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RUSSELL of Whitchurch, Somerset,
Bristol and London area (1750-present)
 Version 13.10.2017, 154 A4-sized pages

RUSSELL (British). "Red (hair/face)" (Old French).

Compiled by     KIT WITHERS

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1. RUSSELL of Whitchurch, Somerset - by GD AUDCENT............3
2. Photos of unknowns in 1. RUSSELL of Whitchurch held by Robin H RUSSELL.  128
3. CHILTON of Whitchurch, Somerset -has MOVED.................... 131

4. SANDEFORD/SANDFORD/SANFORD clues............................ 131
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7. Abbreviations                                     138
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9. Origin of the name RUSSELL                              
10. Other RUSSELL families:
 10.1 RUSSELL CLUES for Whitchurch,Somerset by GA,JH 140
 10.2 RUSSELL clues for Queen Charlton, Som. by GA   141
 10.3 RUSSELL clues for Bristol, Gloucester             re 322 of 1. 1840 etc
 10.4 RUSSELL clues for Gloucester outside Bristol   143
 10.5 RUSSELL in Somerset                            145
 10.6 RUSSELL elsewhere in England                   146
 10.7 RUSSELL outside England                        148
11. BAWLER: Mary BAWLERS m John RUSSELL, ID 322 at 1. 
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12. BLACKBOURN clues re 543 m Eric BLACKBOURN        
13. CAMBRIDGE clues re sp of 0 of 1.                 
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 - by GD AUDCENT gaudcent"att", Geoff.Audcent"att" 
- 32(12)77 22 below, with additions by me.

On 27-28.5.2004 I had a bombshell dropped on me - 2 emails from Geoff AUDCENT
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               SUMMARY                                          A4-page number

0 William RUYSEL b c1725 In Whitchurch,Som. 1752 & 1765 m Florence CAMBRIDGE 4
3 Nathaniel RUYSEL 1754 Whitchurch m Betty CHILTON dr of Wm & Mary nee WAIT  6
31 Mary RUSSELL 1783 Whitchurch m1 George Adams STOCKER m2 James COLSTON 15
  See the link to colston.html for their issue, such as
  316 Agnes COLSTON 1822 Whitchurch m George Wickham HALL.                    
32 William RUSSELL 1786 Whitchurch-1849 Melksham,Wilts m Anne SANDEFORD     16
321 George Stocker RUSSELL 1810 Whitchurch m Priscilla (CHARD?)             21
3217 George RUSSELL 1850 Whitchurch-1930 m Mary Jane WOOLVEN                25
32178 Fred RUSSELL c1897 Dundry m Louise                                    28
3218 James RUSSELL 1852 Whitchurch m Heplizibah Mary COOKSLEY               
322 John Sandeford RUSSELL 1811 Whitchurch m Mary BAWLER 1803 West Monkton 30
3221 Mary Ann RUSSELL c1832 Bedminster m John BAKER bc1823 Bedminster       33
32211 Samuel BAKER 1848 Swindon, Wilts He moved to Kent, Ontario.           34
32216 Alfred Samuel BAKER 1861 Swindon-1944 Vancouver m Jessica FRASER
3223 Ann Frances RUSSELL 1836 Bristol m1 Charles J DEWFALL        	    
32231 Charles W DEWFALL 1856 Bristol m Sarah BOLTON                         36
32231 1 Charles W DEWFALL 1883 London m Florence C DAVIES                    
32231 4 Amy Mary DEWFALL 1885 London m James A MCINTYRE                     37
32231 8 Lily May DEWFALL 1892 London m Frederick C JENKINS                  
32231 9 Sarah Ann DEWFALL 1894 London m Henry Charles EMERY                 
32231 (12) Thirza May DEWFALL 1899 London m Arthur WEBB                     38
32231 (13) Dorothy DEWFALL 1902 Southwark m John J HARVEY
32231 (14) Alice B DEWFALL 1905 Southwark m Frederick G BARK                39
32232 John E DEWFALL 1859 Bristol m Minnie/Miriam BULL                      
32234 William H DEWFALL 1863 Bristol m1 Hester Eliza BISHOP                 40
 m2 Sussanah POWELL                                                         41
32235 Albert DEWFALL 1866 Bristol m Florence E BLAKE                        
3225 John RUSSELL (1840 Bristol-London) m Ann DERRICK                       44
32252 John Alfred RUSSELL (1866 Bermondsey-1953) m Rose DURSTON             64
32252 6 Edgar James RUSSELL 1915 Ilford-1967 m Doris LARMAN                 68
32252 6(11) Dave RUSSELL 1959 Chadwell                      *source for 32252+
32254 Frank Henry RUSSELL (1871-1961) m Alice HARFORD                       
32254 1 Reginald aka Rex RUSSELL 1895 Whitstable?-1978 m1 Vera HALL         78
32254 11 Laurette RUSSELL (1918-2010 Auckland) m Wynn WITHERS        89 *my Mum
32254 2 Florence Alice RUSSELL 1901-1935 m Eric BLACKBOURN                 103
32254 3 George Harford RUSSELL 1909-1958 m Edith COUTTS aka Jean   104 *Robin's
324 Frederick Wellington RUSSELL 1818 Whitchurch m Emily AKIN              109
32(12) Edwin RUSSELL 1826 Whitchurch m Elizabeth WITTS                     111
32(12)7 William RUSSELL 1870 Bristol-1937 m Dot MEEK c1832-1952            116
32(12)77 Frank RUSSELL 1906 m Winifred FRY 1910-1989 *SA & Geoff's line 123
33 Anne RUSSELL 1789 m George GANE                                         125

SOURCES                                                                     69


0 0-William RUYSEL b c1720/25. Resident of Whitchurch, Somerset. Overseer of
the Poor for Whitchurch, 1752 & 1765 [transcribed into the Vestry book
starting 1774].  Probably died 1783-92. (A Wm RUFSELL was baptised at St
Mary Redcliffe in Bristol on 24 February 1728 (old style date), the son of
Joseph RUFSELL, Glass Maker. But he may not be `our' William, as it would
have been unusual for a 24 year-old to become an Overseer of the Poor. The
IGI shows other William RUSSELLs baptised at Bath around this time.)

 Although he spent a large part of his life in the north Somerset village of
Filton alias Whitchurch, near Bristol, his baptism has not been found in the
parish registers there and his parentage is therefore unknown. All that can
be said for certain is that he did not originate from Whitchurch. However,
there were a number of men with the surname RUSSELL (or spelling variants)
living at Whitchurch and nearby Queen Charlton in the 1750s. (See 10.1.) If
(but there is no evidence for this) these were William's relatives it would
suggest that the RUSSELL family had settled in Whitchurch area as a family
group probably when William was still young, perhaps having moved there from
Queen Charlton (where a Thomas and Margaret RUSSELL were recorded in the
mid-sixteenth century).  All that we can say with certainty is that William
RUSSELL moved to Whitchurch some time before 1750. No members of the RUSSELL
family were listed amongst the occupiers of land in a survey of the Manor of
Whitchurch carried out in 1730 for Sir John SYMTH [BRO ref AC/M11/32].
Although such a list was probably not an exhaustive list of all the tenant
farmers in the parish, it does support the theory that the RUSSELL family
settled in Whitchurch sometime between 1730 and 1750.

 In 1766 & 1767 the Land Tax Returns for the parish of Whitchurch name William 
RUFSELL as one of the collectors of the tax [SCRO Ref Q/rel 21/16]. In 1766 the
2 collectors collected 155P. William was probably a tenant of Sir Wm SMYTH like
his son Nathaniel [3].

Whitchurch during the 1750's was a small agricultural community straddling the
main road between Bristol and Wells, and it is most likely that William [0] was
a farmer. He certainly of sufficient standing in the local community to play an
active part in parish affairs, and must therefore have owned or tenanted
sufficient property to pay the parish rates. It can be safely assumed that he
was a tenant rather than a land-owning farmer because he was not listed amongst
the freehold owners in the Land tax returns for 1766 or 1767. [Land Tax Returns
at SCRO ref Q/Rel 21/16]

The parish was the principle unit of local government at this date, and
important decisions were taken at parish meetings known as "vestry
meetings". Members of the Vestry were the more substantial residents of the
parish and their responsibilities were wider than modern-day parish councils
(eg, including the setting and collection of rates, maintenance of the parish
church and care of the poor and sick). The Vestry delegated day-to-day
decisions to a Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor, who were both annually
elected. These positions were unpaid and could be quite onerous, but were often
regarded as a local honour.

William RUSSELL served as Overseer of the Poor for Whitchurch in 1752, and
again in 1765. [The Vestry records prior to 1774 have been lost, but at the
front of the `new' Vestry book, which was commenced in 1774, is a list of
Overseers of the Poor extracted from the old book before it was lost.]
Unfortunately, the Vestry minute book and the Overseers' account book do not
survive for this period, but as Overseer of the Poor, one can be sure that he
would have paid out money to those in need, taking care to balance the
books. He would also have kept a close eye on newcomers to the village, so that
any vagrants likely to become a burden on the rate-payers were sent on their
way. William also probably served as churchwarden, but no list of churchwardens
survives from this period. [The Bishops Transcripts (BTs) at SCRO have been
consulted, as often these were signed by the churchwarden(s). However, the BTs
only survive for some years and those that have survived do not refer to
William as a churchwarden.]

The Vestry minute book covering the period after 1774 is deposited at Bristol
Record Office, but William appears to have played no part in Vestry meetings
from this date. Perhaps he had died before 1774, but if so he was not buried at
Whitchurch as one might expect.  Alternatively, perhaps he was content to leave
parish affairs to the younger men, and died sometime during the years 1782-94
or 1801-4, for which periods there are gaps in the Whitchurch burial
records. The place and date of Florence's burial is likewise a mystery.
  Is his the box grave among the cluster of RUSSELL graves at Whitchurch?
It reads in 2007: "Sacred to the memory of / William RUSSELL / d June? jmy? /
.6.." Next half: "ALSO/ to the memory of / Mary .. NP .-./..."? 

m 07 NOV 1749 St Werburgh, Bristol, Gloucester sp-Florence CAMBRIDGE (m ex
IGI Batch Number 7620827.) (The St Werburgh registers contain no other
RUSSELL or CAMBRIDGE entries.) Died probably 1783-92.  From 1750 they lived
in Whitchurch, Somerset. Their 5 chn b 1750-65 were baptised in the parish
church of St Nicholas, at Whitchurch. (There was a CAMBRIDGE family at Long
Ashton (where the SMYTH family lived - they were the lords of the manor of
Whitchurch and big landowners.) Florence is not a common name, so it may be
worth checking the Bristol & Whitchurch baptisms register between 1715 and
1730. Also, there may be a marriage allegation or bond.

 The 3rd m entry for 1749:
7th Novr William RUSSELL & Florence CAMBRIGE banns
-ex Bristol Records Office via GA 
 Here is their marriage allegation:
... William RUSSELL & Florence CAMBRIDGE of the Parish of St Werburgh in the 
city and diocese of Bristol, spinster .... (with his signature at bottom)
-ex Bristol Records Office via GA.

1 1-Sarah RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch, on 16 September 1750. Not in IGI

2 1-Ann RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch, on 14 May 1752. Not in IGI m
c1779 by licence sp-Hugh Wallington SAUNDERS a butcher of Keynesham,
(Somerset?). (The marriage allegation and bond have been found, but not the
marriage itself). The marriage Licence is at Somerset County Records Office
(issued by the Bishop of Bath & Wells). (No chn found on IGI.)

3 1-Nathaniel RUYSEL bp 10.3.1754 St Nicholas's church, Whitchurch. d
26.11.1832 Whitchurch. Tenant farmer of Abbotts Farm 1782-1802 & of Mr
George Adams STOCKER [m 31] (Reeve's Farm, 1802-1822). Overseer of the Poor
for Whitchurch, 1785, 1800, 1801 & 1811, Churchwarden of St Nicholas'
church, Whitchurch, 1784, 1802 & 1812.  It is evident from Nathaniel's
signature and handwriting in the Whitchurch Vestry minute book (Bristol
Records Office P/WCh/V/1a) that he had received an education.  He often
signed his name as `Nathl RUFSEL'. At his marriage he was noted as a
bachelor of the parish of Whitchurch.

 He styled himself a "yeoman" on his sons marriage bond (in 1808), on his
daughter's gravestone (dated 1816), and in his will dated 1821. He was also
referred to as a yeoman in the letters of administration and probate granted
after his death in 1833.
 From 1782 until 1802 Nathaniel RUSSELL was a tenant of Sir John Hugh SYMTH,
Baronet, of Ashton Court. At first Nathaniel occupied land known as "Abbots and
Hazel". The land tax sum assessed was P3 12s 8d (at 4d in the P), and tax
records show that Nathaniel took over this land from the previous tenant, John
EDWARDS, in 1781-2. At the same time Nathaniel, with three other men, also
leased land known as "Lyons Court and Giffards", from Francis ADAMS Esq, but
the following year the freehold of this land was acquired by Sir John SYMTH and
from then on it was known as "Late ADAMS's". Nevertheless, Nathaniel continued
as one of the joint-tenants of this land. Consequently, until 1802 Nathaniel
held the tenancies of, and farmed, "Abbots, Hazel and part of Late ADAMS",
which incurred a total Land Tax charge of P4 8s 4d each year. Sir John SYMTH's
estate managers must have been well disposed towards Nathaniel because from
1788 they agreed to lease him an additional portion of "Late ADAMS" land, which
had been vacated by George Townsend. The Land Tax assessment for this land was
P1 0s 4d and it was always listed separately from Nathaniel's other tenements
in the Land Tax returns. From 1793 Nathaniel again expanded his farm business
by taking over another tenancy, still under Sir John SYMTH, of land known as
Mearmeads. The Land Tax assessment for this land was 11s 3d. Nathaniel,
continued to occupy to Abbots, Hasel and part of Late ADAMS, as well as the
second part of Late ADAMS and Mearmeads until 1802.

 The SYMTH Estate papers, preserved at Bristol Records Office, show that the
tenements which were leased to Nathaniel RUSSELL were not grouped together and
thus did not form a single farm unit, but were dotted around the western half
of the parish, mostly around the northern edge of the village (near the present
day A37 Saltwell viaduct) and to the south of the village (where the A37 now
crosses the old railway line). Most of Nathaniel's land would have been easily
accessible from the turnpike road (now the A37), although Nathaniel also leased
some fields a little further away. The SYMTH estate records reveal that he was
both an arable and livestock farmer. To farm a holding of 86 or more acres he
would have employed a couple of agricultural labourers, as well as probably
being assisted by his young son (32 William).

In 1789 a survey of various manors belonging to the SMYTH family, including
Whitchurch, was carried out. This contained an index of tenants including
"RUFSEL N" [1789 survey at Bristol Records Office, ref AC/E8]. Whilst this
survey did not generally indicate which land was occupied by which tenants,
the name " N RUFSEL " was pencilled in (at a date unknown) against two
tenements known as Yellow Land and Mear Mead. These fields, which together
extended to over 12 acres, were located to the south of the village between
the turnpike road (to Wells) and the lane to Queen Charlton. [1792 survey,
BRO ref AC/E10. Another, undated `early Nineteenth century' survey, lists
various lessees but no RUSSELLs.] A further survey was carried out in 1792.
Again only the tenements and measures were recorded, but at some stage the
name "RUFSEL" was pencilled in below a long list of tenements. These
included Upper and Lower How Mead, Inner and Outer Court Perry, Great and
Little Paddock, Over Long mead, Clay land, Upper and Lower Marsh. It is
clear that these estate surveys were more detailed than the land tax
assessments since the surveys named individual fields whereas the land tax
assessment tended to list larger parcels of land and whole farms.

In 1802 (following the death of Sir John Hugh SYMTH) a firm of land surveyors
from Bath (SMITH & CRUSE), were engaged to carry out a detailed survey of
several manors and estates belonging to his heir, Sir Hugh SYMTH Baronet. [1802
survey BRO ref AC/E39 - the location of the tenements on an accompanying plan
was also given. A plan, to which the survey might refer, is held at BRO but is
`unfit for production'.]  This recorded various details about the tenements,
including the names of each tenant (as at 1802), the state of cultivation, the
measure, value per acre and value per annum, as well as other remarks. The
survey reveals that Nathaniel (referred to as `N RUFSELE') leased over 86 acres
from Sir Hugh SYMTH, the combined annual rental for which was assessed at over
P200. He was recorded as the tenant of 32 separate tenements, including various
tenements to the north of the village and to the south of the parish. He was
still farming the same land that he had before, but the full list of his
tenements (listed in order of their location north to south), consisted of
land at: 
 In Langdown, Over Longmead, Tyning within Lower Field, Tyning next Saltwell,
 Saltwell Tyning, In Lower Field, Lower Field Tyning, Bindley, Lays,
 Townsend Close, Upper Prestwell, Croft and Hoopers Mead, Claylands,
 Inner and Outer Court Perry, Great and Little Paddock,
 House and Garden late Townsends, Orchard, Lower Prestwell,
 House Barton and Garden, Stable and Barton next to the churchyard,
 Slape, Little Meads, Merry Meads, Yellow Land, Pifs Furlong, Mear Meed,
 Upper and Lower How Mead, Upper and Lower Marsh, Pensford Way Paddock.

In 1802 Nathaniel had 22 acres of his farm under arable crops, 10 acres of
pasture, and the rest was meadow. He probably farmed his land on a rotation
basis as was common at this date. In addition to the agricultural land, it can
be seen that Nathaniel was renting two houses, both with a garden and one with
a barton (ie a farmyard) for P2/10/- and P2/5/- per annum; an orchard; and a
stable and barton [A barton was a farmyard or enclosed area] next to the
churchyard (rental 10/- per annum). The buildings associated with one of the
houses were noted as being in need of `considerable alteration and repair'. It
is not clear whether Nathaniel lived in either house, or elsewhere.

Although the various estate surveys listed individual fields rather than whole
farms, Nathaniel RUSSELL's extensive tenements almost certainly comprised of
what was known as "Abbots Farm". Not only did the land tax returns show that he
occupied land known as "Abbots" (NB although he did not occupy all of Abbots),
but on becoming churchwarden, in 1784, the Vestry minute book records that his
appointment was `for the Late Abbotts Estate'. Likewise, on becoming Overseer
of the Poor in 1786 and 1801 he was again recorded as doing so `for Late

The Charity Commissioners' reports (1819-1837) include the following reference
to Abbotts Farm and its tenant farmer:
  "It is stated on the benefaction table in the church of this parish
(Whitchurch), that Sir John Hugh SMYTH, late of Long Ashton, knight and
baronet, gave 40s to be distributed on Saint Thomas's day to 20 poor people,
share and share alike, at the discretion of the minister and churchwardens,
yearly for ever.
   The parish have not in their possession any copy of Sir John SYMTH's will,
but the sum of 40 s per annum has long been and still continues to be paid to
the churchwardens by the tenant of a farm and lands in the parish called
Abbott's Farm, formerly belonging to the said testator, and now to Sir John
SYMTH of Long Ashton. This sum of 40s appears from a book produced by the
churchwardens, to have been regularly received and distributed every year since
the year 1790 on Saint Thomas's day, to 20 poor people of the parish not
receiving parish relief, in sums of 2s each.
   The persons among whom this sum is distributed are said to be the most
deserving among the second poor."

Nathaniel remained a tenant of the SYMTH family until 1802. However, around
1801-2 he agreed to take a lease on various tenements belonging to Mr George
STOCKER. Nathaniel had known the STOCKER family for many years and indeed Mary
STOCKER had been a witness at Nathaniel's wedding. However, Nathaniel's links
with this family had become even stronger, for in August 1802, his own daughter
(also named Mary) [31] was married to George Adam STOCKER, Gentleman. He was
the son of George STOCKER Esquire (the STOCKERs were a local gentry family, and
claimed to be descended from the STOCKERs of Chilcompton) [as stated on a
monumental inscription inside the parish church at Whitchurch]. Mary was not of
full age but Nathaniel gave consent to the marriage, and even agreed to stand
surety for the marriage licence bond, so he must have been more than happy with
the match.

The Land Tax returns show that Nathaniel immediately took over a number of
tenements owned freehold by son-in-law (George STOCKER). As well as the main
farm holding - Reeve's Farm - he occupied several smaller tenements, including
(part of) "Abbots", "Rooms", "Balls", "Mears", (part of) "Claylands", and
"part of ADAMS". The Land Tax on this land was well over double what had been
paid on the land which he leased from Sir John SYMTH, and so we can be sure
that Nathaniel's prospects must have improved considerably as a result of his
daughter's wedding and the associated business arrangement. The Land Tax on
Reeve's Farm alone was P8 1s 2d, and that for (part of) Abbots and Rooms was P2
1 2d and P2 10s 8d respectively. In total the Land Tax assessment for all the
lands which Nathaniel RUSSELL leased from George STOCKER (in 1802 and 1803)
amounted to P14 18s 0d, compared with the land leased from Sir Hugh SYMTH (in
1802) which incurred tax of P5 19s 11d .

For a short while, in 1802 only, Nathaniel leased lands from both Sir Hugh
SYMTH and Mr George STOCKER, probably whilst he served out the period of his
notice to Sir Hugh. A SYMTH estate rent book for the years 1802 to 1813
survives and this records that `Nathaniel RUFSELL' was the tenant of Lower
Field Tyning (part of Whitchurch Farm) in 1802 and 1803. [Most of
Whitchurch Farm was let to Thomas BARNES and later to George LANSDOWN.] The
rent book records that Nathaniel paid the annual rent of P3, in two cash
instalments each year, in March and September [Rent Book BRO ref AC/E39].  A
separate book must have been used to record the receipt of rental payments for
the rest of Nathaniel's farmland, and this book does not appear to have

From 1804 Nathaniel surrendered the lease on the smaller tenements, which
reverted to George STOCKER who then farmed them on his own account. This left
Nathaniel to concentrate on Reeve's Farm. No doubt Nathaniel found this
amicable arrangement much to his convenience, and he probably anticipated it
would continue until the end of his days. However, events would not go so
smoothly, for his landlord-come-son-in-law (George STOCKER) died a few years
later (on 27 December 1807). Although that would have been a tragic event in
itself (George was only 26), it also led to a very unpleasant family
quarrel. After George's death his estate passed to his widow Mary (ie
Nathaniel's daughter) and in the Land Tax return for 1809 she was duly listed
as the freehold owner of Nathaniel's farmland. That would have caused no
problems apart from the fact that she soon decided to remarry. Her new husband
was Mr James COLSTON, another local landowner and farmer, and it seems the
marriage caused some degree of animosity between Nathaniel and his daughter and
her new husband. [Neither a will or Administration have been found at Somerset
CRO for George STOCKER, nor a marriage licence allegation or bond for Mary's
marriage to James COLSTON.] This friction was probably at the root of the
family dispute which arose in 1809.

The family quarrel, between the COLSTONs and the RUSSELLs was sufficiently
serious to justify the involvement of lawyers. It is from the lawyers papers
that we know of the quarrel, albeit only from the COLSTON's point of
view. Nevertheless, the facts are worth outlining here as they help to shed
light on Nathaniel RUSSELL's character and on the conduct of his day-to-day
business affairs.

The quarrel involved - on the one hand - Nathaniel and his son William [32], &
- on the other - his daughter Mary [31] and her newly-wed second husband, James
COLSTON.. The problem arose from the fact that on her first husband's death at
Christmas 1807, Mary inherited (amongst other lands) a tenancy-for-life of land
known as Slape, which was within the parish of Whitchurch and just south of the
village. The land included an adjoining garden and a withy-bed, and amounted to
some 5 acres. In January 1808 the recently bereaved Mary handed over the
profits of the land to her father, Nathaniel, and two months later (on Lady Day
- 25 March) she agreed to lease the land to her father on a yearly tenancy for
an annual rent of 6 guineas. However, during the course of the year Mary
remarried. Her new husband assumed control of his wife's estate, and initially
was content to leave the land at Slape to his father-in-law. Indeed, in March
1809 he accepted payment from Nathaniel of the annual rent which had
accrued. However, things came to a head a short time later when James COLSTON
decided to take possession of the land for his own use and on Michaelmas Day
1809 (29 September) he presented his father-in-law, Nathaniel, with a Notice to
Quit, which was to take effect from Lady Day 1810 (25 March).  When, the due
date arrived James approached his father-in-law to secure possession of the
land, but found Nathaniel to be far from co-operative. Nathaniel claimed that,
with the agreement of his daughter Mary [31], he had transferred possession of
the land to his son William [32], twelve months previously, and that
consequently the Notice to Quit had been incorrectly served (it should have
been served on his son). (But why could Nathaniel have not simply told his
son-in-law of the error at the time!). Poor Mary was dragged into the dispute
and, in support of her husband, she "positively declared that there was no such
understanding with her father", and nor it seems did Nathaniel or William ever
formally consult or inform James COLSTON of the transfer of land.

Faced with the RUSSELL's obstinacy, James decided to seek legal advice. His
solicitor, Mr LOVELL, again demanded possession of the land, but Nathaniel was
not intimidated by the solicitor's demands or threats. However, in a chance
meeting later between the RUSSELLs (father and son) and Mr LOVELL, William (the
son) offered to pay rent for the property. The solicitor replied by saying that
he looked to Nathaniel for the rent and that in any case he would not accept it
without at the same time taking possession of the land.  William then declared
that he would not give up possession of the land. At this point James COLSTON's
solicitor was instructed to seek further legal advice on the possibility of
taking action in the courts to secure recovery of the land. In seeking the
legal opinion his solicitor commented that:

  "there has unfortunately been a family quarrel and there is no doubt that the
RUFSELEs hold over these premises solely for the sake of aggravation. Mr
COLSTON so feels it and is therefore determined to prosecute an ejectment for
the recovery of the premises."

The details of the case were outlined in the solicitor's request for a legal
opinion, which together with the response, covered more than three foolscap
sides of text. The solicitor's papers later became part of a collection of
manuscripts (the SHERWOOD collection) which came into the possession of the
Society of Genealogists and are now deposited at Somerset County Records
Office [SCRO reference DD/SOG 1134 - copy taken by G AUDCENT 6/7/99].

It seems that Nathaniel and James COLSTON later settled their differences as
Nathaniel continued to occupy Reeve's Farm until 1822, and he even took on the
lease of more tenements from his son-in-law over the years. In 1810 Nathaniel
held the lease of (part of) "Abbots", "Rooms", "Balls", "the Mears", (part of)
"Claylands", and "part of ADAMS", as well as Reeve's Farm. The level of land
tax assessments were nearly identical to what they had been in 1802. With only
minor alteration these tenements continued to be the lands which Nathaniel
farmed up until 1822, at which date he appears to have retired from active or
full-time farming.

The Charity Commissioner's Reports (1819-1837) record that, in accordance with
the terms of the will of Mr William OPIE, "the sum of P3 14s is annually paid
by Mr James COLSTON of the parish of Whitchurch, in respect of an estate called
Reeve's Estate in the same parish, of which he is the proprietor, to the
minister of the said parish, who preaches a sermon every other Sunday; and the
said James COLSTON also pays the sum of 20s annually to the churchwardens or
overseer, who annually distributes it in sixpenny loaves among the poor who
attend the church on Christmas-day". Nathaniel RUSSELL must have been pleased
that it was the owner rather than the occupier who was expected to make this
charitable gift, and that it was therefore his son-in-law rather than himself
who was left a out of pocket each year, even if the charitable donation was
only half what Nathaniel would have paid when he farmed Abbots Farm.

Nathaniel RUFSELL was not only mentioned in the Land Tax returns as an occupier
of land, his name also sometimes appears as an `Assessor' or `Collector' of the
tax. He was an Assessor of the Land Tax in 1789, 1796 and 1809, and was
Collector in 1788 and 1795. In 1808 Nathaniel, with John WHIPPIE, also served
as combined Assessors and Collectors of the Land Tax, which was a most unusual
arrangement as the two tasks were normally kept separate.

Like his father before him, Nathaniel played an active part in village affairs
more generally. He attended over fifty parish meetings, known as `Vestry
meetings', between 1784 and 1820. [It is known which Vestry meetings he
attended since he signed the minutes which were written up at the end of each
meeting in the Vestry book (BRO P/WCh/1a). Nathaniel's record of attendance at
Vestry meetings is summarised in the table at the end of his biography below.]
Nathaniel was elected - and served - as a parish officer on a number of
occasions. He was appointed Churchwarden at Easter in 1784, 1802 and 1812, and
as Overseer of the Poor at Easter in 1785, 1800, 1801 and 1811. This represents
a total of 7 years of service to the parish, but even during the years when
Nathaniel held no official position, he still attended many Vestry
meetings. These meetings were not held in the parish church, but in the more
congenial surroundings of one of the village inns: normally the White Hart Inn,
but sometimes next door in the Black Lion.
 For its namesake in 1938 see
On the first occasion that Nathaniel was elected Churchwarden, in 1784, the
Vestry meeting was held at the Black Lion inn, and the minutes record that
Nathaniel was appointed `for the Late Abbotts Estate'. (On becoming Overseer of
the Poor in 1786 and 1801 he was again recorded as doing so `for Late
Abbotts'). [A Joseph ABBOTT was recorded as the occupier of Hassells Farm and
Willsons Farm in a survey of the Manor of Whitchurch, carried out for Sir John
SYMTH in 1730.] In March 1785 Nathaniel completed his first term as
Churchwarden, and at the Vestry meeting to select the new Parish Officers,
Nathaniel was appointed to the other parochial position of Overseer of the
Poor. He was succeeded as Churchwarden by his father-in-law (William
CHILTON). There is no detailed record of what Nathaniel accomplished as
Churchwarden, but we do know that his first term as Overseer of the Poor turned
out to be an especially busy, and involved him in collecting three separate
rates (a Church rate in July 1785 and two separate Poor Rates, in August 1785
and April 1786). There was also a legal dispute with the parish of Bruton about
an unfortunate pauper's place of legal settlement, and Nathaniel may have been
involved with this. One of his final duties as Overseer of the Poor in 1786 was
to collect the rent for Black Rock (which in 1786 amounted to P2/10/-). This
land was enclosed meadow, containing about 2 acres, off Black Rock Lane in
Stanton Drew ( a village some 8 miles away). [From The Reports of the
Commissioners Concerning Charities and Education: Somerset Part I (ordered to
be published 1815-1830), pp115-116. There is a copy of this book at
Weston-s-Mare Library.] The land was purchased by the parish with money from
several legacies and the rental income was used to pay the minister for a
sermon and to distribute bread amongst the poor. Nathaniel used the Vestry
minute book to account for how he spent the Black Rock proceeds: 7/6d went in
Land Tax, 10/- was paid for the sermon, 12/- was spent on the purchase of bread
and the remainder was given to the poor.

In some years Nathaniel attended as many as five Vestry meetings. He normally
attended the Vestry meetings held to select the Parish Officers (ie the
Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor) each Easter. For example, in the 17
years between 1789 and 1806 he missed only 3 of the Easter Vestry
meetings. Likewise he attended many of the Vestry meetings which were held to
authorise collection of a parish Poor or Church Rate. The Vestry also met from
time to time to take other important decisions about the administration of the
parish, and the minutes of these meetings give a good indication of the type of
issues which would have preoccupied Nathaniel's mind from time to time. For
example, we find that in April 1790 Nathaniel was present at a Vestry meeting
to discuss the care of an orphaned child and, in the following year, a meeting
about the `ruinous state of the (church) tower' - Nathaniel was one of those
who agreed to authorise repairs to the sum of P17. In 1792 he was present at a
meeting to consider which family ought to have the use of a room in the parish
poor house and two years later the poor house figured at another Vestry
meeting, the minutes of which appear to have been written up in Nathaniel's own
hand. He wrote:

`April 22nd 1794: At a vestry held this Day within the Parish of Whitchurch
ordered that the Overseer as soon as pofsible do remove Robt WHIPPIE and Mary
his wife to the Poor Houfe, and if they will not remove their pay to be taken
of(f) as the Parish is Determined to pay no more rent.'

In 1796 Nathaniel took part in a meeting where it was agreed that three poor
children, whose parents could no longer support them, should be apprenticed to
a local resident, and in 1798 he attended a meeting at which further work on
the church tower roof was authorised. Apprenticeship was a common method for
dealing with poor children, who could be taken away from their families and
apprenticed in husbandry or wifery, even against their parents' wishes. In 1800
Nathaniel again took part in two meetings to agree on the apprenticeship of two
local poor children. In fact Nathaniel was the Overseer of the Poor at the
time, and it would therefore have been his responsibility to deal with the
childrens' parents and the prospective Masters, ensuring that all the necessary
legal formalities were completed. Whilst this may have seemed harsh, the so
called 'deserving poor' could expect more compassionate treatment from the
Vestry, such as occurred in 1807, when Nathaniel and other Vestry members
agreed that if Mr HISCOX, a parishioner, should gain admission to the Bath
Hospital, the parish would provide him with clothes, convey him to Bath and pay
a deposit of 3 pounds.
Whitchurch Sept 16th 1806. At a vestry meeting held 
this day at the White Hart it was agreed that the overseer might collect a Rate
of 2d in the Pound - Delabere PRITCHETT curate & Thos WICKHAM
  Whitchurch Jany 19th 1807. At a vestry held this day at the White Hart it was
agreed that William HISCOX should  [be] given admission into the Bath Hospital.
The Overseer may furnish him with the clothes required, convey him there, & 
make the needed deposit of 3P? on the parish? tenant - Delabere PRITCHETT, John
WAIT, Nath'l RUSSELL, Thos. WHIPPEY. This entry with signatures is reproduced
on p38 of "Studies on the history of Whitchurch Part 2", Whitchurch Local 
History Society, ed. Brian SLADE 1995, bought '07 from his widow Margaret.
  Whitchurch March 23 1807. At a vestry held this day at the White Hart it was
agreed that the Overseer is allowed a Rate at 2d in the Pound - Richd WHIPPEY,
Geo HALL Junr [cf sp of 316], Sam EDWARDS, Delabere PRITCHETT. ex GA.

The Vestry were not solely preoccupied with local issues. For example, in March
1805, just seven month's before NELSON's famous victory at Trafalgar, the
Vestry met to agree a Special rate to help fund an `Army of Reserve'. Nathaniel
attended this meeting and was one of those who approved a Special rate of 6d in
the pound. In 1806 a Vestry meeting was convened to select jurors, and
Nathaniel was one of the five `Gentlemen' from the parish who were nominated
for jury service.

In 1809 Nathaniel's only son (William) was appointed Overseer of the Poor, and
from then on father and son would sometimes attend Vestry meetings together.
For example, in September 1809 they both made their way to the White Hart Inn
for a Vestry meeting about the roads in the parish. For a farmer with land
spread throughout the parish this would have been an important matter. In the
twelve months following Easter 1811, the RUSSELL family virtually ran the
parish, with Nathaniel as Overseer of the Poor, and his son William as
Churchwarden. It is interesting to note that when Nathaniel came to account for
the rent from Black Rock for the year 1812, its rental value had almost doubled
(to P5) since 1786, when he had last collected the rent.

In 1808 Nathaniel stood surety, to the sum of P300, by signing the bond
required for his son's marriage licence to Ann SANDEFORD. Nathaniel also played
a major role in organising and consenting to the marriages of his two
daughters. Indeed he seems to have been quite astute in ensuring that both
daughters wed respectable gentlemen of sound financial means. For example, Mary
[31] married George Adam STOCKER, who was (or shortly afterwards became)
Nathaniel's landlord. [As stated on a monumental inscription inside the parish
church at Whitchurch.]  Mary was not of full age but Nathaniel gave his consent
to the marriage, and even agreed to stand surety for the marriage licence
bond. His other daughter, Anne [33] (`again with the consent of her parents'
and with Nathaniel standing surety) married George GANE, of the parish of
Christchurch in the City of Bristol.

The year 1816 was a particularly sad one for the RUSSELL family. First
Betty's sister (Mary RUSSELL, nee CHILTON, 2 of 3. below) died on 29 July,
and exactly one month later, on 29 August, Nathaniel and Betty's daughter
(Mrs Ann GANE, nee RUSSELL [33]) died. The following year was hardly much
better, because Nathaniel's brother-in-law (Thomas RUSSELL - no blood
relation to Nathaniel as far as we know) died.

In 1811-12 Nathaniel became the joint freehold owner, with his
brother-in-law Thomas, of a small property (a house and land) in Whitchurch
which had formerly belonged to their parents-in-law (from at least 1781).
Thomas RUSSELL had inherited the property the previous year, and perhaps
Nathaniel purchased a half-share in the property, in order to help his
brother-in-law release some of the capital otherwise tied up in the
property. Nathaniel's father-in-law [0 of 3. below] had been a carpenter, as
was his brother-in-law Thomas RUSSELL [m 2 of 3. below]. The property
therefore may have included a carpenter's shop, especially as it was Thomas
rather than Nathaniel who actually lived in the property. The Land Tax on
their property was assessed at 4s 5d per annum. Thomas continued to live in
the property until his death, in 1817, and from then on Nathaniel was
recorded in the Land Tax returns as the sole owner. However, he did not live
there himself and instead leased the property, first to Simon JONES between
1819 and 1821 and then to George SAUNDERS from 1822 to (at least) 1831. The
1825 Land Tax return states that George SAUNDERS paid P1 10s 0d per annum in
rental to Nathaniel.

The Final Years of Nathaniel: He lived on for another five years. On 22 March
1820 Nathaniel attended his last Vestry meeting, accompanied by his son
William. The meeting took place at the White Hart Inn and was held to appoint
the parish officers for the ensuing year. In 1822 he gave up his tenancy of
Reeve's Farm, as this was the last year in which the Land Tax assessments
refers to him by name as the tenant of James COLSTON. [See 31 m2.]

In February 1821 Nathaniel made a will. In this he referred to himself as a
Gentleman and bequeathed his estate to his son (William) upon trust that his
son permit Nathaniel's widow "Elizabeth, otherwise Betty RUFSELL" to enjoy the
benefit of his estate for the rest of her life or widowhood (NB Elizabeth never
benefited from this clause in the will since she died before her
husband). Nathaniel named his wife as administrator of the will, and the
witnesses were Daniel WAIT (perhaps her nephew 151, Mayor of Bristol in 1805?),
Edward STEPHENS, solicitor of Bristol and Edward STEPHENS junior. 
For his will see 3 at
 15.8.1822 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette p3: Wm HUGHES lab'r of Bristol 
whipped for stealing apples from orchard of N RUSSELL of Whitchurch.

  Nathaniel died on 26 November 1832. [Date of death taken from the probate
grant.] He was buried at Whitchurch on 3 December 1832, `aged 78', in the
churchyard of St Nicholas'. This was the church in which he had been baptised
and married. Nathaniel joined his wife, his parents, (at least) one of his
grandparents, and one of his children, all of whom had predeceased him and been
laid to rest in the churchyard. It is most likely that Nathaniel and Betty's
grave would have been marked by a headstone, but either the stone has since
been removed, or the inscription has weathered away. [Transcriptions of the
monuments in the churchyard were made in 1955 and 1977 and neither refers to
Nathaniel's grave.]

Following Nathaniel's death his son William travelled to Wells where he
appeared, on 20 May 1833, at the Consistorial Episcopal Court in order to
obtain Letters of Administration over his father's estate, and at the same time
a grant of probate. The Letters of Administration reveal Nathaniel's date of
death (26 November 1832) and also confirm that Nathaniel no longer held any
tenancies, presumably having retired from farming. The grant of probate
indicates that Nathaniel's effects were sworn at under P100 in value. The
estate was small, but this may have been because Nathaniel had passed on much
of his property or possessions before his death, or because any modest wealth
had gradually diminished because he had lived of the capital in his old
age. The wills proved within the Diocese of Bath & Wells up to 1857 were
destroyed during the bombing of Exeter in 1942. However, copies of wills proved
between 1812 and 1857 were sent to Estate Duty Office in London, where they
were used for the purpose of calculating death duty. These have now been
transferred to the Somerset County Records Office, and a copy of Nathaniel's
will was amongst them. [The copies of Nathaniel RUFSEL's will, administration
and probate, made for Estate Duty purposes are now at Somerset CRO (ref

It is not known what happened to his freehold property which he had leased to
George SAUNDERS. However, it probably passed to his son William, in accordance
with the terms of his will, and it was probably this property in which his son
later lived (from 1840 to 1848). Many records survive which refer to Nathaniel
and to his activities, and from these it is not difficult to visualise what his
character may have been like - he was a good farmer but clearly stubborn and
perhaps even a little cantankerous, as his dispute with his son-in-law

We know which Vestry meetings Nathaniel attended since he signed the minutes,
which were written up in the Vestry book. Nathaniel RUSSELL's record of
attendance at Whitchurch Vestry meetings is summarised as follows:

1789-90 1792-94 1796-1802 1803 1806-06 1810-12 1814 1816-18 1 meeting a year
1819 2 meetings, 1820 1 meeting

1785 2 meetings, 1786-87 1793-94 1 meeting a year, 1796-97 1799-1800 2 meetings
 a year, 1801 1 meeting, 1803 3 meetings  
1805 As well as a Poor rate, a Special rate was agreed at this meeting for the 
 Army of Reserve
1806 1808 1 meeting a year, 1811-12 2 meetings a year, 1813-14 1 meeting a year

1785 Agreed to carry on lawsuit against Parish of Bruton 
1790 to agree on care of orphan
1791 to authorise repairs to the church 
1792 occupation of the parish Poor House 
1794 agreed that a pauper & his wife should move into Poor House 
1796 agreed on apprenticeship of poor children 
1798 to authorise repair work to church tower and tower roof 
1800 2 meetings to agree on apprenticeship of poor children 
1806 to select Gentlemen for Jury Service 
1807 to fund hospital treatment for a Mr HISCOX 
1809 to discuss parish roads
1810 to authorise weekly payments to a Thos HAMBROW 

m by licence, Whitchurch 2.4.1782 sp-Elizabeth/Betty CHILTON bp 5.10.1760 St
Nicholas, Whitchurch 
 Their marriage register entry ex GA.
Both Nathaniel and Betty were able to
neatly sign their names in the m register. The witnesses to the marriage were
James LANSDOWN and Sarah STOCKER. (The LANSDOWN and STOCKER families were
prominent farming families within the parish). 3 chn b 1783-1789 all bp at St
Nicholas, Whitchurch.  At her marriage she was noted as a spinster of the
parish of Whitchurch. Bur 29.3.1827 Whitchurch `aged 66'. 
#She has ID 1 at 1.1 of
31 2-Mary RUSSELL bp 28 September 1783 St Nicholas', Whitchurch.
Amongst the property left to Mary by her 1st husband was the life tenancy of 5
acres of land Known as Slape, in Whitchurch, the control of which later led to
a family quarrel (see 3 above for details).  The 1840 Tithe Apportionment
Award shows that Mary was the fifth largest landowner in Whitchurch, with
136 acres (it is assumed this is the same Mary COLSTON). Mary also held
joint-tenancies on other land, with her children, including land leased from
Sir John SMYTH of Ashton Court. By 1851 Mary was again widowed and the
census recorded her as an annuitant living at White Cross in Whitchurch with
Anne [32-sp] visiting.

m1 Whitchurch 21 August 1802, by licence sp-George Adams STOCKER b1779
d 27.12.1807 at 26; abur 4.1.1808 St Nich.,Whitchurch. (Son of George STOCKER 
bur 9.1.1776 St Nich.,Whitchurch & Martha? bur 3.4.1800 St Nich.,Whitchurch). 
Witnesses were her father and uncle, Thomas RUYSELL.
George was a gentleman farmer at Whitchurch. (His name appears on the family 
monument inside the church at Whitchurch). A Mary or Sarah? STOCKER was a 
witness of the m of 3 Nathaniel.
  "The Office of Overseer of the poor as never a popular office, the holder 
having to keep the parish poor at a minimum expense to the ratepayers who are 
generally none too keen on paying their poor rates or attending the Vestry 
meetings to discuss the poor of the parish. In 1791 George STOCKER the then 
Overseer called four separate meetings including one at 10 at night so as not 
to interfere with the gathering of the harvest without a single person turning
up to any of them. Of course this may have been partly because he called for 
the meetings to be held in the church instead of in the more usual inn, where 
normally refreshment was provided out of the poor rate, e.g. "Sept.29th, 1812.
 At a Vestry meeting held this day we allowed 10 glasses of Gin and Water and 
3 quarts of Beer and 2 Pipes." The total cost of this was 4/6d or over twice 
the amount the W. PARKER referred to earlier was given each week to keep his 
mother-in-law." - ex

311 3-Anne STOCKER b 8 October 1806 bp St Nicholas, Whitchurch 1 January 1807.

[31 2-Mary RUSSELL bp 28 September 1783 St Nicholas, Whitchurch ]
m2 1809 sp-James Edward COLSTON bc1783 d14.3.1843 at 60. A local gentleman 
  In 1838 Mary COLSTON (nee RUSSELL) was brought before Consistorial Episcopal
Court of Wells for quarrelling, chiding and brawling in the parish church at 
Whitchurch and for laying violent hands upon George Wickham HALL (with a 
violent blow to his face with her hand, and also by thrusting and striking him
upon the face with a candle, saying 'I will push it into thy mouth').
 Ref: Somerset County Records office, ref DD/FS 55/11/6 and 18.  NB For a 
fuller account see under 16 2-James Edward COLSTON at the following link.
 (9 years later her daughter Agnes, ID 316, married George Wickham HALL).
#James has ID 16 at *1739 St Nicholas, Whitchurch, Somerset at See there for issue.
  1851 Whitecross, Whitchurch, Somerset: (ID numbers are for & for this file,
Mary COLSTON   Head W 70 1781 Whitchurch, Som.  Annuitant        16-sp
Jn'o Ed COLSTON Son U 39 1812 Whitchurch, Som.  Farmer 100 Acres 164
Ann RUSSELL Visitor W 70 1781 Middx Annuitant                    32-sp
Eliza COLSTON Daug  U 51 1800 Whitchurch, Som.  Annuitant        163 aged 34!
Elizabeth DOIL/DOYLE Serv 24 1827 Not known     House servant 
Eleanor MACATY       Serv 17 1834 Somerset 
John COLLOR          Serv 31 1820 Wiltshire     Ag. lab

32 2-William RUSSELL bp 18.1.1786 St Nicholas's, Whitchurch.
D 11.6.1849 Melksham, Wilts. Bur. 17.6.1849 Whitchurch. 
Born c1786 possibly at Abbots Farm, Whitchurch, Abbotts being one of the main 
tenements which was his father occupied at the time.
[From the Land Tax Returns.] He was the only known
son of Nathaniel RUYSEL, yeoman, and his wife Betty (nee CHILTON). Bur 1849
at Whitchurch.  Tenant farmer of Reeve's Farm and owner of RUSSELL's
Cottage, Whitchurch. Overseer of the Poor for Whitchurch, 1809, 1822 & 1840
and 'perpetual overseer of the poor' 1823-1834. Churchwarden of St Nicholas'
church, Whitchurch, 1810, 1823 & 1825. Way Warden for Whitchurch, 1837 &
1838. Census enumerator for part of the parish of Whitchurch, 1841.
Collector of the Land Tax in 1816, 1821, 1822 & 1826. Moved to Melksham,
Wiltshire, c1848. A yeoman farmer.

Wm was born c1786 possibly at Abbots Farm, Whitchurch, Abbotts being one of
the main tenements which was his father occupied at the time.

William spent his childhood at Whitchurch, and would continue to live there for
most of his life. He came from a respectable local family: His father, as well
as both grandfathers, had served as Parish Officers, and it is evident from
William's signature and handwriting in various documents that he had received
an education. However, it is also likely that William would also have helped
out on his father's farm. His father occupied Abbotts Farm, and other lands, as
a tenant of the SMYTH family, until 1802. The farm covered over 86 acres of
arable, pasture and meadow around Whitchurch, but in 1802, when William was
aged about 16, his father left Abbotts Farm and took on the tenancy of Reeve's
Farm, the freehold of which belonged to William's brother-in-law, Mr George
STOCKER. William probably helped his father run Reeve's Farm.

Between 1805 and 1812 a William RUSSELL (probably our William) was recorded, in
the Land Tax assessments for Whitchurch, as the tenant of Mrs Ann BAGRIDGE. The
property was fairly small - probably no more than a cottage, with perhaps a
little land attached, but was sufficient to incur a modest Land Tax charge of
1s/8d. Where William lived after 1812 is not clear, as his name is not
mentioned in the Land Tax returns, but his father (or his brother-in-law, James
COLSTON,) might have provided a cottage for his to use.

The first reference to William engaging in agriculture arises in connection
with a family dispute between - on the one hand - William and his father
(Nathaniel), and - on the other had - William's sister (Mary) and her newly-wed
second husband, James COLSTON. The details of the dispute, which concerned the
occupation of some land known as Slape within the parish of Whitchurch, plus an
adjoining garden and a withy-bed (amounting to some 5 acres) is detailed in the
biography of Nathaniel RUSSELL [3]. Here it is sufficient to say that the land
was apparently sub-let to William by his father, from Lady Day (25 March) 1809,
and when his brother-in-law sought the assistance of a solicitor in order to
reclaim the land, William refused point-blank to co-operate, maintaining (as
his father did too) that the notice to quit was invalid, having been served on
his father rather than himself as occupier of the land. The solicitor's papers
later became part of a collection of manuscripts (the Sherwood collection)
which came into the possession of the Society of Genealogists, now deposited at
Somerset County Records Office.[SCRO reference DD/SOG 1134 - copy taken by G
AUDCENT 6/7/99]

William's occupation was described as 'yeoman' in 1817 (in connection with the
proving of his uncle's will), and again in 1833 (in connection with the proving
of his father's will). 
From 1812 to 1825 the Land Tax returns refer to William's father, but
not to William himself, except that in 1816, 1822 & 1828 William was one of the
men who were appointed Assessors for the Land Tax and in 1821 he was one of the
two Collectors of the tax. [Nor was William RUSSELL listed amongst the
principal occupiers of land who agreed to a survey of all rateable property in
the parish in 1838, and nor was he listed as an owner or tenant of any farmland
in the schedule prepared to accompany the 1840 Tithe Commutation Map.]

In 1817 William and his sister, Mary COLSTON [31], inherited the estate of
their late uncle, Thomas RUFSELL, who had been a carpenter and had lived at
Whitchurch (Thomas had been married to their maternal aunt [Mary nee CHILTON
2 of 3.] and was not a blood relative as far as we know). The estate was
valued at less than P100 but was of sufficient worth to justify William and
his sister making the journey across the Mendips to Wells were they obtained
probate of their uncle's will on 28 May 1817.

In 1833 William was the sole beneficial of his late father's will, and again he
travelled to Wells to obtain the grant of probate from the Consistorial
Episcopal Court. The value of William's inheritance from his father was less
than P100, but probably included the freehold of a house and land (later known
as 'RUSSELL's Cottage'), which had belonged to William's father, and before
that to his uncle and his CHILTON grandparents.

Like his father and grandfathers, William played an active part in village
affairs following his marriage. He attended many parish meetings known as
`Vestry meetings' between 1809 and 1848. Members of the Vestry were the
substantial residents of the parish, who paid rates. Their responsibilities
were much wider than those of modern-day parish councils since, the parish was
the principle unit of local government. Vestries therefore had responsibility
for the setting and collection of property rates and maintenance of the parish
church and roads. However, their most important responsibility was the care of
the poor and sick. Regular vestry meetings took the more important decisions,
but day-to-day affairs were left to the Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor,
who were annually elected by the Vestry. These positions were unpaid and could
be quite onerous, but were considered to be a local honour. Most of the Vestry
meetings which William attended were to elect the parish officers, although in
1846 he was one of the men who agreed to authorise the payment of 3d per dozen
sparrows, yellow hammers, twinks or green linnets killed in the parish and
brought to the churchwardens.

William served as Overseer of the Poor in 1809, 1822 and then from 1823 until
1834 he served as `perpetual overseer'. He was Overseer of the Poor again in
1840, although by this date many of the Overseer's responsibilities had been
transferred to the new poor law unions. He served in the other main parish
office, as churchwarden in 1810, 1823 and 1825. He also served as the parish
Way Warden in 1837 and 1838.

Over the next twenty years William and Anne had at least twelve children, all
of whom were baptised at Whitchurch. Their first child was a son, baptised in
1810, whom they named George Stocker RUYSEL - presumably after William's late
brother-in-law (George STOCKER who had married Mary RUSSELL). Their 2nd was
John [322] in 1811. William and Ann's 3rd child was another son. He was born in
1812 and given the same name, William, as his father. In 1814 their 4th child
was born, this was yet another son whom they named Frederick Wellington (born
1814), after the Duke of Wellington. Their first daughter, Mariann, was born in
1815, to be followed by Frances Elizabeth, in 1817 and Ann, in 1818. Although
William and Anne had been quick to get their first-born baptised, they were not
so diligent in getting their next five children baptised. Consequently, these
children were baptised together on 7 June 1818 at Whitchurch. It is not clear
why some of their children were baptised late, especially as William had been a
Churchwarden. Perhaps he had fallen out with the parson? However, after 1818
the rest of their children were baptised more promptly, these being Thomas
(baptised 1819), Eliza (baptised 1821), Rozina (baptised 1822), James (baptised
1825), Edwin (baptised 1826 - see separate biography) and finally Alfred
(baptised 1829).

In 1826 the Land Tax Returns for Whitchurch show William as the tenant of his
brother-in-law, Mr James COLSTON [sp of 32]. William was shown farming the same land as
his father had farmed up until 1822. The main tenement was known as "Reeve's"
(later referred to as "Reeve's Farm" in the Electoral registers), and had an
annual rental of P50 with a further land tax charge of P8 1s 2d. The other
smaller tenements occupied by William went under the descriptions of 'part of
Abbots', 'late Rooms', 'Claylands', 'part of late ADAMS' and three separate
tenancies each referred to as 'part of Balls'. The total rental for these other
tenements amounted to P27 13s 11d, with a Land Tax of P4 2s 5½d. In 1826
William again acted as one of the two men who collected the Land Tax, and in
1828 he was again an Assessor.  According to the Land Tax returns William
continued farming, as a tenant of his brother-in-law, until at least 1831, with
the same tenements listed in the returns each year as well as identical rental
and Land Tax valuations. In fact, the Electoral Register confirms that William
continued to occupy Reeve's Farm after 1831, up to and including the year

The Charity Commissioner's Reports (1819-1837) record that, in accordance with
the terms of the will of Mr William OPIE, "the sum of P3 14s is annually paid
by Mr James COLSTON of the parish of Whitchurch, in respect of an estate called
Reeve's Estate in the same parish, of which he is the proprietor, to the
minister of the said parish, who preaches a sermon every other Sunday; and the
said James COLSTON also pays the sum of 20s annually to the churchwardens or
overseer, who annually distributes it in sixpenny loaves among the poor who
attend the church on Christmas-day". William RUSSELL must have been pleased
that it was the proprietor rather than the occupier who was expected to pay out
the charitable gift, and that it was therefore his brother-in-law rather than
himself who was left out of pocket each year.

Around 1840 William moved out of Reeve's Farm and went to live at 'RUSSELL's
Cottage', a house and garden of which he was the freehold owner. He lived there
until 1848. It seems that he had retired from active or full-time farming,
because the 1840 Tithe Apportionment Award for Whitchurch shows no agricultural
land in the ownership of, or in occupation by, anyone named RUSSELL. However,
it does show William as the owner and occupier of a house with carpenter's
shop, a garden and two orchards on the northern side of Church Lane (opposite
the church). This must have been 'RUSSELL's Cottage' although it was not listed
as such. It appears that the Award also lists at least two of William's sons -
with his son (and namesake) William leasing a small house and yard (backing
onto the churchyard) from George HALL, and his son George renting a house from
the COLSTON family. Both the HALL and COLSTON families were related to the
RUSSELLs: for George HALL, see 135 of *1739 St Nicholas, Whitchurch, Somerset 

'RUSSELL's Cottage' was almost certainly the same property which had belonged
to William's family since at least 1781. In that year the Land Tax Returns show
a small property owned by a carpenter named William CHILTON, who was William's
grandfather. After his grandfather's death in 1788, his widow, Mary, continued
to live there, and when she died in 1809, the property passed to her
son-in-law, Thomas RUSSELL, who was also a carpenter. From 1812 the Land Tax
Returns show the property as being in the joint-ownership of Thomas and
Nathaniel RUSSELL (brothers [in that they married sisters]). Thomas died in
1817 and from then on the property belonged to Nathaniel. However, Nathaniel
was a farmer, not carpenter by trade, and he therefore let the property to
tenants at an annual rent (in 1825) of P1 10s 0d. His tenant from 1822 until at
least 1831 was a George SAUNDERS. Nathaniel continued to own the property until
at least 1831, and when he died the following year, his will left all his
estate to his son, probably including "RUSSELL's Cottgae".

It seems that William was one of the two men from Whitchurch who were appointed
to collect the information for the 1841 census. As he had been one of the
Overseers of the Poor the previous year (1840-41) he would have been an obvious
choice as Enumerator. Indeed it is likely that he would have carried out the
previous census in 1831 (for which no records survive). Enumerators could not
be infirm and had to be `temperate, orderly and respectable' and able to
conduct themselves `with strict propriety'. The 1841 census was carried on 6
June, and on 12 June William signed the Enumerator's Schedule (for Enumeration
District No. 8) before handing over the Schedule to the Registrar of the
Keynsham District. [There were two Enumeration Districts covering Whitchurch,
numbered 7 and 8. The Enumerator for District No. 8 signed himself Wm
RUFSELL. There were several William RUSSELL's in Whitchurch at the time, but
the signature looks very much like that of the above William RUSSELL, and as he
was lately Overseer of the Poor, it would seem most likely that he was the
Enumerator. This could be confirmed beyond doubt by checking the signature of
the other William RUSSELL (who was a 25 year old farmer at the time and
probably considered too young in view of the sensitive nature of the task).]
On 25 April 1848 William attended his last Vestry meeting, which took place in
the Vestry Room of the parish church and was held for the purposes of
appointing the churchwardens.

During the late 1840s members of the RUSSELL family, including William and
Mary around 1848, moved to the town of Melksham in Wiltshire. William was in
his sixties by then, and perhaps was not in the best of heath (he died aged
63). Maybe he retired from farming because of ill health. When William died,
in 1849, his `place of abode' was recorded in the burial register as
Melksham in Wiltshire. However, William and Anne had not severed all their
connections with Whitchurch as some of their children continued to live in
the area. William died on 11 June 1849 and was buried in the churchyard of
his native village of Whitchurch, on 17 June 1849, aged `63 years'.

Julian RUSSELL [32(12)6 71] in 1998 has in his possession a George IV
coronation mug which has been passed down through the family, displaying the
name `W RUSSELL'. This may well have belonged to William.

  17.6.1843 Bristol Mercury p6: 5 men [named, to be tried for robbery] 
apprehended by W RUSSELL, constable of Whitchurch, & x.  Presumably Wm above.

m by licence 30.8.1808 St Nicholas's Whitchurch sp-Anne SANDEFORD b 19.10.1784
Middlesex; d 1855 Box, Wiltshire; bur 4.2.1855 Whitchurch aged 70.  They were
married by the curate. Both William and Anne were able to sign their names. The
witnesses to the marriage were M STOCKER - probably William's sister Mary (31
m1 1802 George Adam STOCKER) - and Geo GANE (a friend of the family, who would
later marry William's sister 33 Ann, in 1814).  The marriage licence no longer
survives. However, several legal documents associated with the marriage licence
(ie the allegation and bond) were retained by the church authorities and these
are now held by Somerset County Records Office. [SCRO reference D/D/CM 1808 A.]
These reveal that the marriage licence was obtained just three days before the
wedding, and that both William and his father, entered into a bond, to the sum
of P300, in support of William's oath that there was no let or impediment why
he should not marry Anne SANDEFORD.  
 Their marriage register entry ex GA.

(# She might be Ann SANFORD bp 27.10.1782 St John's, Hackney, Middlesex to John
& Hannah SANFORD C042152 1742-1812. See 4.) Bur Whitchurch, 1855.
At the time of her marriage she was a spinster of the parish of Whitchurch. 
 At least 13 children b 1810-1829 & bp'd at St Nicholas, at Whitchurch.  
  1841 Whitchurch, Somerset on same page as families of John Day COLSTON
[brother of m2 of 31 - see], Chorme? DAY, John KING & 
 Susanna WAIT [0? at *1768
William RUSSELL 50 1791 Somerset Farmer      32
Ann RUSSELL     50 1791 outside Somerset     32-sp
Rossina RUSSELL  15 1826 Somerset            32(10)
James RUSSELL   15 1826 Somerset             32(11) 
Edwin RUSSELL   15 1826 Somerset             32(12) 
Alfred RUSSELL  11 1830 Somerset             32(13) 
Maryann Russell TAYLOR 6 weeks 1841 Somerset 3251
 Although William's property included a carpenter's shop, none of this 
household was recorded as a carpenter in the 1841 census. It is
therefore not known whether the carpenter's shop was put to active use whilst
William lived at 'RUSSELL's Cottage', but it is probably no co-incidence that
his own son, Edwin 32(12), later became a ship's carpenter and shipwright.
  1851 Whitecross, Whitchurch, Somerset:
 (ID numbers are for & russell.html)
Mary COLSTON   Head W 70 1781 Whitchurch, Som.  Annuitant        16-sp
Jn'o Ed COLSTON Son U 39 1812 Whitchurch, Som.  Farmer 100 Acres 164
Ann RUSSELL Visitor W 70 1781 Middx Annuitant                    32-sp
Eliza COLSTON Daug  U 51 1800 Whitchurch, Som.  Annuitant        163 aged 34!
Elizabeth DOIL/DOYLE Serv 24 1827 Not known     House servant 
Eleanor MACATY       Serv 17 1834 Somerset 
John COLLOR          Serv 31 1820 Wiltshire     Ag. lab

  It is possible that Ann remained in contact with relations in Middlesex 
because one of her granddaughters was born in London in 1848. Both of William's
sisters had married well (apparently with their father's help) and it quite 
possible that William's bride came from an equally comfortable background.

It seems that Anne continued to live in Wiltshire after her husband's death. In
the 1851 census her son James 32(11), a GWR policeman, was living at Melksham
with two of Anne's grandchildren. Anne probably lived with them at Melksham,
but on the night of the 1851 census she was recorded as a `visitor' in the
household of Mrs Mary COLSTON 31 at White Cross in Whitchurch. Mrs COLSTON was
Anne's sister-in-law (ie William's sister) and the farmhouse where she lived
still stands opposite Gilda Parade in Whitchurch. It seems that the family
dispute in 1810 (between Nathaniel/William RUSSELL and Mary/James COLSTON) had
long since been forgotten.

The 1851 census recorded Anne as an Annuitant visiting her sr-in-law Mary 31;
(see under Mary's m2 for details). By the time of her death, in
1855, she was living in the village of Box, on the border of Wiltshire and
Somerset. [Place of Abode given in the burial register] However, she was
buried at Whitchurch, on 4 February 1855 `aged 70 years'.  William and Ann
were buried in the churchyard at Whitchurch. Until recently the location of
William's grave was unknown since no headstone survived. However, in .2.1977
the wording of all the gravestones in the churchyard were transcribed by a
local resident, D J IVORY (of 51 Whitecross Avenue, Whitchurch) [a copy is
held at Somerset CRO (ref DD/X/IV). An earlier, and therefore possibly a
better, transcription is available in the library of the SoG, in London this
has not yet been consulted.] The transcription includes the following entry:

	Entry 61:
RUSSELL James, son of William died 10 July 1863 [32(11)]
   ?   ?died   ? 
RUSSELL William died  ?.. June.. ?65 (?)   
Mary died   ??	[31??]
Transcribed by E M WOODFORD on 6 September 1955. A copy is held in the library
of the SoG, London. The transcription appears patchy eg it completely misses
the grave of William CHILTON! & there is no reference to the first two entries
shown in the 1977 transcription:
RUSSELL William died  11 June 1849 aged 63 
TAYLOR Mary, daughter died 1809	
TAYLOR Mary, daughter died ... 1809
  The inscription has now completely weathered away, and even in 1977 was only
partially illegible. However, the transcription confirms that William (who 
died June of 1849, aged 63 - not 65) and Ann were buried in the same plot,and 
that they were later joined by their son and one other person. The order in
which the transcription was made indicates that their grave was close to the
other family graves (ie those of Anne GANE 33, Thomas and Mary RUSSELL, and
William CHILTON fr-in-law of 3).

321 3-George Stocker RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch 1.1.1810. Presumably
he was named after his father's late brother-in-law (31 m1 George Adam STOCKER
- the STOCKER family were local farmers who were prominent in Vestry affairs).
  28.4.1838 Bristol Mercury p3: Friday 3am G RUSSELL, butcher of Whitchurch
[on his way] to Shepton-Mallet market, was stopped by 3 men on Hursley Hill, 
who beat him in such a dreadful manner. He became senseless, when they robbed 
him of 95 Pounds. He lies in a precarious state.

  23.2.1843 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette p2: I, George Stocker RUSSELL [of]
Whitchurch, Somerset, being a butcher, coal haulier, ag lab, grocer & general
shopkeeper [file for bankruptcy].

  18.10.1851 Wells Journal. The Inquest of Street. A letter to George RUSSELL
from Deputy Coroner Francis SIMONDS advising how his vicious untied dog 
attacked a horse, resulting in the death of W EDWARDS at Street.

m by 1841 sp-Priscilla (CHARD?) BURNELL b c1816 Cheddar,Somerset,d 14.4.1886
  1861 a needlewoman.  1871 a seamstress. George and Priscilla lived at
Whitchurch where George worked as a butcher (1828-1847), a parish constable
(1848 and 1853), agricultural labourer (1851), labourer (1859) and a "dealer"
(1861), a cattle dealer (1871) and sheep dresser (1879). In 1840, he was
living in a small house with garden, backing onto the churchyard, which he
rented from his aunt and cousins (the COLSTON family). They continued to live
at Whitchurch until at least 1871.
  1841 census Whitchurch:                              My ID
George RUSSELL    30 1811 Somerset Butcher 321
Priscilla RUSSELL 25 1816 Somerset       m 321
John RUSSELL       2 1839 Somerset         3212
Edward RUSSELL 4 months 1840 Somerset      3213
  1851 census Whitchurch:                              My ID
George RUSSELL    Head M 41 1810 Whitchurch, Som.  Ag. lab, haulier 321
Priscilla RUSSELL Wife M 35 1816 Cheddar                          m 321
William RUSSELL   Son    12 1839 Whitchurch, Som.  Ag. lab          3211 
John RUSSELL      Son    11 1840 Whitchurch, Som.  Ag. lab.         3212
Edward RUSSELL    Son    10 1841 Whitchurch, Som.  Ag. lab.         3213
Frances RUSSELL   Daur    8 1843 Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar          3214
Albert RUSSELL    Son     5 1846 Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar          3215
Sophia RUSSELL    Daur    3 1848 Whitchurch, Som.                   3216
George RUSSELL    Son    6m 1850 Whitchurch, Som.                   3217
On same page are John Day COLSTON & family, 17 of *1739 at
  1861 census Whitchurch:                                     My ID
George RUSSELL    Head M 51 1820 Whitchurch, Som.   Dealer     321
Priscilla RUSSELL wife M 45 1826 Cheddar, Som.   Needlewoman m 321
Albert RUSSELL    son    15 1846 Whitchurch, Som.   Ag lab     3215
Sophia RUSSELL    dr     13 1848 Whitchurch, Som.   Scholar    3216
George RUSSELL    son    10 1851 Whitchurch, Som.   Ag lab     3217
James RUSSELL     son    6? 1855? Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar    3218
Rosina RUSSELL    dr      4 1857 Whitchurch, Som.   Scholar    3219
Bessie RUSSELL    dr      2 1859 Whitchurch, Som.   Scholar    321(10)
Mary A RUSSELL    dr  4 mos 1860 Whitchurch, Som.              321(11)

  1871 census at Todding House, Whitchurch (dates added): My ID
George RUSSELL    Head M 56 1815 Whitchurch, Som.  Cattle dealer  321
Priscilla RUSSELL Wife M 50 1821 Cheddar, Som.     Seamstress   m 321
Rosina RUSSELL    dr     14 1857 Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar        3219
Bessie RUSSELL    dr     12 1859 Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar        321(10)
Mary A RUSSELL    dr     10 1861 Whitchurch, Som.  Scholar        321(11)
Charles COLES   Lodger U 25 1846 Publow, Somerset  Painter 

  1881 census at 31 Turnpike Road ex D WESTON: 
George Stocker RUSSELL  Head M 71 1810 Whitchurch,Som. Sheep dealer,vet surg 
Priscilla Chard RUSSELL Wife M 65 1816 Cheddar, Som.   Seamstress 
Mary Ann RUSSELL     Daur U 20 1861 Whitchurch, Som.   Assistant school teacher

George died Dec qtr 1881 (freebmd RUSSELL George Stocker 65 Keynsham  5c 410)
and was buried at Whitchurch on 11 December 1881 aged 65. 
Priscilla died in 1886 (freebmd RUSSELL Priscilla Chard 70 Keynsham  5c 477)
and was buried at Whitchurch on 18 April. 3 chn

3211 4-William John RUSSELL b c1838 Whitchurch bp 24 June 1838 Whitchurch.
  ??1841 West Lumtook?, with? William LYE 41 farmer, at Kingsbury Episcopi, 
Elizabeth HODGES 18 1823 Somerset
Mary BEST 	 13 1828 Somerset  FS
William RUSSELL   3 1838 Somerset
  1851 ag lab, 12, with parents.

3212 4-John RUSSELL bc1839 Whitchurch bp 25 August 1839 Whitchurch. He was
  1841-51 with parents. In 1851 working as an agricultural labourer aged 11.
He later joined the Royal Navy. 

m sp-Sarah A c1844 Portsea, Hants.
  1871 Dock Bermuda, Vessels, Royal Navy, England:
John RUSSELL    Head M 29 1842 Whitchurch, Somerset  Stoker  3212

  1881 census Dwelling, 22 Commons St, Portsea, Hampshire:         My ID
John RUSSELL    Head M 41 1840 Whitchurch, Somerset  Stoker R.N.   3212
Sarah A RUSSELL Wife M 37 1844 Portsea, Hampshire   	         m 3212
Charles RUSSELL Son  U 17 1864 Portsea, Hampshire    Printer       32121  
John RUSSELL    Son    12 1869 Portsea, Hampshire    Scholar       32122  
Albert RUSSELL  Son  	6 1875 Portsea, Hampshire    Scholar       32123

 Dave RUSSELL sent me his Admiralty records 18.4.2014: John RUSSELL 
b. 08/08/1841 in Whitchurch. [This does not match his bp date above.]
Engaged 23.4.1864 10 years 29401 A. Height 5'6, brown hair & eyes.
  Ships served in: BELLEROPHON Sq Stoker 1873, TRIUMPH Sq Stoker 1875, 
INDUS Sq Stoker 1875, ASIA Sq Stoker 1875, JUNO Sq Stoker 1876, 
FROLIC Sq Stoker 1876-80, ASIA Sq Stoker 1880-82, SULTAN SM 1882-83, 

32121 5-Charles RUSSELL b c1869 Portsea, Hampshire.  1881 with parents.
32122 5-John RUSSELL b c1864 Portsea, Hampshire.  1881 with parents.
32123 5-Albert RUSSELL b c1875 Portsea, Hampshire.  1881 with parents.

3213 4-Edward Merry RUSSELL b c1841 Whitchurch, b regd  Mar 1841 vol 11 p113, 
bp Whitchurch 28.6.1841.  1841-51 with parents, 1851 working as an ag lab aged 
just 10.
  1861 Portsmouth Harbour, Vessels, Hampshire:
Edward RUSSELL S 18 1843 Whitchurch, Bristol, Somerset  Ord 1st Class
m sp-Annie Louisa b 1863 Portsmouth, Hampshire
  1881 census, Vessel KANGAROO, Burnham, Essex:                       My ID  
Edward RUSSELL Head M 37 1844 Bristol, Somerset         Comml Boatman  3213
Ann RUSSELL    Wife M 27 1854 Portsmouth, Hampshire                  m 3213
Daniel Henry HAGGARTY Other U 27 1854 Devonport, Devon  Kealman  	  
  1911 West Liss, Greatham, Hampshire:
Edward RUSSELL Head M 68 1843 Whitchurch, Somerset  Naval Pensioner Stoker RN 
Annie Louisa RUSSELL Wife M 56 1857 Portsmouth, Hants  Small shopkeeper, sweets
  & general.

 Dave RUSSELL sent me his Admiralty record, Catalogue Reference ADM/139/561
on 18.4.2014: Edward RUSSELL b. 02/11/1842 Whitchurch. 
 Height 5'4, ... HMS BRITTANICA 4.3.1861, Boy 1st class 4.3.1861... 10 years
..  Assigned CS no. 16020.
NOTE All persons in the receipt of pensions are excluded from entering for
continuous s[ervice] He made his mark. 12.10.1871 he reengaged for continuous
service & signed his name, as an Able Seaman on HMS EXCELLEN[CE], Portsmouth
receiving a clothing gratuity. There is a letter re this dated 27.11.1871 on
HMS EXCELLENCE [signed or addressed to?] Sir James HOPE GCB Commander in Chief.
  Enclosure in Portsmouth letter No 2193 of 1871. Relative to a man having been
found physically unfit for re-entry. HMS TRAFALGAR at shadkirk? 15.11.1871
letter signed by the Captain to? Henry BOYS HMS EXCELLENT, Portsmouth.
  .. He has since been reengaged at Haslar Hospital & found fit for further
service. Signed xxxPRSELL, Commander.
 Letter 2193 to the Admiralty, on DUKE OF WELLINGTON at Portsmouth 30.11.1871.

Section 13 on 45146 Edward RUSSELL No. 16.020 a
  Ships served in: NEPTUNE 1861-62, ROYAL OAK 1862-67, ASIA 1867-68,
  W for pension 30.9.1882.

3214 4-Francis ("Fanny") Elizabeth RUSSELL b1842 Whitchurch; bp there 11
December 1842. Probably named after her aunt.  1851 with parents.
  In 1861 she was living in the household of her cousin James COLSTON, the 
inn keeper of the White Hart, Whitchurch, for whom she worked a servant.
 #He has ID 162 at  *1763 of
  1871 St Anne and St Agnes, London with family of Alprice FRASER 32:
Fanny RUSSELL Serv S 28 1842 Whitchurch, Somerset  Housemaid, GPO

3215 4-Albert James RUSSELL b reg. Dec qtr 1845; bp 18.4.1847 Whitchurch. 
  1851-61 with parents.

?m sp-Hannah Maria DANIS 1850 Lancashire 
  1891 10 Porston St, Battersea, London:
Albert James RUSSELL   Head M 45 1846 Somerset    R guard  3215
Hannah Maria RUSSELL   Wife M 41 1850 Lancashire
Frances Hellen RUSSELL Daur S 17 1874 Lambeth              32151
Tom RUSSELL 	       Son     6 1885 Battersea            32152
Arthur RUSSELL 	       Son     1 1890 Battersea            32153
Sarah Ann DANIS      Sister S 44 1847 Lancashire  Dressmaker
  1901 10 Porston St, Battersea, London:
Albert J RUSSELL   Head M 55 1846 Bristol, Somerset  Goods guard, rly  3215
Hannah M RUSSELL   Wife M 50 1851 Lancashire
Tom RUSSELL 	       Son    16 1885 Battersea, London  Bill diliverer O17/1
Arthur RUSSELL 	       Son    11 1890 Battersea, London                32153
  1911 73 Killyon Rd, Clapham S W, Wandsworth, London:
Albert James RUSSELL   Head M 65 1846 1846 Somerset - replaced by Gloucester
                                                 Railway guard           3215
Hannah Maria RUSSELL   Wife M 61 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire
Frances Ellen RUSSELL Daur  M 37 1874 South Lambeth  - line crossed out  32151
Tom RUSSELL 	       Son  S 26 1885 Battersea  Bill distribution       32152
Arthur RUSSELL 	       Son  S 21 1890 Battersea  Railway clerk           32153

32151 5-Frances Hellen RUSSELL 1874 Lambeth, London  1891 & 1911? with parents.
?Frances Helen R RUSSELL m Jun Q 1904 Islington, London sp-Gottlieb SPEIDEL or
 Walter Charles F WILLETT - chk for chn	 

32152 5-Tom RUSSELL 1885 Battersea, London  1891-1911 with parents.            
32153 5-Arthur RUSSELL 1890 Battersea, London  1891-1911 with parents.

3216 4-Sophia Ann RUSSELL b c1848 Whitchurch reg. Dec qtr 1847 bp 24.12.1848 
 Whitchurch  1851-61 with parents.
?m Mar Q 1880 Wandsworth sp-William Henry DAVIES or Hamlet HARRIS

3217 4-George RUSSELL b 27.9.1850 Whitchurch; bp 2.3.1853 Whitchurch,
with his younger brother.  d 25.2.1930 at 79.  1851-61 with parents.
  By 1879 he was working as a sheep dresser.
The estate of Mr George RUSSELL 
deceased/ Dundry & Whitchurch, Somerset/ Important sale of a valuable/ 
Freehold Dairy Farm/ Closes of Accomodation/ Pasture & Building Land/
Detached/ Dwelling House & Land/ to be sold by auction at the/ Grand Hotel,
Broad St, Bristol/ on Thursday 5th June 1930/ at 330 o'clock in the afternoon
precisely/ Solicitors MEADE-KING & Co, 22-24 Orchard St, Bristol. Auctioneers
William KING & Sons, Chew Magna, Somerset - ex GA.

m c1879 sp-Mary Jane WOOLVEN b c1850 at Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey  d 5.4.1907 
at 57. They settled in London. 
  1881 census Dwelling 22 Charlotte St, Southwark Christchurch, Surrey:
George RUSSELL  Head M 30 1851 Witchurch, Somerset Crate Maker (Carpenter)3217 
Maria J RUSSELL Wife M 31 1850 Kingston On Thames, Surrey               m 3217
George H RUSSELL Son    2 1879 London Ch Ch, London                       32171
Wm J RUSSELL     Son    1 1880 London Ch Ch, London                       32172
Infant RUSSELL   Son  1 m 1881 London Ch Ch, London                       32173
Sarah WOOLVEN Sis In Law U 28 Kingston On Thames, Surrey  General servt 
Rachel WILLIAMS  Visitor W 43 Sherness, Kent              Monthly nurse
Daniel STEVENSON Boarder U 20 London Lambeth, London      Clerk commercial
Geo. W MOSS  	 Boarder U 21 Kirlywash, Essex            Porter at hat factory

Between 1885 and 1890 the family returned to north Somerset, where George
acquired agricultural land at Whitchurch and Dundry. He must has done well in
London and accrued some capital. The Return of Owners of Land 1873, Vol II
(published 1875) shows a George RUSSELL as the owner of 3 acres of land in
Winford (with a gross estimated rental value of P5-3-0).The 1897 North Somerset
Electoral Register (BRO 40385) shows that George owned land at Winford,
although his place of abode was listed as Littleton, Dundry. (The 1885 and 1897
Registers for Winford show that there was another a George RUSSELL, resident at
Ridghill and Strode respectively.  These are clearly different people to the
George RUSSELL who lived at Dundry.)
  1891 n.m. Farm [between Hassell and Upton Farms], Dundry, Somerset:
George RUSSELL Head M 40 1851 Witchurch, Somerset    Farmer    3217 
Mary J RUSSELL Wife M 41 1850 Kingston, Surrey               m 3217
William J RUSSELL Son 11 1880 Christchurch, London  Scholar    32172
Bessie RUSSELL  Daur   5 1886 Christchurch, London  Scholar    32174
Arthur RUSSELL  Son    1 1890 Dundry, Somerset                 32175
James T RUSSELL Son 2 mo 1891 Dundry, Somerset                 32176
William HANNEY Serv S 19 1872 n.k., Wales            Farm servant
Amelia CLARK   Serv   13 1878 Winford, Somerset      Dom servant
 In 1895 he acquired 7 acres
of pasture land at Littleton in Dundry. In 1896 he acquired the freehold of
Staunton House in Staunton Lane, Whitchurch which, with adjoining land,
amounted to 3½ acres. [In 1861 Saunton House had been occupied by John Day
COLSTON (aged 75).] The 1897 Electoral Register (for the parishes of Dundry
and Winford) gives his abode as Littleton, Dundry & shows that this George 
still owned land in Winford. It is not known whether this is the same George, 
as most of our George's land was in the parishes of Whitchurch and Dundry.
  1901 Court Farm, Dundry, Somerset:
George RUSSELL Head M 50 1851 Whitchurch, Somerset     Farmer  3217 
Mary J RUSSELL Wife M 51 1850 Kingston on Thames, Surrey     m 3217
William J RUSSELL Son S 20 1881 Blackfriars, London            32172
Bessie RUSSELL   Daur S 15 1886 Blackfriars, London            32174
Arthur RUSSELL  Son   11 1890 Dundry, Somerset                 32175
James T RUSSELL Son   10 1891 Dundry, Somerset                 32176
Elsie RUSSELL   Daur   8 1893 Dundry, Somerset                 32177
Frederick RUSSELL Son  4 1897 Dundry, Somerset                 32178
Rosina RUSSELL Visitor S 44 1857 Whitchurch, Somerset  Parlourmaid, dom  3219
Walter T ATKINS   Serv   22 1879 Dundry, Somerset   Ordinary ag lab
  1911 North Hill Farm, Dundry, Somerset:
George RUSSELL Head M 60 1851 Whitchurch, Some     Farmer          3217 
Mary A RUSSELL Wife M 58 1853 Knowle, Som                        m 3217
Arthur RUSSELL  Son S 21 1890 Littleton, Dundry  Employed at home  32175
James RUSSELL   Son S 20 1891 Littleton, Dundry  Farm lab          32176
Elsie RUSSELL  Daur S 18 1893 Littleton, Dundry                    32177
Frederick RUSSELL Son S 15 1896 Littleton, Dundry  Farm lab        32178
Rosina RUSSELL Sister S 54 1857 Whitchurch, Som'  Visitor, Private means  3219
Alice CLEMENTS 	Serv S 31 1880 Keynsham, Somerset  Dom
Walter ASKINS 	Serv S 32 1879 Dundry, Somerset   Farm lab
  By the time of his death George was residing at Staunton House in
Whitchurch. In 1908 he acquired another field in the parish of Whitchurch,
at the foot of the Maes Knoll Hill on the lane between Whitchurch and
Dundry. In 1912 he acquired another 5 acres at Whitchurch (now built over
and known as Hooper Road, Stockwood). In 1916 the Ashton Court Estate sold
its agricultural holding in Whitchurch, and George took the opportunity to
augment his land on the lane between Whitchurch and Dundry. The 1919 Kelly's
Directory lists George as a cattle dealer at East Dundry. In 1920 George
made his biggest purchase of all when he purchased the freehold of North
Hill Farm, East Dundry, from the Trustees of the Bristol Municipal
Charities, totalling over 130 acres. When George d 1930 probate was granted
to four of his sons, all farmers, on 17 May at Bristol. His estate was
valued at P9,034 5s 10d. [The Calendar of Grants of Probate & Letters of
Admin (1930) states RUSSELL, George, of Staunton House, Whitchurch, near
Bristol, died 25 February 1930.  Probate Bristol to -2 William John RUSSELL,
-5 Arthur RUSSELL, -6 James Theodore RUSSELL and -8 Frederick RUSSELL, farmers
Effects P9034 5s 10d.] George was buried with his wife at Dundry (where
their grave is marked by a headstone) and shortly afterwards, most of his
property in Whitchurch and East Dundry, including both Staunton House and
North Hill Farm, were sold at auction, on 5 June 1930 at the Grand Hotel,
Bristol. In 2007 Staunton Manor House, Whitchurch is now Horseworld. 

32171 5-George H RUSSELL b c1879 Southwark Christchurch, London (probably
at 22 Charlotte St where the family were living in 1881). His family
returned to North Somerset, living at Dundry, but George may have died as he
was not living with them in the 1891 census (but he could have been living

32172 5-William John RUSSELL b c1880 Blackfiars/Southwark, Christchurch,
London (probably at 22 Charlotte Street where the family were living in
1881). His family returned to North Somerset, living at Dundry, whilst he
was a child.  1891-1901 with his parents. 
In 1908 he was living at Whitchurch and working as a cattle dealer. In 1930 he
acted as an executor for his father's estate and was recorded as a farmer.

m sp-Hannah Kate At least one child:-

32172 1 6-Caroline (?) Mary Ann RUSSELL bp 30.9.1908 Whitchurch.

32173 5-(First Name Unknown) RUSSELL b Feb/March 1881 Southwark
Christchurch, London (probably at 22 Charlotte St where the family were
living at the time) . His family returned to North Somerset, living at
Dundry, but he may have died as he was not listed with his family in the
1891 or 1901 census (but he could have been living elsewhere).

32174 5-Bessie RUSSELL b c1886 Blackfriars/Christchurch, London d 13
January 1917, aged 24, and was buried at Dundry with her mother.
  1891 with parents.

32175 5-Arthur RUSSELL b c1890 Dundry.  1891-1911 with parents.
  He appears in the 1918 Absent Voters List (Weston-s-Mare Division, Parish of 
Dundry) when he was a Sergeant in the 6th Res. C.R. His address was recorded as
Dundry. In 1930 he acted as an executor for his father's estate and was 
recorded as a farmer.

32176 5-James Theodore RUSSELL b 1891 Dundry, Somerset d 16.6.1970, aged 79. 
  1891-1911 with parents.
In 1930 he acted as an executor for his father's estate and was recorded as a
farmer. In 1935 he was a cattle dealer at Elton Farm, Dundry (Kelly's).

m Dec Q 1915 Long Ashton sp-Sarah "Rose" B SWEET d 10.8.1963, aged 77. 
They were both buried at Dundry where their grave is marked by a headstone.

32176 1 6-Eileen Margaret RUSSELL reg as ER Sep Q 1918 Long Ashton district. 
(4m SW of Bristol. This includes Dundry.) She lived in Elton Farm, Dundry in 
1946, & worked as Operations Manager for BOAC (forerunner to British Airways). 
One of her relatives worked for Bennett Brothers, Counterslip Works, Bristol in
1906. She and the BENNETTs are related to the informant's husband. In a book 
dedicated to the company's owner, Joseph BENNETT, the signature of an H RUSSELL
appears on p1.  Alive 2004.
- This info is thanks to GW - name withheld on request.

  According to
she wrote "Eileen Russell / Elton Farm / Dundry / Xmas 1931 / From the Bird - 
Knapp" in a book "The poor gentleman" by HAY, Ian.

m Sep Q 1958 Bridgwater, Somerset sp-Martin J KNAPP. A teacher. They moved to 

??32176 2 6-Eric J RUSSELL reg Sep Q 1926 W. Bromwich. His mother is probably 
a different SWEET.

32177 5-Elsie RUSSELL c1893 Dundry, Somerset  1901-1911 with parents.

32178 5-Frederick (Fred) RUSSELL b c1897 Dundry.  1901-1911 with parents.
  He is listed in the 1918 Absent Voters List (Weston-s-Mare Division, Parish 
of Dundry) as a Private in the 6th Res car. His home address was North Hill 
Farm, Dundry. He was still living at North Hill Farm in 1930, which he farmed 
as a yearly tenant of his father. It seems he vacated the farm before its sale 
later that year, but continued to farm at Dundry as the 1935 Kelly's directory 
lists Frederick RUSSELL as a farmer at East Dundry. In 1930 he acted as an 
executor for his father's estate and was recorded as a farmer. A Frederick 
John RUSSELL was recorded as a Warehouseman, living at Whitchurch 1921 and at 
8 Buckingham St, Bristol in 1925, with wife. [This might be the same Frederick,
but `our'Frederick never otherwise was associated with a middle name of John.]
m sp-Louise They had two children.

32178 1 6-Raymond Colston Frederick RUSSELL bp 26.9.1921 Whitchurch.
 1973-1999 living at 314A Bishopsworth Road, Bristol 3 (Kelly's Directory, 
BT Directory).

32178 2 6-Patricia Pauline Louise RUSSELL bp Whitchurch 30 August 1925.
m Dec Q 1948 Bristol sp-Arthur TOBIN 1 child found.

3218 4-James RUSSELL b 8.10.1852 Whitchurch; bp 2.3.1853 Whitchurch. b regd
Mar 1853 Keynsham.  1861 with parents.
  1871 Hassell Farm, Whitchurch, Somerset:
Mary A HASSELL  Head W 32 1839 Farnborough, Somerset  Farmer 30 acres 1 man
George HASSELL  Son     8 1863 Whitchurch, Somerset   Scholar
James HASSELL   Son     7 1864 Whitchurch, Somerset   Scholar
John DURRY   Brother U 25 1846 Farnborough, Somerset  Farm bailiff
James RUSSELL Lodger U 18 1853 Whitchurch, Somerset   Dealer         3218

m 4.11.1879 Whitchurch sp-Heplizibah Mary COOKSLEY b Dundry d 17.6.1904.
Daughter of John COOKLSEY, farmer, m2 of Mary A DRURY 1839 Farmbrough, 
Somerset. Mary has ID 0 at *1863 Whitchurch, Somerset of 8. HASSELL CLUES 
 The couple settled at Barrow Gurney between 1880 and 1897, where James was a 
farmer of 100 acres.  10 children.
  1881 census Dwelling Farm, Barrow Gurney, Somerset:
James RUSSELL     Head M 28 1853 Whitchurch, Som. Farmer Of 100 Acres Emply 2
 Men                                                                     3218 
Hephisbah RUSSELL Wife M 23 1858 Dundry, Somerset Farmer Wife  	       m 3218 
John H. RUSSELL Son 7 m  .8.1880 Barrow Gurney, Somerset   	         32181
Rosina CLARK   Visitor W 58 1823 Whitchurch, Somerset Income From House  32(10)
Elizabeth NICHOLS Serv U 14  	 N K  	 General Serv Domestic 
Fredrick RAIKES   Serv U 21  	 Queen Charlton, Somerset Farm Serv (Indoor)
   1891 Barrow Gurney, Somerset as BURRELL:
James RUSSELL Head M 37 1854 Witchurch, Somerset      Farmer   3218 
Mary RUSSELL  Wife M 32 1859 Dundry, Somerset                m 3218 
Edith RUSSELL  Dau    5 1886 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  Scholar  32183
George RUSSELL Son    4 1887 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  Scholar  32184
Maude RUSSELL  Dau    1 1890 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  Scholar  32185
Eliza GILLETT Serv S 21 1870 Bishopsmertle, Somerset  Gen serv dom
Benjamin COX  Serv S 40 1851 nk Dorset                Farm lab dom
Henry MILES   Serv S 24 1867 Witchurch, Somerset      Farm lab dom
  The 1897 Register of Electors (Northern Division) shows that James living at
Barrow Gurney, and occupying land at both Barrow Gurney and Dundry.
  1901 Hill Farm, Dundry, Somerset as MUSSELL:
James RUSSELL        Head M 47 1854 Whitchurch, Somerset  Farmer
Hephzibals M RUSSELL Wife M 42 1859 Dundry, Somerset 
John H RUSSELL       Son    20 1881 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32181
Ethel M RUSSELL      Daur   18 1883 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32182
Edith M RUSSELL      Daur   15 1886 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32183
George N RUSSELL     Son    13 1888 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32184
Maude C RUSSELL      Daur   11 1890 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32185
Mary RUSSELL         Daur    9 1892 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32186
Alfred RUSSELL       Son     6 1895 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32188
Dorothy RUSSELL      Daur    4 1897 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  32189
Hephzibah RUSSELL   Daur 11 mo 1900 Dundry, Somerset         3218(10)
  1901 Farm, Barrow Gurney, Somerset:
James RUSSELL          Head W 55 1856 Whitchurch, Somerset    Farmer      3218
Maude Cooksley RUSSELL Daur S 21 1890 Barrow Gurney, Somerset Housekeeper 32185
Dorothy RUSSELL        Daur   14 1897 Barrow Gurney, Somerset Monitress   32189
Hepzibah May RUSSELL   Daur   10 1901 Dundry, Somerset        School   3218(10)

32181 5-John Henry RUSSELL reg Dec Q 1880 Bedminster. The parish register for 
Barrow Gurney states that he was privately bp 10.9.1880 and was received into
the church 5.11.1882.  1881, 1901 with parents.

32182 5-Ellen Mary RUSSELL (Ethel in 1901) bp 5.11.1883 Barrow Gurney, Somerset
  1901 with parents.

32183 5-Edith Heplizabah RUSSELL bp 2 August 1885 Barrow Gurney, Somerset
  1891-1901 with parents.

32184 5-George Norton RUSSELL bp 5 June 1887 Barrow Gurney, Somerset
  1891-1901 with parents.
m Jun 1914 Long Ashton sp-Daisy T WORLE

32184 1 6-Hubert H RUSSELL b reg Jun Q 1916 Long Ashton 
m Jun Q 1941 Norton (16m SW of Long Ashton) sp-Mary O HASELL

32184 2 6-Kenneth H S RUSSELL b reg Jun Q 1916 Long Ashton 
m MarQ 1948 Weston (16m SW of Long Ashton) sp-Elsie I RICHARDS 2 chn suppressed

32184 3 6-Ivor R RUSSELL b reg Jun Q 1921 Long Ashton 
?Ivor F RUSSELL b reg Jun Q 1947 Yeovil sp-Edna M STEPHENS

32185 5-Maud Cooksley RUSSELL bp 1 December 1889 Barrow Gurney, Somerset
  1891-1911 with parents.

32186 5-Mary RUSSELL b c1891 Barrow Gurney, Somerset  1901 with parents.
Became a teacher

m at Dundry on 19 May 1914 sp-Thomas Henry CLEAK. She was living at North Hill
Farm at the time.

32187 5-Agnes RUSSELL bp Barrow Gurney, on 23 April 1893 (may have died young
as she does not appear with the family in the 1901 census).

32188 5-Alfred RUSSELL bp 10 March 1895 Barrow Gurney, Somerset 
b reg Mar Q Bedminster.  1901 with parents.

32189 5-Dorothy RUSSELL bp 12 March 1897 Barrow Gurney, Somerset d 16.1.1976.
  1901-1911 with parents.
m Jun Q 1920 Long Ashton sp-John Ernest WITHERS 1890-11.10.1987 ex ancestry

32189 1 6-Dorothy Jane WITHERS b reg Mar Q 1922 Long Ashton, Somerset  Single

32189 2 6-Marjorie D WITHERS 1924 b reg Mar Q 1925 Long Ashton, Somerset
  Sibs suppressed pending permission.
m sp-Rycroft HARTLEY 

32189 21 7-David HARTLEY 1st contact 31.3.09 dhartley"att"
"I live at Woolley, just outside Bath. My mother's father's WITHERS family 
lived for several generations at Pigeon House Farm and Pottery Farm, 
Bishopsworth. Until they were compulsorily purchased after the war and made 
into a housing estate.  They adjoined Fillwood Farm, Whitchurch so my mother 
knew the HALLs who lived there."  Sibs suppressed pending permission.

3218(10) 5-Hephzibah M RUSSELL b 1901 Dundry, Somerset d 1978
  1901-1911 with parents.
m Mar Q 1922 Long Ashton sp-Benjamin WITHERS - Was he a brother to John Ernest 
above?  I suspect some of Dorothy & John's chn belong here.

3219 4-Rosina ("Rose") RUSSELL b c1857 Whitchurch, Somerset.
  1861-71 with parents.
  1881 census Dwelling 1 Northcote Road, Clifton, Gloucester:
Sampson SOMERFIELD    Head U 80 Allesley, Warwick      Retired bank manager,
 dividends & C.  	  
Mary Ann SOMERFIELD Sister U 68 Allesley, Warwick      Dividends  	  
Rachel C HADDON    Visitor W 47 Donnington, Shropshire Dividends & Annuity 
Sarah Jane ROLLASON   Serv W 31 Plymouth, Devon Cook  	  
Rose RUSSEL           Serv U 24 Whitchurch, Somerset Housemaid   3219	  
  By 1901 she was working as a domestic Parlour Maid, and was visiting her
brother George, 3217, at Dundry on the night of the census.
  1911 still with her brother George, 3217, at Dundry.

321(10) 4-Betsy RUSSELL (Bessie according to 1861/71/81 census) b Whitchurch
 c1859; bp there Easter Day (24 April) 1859.  1861-71 with parents. 
  1881 census Dwelling Wick Lane Wick House, Brislington, Somerset:
Henrietta HARRIS  Governess (Head) U 28 Paddington, Middlesex Governess (Prof)
Muriel ADAMS  	 Daur U 11  	 Somerset Scholar ... etc
Bessie RUSSEL Servant [1 of 7] U 20 Whitchurch, Somerset Dom Serv  etc ...

321(11) 4-Mary Ann RUSSELL b regd Dec qtr 1860 as Mary Anne RUSSELL, Keynsham. 
bp 23.12.1860 Whitchurch .  1861-71 with parents.

322 3-John Sandeford RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch 10.1.1811.

322  3-John Sandeford/Sandford RUSSELL b 1811 (d cert) bp 10.1.1811 St
Nicholas', Whitchurch, Somerset; d reg March qtr 1876 Bedminster, Bristol.
  1841: Carpenter & joiner living at Hope Square, Bedminster, Bristol -ex 
b certificate of 5. Builder in 1864 m cert. of 5.
John Sandford RUSSELL Death reg'd March qtr 1876 age 65 [so bc1811]
at Bedminster vol 5c p549 - ex freebmd 
 For his census entries 1841-61 see after his wife below.
For John's will see 0 at

  Dave RUSSELL 29.3.09:
John may have moved to Bedminster from Whitchurch due to work. The 
transformation of Bedminster was rapid and traumatic. The population jumped 
from 3,000 in 1801 to 78,000 in 1884, as people from depressed rural Somerset 
flocked to the new coalfields for work. Almost overnight Bedminster became a 
power-house of heavy industry manned by a huge workforce packed into high
density terraced housing. So there would have been a lot of work for 
carpenters and builders.  Coal mining and smelting generated other industries:
engineering, tanneries, glue-works, paint factories, glassworks. In the 1880s 
E.S. & A. ROBINSON's paper-bag business and W.D. & H.O.WILLS' tobacco business
moved to new factories. The development was too rapid to implement the kind of
urban infrastructure necessary to prevent slum conditions. The authorities 
faced public health problems of monumental proportions. In the filthy courts 
and alleys, the cholera epidemics of 1830 and 1846 caused more fatalities thananywhere else in Bristol.
Dave has also supplied the fascinating history of Bedminster at Bedminster.txt

  His 1875 will names his grandson Arthur GARRINGTON. Presumably a son of one 
of his daughters 1 Mary Ann but she m BAKER, or
2 Ellen (but Ellen GARRINGTON not found 1861, 
(& not of his daughter 3 Ann Frances m1 DEWFAll m2 SAVAGE). He may be

Arthur William GARRINGTON b reg Sep Q 1863 Bedminster, Somerset - freebmd.
  1871 Somerset:
Arthur W GARRINGTON 7 b 1864 Bristol  Scholar 
 cf Ellen G GARRINGTON 5 M b 1870 Bristol, Somerset 

  1881 Southville Pl, Bedminster, Somerset:
John W C GARRINGTON Head W 54 b 1827 Bristol, Gloucestershire  Commercial Clerk
 (same occupation in 1871 where he may have a son John GARRINGTON 11 Scholar)
Arthur W GARRINGTON Son  S 17 b 1864 Bristol, Gloucestershire  Scholar 
Sarah E GARRINGTON Sister  41 b 1840 Bristol, Gloucestershire
William H GARRINGTON Bro S 38 b 1843 Bristol, Gloucestershire  Commercial Clerk
Letitia TASWELL     Serv   20 b 1861 Greinton, Somerset
Mary A BROWN        Serv   27 b 1854 Bristol, Gloucestershire

  1891 Somerset:
Arthur W GARRINGTON 27 b 1864 Bristol  Artist
  familysearch: Arthur William GARRINGTON burial 4.1.1907 Bedminster, Somerset
- Non-Conformist Church, Bristol Records Office. 

 familysearch gives

1) an Arthur GARRINGTON m 1888 Walsall, Staffordshire 
sp-Henrietta Rebecca BATE or Sarah Jane RAY - but he is
Arthur GARRINGTON 39 b 1862 Darlaston, Staffordshire  Carpenter in 1891.

2) an Arthur GARRINGTON m 1907 Chorlton, Lancashire
sp- Lily LAMB or Elizabeth Ann WATTS.

  Looking at freebmd for RUSSELL m GARRINGTON gives 2 m's in Jun Q 1860 West 
Bromwich, (spanning Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire & Worcestershire):
Isaac BROOKES & Richard PERRY married Ann GARRINGTON & Mary Ann RUSSELL.
  So the puzzle remains.	 

 After John died, his daughter Ann & husband Charles DEWFALL became landlords:
  MASONS' ARMS Brightbow (Bedminster Parade) ex DR 16.4.10
1794. William TELPHORD 
1800. Joan POWELL 
1806. Richard NORTHMORE 
1847. H. BREWER                     Father of James?
1848 - 65. James BREWER             m1 of Mary
1867 - 69. Mary BREWER              m2 of 322
1871 to 1876. John RUSSELL          322
1877 to 1878. Charles DEWFALL       m of 3225
1879 - 80. Ann DEWFALL              3225
1882. W. WALLIS
1883. Thomas BRYANT 
1886 - 92. Maria WATTS 
1896. Emma FRANCIS 
1899 - 1901. Edward COLLINS 
1904 - 06. William PORCH 
For more on the Masons Arms see 

m1 1831 sp-Mary BAWLER bp 18.1.1797 St Augustine Church, West Monkton 
[I had her as b 1803 Creech St. Michael, West Monkton, Somerset], 
d 1861-68 - surname ex b cert. of 5. Creech St. Michael is a village and civil 
parish in Somerset 3 miles E of Taunton. Not listed in IGI list of Hugh WALLIS.
(He does list Everreech, Somerset C141272 from 1540 and M141272 from 1540. But
Evercreech is 30m NEE of Creech.)
#She has ID 1333 at Our BAWLER family at See there for her parents and her entry in 1851 when she was a seamstress.
  TO EDIT: We know of children bc1830-40 to them & that John
remarried in 1868. [The only d's of a Mary RUSSELL regd 1840-68 in Bristol are
Deaths Dec 1841 RUSSELL	 Mary Ann Bristol	 11	137	
Deaths Mar 1844 RUSSELL	 Mary     Bristol	 11	159	
 A d cert. should give age, address & informant but not maiden name. 
John RUSSELL m 25.12.1830 Parish of Temple, Bedminster, Bristol sp-Mary SMITH
by W ELLIOTT curate; they each made their mark X; witnesses Wm WILLIAMS &
Eliz'th STEVENS signed. No 239.]
 Their m cert ex GA. 
(CHECK if our John's signature exists on other documents.)
  1830 not in Pigot's Directory for 1830 Bristol,Gloucestershire with Clifton,
Bedminster, Ashton, Brislington, Pill, Stapleton, etc.
tho this does contain a Brick & Tile Maker at Bright Bow, Bedminster, Bristol,
their address in 1871.
  1841 census Hope Square, Bedminster, Bristol transcribed RUPELL on ancestry:
John RUSSELL      30 1811 carpenter  322
Mary RUSSELL      35 1806
George RUSSELL     3 1828            3224
John RUSSELL     6 m 1840            3225
Mary Ann? RUSSELL 11 1830            3221
Ellen RUSSELL      9 1832            3222
Ann RUSSELL        5 1836            3223
  In 2007 I visited Hope Square next to Hope Chapel c1800 Methodist? Is this
why Rex RUSSELL attended a Methodist Sunday School?
The present vicar is Rev Silas CRAWLEY ph 07 813 141 999 cell 07970 246 771.

  1851 Malvern Place, Bedminster, Bristol:
John RUSSELL  Head M 37 1814 Whitchurch, Somerset  Carpenter     322
Ellen RUSSELL  Dr  U 17 1834 Bedminster, Bristol                 3222
Ann RUSSELL    Dr  U 14 1837 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar       3223
George RUSSELL Son U 12 1839 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar       3224
John RUSSELL   Son U  9 1842 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar       3225
Albert RUSSELL Brother U 21 1830 Whitchurch        Glass Worker  32(13)
Here is a cut down photo of part of the census entry ex GA.
   On 25.6.1860, Mary & John RUSSELL, carpenter, lived at No 1 Regent St, 
Mew Cut, Bedminster: see declaration of Robert DUNN following the entry of her
father, Edward BAWLER, ID 133 at 1. of ../bawler/bawler.html
  1861 Malvern Place, Bedminster,Somerset 2 entries above daughter Ann & fam.:
John RUSSELL    Head 49 1802 Whitchurch, Somerset  Carpenter employing 3 men
Mary RUSSELL    Wife 48 1803 Creech, Somerset
George W RUSSELL Son 22 1839 Bristol, Somerset     Blind

  1871 Malvern Place, 1?, Bedminster, Bristol ex GA: I CANT FIND THIS!
John RUSSELL   Head x 69 1801 Whitchurch, Som.  Carpenter with indpt means? 322
Mary RUSSELL   Wife   68 1802 Bristol?, Som.                               m2
George RUSSELL Son  x 22 1839 Bristol, Som.                                3224
John SANFORD   Head x 45? 1836 Som.,ChixSch?    Labourer [John's mr's nephew?]
Mary SANFORD   Wife x 47? 1834 Bristol?, Gloster?
Heather (Walter?) NASH grdr? 6 1855 Clifton?,Gloster?  Scholar  
Bleys? (Abby?) 
Paull? NASH?       Lodger   18 1843 St..t.t.., Somerset  Dress maker
Here is a cut down photo of the 1861 census entry ex GA.

  [Re John SANFORD in 1871 was with 322 JSR above, compare
  1881 Dwelling Wood Hill Rd, Stoke St Gregory, Somerset:
John Thos. SANDIFORD  	 Head  	 M 50 1831 Chillaton, Somerset  Sawyer
Emma L. SANDIFORD  	 Wife  	 M 48  	   Modbury, Devon
Emma SANDIFORD  	 Daur  	 U 24  	   Jersey, Channel Islands  	   
  Re Mary SANFORD above compare 1881:
Alfred SANDFORD Head M 47  Stoke S Gregory, Somerset  	 Farm Lab
Mary SANDFORD   Wife M 46  Stoke S Gregory, Somerset  	   	  
Jno. SANDFORD   Son  U 17  Stoke S Gregory, Somerset  	 Farm Lab
Henry SANDFORD  Son    11  Stoke S Gregory, Somerset  	 Scholar
Willm. SANDFORD Son     4  Stoke S Gregory, Somerset ] 	   	  
  32254 31 Robin H RUSSELL has their family bible of 11.2.1861.

3221  4-Mary Ann RUSSELL c1832 Bedminster, Somerset  1841 with parents. 

  This branch is thanks to Cheryl WEST of

m c1849 sp-John BAKER bc1823 Bedminster, Somerset d Jun Qtr 1902 Bristol
  1851 19 Reading St, Swindon, Wiltshire:
John BAKER  Head M 22 1829 Bristol, Somersets  Smith - striker
Mary BAKER  Wife M 26 1823 Bristol, Somersets  3221
Samuel BAKER Son    2 1849 New Swindon, Wilts  32211
  1861 45 Bath St, Swindon, Wiltshire:
John BAKER  Head M 37 1824 Bristol  Smith'd striker
Mary BAKER  Wife M 27 1834 Bristol                       3221
Samuel BAKER Son   12 1849 Bristol crossed out Swindon, Wilts  Scholar  32211
John BAKER   Son    9 1852 Bristol crossed out  Scholar  32212
George BAKER Son    7 1854 Stratton, Wilts      Scholar  32213
Mary Ann BAKER Dau  5 1856 Swindon, Wilts       Scholar  32214
William BAKER  Son  2 1859 Swindon, Wilts       Scholar  32215
Alfred BAKER Son 1 mo 1861 Swindon, Wilts       Scholar  32216
  1871 St George, Gloucestershire:
John BAKER  Head M 48 1823 Bedminster, Somerset Labourer (Waggon Works)
Mary BAKER  Wife M 48 1823 Bedminster, Somerset               3221
Samuel BAKER Son U 23 1848 Swindon, Wilts'  Boilersmith (out of employmt) 32211
George BAKER Son U 19 1852 Stratton, Wiltshire  Screwer GLMM  32213
William BAKER Son  13 1858 Swindon, Wiltshire   Printer's boy 32215
Alfred BAKER Son 1 mo 1861 Swindon, Wiltshire   Scholar       32216
Elizabeth BAKER Dau 7 1864 Swindon, Wiltshire   Scholar       32217
John BAKER 	Son 4 1867 Swindon, Wiltshire   Scholar       32218

32211 5-Samuel BAKER bc1848 Swindon, Wilts  1851-1871 with parents.
  1881?  1891 township, Kent, Ontario:	
Samuel BAKER c1848 - England
Maryann BAKER
  1901 city, Kent, Ontario:	
Samuel BAKER c1848 - England

32212 5-John BAKER b 1852 Bristol d by 1867 Swindon, Wilts
  1861, 1871 with parents.
32213 5-George BAKER bc1852 Stratton, Wilts  1861 with parents.
32214 5-Mary Ann BAKER b .4.1856 Highworth, Wilts  1861 with parents.
32215 5-William BAKER bc1858 Swindon, Wilts  1861, 1871 with parents.

32216 5-Alfred Samuel BAKER b 4.3.1861 Swindon, Wilts d 29.11.1944 Vancouver,
 British Columbia, Canada.  1861, 1871 with parents.
m 22.10.1891 Tilbury, Kent County, Ontario, Canada sp-Jessica Hunter FRASER
b 24.8.1870 Ayre, Scotland d 10 Aug 1941 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

32216 1 6-Lottie Henderson BAKER 18.11.1893 Bay City, Michigan d 24.10.1985 
 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 
32216 2 6-Charles Munroe BAKER 2.7.1894 Wheathly, Ontario, Canada 
32216 3 6-Essie BAKER .3.1897 Ontario, Canada 
32216 4 6-Phoebe Olivia BAKER 27.7.1899 North Dakota d 6.2.1995 Boulder Creek, 
 Santa Cruz, California, USA
32216 5 6-Mary BAKER .5.1902 USA    
32216 6 6-Ruth BAKER .10.1903 USA  
32216 7 6-Alexander BAKER .11.1906 USA 
32216 8 6-Thomas BAKER .2.1910 Alberta, Canada
32216 9 6-Wallace BAKER 1910 Alberta, Canada

32217 5-Elizabeth Sophia BAKER b .7.1863 Swindon, Wilts  1871 with parents.
32218 5-John Harris BAKER b .7.1866 Swindon, Wilts  1871 with parents.

3222  4-Ellen RUSSELL c1832/1834 Bedminster, Bristol  1841 with parents.
  1851 with father.

3223  4-Ann Frances RUSSELL b Bedminster, Bristol bp 7.8.1836 St Augustine, 
Temple, Bristol, Glos., dr of John & Mary IGI batch C172954. d 1911 Bristol.
Her father is recorded as carpenter of Temple in this
 photo from a microfiche screen of her bp entry. - Thanks to GA. 
  1841 with parents.  1851 with father.  1856 living at William St.

m1 29.6.1856 St Phillip, Bedminster, Bristol reg Jun Q 1856 Bristol sp-Charles
John DEWFALL b 1837 Bedminster, Bristol d 24 Nov 1876 Bedminster, Bristol.
  Son of William DEWFALL & Mary GREEN.
 Info on this branch is thanks to Caroline WALKER's tree at
  1861 Malvern Cottage, Bedminster, Somerset 2 entries below her father:
Charles DEWFALL Head M 24 1837 Bristol, Somerset  Baker
Ann DEWFALL 	Wife M 23 1838 Bristol, Somerset           3223
Charles DEWFALL Son     4 1857 Bristol, Somerset  Scholar  33221
John DEWFALL 	Son     2 1859 Bristol, Somerset           32232
Isabella DEWFALL Dau 6 mo 1860 Bristol, Somerset           32233
  1871 The Cross, Henstridge, Somerset [Eliza is wife of Thomas - see 1861]:
Eliza DEWFALL  Head M 41 1830 Stratbridge, Dorset   Baker
Thomas DEWFALL Son    14 1857 Bristol, Somerset     Scholar
Emily DEWFALL  Daur   14 1857 Bristol, Somerset     Scholar
Charles E DEWFALL Son 12 1859 Henstridge, Somerset  Scholar  
Mary E DEWFALL Daur   10 1861 Henstridge, Somerset  Scholar
Bessie DEWFALL Daur    5 1866 Henstridge, Somerset  Scholar
James DEWFALL  Son     1 1870 Henstridge, Somerset  
Ann DEWFALL Visitor M 34 1837 Bristol, Somerset     Servant dom  3223
   1871 North St, Bedminster, Somerset:
Chas DEWFALL    Head M 34 1837 Bedminster, Somerset  Baker
Chas DEWFALL    Son    14 1857 Bedminster, Somerset  Apprentice baker  32231
John DEWFALL 	Son    12 1859 Bedminster, Somerset  Scholar           32232
Wm DEWFALL 	Son     7 1864 Bedminster, Somerset  Scholar           32234
Albert DEWFALL 	Son     5 1866 Bedminster, Somerset  Scholar           32235
Thos DEWFALL Visitor M 36 1835 Bedminster, Somerset  Baker
  1871 The Crown, Henstridge, Somerset:
Eliza DEWFALL 	Head M 41 1830 Statbridge, Dorset  Baker
Thomas DEWFALL 	Son    14 1857 Bristol, Somerset  
Emily DEWFALL 	Daur   14 1857 Bristol, Somerset  
Charles E DEWFALL Son  12 1859 Henstridge, Somerset  
Mary E DEWFALL 	Daur   10 1861 Henstridge, Somerset  
Bessie DEWFALL 	Daur 	5 1866 Henstridge, Somerset  
James DEWFALL   Son 	1 1870 Henstridge, Somerset  
Ann DEWFALL  Visitor M 34 1837 Bristol, Somerset   Serv dom  3223
  1879 Ann is a publican at the Mason's Arms, Beer retail.
  1881-91 - see her m2 below.

32231 5-Charles William DEWFALL b 31.12.1856 16 Moorfield Buildings, Bristol.
bp 19.4.1857 Phillip & Jacob, Bristol. 
d 27 Apr 1907 Guys Hospital, St. Thomas Street, Southwark, London
  1861 with parents.  1871 with father.  1881 FIND!
m 23.4.1882 All Saints Church, Newington, St. Saviour, Surrey at 25 
 sp-Sarah BOLTON
  1891 FIND!
  1901 26 Shaplesbury, Newington, Surrey:
Charles DEWFALL Head M 43 1858 Bristol, Gloster  General carman      32231
Sarah DEWFALL   Wife M 40 1861 Walworth, London  
Charles DEWFALL Son  S 18 1883 Walworth, London  Lab'r wire weaving  32231 1
Amy DEWFALL     Daur S 15 1886 Walworth, London  Errand girl, port   32231 4
Ruth DEWFALL    Daur S 13 1888 Walworth, London                      32231 5
Bertie DEWFALL  Son  S 11 1890 Walworth, London                      32231 7
Lily DEWFALL    Daur    9 1892 Walworth, London                      32231 8  
Sarah DEWFALL   Daur    6 1895 Walworth, London                      32231 9
May DEWFALL    Daur 16 mo 1899 Walworth, London                      32231 (12)

32231 1 6-Charles William DEWFALL 1883 Walworth, London d 1941
  1891 FIND!  1901 with parents.
m 21.5.1906 St. Peters, Liverpool Gardens, Walworth, London S at 23 
 sp-Florence Caroline DAVIES

32231 11 7- private DEWFALL  m sp-Charles
32231 12 7-Florence Caroline DEWFALL 1906 Camberwell, London d 1926 at 20

32231 13 7-Charles William DEWFALL 24.5.1908 6 Elfin Road, Camberwell, London,
 S.E.5 d 1964 E Yorkshire
m 1945 Camberwell, London sp-Hilda CARRICK 1923 Yorkshire d 1974

32231 14 7-Lillian "Lily" Nellie DEWFALL 13.6.1910 London SE d 4.11.1995 North 
 Weald, Epping, Essex.  
m 1932 sp-Charles Maurice HOLLIDAY 1906-1974 
 3rd cousin of Sheila BEST sheila"att"

32231 15 7-Henry Alfred DEWFALL b 14 Mar 1914 London d 1 Oct 1914 6 Elfin Road,
Camberwell, London, S.E.5

32231 16 7-Dorothy M. DEWFALL 4.6. 1917 Camberwell, London
m 1943 Q1 Epping sp-Harry J LATHAM

32231 17 7-Violet Rose DEWFALL 1917 London (SE) d 1 FEB 1994 Southwark, SE London
m 14.11.1940 Camberwell Registry Office, London sp-Charles WALTON b 21.9.1914
 London d 1.2.1994 Southwark, SE London at 76.  2 children.

32231 18 7-Alfred Thomas DEWFALL b 12 Mar 1919 Camberwell, London SE
 d c 21 APR 1988 Kings College Hospital. Builder.
m1 Sep Q 1939 Lambeth sp-Catherine R SAWYER Div.  3 children.

m2 11.11.1945 reg Dec Q Camberwell sp-Lottie L PHELPS 

32231 2 6-John Edward DEWFALL b 15 JUL 1883 St Saviour, London SE
 d 6 JUL 1884 St. Saviour, London

32231 3 6-Eliza DEWFALL b 9 DEC 1884 47 Aylesbury Street, Walworth, London (SE)
 d ABT 16 FEB 1885 St. Saviour, London

32231 4 6-Amy Mary DEWFALL b 29 DEC 1885 47 Aylesbury Street, Walworth, London,
 S.E. 17 d 30 DEC 1957 Waybridge, Surrey  CW gives b 17.1.1886 Southwark, 
  Middlesex.  1891 FIND.  1901 with parents.
m 1911 Lambeth, London at 26 sp-James Adolphus (King) MCINTYRE b 1884
 d 10.3.1954 at 70
32231 41 7-James F MCINTYRE b reg Mar Q 1913 Lambeth
32231 42 7-Bertram J MCINTYRE b reg Mar Q 1915 Southwark
32231 43 7-Charles W MCINTYRE b reg Jun Q 1916 Southwark
32231 44 7-  MCINTYRE

32231 45 7-Henry George MCINTYRE b 21 Apr 1919 London SE reg Jun Q Southwark
 d 5 Jul 2000
m 30.6.1938 reg Jun Q Southwark sp-Muriel Madeline FARRELL b 19 NOV 1919
 London (SE) d 16 SEP 1985.  6 chn living in 2010.

32231 46 7-Alfred T MCINTYRE b 1920 London (SE) reg Sep Q Southwark d 2005 
m sp- living [Cf Alfred J MCINTYRE m Jun Q 1948 Southwark sp-Sheila M HUGHES.]

32231 461 8-Arthur J MCINTYRE b reg Jun Q 1927 Southwark 

32231 5 6-Eleanor Ruth DEWFALL b 7.11.1887 St Saviour, Walworth, London
CW gives b 27 Nov 1887 Southwark, Middlesex.
  1891 FIND.  1901 with parents.
m Mar Q 1913 Southwark, London sp-Bertram John BENNETT 1883 Lambeth, London

?32231 51 7-Bertram J BENNETT b reg Jun Q 1915 Southwark 
?32231 52 7-Kathleen R BENNETT b reg Sep Q 1917 Southwark

32231 6 6-May DEWFALL 1888 London

32231 7 6-Bertie Reuben DEWFALL b 9.3.1890 40 South St, Walworth, London SE
 d 6.1.1961 Lambeth, Greater London.  1901 with parents.
m .2.1913 Southwark, London at 22 sp-Maude VEALE b1888 Peckham, London (SE)
 d c1971

32231 8 6-Lily May DEWFALL b 6.4.1892 Walworth, London d 30.9.1938 Lambeth, 
  Greater London.  1901 with parents.
m 26.8.1917 Church of the Lady Margaret, Walworth, SE London at 25
 sp-Frederick Charles JENKINS b ABT 14 OCT 1889 St. Peter, Walworth., London
d 29 MAR 1944 Wandsworth, London.  4 chn suppressed pending permission.

32231 83 7-Leonard William JENKINS b reg Dec Q 1924 Southwark d 1.1.1987
 Hereford.  Electrician then trai... 
m 16.10.1948 St John the Evangelist, Coulsd at 24 sp- living WHEELER

32231 831 8- living JENKINS
32231 832 8- living JENKINS

32231 85 7-Thomas G JENKINS b reg Jun Q 1927 Southwark

32231 9 6-Sarah Ann DEWFALL b 14 JUL 1894 Walworth (or CW: St Saviour, 
 Southwark), London (SE) d 16 JUN 1967 8 Orient St, Southwark, SE17 at 72.
  1901 with parents.
m 25.12.1919 St. Mary Newington, Kennington at 25 reg Southwark sp-Henry 
 Charles EMERY

32231 91 7-Henry C EMERY b reg Mar Q 1921 Southwark, London

32231 92 7-Thomas Alfred EMERY 1917 d 13.12.1937 London
 Surgical Case/Cabinet Maker 
m sp-Mary Ann PULLEN 1882 Southwark, London
32231 921 8- living EMERY female m sp- AUSTEN male

32231 922 8-Charles EMERY b 16 DEC 1922 Lambeth, London (SE)
 d 22 MAR 1989 4 Munro House Warehouseman 
m Sep Q 1942 Southwark sp-Ellen E WARNER

32231 922 1 9- living EMERY (BLOOR) female m sp- RYAN 1 female child.
32231 922 2 9- living EMERY (BLOOR) female
32231 922 3 9- living EMERY male
32231 922 4 9- living EMERY male
32231 922 5 9- living EMERY male

32231 93 7-William Thomas EMERY b 14 OCT 1929 Southwark, London reg Dec Q
  Southwark d 15 AUG 1991 Kings College Hospital, Camberwell  Road sweeper.
m sp-Jean COPPIN b 22.5.1936 London d 1991 

32231 931 8- living EMERY male 
32231 932 8- living EMERY male
32231 933 8- living EMERY male  
32231 934 8- living EMERY female  
32231 935 8- living EMERY female    
32231 936 8- living EMERY female    
32231 937 8-Jacqueline Elaine EMERY b 18 JUN 1962 Southwark, London d 8.5.1981

32231 (10)  6-Violet DEWFALL b 1896 St. Saviour, Walworth, London (SE)
 d ABT 1 FEB 1897 St. Saviour, London

32231 (11)  6-William Cornelius DEWFALL bp 5 OCT 1897 St. Saviour, London (SE)
 d ABT 1 MAY 1898 St. Saviour, London

32231 (12)  6-Thirza May DEWFALL b 31 MAY 1899 26 Shaftesbury Street, Walworth,
Southwark, London, S.E.17 d 10 JAN 1972 Hareston Drive, Caterham, Surrey
  1901 with parents.
m 27.8.1921 St. Mary Newington, 57 Kenning at 22 sp-Arthur WEBB

32231 (12)1  7- living WEBB
32231 (12)2  7- living WEBB
32231 (12)3  7- living WEBB

32231 (12)4  7- Arthur Benjamin WEBB b 11 MAR 1923 28 Old Paradise Street, London S.E.11 d 23 NOV 1977 Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
m 12.4.1947 St Margarets Church, Westminster  sp-Emily GODDARD

32231 (12)41  8- living WEBB
32231 (12)42  8- living WEBB
32231 (12)43  8- living WEBB
32231 (12)44  8-Patricia Ann WEBB b 13 MAR 1948 Westminster, London, S.W.1
 d 1 FEB 1964 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada at 15.

32231 (13)  6-Dorothy DEWFALL 21.5.1902 Southwark d 27.2.1978 Southwark
m 16.12.1923 Southwark at 21 sp-John James HARVEY b 14 FEB 1900 Lambeth,
 London d 19 MAY 1980 at 80.

32231 (13)1  7- living HARVEY male
32231 (13)2  7- living HARVEY male
32231 (13)3  7- living HARVEY male

32231 (13)4  7-William Henry HARVEY b 21.10.1925 London d 27.1.1992 9 Highfield
 Road, Kemsing, Kent 
m sp- CRIBB 2 living daughters.

32231 (13)5  7-Edward Albert HARVEY b 7 NOV 1930 London? d 11 AUG 2001
m sp- living BENNET

32231 (14)  6-Alice Beatrice DEWFALL 23 AUG 1905 Newington south, Southwark,
 London (SE).
m Dec Q 1928 Lambeth at 20 sp-Frederick George BARK b 15 FEB 1900 Southwark,

32231 (14)1  7- female living BARK m sp- TUCKNUT  2 sons.

32232 5-John Edward DEWFALL b 25.1.1859 Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset
 d 22.1.1922 Bristol, Gloucestershire
  1861 with parents.  1871 with father.
m Jun Q 1879 Bedminster, Bristol sp-Minnie/Miriam BULL 1860 Bedminster,
 Bristol. (Minnie at freebmd.)
  1881 2 Brewers Court, Bedminster, Somerset:
John E DEWFALL Head M 22 1859 Bedminr, Bristol  Wine And Spirit Cellarman 32232
Miriam DEWFALL  Wife M 21 1860 Bedminr, Bristol
Louisa DEWFALL Daur 10 mo 1880 Bedminr, Bristol                         32232 1
  1891 Masons Arms, 90 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Somerset:
John E DEWFALL Head M 30 1861 Bedminster, Bristol   Tin plate worker    32232 
Miriam DEWFALL Wife M 30 1861 Easton, Glouc'
Emma L DEWFALL Daur   10 1881 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar             32232 1
John E DEWFALL    Son  9 1882 Eastville, Bristol    Scholar             32232 2
Arthur DEWFALL    Son  8 1883 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar             32232 3
William H DEWFALL Son  7 1884 Bedminster, Bristol   Scholar             32232 4
Amy DEWFALL      Daur  2 1889 Bedminster, Bristol                       32232 5
Ann F SAVAGE Head W 50 1841 St Augustine,Bristol  Living on her own means 3223
  1901 2 Brewers Place, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
John E DEWFALL Head M 41 1860 Bristol  Tin plate worker Gds          32232 
Miriam DEWFALL Wife M 40 1861 Bristol
Edward DEWFALL  Son S 19 1882 Bristol  Lab'r in tin yard             32232 2
Arthur DEWFALL  Son S 18 1883 Bristol  Tin & iron worker apprentice  32232 3
Amy DEWFALL    Daur S 12 1889 Bristol                                32232 5
Alice DEWFALL  Daur S  9 1892 Bristol                                32232 7
Sarah DEWFALL  Daur S  4 1897 Bristol                                32232 8
   1911 2 Brewers Place, Bedminster, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
John Edward DEWFALL Head M 53 1858 King St, Bristol  Tin smith       32232 
Minnie DEWFALL Wife M 52 1859 Bristol
Frank DEWFALL  Son  S 19 1892 Bedminster, Bristol  Tin smith            32232 6
Alice DEWFALL  Dau S 17 1894 Bedminster,Bristol WorkingStripper factory 32232 7
Sarah DEWFALL  Daur S 15 1896 Bedminster, Bristol  Spinning             32232 8
Emily DEWFALL  Daur S 15 1896 Bedminster, Bristol  School               32232 9

32232 1 6-Emma Louisa DEWFALL .5.1880 Bedminster, Bristol  1881-91 with parents
m Jun Q 1900 Bristol sp-William Henry TURNER
  1911 Bristol, Gloucestershire with BAKER family:
Emma Louise TURNER 30 1881 Bristol, Glos.  Lady nurse

32232 2 6-John Edward DEWFALL 1882 Eastville, Bristol  1891-1901 with parents.

32232 3 6-Arthur DEWFALL 1883 Bedminster, Bristol  1891-1901 with parents.  
  1911 Bristol Royal Infirmary, Marlborough St, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
Arthur DEWFALL Patient M 28 1883 Bristol  Sheet iron worker

m Jun Q 1905 Bristol sp-Emily Rosina DAVEY or Elizabeth HARRIS	

32232 31 7-Reginald Arthur DEWFALL b 1908 Bristol, Gloucestershire
32232 4 6-William Henry DEWFALL 1884 Bedminster, Bristol  1891 with parents.
  1901 FIND.
m Mar Q 1910 Bristol sp-Eliza Annetta HUNT 1888 Clifden, Donegal, Ireland
  1911 44 Aubrey Road, Bedminster, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
William Henry DEWFALL Head M 26 1885 Bristol, Somerset  Skipper warehouseman
Eliza Anetta DEWFALL  Wife M 23 1888 Clifden, Donegal, Ireland
Kathleen May DEWFALL Dau S 3 mo 1910 Bristol   32232 41

32232 41 7-Kathleen May DEWFALL .12.1910 Bristol  1911 with parents.

32232 5 6-Amy DEWFALL 1889 Bedminster, Bristol  1891-1901 with parents. 
m Jun Q 1913 Bristol sp-Sidney JONES
32232 51 7-Leonard S JONES b reg Mar Q 1916 Bristol
?m Jun Q 1937 Weston sp-Doris A SHIPTON

32232 52 7-Vera A JONES b reg Jun Q 1918 Bristol
32232 53 7-Leslie JONES b reg Jun Q 1921 Bristol
32232 54 7-Eileen A JONES b reg Sep Q 1924 Bristol
32232 55 7-Audrey JONES b reg Sep Q 1927 Bristol

32232 6 6-Frank DEWFALL 1892 Bedminster, Bristol  1911 with parents.

32232 7 6-Alice DEWFALL 1.12.1892 Bristol  1901-1911 with parents.  
? Alice K DEWFALL m Jun Q 1912 Bristol sp-Bristol sp-Randolph D	DEVONALD

32232 8 6-Sarah DEWFALL 1897 Bristol  1901-1911 with parents.  
32232 9 6-Emily DEWFALL 1896 Bedminster, Bristol  1911 with parents.

32233 5-Isabella Mary DEWFALL .9.1860 Bristol d c1863 1861 with parents.

32234 5-William Henry DEWFALL .3.1863 Bedminster, Bristol d 24.9.1941
 Kingswood, Glouc'.  1871 with father. 
  1881 15 Cabot St, Bedminster, Somerset:
Frederick BRANCH Head M 39 1842 Bath  [& family]            Wire worker
William Henry DEWFALL Lodger U 15 1866 Bedminster, Bristol  Miller
  Alive 1911 Bristol.

m1 1.8.1885 Bedminster, Bristol aged 22 sp-Hester Eliza BISHOP 1861 King
 Slanby, Gloucester
  1891 1 Pylle Kill Cresc, Bedminster, Somerset:
William H DEUFALL  Head M 26 1865 Bristol, Somerset  Carter     32234
Hester E DEUFALL   Wife M 30 1861 King Slanby, Gloucester
Margaret H DEUFALL Daur S  5 1886 Bishopstor, Bristol, Glo      32234 1
Ernest H DEUFALL   Son  S  3 1888 Bristol, Somerset             32234 2
William A DEUFALL  Son  S  1 1890 Bristol, Somerset             32234 3
Frank J S DEUFALL Son S 4 mo 1890 Bristol, Somerset             32234 4
Albert DEUFALL     Head M 24 1867 Bristol, Somerset  Carpenter  32235
Florence E DEUFALL Wife M 22 1869 Bristol, Somerset
32234 1 6-Margaret Hester DEWFALL 1886 Bishopstor, Bristol d 1920 
CW gives b Jun 1886 Barton Regis, Glouc'.
  1891 with parents.  1901 with grandmother. 
32234 2 6-Ernest Henry DEWFALL b 8.6.1887 Bedminster, Bristol 
d Dec 1970 Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales.  1891 with parents.
  1901 with his father & stepmother.
32234 3 6-William Albert DEWFALL Sep 1889 Bristol d Sep 1956 Bristol
  1891 with parents.  1901-11 with his father & stepmother.
32234 4 6-Frank James S DEWFALL Mar 1891 Bedminster CW: d Jun 1891 Bedminster
  1891 with parents.  
  1901-11 with his father & stepmother.  BUT 1901 with grandmother!
32234 5 6-James H DEWFALL 1892 Bedminster, Glouc' d 19 Jan 1948 Bristol
32234 6 6-Herbert DEWFALL b 7.8.1893 Bristol d Mar 1976 Bristol
  1901-11 with his father & stepmother.
32234 7 6-Frank George DEWFALL b 14 Apr 1895 Bristol d Jun 1970 Bristol  
  1901 with his father & stepmother.

[32234  5-William Henry DEWFALL .3.1863 Bedminster, Bristol]
m2 1.12.1899 sp-Sussanah POWELL 1876 Wickwar, Gloucestershire
  1901 90 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Somerset
 - his mother is in a cottage behind:
William H DEWFALL  Head M 36 1865 Bristol  Miller flour mill            32234 
Sushannah DEWFALL Wife M 25 1876 Wickwar, Glostershire 
Ernest H DEWFALL   Son  S 13 1888 Bristol  Errand boy confectioner      32234 2
William A DEWFALL  Son  S 11 1890 Bristol                               32234 3
James H DEWFALL    Son  S 10 1891 Bristol                               32234 4
Herbert DEWFALL    Son  S  7 1894 Bristol                               32234 5
Walter DEWFALL  Son  S  6 mo 1900 Bristol                               32234 8
Frank G DEWFALL  Son  S 5 1896 Bristol                                  32234 6
  1911 32 Victoria Place, Spring St, Bedminster, Somerset:
William Henry DEWFALL Head M 47 1864 Bedminster, Bristol  Flourmillhand  32234
Sushannah DEWFALL Wife M 36 1875 Wickwar, Glos 
William Albert DEWFALL Son S 21 1890 Bedminster, B'l Sheet iron working 32234 3
James DEWFALL    Son  S 19 1892 Bedminster, Bristol  Gen lab            32234 4
Herbert DEWFALL    Son  S 17 1894 Bedminster, Bristol                   32234 5
Walter DEWFALL  Son  S 10 1901 Bedminster, Bristol         School       32234 8
Frances Mary DEWFALL Daur  S 8 1896 Bedminster, Bristol    School       32234 9
Reginald DEWFALL  Son  S 10 1901 Brislington, Bristol      School    32234 (11)
Albert Edward DEWFALL  Son  S 6 1905 Brislington, Bristol  School    32234 (12)

32234 7 6- living DEWFALL m sp-Violet 

32234 8 6-Walter DEWFALL b 19.9.1900 Bristol d .6.1979 Chiltern & Beaconsfield,
 Bucks.  1901-11 with his parents.
m Jun Q 1925 Bristol sp-Elsie A SIMS 1898 
32234 81 7- living female DEWFALL
32234 82 7- living male DEWFALL

32234 9 6-Frances Mary DEWFALL 7.4.1902 Bedminster, Bristol d .1.1993 Bristol
  1911 with parents.
m Dec Q 1936 Bristol sp-Athelstan D COOPER
  Compare Percy Athelstan L COOPER in 1947 in Kensington.
32234 91 7-Margaret W COOPER b reg Jun Q 1939 Kingswood, Glos.

32234 (10) 6-Cicily DEWFALL 1902 Bristol  
m sp-Athelstone unknown 1897 But he looks like wife of Frances above.

32234 (11) 6-Reginald DEWFALL Dec 1903 Bristol  1911 with parents. 
m sp-Milly 1897
 Cf Reginald DEWFALL m Sep Q 1925 Bristol sp-Lucy M PAYNE	 
32234 (11)1 7- living male DEWFALL

32234 (12) 6-Albert Edward DEWFALL Dec 1904 Bristol  1911 with parents.
?m Dec Q 1928 Keynsham sp-Gladys E COLES	 	 

32235 5-Albert DEWFALL .7.1866 Bedminster, Somerset d 3.4.1939 Bristol
  1871 with father. 
m Mar Q 1888 Bedminster sp-Florence Elizabeth BLAKE Dec 1867 Bristol, Somerset
 d .6.1941 Bristol.  1891 they are with 32234  William H DEWFALL.
  1901 12 Victoria Place, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
Albert DEWFALL   Head M 34 1867 Bristol  House painter  32235
Florence DEWFALL Wife M 33 1868 Bristol
Albert DEWFALL   Son  S  6 1895 Bristol                 32235 1
Henry DEWFALL    Son  S  4 1897 Bristol                 32235 2
Percy DEWFALL    Son  S  1 1900 Bristol                 32235 3

  1911 14 Philip St, Bedminster, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
Albert DEWFALL   Head M 44 1867 Bedminster, Bristol  House painter GWR  32235
Florence DEWFALL Wife M 44 1867 Bedminster, Bristol
Albert DEWFALL   Son  S 17 1894 Bedminster, Bristol  Tin plate worker   32235 1
George DEWFALL   Son  S 15 1896 Bedminster, Bristol  Chocolate manufacturer
 chocolate placing                                                      32235 2
Percy DEWFALL    Son    11 1900 Bedminster, Bristol  School             32235 3
Arthur DEWFALL   Son   	 9 1902 Bedminster, Bristol  School             32235 4
Clarence DEWFALL Son   	 6 1905 Bedminster, Bristol  School             32235 5
Doris DEWFALL 	 Daur    1 1910 Bedminster, Bristol                     32235 6

32235 1 6-Albert Thomas DEWFALL b .4.1894 Bedminster, Bristol d .3.1968 Bristol
  1901-11 with parents.
m Sep Q 1917 Bristol sp-Elsie L PRICE

32235 2 6-George Henry DEWFALL b .4.1896 Toterdown/Bedminster, Bristol 
d .12.1963 Bristol.  1901-11 with parents. 

32235 3 6-Percival Victor DEWFALL b 8.11.1899 Bedminster, Bristol 
 d .3.1972 Bristol.  1901-11 with parents.
m Dec Q 1925 Bristol sp-Elsie H WILLIAMSON	 

32235 4 6-Arthur DEWFALL b 22.12.1902 Bedminster, Bristol d .12.1982 Bristol
  1911 with parents. 
?m Dec Q 1932 Bristol sp-Alice L TAYLOR 2 chn suppressed.

32235 5 6-Clarence DEWFALL b 25.7.1905 Bedminster, Bristol d .6.1976 Bristol
  1911 with parents. 
?m Sep Q 1939 Bristol sp- JARVIS

32235 6 6-Doris May DEWFALL b .4.1911 Bedminster reg Jun Q 1911 Bristol 
  d 24.2.1957 Bristol Royal Infirmary.  1911 with parents. 
m Jun Q 1938 Bristol sp-Daniel E TOLFREE  1 son suppressed.
  [Compare Doris F DEWFALL m Sep Q 1938 Bristol sp-Thomas G WESTERN.]

32236 5-Amy DEWFALL b 1.1.1872 Bedminster, Bristol reg Mar Q
bp 19.1.1872 Bedminster, Bristol.
  1901 with mother, 3223 Ann Frances SAVAGE nee RUSSELL - see below.
m Jun Q 1901 Bristol sp-Charles Robert DAVEY 1867 Oxfordshire
 [Possibly he m1 Jun Q 1895 Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire sp-Mary RATHBONE
or Dinah Ann SNOW, & that she is the mother of Ivy, Georgina & Maud below.]
  1911 55 Newfoundland St, St Pauls, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
Charles Robert DAVEY Head M 44 1867 Oxfordshire  Butler
Amy DAVEY 	     Wife M 38 1873 Oxfordshire!                 32236
Ivy DAVEY 	 Children S 16 1895 Oxfordshire  Shop assistant  32236 1
Georgina DAVEY	 Children S 13 1898 Oxfordshire  School          32236 2
Maud DAVEY 	 Children S 12 1899 Oxfordshire  School          32236 3
Ellen DEWFALL      Sister S 34 1877 Oxfordshire  Servant         32237
Daisy DEWFALL 	    Neice S 24 1887 Oxfordshire  Factory hand    3223x 1

32236 1 6-Ivy DAVEY 1895 Oxfordshire?  1911 with parents.
32236 2 6-Georgina DAVEY 1898 Oxfordshire?  1911 with parents.
32236 3 6-Maud DAVEY 1899 Oxfordshire?  1911 with parents.

32237 5-Mary Ellen DEWFALL b c1.9.1874 Bedminster, Bristol d 14.12.1963 Bristol
  1911 with sister 32236 Amy DAVEY.

3223x 1 6-Daisy DEWFALL 1887 Oxfordshire?  1911 with aunt 32236 Amy DAVEY.
  She does not look like this one - wrong grandmother:
  1901 Iver, Buckinghamshire:
Walter DEWFALL Head M 44 1857 Heusbridge, Somersetshire  Garden lab
Harry DEWFALL  Wife M 33 1868 Iver, Bucks
Daisy DEWFALL  Daur S 11 1890 Iver, Bucks
Eliza SUTTON Mother W 63 1838 Langley, Bucks             Laundress, wash
Walter BODDINGTON Boarder S 27
John PRIEST 	  Boarder S 15

[3223  4-Ann Frances RUSSELL b Bedminster, Bristol bp 7.8.1836 Temple, Bristol]
m2 after 1874 sp- SAVAGE d by 1891
  1881??  1891 Masons Arms, 90 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Somerset living 
with her son 32232 John E DEWFALL:
Ann F SAVAGE   Head W 50 1841 St Augustine,Bristol  Living on her own means 3
  1901 cottage in rear of 90 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol, where
32234  William H DEWFALL is living with family:
Annie F SAVAGE     Head W 60 1841 Bristol                              3223
Amy DEWFALL        Daur S 29 1872 Bristol  Dom serv cook               32236
Hester M DEWFALL Grdaur S 14 1887 Bristol  Worker in tobacco factory,
                                           cigarette maker             32234 1
Frank DEWFALL  Grandson S  9 1892 Bristol                              32234 4

3224  4-George William RUSSELL b 11.1.1838 Bedminster, Bristol
bp 27 MAR 1842 Temple, Bristol, Gloucester son of John & Mary - IGI C172954. 
  1841, 1861-71 with parents.  1851 with father.  He was blind in 1861 census.
He was baptised with his brother 4 John
by DR LOGAN, curate. Here is a photo from a microfiche screen of their bp entry - their father John is a carpenter of Bedminster. - Thanks to GA. 
  1841 with parents.  1851-71 censuses with father. He ALSO appears 1871 thus:
  1871 census ex GA at 19 Hillgrove St, 
Bedminster, Bristol:
Charles LOCKSTONE Head  U 50 1821 Bristol  Formerly oil & colorman
M LOCKSTONE      sister U 46 1825 Bristol                      
George RUSSELL   lodger U 30 1841 Bristol  Carpenter unemployed
Here is a cut down photo of that census.
George's tin box - held by Robin.
  1875 still at Hillgrove St in his father's will.
  1881 census Dwelling 19 Hillgrove St, [Cotham suburb], Bedminster, Somerset:
Charles LOCKSTONE Head    U 59  	 St Pauls Bristol  	 None  	  
Caroline LOCKSTONE Sister U 56  	 Temple Bristol  	 Housekeeper 
George W. RUSSELL Boarder U 39 1942 	 Temple Bristol  	 None  	  
  Masons Arms is behind it in Hillgrove St!  
 (d not found at freebmd; he is unlikely to be one of these from freebmd:
George RUSSELL, m reg'd June qtr 1871 [age c32 if ours] Bedminster vol 5c 
p1251 to Mary Ann DEIOTT or Kate Maria HOSKINS
George RUSSELL, m reg'd Sep qtr 1876 [age c37 if ours] Bedminster vol 5c p1050
 to Mgt FIN or Eliz. TYLER
George RUSSELL, m reg'd Mar qtr 1881 [age c42 if ours] Bedminster vol 5a p575
 to Harriott MEECH or ?) 
He could be (ex RUSSELL1901bkBristol.xls where he appears without family):
  1901 census  Parish Of Temple, Bristol: 
George RUSSELL 61 1840 Bristol  Living on own means  

3225  4-John RUSSELL b 26.11.1840 Hope Square, Bristol reg 5.1.1841 Bedminster,
Bristol [b cert.]; bp 27.3.1842 Temple, Bristol, Glo. son of John & Mary -IGI
batch C172954.  1841 with parents.  1851 with father. I holds his b & m certs.

His birth cert. thanks to Robin.
 Here is his birth cert. 
His death cert. thanks to Robin.
He died aged 80 at 24 Thornsett Rd, Penge, [Croyden] London of bowel cancer. 
Streetview on google lets you see the house as it is today.
  After his wife died in 1909, John and daughter 51 Florence continued to live 
at Allenby Road until at least 1911 where they are living on the 1911 census.
  Will 8.6.1920, Probate 5.4.1921. He died 4.3.1921 at 24 Thornsett Road, 
Anerley, Penge, Surrey with an estate of £2783 8s 3p. His executors were 
Florence Amy RUSSELL [32251] & Frank Henry RUSSELL [32254].
This photo held by Robin is possibly John RUSSELL.
For John's will see 5 at
He was baptised with his br 4 George by DR LOGAN, curate.
Here is a photo from a microfiche screen of their bp entry - their fr John is 
a carpenter of Bedminster. - Thanks to GA. 
  1864 telegraphist living in Bermondsey, London. Why did he move to London?
  DR gives him as John Sandford RUSSELL 1840-1902.
But candidates at freebmd who d 1902 have wrong ages. Other possibles are:
Deaths Jun 1906  Russell	 John	 67 	 St. Giles	 1b	326
Deaths Mar 1914  Russell	 John	 74	 Holborn	 1b	759.
  familysearch ID L6Q8-HSC.

m 5.3.1864 St Mary Magdalen, Parish of Bermondsey, County of Surrey [London]
sp-Ann DERRICK b at home Bishopsgate, London; bp 28.8.1840 St George, 
Southwark, Surrey; d October 1909 while living at Allenby Road [DR].
 [Dau'r of Wm DERRICK (b 26/28.12.1807 Publow,Somerset; bp 17.1.1808 Publow; 
d 5.9.1849 Southwark,Surrey of cholera) & Harriet nee BOWLER or BOWLES (bc1813
Keynsham, Somerset).] 

 Their marriage cert. ex Robin.

Their inscription 11.2.1861 in their family bible, thanks to Robin.
In 1833-1835, 1864 Wm was a farmer. In 1840 Wm a 
greengrocer living at 19 Sun St, Bishopsgate, E London, subdistrict of St 
This could be Ann and John RUSSELL. It certainly looks like Ann. It is from p6 of their album. Held by Robin.
 Ann RUSSELL nee DERRICK taken at Bates and Sons c1910. Held by Robin. FIND!

Ann RUSSELL nee DERRICK, c25 taken at Mora studio, Brighton. Held by Robin.

This Victorian photo held by Robin is probably of Ann RUSSELL nee DERRICK.

Here is its reverse.

A photo of Ann RUSSELL nee DERRICK taken c1900 at Mora Studio, Brighton - held by Kit WITHERS.
Another photo of Ann RUSSELL nee DERRICK taken c1900-32 by BATES & Son,
Photographers & framemakers, 187 Maple Rd, Penge SE, 1.5 km from Allenby Rd  
- held by Dave RUSSELL.
 A later one of Ann. Held by Robin.
17 Sun Street, thanks to Dave RUSSELL.
This looks like a later one of Ann. Held by Robin.
  In 1841 his family was living at 111 Union St, St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.
  Her sister Harriet DERRICK & Benjamin PHILLIPS were m witnesses.
 Their m cert.: 
he is 23 bachelor, telegraphist, son of John RUSSELL builder; 
she is 23 spinster, daughter of Wm DERRICK farmer; both are living in 
Bermondsey. Harriet DERRICK [365] & Benjamin PHILLIPS were witnesses at their 
marriage. Married after banns by J STEWART curate.
Ann has ID 364 and Harriet has ID 365 on our DERRICK tree at
  Her grandfather has ID 3 there:
John DERRICK (bp 1775 Som.-1851 Whitchurch,Som.) m sp-Elizabeth HARDWICK.
So the grandparents of both Ann DERRICK & John RUSSELL lived in Whitchurch
& would have known each other.
  1851 17 York Place [Kent Rd?], Southwark St George, Surrey: ID  
Harriet DERRICK Head W 38 1813 Hunton, Somerset   Greengrocer 32236-W
Ann DERRICK     Daur   10 1841 St Georges, Surrey             322364 + sibs
  1861 Bermondsey, South Eastern Railway Station, Willow Walk:
Samuel FROST 54 Horse Keeper B 1807 Frining, Essex - her stepfather
Harriet FROST 49 B 1812 Monkton, Somerset          - her mother (remarried)
 with 2 of his chn, 1 of her grchn, & 3 of her chn including Ann:
Ann DERRICK 20 Daughter in law (step daughter) Milliner B 1841 Bishopsgate, MSX
  1866  John & Ann RUSSELL  were living at 5 Fort Road, Bermondsey, London 
where their son 52 John Alfred was born.
  **Dave RUSSELL may have found a photo of John & Ann about this time! 
-email 14.4.09
  1871 38 Storks Rd, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey:               ID
John RUSSELL Head M 30 1841 Bedminster?,Bristol  Clerk in telegraph office 3225
Ann RUSSELL     Wife M 30 1841 Bishopsgate, Middlesex                   32236 4
Florence A RUSSELL Daur 6 1865 Bermondsey, Surrey Scholar               32251
John A RUSSELL     Son  4 1867 Bermondsey, Surrey                       32252
George E RUSSELL   Son  2 1869 Bermondsey, Surrey                       32253
Frank H RUSSELL Son 2 mo' 1871 Bermondsey, Surrey                       32254
Harriet DERRICK sisterinlaw U 28 1843 Southwark Borough? Domestic serv  32236 5
 The vicinity of their home in Storks Rd, 
in 2009 from the corner of Clements Rd - thanks to 32252 6(11) Dave RUSSELL.
 - image stored at 1871JohnAnnRussell.jpg hard to read

  1875 "of the Government Electric Works", London in his father's will; also
"of Rose Cottage, No. 88 Blue Anchor Road, Bermondsey, Southwark ... Surrey 
... Superintendent of Telegraphs" when will proved in 1876.
  1881 Dwelling 8 Casella Rd, Deptford St Paul, Kent:                   ID
Name  Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
John RUSSELL       Head M 40 1841 Bristol   Super Telegraph Civil Service 3225
Ann RUSSELL        Wife M 40 1841 Bishopsgate, London                   32236 4
Florence A RUSSELL Daur U 16 1865 Bermondsey, London 
 Telegraphist Civil Service                                             32251
John A RUSSELL     Son    14 1867 Bermondsey, London   Scholar          32252
Geo. E RUSSELL     Son    12 1869 Bermondsey, London   Scholar          32253
Frank H RUSSELL    Son    10 1871 Bermondsey, London   Scholar          32254
 8 Casella Road, Deptford thanks to Dave R.
  1891 Oak Villa, Allenby Road, Lewisham, London ex Patsy:        ID
John RUSSELL Head M 50 1841 Bedminster,Bristol Telegraph superintendantCTO 3225
Ann RUSSELL   Wife M 50 1841 Bishopsgate, London                         
John A RUSSELL   Son 24 1867 Bermondsey, Surrey  Telegraphist CTO         32252
George E RUSSELL Son 22 1869 Bermondsey, Surrey  Hypospada?               32253
  1901 4 Allenby Rd, Lewisham, London:                                     ID
John RUSSELL    Head M 60 1841 Bristol, Glo'ster   Assist't controller GPO 3225
Ann RUSSELL     Wife M 60 1841 Bishopgate, London                       
Florence RUSSELL Daur S 36 1865 Bermondsey, London  Telegraphis CTO       32251
George RUSSELL   Son  S 32 1869 Bermondsey, London  No Occupation         32253
This postcard of Oak Villa, 4 Allenby Rd, Lewisham, London, has on the back
'Feb 28th [birthday of 32254 1 Rex]- Wishing you many happy returns of the day,
with love from Grandma & Grandpa' - held by Kit WITHERS.
Oak Villa, 4 Allenby Rd, Lewisham, London - thanks to Dave RUSSELL.
  1911 4 Allenby Road, Forest Hill SE, Lewisham, London:
John RUSSELL Head W 70 1841 Bristol, Somerset  Retired postoffice official 3225
Florence Amy RUSSELL Daur S 46 1865 Bermondsey, London
                                    Supervisor, Central telegraph office  32251
  He appears to have sold the property Oak Villa at 4 Allenby Road and moved to
24 Thornsett Road, Anerley, Penge, London with Florence and George where he 
died. -DR.  Thanks to DR for the bp info of their chn, sent 28.1.10.
  The "government electric works in the city of London Superintendent of 
Telegraphs" is also on John RUSSELL's pension record from the GPO.

  DR found his pension record at the GPO Museum:
9.  1901? retired at 60
10. 18xx clerk, Electrical & International Telegraph Company
    1870 clerk, Post Office
    1871 superintendent
    1894 assistant controller
    Present salary P800 pa. (Also given is his sick leave.)
11. John RUSSELL has discharged his duties with diligence & fidelity to the
satisfaction of his superior officers. By command of the Postmaster General.
  Secretary GPO 1902.

  Treasury Chambers 15.10.1902.  No 15924
Sir, The Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury have had before them
the case of Mr John RUSSELL, Assistant Controller, Central Telegraph Office,
which was submitted on the 9th instant; & I am directed by Their Lordships
to acquaint you that They have been pleased to him a pension of P400.

  Superannuation Acts 1834-92
4. John RUSSELL b 19.11.1840
5. Service 45 years 11 months since attaining the age of 16.
Salary P600 ... since 29.1.1870

Eric HARDSTAFF (37511 on our DERRICK tree) has very kindly sent me these photos
- L to R: 32252 John, 32253 George (in kilt), 32251 Florence - all taken c1870.
On the back of each is "Mr WASH, photographer & artist,119 Newington Causeway,
carte de visite 5/- per doz..."
(A search shows that this is now the Southwark address of Nando's Chickenland
& JD Wetherspoon at the Elephant & Castle's Metro Central near Southwark Bank 
N of New Kent Rd: see arrow at
 An 1882 map of Deptford, on the S side of the Thames 
W of Greenwich. Scale is 1 in 10560.
The SE Railway runs from the NW to the SE corner. From old-maps below.

32251  5-Florence Amy RUSSELL b 9.3.1865 bp 7.5.1865 St Mary Magdalene, 
Bermondsey, Surrey son of John & Ann, Telegraphist of Fort Road -thanks to DR.
For a likely photo of her as a baby, see Album2.JPG and Album2Closeup.JPG of 
2.1.  1871-81 with parents.
  1891 Dreghorn House (boarding house), East Sussex, Hastings:
Florence A RUSSELL 26 Telegraphist B London
  1901 with parents & brother 53.  1911 with father.
Florence Amy RUSSELL taken c1900 at Mora Studio, Brighton -held by Kit WITHERS.
A later photo of Florence Amy RUSSELL, taken at Westons Studios Ltd, 
15-17 Poultrey, London EC2, (a Victorian photographic studio situated in East 
London no longer in business -DR).
Another photo, held by Robin.
  Robin has sent me a list she wrote of her next of kin:
John Alfred RUSSELL [32252], 66 Flat Ward Ave?, Dagenham, Essex,
George Edward RUSSELL [32253] who resides with m[e], 34 Harley St, 
 Leigh-on-Sea, Essex,
Frank Henry RUSSELL [32254], Rivelin, 86 Harpenden Road, St Albans,
George Harford RUSSELL [32254 3], 34 Watsons Walk, St Albans, Herts,
Reginald Frank "Rex" RUSSELL [32254 1], 19 Cathedral Place, Peverell [Parnell],
 Auckland C4, NZ.
 Daughters and sons of my brother John [32252]:
Mrs COCKING [32252 3], 107 Applegarth Drive, Aldbors Hatch, Ilford, Essex,
Lilian Mrs [32252 4], 
John William called Will [32252 1], 
Alfred Charles [Alfred George [32252 2],
Edgar James [32252 6].
 Robin has her 1947-51 address book: p1 pension, p2 insurance, p4 bank, 
p5 3/10/6 % Aar stock P39/15/1 maturing 25.10.1949. Some folk not found:

Sporle of Leigh on Sea (arrow) Peggy m Denison, Nottingham.
Thomas Arthur, Bromley, Kent
Miss Young, Plumstead
Miss Lees, Upminster
Mrs McKenzie, Croydon
Mrs Meadows, Leigh on sea
W Baker, Bath
Ada Barie, S Norwood,
Winifred Howard Boston, Lower Surrey
Ada Buck, Balham (LOndon)
Mrs Askks, 32 Harley St, Leigh on Sea, Essex - her neighbour as Florence 
 lived at 34 Harley St, Leigh on Sea, Essex
Mrs Winnie COCKING, 107 Applegarth Dr, Aldboro-Hatch, Ilford, Essex [32252 3]
Mr & Mrs GL DORRINGTON, Leigh on Sea, Essex 
Mrs EVANS, Southend on Sea
JW FISK, Leigh on Sea, Essex 
Miss HAL, Southboro', Kent
Mrs JENNINGS, Leigh on Sea, Essex 
Mrs Amy JONES, Bath
Mrs Lottie LANGMAIN, Woodgreen, London

32252  5-John Alfred RUSSELL b 3.10.1866 at 5 Fort Rd, Bermondsey, London
 bp 7.4.1867 Christ Church, Bermondsey, Surrey son of John & Ann, 
Merchants clerk of Fort Road  - thanks to DR.
d 21 Jun 1953 at 107 Applegarth Road, Ilford, Essex.
  1871 with parents at 38 Storks Rd, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey.
  1881 census with parents at 8 Casella Rd, Deptford St Paul.
 His address in 32251 Florence Amy RUSSELL's 1947-51 address book was 
66 Flat, Wood Lane, Dagenham, Essex (Fords?).
  DR found his pension record at the GPO Museum:
  Application for superannuation.
1-2. John Alfred RUSSELL telegraphist, Central Telegraph Office, Post Office
3. Age 60, b 3.10.1866
5. Service 42 years 8 months. ... Salary 188.1.1. [Calculation of pension.]
11. Retiring at 60
12. Civil Service Certificate 15.9.1883
14. Telegraphist 5.1.1884 Scale 12/- per week to P100 pa
                 4.10.1925 10/- to 87/6 per week. Personal max 68/6 p week
19. Paid to 3.10.1926
20. Mr John Alfred RUSSELL has discharged his duties with diligence & fidelity
to the satisfaction of his superior officers. He is recommended for the 
Imperial Service Medal.  - This was awarded in 1926: 

m sp-Rose Rouse DURSTON (19.3.1874 Shapwick, Bridgewater, Somerset-21.3.1945 
Ilford, Essex)	
# Thanks to 32252 6(11) dave"att" for most of this branch
- 1st contact 31.1.2007. Gedcom JohnSandefordRussell.ged/paf 11.2.2007.
 Rose standing outside 62 Airthrie Road, Ilford 
where they lived from c1911. - thanks to Dave RUSSELL.
  1901 census at Lewisham, London:	
John RUSSELL  33 1868 Bermondsey, London  Telegraph clerk  32252 
Rose RUSSELL  26 1875 Shapwick, Somerset
John RUSSELL   6 1895 East Ham, London                     32252 1
Alfred RUSSELL 4 1897 East Ham, London                     32252 2
  1911 census at 62 Airthrie Road, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex:	
John Alfred RUSSELL  Head M 43 1868 Bermondsey, London  Telegraph clerk, GPO
Rose Rouse RUSSELL   Wife M 38 1873 Shapwick, Somerset
John William RUSSELL  Son S 16 1895 East Ham, Essex     Clerk   32252 1
Alfred George RUSSELL  Son  14 1897 East Ham, Essex     School  32252 2
Winifred Rose RUSSELL  Daur  7 1904 Lewisham, London    School  32252 3
Lilian Gertrude RUSSELL Daur 2 1909 Goodmayes, Essex            32252 4
Frank Edward RUSSELL 	Son  1 1910 Goodmayes, Essex            32252 5

32252 1  6-John William RUSSELL b c1895 East Ham, London/Ilford, Essex.
  1901-11 with parents. His address in 32251 Florence Amy RUSSELL's 1947-51 
address book was 33a Potters Lane, Rochester, Kent.
 John William RUSSELL c7(back left), 
Alfred George RUSSELL c8(back right) holding hands with either Winifred Rose 
RUSSELL or Lillian Gertrude RUSSELL c4 front. Taken outside 62 Airthrie Road, 
Ilford, Essex c1910. ID'd by Dave. Held by Robin.
The same photo showing house behind. Held by Robin.

Highly likely to be of John William RUSSELL - Dave. Held by Robin.
Could this be John Alfred with John William RUSSELL, Alfred George RUSSELL? 
I've not done a careful comparison. Held by Robin.

m sp-Marrion b 1.1.1897

32252 2  6-Alfred George RUSSELL b c1897 East Ham, London/Ilford, Essex.
 1901-11 with parents.  Sailor. Killed 1944 in WW2.
Alfred George RUSSELL. Held by Robin.
 Alfred George RUSSELL. Held by Robin.

m sp-Muriel Hannah 1902

32252 3  6-Winifred Rose RUSSELL 1906 Ilford, Essex-1950
  1911 with parents. c1948 she lived at 107 Applegarth Drive, Aldbors Hatch, 
Ilford, Essex, after her marriage, according to list of next of kin 
of 32251 Florence.

m sp-Leslie COCKING 1908 Romford, Essex

32252 31  7-Derek COCKING b 1923. The only candidate at freebmd is
Derek F COCKING b reg Jun Q 1923 Bradford, Yorkshire. But that lists
his mother's maiden name as STEWART. It looks like the year is wrong
  & he should be
32252 31  7-Derek L COCKING b Dec Q 1933 Romford, Essex with mother's maiden 
name RUSSELL.  The only candidate for his m at freebmd is
Marriages Dec 1953 
Derek COCKING m Dec Q 1953 at Huddersfield, Yorkshire  Mary P WRIGHT.	 
But this is probably DC b Mar Q 1931 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
 mother nee ROGERS.

32252 4  6-Lillian Gertrude RUSSELL 1908 Romford, Essex-1992 Hastings, Sussex
  1911 with parents. Secretary
m sp-Stanley Norman STURSBURG 1905 Romford, Essex-1978 Ilford, Essex

32252 5  6-Frank Edward RUSSELL 1909 Chelmsford-15.11.1923 Ilford, Essex
  1911 with parents.

32252 6  6-Edgar James RUSSELL 24.10.1915 at 62 Airthrie Road, Ilford-23.8.1967
 King George Hospital, Redbridge. Manager Sweet Shop / Bakery Supervisor.
m 24.11.1937 Romford, Essex sp-Doris Gertrude LARMAN 20.4.1917 Islington,
 North London-24.10.1999 Rush Green Nursing Home, Dagenham. 11 children
 Shop Assistant at Boots.

32252 61  7-Terrence Edgar RUSSELL b 4.10.1938 Erith Road , Goodmays, Ilford
bp 21 Nov 1948 St ELizabeth Church Dagenham d 8 May 1996 Chelmsford Test.

m sp-living with 2 chn - names withheld pending permission

10 siblings - names withheld pending permission except for the last.

32252 67  7-Janet Maureen RUSSELL b 12.2.1948 at 74 Wood Lane, Dagenham
 Details withheld pending permission.

32252 6(11)  7-David Stephan RUSSELL 6 Nov 1959 at 12 Mead Grove, Chadwell 
Heath Romford Essex dave"att" 1st contact 31.1.2007.
Dave has supplied most of the branch at 32252. He is a musician. In 2016 he is
studying at Leicester University where Dr Turi KING carried out the 
mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA analysis on Richard III.

32252 6(11)1 8-Rachel Anne RUSSELL 6 Feb 1988 Orsett Hospital, Grays Thurrock,
32252 6(11)2 8-Darcie Kashmir RUSSELL  b1996 Peterborough District Hospital,

[32252 6(11)  7-David Stephan RUSSELL 6 Nov 1959] 
m 15 May 2004 Finningly, South Yorks sp-Laurie-Jo DAVIES b 1974 Doncaster,
 South Yorkshire. 

32253  5-George Edward RUSSELL b 16.7.1868 bp 13.9.1868 Christ Church, 
Bermondsey, Surrey son of John & Ann, Telegraph clerk of 5 Fort Road, St James
Road  - thanks to DR.
  1871 with parents at 38 Storks Rd, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey.
  1881 census at 8 Casella Rd with parents.
  1891 census at Oak Villa, Allenby Road, Lewisham with parents.
  1901 census Lewisham, London living with parents 5 & sister 51:
George RUSSELL 32 1869 Bermondsey, London  No Occupation 
  1911 has GR 1865 Surrey with wife Hannah, chn Sidney George 9 & Wm Francis 4;
& GR 1872 Battersea, Surrey with wife Beatrice E, chn Beatrice 11, George C 7,
& Marion J 3.

32254  5-Frank Henry RUSSELL b 24/25.1.1871 St Olave, London bp 26.2.1871 
Christ Church, Bermondsey, Surrey son of John & Ann, Civil service clerk of 
 38 Storks? Road - thanks to DR. d 22.5.1961 London
  1871 with parents at 38 Storks Rd, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey.
  1881 census at 8 Casella Rd with parents.
  1891 37 Charles St, Lambeth, Surrey:                     ID at derrick.html
Joseph H CARPENTER Head M 40 1851 Old Kent Rd, London Cabdriver Groom
Jane CARPENTER     Wife M 43 1848 London Borough                          367
Joseph W CARPENTER Son  S 18 1873 Old Kent Rd, London Lamp porter Railway 3671
Frank CARPENTER    Son  S 16 1875 Old Kent Rd, London  Clerk? Law Court   3672
Annie CARPENTER    Daur   13 1878 Old Kent Rd, London  Scholar            3673
Frank RUSSELL    Nephew S 20 1871 Bermondsey, London  Letter sorter GPO   32254
 Jane is his mother's sister: ID numbers are for 
  1892 He passed his Civil Service Certificate 1.3.1892, a mail-sorter for the
General Post Office, awarded a Civil Service Cert.
  1894 when m'd 23 bachelor, sorting clerk, GPO living at Allenby Rd, Forest 
Hill, London, son of John RUSSELL, Telegraph Superintendent. 
 c1948 he lived at Rivelin, 86 Harpenden Road, St Albans, Herts, according to 
the next of kin list of 32251 Florence.
 This photo of Frank c20 is held by Robin.
 This photo of Frank c30-40 is held by Robin.
 This photo of Frank c60 is held by Robin.

Compare this with the photo at 3225 labelled possibly John RUSSELL. 
Believed to be Frank. Held by Robin.
I inherited this walking stick engraved FH from Rex. It was his father's, 
Frank RUSSELL. Frank has familysearch ID L6Q8-W2R.

m 7.5.1894 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High St, District of Blean, Herne Bay, 
 E Kent sp-Alice Olivia HARFORD (10.9.1870 Whitstable, Kent-3.10.1948 London?) 
 Birth registered by her mother at 1 month. 
  freebmd: b regd Dec qtr 1870 Alice Olivia HARFORD at Blean.
  freebmd: m regd Jun qtr 1894 at Blean 2a 1345 Alice Olivia HARFORD to
Frank Henry RUSSELL.
  1894 m cert.: 232 spinster living at Calverley Tce, Herne Bay, Kent dau'r of
Thomas HARFORD master mariner; witnessed by the bride's father and the 
bridegroom's sister 51 Florence Amy RUSSELL. Married by HJ LEWIS.
 Their m cert. 

Photo of 32254 Frank with 32254 3 George on knee, Alice, 
32254 1 Rex standing & 32254 2 Florence standing.  George is c2, 
so it was taken 1912, the year Rex sailed to NZ. Held by Robin.

A copy of the same photo, passed down to me from Rex via Mum.
One of Rex, Florrie & George taken at the same time - held by Robin
This is a photo of 32254 2 Florence, 32254 Frank & Alice with 
32254 3 George looking 6-9 so taken 1916-19. 
This photo shows 32254 Frank standing, & sitting sister 51 Florence on L, Alice, son 32254 3 George on R, & 32254 2 Florence in front with dog c1933.
A similar photo but with Eric (husband of 32254 3 Florence) on RHS c1933.
Another of Frank & Alice - held by Robin.
One of Alice - held by Robin.
One of Alice & Frank.
 Frank reached a senior position in the GPO, London.  Alice
RUSSELL, with her husband and young children, for some years came to
spend Christmas in Farningham with her uncle Edward Thomas CLAY, 8(11) of
 & his 2nd wife Elizabeth:
 -page 40 of Ruth CLAY's book `SOME CLAYS & OTHER ANCESTORS' (1985).

  1901 1 Osborn Villas, Alvino Rd, Lewisham, London:
Frank H RUSSELL   Head M 30 1871 Bermondsey, London     Sorter GPO    32254
Alice O RUSSELL   Wife M 30 1871 Whitstable, Kent
Reginald F RUSSELL Son    6 1895 London South Wark, London, Lewisham  32254 1
- RUSSELL     Daur 12 weeks 1901 Southwark, London                    32254 2
E AYLING Monthly nurse W 55 1846 Wooton Bassett, Wilts  Monthly nurse sick

  1911 30 Chaffinch Rd, Beckenham, Kent, 6 rooms + bathroom, M for 17 yrs:
Frank Henry RUSSELL Head M 40 1871 Bermondsey  Sorter, GPO + signature  32254
Alice Olivia RUSSELL  Wife M 40 1871 Whitstable, Kent
Reginald Frank RUSSELL Son S 16 1895 Trafalgar Rd, Peckham
                                          Boy clerk insurance office  32254 1
Florence Alice RUSSELL Daur  10 1901 Sydenham, Kent  School           32254 2
George Harford RUSSELL Son    1 1910 Beckenham, Kent                  32254 3
 This postcard of Chaffinch Rd 
would have been sent to Rex by his father Frank - held by Kit WITHERS.
  1928 he was an Overseer for the London Postal Service. 
  .3.1931 at age 60: Service 40 years 5 ms, salary 260P pa;
19.11.1890 Temporary sorter 18s/wk; 7.3.1892 Sorter 18-40 sh/wk; 1.5.1928
Overseer 220-260P pa; 1 day ill in last 5 yrs!
-Info from his "Application for super or other retiring allowance"
  8.4.1931 retired after 40 years service & recommended for the award of the 
Imperial Service Medal. 
Frank RUSSELL aged about 40, held by Kit WITHERS.
A photo of Frank c1947 in a suit; taken in Margate, Kent by GOODMAN & SCHMIDT. 
The photo was probably held by 32252 4 Lillian RUSSELL
 - thanks to 32252 6(11) Dave RUSSELL. 
For more on their studio, see here.
  1957: 11 Leigh Park Rd, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. It is 30m E of London, just N of
the Thames W of Southend-on-Sea: for photos see
This is the address on a letter he wrote me 1957 at age 86: "... I manage to
get out most days with my hostess & her 2 cocker spaniels ..."
For his will see 32254 at - thanks to 32252 6(11) Dave RUSSELL 2.11.2010.
A frozen lake - sent by Frank to Rex - held by Kit WITHERS. 
This is the reverse of the photo of the frozen lake showing Frank's writing: 'The lake frozen over at our old country home "Louisville". In peace times we had skating carnivals & all the Xmas lighted walls fairy lamps. It used to look beautiful. February 1917.'
  I corresponded with him when I was c10, obtaining info on the RUSSELL, 
DERRICK & CARPENTER branches of the family.

  c1920-1933 Alice & Frank lived in Beckenham, London. During this time Alice
"would come to visit my grandparents [8(11) Edward Thomas CLAY & his 2nd wife
Elizabeth of 
above for the day, usually calling in on my parents
[8(11)4 Lewis & Evelyn CLAY] at the same time. Apart from her good looks, 
enhanced by the jewellery she always wore, she had a warm & friendly nature &
brought a sort of magic to any occasion. In 1925 she was present at the
wedding of Cordelia CLAY [8(11)5] when her daughter [143 Florence below] was a
bridesmaid & the following year when Florence herself married .. I remember how
my mother & I were invited to Alice & Frank's home to inspect the bride's 
trousseau... One thing that stands out in my mind is a visit we paid to the 
offices of the Oyster Fisheries. Alice had some business there & I remember 
that she was welcomed as an old & honoured friend." - p20-21 of Ruth CLAY's 
book above. 
  Her shares in Oyster Fisheries passed to 32254 11 Laurette RUSSELL.
  About 1930 "Alice & Frank arranged with my parents for me to spend a few days
with them at Whitstable where they were on holiday." - Ruth CLAY.
# Alice has ID 11 at 4. of
 She has familysearch ID L6Q8-WGM.

32254 1  6-Reginald Frank RUSSELL b 28.2.1895 Southwark, London [1901 census]
or Whitstable, Kent [death cert.] d 22.8.1978 Auckland.  He changed his name 
to Rex.  Rex has familysearch ID L6Q8-WZ8.
 This photo held by Robin is Rex c5 
looking just like my grandson Alan at the same age!
  1901-11 with parents.
I think this is the same photo of 32254 1 Rex about 1897 aged c4. This is the reverse - taken by London studio Hellis & Pins? 1904-1906 3 of his Sunday School prizes for these years are held by his grgrdr 52521 Adrianna of The plate inserted for 1906 is headed "Lower Sydenham [London] Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School." The tale of the great mutiny, WH Fitchett 1909 awarded 1910 to Mr Regd RUSSELL for Arithmetic, by London County Council, Lewisham, LCC Evening School. Photo of 32254 1 Rex alone taken at same time as photo with his family, IMG_4507a.JPG above, ie 1912 aged 17, the year he sailed to NZ. [Another copy is 4455.]
  1912 aged 17 he sailed from Port of London to Wellington in 1912 on the 
KARAMIKO?. He had been advised to leave England for his health. In his early 
days in NZ he travelled on horseback as a travelling salesman.  
  1914-18 His WW1 record can be ordered from
Let me know if you get it pls.
Rex in sergeant's uniform, 1916 - NZ Home Guard? Robin kindly gave me 
this photo in 2015. I passed it on to my 1st daughter.
Reverse of same photo: 'Mum with love, Rex. Taken March 1916.' On the front is Bartlett photo, NZ.
  1927 Wise's PO Directory: Reginald RUSSELL clerk, Maungawhau Rd, Newmarket,
  1935 Wise's PO Directory: Rex RUSSELL accountant, 1 Albury Ave, Auckland. 
  1970-71 Wise's PO Directory: Rex RUSSELL 19 Cathedral Place, Auckland.
  He became General Manager of the Associated Bottling Co., Khyber Pass,
Newmarket, Auckland & President of the (Newmarket?) branch of the Rotary 
Club. He was a Freemason: he was a Junior Warden of the Maungakiekie Lodge, 
No 373, Auckland. "He was a very good ritualist & the first floor member in 
Ara's 100 year history to deliver ritual charges in the Lodge. This work had 
been previously restricted to Past Masters who were far more experienced." 
(His cert. is held by the local Masonic museum.)
Here is p1 of the lodge meeting notice for 5.11.1952 - it reads in part: Junior Warden BRO. REX RUSSELL, 19 Cathedral Place, Parnell C4.

 He was an honorary Steward for the Avondale Racing Club.
 He lived with Vera and Laurette at Devonport and later Epsom, Auckland. 
 From c1943 he and Vera lived at 19 Cathedral Place, Parnell, Auckland.

This photo is from
30.3.2014 CV $1,000,000.
It would be nice for Mum to see it now. Amazing how it has been remodelled
and the back section divided off for other properties.
 Death certificate: Reginald Frank RUSSELL retired company manager, aged 83; 
of Selwyn Village, Pt. Chevalier; died 22.8.1978 at Christ's Private Hospital,
Pt. Chevalier; b 28.2.1895 at Whitstable, Kent; 66 years in NZ; son of Frank 
Henry RUSSELL civil servant and Alice Olivia nee HARFORD; m1 at age 21 to Vera
Bessie HALL; m2 at age 79 to Robina Viola CREAGH formerly LYTTLE; cremated 
24.8.1978 at Purewa; cause of death bronchopneumonia 4 days, Cor. Pulmonale 
years, lung disease years; Watney Sibuns Sons funeral directors, Auckland.
For his will see 32254 1 at
  After Poppa retired he made his 1st trip back to the UK with Vera on the
ORIANA to see his father. Sadly, 2-3 days before they arrived Capetown he was
notified that his father 32254 Frank had died. He elected to stay on the ship
and miss the funeral. Frank's other children Florence & George were already
dead. George's son (Mum's cousin) 32254 31 Robin, then 15, was Frank's only 
descendant to attend the funeral. His mother Edith left contact details for
Poppa but never heard from him. I asked Robin what Frank was like - I used
to correspond with him before he died, & constructed my 1st RUSSELL & DERRICK
trees. Robin & his parents had lived with Frank for 6 months when he was 6.
He described Frank as aloof and stand-offish - the culture at the time?
  One of my early memories was a room in the basement at Nana and Poppa's
with a table and a huge leather-bound ledger, maybe 18" by 9" by 4",
presumably for Poppa to keep track of household expenses!!??

m1 1916 Auckland    sp-Vera Elizabeth Rathbone HALL b 14.7.1897 Auckland
d 18.6.1971 Auckland)   familysearch ID L6Q8-W8L
Death certificate: Vera Bessie RUSSELL of 19 Cathedral Place, Parnell, died 
at 25 Ventnor Road,Remuera of myocarditis - several months, etc; daughter of 
Henry HALL builder & Laura nee RATHBONE; married at age 22 at Auckland to 
Rex RUSSELL; cremated at Purewa 20.6.1970; living issue F age 52.
Vera has ID 37 on our HALL tree at (c1800 Upperthorpe, Sheffield). See there for photos of Rex, Vera and Laurette.
A portrait photo of Vera aged c20 - from Vera's collection, held by KW.

Rex RUSSELL wearing masonic regalia and Vera nee HALL around the time of their

 Vera? - from Vera's collection, held by KW. 
Vera RUSSELL at their home at 6 Maungawhau Rd, Auckland
 - from Vera's collection, held by KW.
Vera RUSSELL in togs in a dinghy - from Vera's collection, held by KW. 

Rex & Vera RUSSELL next to a car c1940-45.

Rex & Vera RUSSELL 'at PuPu' - but it looks like the Ohau Channel, Lake Rotorua
where they had a holiday home at Morea.
A number of photos of them on holiday.
 For more photos of them, many on holiday
in the South Island in 1949, see their entry at  
For her will, see 32254 1 m1 at
 Ver has FamilySearch ID L6Q8-W8L

32254 11  7-(Alice) Laurette RUSSELL b 6.2.1918 Auckland d 19.4.2010 Auckland
Hospital. Attended St Cuthbert's College. Achieved Honours in Trinity College
piano exams. Hairdresser in various places including 
& Wellington, Invercargill, Christchurch before her marriage.
 Laurette c 3 months - christening outfit?
 Rex, Vera & Laurette aged c1. 

 Rex smoking a cigar holding hands with Laurette aged c2.
Laurette aged c2 with dolls pram. 
Laurette aged c3 with a doll.
 Laurette c4 with Vera in a fancy hat.
And one of her c6 in a party dress.
 Laurette c14 with a pet pekinese dog.
 R to L: Vera, Laurette c10 c1928, 
Rex, Betty REID?? et al. A picnic on Motuihe Island, Auckland harbour. 
Held by Robin.
The writing on back by Rex.
Laurette c12 in clown costume.
Here's another of her aged c21.
A wedding photo appears in the Weekly News for 20.11.1940.
A photo of her c1960 with family friend Dean (later Bishop) Rae MONTEITH.
  She had 4 books of cigarette cards she collected as a girl, and her mother's 
stamp album of 1908. Now held by Russell WITHERS.
  From 1944 until her last few weeks in hospital, she lived at 
18 Cathedral Place, Parnell, Auckland, NZ, 3318 square metres, Lot 8, DP 28252,
CT 844/292. 
  16.2.1932 NZ Womens Weekly p22: 2 of our young things celebrated their 21st
birthdays last week. Pretty little Laurette RUSSELL who came up from 
Christchurch for a short holiday, had her party on Monday at her parents' flat.
Among her old friends who gathered to wish her well were Dorothy THORBURN, 
 Peggy TRAYES [her 1st cousin ID 341
at ]
& Dorothy LAWRENCE.Laurette returned to Chch last Friday.

  13.11.1940 NZ Herald: EVENING WEDDING, WITHERS-RUSSELL, Bride's french lace
gown, Attendants wear organdie. The marriage of Miss Laurette RUSSELL, only 
daughter of Mr & Mrs Rex RUSSELL of Marino Gardens, Mt Eden, & Mr Wynn Stroude
WITHERS of Wellington, youngest son of the late Mr & Mrs ES WITHES of Parnell,
took place last evening at St Mark's Church, Remuera. Archdeacon P HOUGHTON
officiated & Mr A PASCOE was the organist. The bride, who was given away by her
father, wore a beautiful gown of ivory French stiffened lace over taffeta with
full-topped sleeves tapering at the wrists, & a heart-shaped neckline. The 
flowing skirt was fashioned to form a long train, over which fell the veil of
ivory tulle. This was worn over the bride's face as she entered the church & 
was caught to the head with a cluster of 3 white Christata orchids & sprays of
lily-of-the-valley. A shower bouquet of white orchids, carnations, roses &
lily-of-the-valley was carried. In attendance as bridesmaids were Miss Wynn 
MCMANEMIN & Miss Berris SCHRAMM, who wore frocks of pale blue self-patterned
organdie over delphinium blue taffeta. Circlets of small pink sweetheart roses
were worn on their heads, & bouquets of pale blue delphiniums & pink carnations
& roses were carried. The bridegroom was attended by Flying-Officer Trevor
WITHERS, Royal NZ Air Force, Hobsonville, as best man & by Private John WITHERS
4th Reinforcements, 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force, as groomsman. A sherry party
was afterward held at the Station Hotel where Mrs RUSSELL received her guests
wearing a frock of mist blue lace & coatee, & a blue floral toque. She carried
a bouquet of deep pink roses & green orchids. Mrs M COLLINS, aunt of the
bridegroom, was in a navy pebble crepe frock & hat with a shoulder spray of
autumn-tinted roses. PHOTO: Wedding at St Marks Church, Remuera: Mr & Mrs WS
WITHERS leaving the church after their wedding last evening.

  14.11.1940 NZ Womens Weekly p14: Attractive Laurette RUSSELL has been 
spending the past few weeks dashing form 1 party to another, & with each of her
many friends deciding that they simply must give a party for her, you can just 
imagine how much spare time she has had. 1 of the 1st parties for her in the 
pre-wedding rush was that given by Wynn MCMANEMIN at her home in Omahu Rd, 
Remuera. The party took the form of a handkerchief afternoon, & Laurette was 
looking very lovely in a grey dress worn with a fur cape & hat to match. 
Another party was given for her by Beris SCHRAMM at Berisville Flats on Wed. 
evening last week. THis time Laurette chose a frock of blue & white floral lace
& looked really lovely. The guests included Joan FORVES, Wynn MCMANEMIN & Nesta
STAPLES. Last Monday week also found this popular lass partying again & this 
time it was Nesta STAPLES who hostessed. "Something really different" was the 
keynote of this party & the guests had a thoroughly exciting time having their 
fortunes told. A luncheon party was given for her last THursday & she was 
presented with eeverything for the well-dressed bathroom. Laurette wore a fur 
coat over a grey frock for the occasion & among those who came to offer their 
good wishes & gifts were Joyce NATHAN, Naida CARSIE, Wynn MCMANEMIN, Estelle 
  And the great day arrived: Tues evening found Laurette looking lovelier than 
any one person has a right to as she walked up the aisle of St Marks Church, 
Remuera in her frock of cobwebby French lace that swirled its ivory stiffness 
over a slip of matching taffeta. The bodice of the frock was heart-shaped & 
the skirt fell into a long train. The bride carried a bouquet of roses, 
carnations & lily-of-the-valley. Her 2 bridesmaids were Wynn MCMANEMIN & Beris 
SCHRAMM who wore unusal frocks of striped organdie in delphinium-blue with 
floral lace tucks in the front of the bodices. The bride's mother Mrs Rex 
RUSSELL received the guests in a frock of mist-blue lace at the Station Hotel 
where a cocktail party was held. Laurette's husband Wynn WITHERS hails from 
Wellington & the newly-weds plan to make their home in that city.

  For another wedding photo, see Weekly News 20.11.1940.  Marriage cert:
 Wyvern Stroude WITHERS 26 Insurance Clerk bachelor b Auckland Present 
residence Auckland, Usual residence Wellington, son of Edward Stroude WITHERS
solicitor & Lisa WITHERS nee WHITSON;
 Alice Laurette RUSSELL 22 spinster b Auckland Residence Auckland, dau'r of 
Reginald Frank RUSSELL accountant & Vera Bessie RUSSELL nee HALL;
 Minister Percy HOUGHTON; Witnesses Trevor S WITHERS, Hobsonville Air Base,
Auckland Flying Officer RNZAF & John S WITHERS, Papakura Military Camp, Private
 In 1944 they lived at 1411 Great North Road, Auckland. 

Mum & Dad holding a pipe, perhaps on their honeymoon. 

 Mum and Dad in love.  
A very poor quality photo of her with Wynn in uniform and Russell as a baby in 1942.
Laurett and her children at her 79th birthday,
1997 at Peter and Judy's in Waiheke:
5251 Russell, 5253 Peter, Laurette, 5252 Kit.
  1945-2010: 18 Cathedral Place, Parnell, Auckland, NZ.
  24.11.1976 Auckland Star University Exams results: French 34.200 Cop (Cert.
of Proficiency) AL WITHERS.
  A photo of her with friends appears on p11 of the Middleburg Life paper for
July 1994 on a visit to a school-friend in Virginia.
For her will of 23.3.2010, see 32254 11 at
  Dad's & her ashes are in the Columbarium Remembrance Garden outside St Mary's
consecrated 1.11.2009.

This photo of Mum was taken Feb 2011 by Alison WHEELER, the last photo taken 
of her before she died, and one of my favourites! 
 She has familysearch ID L6Q8-WSD 

m .11.1940 St Mark's,Remuera,Auckland sp-Wyvern Stroude WITHERS b 22.6.1914
 Auckland d 31.12.1982 Auckland.
  Death certificate: Wyvern Stroud WITHERS, Insurance broker (Ex serviceman),
of 18 Cathedral Place,Parnell, age 68,b 24.6.1914 Auckland; died 31.12.1982 at
18 Cathedral Place,Parnell; son of Edward Stroud WITHERS lawyer and Elizabeth 
nee WHITSON; married in Auckland at age 26 to Alice Laurette RUSSELL now aged 
64, with M issue aged 41 39 & 36, cremated 4.1.1983 at Purewa; cause of death 
bronchial adenocarcinoma left lung 1 year, medical attendant DL RICHWHITE, 
funeral director LG RESNICK)
  He is 525 3-Wyvern "Wynn" Stroude WITHERS" in
the NZ branch of our WITHERS tree at See there for photos of him with Laurette, his biography and descendants, and links to his DEACON DOBLE HOPKINS KING LIDDIARD NASH NEWTON PETTET QUELCH SLOPER STROUD TUBB WHITSON and WITHERS ancestors.

[32254 1  6-Reginald Frank "Rex" RUSSELL (1895 Southwark, London or Whitstable
  d 1978 Auckland)]:
m2 c1973 Auckland  sp-Robina CREAGH nee LYTTLE

32254 2 6-Florence Alice RUSSELL b c5.1.1901 Sydenham, London d 1935 in child
-birth.  1901-11 with parents.

I think this is a photo of her aged c15. Held by Robin.
 Mum had a photo of "Aunt Florrie". 1925 a bridesmaid at the wedding of 
Cordelia Jane CLAY, ID 8(11)5 on the CLAY tree (see 32254 sp above), 
to George Edward ANDREWS. Florence died giving birth to Joy - p20 of
Ruth CLAY's book above.

m Dec Q 1926 Croydon London sp-Eric Fred BLACKBOURN b reg. Dec Q 1901 
Newmarket, Suffolk. 

A wedding photo of Florrie and Eric, held by Robin.
And another with George on left and unknown bridesmaid - held by Robin.
The birth of an Eric Fred BLACKBOURN was registered in Newmarket, Cambs. in
 December 1901. The ref. is Vol. 3b, Page 504.
 - via  David BLACKBOURN
(None in 1901 census. It seems unlikely to be one of these 4:
 1901 census: Name Age Where Born,Administrative County,Civil Parish Occupation
Eric Blackburn 2 Lanc Gorton Lancashire Gorton   
Eric Blackburn 4 Yorks Cleckheaton Bradford Bradford   
Eric Blackburn 6 Lancs Great Crosby Lancashire Great Crosby   
Eric Blackburn 8 Yorks Sheffield Lancaster Broughton )

32254 21  7-Freda Alice "Joy" BLACKBOURN b 31.5.1935 London reg Jun Q Bromley.
  Mum Said Joy moved to Greece. 2016: Consular.Athens"att" notes
that the British Embassy does not hold records of British Citizens residing or 
travelling to Greece. 
  In the 1958 will of [32254] Frank, Freda was living at 33 Monks Orchard Road,
Beckenham, Kent. This left her P300.

m Mar Q 1959 Spilsby, Lincolnshire sp-John C ENDERBY b Mar Q 1935 Louth,
 Lincolnshire, mother b BOOTH.
2016: Tel (01507) 527018, 3 Winceby Gdns, Horncastle LN9 6PJ.
 Robin RUSSELL spoke to him 29.7.16.

32254 3  6-George Harford RUSSELL b 22.06.1909 Bromley, Beckenham, Kent 
bp 01.08.1909 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Argyle Road, Whitstable, Kent 
d 20.02.1958 St. Marys Hospital, Eastbourne, Sussex. His bp cert. gives his 
abode as 30 Chafinch Rd, Beckenham, Kent. When he died he was living at
111 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, working as a clerk for the Dental Estimates Board.
George c2 with sister Florence. Held by Kit.
 George c14. Held by Robin.
 An interesting shot of a baseball team:
George or Rex? is 3rd from left in front row. Held by Robin. I hold a copy too.
George c16, (wearing a school/college uniform?) He appears to be standing on a pier. Held by Robin.
 George c19. Held by Robin.
 George c45. Held by Robin.
Robin has kindly sent me his d cert. He died of a bronchial carcinoma.
  He was severely injured in WW2. 
 His address in 32251 Florence Amy RUSSELL's 1947-51 address book was
Hillcrest, Three Oaks, Guestlng?, Wnr Hastings.
George's War repatriation: Xmas 1940 Quetta (Pakistan).
Apl 1941 Iraq, Syria, Persia. May 1942 West'n Desert. Jun 1942 captured wounded in Libyia. Prisoner of war Italy. Repatriated Apl 1943 Minus right leg and sight of right eye.
Addressed to Mr FH RUSSELL, Rivelin, 86 Harpenden Rd, St Albans, Herts.
He was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery, and was in the Royal Victoria Hospital,
Netley on 29.4.1944. Both documents held by Robin.
 Will sent me by Dave R by email earlier - CHECK.

  1911 with parents.
This photo of George RUSSELL has on the back 'July 1940' - held by Kit WITHERS.
George in army uniform 23.3.1941 at Quetta, Pakistan. Held by Robin.

Headline: BLESMA pays last tribute to George. Held by Robin.
c1948 living at 34 Watsons Walk, St Albans - next of kin list of 32251 Florence.
George 2nd from left at a BLESMA (British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association) Remembrance Parade 11.11.1953. Eastbourne Gazette. Held by Robin.
Robin has sent me this link giving info on his WW2 experiences:

m 1st qtr 1944 St Albans, Hertfordshire sp-Edith Matilda COUTTS, aka Jean, 
b 6.10.1909 Kensington, London dau'r of Charles Henry.
 George's aunt, 51 Florence Amy RUSSELL, lived with them at 111 Victoria Drive,
Eastbourne, Sussex until her death in 1954. She left most of her estate to 
George and Edith. - DR. In Frank's will & on the photo he sent Rex, she is 
referred to as Jean living at the above address. 
Here is Edith in 1940 aged31 - thanks to Robin.
 Here is a photo of Edith with her new baby Robin.

32254 31  7-Robin Harford RUSSELL b 24.11.1944 St. Albans, Hertfordshire  
bp St. Albans Cathedral, St. Albans. Left P150 in the 1961 will of 32254 Frank.
At that time Robin lived at 111 Victoria Drive, Eastbourne,Sussex.
 1st contact 24.3.2014  robin"att"
He has the Mate's Certificate of Competency of his grandfather Thomas HARFORD, 
No. 20638.
Robin in uniform shaking hands with a dummy. His mother Edith is standing next 
to him.
'My uniform in the Dummy shot is 2nd Officer (2nd Mate) in the British
Merchant Navy, I subsequently sailed on coastal tankers as 2nd Mate and
Chief Mate before taking up a shore based position; all will be revealed
when I finally get everything written up.'
This photo of Robin with his mother Edith, & his children Eden, Sophie, Lee & Sheri was taken in 2009 3 weeks before she died in 2009.

m1 21.10.1967 sp-Rosemary Anne HUGHES b 26.02.1948 [div. 16.12.1977]
32254 311  8-Sheri Louise RUSSELL b 06.02.1970 
m 01.10.1994 sp-John Terry POWELL b 09.02.1969

32254 3111  9-Joshua (Josh) Terry POWELL b 13.09.1997
32254 3112  9-Georgia Ann POWELL b 28.09.2000 
32254 312  8-Lee Harford RUSSELL b 01.01.1973 
m1 c1995? sp-Simone BROWNE [div.]
32254 3121  9-Kieran Lee Harford RUSSELL b. 01.02.1997

[32254 312  8-Lee Harford RUSSELL b 01.01.1973]
m2 15.05.2003 sp-Tracey BRYANT b 15.05.1973      
32254 3122  9-Benjamin (Ben) Harford RUSSELL b 24.06.1999
32254 3123  9-Harrison (Harri) Harford RUSSELL b 08.03.2007

[32254 31  7-Robin Harford RUSSELL b 24.11.1944 St. Albans, Hertfordshire]
m2 12.01.1978 sp-Tracey SUTCLIFFE b 10.10.1959 [div. 04.10.1993]
 d 25.10.2011 aged 52.
32254 313  8-Nicholas Julian RUSSELL b 10.04.1978 (aka Nicholai Julian RIDER)
df sp-Claire FARRELL
32254 3131  9-Amber Vivienne Alexandra FARRELL b 10.07.2002  

[32254 313  8-Nicholas Julian RUSSELL b 10.04.1978 (aka Nicholai Julian RIDER)]
 Fiancée: Heather Kirsty ASTON (nee WEAVER) b 25.03.1980
32254 3132  9-Dexter Brandon Haydn RIDER b. 04.01.2014

32254 314  8-Eden James Harford RUSSELL b. 19.04.1981
m 30.11.2013 sp-Nicole Louise PESCOTT b. 14.01.1991

32254 315  8-Sophie Verity RUSSELL b. 12.10.1982      
m 09.07.2005 sp-Darren Anthony STRUDWICK b. 15.05.1979
32254 3151  9-Riley Anthony Harford STRUDWICK b. 17.12.2004
32254 3152  9-Brooke Louise Indianna STRUDWICK b. 07.10.2006
32254 3153  9-Chase Anthony Harford STRUDWICK b. 26.08.2009
32254 3154  9-Autumn-Bliss Louise STRUDWICK b. 19.09.2013

[32254 31  7-Robin Harford RUSSELL b 24.11.1944 St. Albans, Hertfordshire]
m3 23.04.1994 sp-Valerie Christine THOMAS b. 21.11.1947
This photo of Robin, his mother Edith, & Val was taken in 2009 3 weeks before she died in 2009.

Robin: I noted on the attachment "Dad's War Repatriation" that my grandfather's address was 'Rivelin', 86 Harpenden Road, St. Albans c.1940s; which I note was the name of one of the family houses in NZ. I wonder if Rex mentioned it to his father at some point and my grandparents subsequently used it.  So many coincidents arise and I noted that there was an Allenby Road/Ave in both UK and NZ.
[322  3-John Sandford RUSSELL bp 10.1.1811 Whitchurch, Somerset d March Q 1876]
m2 Mar Q 1868 Bristol vol 6a p121 sp-Mary BREWER b 1809 Bedminster, Bristol
 d Bedminster, Bristol.
 [There are 3 men but only 2 women on this page (the other being Elizabeth 
STURGE) ex Patsy pkoshea"att" 2005]
  Her 1st m was to James BREWER d 1867:
  1871 census at Bedminster,Bristol; St Luke's ecclesiastical district,
Schedule 271, Bright Bow, Masons Arms, East St, Bedminster,Bristol:
John S? RUSSELL Head M 55? 1816 Carpenter & beer retailer b Somerset,Whitchurch
Mary RUSSELL    Wife M 62  1809 Carpenter & beer retailer assistant b Bristol,

  1879 Kelly's Bristol Directory lists him as a beer retailer at 88 Bright 
Bow, Bedminster Road.  Masons Arms closed c1950. At one time East St had 56 
  Dave RUSSELL 29.3.09: Mary BREWER was the landlord (Beer Retailer) at the 
Mason Arms pub with her 1st husband James BREWER between 1848-1865. James died
1867 (death entry found) and Mary BREWER then took over until 1871 when she 
married John Sandeford RUSSELL who then became landlord (Beer Retailer) until 
his death. Here is a link to the Pub history: It gives:
MASONS' ARMS Brightbow (Bedminster Parade)
1794. William TELPHORD 1800. Joan POWELL 1806. Richard NORTHMORE 
1847. H. BREWER 1848-65. James BREWER 1867-69. Mary BREWER 1871 to 1876. 
John RUSSELL 1877 to 1878. Charles DEWFALL 1879-80. Ann DEWFALL 1882. 
W. WALLIS 1883. Thomas BRYANT 1886-92. Maria WATTS 1896. Emma FRANCIS 
1899-1901. Edward COLLINS 1904-06. William PORCH

John probably knew Mary BREWER from drinking in the Mason Arms pub, and when 
Mary BREWER's husband James died in 1867 a relationship formed between them 
which led to marriage and John becoming a beer retailer.
  The history in & around Bedminster, Bristol during this period  is
fascinating and I have enclosed a word document that might bring alive why
John moved there with his carpenter and building skills.  As a child I
remember artefacts laying around the house that have direct links with the
Wills cigarette factory in Bedminster, which my grandfather must have got
from John Sandeford and then passed down to my father.

323 3-William RUSSELL b 14.5.1812 bp 7.6.1818 Whitchurch, Somerset to Wm & Ann
  1840: He was living in a house with yard rented from 
George HALL, husband of 316 Agnes COLSTON 1822 Whitchurch: see 

m1 sp-Elizabeth 1798 Portsmouth, Hants d by 1881
?m 13.3.1834 Bedminster, Somerset I02622-8 sp-Eliza GREEN
  1841 Whitchurch, Somerset:
Martha WEBB 	  65 1776 Somerset  Shop worker
William RUSSELL   25 1816 Somerset  Farmer       323
Elizabeth RUSSELL 35 1806 Somerset               His m1
  Previous entry same page:                     ID in colston.html above
George HALL         60 1781 not Somerset  Ind.  Parents of 165-sp below
Elizabeth HALL      60 1781 not Somerset 
George Wickham HALL 30 1811 Somerset            165-sp [m Agnes COLSTON 1822]
Susanna HALL        30 1811 Somerset            Sister of 165-sp 
Mary Day HALL       25 1816 Somerset            Sister of 165-sp 
  1861 34 William St N, Islington St Mary, Middlesex:                  ID
William RUSSELL   Head M 48 1813 Whitchurch, Somerset  Messenger, GPO  323
Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M 63 1798 Portsmouth, Hants                     His m1
Mary Ann TAYLOR   Niece  19 1842 Bedminster, Somerset  Milliner        3251

[323 3-William RUSSELL b 14.5.1812 bp 7.6.1818 Whitchurch, Somerset]
m2 1861-81 sp-Ann b c1819 Romford, Essex

?William RUSSELL son of William m 5.12.1872 South Petherton, Somerset
 sp-Mary Ann DUNSTONE daur of John DUNSTONE IGI batch I02531-5.
  1881 census Dwelling Squirrels Heath, Hornchurch, Essex:          ID
William RUSSELL Head  M 69 1812 Whitchurch, Somerset  Superannuate  323
Ann RUSSELL     Wife    62 1819 Romford, Essex   	            His m2
Maria SIMKINS Visitor U 66 1815 Romford, Essex        Annuitant  	  
Sarah TAYLOR  Visitor U 61 1820 Edmonton, Middlesex   Lodging House Keeper 

324 3-Frederick Wellington RUSSELL (presumably named after the Duke of
Wellington - the British commander at the Battle of Waterloo) b 9.4.1814; 
  bp 7.6.1818 St Nicholas', Whitchurch.
m 9.3.1834 Charlton-Mackrell, Somerset IGI batch I04481-5 sp-Emily AKIN
 b 1820 Knockholt, Kent. d 1881-91
  1851 Islington, London:
Frederick RUSSELL Head M 31 1820 Whitchurch, Somerset  Pohn man  324
Emily RUSSELL     Wife M 31 1820 Knockholt, Kent   	       m 324
Walter RUSSELL    Son     6 1845 London City                     3241
Thomas RUSSELL    Son    11 1840 London City                     3242
  1861 Islington, London: CHECK last 2 lines!
Frederick RUSSELL Head M 31 1820 Whitchurch, Somerset Railway porter    324
Emily RUSSELL     Wife M 31 1820 Rochester, Kent   Coffee shop keeper m-324
Walter RUSSELL    Son  U 16 1845 London City       Errand boy           3241
Thomas RUSSELL    Son    13 1848 London City       Errand boy           3242
Emily RUSSELL     Daur   11 1850 London City Of, Middlesex              3243
Agustus RUSSELL   Son?    9 1852 London City Of, Middlesex              3244
  1871 FIND
  1881 census Dwelling Raynor Park Station, Merton, Surrey:          My ID
Fredk. RUSSELL  Head M 66 1815 Whitchurch, Somerset  Station Master  324
Emily RUSSELL   Wife M 61 1820 Knockholt, Kent   	           m 324
Emily RUSSELL   Daur U 30 1851 London City Of, Middlesex             3243
Fredk. RUSSELL Grandson 7 1874 Battersea, Surrey     Scholar         32431
  1891 Battersea, London ex JH:
Frederick RUSSELL Head W 77 1814 Whitchurch, Somerset  No occupation  324
Emily RUSSELL     Daur U 41 1850 City of London   	              3243

3241 4-Walter Frederick RUSSELL b 1845 City of London reg Mar Q West London
  1851-61 with parents.
  3.2.1859 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette: he, aged 15, (.1.1850), father 
Frederick Wm RUSSELL, a native of Whitchurch near Bristol, Foreman, South 
Western Railway Co, 25s/week, 4 chn all dependent. Residence 8 St Georges Pl, 
Walworth Rd. 2 votes [This put him as No. 16 for election of apprentices. Only 
the top 10 were chosen.]

?m Dec Q 1867 Wandsworth sp-Eliza GRADDAGE or Eliza REEVE	 
  1871 24 Branksome Rd, Brixton, Lambeth St Mary, Surrey:
Walter F RUSSELL Head M 26 1845 City, London  Messinger GPO
Eliza RUSSELL 	 Wife M 23 1848 Hampt'n, Midd'x
  1881 73 St Albans Rd, Watford, Hertfordshire:
Walter RUSSELL Head M 35 1846 Middsx City, Middlesex  Oil & colourman  3241
Eliza RUSSELL  Wife M 33 1848 Hampton, Midds'x        Hwife
Elizabeth RUSSELL Daur 8 1873 Brixton, Surrey         Scholar          32411
Ethel RUSSELL     Daur 5 1876 Ballarat, Australia     Scholar          32412

32411 5-Elizabeth RUSSELL 1873 Brixton, Surrey  1881 with parents.  1891?
32412 5-Ethel RUSSELL 1876 Ballarat, Australia  1881 with parents.  1891?

3242 4-Thomas RUSSELL 1848/40 London  1851-61 with parents.  1871 - many poss's

3243 4-Emily RUSSELL 1851 London  1861, 1881 with parents.  1891 with father.
32431 5-Frederick RUSSELL? 1874 Battersea, Surrey 

3244 4-Augustus RUSSELL 1852 London  1861 with parents.
  ?1891 131 Plough Rd, Battersea, London [see also 1901]: 
Augustus RUSSELL Head M 36 1855 Surrey  Agent
Alice RUSSELL 	 Wife M 25 1866 Surrey 
Augustus RUSSELL Son  S  5 1886 Surrey 
Leonard RUSSELL  Son  S  3 1888 Surrey 
Clara ADAMS      Serv S 15 1876 Surrey  Gen serv

325 3-Marie Ann RUSSELL b 28.10.1815 bp 7.6.1818 St Nicholas', Whitchurch 

m 7.5.1840 Whitchurch, by licence sp-John TAYLOR - a baker (witnesses 322
John and 326 Frances Elizabeth RUYSELL). After their marriage they lived at
Knowle, Bedminster. They were apparently both deceased by March 1851, having
had at least one child

3251 4-Mary Ann Russell TAYLOR b 1841 "Norvell"?, Somerset reg Jun Q Bedminster
bp 6.6.1841.
  1841 aged 6 weeks with her maternal (RUSSELL) grandparents 32 
- the whereabouts of her parents is unknown. 
  Orphaned by 1851 and living with her maternal grandmother 32-sp & 32(11) in 
  1861 milliner with her uncle 323 William RUSSELL & his m2 Ann.
  It is not known what happened to Mary Anne. The 1881 census shows two 
unmarried women b c1841 - one born in Bristol (and working as a cook in Devon) 
and the other born at Mynehead (and working as a servant in Hampstead, London).

326 3-Frances Elizabeth RUSSELL b 14.1.1817; bp 7.6.1818 St Nicholas',
Whitchurch. Not married by 1840 - she was a witness to the wedding of her elder
sister 325.

327 3-Ann RUSSELL b 11.5.1818; bp with her elder brothers and sisters (except 321
George who had already been baptised) at St Nicholas', Whitchurch, in 1818.
d 12.10.1906 - ancestry.
  1851 12 High St, Bristol All Saints, Gloucestershire:
Ann RUSSELL U 31 1820 Whitchurch, Somerset  Housekeeper 

328 3-Thomas RUSSELL b 27.11.1819 bp 25.12.1819 St Nicholas', Whitchurch
329 3-Eliza RUSSELL b 20.3.1821 bp 15.4.1821 St Nicholas', Whitchurch d 12.3.1906 FIND

32(10) 3-Rossina RUSSELL bp 28.7.1822 St Nicholas', Whitchurch
  aka Rozeylind RUSSEL b 30 Jun 1822 d 7 Mar 1909.  1841 with parents.
m sp- CLARK. 
?Rosina RUSSELL m Dec Q 1865 West London sp-Jacob CLARK
  On the night of the 1881 census she was visiting her nephew (James
RUSSELL [3218] above) at Barrow Gurney, where she was noted as Living off the
income from houses.

32(11) 3-James RUSSELL b 21.3.1825 bp 17.4.1825 St Nicholas', Whitchurch
 d 10.7.1863 aged 38; buried with his parents at Whitchurch. At the time of death 
he was living at Highbridge.
  1841 with parents.
  1851 Beanacre, Melksham, Wiltshire:
James RUSSELL     Head U 25 1826 Whitechurch, Somerset  GWR policeman   32(11)
Susannah ABRAHAMS Serv W 50 1801 Melksham, Wilts        Housekeepeter
Mary Ann TAYLOR  Neice U  9 1842 Norvel, Somerset       Orphan          3251
William RUSSELL  Nephew   3 1848 London                 Visitor, nephew 32x1
  1861 Wells St Cuthbert In, Somerset: 
John BRIANT      Head M 48 1813 St Georges, Soms't  Porter
Mary Ann Briant         56 
Francis John Briant     15 
Albert Briant            8 
James RUSSELL Boarder U 33 1828 Whitchurch, Soms't  Rail[wa]y police  
Jo Albt Lambert 12 
  By 1851 he had become a Policeman on the Great Western Railway, living in the
hamlet of Beanacre, near Melksham in Wiltshire; also living with him was a 
housekeeper, his orphaned niece (3251 Mary Ann TAYLOR) and his nephew (William 
RUSSELL b c1848 London- WHO IS HE? NOT 3211 or 32(12)6). His mother was 
visiting friends in Whitchurch on the night of the census, but she probably 
also lived with James. 

32(12) 3-Edwin RUSSELL bp 5.11.1826 St Nicholas', Whitchurch  by the curate 
Rev J ASHE.  1841 with parents.  1851 with brother 322 John RUSSELL b 1814.
 A shipwright (1855), ship's carpenter (1871),
unemployed (1881), an Engine Driver (1891) and Engineer (also 1891). It is
understood that Edwin worked for Charles HILL & Sons, ship builders, at the
Albion shipyard in Bristol. The family lived near St Michael's Hill for some
years, as Edwin and Elizabeth were recorded as residents of nearby Old Park
(1863), Church Lane (1871-1874), No. 2 Upper Church Lane (1875), No. 17
Trinity Street (near the Cathedral) (1881) and No. 27 Cumberland Street
(near Stokes Croft), in the parish of St Pauls, Bristol (1891-96). Died
before 1906. Shipwright, engine driver & engineer of Bristol - residing at
Rufsel Street (Redcliffe), Old Park, Upper Church Lane (St Michael's Hill),
Trinity Street (near the Cathedral), Cumberland Street (near Stokes Croft) &
Richmond Street, Totterdown.
 For photos and history of Bristol Cathedral see

Edwin was probably born and raised on Reeve's Farm in Whitchurch, which his
father occupied at the time. [Land Tax Returns 1825 onwards.]  This farm had
been owned by Edwin's relatives since 1802 and had been farmed, almost
continually since then by his father and grandfather. Before that, from 1782 to
1802, his grandfather 3 had farmed Abbotts farm, also in Whitchurch. Edwin would
no doubt have helped his father and brothers around the farm. However, when
Edwin was about 14 years old, his father gave up the tenancy of Reeve's Farm
and moved into a house known as 'RUSSELL's Cottage'. [From Electoral Register
1833-1849. SCRO ref Q/Rer Eastern. ] The 1840 Tithe Map shows that this house
was located in Church Lane and had a garden and two orchards attached to it. It
also included a carpenter's shop. Edwin was living here, with his parents as
well as one of his sisters and two brothers, at the time of the 1841 census. No
occupation was shown for any of the children, but their father was still
recorded as a farmer.  

'RUSSELL's Cottage' was almost certainly the same property which had
belonged to Edwin's family since at least 1781. In that year the Land Tax
Returns list a small property owned by a carpenter named William CHILTON
(fr-in-law of 3 & 0 of 3.) Edwin's great-grandfather. [William CHILTON
(1717-1788) 0 of 3. was Edwin's great-grandfather and lived at Whitchurch
from 1759 until his death in 1788 - his marriage allegation and gravestone
both referred to him as a carpenter. Thomas RUSSELL (1760-1817) was Edwin's
paternal great-uncle who married Edwin's great-aunt (Mary CHILTON 2 of 3.). 
This great-uncle was recorded as a
carpenter at Whitchurch between 1805 and 1807 in a Rent Book belonging to
the SYMTH Estate (BRO ref AC/E39 page 23) and was also referred to as a
carpenter in his will, dated 1817. In his will he left half his estate to
Edwin's father.  ]

After William CHILTON's death in 1788 his widow, Mary, continued to live there,
and when she died in 1809, it passed to her son-in-law, Thomas RUSSELL, who was
also a carpenter. From 1812 the Land Tax Returns show the property as in the
joint-ownership of Nathaniel 3 and Thomas RUSSELL (brothers [in law]). Thomas
died in 1817 and from then on the property belonged to Nathaniel. However,
Nathaniel was a farmer, not carpenter by trade, and he therefore let the
property to tenants at a annual rent (in 1825) of P1 10s 0d. His tenant from
1822 until at least 1831 was a George SAUNDERS.  Nathaniel continued to own the
property until at least 1831, and when he died the following year, his will
left all his estate to his son William (32 Edwin's father). Thus, although
Edwin's father and grandfather had both been yeoman farmers at Whitchurch,
several members of the family had been carpenters and this history of carpentry
as a family trade, together with the CHILTON and RUSSELL family's ownership of
the village carpentry shop, probably explains how Edwin came to be a
shipwright, rather than a farmer.

Despite the family's strong links with Whitchurch (where Edwin's father,
grandfather and two great-grandfathers had served as Overseers of the Poor and
Churchwardens for the parish), Edwin moved away from the village and obtained
work in nearby Bristol. The city was probably familiar to Edwin even from his
early childhood, since although he lived in the country, Whitchurch was only
four miles from the city and he may well have accompanied his father or other
relatives to market along the turnpike road. Carriages and wagons travelling
between Bristol and Wells would also have been a familiar sight at the time, as
Whitchurch was one of the villages through which the main turnpike road passed.

The city of Bristol was still a major port at this time, and although its ship
building industry had passed its heyday, it still stood at the forefront of
Victorian shipbuilding technology. Edwin worked as a shipwright, and it is
understood that he would walk from his home in Whitchurch to a shipyard in the
centre of Bristol. [Recalled by Frank RUSSELL 32(12)6 7.]  We do not know how
frequently, or for how long, he kept this up, although by the time of his
marriage in 1855, at the age of 27, he was recorded as a resident of St
Michael's in Bristol. Edwin would live in the city for the rest of his life and
the RUSSELL family would remain in Bristol down to the present day.  

Edwin was about 15 years old when Brunel's steamship, the SS Great Britain was
launched. It is entirely possible that Edwin might, perhaps as a young
apprentice, have been involved in the ship's construction. But even if not, it
is still unlikely that he would have escaped the excitement that accompanied
its launch.  

Around 1848 members of Edwin's family (his parents, as well as his brother
James [32(11)], a nephew and a niece) moved to Melksham in Wiltshire. Edwin
stayed behind in Whitchurch or Bristol, but must have been a regular
visitor, because he ended up marrying a young woman from Melksham. Where
Edwin was in 1851 is not know - but an Edwin RUSSELL, aged 27 bc1824 was
living at Bath, St James (see census 1941 ED=01b, page 71).
Where was he in 1851?

m 9.4.1855 St Andrew's, Melksham sp-Elizabeth WITTS bp 2.9.1832 St Andrew's,
 Melksham, daughter of Thomas WITTS, a mason and inn keeper, and his wife Elizabeth 
nee NAISH). General Stores Shopkeeper (1901). At their m [GRO Ref 5a/173] the
witnesses were Charles MILES, Mary WITTS and another person with the surname
WITTS (first name unreadable). Edwin was described as a shipwright of St
Michael's, Bristol, and Elizabeth was described as a resident of Melksham.
Both bride and groom were literate. Within the family it used to be said
that when she married, Elizabeth had `lost her WITTS' (according to Frank
RUSSELL). Died before 1906. Most of their children were baptised in the church 
of St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the-Mount-Without (at the bottom of St Michael's
Hill) in Bristol.

Her parents were living at Beanacre, a hamlet north of Melksham, at the time
of her baptism, but Elizabeth later lived with her parents at the Red Lion
in Melksham (where she was recorded in 1851).

Edwin and Elizabeth had 8 children, all of whom were (as far as we know)
born in Bristol. 1st was -1 Ellen, known as `Nell' (born 6 January 1856
[Recalled by Frank RUSSELL]). Then -2 Mary Ann (bp St Mary Redcliffe 20
August 1857), -3 Albert Edward (bc 1858), -4 Frances Elizabeth (bc 1866), -5
Annie (bc 1869), -6 William (b 1871), -7 Maria known as `Rye' (bc 1873) and
-8 Edwin (bc 1875). The last five children were bp St Michael the Archangel
on the Mount Without (at the bottom of St Michael's Hill) in Bristol. For
some reason Frances, Annie and William were baptised together on 12 February
1871, meaning that Frances was about five years old and Annie two. Their
youngest child, Edwin, may have died as an infant since there is no record
of him in the 1881 census.

Edwin worked as a shipwright (ie a ship builder/ship's carpenter) for many
years. In 1857 (at his daughetr's baptism) he was recorded as a shipwright of 5
RUFSELL Street, Redcliffe. In the 1871 census we was referred to as a ship's
carpenter, although ten years later he seems to have fallen on hard times,
being listed as unemployed in the 1881 census. By the time of the 1891 census
Edwin was working as an Engine Driver, although seven months later (at the
marriage of his son William) he described himself, a little more grandly, as an
Engineer. His grandson, Frank RUSSELL, understood that Edwin worked for Charles
Hill & Sons, ship builders at the Albion dockyard in Bristol.  

At some stage after 1857 the family moved from Redcliffe parish to the St
Michael's Hill district, where they remained for some years, as Edwin and
Elizabeth were recorded as residents of Old Park in 1863. The Rates Books for
this period make no reference to Edwin RUSSELL, so probably he rented rooms in
a house headed by someone else. From 1870 until (at least) 1878 Edwin and his
family lived at No. 2 Upper Church Lane. [The Consolidated Rate Books for the
parish of St Michael, September 1870-1878, at Bristol Records Office, confirm
that Edwin lived in Upper Church Lane, his sons' baptism record records the
house number, in 1875, as No.2. All the houses in Upper Church Lane have now
been demolished - the site is now occupied by a car park and school play
ground.] This time he was the main occupier of the property, as the Rates Books
from 1869 list him as the tenant of someone name Pound, and the rateable value
of the house was assessed as P8. In that year Edwin was required to pay a
Consolidated Rate to the Bristol Corporation of 18/10d. In 1874 the freehold of
his house was taken over by Mr J HALL, who remained Edwin's landlord until at
least 1878. The Consolidated Rate Books describe Edwin's property as a house up
until 1874, but from 1875 refer to it as a "house and shop". Between 1870 and
1878 he paid around P1 in rates each year, although the exact amount varied
from year to year.  

  1861 34 Hope Square, Bedminster, Somerset: 
Edwin RUSSELL     Head M 33 1828 Whitchurch, Somerset  Ship's carpenter 32(12)
Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M 28 1833 Melksham, Wilts   	  
Ellen RUSSELL     Daur    5 1856 Bristol  	 Scholar  	        32(12)1
Emma J RUSSELL    Daur    1 1860 Bristol  	 Scholar  	        32(12)4
Richd GAMMON    Lodger U 21 1840 Newport, Monmouth  Lock and bright smith
  1871 St Michaels Cottages, 2 Upper Church Lane, St Michael, Gloucestershire:
Edward RUSSELL    Head M 41 1830 Whitchurch, Somerset Ship carpenter  32(12)
Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M 38 1833 Melksham, Wilts
Albert E RUSSELL  Son     8 1863 Bristol  	           Scholar    32(12)3
Francis E RUSSELL Daur    6 1865 Bristol  	           Scholar    32(12)5
Annie RUSSELL     Daur    2 1869 Bristol   	                      32(12)6
William RUSSELL   Son  4 mo 1870 Bristol  	                      32(12)7
  1881 census Dwelling 17 Trinity St., Bristol St Augustine, Gloucester:
Edward RUSSELL    Head M 53 1828 Whitchurch, Somerset Unemployed Ship carpenter
Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M 49 1832 Melksham, Wiltshire   	  
Albert E RUSSELL  Son  U 18 1863 Bristol  	 Cloth cutter (Tailor) 32(12)3
Francis E RUSSELL Daur   15 1866 Bristol  	   	               32(12)5
Annie RUSSELL     Daur   12 1869 Bristol  	 Scholar  	       32(12)6
William RUSSELL   Son    10 1871 Bristol  	 Scholar  	       32(12)7
Maria RUSSELL     Daur    8 1873 Bristol  	 Scholar  	       32(12)8
William WESTON Boarder W 78 1803 Barrow, Somerset Retired  	  
Francis S WATE Lodger  U 20 1861 Bristol  	 Clothcutter (Tailor)  	  
  By 1881 - whilst Edwin was unemployed - the family were living at No. 17
Trinity Street, close to Bristol Cathedral, in the parish of St Augustine. This
was a large property, which was in multiple occupation at the time, and no
doubt the rooms where fairly cheap to rent. To help make ends meet there was a
lodger and a boarder living with the family at the time.  
    1891 27 Cumberland St, Bristol, St Paul, Gloucestershire:
Edwin RUSSELL   Head M 63 1828 Whichurch, Somt  Engine driver       32(12)
Elizth RUSSELL  Wife M 58 1833 Melksham, Wilts
Francis RUSSELL Daur S 25 1866 Bristol, Glos.  	Machine rule print  32(12)5
Annie RUSSELL   Daur S 22 1869 Bristol, Glos.  	Book sewer  	    32(12)6
Wm RUSSELL      Son  S 21 1871 Bristol, Glos.  	School board clerk  32(12)7
Maria RUSSELL   Daur S 18 1873 Bristol, Glos.   Help at home  	    32(12)8
  By 1891 Edwin had moved on and was living with is wife and four younger
children at No. 27 Cumberland Street, in the parish of St Pauls,
Bristol. [Cumberland Street ran between Brunswick Square and North Street. Half
of Cumberland Street remains standing, and includes a number of mid-nineteenth
brick-built terraced houses. The other half of the street has been demolished
and stood on what is now the site of Avon House North.]  He continued living
there until around 1896 (being listed as the householder in street directories
up to that date).  
  1901 81 Richmond St, Bristol, Gloucestershire:
Edward RUSSELL    Head M 74 1827 Whitchurch, Som  Retired shipwright  32(12)
Elizabeth RUSSELL Wife M 68 1833 Melksham, Wilts  General stores shopkeeper
Maria RUSSELL     Daur S 27 1874 Bristol  	   	              32(12)8
  By 1901 the couple had moved south of the river, to the Bristol suburb of
Totterdown. Here, at No. 81 Richmond Street, the census shows Edwin and
Eliabeth living with their daughter Maria -7. Edwin was recorded as a 74 year old
`Retired Shipwright' and Elizabeth as 68 year old `General Stores Shopkeeper'
(working at home on her own account). [RG13/2364 folio 42, p29] The 1902
Kelly's Street directory of Somerset, Gloucestershire & Bristol included the
following entry: `Richmond street, Totterdown [From `St Michael's Hill and
Cotham not so long ago' (1998)], RUSSELL Edwin, grocer'.  There is still much
work to be done to uncover more of Edwin's life, in particular to find him in
the 1851 and 1861 census returns (NB he was not living at Whitchurch, and nor
was he living in Church Lane in 1861, probably somewhere in Bristol like
RUFSELL street, Redcliffe).

32(12)1 4-Ellen (known as Nell) RUSSELL. It is believed she was born on 6
January 1856.  1861 with parents.

m sp- HISCOCKS and soon after emigrated to Canada, where they were attracted by
the 'Gold Rush'. Her husband died in Canada, but Nell was joined out there by
her sister Rye. The two ladies returned to the UK c1915. After a short stay in
Bristol they both moved to Dauntsey, in Wiltshire, to live with their sister
Annie. Nell (who was small with a thin face and very bossy) later returned to
live at Myrtle Rd, Bristol, where she died on 30 October 1952. Her estate was
valued at P775 for probate purposes - her will was proved at Winchester. She
had no children. The 1851 census for Whitchurch has HISCOX b Pensford, Som.

32(12)2 4-Mary Ann RUSSELL bp St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol 20 August 1857. She
may had died young as nothing else is known of her.

32(12)3 4-Albert Edward RUSSELL bc 1857-8 bp St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the
-Mount-Without (at the bottom of St Michael's Hill) in Bristol on 23 August
  1871 with parents.
 In 1881 he was living with his parents & employed as a cloth cutter in
Bristol. He later moved to Dudley, where he eventually became the chief buyer
and designer for a company manufacturing children's clothing. He later worked
for Holloways at Stroud. Albert was very softly spoken.

m Sep Q 1885 Bristol sp-Louisa LARK 1859 Lambeth, London  d in WW2.
  1891 8 Freemantle St, Bristol, The United Parishes of St James and St Paul, 
Albert RUSSELL Head M 29 1862 Bristol, Gloster  Tailor's cutter  32(12)3
Louisa RUSSELL Wife M 32 1859 Lambeth, London 
Nelly RUSSELL  Daur    5 1886 Bristol, Gloster  Scholar          32(12)31
  1901 Slad Rd, Uplands, Gloucestershire:
Albert RUSSELL Head M 38 1863 Bristol  Foreman, tailor's cutter  32(12)3
Louisa RUSSELL Wife M 40 1861 Westminster, Middx  
Ellen RUSSELL  Daur S 15 1886 Bristol  School teacher            32(12)31
Dorothy RUSSELL Daur S 1 1900 Stroud, Glos                       32(12)32
  1911 Uplands, Gloucestershire:
Albert Edward RUSSELL Head M 48 1863 Bristol   Clothier cutter  32(12)3
Louisa RUSSELL  Wife M 52 1859 Lambeth, London
Ellen RUSSELL   Daur S 25 1886 Bristol, Glos  School assistant  32(12)31
Dorothy RUSSELL Daur S 11 1900 Stroud, Glos    School           32(12)32
Muriel RUSSELL  Daur S  7 1904 Stroud, Glos    School           32(12)33

32(12)31 5-Ellen RUSSELL 1886 Bristol  1901-11 with parents.
?Ellen Louisa RUSSELL b reg Jun Q 1886 Bristol
?Ellen L RUSSELL m Sep Q 1913 Stroud, Glos sp-Henry MOORE

32(12)32 5-Dorothy May RUSSELL 1900 Stroud, reg Jun Q Glos.
  1901-11 with parents.
??Dorothy M RUSSELL m Jun Q 1932 Monmouth sp-Leslie WATKINS

32(12)33 5-Muriel Irene L RUSSELL Jun Q 1903 Stroud, Glos.  1911 with parents.
m Sep Q 1931 Stroud, Glos. sp-Robert PATTISON	 

??32(12)34 5-Irenie RUSSELL
??32(12)35 5-Pam RUSSELL

32(12)4 4-Emma J RUSSELL 1860 Bristol.  1861 with parents.

32(12)5 4-Frances Elizabeth RUSSELL bc 1866 Bristol; bp St
Michael-the-Archangel-on-the-Mount-Without (at the bottom of St Michael's
Hill) in Bristol on 12 February 1871. She died of cancer aged about 32. 
  1871-91 with parents.
In 1891 she was working as a Machine Ruler. She was never married and had no
(Cf Frances Elizabeth RUSSELL m Jun Q 1894 Bristol sp-Henry KIRBY)?

32(12)6 4-Annie RUSSELL bc 1869 Bristol, bp St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the
-Mount-Without in Bristol on 12 February 1871.  1871-91 with parents.
 In 1891 she was working as a Book sewer. She later lived at Dauntsey, Wilts, 
on the estate of an earl, where she worked as a cook. d 1943 Melksham. 
She never married and had no children.

32(12)7 4-William RUSSELL b Nov/Dec 1870 Bristol, probably at Upper Church 
Lane, behind St Michael's church at the foot of St Michael's Hill, where the 
family were living at the time. [His birth certificate has
not been obtained. But it is known he was born in November/December 1870
because he was noted as being with his parents, 4 months old in 1871 census.] 
bp St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the Mount -Without Bristol 12 February 1871. 
[The church still stands close to the bottom of St Michael's hill, its correct
name being `St Michael the Archangel on the Mount Without'. The word
`Without' denoting that church stood outside the city walls. Some of the
Georgian streets behind the church remain, although others have been
demolished.] (Could be ex freebmd b regd Mar qtr 1871 at Bristol vol 6a	p50.)
  1881-91 with parents.
Evidently William received a good education as a child. He became a clerk
with Bristol School Board. The year 1891 was a busy one for William, for in
addition to his job as a clerk with the School Board, he helped to compile
the census of that year, as an `enumerator'. [The Enumerator for District
No. 7 was required to sign the Enumeration Schedule, and this confirms that
Enumerator was William RUSSELL, as his signature is the same as used at his
marriage.] He was the enumerator for Enumeration District No. 7, in the
civil parish of St Paul's, Bristol. His duties involved him in visiting more
that 112 dwellings, and recording the details of all 670 people who were
resident there on the night of the census, which included himself, his
parents and four sisters. The schedule in which William recorded this
information is preserved at the Public Records Office, and reveals that he
was staying with his parents on the night of the census, at No. 27
Cumberland Street, Bristol. Sometime over the next seven months William
moved out of the parental home, because by the time of his marriage he was
living at 11 College Place, Bristol.

William and his wife Dot spent their entire married lives at 10 Myrtle Road,
Bristol. They had a lodger, Miss MANNING, who became a close friend to the
family - it was through Miss MANNING that both Bill and Dot, and some of
their children, became Roman Catholics (commencing from 1906). Around 1907
William became a part-time volunteer soldier with the 1st (City of Bristol)
Volunteer Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment. He was with the
Battalion when they were reorganised, in 1908, to form a Territorial Force
battalion - the 4th (or 6th) (Territorial) Battalion of the Gloucestershire
Regiment. The Battalion's HQ was at the Drill HALL in Queens Road.  During
the First World War, Bill served mainly in the reserve forces and was
engaged mainly in Home Defence duties. By December 1916 Bill was away from
home, serving as a Lance Corporal in the 6th Gloucester Reserve, which was
later amalgamated into the 4th Reserve Battalion. In total he spent at least
two years away from home, before he was invalided out - before the end of
the war - and returned home for treatment at The Hydro, in Park Street,
Bristol. Dot did her bit for the war effort, working in a munitions factory
in Bath Road, Brislington. William retired around 1933, when he was aged 62,
because of his deteriorating eyesight. Fortunately he had a full pension,
having worked the full forty years. He died four years later at the age of
66, on 1 August 1937 at 10 Myrtle Road. Following a service at St
Mary-on-the-Quay, William was buried in the MEEK family grave at Arnos Vale
Cemetery (not Holy Souls), Bristol. 

[Wm's death was registered on 3 August by his widow who was present at the
death. The cause of death was coronary thrombosis, myocardial degeneration
and arterio sclerosis. F RUSSELL recalled that he died in the front bedroom.
The undertakers were Wood & Co, and their bill, which came to P24/12/6,
refers to St Mary-on-the-Quay and to Arnos Vale cemetery.]

m 29.12.1891/93 St Augustine-the-Less, Bristol sp-Elizabeth Mary ("Dot") MEEK b
3.6.1868, No. 2 Upper Berkeley Place, Bristol, daughter of William Harding MEEK
and his wife Emily ELI(S)SON nee TANNER). 

 They were married by the vicar, the Rev Pitt EYKYN, following the reading
of banns. [The church has been demolished, but stood on the site of the
Swallow Hotel extension, at the bottom of Park Street.] The signatures of
the bride and groom were both in neat copperplate style and there were four
witnesses, which was unusual as there were normally only two. The witnesses
were William Henry TOZER, Annie RUSSELL (William's older sister), Edith
JENKINS (possibly Dot's twin sister) and Emma MEEK (Dot's aunt).

Dot died 1952, Bristol. Milliner and during the First World War munitions
worker. 9 children born between 1893 and 1911. Each of their children was
born in Bristol. The elder children were baptised as Anglicans whilst the
younger ones were baptised as Roman Catholics.

She may have been one of twins. [This is not certain, but seems a possibility
as the 1881 census showed an Edith MEEK, who like Dot, was aged 11 at the time,
had been born in Clifton, and was living in Bristol at the time with
relations. Also an Edith JENKINS was one of the witnesses at Dot's wedding.]
At the time of her birth, her father was working as an Insurance Agent. [Her
birth registered on 26 June 1868 by the father.]

It seems that her mother died around 1877 and within a few years her father was
to remarry. He therefore arranged for his daughter Dot to go and live her five
maiden great-aunts (Hester, Louise, Elizabeth, Emma and Harriet Meek) at 5
Griffin Lane (later known as 22 Lower Park Row), in the parish of St Michael's,
Bristol. This, it seems, was where the Meek family had been living since at
least 1812. Dot was recorded there in the 1881 census (although her father was
living at Bedminster with his new wife and their two young children, where he
was working as Superintendent of the Fever Hospital in Bedminster, his new wife
being the matron). It is understood that Dot at some stage Dot went to live
with Mrs ROSEVEAR for a time, at Mary-le-Port Street. At the time of the 1891
census, and at the time of her marriage, in the same year, Dot was recorded
living at 22 Lower Park Row (5 Griffin Lane) with her two surviving maiden
aunts (Emma and Harriet), who were both dressmakers. However, Dot's occupation
was recorded as milliner.

Their first child Reg was born 1893. On 23 December 1892 two of Dot's aunts,
Emma and Harriet, signed a contract to purchase a recently built
double-bayed terraced property, known as 10 Bellfield Villas, in Myrtle
Street, off the top of St Michael's Hill. As soon as the aunts moved in they
also found room to accommodate their niece Dot, with her husband William and
their child. The property would remain the home of Emma and Harriet for the
rest of their lives. William and Dot would also live there for the rest of
their lives and would bring up their nine children there. Their 2nd child
Madeline was born 1894. In both 1891 and 1894 William was recorded as a
clerk. They had another son Chris born 1896 [Date ex FR], and another,
Julian (`Joe') born 1900.

Around 1896 the Bristol School Board promoted William to the position of
School Attendance Officer. This involved him checking the school attendance
registers, dealing with truancy, collecting money from parents for their
children's spectacles, and appearing as a witness at the Magistrate's Court
when parents were prosecuted for their children's truancy.. In 1903 the
School Board was abolished under the Education Act of 1902, and its
responsibilities and staff, including William, were transferred to the
Education Committee of the Bristol Corporation. [ex FR. It seems he was
promoted to School Attendance officer around 1896, as in 1897 the Bristol &
Clifton Directory refers to him as such for the first time. He was listed in
the 1895 and 1896 directories but without an occupation given.] William (ex
FR) had responsibility for Temple School in Victoria Street, Redcliffe
School and Institute, and St Luke's School in Bedminster - his office was in
the Guildhall, Broad Street, and William was well known to all the
magistrates and court staff. Wright's Bristol Directory for 1906 lists
William RUSSELL as the Attendance Officer for St Michael, Kingsdown and
Redland schools. [p xxii.] Kelly's Directory for 1923 lists William as one
of the eleven School Attendance Officers in `B' Division under the direction
of Superintendent George MOULDER.

Dot's aunt Harriet died around 1898, but aunt Emma continued to live with
the family until she died on 28 July 1901. In her will she left all her real
and personal estate, which included the freehold of 10 Myrtle Road, on trust
to Dot for her lifetime and thereafter to Dot's children. This meant that
William and Dot could continue to live at 10 Myrtle Road.

Until 1901 the house had no gas supply because aunts Emma and Harriet were
afraid of being blown up. One of the first things Dot did after Emma died,
was to have gas installed. [ex FR.] However, Dot would not have electricity
in the house because she was afraid of it. When Dot had the gas put in she
had a dispute with the workman, he charged P20/-/- and half a penny, and Dot
gave him P20 in cash, but he still asked for the ha'penny. She said she
never wanted to see him again. [ex FR in `St Michael's Hill and Cotham not
so long ago' published 1998 by Barry WILLIAMSON.] In 1903 Bill and Dot had
Bess then in 1904 Stan'. [Date ex FR.] Then Francis in 1906.

The Family's conversion to Roman Catholicism:
Little did Dot and Bill realise that their decision to send their daughter
Madeline to the local Roman Catholic convent school, would have far reaching
consequences. The decision was based entirely on practical, rather than
religious, reasons - the school had vacancies and was nearby. The headmistress
was a Miss Catherine MANNING, and when Dot and Bill heard that she was looking
for new accommodation they decided to offer her a room. Within a short time
Miss MANNING had moved into 10 Myrtle Road as a lodger, and she would then
remain with the RUSSELL family for the rest of her life, becoming a close
friend almost one of the family. Dot had always been sympathetic towards the
Catholics (a Catholic school had backed onto her home at Griffin Lane), but it
was largely due to Miss MANNING's influence that Dot and Bill, and most of
their children, became Roman Catholics. The family did not convert to
Catholicism together, but gradually over number of years.

William and Dot's daughter Madeline was the first to decide that she wanted to
convert to Catholicism, which was perhaps not surprising as most of her school
friends would have been Catholic. However, before she could be baptised as a
Catholic, Miss MANNING persuaded Bill and Dot to have their six-week-old son
(Francis) baptised as a Catholic at St Mary-on-the-Quay, even though Bill and
Dot were not themselves members of the Catholic church at that date. Miss
MANNING became his God mother. One month later Bill's daughter Madeline was
also baptised at the same church (having already been given an Anglican baptism
in 1894!). From 1907 Bill and Dot decided to send their sons (except Reg the
eldest) to St Mary-on-the-Quay RC Boy's School. Chris joined the school in June
1907, followed by Joe in July 1908, Stan in July 1912, Frank in July 1913 and
Wilf in July 1916. [Details from the School Admissions register (entry numbers
1731, 1792, 1922, 1960 and 2094) at BRO.]

In June 1909 Bess was bp'd, aged six. In 1909, they had another boy named
Wilfrid (no baptism found). [Birth date ex FR.] Their last child, Kathleen
was born 1911 . Altogether at least four of Bill's (younger) children were
baptised as Catholics, with Miss MANNING playing a prominent role in the
children's religious upbringing. During the mid-1920s Bill and Dot finally
decided to follow their younger children by converting to the Roman Catholic
church. Bill became a member of the Knights of St Columba. In January 1928
Miss MANNING died, and it goes to show how close she felt to the family that
her will named Dot as her Executor.

William had an allotment at Coat Lane in Westbury-on-Trym, on which the
family grew potatoes and cabbages. [ex FR in 1998.] William's sons -7 Frank
and -3 Chris did much of the digging. Dot would earn a little extra money,
from friends and acquaintances, by doing some millinery work, using the
skills she had learnt as a girl. Sometime during the 1914-18 war (FR
recalled that the back chimney at 10 Myrtle Road caught alight. The fire
brigade were called from Redland and the fire was soon put out. However,
William was prosecuted for this and fined half a crown. For once William had
found himself on the wrong side of a court room, so to speak, and because of
his work the magistrate's clerk knew exactly who he was. Around 1907 William
became a part time volunteer soldier with the 1st (City of Bristol)
Volunteer Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment (also known as the
Bristol Rifles, Volunteer Rifles and the Green Jackets). He was with the
Battalion when they were reorganised, in 1908, to form a Territorial Force
battalion, of the Gloucestershire Regiment. The Battalion's HQ was at the
Drill Hall in Queens Road (the Drill Hall stood on the site of the
University tower until 1916).

The RUSSELL family were greatly affected by the First World War: In March
1915 William decided to enlist in the army whilst Dot took a job in a
munitions factory. Also two of their sons fought with the 48th Division in
France and Italy, and another son was called up towards the end of the War:
their son -1 Reg had joined the 1st South Midland Royal Engineers (part of the
48th Division) before the war. Despite its name this was a local unit. In
1916 Reg persuaded his brother -3 Chris to enlist, under the Derby scheme.
Chris also served in the 48th Division. Both Reg and Chris fought with the
48th Division at the Battle of the Somme during the summer of 1916 and,
presumably, they remained with their units to fight at the Third Battle of
Ypres, from July to October 1917, before both brothers left France for
Italy, probably in November 1917, where they remained until the end of the
War. William and Dot's third son, Joe, also joined the army, being called up
following his eighteenth birthday. He served with the 6th Gloucesters. [FR,
speaking in 1998, said that Reg was in the South Midland Royal Engineers,
part of the 48th Division and that Chris was in the same Division. It was
Reg who persuaded Chris to enlist in 1916 under the Derby scheme, and both
brothers served in the 48th Division, and fought at the Somme and in Italy.
The additional material quoted here in connection with these units is taken
from pp20-27 `Bristol and the Great War 1914-1919' by G F STONE and C WELLS
(1920). These pages deal with the 1st and 2nd South Midland Royal

On 31 March 1915 William enlisted in the army - this just happened to be the
same day on which his son Reg disembarked for France. William signed the
declaration and took the oath, at Bristol, and when he was medically examined
on the same day, he was certified fit for service as a local guard in the
Territorial Force. A few days later he was examined again and was found to be
fitted for service at home which does not entail prolonged exertion or marching
more than 10 miles. William was allocated to the 3rd Supernumerary Company of
the 4th Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment. He served with this unit for
a year and was promoted to Lance Corporal on 17 April 1915. Just a few months
later he developed myalgia. On 29 April 1916 he was transferred to the Royal
Defence Corps (No. 251), and on the same day reverted to the rank of Private at
his own request. Over the next two years William was posted to a number of RDC
units, ending up with No. 261 in London from 1 December 1917. Unfortunately his
myalgia was getting worse and he was discharged from the army on 4 April 1918
as medically unfit. He was assessed as 30% disabled and had served 3 years and
5 days - all of it on home defence duties.. On his discharge William was
described as 48 years old, 5 feet 5 inches, with a fresh complexion, blue eyes
and brown hair. His military character had been very good. He received a
pension for a period of two years. [Some of William RUSSELL's army service
records can be found at the Public Records Office (ref WO 364, 3rd Collation
- the `unburnt collection').]

His son (-7 Frank) recalled that at the beginning of the war his father was
stationed at Penzance and St Just, Cornwall, on coastal defence duty, and
later was stationed at Coventry. [FR, speaking in 1998, said that his father
served with the 4th Gloucesters, or maybe the 6th. This is confirmed by a
photograph of his father in military uniform, with the Gloucesters' cap
badge and by other documentary evidence: In 1916 a Christmas Message from
the Chairman of the Education Committee listed all the Department's
employees who were `away on military service'. This list included the enrty
:- `RUSSELL, W., Lance Corporal, 6th Gloucester Reserve'. After the war the
Corporation of Bristol published a 1914-1918 Roll of Honour (BRO ref 40568)
giving a `full list of Corporation employees who enrolled in H M Forces'.
The section covering the Education Department refers to `RUSSELL, Wm., 4th
Gloucesters, Private, (Period of service:) 3 years 0 months, (Theatre of
service:) France'. The reference to service in France is an error.]

In total he spent over three years away from home, before he was medically
discharged, prior to the end of the war. He then returned home for treatment
at The Hydro, in Park Street, Bristol, and although he received a reasonably
generous pension to begin with, it was gradually reduced as he recovered his
health. Once he was well enough William returned to his civilian job as a
School Attendance Officer

Dot also did her bit for the `war effort', by working for the Bristol
Tramways Company at the Motor Constructional Works at Bath Road,
Brislington. The company, were sub-contracted to the Bristol Aeroplane
Company, and built fighter and training planes at the Constructional Works
between 1915 and 1918. [FR recalled that his mother `worked at the Tramways
Company's Constructional Works in Bath Road, Brislington, during the First
World War'. He recalled that this was a munitions factory, as well as an
aircraft factory. His mother worked a machine which produced parts for
munitions on the night shift. The works stood on the site of the MFI and
Great Mills superstores, and opened in 1912. In 1955 it became Bristol
Commercial Vehicles.]

 However, her son Frank recalled that Dot was employed on other work,
instead working a machine that made parts for shells. Dot mainly worked
`nights', leaving her younger children in the care of her eldest daughter,
Madeline. With her husband away from home and two of her sons on active service
in the battlefields of Europe, life cannot have been easy for Dot at this
time. The family owned a foot last but just after the War it was very difficult
to get hold of leather. One of Bill and Dot's sons repaired all the family's
shoes with old car tyres - he ripped them open and took out the canvas. Bill
and Dot did not have their names placed on the Electoral Register for 1918,
although two of their sons were registered as Military Voters.

After Wm d 1937 Dot lived on for a further twenty years. In 1934 and again
in 1947 Dot took out assurance policies with the Liverpool Victoria Friendly
Society, which paid out P12 and P4/10/- respectively following her
death. [Information recorded on reverse of a copy of her Death Certificate.]
She died at 10 Myrtle Road on 25 January 1952, aged 83. [Her death was
registered on 25 January by her son Chris, who was present at the death. The
cause of death was coronary thrombosis, arterio sclerosis and chronic
bronchitis.]  Following a service at St Mary's-on-the-Quay she was buried with
her husband and aunts at Arnos Vale Cemetery. [The undertakers were Wood & Co,
and their bill which came to P51/17/6, refers to St Mary-on-the-Quay and to
Arnos Vale Cemetery.]  In her will she left her estate to three of her
children: Madeline, Chris and Wilf. Her death also meant that the Trust
arrangement, which had been established under the will of her aunt Emma, could
also be wound up.  The value of Emma's estate amounted to P1,146, which
included the freehold of 10 Myrtle Road worth P600, various stocks and the
small sum of P1/10/- which was paid by the Ministry of Works as compensation
for the loss of iron railings. All of William and Dot's nine (known) children
were still living in 1952 and they each received an inheritance from Emma's
estate of P120/9/3 each.

Dot died at 10 Myrtle Road on 25 January 1952, aged 83. Following a service
at St Mary-on-the-Quay she was buried with her husband and aunts at Arnos
Vale Cemetery.  School Attendance Officer for the Education Committee of the
Corporation of Bristol. Served with the Gloucestershire Regiment (Bristol
Rifles) and the Royal Defence Corps before and during the First World War.
Converted to Roman Catholicism in the 1920s. Died 1937, Bristol, Bur Arnos
Vale Cemetery, Bristol.

32(12)71 5-Reginald Edwin (Reg) RUSSELL MM b 20 February 1893. He joined
the Territorial Army before 1914 and served with the Royal Engineers part of
the 48th (South Midland) Division, during the First World War. [The 48th
(South Midland) Division was a formation created at the establishment of the
Territorial Force in 1908. It moved to France between 22 March and 1 April
1915, and served with distinction on the Western Front until 21 November
1917. The Division was then ordered to Italy on 21 November 1917, where it
remained, taking part in actions on the Asiago Plateau. The 48th Division
included the following units from the Corps of Royal Engineers: 474th Field
Company (joined Aug 1914, left Dec 1914, rejoined May 1915, formerly the 1st
(South Midland) Field Company), the 475th Field Company (joined Aug 1914,
formerly the 2nd (South Midland) Field Coy), and the 477th Field Company
(formed Sept 1914 but joined Division June 1915, formerly the 2/1st (South
Midland) Field Coy).]

 He embarked for France on 31 March 1915, which suggests that his unit was
probably the 475th Royal Engineers Field Company - formerly the 2nd (South
Midland) Field Company. [His army service records were destroyed by enemy
action in 1940. However, information about his army service has been obtained
from the card index to the Medal Rolls at the PRO (W0 329/2586), 
the newspaper report in the Bristol Times & Mirror dated 20 September 1916,
as well as the recollections of his brother Frank.]

Reg fought at the Battle of the Somme during the summer of 1916 [FR said
that Reg fought at the Battle of the Somme and later served in Italy, with
the South Midland Royal Engineers as part of the 48th Division. He also said
that his brother was awarded the Military Medal] and, presumably he remained
with his unit to fight at the Third Battle of Ypres, from July to October
1917, before leaving France for Italy, probably in November 1917, where he
is also known to have served. He was promoted to Sergeant by September 1916.
He was demobbed on 18 March 1919. He was awarded three campaign medals: the
Victory Medal, the British War Medal and the 1915 Star. 
He was also awarded the Military Medal c September 1916.
The Military Medal was awarded to Other Ranks for individual or
associated acts of bravery which were insufficient to merit an award of the
Distinguished Conduct Medal.  Recipients of the medal, which was silver and
featured the head of the monarch on the front, were allowed to list the
letters 'MM' after their name. Awards of the medal were announced in the
London Gazette (without an accompanying citation). News of his award and a
photograph were also published in the Bristol Times & Mirror on 20 September
1916. Given its timing, Reg must have been awarded the medal for bravery
displayed during the Battle of the Somme. Before and after the First World
War he worked for LAVERS of Broad Street, Bristol, as a compositor
(printer). He is remembered as being a little solemn, and became a
non-conformist lay preacher.

He died at Rookwood Hospital, Cardiff, on 1 March 1963. Letters of
Administration were granted to his widow on 15 July 1963. [The Calendar of
Grants of Probate & Letters of Admin (1963) states `RUSSELL, Reginald Edwin,
of 9 Grand Avenue, Ely, Cardiff, died 1 March 1963 at Rookwood Hospital,
Cardiff. Admin Llandarff 15 July to Gertrude Emma RUSSELL, widow.  Effects
P489 14s.] From 1972 (or earlier) until his death he lived at 9 Grand
Avenue, Ely, Cardiff, and his widow continued living there until at least

m sp-Gertrude Emma CUTHOYS They later moved to Cardiff. She died on 8
September 1987. They had two sons:

32(12)71 1 6-Ron RUSSELL. Born c1927, he was tragically killed in a motorcycle
accident. He was a regular soldier.

32(12)71 2 6-Peter RUSSELL. Born 1930-34. He settled in London where he
worked as a Civil Servant at the Treasury.

32(12)72 5-Harriet Isabella Madeline (Madeline) RUSSELL b 7 September 1894 and
baptised at St Augustine-the-Less (CofE), exactly one month later. As a child
her parents decided to send her to the local Roman Catholic convent school, for
practical not religious reasons (it was close to home and had free places). Not
surprisingly Madeline soon decided to convert to Catholicism and was baptised
for a second time at St Mary's-on-the-Quay (RC) on 14 April 1906. She lived at
No.10 Myrtle Road throughout her life and died at Southmead Hospital, on 14
February 1971. She was buried at Holy Souls Cemetery, Arnos Vale, Bristol, in
Plot 15 (besides Miss MANNING - her former headmistress and friend of the
family). She never married or had any children.

32(12)73 5-William Christopher (Chris) RUSSELL b August 1896 at Kingsdown,
Bristol. Like his elder brother (Reg) he served in the 48th Division during the
First World War, with the Gloucestershire Regiment. He was at the Battle of the
Somme and later served in Italy. It was his brother Reg who persuaded Chris to
join the army under the Lord Derby scheme in 1916. After leaving the army in
1918 we was unable to find regular work until about 1921. He was later a
foreman with COX & STEPHENS at Cathedral Garage, Bristol. In 1952 he purchased
the family home, at No. 10 Myrtle Road, with his brother Wilf for P600. He died
on 19 June 1973 at home. He never married or had any children.

32(12)74 5-Julian Josiah (Joe) RUSSELL b 27 October 1900, Bristol and was
baptised at St Augustine-the-Less (C of E) on 2 December 1900. In 1918 he was
called up into the army and had to report to Church House, Tyndalls Park
Road. He served at some stage with the 6th Battalion, the Gloucestershire
Regiment (Territorials). He worked as a building labourer and also a
storeman. He lived at 11 Remenham Drive, Westbury Park (1972) and later (by
1979 until his death) at No. 20 Wildcroft House, White Tree Road, Henleaze,
Bristol. He died 7 July 1990 at Ham Green Hospital near Bristol and is buried
at Holy Souls, Arnos Vale. 

m sp-Edith VIDDES b Bristol d by 1979. They had no children.

32(12)75 5-Elizabeth Pauline (Bess) RUSSELL b 5 January 1903 Bristol. A very
weak baby, having to be carried around on a cushion, which might explain why
she was not baptised (RC) until 1909.

m sp-Albert Charles LAWRENCE (b 1898, Somerset). He was a
foreman/warehouseman with BAC, they also ran a shop in Canon Street,
Bedminster and later a greengrocers in Paul Street, Kingsdown. They later
lived at Myrtle Road. Albert died on 21 February 1972 at Myrtle Road. Bess
then moved to 38 Ash Road, Horfield (1973), and subsequently (by 1981) moved
into Beechwood House, 38 Tyndals Park Road. She died at the Barham Nursing
Home, Chesterfield Road, Bristol on 13 July 1982. In her will she left P200
to St Mary-on-the-Quay, and P200 to the Little Sisters of the Poor of Cotham
Hill. They had no children.

32(12)76 5-Stanislaus (Stanley/Stan) RUSSELL. Born 7 March 1904. He worked as
a furniture porter and was a good card player. He survived a serious brain
operation (for a mastoid abscess) which at the time was a very new technique
and which he was lucky to survive. d1970 [where?].

m sp-Kathleen WESTON (born around 1900, Bristol). Stan died on 6 January 1970
at home, 1 Penrith Gardens, Southmead, and his widow was found dead, on 27
November 1972, at the same address. They had no children.
32(12)77 5-Francis ("Frank") RUSSELL b 30 January 1906.
Referred to as FR above.c Details withheld pending permission. 

m 30.9.1933 St Mary-on-the-Quay (RC), Bristol sp-Winifred FRY (born at, 9
Morford Street, Bath, on 2 June 1910, the youngest child of John Walter FRY, a
painter and later a milkman, and his wife Louisa (nee HAWKER)). Before her
marriage Win worked as a Housemaid in Bath and Bristol. Frank worked in the
painting, decorating and building trade throughout his life, for various local
firms including Joseph COLEMAN & Son (in Dowry Square) from 1940 to 1954 (with
a gap during the war), and then CHIVERS & THOMAS Ltd, of 4 & 19 Clifton Road,
from 1960 to 1976, when he retired. Frank joined the Territorial Army in 1921,
and served as a part-time soldier with the 4th (Territorial) Battalion of the
Gloucestershire Regiment, until 1925. During the Second World War he was a
paid-warden in the Air Raid Police from 1941-1942, based at Sneyd Park,Bristol.
In1942 he planned to return to the building trade but was called up for the RAF
between 1942 and 1946. He was trained as a cook and was posted to various air
stations in the UK before being posted to Lucknow in India. Frank was demobbed
and returned home to Bristol in April 1946. Frank and Win lived at various
addresses in Bristol: first at Park Place, then Belgrave Place and Cornwallis
Crescent before moving into the Basement Flat at Charlton Mansions, Richmond
Park Road, Clifton in 1937. They remained there until 1981, when Frank
purchased the old family home at 10 Myrtle Road, for P12,000. Win (who never
became a Roman Catholic) died, at home, on 30 June 1989, there followed a
cremation at Canford Crematorium, Bristol. Frank continued to live at 10 Myrtle
Road until he went to live with his granddaughter and her family in 1998. 

32(12)77 1 6-Julian RUSSELL Details withheld pending permission. 

32(12)77 2 6-Philip Adrian (known as "Adrian") RUSSELL
 Details withheld pending permission. 

m Cahir, Tipperary, Eire, in 1961 sp-Josephine "Jo" Christina PURTILL. 
 Details withheld pending permission. 

32(12)77 21 7-Susan RUSSELL 
m sp-Alexander STUART Details withheld pending permission.

32(12)77 22 7-Sandra RUSSELL b 21.10.1964 
m Bristol, 1987 sp-Geoffrey David AUDCENT. They lived at 33 Chatsworth Road, 
 Brislington, Bristol.
 2004: Geoff.Audcent"att"
  117 Mendip Road, Yatton, North Somerset, BS49 4EX,  Tel (0)1934 838271.
 #Geoff is the source of this section - we are deeply indebted to his research!
 1st contact 27.5.2004.
They live "13 miles from Bristol and 30 from Taunton, where the records
are kept. Whitchurch itself is a small village in North East Somerset, about
6 miles south of the centre of Bristol. Although the village itself retains
its village character and comes under Bath & North East Somerset Council,
most of the ancient parish is now within the City of Bristol and forms a
rather drab 1960s suburb. See "

 His uncle david"att" 2004 maintains an AUDCENT website at From that site:
"I was born at Weston-Super-Mare in 1962 and was brought up in Cheddar. After
leaving school I read for a Combined Honours degree in History and Geography at
the University of Birmingham (obtaining an Upper Second degree). I then joined
the Civil Service, working across a range of functions carried out by the
Departments of Transport and Environment, including early preparatory work for
the Channel Tunnel, introduction of new computer systems, personnel, and land
use planning. I currently work for the Government Office for the South West,
based in Bristol and live halfway between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare."
This photo of Geoff is also from that site.
This 2015 photo has son Joe on the left, then Geoff and Sandra,then her father, 32(12)77 2 Adrian RUSSELL.
32(12)77 221 8-Joseph Richard AUDCENT 1989.
 In 2015 Joe is an air-side safety officer at Heathrow.
32(12)77 222 8-Andrew Thomas AUDCENT 1992

32(12)77 3 6-Ian Nicholas RUSSELL b Bristol October 1947.
 Details withheld pending permission.

32(12)77 4 6-Neil Andrew RUSSELL b Bristol October 1948.  
 Details withheld pending permission.

32(12)78 5-Wilfrid ("Wilf") RUSSELL (no baptism found) b 4 November 1909 He
worked as a plumber. In 1952 he purchased the family home, at No. 10 Mrytle
Road, with his brother Chris. He died at the BRI (following a road accident in
Redcliffe Way) on 26 October 1878. A requiem mass at St Mary on the Quay on 3
November was followed by a cremation at Canford Cemetery. He never married and
had no children.

32(12)79 5-Kathleen Mary (Kathleen) RUSSELL b 14 November 1911, bp St
Mary-on-the-Quay (RC) on 20 December 1911. After her husband's death, Kathleen went to
live with her daughter at Knowle. She died 6 June 1996. 

m sp-Edward John ("Ted") IRVIN He served in the Royal Navy and
later worked as a long distance lorry driver. (He was RC - funeral held at St
Bonaventure's, Bishopstone followed by a cremation at Canford Cemetery). They
lived at 7 Vernon Street Totterdown, Bristol (1972) and later at 25 Bourton
Avenue, Patchway. d 17 April 1979. 2 children.

32(12)79 1 6-Anthony IRVIN b 1934. Details withheld pending permission.

32(12)79 2 6-Christine IRVIN 
m sp-Michael O'BRIEN  Details withheld pending permission.

32(12)8 4-Maria (known as Rye) RUSSELL bc 1873 
(freebmd b regd Mar qtr 1873 at Bristol vol 6a	p49.)
bp St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the-Mount-Without in Bristol 11 January 1874.
  1881-1901 with parents.
 In 1891 she was still living at home, aged 18, with her parents and 3 elder
siblings. The census return states that she helped at home. She was still
living with her parents in 1901, and no doubt helped her mother to run her
parent's grocery shop at 81 Richmond Street in Totterdown. She later
emigrated to Canada to join her sister, before returning to the UK c1915.
She had poor eyesight. She died c1943, having not married.

32(12)9 4-Edwin RUSSELL b regd Jun qtr 1875 Bristol
bp 12.12.1875 St Michael-the-Archangel-on-the-Mount-Without (at the bottom of 
St Michael's Hill), Bristol.  He probably died as an infant since there
is no record of him in the 1881 census or thereafter.

32(13) 3-Albert/Alfred RUSSELL b 21.6.1829 bp 19.7.1829 St Nicholas', Whitchurch.
  1841 with parents.
  1851 Glass worker U 21 staying with his brother John 322.
  27.7.1865 Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette p3: Alfred RUSSELL of Whitchurch
fined 1s & costs for an assault on Richard YOUNG, landlord of the Black Lion,
or in default .. 7 days.

?32(14) 3-Joseph RUSSELL listed in the 1840 Tithe Apportionment Award living
next door to 321 George RUSSELL. 

32x1 4-William RUSSELL 1848 London
  1851 with uncle 32(11) James RUSSELL.

33 2-Anne RUSSELL b 1 September 1789; bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch 21
January 1790. d 29.8.1816; bur 4.9.1816 Whitchurch. Her grave is marked by a
headstone which reads `Sacred to the memory of ANN, wife of GEORGE GANE of
the City of Bristol, & daughter of NATHANIEL RUSSELL of this parifh Yeoman,
who died 29th of August 1816 aged 27 years.' I found the grave 2007, 2 graves
from that of her aunt Mary nee CHILTON, Mary's husband Thomas RUSSELL, & their
son James (2 and 21 of 1.1 of
but I could only read the last 2 lines of the inscription. 
This cluster of RUSSELL graves is L of the church. 
This photo of her headstone is courtesy of JH 2005.

m by licence and with the consent of her parents, on 26 October 1814 at St
Nicholas', Whitchurch sp-George GANE of the parish of Christchurch in the
city of Bristol. It is unusual for an inscription to refer to the father as
well as husband - perhaps Nathaniel had taken the loss of his youngest
daughter particularly hard and wished to be named on her memorial - or
perhaps he paid for the gravestone. The Local Militia List for Bristol in
1809 shows George GANE, aged 26, with no children, living in Broad St, St
Ewen Ward. His occupation was shown as Accomptant (ie an accountant) and he
was noted as a Bristol Volunteer. However there was no reference to him in
the poor rate books for St Ewen or Christchurch wards 1800-1826. ISSUE??

4 1-Betty RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch, on 11 December 1757. The
registers at Whitchurch record the burial of a Betty RUYSELL on 10 August
1759. This could have been William and Florence's youngest daughter, who would
have been less than 3, or the dr of an Arthur & Rachel RUSSELL.

5 1-Hannah RUSSELL bp St Nicholas', Whitchurch on 3 February 1765
??m 30 Apr 1792	Weston, Somerset sp-John ROACH



1) Bishop's Transcripts for Whitchurch	

2) Land Tax Returns for Whitchurch 1766 - 1831 (SCRO ref Q/rel 21/16)

3) Estate Duty Copies of  Wills, Administrations and Probates for Thomas 
RUFSELL (1817) [m 2 of 3.] and Nathaniel RUFSEL (1833) [3] (SCRO ref 118/321).

4) Electoral Registers for Whitchurch (Eastern Division of Somerset) 1832-1849
(Q/Rer Eastern); The 1885 Register of Electors (Parish of Winford); The 1897
Register of Electors (Somerset, Northern Division, various parishes); 1918
Absent Voters List (Weston-s-Mare Division, Parish of Dundry);

5) Marriage Allegations and Bonds for the marriages of William CHILTON to Mary
WAIT (1759)(D/D/CM 1759 B), Anne RUFSELL to Hugh Wallington Saunders
(1779)(D/D/CM 1779 B), Mary RUSSELL to George STOCKER (1802)( D/D/CM 1802 A
(239)), William RUFSEL to Ann Sandeford 1808 (D/D/CM 1808A), and Anne RUSSELL
to George GANE (1814) (D/D/CM 1814A (223)).

6) Legal papers relating to a dispute: Jas. COLSTON [31 m2] v Nathaniel RUSSELL
[3] and his son William [32]. (1810) (DD/SOG 1134)69.


1) Parish Registers for the following parishes:

a) Whitchurch (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1752 to 1882)

b) St Michael's the Archangel on the Mount Without Bristol  (Baptisms)

c) St Augustine-the-Less, Bristol  (Baptisms, Marriages)

d) St Mary-on-the-Quay (RC), Bristol  (Baptisms) 

2) Whitchurch Vestry Minute Book (ref P/WCh/V/1a)

3) Tithe Apportionment Award Schedule and Map for Whitchurch, 1840 (BRO ref

4) SMYTH Family Estate Papers, including `A Survey of lands belonging to Sir
Hugh SYMTH Bt, 1802' (BRO AC/E14 page 62), an Account Book for rents
received (BRO AC/E39), A Survey of various manors including Whitchurch 1789
(BRO AC/E8), A Survey a various manors including Whitchurch 1792 (BRO AC/E10)

5) Auction Catalogue for the Sale of Land at Dundry & Whitchurch (Estate of Mr
George RUSSELL [3217], Deceased) 5 June 1930 (BRO ref 38261/27)

6) Admission Register for St Mary's-on-the-Quay (RC) Boys School 

7) Roll of Honour of employees of the Bristol Corporation 1914-1918 (at BRO

8) Local Militia List 1809 Index (BRO Militia L3).


Parish Registers for St Michael's, Melksham (Marriages)
Monumental Inscriptions"
Monumental inscriptions in the (C of E) churchyards at Whitchurch, Dundry, Queen
 Charlton, Somerset.

Census Enumerator's Schedules:

1841:	Whitchurch
1851:	Whitchurch, Melksham
1861: 	Bristol (St Michael's)
1871:	Whitchurch
1881:	Bristol (St Augustine's), Barrow Gurney & other places 
1891: 	Bristol (St Paul's)
1901: 	Census Bristol, Dundry & other places

Collection of assorted family papers assembled by 32(12)77  Frank RUSSELL 
(now in possession of -1 Julian RUSSELL):

1) Short Birth Certificates for  32(12)78 Wilfrid RUSSELL (1909), and
32(12)73 William Christopher RUSSELL (1896),

2) Marriage Certificate for  32(12)78 William RUSSELL and Mary Elizabeth MEEK (1891) 

3) Death Certificates for  32(12)7William RUSSELL (1937), sp-Mary Elizabeth RUSSELL
(1952), -2 Harriet Isabella Madeline RUSSELL (1972), -3 William Christopher RUSSELL
(1973), -5 sp-Albert Charles LAWRENCE (1972), -4 Julian Josiah RUSSELL
(1990), -6 Stanley RUSSELL (1970), -5 Elizabeth Pauline LAWRENCE (1982), and 
-7 sp-Kathleen RUSSELL (1972)

4) Wills of  32(12)7- 5 Elizabeth Pauline LAWRENCE (1979),- 4 Julian Josiah RUSSELL (1979),
 -2 Harriet Isabella Madeline RUSSELL (1953), and -3 William Christopher
RUSSELL (1972)

Kelly's Directories of Bristol, 1910, 1935.
The Calendar of Grants of Probate & Letters of Admin (various years)
The Bristol Times & Mirror, 20 September 1916
5) Grants of Probate re.  32(12)7- 3 William Christopher RUSSELL (1973) and
-8 Wilfrid RUSSELL

6) Various papers concerned with the conveyance of 10 Myrtle Road to Messrs
W [ 32(12)7-8]
and WC RUSSELL [-3] in 1952 and to Mr F RUSSELL [-7?] in 1981,

7) Assorted invoices from monumental masons and funeral directors, 

8) Newspaper cuttings relating to the deaths of  32(12)7-8 Wilfrid RUSSELL
and -9 sp- Edward John (Ted) IRVIN.


`Bristol and the Great War 1914-1919', by G F STONE & C WELLS (1920)

'Studies on the History of Whitchurch' (1976)

'St Michael's Hill and Cotham Not So Long Ago', by Barry WILLIAMSON (1998)

'The History & Antiquities of Somerset' by John COLLINSON (1791)

Kelly's Directories of Somerset and Bristol, various years. 

FGD (Eric) HARDSTAFF, 83 Statesman Square, Scarborough ON, Canada M1S 4H7
He is 3751 on our DERRICK tree
JH: Jessie HILLIER Her email no longer works. Trying to get hold of her!
 Thank you for the photos of the gravestones of 33 AR at 1. & TR sp of 2 at 3. 
& the following 3 photos: 
Here is the Workhouse in Whitchurch

Whitchurch House, Whitchurch 

Toll house, Turnpike Road, Whitchurch 
 United Reformed Church, Whitchurch 
 Post Office, Whitchurch 
 Blackacre, Whitchurch 
 St Nicholas from behind, Whitchurch 
 Black Lion, Whitchurch in 2001 ex GA?.
 In 2007 the White Hart Inn & Black Lion is renamed Toby Carvery.

Jessie lived in what was called Home Ground opposite Blackacre by St Nicholas.

2. Photos of unknowns in 1. RUSSELL of Whitchurch held by Robin H RUSSELL. 2.1 From John RUSSELL & Ann nee DERRICK's album held by Robin. 71 2.2 Some loose photos held by Robin. 74 2.1 From John RUSSELL & Ann nee DERRICK's album held by Robin. Dave guesses it as c1860.

PhotoAlbumcatch.JPG This is a photo of the album and its catch. Thanks to Robin.
Album1.JPG The front page says Album Belgravia, 
one of the styles of Photo Album that you could purchase at that time.
Album2.JPG This photo of a maybe is probably
John & Ann's 1st child, 32251 Florence Amy RUSSELL b 9.3.1865. Back: L.SAW, 112 Glengall Road, Peckham. 
Album2Closeup.JPG A closeup of the last photo.
Album3.JPG The next two people on Album3
and Album4 seem of differing ages so not sure if they are parents of the baby.
 Back: A.L. JARCHY, 42 Union Road, Rotherhithe, SE. [On 2.7.14 Robin found a 
photo on Ebay for sale of an unknown child - listed as: by The 	Tower Bridge 
Photographic Co., Tower Bridge Approach and at 45 Union Road, Rotherhithe, London  -  General Manager A.L. JARCHY]
Album4.JPG. Back: S.J.CASTLE, 38 Canterbury Road, Whitstable-on-Sea
Album5.JPG Back: W.H.HAYLES, 20 Baker Street, 
Portman Square, London W (Photo No. 2123.2) [probably Florence Amy] 
This is thought to be Ann and John RUSSELL. It is from p6 of their album.
Album6Right.JPG An enlargement of that photo
thought to be John RUSSELL b 1840.Held by Robin. Back: G.BROWN & SONS, Broad Street, (Near the Pier), Deal (Photo No. 14320)   (Electric and Daylight Studio)
Album6Left.JPG An enlargement of that photo
thought to be Ann DERRICK. Held by Robin. Back: G.BROWN & SONS, Broad Street, (Near the Pier), Deal (Photo No. 14321)   (Electric and Daylight Studio)
Left on back: EDWARD SMITH, 3 Cheapside, London EC [Florence Amy??].
Rightt on back: C.A.PRITCHETT, 142 Queen’s Road, Peckham
Album8TopL.JPG Back: HELLIS & SONS, (Head Studios) 211 and 213 Regent Street, London W [Photographers to His Highness Akbaloddowla, ex King of Oude (Awadh), now part of Uttar Pradesh] Numerous Branches around London, EstB over 25 years -from when? 
Album8TopR.JPG Back: as for 8 top left
Album8BotL.JPG Back: as for 8 top left
Album9TopL.JPG Back: B.J.EDWARDS, 6 The Grove, Hackney, London E (Trapp and Münch, Berlin)
Album9TopR.JPG Back: W.J.CHIVERS, 18 High Street, Sutton, Surrey 
Album9BotL.JPG Back: BROOKES BROS. (Late Drayson), 50 St. George's Street, Canterbury (Patronised by Their Royal Highnesses The Princesses Helena and Louise. Helena is 5th child & 3rd Daughter of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. Possibly Louise is Helena's daughter Marie Louise) 
Album9BotR.JPG Back: ALAN MILLS, 27A Trafalgar Road, Greenwich (Photo No.69)
Album10.JPG Back: A. & G. TAYLOR, 70 and 78 Queen Victoria Street London EC (Photo No.55038) Also at 129 Fenchurch Street EC + Numerous Branches around UK and NY, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago & Newark 
Album11.JPG Back: C.J.GEARING & CO., 52 Regent Street W also 35 Milkwood Road, Herne Hill SE and 57 Durham Rd, Seven Sisters Road. (From the Loughborough and Finsbury Schools of Photography) 
Album12TopL.JPG Back: MR. W.ASH, 119 Newington Causeway London SE
Album12TopR.JPG Back: HENRY KNIGHT, High Street, Whitstable
Album12BotL.JPG Back: THE ESSEX PHOTO CO., 3 Saxby Terrace, Red Post Lane, Upton Park, London E 
Album12BotR.JPG Back: L.SAW, 112 Glengall Road, Peckham
 IMG_0653.JPG c1860? From John & Ann nee DERRICK's album held by Robin.
 IMG_0659.JPG c1860? From John & Ann nee DERRICK's album held by Robin.
 IMG_0678.JPG c1860? From John & Ann nee DERRICK's album held by Robin.

Album14.JPG Back: C.HERMAN, 72 Church Street, Camberwell Green (Camberwell School of Photography  -  EstB over 30 years
Album15.JPG Back: C.J.HAWKES, 58 High Street, Blue Town, Sheerness. Also 3 New Road, Sittingbourne
Album16.JPG Back: MARTIN JACOLETTE, Queen's Gate Hall, Harrington Road, (Photo No.33601a) South Kensington  also at Dover
Album17.JPG Back: W.BALLIOTT, 1 Station Parade, Sydenham S
Album18.JPG Back:W.BALLIOTT, 1 Station Parade, Sydenham SE 
Album19.JPG Back: BRIXTON PHOTO CO. (Lang Sims), Chromo House, 437 Brixton Road, London SW (All portraits by the Instantaneous Process - Mr Lang Sims never uses the Head Rest?) 
HAND WRITTEN across the Top:  With JESSIE's Love to Alice and Frank
Album20.JPG Back: 
Album20BotL.JPG Back: FRANK HOLMES, 81 White Ladies Road, Clifton, Bristol (Photo No.2327)
Album20BotR.JPG Back: EMBERSON & SONS, 57 St. Paul's Churchyard, London (CHUBB lochsmiths were at this address from 1827 to 1877) Also 6 Wilton Road, Belgravia and Chertsey, Surrey (Photo No.25417 pencilled faintly on back) 
Album20TopL.JPG Back: GRAND & DUNLOP, Christchurch, New Zealand
Hand Written across the Top:  ALFRED
Album20TopR.JPG Back: MARTIN JACOLETTE, Queen's Gate Hall, Harrington Road, (Photo No.33601B) South Kensington  also at Dover
Album21BotL.JPG Back: THOMAS BARNS, 1 Limes Place, Preston Street, Faversham And The Marina, Herne Bay
Album21BotR.JPG Back: John Hughes, Eythorne, Near Dover
Album21TopL.JPG Back: THOMAS BARNS, Faversham
Album21TopR.JPG Back: MARSH WOOD, 121 West Street, Faversham
Album22.JPG Back: MARTIN JACOLETTE (Art Studio and Residence), 1 Priory Hill,  Near Town Hall, Dover
Album23.JPG Back: W.H.FRANKLIN, Deal
Album24.JPG Back: J.N.WILLIS, 8 Windmill Street, Gravesend and 67 High Street, Chatham 
Album25.JPG Back: J.J.AVERY, 12 Shacklewell Lane, Kingsland NE [EstB  1879] And 7 Archway Road, Upper Holloway N and 106 Holland Park Avenue And 338 New Cross Road SE (nearly opposite South East Railway Stn.)
Album26.JPG Back: EDWARD SMITH, 3 Cheapside, London EC  Reg No. 34481
Album27.JPG Back: WILLETT, 5 Bristol Bridge, Bristol And 23 Fleet St., Swindon and Weston-S.Mare.
Bottom left: AUSTIN & SON, 142 Trinity Road, Upper Tooting SW
Album29BotL.JPG Back: Messrs RITCHIE's Studios,
143 Brompton Rd SW, 108 Peckham Rye SE 
Album29BotR.JPG Back: Messrs RITCHIE's Studios,
143 Brompton Rd SW, 108 Peckham Rye SE 
Album29TopL.JPG Back: Thomas BARNS, Faversham
Album29TopR.JPG Back: J BATEMANN, SIS George's St, Canterbury
Album31.JPG Back: John HUNT, Sheerness
Album32BotL.JPG Back:  Harold GOLDSMITH, 
2 Canterbury Rd, Whitstable-on-sea
Album32BotR.JPG  Harold GOLDSMITH, 
2 Canterbury Rd, Whitstable-on-sea
Album32TopR.JPG Back: Thomas BARNS, 1 Limes Place, Preston St, Faversham & the Marina, Herne Bay
Album33BotL.JPG Back: Wm ASH, 119 Newington Causeway 
Album33BotR.JPG Back: Martin JACOLETTE, 1 Priory Hill near Town Hall, Dover
Album33TopL.JPG Back: Wm ASH, 119 Newington Causeway 
Album33TopR.JPG Back: CRAIK's Electric & Daylight Studios, St Burgate St, Canterbury 

2.2 Some loose photos held by Robin. Robin, which album are the next 4 from? Maybe give us a cover or inscription to help ID it.

Unknown14(CloseUp).jpg Held by Robin.
Unknown14.jpg Held by Robin.
Unknown14(Reverse).jpg Held by Robin.
Unknown Possibly his Mums Family. Held by Robin.

3. CHILTON of Whitchurch, Somerset - by GD AUDCENT
5.7.07 I moved this to 1. of
 I also moved WAIT of Norton Malreward, Som. (re sp of 1 of 3.) there. 

4. SANDEFORD/SANDFORD/SANFORD clues (re sp of 32 of 1.)

* leads to eg
. Somerset > North Petherton Hundred> Wembdon > its hamlet of
.909! Somerset > Horethorne Hundred > Sandford Orcas
.1606 servant to Lord Penbrook, Parliament
.1667 London Francis SANDFORD Gentleman, and Richard Bodily Gentleman, be, and
 are hereby, required to attend the House of Peers on Monday next,...
.1693 London Middlesex, St Mary Whitechapel, Montague Street SANDFORD, Stephen;
 City of Westminster, St Martin in the Fields, Drury Lane Ward, Drury Lane
 SANDFORD, Grace; City of London, Tower Ward, Seething Lane Precinct, Black Dog
 Court SANDFORD, Nicholas Stock value 200P; ...
.1701 Devon/Parliament Upon reading the Petition of John SANDFORD Esquire;
 shewing, "That he is Tenant to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of
 Exeter, for the Manor of Culmstock in Devon; that he hath Power to grant
 Estates, by Copy of Court Roll, for One or Two Lives jointly in Possession,
 and One Life in Reversion, subject to the Custom of Widows Estates; which
 Estates are subject to many Inconveniencies; ...
.1716 Parish of St. Andrew Holbourn,London. Mary SANDFORD theft
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey
.1738 Gloucestershire > Whitstone > Leonard Stanley
 manor bought in 1738 by Robert SANDFORD of the Priory. 
.1791 London? T SANDFORD apptd Watchman
.1795 Portsea,Hants: PCRO CHU3/1D/8 St Mary's Portesa
no 202 Thomas SANDFORD,bachelor & Peggy PARKINS,spinster,both pf this parish 
were married in this church by banns 01st September 1795  signed bu Thomas 
SANDFORD & x the mark of Peggy PARKINS,in the presence of John H S PEARSON & 
.1795 Portsea,Hants: PCRO CHU3/1A/11 St Mary's Portsea
bp Oct 2 1796 John son of Thomas & Reba  STANFORD ex ENG-HAM-PORTSMOUTH-GOSPORT
.1817 London; Bassishaw Ward - Commercial directory ex: Johnstone's London
 Commercial Guide and Street Directory, 1817: 55 Aldermanbury St, James
 SANDFORD	wrhsemn
.1817 Portsea,Hants: Rebecca SANDFORD m 14.9.1817 St Marys Portsea Thomas BEVES
.1830 Lord Mount SANDFORD's Estate Bill. The Lords have passed a Bill,
 intituled, An Act to enable the Devisees under the last Will and Testament of
 the Right honourable Henry Lord Mount SANDFORD, deceased, to make Leases of
 the Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, lately in the possession of the said
 Henry Lord Mount SANDFORD, and devised by his said Will; and also, to enable
 the said Devisees to execute a Conveyance to the Rector of Kilkevan of a
 certain Piece of Ground situate in the Parish of Kilkevan, and County of
 Roscommon; to which the Lords desire the concurrence of this House
.1831 Essex > Lexden Hundred > Wivenhoe
 William SANDFORD, by will proved 1831, left 50s. a year charged on a farm at 
Fingringhoe to buy bread for 10 poor communicants. (Footnote 19) His brother, 
 Benjamin SANDFORD, by his will proved 1840, left 50s. yearly, ...
.1886-80 Adelaide (South Australia) App. 29 Oct 1886. Chairman: Duke of
 Cambridge; Secretary: Sir Herbert Bruce SANDFORD. Rep. 1888, C.5440, xxiv.
.1886 Sir Francis Richard SANDFORD voted on Elementary Education Acts
. Middlesex P.R.O., RG 31/3, nos. 793, 959, i.e. at SANDFORD's brewho.

*1660 ex St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol? recorded 2007:
0 SANDFORD m Ann 1660 d 30.5.1741 at 81
1 Ann 1690 d 1741 at 52 m CHALLONER
2 Rev Richard SANDFORD AM 1695 d 6.8.1721 at 26
?m Elizabeth 1700 d 1728 at 28

*1676 ny_rose1"att" 2002 noted the following for sale on eBAY:
SANDFORD genealogy on Robert SANDFORD (deceased 1676 [US or UK?]) and his
wife Ann ADAMS SANDFORD with some of their descendants. This is a
reproduction of the original 85 page book presented on cd-rom in pdf file

*1750-1805 London Batch  C042152 1742-1812 gives these 5 families

0 George	
1 Margaret SANDFORD bp 28 OCT 1750 Saint John, Hackney, London
2 Mary SANDFORD  bp 06 MAY 1753 Saint John, Hackney, London
3 Sarah SANDFORD bp 27 JAN 1757 Saint John, Hackney, London

0 William
1 Sarah SANFORD bp 14 JUN 1780 Saint John, Hackney, London

0 John
1 Ann SANFORD bp 27 OCT 1782 Saint John, Hackney, London 
# possibly the one who m 32 of 1.

0 William
1 Mary Ann SANFORD bp 08 AUG 1792 Saint John, Hackney, London  d 11 AUG 1797
2 Elizabeth SANFORD bp 17 SEP 1794 Saint John, Hackney, London
3 William SANFORD bp 16 OCT 1795 Saint John, Hackney, London
4 Elizabeth SANFORD bp 15 NOV 1797 Saint John, Hackney, London
5 James SANFORD bp 08 SEP 1802 Saint John, Hackney, London
6 Edmund SANDFORD bp 13 OCT 1803 Saint John, Hackney, London
7 Eliza SANDFORD bp 10 OCT 1805 Saint John, Hackney, London

0 Thomas
1 William SANFORD bp 14 FEB 1796 Saint John, Hackney, London

*1810 Hampshire
 Sarah GOODYEAR familytree"att" 2002:
0 John SANDFORD bricklayer bp Mar 1 1810 St John's Portsea
 son of John & Elizabeth SANDFORD 
m 16 Aug 1829 Saint Marys, Portsea sp-Ann MARTIN bp 25.12.1805 St Marys Portsea
 dr of Henry & Sarah MARTIN 
 (Linda and Tony Knightroots"att" 2002 listowners give: CHU3/1B/
page 72 entry 215 John SANDFORD of this parish,batchelor, and Ann MARTIN, of 
this parish,spinster,after banns 16 Aug 1829 in the presence of Harriet 
1 Sarah Ann SANDFORD bc 1833 Portsea
m sp-William Charles READ bc 1820 Landport Portsea
2 Elizabeth SANDFORD bp 1850 

* 1881 Scotland: only 2 families for Wigtonshire: at Glasserton and Wishaw:
 contact        kellyadunbar"att" 2002.

* 1901 census gave 5 in different households: 
 (CHECK if this is only Bristol>64)
 Name Age Where Born,Administrative County,Civil Parish Occupation
Ellen SANDFORD 60 1841 Somerset ...Parish Bristol, Bristol  id 3959920 
Margaret SANDFORD 62 1839 Somerset Bridgwater, Cheshire, Chester Headmistress
 Of The Queens School  id 23659901 
George SANDFORD 64 1837 Gloucestershire, Gloucester City Bristol, Bristol
 Brick Layres Labourer id 4016703
George SANDFORD 73 1828 Stoke S Gregory Som,Somerset,Stoke St Gregory
 Farm Labourer 
Rebecca SANDFORD 92 1809 Somerset Brestol, London, Lambeth   id 1492018

*c1901 ex theresa_m_watson"att" 2005:
0 Henry SANDFORD from Berkshire.
1 Anne SANDFORD (later m GUNTER)
11 Alfred William SANDFORD - no fr on b cert Great Grandfather
m Mary BURNS of Plymouth


BAWLER 1840 Bristol m John Sandford RUSSELL, ID 322 at 1. See 11.1.
BLACKBOURN 322543 of 2. London? 1920's
CHILTON m 3 of 1.; 3.
CLARK 32(10)
COLSTON 31 of 1.
HALL m 316 c1847
HARFORD 14 of 2. Whitstable, Kent 1870
HISCOCKS 32(12)1 bc 1876 no chn
IRVIN m 32(12)79 c1931
LAWRENCE m 32(12)75 c1923 no chn
O'BRIEN m 32(12)792 c1958
RUSSELL 0 of 2. Bristol 1840
SANDFORD 0 of 2. Bristol 1840
SAUNDERS m c1779 2 of 1.
TAYLOR 325 m 1840
WITHERS 3225411 of 2. Auckland 1914


ABBOTTS & ADAMS Whitchurch 32 1826
BALLS Whitchurch 32 in 1826
CHARD? 321 of 1. 
COOKSLEY 3218of 1.
DERRICK 5 of 2. Southwark or London 1840
HALL 322541 of 2. Auckland 1897
MEEK m 32(12)7
PURTILL m 32(12)77 2
WESTON m 32(12)76 of 1. c1925
WITTS m 32(12) of 1.
WOOLVEN m 3217of 1.


GWYNN & BENNETT 3161 Bristol 1921
REEVE & ROOMS 32 in 1826
STEPHENS solicitor in Bristol


*** CANADA 32(12)1


- Bedminster (188 ha) 322 of a. 1840; Metz Villa 316 in 1881
- 1 Northcote Road, Clifton 3219 in 1881
 - Totterdown 3161 4 c1888
- 32(12): Old Park (1863), Church Lane (1871-1874), No. 2 Upper Church Lane
 (1875), No. 17 Trinity Street (near the Cathedral) (1881) and No. 27
 Cumberland Street (near Stokes Croft), in the parish of St Pauls, Bristol
 (1891-96). at Rufsel Street (Redcliffe), Old Park, Upper Church Lane (St
 Michael's Hill), Trinity Street (near the Cathedral), Cumberland Street
 (near Stokes Croft); the Guildhall, Broad St; grocery shop at 81 Richmond
 St, Totterdown
 -32(12)1 32(12)710 Myrtle Rd [10 Bellfield Villas, Myrtle St];
 an allotment at Coat Lane in Westbury-on-Trym; Dot worked at Tramways
 Company at the Motor Constructional Works at Bath Road, Brislington 
 - In 1955 it became Bristol Commercial Vehicles.
- Holy Souls Cemetery, Arnos Vale 32(12)74 etc
-32(12)74 at 11 Remenham Drive, Westbury Park (1972) & in 1979 at No. 20 
 Wildcroft House, White Tree Road, Henleaze
-32(12)75 Canon St,Bedminster; a greengrocers in Paul Street, Kingsdown
-32(12)79 at 7 Vernon Street Totterdown, Bristol (1972) and later at 25 Bourton
 Avenue, Patchway

Dudley  32(12)3
Knowle in Bedminster 3166 in 1882, 325 c1840
Stroud  32(12)3
Upper Knowle in Bedminster 316 in 1885

Portsea 3212 in 1881 at 22 Commons St
Portsmouth 3213? in 1881

Herne Bay, E Kent 32254 
Whitstable, Kent 32254 of 2. 1870

** LONDON - see also SURREY
Beckenham 32254 of 2. 1920-1933
Bermondsey in S London 5 of 2. 1864, 464 of 2. 1881
 For some info on it today try
 (There is an entry at John RUSSELL b Bermondsey
  c 1809 m Sarah WINDLE. Daughter Sarah born in 1845 in St Pancras.)
Bishopsgate 464 of 2. 1881
Forest Hill 32254 of 2. 1894


Ashton Court [in Whitchurch?] home of landowner Sir Jn Hugh SMITY/SYMTH
 1789-1802 & Sir Hugh SMYTH 1802-
Barrow Guerney 1880-97 3218+
Bruton parish 3 1785
Cheddar sp of 321, sp of 32(12)77 22
Dundry 3217had land there c1885; 1891 he had a farm there between Hathell
 and Upton Farms; 1895 he bt 7 acres at Littleton; 1901 living at Court Farm.
 1901 3218at Hill Farm.
?Keynesham 2 c1779
Norton Malreward, near Whitchurch -see Mary WAIT mr of Betty CHILTON, m 3 at 1.
  No RUSSELL or CHILTON entries have been found in the marriage registers
 (1755-1801, 1816-35) or general register (1721-1814) at Norton Marleward.
 1851 population 113
Norvell? 3251 c1841
Queen Charlton 1756 See 1.2-1.3
WHITCHURCH -by GA: During the 1750's a small agricultural community straddling
the main road between Bristol and Wells, and it is most likely that William was
a farmer. He certainly of sufficient standing in the local community to play an
active part in parish affairs, and must therefore have owned or tenanted
sufficient property to pay the parish rates. It can be safely assumed that he
was a tenant rather than a land-owning farmer because he was not listed amongst
the freehold owners in the Land tax returns for 1766 or 1767 [at SCRO ref 
Q/rel 21/16].
  The parish was the principle unit of local government at this date, and
important decisions were taken at parish meetings known as vestry
meetings. Members of the Vestry were the more substantial residents of the
parish and their responsibilities were wider than modern-day parish councils
(eg, including the setting and collection of rates, maintenance of the parish
church and care of the poor and sick). The Vestry delegated day-to-day
decisions to a Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor, who were both annually
elected. These positions were unpaid and could be quite onerous, but were often
regarded as a local honour.
  Many records survive which record the patterns of the land ownership and
occupation in Whitchurch during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, such
as the land tax returns, the electoral registers, and various surveys of the
SYMTH estate (the SYMTH family lived at Ashton Court near Long Ashton, but only
a large amount of land in Whitchurch). The RUSSELL (and CHILTON) families
figure in all these records between 1766 and 1848/9, and it is therefore
important to understand the patterns of land occupation and the way fields,
tenements and farms were named. The Land Tax returns show that there were about
a dozen land owning families in Whitchurch during the late Eighteenth Century,
some of whom could be described as minor gentry and who occupied their own land
(such as the LANSDOWN, STOCKER and COLSTON families) whilst others (such as the
GORE-LANGTONS and SYMTHS) were aristocratic absentee landlords who let their
lands to tenant farmers. The RUSSELLs would have mixed with the LANSDOWN,
STOCKER and COLSTON families on a frequent basis, and indeed they married into
the STOCKER and COLSTON families.
  Land holdings were often leased to tenant farmers and divided up into 
tenements for this purpose. Tenements could constitute an entire 'farm' or just
individual fields, or portions of a former farm tenement. Each farm or tenement
was individually named, sometimes on based on the characteristics of the field
concerned (eg Claylands, Long Mead, Tyning-next-Saltwell) and sometimes based
in the name of the previous occupier. Thus, the land belonging to Francis ADAMS
Esq and known as "Lyons Court and Giffards" in the tax returns up to 1782
changed its name from 1783 when ownership passed to Sir John SYMTH Bt. From
then on it was known as "Late ADAMS'. Another example was "Late ABBOTS" -
Joseph ABBOTT was recorded as the occupier of Hassells Farm and Willsons Farm
in a survey of the Manor of Whitchurch, carried out for Sir John SYMTH in
1730. Other probable examples included "Late Townsends", "Late Harris's", "Late
Rooms", and possibly "Reeves's". Some name's disappeared over time, whilst
others continued and became the formal names of particular farms, such as
Abbots Farm and Reeve's Farm. The Land Tax returns show that there was
relatively little change in land ownership and occupation from one year to the
next, and that the amount of tax assessed on individual tenements often
remained the same over many decades, which is especially helpful in identifying
the ownership of land over time (even when a tenement's name is used
 322357 in 1850, 322363 1860, 32237 1851, 322372 1859, 322373 1861,
"Whitchurch the Village is situated on the outskirts of Bristol on the A37, 
it used to be classed as Somerset, then Avon now Bath & North East Somerset... 
most births & marriages etc, would be shown as Keynsham" 
- Jessie HILLIER TOMMIN"att" 2005  BOUNCED 2012 to ENG-SOM list

1750+ St Nicholas parish church
1792 Upper and Lower How Mead, Inner and Outer Court Perry, Great and Little
 Paddock, Over Long mead, Clay land, Upper and Lower Marsh. 3

1781 'RUSSELL's Cottage' owned by Wm CHILTON 0 of 3. 1788-1809 home of his
widow Mary. 1809-1817 owned by their 2 sons-in-law (Th RUSSELL sp of 2 of 3.
& 3 of 1.); 1817-1833 owned by 3; 1833-40 home of 32; 1840 owned by 32: a
house with carpenter's shop, a garden and two orchards on the northern side
of Church Lane (opposite the church) - this must have been 'RUSSELL's

1781 Abbots & Hazel field
1781-2 Lyons Court & Giffards field 3
1782-1802 Abbotts Farm 3
1783-1802 Adams field 3
1784 Black Lion Inn - where vestry met including 3
1786 Black Rock 3
1793-1802 Mearmeads field; 3 These were near the present-day A37 Saltwell 
 viaduct; & S of Whitchurch where the A37 crosses the old rail line
? Yellow Land field S of Whitchurch between the turnpike road to Wells
 (now A37) & the lane to Queen Charlton
 population 1801 362; 1851 428 & 78 buildings in use; 1901 322544;
c1802 "Rooms", "Balls", "Mears", (part of) "Claylands", and
 "part of ADAMS". 3; 32 in 1826

1802-13 Field Tyning (part of Whitchurch Farm) in 1802 and 1803. 3

1807 Slape within the parish of Whitchurch, plus an adjoining garden and a
 withy-bed (amounting to some 5 acres) 3, 31, 32

1826-40 "Reeve's Farm" 3 & 31 1802-22; 32
1851 31 in White Cross (Was this Whitecross Av?)
1809-20 vestry meetings for 3 & 32; 1861-1871 313 & 3214: the White Hart
 Inn at Whitchurch (on the site of the present day Black Lion public house)
1851 census mentions White Cross House and Whitchurch Green on the east side of
 the Turnpike road and Bridge Farm, Whitchurch Farm, Tilers Cottage, Filwood
 Farm, Yet Tree, Brick Yard Cottage, Old Parsonage House and Lyons Court Farm
 on the west side of the Turnpike road... The window tax was still in force
 starting at houses with 8 or more windows. ... Farms include
 Name of Farm  Name of Farmer  Acreage  Number of labourers  My ID
              George W. HALL      63        1              m 316
 Whitchurch Green  Thomas VOWELS  162       3
 White Cross  Edward COLSTON     200        3        How related to m2 of 31?
              James B. COLSTON    ?         ?              m 313
 Bridge Farm  Susannah WAIT (Widow) 110     3
  She is W of 0 at *1768 of
              John DERRICK        118       1   3 of -see 5 of 2.
              William CARPENTER    ?        3 How related to m 367 of derrick?
 Tailors Cottage  James COX        40       - m 33 of derrick.html -see 5 of 2.
              John DERRICK         29       - 35 of derrick.html fr of 5 of 2.
 Filwood Farm Benjamin HALL      250        9   How related to m of 316?
 Lyons Court  John Day COLSTON   110        4   How related to m2 of 31?
                                                1861 at Saunton House aged 75 
   - This covers
 "History of Whitchurch, Bristol" [Part 1], Whitchurch Local History Society.
I also have "Studies on the history of Whitchurch Part 2", Whitchurch Local 
History Society, ed. Brian SLADE 1995, bought '07 from his widow Margaret.
 There is also "Whitchurch - more memories" ed Brian & Mgt SLADE 1997;
 "Whitchurch Wartime Newsletters"
 "Studies on the history of Whitchurch", JH BETTEY staff tutor 1976, University
of Bristol, Dept of Extramural studies.
1871 Turnpike Rd 321
1871 3218at Hassell Farm
1895 Staunton House in Staunton Lane 3217in 1895
1896 3217bt Staunton House in Staunton Lane; living there 1897
1908 3217bt a field at the foot of the Maes Knoll Hill on the lane between
 Whitchurch and Dundry. In 1912 he acquired another 5 acres at Whitchurch
 (now built over and known as Hooper Road, Stockwood). In 1916 the Ashton
 Court Estate him land on the lane between Whitchurch and Dundry.
1910 Curzon House 3161
1916 3131 was living at The Limes in Whitchurch 
This 1790 map of Whitchurch showing the names of fields is from GA.
 Landtax return for 1805:
 line 3 proprietor George STOCKER, occupier Nath'l RUSSELL [3] charged 8p 1s 2d
 lines 4-9 proprietor George STOCKER, occupier George STOCKER [m1 31] charged
  for Abbotts, Rooms, Balls, Moors, Claylands, Part of Adams
 line 17 proprietor Mrs BAGRIDGE, occupier Will'm RUSSELL [32] charged 0p 1s 8d
 l.19 - proprietor Mary CHILTON, occupier  Mary CHILTON [2 of 3.] charged 4s 5d
 Collectors Jms? WAITE & Geo. STOCKER -ex GA. 
 This 1884 map of Whitchurch is from JH. 
 This 1890 map of Whitchurch is from GA/JH.
It shows Whitchurch Farm some distance W of Whitchurch. 
St Nicholas in 19th Century water colour ex GA. The RUSSELL family graves are 
in front of the channel to the L of the picture.
 St Nicholas in 2001 ex GA.
 White Hart Inn & Black Lion Inn in 1920s ex GA.
 View of Whitchurch in 2001 ex GA. 
 2007 St Nicholas: Sun service 9am, church open Wed 2-4pm
           Rev Erica SCOTT 01275 836 505, churchwarden John SEALY 01275 543 739
 In 2007 the churchwarden holding the book of St Nicholas graves inscriptions 
is Ashton BROAD, The Pantiles, 157 Bristol Rd, Whitchurch, Bristol BS14 0D4
tel +44 01275 832148.
  Others in the village include Jessie & Tom HILLIER
   Mike SQUIRE of the Parish Council mywych"att" '07
& his son Martin SQUIRE 07791 574 566 martin"att" '07
West Monkton & Creech St. Michael, Somerset. See BAWLER at 11.
Winford 3217 of 1. owned land here in 1897

Battersea c1874  3241 1
Merton, Raynor Park Station 324 in 1881
Southwark Christchurch 22 Charlotte Street 3217in 1881

Beanacre, near Melksham 32(11) in 1851,
Box on Somerset border 32-sp Anne nee SANDEFORD d there 1855
Dauntsey  32(12)1 & 32(12)5 lived here after 1891 
Melksham 32, ..., 32(11), 32(12) moved here c1848, 3251 with them in 1851,
 32(12) m here 1855, 32(12)5 d here 1943. 32(12)-sp lived here at the Red
 Lion 1851.

*** WALES Cardiff 32(12)71 in 1963-79.

Auckland 141 1912, 1411 1918-present


b born bp baptised br brother
c about chr christened
d died div. divorced dr daughter dsp died without children
E W N S compass points
eg for example
ie that is
m married; if this is omitted, it is indicated by sp- for "spouse"
m1 married first
m2 married second: where this is some distance from spouse, he or she may
     be given in square brackets in line before as a reminder, for example
 [31 2-Mary RUSSELL bp 28 September 1783 St Nicholas, Whitchurch ]
 m2 1809 sp-James COLSTON 
sp spouse
NSW New South Wales, Australia
NZ New Zealand
SA South Australia
Vic. Victoria, Australia
WW1, WW2 World War 1 & 2


(i) The number at the start of the line indicates his order of descent from
the initial couple. In . this is 
"0 William RUYSEL b c1725 Whitchurch m sp-Betty CHILTON"
(The "sp-" is for spouse.)
Their children are numbered 1 2 3 ...
The children of say 2 are numbered 21 22 23 .. and so on.
(ii) The generation number precedes the name.  
For example the "6-" in 
32254 2  6-Florence Alice RUSSELL
indicates she is in the 6th generation, counting the initial couple 
as generation 0.  
So to see who her siblings are one can either look for adjacent "6-" 
or look at the beginning of each line for 32254 1, 32254 3.

Excerpt from "The Dictionary Of British Surnames" by PH REANEY (1958) London, 

RUSSELLus de Suberton 1212, Ralph & Robert Russel 1115 & 1169, John Roussel 
1297. Old French rous-el a diminutive of rous `red' used also as a

                                                       PAGE (for an A4 printer)
 10.1 RUSSELL CLUES for Whitchurch, Somerset by GA & JH  140
 10.2 RUSSELL clues for Queen Charlton, Somerset by GA   141 
 10.3 RUSSELL clues for Bristol, Gloucester              
 10.4 RUSSELL clues for Gloucester outside Bristol       143
 10.5 RUSSELL in Somerset                                145
 10.6 RUSSELL elsewhere in England                       146
 10.7 RUSSELL outside England                            148

10.1 RUSSELL CLUES for Whitchurch, Somerset - mostly by GD AUDCENT 
- Add censuses!

*1616-1856 RUSSELL of Som. wills ex

Will of Henry RUSSELL, Clerk of Binegar, Somerset 13 June 1616 PROB 11/127  
Will of Elizabeth RUSSELL of South Petherton, Somerset
 15 July 1625 PROB 11/146  
Will of John RUSSELL, Tanner of Broadway, Somerset 20 November 1638 PROB 11/178
Will of John RUSSELL of Moorlinch , Somerset 11 September 1713 PROB 11/535  
Will of William RUSSELL, Yeoman of Wayford,Somerset 23 January 1728 PROB 11/619
Will of Mary RUSSELL,Widow of Milborne Port,Somerset 21 August 1758 PROB 11/840
Will of Charles RUSSELL, Butcher of Bath, Somerset 29 December 1766 PROB 11/924
Will of David RUSSELL, Apothecary of Bath , Somerset 22 May 1766 PROB 11/919 
Will of Francis RUSSELL, late in the Service of the Honorable East India
 Company of Walcot , Somerset 27 September 1794 PROB 11/1250  
Will of Edward RUSSELL, Bookseller of Bath , Somerset 26 May 1798 PROB 11/1307 
Will of John RUSSELL, Mealman of Bedminster , Somerset
 09 September 1799 PROB 11/1330  
Will of Elizabeth RUSSELL, Widow of Walcot , Somerset
 11 October 1799 PROB 11/1331  
Will of William RUSSELL, Blue Dyer of Combe Saint Nicholas, Somerset
 15 July 1817 PROB 11/1594  
Will of Reverend Charles RUSSELL of Bath, Somerset 30 March 1833 PROB 11/1813  
Will of Ann RUSSELL, Widow of Walcot , Somerset
 15 April 1835 PROB 11/1846  
Will of Mary RUSSELL, Widow of Charlton Horethorne , Somerset
 08 November 1843 PROB 11/1988  
Will of William RUSSELL, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Walcot Bath , Somerset
 07 June 1847 PROB 11/2058  
Will of Abraham RUSSELL of Chard Borough , Somerset
 29 April 1848 PROB 11/2073  
Will of James Hyatt RUSSELL, Plumber and Glazier of Nailsea , Somerset
 20 October 1854 PROB 11/2199  
Will of William Stephens RUSSELL, Gentleman of Batheaston near Bath , Somerset
 08 September 1856 PROB 11/2239  

*1753-70 possibly brother of Wm (0 of 1.1):
0 0-Arthur RUSSELL b c1720 m sp-Rachel. They lived at Whitchurch, Somerset 
1753-1770 & brought up a large family in Whitchurch during the 1750s and 1760s,
but as there is no reference to them in the parish registers after 1770, nor
any apparent reference to their children, it is likely the family moved away
soon after 1770.
 Arthur RUSSELL bur St Nicholas, Whitchurch 28.10.1774 - Natl Burial Index.

1 1-Mary RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 3 December 1753

2 1-Betty RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 11 February 1755. She may died in 1759 as 
the registers at Whitchurch record the burial of a Betty RUYSELL on 10 August
1759. However, this could equally have referred to William and Florence
RUSSELL's youngest daughter, who would have been less than three years old at
the time.

3 1-James RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 13 March 1757.

4 1-Arthur RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 17 September 1758. He probably died in 1765
as the registers at Whitchurch record the burial of an Arthur RUSSELL on 23
January 1765.

5 1-Rachel RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 6 December 1760.
6 1-Robert RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 19 November 1762.
7 1-Thomas RUSSELL bp Whitchurch on 13 May 1770
0 0-Thomas RUSSELL. Nothing is known of him except that he had a daughter
1 1-Susannah RUSSELL  buried at Whitchurch on 22 April 1754. 
*1754-1826 RUSSELL burials at St Nicholas, Whitchurch [Bristol], Somerset
 - thanks to Jessie HILLIER:
Susannah RUSSELL 22 Apr 1754 - see previous entry
Mary RUSSELL 5 Aug 1816 - nee CHILTON - she is 2 of 3. above
Thomas RUSSELL 1 May 1817 - m 2 of 3. above
Betty RUSSELL 29 Mar 1827 - 1 nee CHILTON of 3. above, wife of
Nathaniel RUSSELL 3 Dec 1832 - 3 of 1.
William RUSSELL 15 Jan 1826 - 1 of *1756 - next entry
0 Thomas RUSSELL (possibly the same Thomas RUSSELL) m Betty one son:

1 William RUSSELL bp 17.10.1756 Queen Charlton 
Buried at St Nicholas, Whitchurch 15.1.1826 aged 68. - Natl Burial Index.
0 0-Thomas RUSSELL probably the TR buried at Queen Charlton on 28 July 1781. 
m at Queen Charlton, by licence, on 2 June 1760 sp-Sarah KELSON 5 children,
 each bp'd at Queen Charlton.

1 1-Thomas RUSSELL bp 1761 Queen Charlton bur 7 June 1761 at Queen Charlton.
2 1-Thomas RUSSELL bp 1762 Queen Charlton bur 26 August 1762 at Queen Charlton.

3 1-John RUSSELL bp 1763 Queen Charlton 
m by licence, at Queen Charlton on 28 September 1790 sp-Mary GIBBS died 12
September 1805, aged 33, and was buried at Queen Charlton on 15 September
1805. John died 3 October 1811, aged 48, and was buried alongside his wife on 8
October. Their gravestone still stands in the churchyard (dates on it need to
be re-checked). 2 children:

31 2-Frances RUSSELL b 6 March 1791 bp Queen Charlton on 10 April 1791
m sp-John GUNNING. They had one known child:

311 3-Susannah GUNNING d at 8 months, buried on 21 April 1823 at Queen Charlton. 

32 2-Sarah RUSSELL. Buried at Queen Charlton on 17 October 1811.
*1819 (Entry D10 in verger's book?):
0 0-William RUSSELL d1819 m Mary
1 1-James RUSSELL 
*1837-1908 Let me know if you want the RUSSELL bmds at Keynsham (includes 
Whitchurch) ex freebmd as of 14.1.2005.


*1841-2 Whitchurch from Dave RUSSELL 18.4.2014.
Admiralty records for Edward RUSSELL b. 02/11/1842 Whitchurch:

10.2 RUSSELL clues for Queen Charlton, Somerset The family of Thomas and Margaret RUSSELL were recorded here in the mid-sixteenth century -GA.

10.3 RUSSELL clues for Bristol, Gloucester re 322 of 1. *1741 ex Gwen Rowley Gwen"att" 2004 0 John RUSSELL will 12th October 1741 from Bristol (he a Victualler) m Ann RUSSELL will 8th April 1741 from Bristol *1749-1851 Bristol Cathedral R of transept: 0 James Grave RUSSELL 1749 d 14.2.1832 at 83 m Mary 1784 d 4.12.1846 at 62 [his m2?] 1 Mary Grave RUSSELL 1752 d 46.1.1830 at 68 2 Thomas Grave RUSSELL 1775 d 9.2.1798 at 23 at Hot Wells barrister of Boston, North America 3 Lechmere RUSSELL 1781 d 14.2.1786 at 4 yrs 5 months 4 Lechmere RUSSELL 1787 d 28.4.1851 at 64 *1792 Christchurch,Downend,Bristol & London ex Gwen"att" Gwen ROWLEY burials at Christchurch,Downend,Bristol & Avon "All RUSSELLs, apart from the ones from London, were born in Downend." 0 Edward RUSSELL, originally from London d1792 m Elizabeth d1807 1 Edward RUSSELL d1856 at 88 bachelor 2 Mary RUSSELL d 1859 at 85 single 2 William RUSSELL d1840 at 77 m Celia d1857 at 90 3 Edward RUSSELL ? 31 Edward RUSSELL d1867 London at 74 m Elizabeth d1879 at 82 311 Eliza RUSSELL m George Cook THOMAS d1868 at 53 * her line 32 Wm RUSSELL m Elizabeth 33 Charles RUSSELL d1859 at 57 m Susan d1870 at 74 331 Edward RUSSELL d 19.12.1859 at 30 332 Charles RUSSELL d 16.9.1889 at 57 333 Sarah RUSSELL 334 Blagdon Hale RUSSELL m Emily chn Alice & Emily. 335 Joseph RUSSELL *1814 Bristol ex Stephanie RUSSELL wrote me 24.2.99 for Thomas RUSSELL thomas.russell"att" : 0 James Hart RUSSELL (confectioner) 1 Henry James RUSSELL b Bristol 1814/5 probably St.James parish.Basket Maker. m Charlotte ANSTEY, 26th Aug, 1866.Reg.Office.Bristol 11 Henry Thomas RUSSELL Born 1857.Bristol.St.James. shoemaker. m Mary Elizabeth FILDES,Sept 9th, 1899. St.Barnabus.Bristol. 111 Arthur born 1904. Alive 1999. 1111 Thomas RUSSELL thomas.russell"att" m Stephanie 112 Henry b 1901. *1822-47 Bristol: C172954 gave 2-4 in 2. This batch no. also gives . Ann RUSSELL bp: 07 APR 1822 Temple, Bristol, Gloucester to John & Eliza . Amelia RUSSELL bp: 04 JUN 1826 Temple, Bristol, Gloucester to Rbt & Eliz. . George Henry RUSSELL bp: 23 MAY 1847 Temple, Bristol, Gloucester to George & Mary Anne *1832 0 William RUSSELL laborer m Elizabeth 1 John RUSSELL bp 18.3.1832 Parish of Temple, Bristol by W ELLIOTT

Here is the cert ex GA.

*1837-1910 Let me know if you want the RUSSELL bmds ex freebmd as of 14.1.2005.

* 1881 census Whitchurch shows families of 3212, 321(10), & 32(12) above.
* 1881 census other
Dwelling 62 Catherine Mead Street, Bedminster, Somerset:
 Name  Relation Marital Status Age Birthplace Occupation
 Ann RUSSELL Head W  44 1837 Bristol, Gloucester Dressmaker  	  
 Harry RUSSELL Son U 17  Bristol Bedminster  	 Coach Painter
 Emily RUSSELL Daur U 16 Bristol Bedminster  	 Book Sewer  	  

Re wife of 0 of 2.: Mary RUSSELL b1811+-20 Gloucester gave 12

* 1901 census
RUSSELL keywords glos, Bedminster, Bermondsey, Lewisham gave "taking too long".
 BUT next day I got:
RUSSELL keyword Bedminster
 Charles RUSSELL 22 1879 Somerset Bedminster Borough Of West Ham West Ham
  Corset Maker 
 Harry RUSSELL 2M Bedminster Bristol Bristol Bristol   
 Harry RUSSELL 28 Bedminster Bristol Bristol Bristol Plumber 

RUSSELL born or keyword Bristol gave 574 (with many duplicates)
 stored at RUSSELL1901bkBristol.xls

RUSSELL keyword Bermondsey 63 m + 58 f stored at RUSSELL1901kBermondsey.xls
 This did NOT include family of 1,sp,11,13.

RUSSELL born Bermondsey 91 m + 77 f stored at RUSSELL1901bBermondsey.xls
 This did include 11,12,13,14.

RUSSELL keyword Lewisham 99 m + 114 f stored at RUSSELL1901kLewisham.xls
 This included families (1,sp,11,13), (12,sp,121,122), (14,sp,141,143).

Moral of the story: search on keywood where one of them resides at the census.

10.4 RUSSELL clues for Gloucester outside Bristol *1600+ Stonehouse, Glouc'e ex 100356.414"att" via GRD CD for 2000 *c1666 Horton,GL: SJ STONE 254 Stones Rd,Eastville via Maldon Vic3463 AUS exGRD *1700 Rodmarton,GLOUC :C&W RICHARDSON RR 1 Barrie ONT L4M 4Y8 Canada GRD 2000 *1712 Stonehouse, Glouc'e near Stroud ex Russell MARSHALL (former Minr of Foreign Affairs, NZ), 26 Mana Esplanade, Paremata, Porirua 6251 in 1992. 2004: NZ Ambassador to UK 0 Richard RUSSELL m 23.6.1712 Stonehouse sp-El.iz. OZBURNE 1689 dr of Daniel & Sarah 1 Peter RUSSELL 1713 2 Richard RUSSELL 1714 3 Eliz. RUSSELL 1717 4 Hannah RUSSELL 1719 5 Samuel RUSSELL 22.12.1722 m 21.10.1745 Stonehouse sp-Mary VEISEY 51 Peter RUSSELL 1746 52 Samuel RUSSELL 1748 53 Martha RUSSELL 1751 54 Richard RUSSELL 1754 541 Thomas RUSSELL the Stonehouse baker 55 Charles RUSSELL 8.5.1757 m 1785 Stroud sp-Hester CRATCHLEY 551 Ann RUSSELL 1786 552 Charles RUSSELL 1788 dy 553 Thomas RUSSELL 25.12.1791 m1 9.1.1817 Caoley sp-Sarah FORDS 5531 Eliz. RUSSELL 1818 [553 Thomas RUSSELL 25.12.1791] m2 3.3.1829 sp-Martha LEWIS widow (nee DALBY?) 5532 George RUSSELL 17.5.1829-25.4.1901 (known as Charles George after his br Charles d 1844) m 27.1.1855 Bedford St Chapel, Stroud sp-Emma BROWNING dr of John 1871 census at 5 Vauxhall Tce, Gloucester, George a master baker 1881 census at 33 Napier St - used as a bakery until 1950s 55321 Charles RUSSELL 28.5.1856 Stroud #ancestor of informant 55322 Emma Maria RUSSELL 1859 Stroud m sp-Walter GURNEY br of the poet & composer Ivor Bertie GURNEY 55323 Thomas George RUSSELL 1861 Dudbridge 55324 Walter RUSSELL 1864 Dudbridge 5533 Sophia RUSSELL 1831 5534 Charles RUSSELL 1835 d 1844 554 Hannah RUSSELL 1794 555 Charles RUSSELL 1797 6 Mary RUSSELL 1724 7 Charles RUSSELL 1726 8 Sarah RUSSELL 1726 9 Margaret RUSSELL 1733 *1790+Kempsford,GLOUC: M LILLEY,Hazelcot,Hibbert Rd,Braywick,Maidenhead BRK SL6 1UT ENG *1803 Cheltenham,GL ex Gladys TRATEBAS gmtratebas"att" Box 85,Helmsburg IN 47435-0085 USA 2001: 0 John RUSSELL (-1836 age 37) Cheltenham NWW of Oxford on A46 to Winchester. m 20.3.1803 Cheltenham,GL to Eliz. BUNCE (4.9.1786 St Aldate,GL) She m at 16. 1 John RUSSELL (c1799 Glos.-1836 age 37) bur.19.10.1836 Glos. Carpenter, Gardner,Lab. m 21.5.1821 Cheltenham,Glo. to Eliz. COATES (c1792 Painswick (S of Chelt.) GL -1.2.1881 Ryeworth,Charlton Kings, GL) When m she was 29 and he was 22. Charlton Kings is a little S of Cheltenham. 11 John RUSSELL (1822 Charlton Kings, GL-bur.1.2.1841 GL) 12 Sarah Stevens RUSSELL (bp 7.12.1823 St Marys,Charlton Kings, GL) m Charles KEAR 13 Thomas Coates RUSSELL (bp 11.9.1825 St Marys,Charlton Kings, GL-9.12.1856 St Pancras,London) Lived at 3 Bath Pl,New Rd,Regents Pk, London. Butler m 15.5.1849 St Marylebone,London to Margt Eliz. HOLMES (c1820) 131 Wm Ch Coates RUSSELL (28.12.1849 London-2.1.1889 Chicago,USA) m 8.6.1874 St Marylebone,London El. WILLIS (1850 Stockton,Wilts.-1932 Chicago) children male 1876, Florence 1877, Edwin 1878, Edith 1880 all b Saginaw, MI, and Grace 1884, Hazel 1888 both b Chicago,IL. 132 Phoebe Emma RUSSELL (4.7.1851 London-27.5.1927 Spokane,WA,USA) 133 male R 14 Ann RUSSELL (bp 13.4.1828 St Marys,Charlton Kings, GL) 15 Wm RUSSELL (bp 18.10.1829 St Marys,Charlton Kings, GL-24.8.1887 Cheltenham, Rosehill St.) Bur.Charlton Kings. Brickmaker porter. m 14.2.1856 W Bromwich,Staffordshire to Elda NORTHALL 16 Helen RUSSELL (bp 18.12.1831 Charlton Kings,GL) 17 Hannah Eliz. RUSSELL (bp 24.11.1833 Charlton Kings,GL) m? at Ch'n Kings Wm PEACEY 18 Emma RUSSELL (bp 17.7.1836 Charlton Kings,GL) m 16.7.1860 GL Jesse Mustoe PEACEY ............................................................................ *1808 ex Richard ISAAC bibiaust"att" 2001: "I have local knowledge & may be able to help u if you need any local advice." 0 Grace RUSSELL (1808?! Badmington Gloucestershire) m 1582 at Tormarton,Glouc. Jacob ISAACK/ISAAC *1830 to NZ 1856 ex worthington"att" 0 Jeremiah RUSSELL m Rebecca 1 Elizabeth RUSSELL (1830 GLO) to NZ 1856 m (1857 Christchurch,NZ) Stephen HARRIS Hampnett SH came to NZ 1852 with his br Charles m (Hampnett,GLO or Bath) Jane RUSSELL (1820 Bath), ER's sr? ............................................................................ *1860 Glouc. ex E GREENHALL 19 Gisborne Rd,Bacchus Marsh,Vic 3340 AUS 0 Wm RUSSELL (1839-3.11.1886 Liverpool) m Carolyn POWELL (1839-1886) 1 Thomas Underwood RUSSELL (1860 Glouc.-1907 Melbourne,Australia) C of E, fishmonger 1879 on ship Italy (Liverpool) to Australia. Aunts Jean & Ellen in Liverpool & Lizzie in Cardiff. m 1884 Melbourne to Eleanor PASSMORE (1868 Geelong-1922 Fitzroy,Melbourne) 11 Th Wm Passmore RUSSELL (1884-1919? bur. Melbourne) m Sarah 12 John Henry Powell RUSSELL (1886) m Millie 13 Sarah Jane RUSSELL (1890 Fitzroy-1940?) m BROWN 14 Eva Annie RUSSELL (1892 Fitzroy-Fitzroy) m 1912 Wm HEATLEY - her husband's grfr 15 Annie Rowe RUSSELL (1894 Fitzroy) m KILLEN 16 Victoria Alexandrina RUSSELL (1897 Fitzroy) m MAYNE 2 Alice Maud RUSSELL (1880-1880 bur. Walton) 3 Freddie RUSSELL, 4 Willy RUSSELL m 1887 Jeannie BETHUNE, 5 Sarah?Jane RUSSELL m 1887 to ?, 6 Ted R, 7 Arthur R, 8 Jack (John Henry?) R ............................................................................ * Tetbury,Glos NOT Bristol jwhitehouseja"att" via *GL: SGS Box 1464 Prince Albert, SAS S6V 5G8 Canada GRD CD for 2000

10.5 RUSSELL in Somerset
*1333 At Hillfarrance, Somerset is an ancient plaque giving this tree: 
0 Sir Ralph RUSSELL m Dionysia d'r of Elias Dr Alderford
1 Margaret
11 William Dr Vernai, Lord of this manor, d 1333 buried in this chapel

*c1720 Stapleton, Somerset e
  The burial book at Creech St Michael includes
5 HUNTs, MAYNARD MA & G D23, MUNDY G H516, MUNDY Thomas AA E33.  At Hillfarrance, Somerset is an ancient plaque giving this tree: 
0 Sir Ralph RUSSELL m Dionysia d'r of Elias Dr Alderford
1 Margaret
11 William Dr Vernai, Lord of this manor, d 1333 buried in this chapelx Marion lowe.marion"att"
Hattill JENNINGS b by 1720 d .11.1775 Stapleton, Somerset  Mealman (miller)
  Will mentions half brother John RUSSELL, nephew Hatwill HEANS of Oxfordshire,
  Hattwill Jennings MILLARD, son of William MILLARD (believed to be another 
  nephew); Elizabeth HORWORD, widow of William (relationship not known).
m 1740 sp-Elizabeth TAGG/JAGG No children. After his death, Elizabeth made a 
  good income by money lending and died wealthy.

*1767-1805 IGI
Searching in for John RUSSELL of Somerset 
gave 375. Bristol is not mentioned. The only ones for Bedminster are    
356. John RUSSELL m 15 Sep 1767 Bedminster, Somerset BUSY
358. John RUSELL m 3 Jul 1797 at Bedminster, Somerset to Mary WATSON
  Film 1985733
361. John RUSSELL m 30 Sep 1805 Bedminster, Somerset to Sarah ROE Film 1985733
* Searching in for John RUSSELL of Gloucester in 1780-1820
gave 64 but Bristol is not mentioned, so is more likely to come under Somerset.

* Michael HEMSLEY mh007a2521"att" 2002 RUSSELL in Somerset dbase

10.6 RUSSELL elsewhere in England                    

* I have yet to check out RUSSELL-L-request"att" 
and RUSSELL-UK-L-request"att" 
for the RUSSELL surname in the United Kingdom only. 
One can subscribe to these. This info comes from
RootsWeb List Finder at
 has only my entry for Whitchurch in 2007. 
 Alex ROBERTSON arobertson"att" 2001: his grmr was
RUSSELL m Archibald Campbell ROBERTSON (-Bedford UK c1930, of TB)
(Bedford is both a county and a town - c45 miles north of London.)

*1425 0 Henry RUSSELL elected MP for Weymouth 1425
111 John RUSSELL created Baron & Knight of the Garter by King Henry 8 in 1539
 & Duke of Bedford in 1550

*1485 John RUSSELL of Berwick family of Lord Bertrand RUSSELL: p250-277 of 
 "Studies in .." by JH ROUND, Tabard
** HAMPSHIRE           babel17"att" ex 

* 1832-1844 Maidstone: contact Anne anne&andrew"att" 2002

* 1832 Sittingbourne to Oz & NZ ex Rex RUSSELL 16 Bell St,Hamilton,NZ in 1975:
0 0-Joseph RUSSELL m Mary LAUDEN
1 1-George Henry RUSSELL 1832 Sittingbourne,Kent d 1910 Greymouth,NZ
m 1861 Benalla Vic Oz sp-Jessie BOWERS c1835 Perthshire,Scotland-1899 Greymouth
11 2-Ellen RUSSELL c1862 Vic,Oz
12 2-Wm RUSSELL drowned
13 2-George Henry RUSSELL 1863 Vic-1907 Hastings m 1881 sp-Nora Matilda MARTYN
131 3-Jennie RUSSELL 
132 3-Flossie RUSSELL 
133 3-Harry RUSSELL 
134 3-Charlie RUSSELL 
135 3-Walter RUSSELL 
136 3-Arthur RUSSELL 
14 2-Alfred Charles RUSSELL 1868 NZ-1941 Waipukurau m sp-Mary El. PELLING
141 3-Nellie RUSSELL 
142 3-Florence RUSSELL 
143 3-Rita RUSSELL 
144 3-Jack RUSSELL 
145 3-Bill RUSSELL 
146 3-Jessie RUSSELL 
147 3-Alice RUSSELL 
148 2-Alf RUSSELL 
149 2-Dollie RUSSELL 
14(10) 2-Dulcie RUSSELL 
15 2-Lillian RUSSELL 1870 m Frederick JACKSON chn Jessie Lilly Jean Harry Fred
16 2-Arthur James Hamilton RUSSELL 1872 Marsden-1938 Hastings 
m 1901 sp-Charlotte PELLING
161 3-Sarah Charlotte RUSSELL 
162 3-Arthur James H RUSSELL 
1621 4-Rex RUSSELL # informant
1622 4-Noel H RUSSELL 
163 3-George Bowes RUSSELL 
1631 4-Judith RUSSELL 

* 1853 Deptford, Kent: contact Olivia ROBINSON livinchina"att" 2001

* drt001"att" ex 

** LONDON 1901 census

Re 423: 1901 census gives 76 Winifred RUSSEL's

RUSSELL b London keyword Bermondsey gave 33 m + 38 f

*1882 Potterspury: Mark RUSSELL mark"att" 2001 He has RUSSELL
& BLACKBOURN on his database at Passenham/Potterspury,Northamptonshire.
 His tree is at 


** STAFFORDSHIRE       gaudynight"att"  ex

c1095  Bury: 1st reference to name RUSSELL

*1876 Chippenham will of John RUSSELL 6.11.1876 from Colerne near Chippenham.
Sent me by Gwen ROWLEY Gwen"att" 2004


# From Wm BERRY's pedigrees. A list of BERRY's genealogies is at *County genealogies : pedigrees of the families in the county of Hants, 1833 However after p xi, the 1st page is 225! I notified familysearch 29.9.2015: case 01667171. Sherriffs of Hampshire include William RUSSELL 1712. These are in its Index to the matches p363: RUSSELL on p64 p78 p130b p201 p207.


** BAHAMAS             rprussell"att"  ex

*c1910 Newfoundland? ex Larry clan_rodger"att" 2003:
 Grace RUSSELL bc1910, cousin Olive

** USA??
Mercer              elt1000"att"  ex

11. BAWLER For our BAWLER family see .1 Our BAWLER family of West Monkton & Creech St. Michael, Somerset .2 BAWLERS CLUES .3 BAWLER message boards

12. BLACKBOURN CLUES - searching for 543 of 2. m 1926 ** ENGLAND *1810 Isle of Wight Searching at 2001 gave BLACKBURN c1810 Isle of Wight susanrob"att" *Lincolnshire c1750 to Wisconsin Julia BLACKBOURN juliab"att" 2001:Wigtoft, Lincolnshire c1750 to Wisconsin c1850s, now all over the U.S. *1841 Reading, Berks. Helen WHITEHEAD sherlock.holmes"att" 2001: 0 GG-Grandfather - Richard BLACKBURN (1841 Reading, Berks.) * London archives at gave David BLACKBOURN djblack"att" emailed 2002 * Audrey PEARCE, Kit's Cottage,Pilgrim's Way W(ilts?). Tel.9592.2081 is sr of Marion BLACKBOURN of Wn,NZ & has done a BLACKBOURN tree. Related to 8623? ** USA * b Ireland d 1753 PA: rconnell"att" 2001 0 John BLACKBURN (Co. Armagh,Ireland-1753 PA) m 1717 Rachel MORTON to Pennsylvania in 1736, settling in Menallen Twp., Adams County, Pennsylvania *1742+ FRBlackburn"att" (b 1942 in Florida) See for Benjamin, Samuel & Rev. Gideon BLACKBURN 1809-10, Tennessee. (2001)

13. CAMBRIDGE clues re 0 of 1. Wm RUSSELL m 1749 Bristol sp-Florence CAMBRIDGE *1693-95 London gives entries for Anthony Norton Robert Rowland Susannah William from the books .Metropolitan London in the 1690s .London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695 & the tax record .Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694 eg CAMBRIDGE versus JEFFRIES & al. Upon reading the Petition of Norton CAMBRIDGE, in the Behalf of Commissary John SHALES; shewing, "That he is in His Majesty's Service, as Commissary, or Providore General in the Army in Ireland; and that, in his Absence, one Jeffrey JEFFRYES, John CLUTTERBOOKE, and one Mr. HALSE and Mr. LLOYD their Attornies, have delivered Ejectments for some Estate in Houses ... *1815-1832 CAMBRIDGE of Bristol ex Will of Joseph CAMBRIDGE, Batchelor of Saint James Bristol , Gloucestershire 31 October 1815 PROB 11/1573 Will of Thomas CAMBRIDGE, Tiler and Plasterer of Saint Paul Bristol , Gloucestershire 22 May 1822 PROB 11/1656 Will of John CAMBRIDGE, Merchant of Bristol , Gloucestershire 03 April 1832 PROB 11/1798

14. COLSTON clues re m2 of 31 of 1. On 5.12.07 this moved to


 or Rootsweb Surname List at
 or (example)


Derek BENSON is a researcher with a links page for Gloucestershire Genealogical Research. They include: Gloucestershire section of the leading web resource for UK genealogy GENUKI - including a resource list for Gloucestershire towns and parishes; Gloucestershire Family History Society Gloucestershire Local History Committee Glosgen - Stuart FLIGHT's extensive Gloucestershire ancestry plus much more John WILKES's collection of Gloucestershire photographs Tewkesbury Local History Society

Derek BENSON says the 1851 GFHS CD does not include Bristol. 
Gordon BEAVINGTON sells a CD for the 1851 census transcriptions for
 Gloucs, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire. (Worcestershire is coming.) See
His CD.4 for Bristol & Bedminster covers
Bedminster, Castle Precincts, Christchurch, Clifton, Ewen, Leonard, Werburgh, 
Horfield, Horfield Barracks, Maryleport, Orphanage, St. Andrews, St Augustine, 
St. Barnabas, St. John St Mary, St. Michael, St. Paul, St. Nicholas, St James &
St. Paul. St Peter, St Philip & Jacob "In/Out" St. Stephen, Temple.
 Also in Bristol Northern Suburbs: Shirehampton, Henbury, Westbury on Trym, 
Filton, Stoke Gifford, Winterbourne, Stapleton.

The GLS GenWeb Page is at

The Bristol Record Office is at B Bond Warehouse,Smeaton Road,Bristol BS1 6XN
Online Catalogue:
Tel: 0117 922 4224, Fax: 0117 922 4236

Has anyone used the Bristol wills index? Saw it advertised on
emailnews"att" 2006.


The Parish records for Keynsham are held at the Somerset Record Office:

Try Somerset Genweb at

1851 census for Somerset will soon be available as 8 CDs: see eg Bath

A look up exchange for Somerset is at - yet to try it.

 This needs updating. See

You can join & explore surname & placename 

One can POST QUERIES at rootsweb boards for different locations, for example


A sometimes really useful site is Family Tree Maker Online and its branches Search Family Tree Maker Online, and Internet Family Finder. I've only just begun to try these.

For genealogy in general let me mention a useful place to search is the LDS site

For the batch numbers for a particular parish click here then scroll down the county list on LHS

or for some counties (not Wilts Berks or Somerset)

or try

Once you have the batch numbers you can download all the parish records
or those with the surnames you seek! 

eg1 scrolling down as above gave for GLOUCESTERSHIRE (among others):

     (All Saints)                    C172701 - C172703 M172701
     (Baptist - Broadmead)           C092511
     (Calvinist Methodist -  Church of God)                 C027271
     (Calvinistic Methodist - - Broadmead Welsh Chapel)              C083551
     (Calvinistic Methodist -  Penn Street)                   C083541
     (Christ)                                M172711 - M172712
     (Countess of Huntingdon's)              C083561
     (French Episcopal Church)               C049101
     (Gideon)                                C172891 - C172892 M172892
     (Holy Apostles)                 C171552M171552
     (Holy Trinity)                  C172741 - C172742 M172742 - M172743
     (Independent - Brunswick      Square)    C083501
     (Independent - Castle Green)    C083491
     (Independent or Congregational - Bridge Street)    C099151
     (Methodist - Ebenezer)          M170761
     Emmanuel's)                     C172731 M172732
     (Methodist - Portwall Lane)             C170791
 (Non Conformist - Gideon & Bethesda Chapel Newfoundland and Gr George) C083481
     (Protestant Dissenters -      Lewins Mead Society) C170911 M170911
     (Presbyterian or Unitarian - Lewins Mead)                         C083471
     (Primitive Methodist - Mount  Tabor)                         C170771
     (United Methodist - Newtown)    C170781
     (United Methodist - Oxford)             M170861
     (Wesleyan - Bedminster  Langton St. formerly Guinea Street)    C083511
     (Wesleyan - Ebenezer Chapel- King Street)                 C083531
     (Wesleyan Methodist)            C170031 M170031
     (Wesleyan Methodist -      Trinity Chapel)        C170211 M170211
     (St Agnes)                      C172781 M172781
     (St Andrew Montpelier)          C172801 M172801 - M172802
     (St Augustine the Less)        P019001 C019003 - C019005 M019001 - M019006
     (St Barnabas)          C172821 M172821 - M172822
     (St Bartholomews)                       C172831 M172831
     (St Clement)                    C172841 M172841 - M172842
     (St Ewen)                               C172851 M172851
     (St George)                     C150802 - C150803 M150801 - M150804
     (St George Brandon Hill)                C170941 M170941 - M170942
     (St James) C171901 C172861 - C172865 M172861 - M172869
     (St Joseph Roman Catholic)              P017451 M017451
     (St Mary Le Port)                       C027281 M027282
      (St Mary's Redcliffe)           C172541 - C172545 M172541 - M172545
     (St Matthew Moorfield)          C172551 - C172552 M172551 - M172552
     (St Michaels)                   C172561 - C172562 M172562
     (St Philip and St Jacob)               C172881 - C172882 M172882 - M172886
     (St Philips Chapel Old Market 
      Street Wesleyan)                       C083521
     (St Thomas The Martyr)          C171071 M171071
     (Society of Friends) C170551 - C170559 C170561 - C170562 M170551 - M170556
                                      M170564 - M170565
     (Tabernacle)                   C172901
     (Temple)          C172951 - C172953 M172951 - M172953
     (Tucker Street)                 C172921
     (Upper Maudlin Street Moravian) C083571
eg2 scrolling down as above gave for SOMERSET among others:
     (Wesleyan)    C083701         1817-1837 M083701
      Harptree, East (Wesleyan)                      C083651 M083651
     Harptree, West                  C019351 M019351
Keynsham C170891 C392182 M392183 M170891 C170901 C392185
Midsomer Norton (Wesleyan)                      C083821 M083821
There are no Batch Numbers for the following parishes:
... Bedminster, ... 


ANOTHER source is

This gave for Bristol:

(Bedminster Langton Street Formerly Guinea Street Wesleyan) C083511 1813-1837  
    (Bridge Street Independent Or Congregational) C099151 1714-1785 1825-1837  
    (Broad Mead Baptist) C092511   **  1726-1837  
    (Broadmead Welsh Chapel     Calvinistic Methodist)C083551 1808-1837  
    (Brunswick Square     Brunswick Independent)C083501 1834-1856  
    (Castle Green Independent) C083491 1785-1837  
    (Christ) M172712 1653-1933  
    (Church Of God) C027271   **   1808-1874  
    (Countess Of Huntingdon) C083561 1820-1837  
    (Ebenezer Chapel King     Street Wesleyan)C083531 1793-1837  
    (Emmanuels)M172732 1865-1910  
    (French Episcopal) C049101 1687-1762  
    (Gideon) M172892  1854-1919  
    (Gideon And Bethesda Chapels Newfoundland & Great George St Non Conform)
                        C083481 1823-1837  
    (Holy Trinity) C172741 1832-1895  M172742 1835-1867  
    (Lewins Mead Presbyterian     Or Unitarian)C083471   **1718-1840  
    (Saint Augustine The Less) C019005 1853-1940 E019002 P019001 1577-1700  
     M019001 1674-1700 M019002  1577-1673   
    (Saint George)M150801 1756-1783  M150803  1784-1854  M150804 1855-1903  
    (Saint Philips Chapel Old     Market Street Wesleyan)C083521 1817-1837  
    (Society Of Friends)M170552 1759-1837  M170564 1659-1691  
    (St James)M172864 1830-1888  M172865 1754-1785  
    (St James') C172861 1559-1687  
    (St Mary's Redcliffe) C390702 C390704 C390705 C390708 
(St Matthew Moorfields) M172552 1895-1896 
(St Michaels) C172561 -1610 -166 M172562 1813-1870 
(St. Joseph Rc) P017451 1777-1808 (St. Mary Le Port) C027281 1561-1654
(Tabernacle) C172901 1775-1953 
(Tabernacle Penn Street Calvinistic Methodist) C083541 1775-1837 
(Temple) M172952 1819-1844 
(Tucker Street) C172921 1706-1731 
(Upper Maudlin Street Moravian) C083571 1756-1837 
(Wesleyan Methodist) M170031 1865-1969

 has 6 million names to search on as of 20.11.1999;


15.2 MAPS *c1787 county maps: - yet to try - enter the 'village' (suburbs work well too) for a map of where it was & sometimes old photos of the place -DW Dot WALKER also recommends a genealogy programme from a free disc from NetGuid called 'PARLOC' - you type in the name of the first parish and tell it to find. Then type in the second and it finds that one as well and it will calculate how far away from each other (or whatever you want to put in) in m or km For old UK maps (1846-1899, 6 inches to the mile) is

For old UK maps (1846-1899, 6 inches to the mile) is

A CD including Whitchurch memorial inscriptions can be bought for 8P from They Lived in Bristol - Bristol Burials Index 1813-1837 by Jane BAKER. I would like to hear from anyone who has access to this. For a modern day map showing say Whitchurch, try entering say Whitchurch, Somerset at then zooming in. gives street maps for the UK at 7.5 cm to the km. Just enter the town you want a map for.

Another place maps are available are at gives a map of any current village in the UK with a list of places to stay and links to these. gives you the phone number and address of most people and businesses in the UK.


15.3 for Bedminster & Bristol I have yet to search these! Title Location Decade Key name using a search on Bedminster & Bristol: 1846 Bath Directory Somerset 1750-1849 Silverthorne 1852-53 Slater's Directory of Berks Cornwall Devon Dorset Gloucester Hampshire Somerset Wiltshire Wales 1881 Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire. [Part 1: County Information & Places A-K] 1881 Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire. [Part 2: Places L-Y] 1881 Kelly's Directory of West Riding of Yorkshire. [Part 3: Court & Trade Directories] 1883 History & Directory of West Cumberland Cumberland Bulmer 1884 Business Directory of London. [Part 2: Classified Section and Provincial & Foreign Register] Morris 1893 Kelly's Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire. [Part 1: Places] 1893 Kelly's Directory of N & E Ridings of Yorkshire. [Part 2: Court & Trade Directories and Hull] Yorkshire 1895 Kelly's Directory of Monmouthshire & S Wales. [Part 2: South Wales Court & Trade Directories] 1898 Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire Wiltshire 1890s Kelly 1900 Gore's Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead. [Part 3: Trade & Official Directories] Lancashire Cheshire 1902 Post Office Bath Directory Somerset 1900s Post Office 1903 Slater's Manchester, Salford & Suburban Directory. [Part 3: Trades & Official Directories, etc.] Lancashire 1900s Slater 1907 Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire Wiltshire 1900s Kelly 1908 Post Office London County Suburbs Directory. [Part 1: Street, Commercial, & Trades Directories] 1909 Slater's Manchester, Salford & Suburban Directory. [Part 3: Trades & Official Directories, etc.] Lancashire 1900s Slater 1912-13 Spennell's Annual Directory of Coventry & District Warwickshire 1912-13 Kelly's Directory of Wood Green, Muswell Hill ... Middlesex

15.4 SOMERSET views Take a virtual spin around Somerset with more than 70 great panoramic pictures Also The Somerset & Dorset Family History Society has photographs of churches at Bristol is at