 38) Fuanunuiava #He is 0 at "1. The (TUI TONGA) dynasty" 
above. See there for issue including son 1 1-Laufilitonga.

[13111 121 8-Tupouveiongo f] =2 (TUIPELEHAKE) 'Uluvalu
13111 1214 9-Filiaiplotu m

[13111 121 8-Tupouveiongo f] 
=3 Tupuoniua Son of (ULULKALALA 2) & Fehia. Killed by (TK 1).
 He has ID 1113 at 7. See there for issue.
 His elder brother (ULULKALALA 3) adopted William MARINER - see [R1] of 4.

13111 1218 9-Hulita/Hulipa Tuifua f 
= (TUI HA'ANGANA or TUI HA'ANO) Tuifao/Liufau m [p180 of HANSEN] **

13111 12181 10-Fifita Vavau f 
 BUT SHE is also down as 1112 at 3., dr of 111 (ULUKALALA 2) & Fehia!?
= Tevita 'Unga Moatangitau 1st PM of Tonga, son of KING George 1.
 #He has ID 12 at 4. See there for issue.

13111 122 8-Vavahe'a f
13111 123 8-Tu'uakitau m

14 2-Kaumavave (VA) m noble of Kolovai
15 2-Kapukava Holonga (Tongatapu)
16 2-Paluto f
17 2-Fetuiu f

** He is 1 on this tree from p180 of HANSEN:
0 0-Fifitatabuku m

1 1-Liufau (TUI HA'ANGANA)
11 2-Fifitaholeva f by Hoamofale'ono (44) p227?
12 2-Fifitavavau f by Tuifua 204
13 2-Lalaimaumu m (TUI HA'ANGANA) by Bule
14 2-Fehoko Manavahetau m by Bule
15 2-Taetu'una'ula f by Bule
16 2-Fotaihalatata by Folau
17 2-Lesieli Kiliganoa by Tuboumoheiofo

2 1-Tuikoemahe by Fatafehilabaha
3 1-Fefitakovi f b Toeumu
4 1-Talolakeba m by Toaila
5 1-Fefilasii m by Lagi
6 1-Fifitatamua m by Toniki from Niuatobutabu
7 1-Tuifagatukia f by Halaevalu 116

This gives an example of the many genealogies in HANSEN.
It would be great if these were put on the www.

Q for Pasemata: [R2] makes a connection which I cant follow between V5 &
this family:
0 0-Tupou Ha'atu'unga
1 1-Oto'ota f = Finau Lakepa Napa'a m son of LASIKE.
 [Is this the same Lasike with ID 13111 1216 at 7. above, son of
 13111 121 8-Tupouveiongo f?
 or 11132 5-Lasike son of Tupouniua m Killed by (TK 1)?]
11 2-Tauheuho m = Ikalahi f dr of Napa'a.

Can you see what the connection is?

8.2 (VE'EHALA) later generations 8.1-8.2 are courtesy of Pasemata TAUNISALA 2009: home +676 29062, cell 53898, Box 437, Nuku'alofa, TT. She has ID 11111 at 8.2. Author with Gareth S.G. Grainger of The Ata chiefs of Hihif0 1700-1850 (2009). This book is at the Auckland library.LM: the basis of some of the genealogies of the ha'a tu'i (paramount chiefs) and matapule (attendants) since the rise of Tu'i Kanokupolu appear to come from Bott's notes who herself relied on Hansen's (Afukaipo'uli) written collection of genealogies at the time of Tupou II. 0 0-Pa'ula (VE'EHALA 13) #He has ID 13111 11111 1111 at 8.1 above. = Kasamita UISISE f 1 1-Uikilifi Fusi (VE'EHALA 15) #He has ID 13111 11111 11111 at 8.1 above. =Makelesi f 11 2-Falepau f = Pita VI m 111 3-Feleti VI (VE'EHALA 16) #He has ID 13111 11111 11111 11 at 8.1 above. = Simoa f #She has ID 1(20)111 at 1. 1111 4-Leilua VI (VE'EHALA 17) 16.3.1925 Nuku'alofa -.11.1986 Nuku'alofa www: " a nose-flute player. He remains undoubtedly the most famous Tongan musician, both at home and abroad[citation needed], and his recordings are still traditionally the first broadcast every day by Radio Tonga." See also =1 Eva dr of (ULAKALA) 11111 5-Pasemata 30.6.1958 Nuku'alofa SOURCE OF SECTION 8. =1 Toni KAIHAUHOLANI d 11111 1 6-Likaino m 2002 11111 2 6-Eva f 2009- on scholarship to university in Beijing, China 11111 3 6-Mailei m 1.7.1992 11111 4 6-Tongiaki m 2009- in Form 3, Tupou College 11111 5 6-Toniseni m 2009- in Form 1 in Oz [1111 1 5-Pasemata 30.6.1958 Nuku'alofa] =2 Kali TAUNISALA b Ha'ano, son of Tengei TAUNISALA. How is he related to Futa HELU? 11111 6 6-Soailieata f 11.7.2007 adopted 11112 5-Toluhama 31.3.1962 Auckland (VE'EHALA 18) The current title holder. =1 Zona HAVEA 11112 1 6-Siulolovao f 11112 2 6-Leilua m He will be (VE'EHALA 19) when (VE'EHALA 18) dies. 11112 3 6-Isileli m = Linda f 11112 31 7-Tui Tavake m 1.7.1992 11112 32 7-Manukei'ika 'I Moana m (the faikava nickname of (VE'EHALA)) 11112 33 7-Makahokovalu m 2007 11112 4 6-Kalimani m 11112 5 6-Anapeisi f 11112 6 6-Ula m [11112 5-Toluhama 31.3.1962 Auckland (VE'EHALA 17) The current title holder.] =2 Julie HALAPIO Her sister is looking after their chn in US. 11112 7 6-Tapusalaia f 2004 11112 8 6-Pasemata Sii f 2006 11113 5-Vakautapala m [see p h10] [1111 4-Leilua VI (VE'EHALA 17) 16.3.1925 Nuku'alofa -.11.1986 Nuku'alofa ] =2 Seini SIAHI 11114 5-Ufamolata f 29.12.1956 twin = Sekoma POLE m 11114 1 6-Molimoli POLE f 11114 2 6-Talia POLE f 11114 3 6-Tuaine POLE m 11114 4 6-Laungu POLE f 11114 5 6-Peni POLE m 11115 5-Fekitamoe'aho f 29.12.1956 twin = Sinilau TOUMO'UA m 11115 1 6-Selesia TOUMO'UA f 11115 2 6-Lupe TOUMO'UA f 11115 3 6-Seini TOUMO'UA f 11115 4 6-Sevenikau TOUMO'UA m 11115 5 6-Vaisitai TOUMO'UA f 11115 6 6-Paula TOUMO'UA f 11115 7 6-? TOUMO'UA m 11115 8 6-Vasiti TOUMO'UA f 1112 4-Fatafehi f d = Finaulahi HALAHOLO m 6 chn 11121 5-Kilisitina Kolo-Ki-Holeva HALAHOLO f = (in NZ) Michael Joseph DREANEEN Irish 2009-Auckland 11121 1 6-Malcolm Finaulahi DREANEEN m 2013: malcolm"att" = Tahila (She has a son Tony Science M HSIUNG from her previous marriage.) 11121 11 7-Maria Fatai DREANEEN 11121 111 8-Dylan W DREANEEN 11121 12 7-Lolohea DREANEEN 11121 2 6-Mark Leilua DREANEEN m 11121 21 7-Orlando Leilua DREANEEN 11121 22 7-Honor Maree DREANEEN, female, b 14 June 2011 11122 5-Ta'kai HALAHOLO m 2009-Los Angeles =1 Sela d 4? chn. 11122 1 6-Finaulahi HALAHOLO m = ? 11122 2 6-Liua HALAHOLO m = ? 11122 3 6-Fatafehi HALAHOLO f = ? 11122 4 6-Jennifer HALAHOLO f = ? [11122 5-Ta'kai HALAHOLO m] =2 Tiani No chn. 11123 5-Feleti HALAHOLO m = 'Elenoa UHI Four children. 11123 1 6-Nunu HALAHOLO m 11123 2 6-Aleki HALAHOLO m 11123 3 6-Vikitolino HALAHOLO Jr m 11123 4 6-Amelia HALAHOLO f 11124 5-Litia HALAHOLO f = Sione Hala'api'api PETELO m 11124 1 6-Vikitolino PETELO m = 18.12.2008 Siasini HAUKINIMA f 2009: at Ha'avaka'otua, Kolomotu'a,Nuku'alofa 1st contact 13.10.09 siasini"att" 11124 2 6-Atelaite PETELO f = Saipalesi TAIONE 11124 2 7-Rosemary TAIONE f 11124 2 7-Lataemeione TAIONE f 11124 3 6-Hala'apiapi PETELO m 2009-US 11124 4 6-'Anitioka PETELO m d Feb 2006. 11125 5-Fusi HALAHOLO f = Paula LAVULO m 2009-Auckland 6 chn all single. 11125 1 6-Tau'aika LAVULO m 11125 2 6-Ema LAVULO f = 2009 Timote MILITONI 2009 at Auckland, NZ. 11125 3 6-Christina LAVULO f 11125 4 6-Regina LAVULO f 11125 5 6-Pua LAVULO f 11125 6 6-Siua LAVULO m 11126 5-Taufa HALAHOLO f = Kuli FAKALOLO m 2009-Canberra 5 chn. 11126 1 6-Watsonia FAKALOLO f = Tevita FONUA of Kolomotu'a 11126 11 7-'Akanesi FONUA f 11126 2 6-Lupe FAKALOLO f 2009-single 11126 3 6-Fatui FAKALOLO m 2009-single 11126 4 6-Nikolasi FAKALOLO m 2009-single 11126 5 6-Paenga FAKALOLO f 2009-single 1113 4-Tuilokomana f d Single 1114 4-Eleni f = Fatafihi HANSEN m b Vavau No chn. 2 adopted chn. 11141 5-Hakautapu HANSEN f = Tukua TONGA m 2009- chn at school 11142 5-Siaosi HANSEN m 2009-US = ? 1115 4-Tavaki m twin d = Ikatonga 11151 5-Hakautapu HANSEN f She is 11141 above, adopted by 1114. 11152 5-Pita m = Suliana No chn. 11153 5-Feleti m = Makileta 2009-Sydney 11153 1 6-Pita m 11153 2 6-Tuitakau m 1116 4-Fo'ononga m twin = Elenoa 5 chn in Salt Lake City. 11161 5-Koloteua m 2009- Nuku'alofa = an Italian living in US - 1 son 11162 5-Matalona m 11163 5-Taleveikula f 11164 5-Faleula f 11165 5-Uinise f 1117 4-Painga f d = Sione MILA m 2009-Sydney - he remarried. 11171 5-Lepiuiha MILA f 2009-Sydney single 11172 5-Kasuarina MILA f = ? 2009-Perth - 1 daughter 112 3-Litia f d in 1918 flu epidemic 113 3-Sela f 12 2- drs - no issue 13 2-Lata I'Amusiaea d a teenager 14 2-Molimoli Tu'ue'i'afaiva 2-Finaulilo f triplet 3- f triplet 4- f triplet 5 1-Finaulahi m (VE'EHALA 14) #HE HAS ID 13111 11111 1115 at 8.1 above. = Siokapesi f 51 2-Fua m [Why didnt he inherit the title? Check order of 11,12,13] = Anaseini f 511 3-Paulahalatoa FUA m = 'Otolose COCKER daughter of Joshua Albert COCKER and Mele PAEA. The order of their children may be wrong. 5111 4-Wycliff/Kilifi FUA 2009- Queensland = Judy b Australia. 2010 in Brisbane 51111 5-Rachael FUA 51112 5-Julie FUA 51113 5-Paul FUA 51114 5-Karen FUA 51115 5-Joan FUA 5112 4-Anaseini FUA f d .3.2009 Auckland = Peni Moto 'INOKE 2009 Auckland 51121 5-Kinikinilau INOKE m 51122 5-Lucytania INOKE f = George Limuloa Yukio NAKAO d .12.2014 of Japanese descent. 51122 1 6-Juhei NAKAO m 51122 2 6-George NAKAO m 51122 3 6-Ane-aho-folau NAKAO f 5113 4-Sione Hoko'ila FUA m d 24/12/1982 = Paelata (Tonga) 51131 5-Dr Seu'ula Johansson FUA f Ph D Canada. 2010: Fellow in Leadership and Research, Institute of Education (IOE) University of the South Pacific, PO Box 278, 'Atele, Tonga. Tel +676 29-055 Email johanssonfua_s"att" = sp-Paul FONUA 51131 1 6-Kaufo'ou FONUA 51131 2 6-Semisi FONUA m 51132 5-Ashley Toutai FUA m 2009: Tonga Police Force = Filomina MA 51132 1 6-Paulahalatoa FUA m 51132 2 6-Tulikihakautapu FUA f 51132 3 6-Tangikina FUA f 51133 5-Taniela Mafile'o FUA m = `Anaseini MATOTO 51133 1 6-Alexandria FUA f 51133 2 6-Mafile`o Hoko`ila FUA m 51133 3 6-Sione Lamipeti FUA m 5114 4-Sioana FUA f 2009 in US =1 Jules LILLOUX b Tahiti 51141 5-Lurline HOKO`ILA f 2009 in US 51142 5-Johnny HOKO`ILA m 2009 in Tahiti [5114 4-Sioana/So'ana FUA f] =2 Tevita FUSI b Tonga. 2009 in US. 5115 4-Taniela Mafile'o FUA m TT = Litia FOTU (Tonga) 51151 5-Kilifi FUA m (US) 51152 5-Lea'aevai FUA m = Dr. Loretta f (Brisbane) 51152 1 6-Oliver FUA m (twin) 51152 2 6-Mana FUA f (twin) 51153 5-Halatoa Mohekovi FUA m = Anne HERMANN (Cook Is - Rarotonga) 51154 5-Clive Samuel FUA m = 'Asinate LIKILIKI f (Tonga) 51154 1 6-William Wycliff FUA m 5116 4-Samuela FUA m d by 2015 = Ma`ata FONUA f 51161 5-Kafoika FUA m 5117 4-Helen Silia FUA f 2009-US = Urs ZANGGER US 51171 5-Bettina ZANGGER f US 5118 4-Adeline Fane FUA f = Sione Mafi LATU (Tonga). 2010 in Tonga. 51181 5-Alilia Evelyn LATU b 11/11/1971 2015 in Australia. = Jamie DENT (Newcastle, Australia) 3 children 51181 1 6-Tahlia Lavinia Alaimaluloa DENT f 51181 2 6-Sione Maxwell DENT m 51181 3 6-Maxwell Claude DENT 51182 5-Lusitania Heleni LATU b 27/03/1974 Resides in Tonga. 1st contact 27.7.2015 toahola7058"att" = Dr. 'Aisake Valu EKE (Tonga). 2 sons. 51182 1 6-'Aisake Valu Alexandre EKE b 22/06/2012 m 51182 2 6-Yishai David Valu EKE b 08/01/2014 m 51183 5-Salote Puipui Ki He Toa LATU b 06/02/1976 d 2000 f 5119 4-Alipate/Albert Joshua FUA Jr m =1 Akanesi LUTUI 51191 5-'Alipate FUA Jr m In Auckland? [5119 4-Alipate/Albert Joshua FUA Jr m] =2 Elizabeth Judith Ann TUPOU-VEA 51192 5-('Otolose) Anastasia FUA 1983 2010: Sydney, Australia. 1st contact 26.11.2010 chili_hifly86"att" 51193 5-Aaron Leonard Phillip FUA 1986 d 2009 512 3-Sione FUA m d US =1 Matasiva No chn. =2df ? 5121 4-Mounga Lakepa FUA m = Kato f 2009: US 51211 5-George Alani FUA = Helen 51211 1 6-Sione FUA 2010: a star of Stanford University's football team. 51211 2 6-Alani FUA gives his photo &: 2010 Linebacker 6-5, 195, Fr. Northridge, CA / Oaks Christian at Brigham Young University ... A 2009 blog at gives his BYU coach as MENDENHALL, a relative of President NIXON & mine. = Malaysia 51211 21 7-Alani FUA Jr. 513 3-Silia f = ? 5131 4-Sioneone 2009- in US = Mo'unga f - Chn 52 2-Mo'ungaelangi f =1 Seleti 521 3-Finaulahi m d = Soko d Tonga CHN NOT IN ORDER: 5211 4-Faone m 2009-Auckland 5212 4-Kaukiono m 5213 4-Sunia m 2009-Auckland 5214 4-Pita m 2009-TT 5215 4-Fakaula f = ? 522 3-Mausa m d =1 Vaimuana f No chn =2 df? ? 5221 4-Maufohe m = ? Chn 5222 4-Lautaie f = ? Chn 523 3-Manu f = Savake KAILAHI m 5231 4-Siaosi KAILAHI m = ? Chn 5232 4-Filimi KAILAHI m = ? Chn 5233 4-Pelenaisi KAILAHI f 2009-Auckland = Teili TU'AVAO b Vavau Chn. 5234 4-Pesalili KAILAHI m = So'ane 2009-Ha'ateiho, TT Chn. 5235 4-Keleni KAILAHI f = ? 2009-Kolovai 5236 4-Sulia KAILAHI f = ? 2009-Auckland 5237 4-Laufahu KAILAHI m ? Chn. 2009-Sydney [52 2-Mo'ungaelangi f] =2 df Uasike 524 3-Mele f =1 Mino div. 5241 4-Sione HAVILI m = ? 2009- Oz 5242 4-Seluvaia f 2009-Salt Lake City, Utah. 5243 4-Peni m = ? Chn. 2009-US 5244 4-Suukapesi f [524 3-Mele f] =2 Tevita MO'OSESE div. 5245 4-Filia m [52 2-Mo'ungaelangi f] =3 Liua CHECK 525 3-Salome f = Vili 5251 4-Uikelotu f 5252 4-Mele f 2009-US 5253 4-Manuna f 5254 4-?

9. The (MA'ATU) family 0 0-(MA'ATU 1, LATU 4) Puakatefisi ruler of Niuatoputapu island, Tonga. Probably a grgrson of (LATU 1) who swapped his title LATU with KING Lavelua of Uvea (Munigoto or his successor Ngalu Atuvahu d 1726?) for the Uvean title (UTUMA'ATU). = dr of high chief (FUIMAONO) of Falealii, S coast of Upolu, Samoa 1 1-(MA'ATU 2) Pungakaitfola = a commoner, so he abdicated in favour of his brother (M 3). Issue. 2 1-(MA'ATU 3, Latumailangi V) Puakailakelo [Is V Vavau?] = Siulolovao 1 dr of TUI of Niuafo'ou early 1700s. She & her entourage were shipwrecked at Niu'. This reconnected the LATU & (M) lines. Probably a relative & companion of Kaloaftonga, wife of (FUIMAONO) of Niua. She adopted her niece, 21. 21 2-Fataisemanu f = Sisitoutai Tokemoana 4 211 3- Siulolovao 2 f A principal wife of (TT 39). 22 2-(MA'ATU 4) Kuliha'apai d c1820 =? Kavafutuna f dr of (TT 38) After (M 4) died, she =2 c1828 Nuku Moimoi of Kolonga. Her descendants used the names Mafoa'aelangi & Asipau, confirming that she was the mother of these 2 high chiefs of Niu'. 221 3-(MA'ATU 5, Latumailangi 6) Referred to as Ma'atu Nima in genealogies. He inherited the M title in the late 1820s. Died in Fiji when his canoe drifted. = Latutama 6 dr of (TK 8) & halfsister of (TH 19?) Mulikiha'amea d 1799. 2211 4-Veongo f = (ULUKALALA 3) Tuapasi m, 1111 at 7. See there for issue. 2212 4-(MA'ATU 6) Mo'engangongo or Ngongo Sefanaia by Latutama 6 Bap'd a christian under the name Sefanaia. He went to Uvea to convert them but was killed by Lavelua's men in early 1830s. = Tongaha'apai f, his 1st cousin, dr of Sisitoutai Tokemoana 4 by Puakatefisi, sr of (M4) & (M5). After her husband was killed, she was sought as a wife by Lavelua. But she hid in the forest in Uvea til she could escape back to her family in Niu or Vavau. 22121 5-(MA'ATU 7) Mafoa'aelangi His mother was Kavafutuna, dr of TT 38. (But she is down as possible wife of 22!) An early convert to Christianity in Haapai in late 1820s, but he relapsed on his 1st return to Niu. Later bp'd. He hosted a visit to Niu of Rev. WATERHOUSE after whom he named his oldest son. = Pulimaipau'u halfsister of Tongaha'apai, wife of (M 6). Dr of Sisitoutai Tokemoana 4 by his principal wife Fatafehi Fanga'afa 1, another dr of TT 38 by his secondary wife Popua (dr of (U 1) by his wife Adi Vutulongo of Laheiba). 22121 1 6-(MA'ATU 8) Uatahausi Latumailangi 7 . He ruled Niu' as an independent king til 4.6.1867 when he ceded Niu' & Tafahi to KING TUPOU 1 at the Constitutional Convention or Fono in Nukualofa. He was then appointed a hereditary noble of Tonga. died 1872. = Fatai dr of Fotofili of Niuofo'ou - ISSUE. 22121 2 6-Akosita/Augusta Talefala'ula by Pulimaipau'u 2. Oldest dr. = Finau Tangata'olakepa Ma'afu 22121 21 7- 22122 5-(MA'ATU 9) Sioeli Kivalu m. His mother was Tongaha'apai. Governor of Niu' 1877-94. = 1875 Siosiana Tongovua Taemanusa f, youngest dr of Rev Peniseimanu LATUSELU of the Taliateli/Luani line, by his wife Tupou'ahau, sr of the TUNGI. - Which one? 22122 1 6-Ofakivava'u f died single 22122 11 7-Solomone Ula ATA, Premier of Tonga 1941-49. He used to look after my great grandmother, Mele Amalani BLOOMFIELD b 1898, natural dau'r of Vuni Washington BLOOMFIELD c 1873. - serenitykeeling"att" 1st contact 15.5.2011. 22122 2 6-(MA'ATU 10) Sione Panuve m = ? No chn 22122 3 6-(MA'ATU 11) Ma'afu'otu'itonga m Single. On 27.9.1979 the title went to a new line: (MA'ATU 12) Fatafehi 'Aivahamama'o Tuku'aho, 2nd son of KING TUPOU 4. He has ID 11111 12 at 4. The title became vacant in 2004. 3 1-(FUIMAONO) youngest son. This became a matapule title in Niu' =1 Kaloafutouga 31 2-Fehi'a =(ULUKALALA 2) Feletoa #He has ID 111 at 7. See there for issue [3 1-(FUIMAONO) youngest son] Presumably he is (FUIMAONO) from Kolo b Samoa with wife =2 Numia f (of Manono Island,W Samoa) 32 2-Mele Tamale = Lemeki (HELU 2) #He is 11145 at helu/helu.html See there for issue.

10. The (LAVAKA) family of Pea, near Nukualofa This is typed from handwritten info copied for me by (TANUSIA) Taniela VAO; across the top is written HANSEN p259 A more complete version appears to be given on Typed pages from Taniela VAO (Etuoni TUPOU is handwritten at top.) p 80 (a). He obtained the material from Wendy POND, who did a PhD in Tongan? music at Victoria University under Alan THOMAS. Also attached in Tongan are p81-82 & p253-260. 0 0-(TK 3) Mataeletu'upiko = Fatafehi dr of TUI TONGA 1 1-(LAVAKA 1) Afualo (Higher in rank than TK) =1 Toto dr of Kula in Maufanga 11 2-(LAVAKA 2) Naa'uli m =1 Palu Tofia'e dr of TH Tatafu Tuiha'ataka [page 4] 111 3-(LAVAKA 3) Fanua'uli =1 [Tule] Huafaikikava dr of Motuapun'.. 1111 4-(LAVAKA 4) Manavahetau Toafa o hihifo 11111 5-Kaipa by Sisilongoo'a 11111 1 6-Poasi Tu'ipulotu by Mohenoa 11111 11 7- ...ita Tonga Mohenoa by Fusimo'atutu'a 11111 12 7- Otuamua by Fusimo'atutu'a ?11111 121 8-Ala Taup'oa child of Otuamua Soane by Tevita Tonga Komani? 11111 13 7- ...sita Mafile'o by Fusimo'atutu'a 11111 14 7- ...ita by Fusimo'atutu'a 11111 15 7- ...lovao by Fusimo'atutu'a 11111 16 7- ... by Ane Tupoufalefehi 11111 17 7- ... by Fonongoava'inga 11111 18 7- ...levu by Faki'alele 11111 19 7- ... Tonga by Sivoki 11111 1(10) 7- ...uela Hapani by Sivoki 11111 2 6-Mafileo by Mafeleoniua 11111 3 6-Tongotea by Tongatea 11112 5-Mateitalo by Sisilongoo'a 11113 5-Mukumovahai Lavakavaivai by Mafi 11114 5-Holakialupe by Mafi 11115 5-Na'a Neilalao by B... 11116 5-Fakamoimoikava by Le... 1112 4-(LAVAKA 6) Liuakoetau =1 Lupe Ha'amea dr of Ngaluafe & Ata Fisi'ihoi 11121 5-Alisi Numia f = Paula Halaevalu m 11121 1 6-Nafileo Motekiai Halaholo 11121 2 6-Ilaisane Tupou Ahau 11121 3 6-Taniela Taufu'i'aevalu 11121 4 6-Tevita Otunuku 11121 5 6-Sela Lepolo 11121 6 6-Sione Finaulahi 11122 5-Tangesi 11123 5-Akesa Moala 11124 5-Fuahau = Mele Tongakaunanga 11124 1 6-Sekolaia Sipolo 11124 2 6-'Anaukihesina 11125 5-(LAVAKA 7) Maliu = Mele Na'a tama (son or dr?) of Mahina [Handwritten version gives his mother as Siekini, dr of Kamoto of Te'ekui] 11125 1 6-Fisifau 1113 4-Le'okau [111 3-(LAVAKA 3) Fanua'uli] =2 Mafi [Ha'amea] ddr of Fakafanua 1112 4-(LAVAKA 5 VAIVAI) Siosaia Nukumovahai d 1875 = Palu Fak'ofo'ofo'i Ngele'ia 11121 5-Latuniua ... 'Uila 112 3-Manasipau'u [11 2-(LAVAKA 2) Na'a'uli m] = Tonu dr of Tahifisi [page 1] 113 3-Lupe tuli mafua 1131 4-Tui Tupou 11311 5-Palenapa = Nau'uli'uli dr of Vahai 11311 1 6-(LAVAKA 8) Fangupo Taungahihifo 11311 11 7-(LAVAKA 9) -'ahiva Mafimatapule 11311 111 8-(LAVAKA 10) Sulunga 11311 1111 9-(LAVAKA 11) Luia 11311 11111 10-(LAVAKA 12) Folaumoetau 11311 11111 1 11-Finau'uli'uli (ET, 82) - What is this reference? 114 3-Tuituiniveao 115 3-Na'a'uli f = Tatafu Veisini son of Pule i langi te, dr of VEEHALA 1151 4-Takai HAU in TT = Mo'unga dr of Kaufana in Eua (HANSEN p260) Pea was fortified in 1799. Takai became hau of TT on the death of Vah'i Utoikamana in 1799. 11511 5-Moeakiola =1 Milika Fe'aomoemanu dr of TT Laufilitonga & TOA (LF p24) or Taka (LF p4x) 11511 5-Moeakiola =2 Nelelevu? 11511 1 6-Kiteau 11511 2 6-Fakatoumafi 11511 3 6-Ikanamoe 11511 5-Moeakiola =3 Teisa Palu 115114 6-Nuivao 11512 5-Pule i langite = Luifau (TUI HANGANO) 11512 1 6-Lataimaumi 11512 2 6-Fehokomanavahetau 11512 3 6-Tuna 'ula 11513 5-Fakatoumafi 1152 4-Fa'e 1153 4-Fusipongi 1154 4-Tulikialupe = Muliki haimea 11541 5-Meikanongata'a 11541 1 6-Le'ulu 1155 4-Finau iki kili? 12 2-Tenifa 13 2-Toketoke 14 2-Maulupepale 15 2-Heuifaleilo f 16 2-Alakihihifo f ............................................................................. Which (LAVAKA) d 11.9.1823 during the 'inasi? - Journal of Rev Walter LAWRY.

11. The (VAEA) family This is typed from handwritten info copied for me by (TANUSIA) Taniela VAO. See also This links to a pay site that I have not viewed. Has anyone out there got access? 0 0-(TK 3) Mataeletu'upiko = 'Umukisia dr of TUI HAAMEA (HANSEN 25x) 1 1-(VAEA 1) Naivai 11 2-(VAEA 2) Muni Fou-hala'unga = Finau Foakihalanga dr of VEEHALA 111 3-(VAEA 3) Numivalu i Utulangivaka 1111 4-(VAEA 4) Funauhu'va = Taufapopaofehi dr of Fulivai 11111 5-(VAEA 5) Hivapeaulu 11112 5-(VAEA 6) Tamata'ane = Vaimoana dr of Fonou 11112 1 6-(VAEA 7) Kafokuota = Tongakovi 11112 11 7-Tuipe 11112 12 7-Kafoa 11112 2 6-(VAEA 8) Kuli Kefu 11112 21 7-(VAEA 9) Siosaia Loloa = Kalolaine Taufa 11112 211 8-Tupouseini 11112 2111 9-Fatafehi Hapaha 11112 212 8-Amelia Tuna 11112 3 6-Vaeakiataele 11112 4 6-Nuku 1112 4-Taulakau 1113 4-Finaulahi 1114 4-Tuivakanifisi

12. SOME EMAILS 8.2 (VE'EHALA) 11121 1 6-Malcolm Finaulahi DREANEEN m 2010: malcolm"att" 11124 1 6-Vikitolino & Siasini PETELO 2009 siasini"att" 51131 5-Dr Seu'ula Johansson FUA 2010: johanssonfua_s"att" Others: Jake jacobfitisemanu"att" - his uncle Les MCCARTHY holds a FUIMAONO title of Samoa. David TALOA 2009 davet"att" Kit WITHERS kitw"att"

13. REFERENCES [R1] William MARINER (19xx) Tonga - held at VUW library, Wellington. [R2] MS by (HELU 3) Sioeli Fangatua HELU given to Futa HELU, held in 2009 by Lose HELU-MILLER. This also includes the following 0 0-Tupou Ha'atu'unga 1 1-Oto'ota f = Finau Lakepa Napa'a m son of LASIKE. [PASEMATA - Is this the same Lasike with ID 13111 1216 at 7. above, son of 13111 121 8-Tupouveiongo f?] For info on Taniela Mahe Pikokivaka (LASIKE) contact David TALOA davet"att" 30.4.09. 11 2-Tauheuho m = Ikalahi f dr of Napa'a. The MS of (HELU 3) gave this when writing about 1311 4-Mo'ingalangi (VE'EHALA 4) & 13111 5-Hokoniumui (VE'EHALA 5). LOSE - could you please send photocopies of MS to me & Pasemata. She may see how this bit fits in to the (VE'EHALA) tree at 9. Malo! At the end after 2 illegible lines, he writes: father of Mele is (FUIMAONO) from Kolo, the Samoan (HA'AMAA). [R3] HANSEN was a German in Vavau. How many books on Tongan history & genealogy did he put out? The palace archive book is copied from an 1849 book of Tamaha (dr of TT FEFINE & a Fijian.) This copy with his additions was made in the time of TUPOU 2 1893-1918. However many of the archive books have "walked". Different volumes - on ULUKALALA & TUI HAATEIHO by HANSEN is held by Hon. Vau VAIA, Secretary of the Tongan Traditions Committee. Could someone phone the palace for me ph 29 062, & get his email? quotes him in 1996: Mr VAEA stated that the records of both the Palace and the Traditions C ommittee are not public and access to them must remain under direct Tongan control. The microfilming therefore cannot be done as a Pambu project ... Were they ever microfilmed? [R4] Adrienne KAEPPLER/KEAPPLER (1967) Journal of American Folklore, Vol 80, 160-178. Folklore as expressed in the dance of Tonga. Adrienne KAEPPLER (1971) Ethnology, Vol 10, 174-193 - gives some info on genealogies. She referred me to [R5] William A COLE & Elwin W JENSEN (1961) Israel in the Pacific; a genealogical text for Polynesia. LDS Church, Salt Lake City. [R6] MOULTON - find this ref.! Is he Rev James Egan MOULTON 1841-1909 at ? - VUW library. [R7] Dr Augustin KRAMER, Samoa Islands (1901) Vol 2 Part 5. Its photos are at

14. NOTES 16.3.2009 Palace archivist is Amilaisa Latu ph 29 062. The KING's Private Secretary is David DUNKLEY ex Tasmania.

15. IC Campbell's book, Island kingdom, Tonga Ancient & Modern. 3rd edition 2015 Canterbury University Press. Wellington Central Library.

For a summary of this valuable book, see

16. TO DO ASK retired Prof of History at Auckland Uni, Wendy POND re Tongan genealogy. RESEARCH titles SOAKAI, PAHULU, FUIMAONO Phone book lists these FUIMAONO: Tony 24090, Lau'ia at Maufanga 22547, Akusitina in Pili 27607, Matalupe at Maufanga 27529. The (FUIMAONO) lives in Niuatoptapu CHECK for index of Jnl of Polynesian Society at National Library, Wellington. READ book on QUEEN Salote by Bessy WOOD & Heather x. Check HOGART for Tongan branches in Lau.